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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 30, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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was appalling and created the chaos but much more importantly, this will make us less safe. this evening, i will ask for a vote on the floor of the senate to repeal this. >> and terror attacks. six people gunned down inside a mosque in quebec. the latest on the investigation in canada ahead, as the country tries to recover. people are going to be a little bit more on edge but i'm hoping everybody comes together on this and shows again their support for the community. >> good day everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. president trump and his senior staff today standing their ground in the face of widespread outrage, outrage here and around the world including from some republican congressional leaders of the executive order imposing a temporary travel ban on refugees, migrants and foreign nationals from seven predominantly muslim countries, especially a ban on syria.
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joining me peter alexander and pete williams. peter alexander, today two memos, two clarifications, one from the defense secretary from general mattis, one from general kelly at homeland security. in one case general mattis, excluding iraqis who have helped our military during the war, the other from homeland, excluding people with green cards and permanent, and citizens and permanent visas. these are the clarifications indicating there was not effective consultation with these cabinet level people with the different national security officials prior to the executive order. >> reporter: that's exactly right. the folks at the white house insist to us they communicated as necessary with all the appropriate people. we're hearing the inner agency communication did not happen. what you're reporting flies in the face of what we've been hearing from aides here at the white house, who insist the implementation of this policy was, in their words, a massive success story. obviously the swift reaction around the country has shown a very different reality going
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forward. they've also pushed back insisting that this is ultimately a decision that was implemented in effect by the obama administration by indicating that those seven different countries that are affected by this travel ban were ones that the obama administration has highlighted for past concern, but what was different between that situation and the one now, and there are a lot of differences but one of the most notable is the fact that the ban that exists now is different in that back then, it wasn't about individuals from those countries coming. it was specifically about visa programs and individuals largely european citizens and others who had traveled to those seven countries, including syria, somalia, iran and iraq, among others, should get additional vetting when they arrived here. that's one of many pushbacks to what's been communicated by this white house so far. andrea? >> there were a number of injunctions, injunctive relief, court action from the aclu, we'll be speaking to the aclu momentarily. pete the injunctions were about people normally legally
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permitted, that's been remedied, those in transit, the things that did make it a messy operation. >> yes but the lawsuits asked for two things. they say first of all judge give us immediate relief for the people on whose behalf we're suing right now. for example the court action in brooklyn was a class action. so it continues. now, what's going to happen in the weeks and months to come is the broader question about whether this program is legal or constitutional. and the challenge you say it's unconstitutional because it discriminates and violates a federal law that says in applying immigration law you can't deny immigration status simply because of where a person comes from, their country of origin. the obama administration says on the other hand the president has broad powers to protect national security, and that's really the essence of the disagreement. but the courts, this is going to work out in the courts. essentially the challenges are making the same claim here, that the republicans made against president obama's immigration program, the so-called, you know, the daca and dreamer
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thing, only congress can do that, that's the same argument being made here. >> peter alexander, one of the other issue, the many issues raised over the weekend with all of this action is the changes to the national security council's compositi composition, the principal where the action is done. there was a downgrading in a memo of the director of national intelligence, the chairman of the joint chiefs and an upgrading to an inclusion of steve bannon who has some military background they're arguing but basically a strategist, political adviser. there is some precedent for david axelrod having been invited to a couple of national security council meeting. there's no precedence where karl rove was kept out of the meetings. let me show you bob gates speaking on msnbc on sunday. >> there are under the law only two statutory advisers to the
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national security council, the dret director of central intelligence the dni and the joint chiefs of staff. i think pushing them out of the national security council meetings except when their specific issues are at stake is a big mistake. i think they both bring perspective and judgment and experience to bear that every president whether they like it or not finds useful. >> peter, presidents have discretion. they can add the u.n. ambassador or take the u.n. ambassador out but the fact is this was shocking to people and it was a surprising step. >> the former cia director re n yon leon panetta says you don't want people weighing in.
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david axelrod did attend on rare occasions but he was not a permanent member and in effect what this does is it puts stephen bannon on the same level as the secretaries of state and defense right there. i want to share some new breaking information we've just learned while we've been talking. i hear from white house aides who confirmed to me president obama on the issue of national security called president trudeau, prime minister trudeau of france, excuse me, of france, of canada, they spoke a short time ago. >> i think you mean president trump. >> reporter: president trump called prime minister trudeau. >> not obama. >> reporter: correct, make sure we get it right of canada to express his condolences about the shooting that took place at the mosque there. that's just another conversation that's been taking place on this issue. we'll try to get more details about it. what's notable is that the prime minister of canada was among the foreign leaders who pushed back on this travel ban. in fact, tweeting a photo of himself welcoming refugees and saying that canada would welcome
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those banned from entering the united states. andrea? >> let's clean up a couple of other things, i'm told there is a dissent memo, a significant step that is taken at the state department under foreign service rules and practices that is being circulated where state department foreign service officers who those who are left are going to be circulating this memo. the other thing is and i want to get back to pete on the supreme court nomination we're expecting tomorrow night, let's talk who is steve bannon. peter? >> if you ask about him more broadly he's a former naval officer. background in terms of military and former head of the controversial right wing website breitbart. breitbart news. he has been by donald trump's side for a lot of the waning months of the campaign, viewed as one of the most influential people within the white house, perhaps second only to jared kushner, donald trump's son-in-law, inside the white
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house and his views have been significant and sort of framing the way that donald trump has already begun his administration, believed to be among the co-authors that language "american carnage "from his inaugural speech one of the authors of the immigration ban. he spoke out several days ago in a conversation with the "new york times." he reached out to "new york times" for a profile they were writing on sean spicer, unsolicited and in the course of that conversation basically speaking out about spicer being in his words a fighter. he also indicated that the administration basically views it self as being in a fight with what he described as the opposition party, referring to the media, and he went on to say that the media in his words needed to shut up and listen for a while. >> i've been talking to military as well as other former officials saying that the first amendment principles underlying a lot of this are essential, that we should not get too tied up in the process and should take a look at the underlying
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issues that are now being affected, pete, as we look at what the country stands for, what we fight for, who we are as a nation. these are some of the conversations that are circulating in a busy weekend officially and unofficial will i in washington. pete we heard from the president today not only has he made up his mind he's going to make his nomination to the supreme court tomorrow night, whether or not this say useful distraction it could be controversial, but. >> it will be controversial, the democrats are seething about the decision not to even give merritt garland, president obama's choice to fill the scalia nomination, a hearing. it's either thomas hardiman, federal appeals court judge from pennsylvania or neil gorsuch, federal appeals court from denver. insiders tell us it's up to the president. it will not be william pryor federal appeals court judge of alabama >> pryor too controversial or for whatever reasons they are not, but hardiman, tell us more about his background.
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>> third circuit court of appeals, originally from waltham, massachusetts, drove a taxi for his father's taxi cab company in the summer before going to, he withent to notre dame in georgetown, so if he were to be confirmed he'd be the first supreme court nominee who did not go to an ivy league law school. neil gorsuch from denver, son of anne gorsuch-burpert, under ronald reagan. >> very controversial. should not visit the controversies of the mother on the son. >> she came here to take that job, he came along and was a page in the u.s. senate and in the same class as amy carter. >> there you go. everything that you'd want to know we know. pete williams, peter alexander, thank you so much. let's take a deeper dive into the legal challenges potentially facing president trump's executive order with omar jagwad director of the aclu immigrants rights project. thanks for being with us. what do you see as the essential
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questions here? >> well i mean what this muslim ban order presents to us as a nation and to the courts is a question of whether the government can discriminate against a religion and not only discriminate against islam and against muslims on the one hand but try to favor christians specifically in the course of doing so, and you know, it's donald trump himself who has told us that that's what he has been trying to do. he told us he was going to give us a muslim ban when he was running for president, as he was introducing that ban he told us he was trying to do something in it for christians, and address what he sees as not enough favoritism for christians in the immigration system. so you know, it's naked discrimination, and the constitution is clear people can't be discriminated on the basis of religion and the government can't favor one
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religion or disfavor another and this is the whole package. >> omar, what he said to david brody on christian broadcasting the other day that drisians have been more discriminated coming from soeria than muslims. do you want to address that? >> i have not seen any evidence with respect to, you know, admissions of people with minority religious persecution claims that that's the case. i'm not sure where he gets that idea and notably his order bans all syrian refugees and the exception i think runs to people from other countries with those claims. so i'm not even sure if there's a connection between that false piece of information and the policy that he enacted. >> excuse me, i didn't mean to interrupt. they are also saying at the white house the president saying this is not a muslim ban.
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his people saying although rudy giuliani seemed to be confirming that saying they had been working on a way to have a muslim ban but they're saying it is a ban under broad discretion the president has to ban people from certain countries. you are going to argue in court, you are arguing it is targeting muslims. >> yes, if you look at those countries, first of all, the justifications they've given that are supposedly neutral for why the government did this make no sense at all. the idea that for example clients like people like our clients like for example somebody from iraq who worked for the u.s. government in iraq for ten years, who got a visa to come here because of the service he provided to this country, and because of the fact he put his life on the line for the country, somebody vetted through that process that includes confirmation obvious ly of the service he provided to the united states, he'd go through
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the entire process, get the visa and be turned around or you know, threatened to be deported or not let into the country when he landed at jfk, there is no possible security justification for treating people like that, and if, you know, applying this ban to lawful permanent residents, green cardholders who have been resident in the united states for a long time and returning as they were doing initially, applying it to dual nationals who may have, you know, no connection or visits to these home countries, none of it makes sense from any kind of even imaginable security justification. what it makes sense as is a desire to keep muslims out of the united states, and it's true that the initial rollout of this program applied to seven countries. there's a provision in the program that allows it to apply to more after the initial 09-day
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period and we've seen before that the government can, you know, progressively increase the number of countries that are subject to these sorts of rules. >> omar thank you very much, from the aclu. joining me california congressman adam schiff, top democrat on the house intelligence committee. congressman a number of things have been, you know, coming at us fast and furious. first of all, you have major universities, stanford and princeton and columbia and penn and others advising faculties and students foreign born, do not leave the country. you may not get back in, let us litigate this. we need to talk to immigration lawyers as well as major ceos concerned about their employees, their staff, certainly silicon valley but not only silicon valley. you represent california. what are you hearing from the business sector? >> people i think are just appalled at what's taking place. we're just in week one of this administration, and we have already alienated our allies. we've alienated much of the
9:16 am
muslim world. we made it harder for our troops to operate overseas. we've given great fodder for al qaeda and isis with the narrative they want to tell. there is nothing to like about what this administration has done in the first week, and we're only a week old. so i think california and the silicon valley people are speaking out, those business leaders, but people throughout our state are taking to the streets to say this is not what we, what america is about. this is not something we're going to stand for, and to have the administration say on the one hand this is not a muslim ban. this is just me, president trump, falling through on a campaign promise which of course was for a muslim ban. it's completely nonsensical and it's done enormous damage to our security already. >> what can or will the democrats do, chuck schumer is talking about a 6:00 protest on the steps of the supreme court. he's now saying that they should take another look at the tillerson nomination, asking for an extension on that, which
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mitch mcconnell most likely will not be granting, i think most experts do not think that's the case and a lot of people would argue you need somebody at the state department now. you've got to start staffing up to have some counterpoint to what is being done out of the white house. >> i think we need to resist this in every way that we can, so we are going to be joining i'm sure with an amicus brief in support of the litigation you just spoke with. >> friend of the court. >> exactly. we'll be compelling votes on the house floor to repeal this. we have the power to put the gop on record and now several republican members are saying this is a really bad idea. we're going to be joining the protest and turning a spotlight on particular cases that people who have been adversely impacted, put a human face like the iraqi translators. we'll do everything possible and we are not without power even in the minority. we have the public with us which gives us the wind at our backs. >> what about putting steve
9:18 am
bannon in all of the nsc principals meetings and the top intelligence officer and chairman of the joint chiefs invitation only. >> there's a lot to be concerned about this administration. this is one of the most frightening developments from my point of view they'd put on the nsc someone whose primary qualification is running a right-wing website that catered to bigots. this is who will be the chief not only domestic but looks like national security adviser to the president and we're putting him on the national security council, taking off the joint chairman of the chiefs of staff and director of national intelligence. you couldn't have i think a more concerning development in this one but plainly bannon is driving this train and this train is headed off the cliff. he drove the train i think on the executive order and to take off these military leaders and intelligence leader when making decisions about war and peace ought to give every american enormous concern about the future. >> and finally, the holocaust
9:19 am
day remembrance friday was holocaust remembrance day and there was no mention of the jewish tragedy, the losses. there was pushback against that by reince priebus on "meet the press." i think we have that clip available. and we will have it in a few moments. we can talk about the fact reince priebus said of course jews and others lost their lives in the holocaust. is that an attempt to diminish the main targets of the holocaust? >> it is. this is exactly the kind of approach that breitbart and steve bannon take, and it caters to those bigots that they speak to through breitbart. it caters to other, frankly, holocaust deniers around the world who want to cloak the holocaust with the argument well a lot of people suffered during world war ii. this is appalling and i don't
9:20 am
think at all it was accidental. >> adam schiff, thank you very much. thank you, congressman. coming up, sent back, one syrian family forced to return to the middle east base of the president's executive order on friday. the republican congressman who helped that family joins me next here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. h presents it? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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i've been here for many, many years, and i am devastated what happened to our family. we've done everything by the book and by the rules and what america wanted us. we always lived by the rules all our lives, and i was saddened and i'm heartbroken because they have to be sent back to the war zone. i know americans do not want this. we are humans regardless of our race, religion, color, we are humans, and humans are supposed to help other humans.
9:24 am
>> visible frustration from a pennsylvania resident whose family members were denied entry to the u.s. in philadelphia and sent back to qatar. all six relatives had either immigration visas or paperwork for green cards. pennsylvania republican congressman charlie dent has been working all weekend to help them. congressman accident a vocal critic of how this executive order was implemented. thank you very much for joining us. did the administration rush too quickly and not do consultation with the consular of affairs, people at state w homeland security, who are now under secretary kelly, cleaning this up with secretary mattis at the pentagon to exclude the iraqis who had helped our military? >> yes, andrea thank you for having me on the show. debris it seems this order was not properly vetted in the administration. there should have been more of an interagency review, state, defense, homeland security, justice, all should have had their hands on this.
9:25 am
i suspect they were not properly consulted. you were just interviewing assali, she's a neighbor of mine, my children went to school with her children. i visited her on saturday and spoke with her this morning. it's horrific this family was trying to bring their family members in on immigrant visas. they had been in process since 2003, they are not refugees. they are christians, they're not muslims, they're christians and they have denied access to philadelphia airport. they arrived in philadelphia at 7:45 a.m. and within three hours they were put on that same plane and sent back to qatar. they're back in damascus as we speak. >> and you're a republican and you know there is broad support within your caucus for the president, but is there a way for republicans to stand on capitol hill not just john mccain and lindsey graham who have been reelected on the arms services committee, chairing the committee, for others to say
9:26 am
there needs to be more interaction, more consultation before these things are done. >> absolutely there needs to be more consultation and i think all of us agree that we can always talk about enhancing our vetting process for people coming into this country. i agree, but i also like to point out the refugees coming to america are not the same ones from the middle east coming into europe right now. we have a much morrow bust vetting process. sure we can make it better but this has to be done deliberately, thoughtfully. as i said this was rushed and having a lot of i think eekend was all equences. about the delta stoppage, the mputer breakdown on delta. does he need to get some better facts from his own staff? because delta was 48 hours after this family was sent back at least more than 24 hours i should say. >> yes, this family i think flew in on qatari airways i believe. i can't speak to what the president's talking about there but it was very clear to me in
9:27 am
the case that i'm familiar with there wasn't much due process. they landed and weren't given the opportunity to speak to a lawyer no, translators and this was just poorly handled. i represent probably the largest syrian community of any member of congress in the country. the syrians in my community are over whelmingly christian and we have a support system. i want to say this family you were interviewing they bought a house and furnished it, the family was supposed to move in on saturday when they landed and so it's really tragic. bottom line is this order was rushed. it wasn't ready for prime time obviously. the implementation was very poor and i think they should simply halt enforcement until a more deliberate, thoughtful policy can be instated. >> a lot of people are anonymously saying steve bannon, steve miller and others in the white house are advising the president more than the national
9:28 am
security team. from yourctive, is that part of the problem? >> i hope president trump will take a lot of advice from his defense secretary general mattis and secretary kelly at homeland and hopefully secretary tillerson at state. they're very good people. i hope these people get in place quickly, because those people will provide a lot of very good counsel and judgment and perspective to this president, more than i think people in the white house would. >> thank you very much, congressman dent, thank you for all you're doing over the weekend for your constituents. >> thank you, andrea. and coming up, how are democrats going to fight back? one of the senators who joined the protest this weekend ed markey of massachusetts joins me next. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc.
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testinhuh?sting! is this thing on? come on! your turn! where do pencils go on vacation? pennsylvania! (laughter) crunchy wheat frosted sweet! kellogg's frosted mini-wheats. feed your inner kid seeing how unconstitutional it is and how unjust it is and how it's singling out one group
9:32 am
of people based on their religion, i think that calls for all of us to be out on the streets. >> it's pure racism. i think it's just like islamaphobia, nothing else. i think the protests kind of give you hope again and like yes people are fighting, people aren't giving up. >> thousanded packed boston's copley square. among those protesting massachusetts democratic senate ed markey who joins me now from the senate. thank you very much. i know chuck schumer is calling for a 6:00 p.m. protest on the steps of the supreme court. what effectively can democrats do? you don't have the votes to overturn this and he has broad discretion as president of the united states. >> well we can begin with the protest and ask for a vote on the senate floor. we can put everyone on record democrat and republican on this unconstitutional and essentially
9:33 am
an american act and democrats will fight to find every single aperture through which we can ensure the american people know we are fighting to overturn this ban >> he's saying it's not a muslim ban. how do you challenge that claim this is not targeting muslims? >> it is targeting muslims. today, over the weekend, the iraqi parliament voted that they are now not going to allow americans to travel to that country. iraq is our principal ally inside of that country battling so if we're banning iraqis from coming to america, iraqi, banning americans from going to their country that makes us less safe. that makes us basically playing into this isis idea that it's a war against muslims around the
9:34 am
world. it's going to be an incredible recruiting tool for isis and the iraqi government's actions in voting to ban americans is just the first step in what we're going to see as retaliatory measures against the united states for taking this action against muslims. >> secretary mattis at the pentagon secretary kelis issuing important clarifications that people who ought to be able to travel will not be excluded including the iraqis who helped our military. what does that tell you about the way this was done and the role of steve bannon and others inside the white house ignoring any advice they may or may not have gotten from the cabinet secretaries or cabinet agencies? >> donald trump is treating this entire job which he has as the board room of "the apprentice" and not the life and death matters that are considered in the situation room.
9:35 am
by excluding general mattis at defense and general kelly at homeland security, now saying general dub ford the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is not going to be automatically included in the security counsel principal's meeting simultaneously saying steve bannon is says that he does not understand the job. excluding these generals who i think the american people would rely upon for their judgment from the huge decisions elevating steve bannon to this position actually says that the president is not taking this job seriously and it is going to be something that reverb rates around the world, that he is going to allow an ideological right wing republican to make the decisions that should be made by the security professionals in our country. it is about as dangerous a decision which the president is making in elevating steve bannon is possible to send as a signal
9:36 am
to the rest of the world. >> and in a word, your support or vote on rex tillerson? >> i oppose rex tillerson. rex tillerson as the ceo of exxonmobil. actually was able to put together an area the size of wyoming inside of russia for drilling rights for exxonmobil. that is a fundamental conflict of interest, as this russia/america relationship becomes more and more central, you cannot have the ceo of a company with that kind of a fundamental conflict of interest in the room, making decisions that could have a profound impact upon the security of our country. >> senator markey, thank you for being with us. thank you for this, meanwhile it was a championship final worthy of the greatest rivalry in tennis, in a five-set thriller, up to the last second, roger
9:37 am
federer defeated rafael nadal, his first major tight until five years. federer is the second oldest man to win a majors singles tight until an open era. he told the crowd he's ready to add to his 18 career grand slams saying i hope to see you next year. weekend ruled by the veterans on all side, serena williams at 35 beating sister venus at 36 for her 23rd grand slam title, one behind margaret court for the all-time grand slam record. ♪
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the bad news is that obviously this process and these conclusions were not vetted. there are so many questions that for example it didn't filter down to our customs people, who can come in, who can't. i think the effect will probably in some areas give isis some
9:41 am
more propaganda. >> joining me now is bill kristol, editor at large of "the weekly standard." you were tweeting over the weekend you've been a partisan republican for 30 years, but you're waiting to hear from mitch mcconnell, waiting to hear from republican leaders about all of this. >> yes, i think i don't know quite why they find it so hard to say president trump is wrong on this. they all have to say of course we have to tighten vetting and understand what he's trying to do, process got a little messed up. but i think beneath the surface if you talk republicans on the hill are getting exasperated. the interview for charlie dent he's not for trump, different from most republicans in congress. on january 17th he gave an interview he's hopeful about some of trump's appointments, he wants to work with him. you need the support of republicans on the hill. privately i think these guys and women are going to jump ship much more earlier than ten days
9:42 am
ago. they lost confidence in the trump administration. >> reince priebus along with chuck and chuck asked him about the holocaust remembrance statement and words have meaning and this is how that conversation went, because it did not mention the jewish people. >> right. >> you don't regret the statement, you don't regret the words that were chosen in the statement and the words -- >> i don't regret the words, chuck. i'm trying to clear it up for you. everyone's suffering in the holocaust, including obviously all of the jewish people affected and the miserable genocide that occurred is something that we've consided to b extraordinarily sad and something that could never be forgotn and something that if we could wipe it off of the history books, we could, but we can't, and it's terrible. i don't know what more to tell you. >> so republican -- >> what more can be said? >> republican members of congress won't say president trump is wrong. members of the administration are forbidden from saying and members of the white house staff forbidden from saying i regret
9:43 am
that. it's our first week in office. would that be that hard to say? reince priebus won't say that, he's terrified steve bannon will make further progress on his campaign within the white house to marginalize reince priebus who has the title of chief of staff but for everything we know not functioning as the chief of staff. the story to look for the next few weeks a congress story, how long do republican senators and congressmen put up with this, how long do they feel we have to give him a chance, try to be loyal and make our criticism in private, et cetera, and how much does he start to lose control of his own party in congress and then the other story is the cabinet. what does general kelly think? i think he's pretty unhappy about this. he serves his country for 40 years, distinguished general, he agrees to be homeland security secretary which he can do. he worked in latin america, thinks things he can do to tighten our security and have good relations with the rest of the world and he's given this thing apparently no input really on it, he has to manage the
9:44 am
fallout from it, secretary mattis now of defense is trying to manage the all-out fileout i with people who worked with our military over the years. they're willing to clean up the mess the white house makes but hey i'm not here to clean up steve bannon's messes. i'm here to make policy and let me make policy or participate in a serious way in making policy or else. >> and there's a report in the "new york times" that general kelly was being consulted and shown some of the language and looked up on the television on his plane flying from miami back to washington and someone said, sir, the president is signing it right now. that's not consultation. >> right, i guess you can get away with this in the campaign one of your campaign strategists is annoyed he wasn't consulted but he's president of the united states and i don't think you can run the white house like a campaign. you certainly can't run it like a website where as in the holocaust remembrance statement i think bannon purposely is trying to provoke people and sort of stick a finger in the
9:45 am
eyes of the liberal jewish, what he regards as the liberal jewish organizations who work for them anyway, let them complain. that is not an appropriate way to run the white house let alone the entire u.s. government. i do think that will be the question when rex tillerson gets confirmed wednesday, tillerson, mattis, kelly, pompeii know, dan coates the director of national intelligence, these are serious people. how long are they going to put up with this? >> bill kristol, to be continued. thank you. coming up, terror in canada, six people dead after gunmen opened fire inside a quebec mosque. we'll have the latest here on "andrea mitchell reports." american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
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and you can use less enjoy the go with charmin. you we are following developing news out of quebec, canada. six people were killed in a deadly shooting at a mosque. officials arested two suspects in the attack which happened during evening prayers at the quebec city islamic cultural center. investigators say the motive of the attack remains unknown but canada's prime minister trudeau
9:49 am
called it a terrorist attack on muslims, close quote. the deadly shooting has prompted several police departments in the u.s. to beef up their security around mosques. officials say as of now there is no known threat to the u.s. we'll be right back. (sfx: park rides, music and crowd sounds)
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if they don't allow her to come here she has to go back to syria and then syria, i mean it's gone. there's a war and i won't don't want my mom to go back there. i don't want anyone to go back there. >> one of many stories of family members who wanted to be reunited with loved ones deta detaineded for several hours across the weekend. nick, we've been talking this hour with national security experts, senators w republican congressmen concerned about the christian syrians from his district. one of the cautions from someone
9:53 am
in the national security field don't get caught up in the process and legal issues. think about the underlying principles here. what are the underlying principles that concern you? >> for 70 years the rust has part of our soft power internationally derived from the perception we welcome refugees and offer opportunity for people around the world. my dad was an east european refugee who survived concentration camp and gestapo, made his way to france, he spoke perfect french, didn't speak english. he thought france fundamentally wouldn't absorb an east european refugee. so he dreamed of coming to america and he did come and a lot of people around the world perceive that and in a few days president trump has done a lot
9:54 am
to undermine that vision and dream and software. >> there is a national security implications also, other intelligence agencies, the jordanians and others in the arab world and others in europe who neo rk with us and need to understand that we are coordinating and we can be aggressive about recruiting and keeping contacts in the country. king abdullah is in the united states right now. >> president trump is absolutely right that we have a real interest in trying tone hans our immigration security and there is a genuine issue there, a lot of progress since 9/11 and involves all kinds of banal things, improving intelligence collection, it's improving biometrics which we have done a lot. it's looking at only at people who come from the several countries and people who hold french passports or dutch passports or british passports
9:55 am
and it's working with allies including many in the muslim community to try to improve scrutiny and understanding. the way this was handled was a triumph national only injustice and also incompetence and the upshot is going to be it is a gift to jihadi recruitment. over the summer isis was talking about how they hope trump would be elected because they thought it would feed their narrative of a great clash between islam and the west, and it's actions like this however well intentioned that reinforce that narrative and undermine rather than enhance our security. >> part of the problem is also that they are issuing these directives quickly without the text, without background briefings which then come the next day and they deny certain facts that are on the ground. if the white house diminishes its authenticity, and its
9:56 am
reputation for telling truth how is that going to hurt them when major issues arise down the road? >> one of the things that troubled me about this is that immigration security that's kindergarten as national security problems go, and if we mess this up partly through the process and incompetence and trying to deal with china, with north korea and more broadly the consultation process, jim mattis does bring experience through international security issues was not consulted, john kelly was not consulted. you seem to have a white house that is has a chip on its shoulder, doesn't want to consult people you know and wants to blame journalists when things go wrong and wants journalists to be fired for reporting on problems, which is
9:57 am
kind of what we see in turkey. >> the troubling analogy indeed. thank you very much, nick, good to see you.. >> good to be with you. >> nor ahead. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it. everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. we've done well in life, with help from our advisor, we made it through many market swings.
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thank you. follow us at mitchell report tomorrow on the show. tomorrow madeleine albright, a refugee when she came here as an 11 years old and chris jansing is up next. >> hello i'm chris jansing in for craig melvin. take a check on one side of your screen on the left any moment now the council on american-islamic relations will hold a news conference announcing the file of a federal lawsuit that challenges the president's executive order on immigration. we'll be there when that starts and surely the


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