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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 30, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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exercising their constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when american values are at stake. with regards to comparisons with president obama's foreign policy decision, as we heard before, the president fundameal disagreewith t notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion. that's part of the stamentsd. last hour, sean spicer defending the administration's decision to invite steve bannon to attend principals committee. we're tracking white house over to capitol hill and iraq. let's start in our nation's capital. hallie jackson joins me now. everything from immigration to the national security council to the supreme court pick, iran, israel, so many subjects came up in that, what, hour-long news conference. >> take your pick. >> why don't we start with the one that got the most questions,
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executive order on immigration. administration seeming to push back and say this is all about safety and what happened over the weekend, not a huge deal. >>. >>-o. >> reporter: that has been the line the administration has been putting out, and the background briefing late sunday. it was not particularly surprising to hear sean spicer pick that up. listen to one part of the executive order and then we'll talk about it on the other side. >> the people that needed to be kept in the loop, were kept in the loop. the people that needed to be briefed were. again, i think that this is largely overblown. when you look at the context of how big this was and the number of people that caught up, it's relatively minor as a percentage of the overall total. so, when you look at how this worked on a saturday, 109 people out of 325,000 were slowed down going in. i truly believe that it is being blown out of proportion.
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>> reporte two quick points to make on this. that sound bite from sean spicer largely encapsulates the administration's view. the safety and security outweighs what they call the inconvenience of some. as you know, that is something that democrats and others opposed to this immigration executive order are fighting against as we speak. the other point out of that, and you heard at the very beginning of the sound bite, was talking about how the people that needed to be briefed on this executive order were briefed when they needed to be. prior to it going into place. that does conflict with some of the reporting that you are seeing about where, for example, the department of homeland security, the department of defense, the state department and others were. and where they are now, frankly n trying to implement or figure out how to implement certain parts of the co. >> thank you. you caught me offguard. kind of summarizing all of that. appreciate it so much. let's go up the road to capitol hill. democrats trying to undo what the president has done in
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immigration. in a matter of hours, senate minority leader chuck schumer is expected to call for a vote he says will repeal president trump's executive action. yesterday he fought back tears describing what was going on. >> this executive order -- was mean-spirited and un-american. >> and then this morning, president trump responded to that moment you just watched with this. >> i know chuck schumer yesterday with fake tears. i'm going to ask him, who is his acting coach? because i know him very well. i don't see him as a cryer. if he is, he's a different man. there's a 5% chance it was real but i think they were fake tears. >> joining me from capitol hill, my colleague kelly o'donnell. let's talk about what chuck schumer could actually do to try to reverse this order?
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because, let's be honest, the democrats are not in the majority. >> reporter: that's right, kate. it is a limited opportunity for democrats. but taking she's sort of steps to try to bring up an action, even though they don't have the votes or control to make that happen is in and of itself a messaging, a way to put public pressure, a way to invite people to see what's happening, expand sort of their voice by having different steps along the way. we saw the protests over the weekend at the airport and near the white house. this is a way that inside the process of government chuck schumer, as top democrat, can try to fight the fight for progressives. but as you point out, senate republicans have control. they get to consider what is considered on the floor. they have more votes. taking these sort of steps has happened a lot over time. part of it is to, again, leverage some public pressure. even if you can't succeed with an idea like this, it is a way
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to talk about a concern. so, that's really what this should be considered. it would take 100 senators agreeing to per milt this to g forward, to challenge the president's ecutive order. we know simply by the math and the party lines, that's not going to happen. but he will do it anyway to try to get that message out. we will also expect to see democrats, both in the senate and the house, gathered later today outside the supreme court to come together to also protest what they have witnessed over the last couple of days and to try to, again, bring public pressure to this issue. and it may not have any direct impact on president trump, but they are trying to gavl galvanie and fund-raising, and this is what has helped them do that. expect a lot of public statements and public demonstrations of their views, even when they don't have the tools to maybe achieve something legislatively. >> one of the other things i suppose they could do, as
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democrats, is try to obstruct some of the cabinet appointments, right? where do we stand on that on a monday? give us a sense for what the week looks like. >> reporter: that is where the minority party and senate does have some ability to slow the pace. any individual senator can try to slow things down. that has long been a part of the senate to try to prevent things from moving too quickly without full consideration. so, you've heard sean spicer, white house press secretary, talking about the fact they believe that democrats have not moved swiftly enough to confirm the president's picks for various cabinet officers. and this is something that democrats can do. for example, later today we will expect a procedural vote for rex tillerson, sdeg nae to be secretary of state. that could have moved more quickly if democrats agreed with republicans to speed up the clock. by not doing so, they have time for more debate. democrats on a number of these picks said they want more scrutiny, more time to consider some of these nominees, even though eventually short of
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someone really sort of cratering because of a problem that has not yet been identified, they're likely to be confirmed. they can slow the pace. in doing so, have a chance to make their case. >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill, thanks for keeping track of all that. coming up, we'll be checking in overseas on the impact of this immigration executive order over there. also, a muslim civil liberties organization heading to court this afternoon to challenge that executive order. i'll be joined by one of the attorneys who just filed that lawsuit after the break. to do the best for your pet, you should know more about the food you choose. with beyond, you have a natural pet food that goes beyond telling ingredients to showing where they come from. beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust... to earning it. because, honestly, our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. ♪
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donald trump's executive order is not based on national security. it is based on fear mongering. he's still in the campaign mode. he has not switched to be a statesman. a statesman who has to you night
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americans. statesman who should send a message to the world that america is a friend, america is open. but also america is careful. >> executive director of the council on american-islamic relations. they filed a federal lawsuit in a virginia federal court about this map. challenging president trump's entire exty order, which among several things, bans immigration from those seven muslim-majority countries. we're joined by counsel on the cair lawsuit. you're part of filing this lawsuit. tell me about the basis of the legal challenge you're making and how you proceed and what you're hoping for. >> well, it's long-established principle of institutional law that the government is not allowed to wield this authority in a way that discriminates
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against one group of people over another. and there's no getting around what donald trump said back in december when he was running and first announced the muslim ban. he called it the muslim ban. it was an aggressive platform that was meant to stigmatize the muslim community. he followed through on his promise in ways that surprised a lot of folks. not only did he prevent the entry and exit of nonimmigrants, people on tourist visas, people on student visas, he even created an executive order that would prevent green card holders from re-entering the country. some green card holders have been here for decades. this monument to anti-muslim g bigotry. it's not the 15th amendment or an amendment in the 20s that we're basing a lawsuit on. >> what amendment? >> it's the first amendment. the establishment clause prevents the government from wielding its power in a way that
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stigmatizes any faith community. and this executive order obviously affects students on visas and green card holders but all muslims. i've never seen the amount of fear in the muslim community and level of panic in the muslim community. what i can say is out of the outpouring of resistance and protesting across the country, the five judges from california to massachusetts, that have taken action against this executive order is cause for optimism. that this executive order, which was motivated by a desire to harm and stigmatize muslims, will eventually be set aside. >> of course, that's not what the white house says this is. the white house put out a statement yesterday and it said, in part, to be clear, this is not a muslim ban, as the media is falsely reporting. this is not about religion. this is about terror and keeping our country safe. there are over 40 different countries worldwide that are
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majority muslim that are not affected by this order. your response to that? >> this order only affects muslims. the only people that are affected by this order are muslims. and that's all the evidence you need -- >> but they're arguing if they wanted to ban all muslims, they would have put a ban on many countries, not just seven. >> i think there's been some stature parsing that they engaged in to pick these seven countries. at the end of the day, to -- trump gave an interview to christian broadcasting network a few hours before he signed the executive order explaining the executive order was designed to provide a way for people that are not muslim in those seven countries to come to the united states. and so, we can take donald trump at his word but set that aside and take a look at the text of the document. the document itself segregates muslim from people that are not muslim.
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treats those not muslim more favorably. that's very, very clear indication of discrimination. that's why federal judges, both republican appointees and democratic appointees from boston to california to seattle have -- they scheduled hearings on the weekend. they scheduled hearings in the middle of the night to strike down parts of this executive order. and i think it's an indication of the clarity of the issues at stake here. this is a muslim ban. this is about the faith of islam. it is the only way that something like this is going to be stopped if muslims and their allies stand up and fight for their rights and claim the traditions of america. there is no better place in the world to be a muslim. the establishment clause gives us the right to practice our faith in ways that are the envy of muslims in europe and the envy of muslims throughout the world. so, these are our traditions. and we're going to claim them and enforce the law against the
12:16 pm
trump administration. >> let me just ask, though, because you're a lawyer. let me ask about the legal question here, because our legal unit, ari melber has been looking at this, as you know, for days and trying to dig in on the language and the challenges you and others are making. and they're telling us that that it could be difficult for you to fight this because the executive branch in any administration does have a lot of purview, a lot of latitude in enforcing immigration law. >> that is true. one of the clearest limitations on the enforcement of immigration is prohibition on religious discrimination. religious discrimination is especially protected in the constitution. you have equal protection clause that was passed more than a century after -- or the century following the creation of the united states. but the first -- the very first amendment was equal protection for religion. the establishment clause. and that provision entitles us to a neutral government that
12:17 pm
does not stigmatize or faith, prefer our faith or any other faith over another. so far, so good. five judges have passed judgment on the executive order. all five judges have said there are constitutional problems with the executive order. this is -- this is the core competency of the judicial branch, the core competency of the judicial branch is to protect unpopular minorities from the overreach of the executive branch. that's what happened in this case. donald trump benefitted politically from stigmatizing muslims throughout his campaign. that's unfortunate that's the case. but now that he's in power, he's subject to the limitations of the constitution places on his exercise of authority. so far, so good. and we'll see what happens. >> two questions on that. do you think the virginia court will act soon in your case? i mean, when do you expect any action? secondly, would you take this all the way to the supreme court? >> well, unless the -- we are
12:18 pm
committed to ending this executive order and having it enjoyed in its entirety. and the court we selected is the fastest court in the country. we're hopeful it will proceed quickly. >> one of the attorneys representing cair in its lawsuit against the trump administration. thank you for your time. after the break, the white house's answer as to why the chief consequence lor to the president, steve bannon, is getting a role on the national security council's so-called principals committee. so with our ally cashback credit card, you get rewarded for buying stuff.
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everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. sean spicer, white house spokesman, said last hour the stories over the weekend about the new immigration executive order had been, quote, exaggerated and blown way out of proportion. he urged people working in the administration who don't agree with the new rules to either get with the program or they can go, he said. for more, i want to bring in admiral mns's chief international security analyst and dean of the fletcher school at tufts university. nice to see you again, admiral.
12:22 pm
>> great seeing you. >> i feel like we're making a habit out of this, which i like. you wrote an op-ed on t immigration order published today. you said you're a big admirer of home atlanta security secretary john kelly and then you said, i'm deeply disturbed by the general tone and thrust on the executive order that on at least initial read seem to ban one religion over another. are you more concerned about the substance of the order or the way it was handled or is it both? >> i think it's both, kate. unfortunately, it's bad policy, poorly executed. so, the bad policy piece of it is that it's sending a terrible signal to our allies around the world. you're seeing them bounce back immediately in the united kingd kingdom, for example. it encouraging our enemies who will use it as a recruiting tool. it denies legitimate refugees. it's part of our obligation
12:23 pm
under international law. overall, i think it's poor paul. in terms of execution, it's been rolled out in a very confused way. it's unclear whether there was real consultation. for example, with the secretary of homeland security. that's not a good start. >> i'm sorry, i didn't mean to interrupt. i want to ask you about that because you've been in positions of power. you've been in some of these high-level meetings with an administration. sean spicer says anybody in there that doesn't agree with this policy can go. they can get out of the way and leave their position. do you sense there's a lot of dissenters within the ranks of the new administration? >> i think that any time a new administration comes in and latches on with a small number of people who have been with a campaign and now coupled suddenly to this mass of civil servants, there's going to be friction on that boundary layer. and i would suspect there are certainly some voices being raised. i hope people don't get frustrated, throw up their hands
12:24 pm
and quit. i hope they push back and try and explain why this is bad policy or how we can execute it better the next time we want to move a new initiative forward. let's face it, we're in the first week or so of an administration. i give him a certain amount of time and space. but, again, this one did not come off, i don't think, the way the administration would have liked. >> let me ask you about the other sort of large issue over the weekend, senior trump add adviser steve bannon getting a seat at the table of national security council meetings and the top level group in those meetings. sean spicer addressed this earlier today. he said some of the reporting has been off. here's how he explained it. >> well, let's be honest. i mean, david axelrod walked in and out of nsc meetings quite frequently by his own account and by several of your accounts. what this shows is this administration is being rather transparent. it's putting out in the public who's going to be going in and out of those meetings, not just letting people go in willie
12:25 pm
nilly. i think it shows this administration is trying to make sure we don't hide things and account for them after the fact. it recognizes the role he's going to play. steve's not going to be in every meeting. like axelrod, he'll come in and out when needed. but i think we wanted to be up front about it and make sure it was stated so it wasn't a story. >> what do you think about that? good idea to be transparent? good idea to have steve bannon in the room occasionally? >> i think it's a good idea to be transparent. and i do think every president is entitled to have those around him who give him the advice he thinks he needs. now, this is a formalized body, the national security council staff's principals committee. i'm unaware of a previous time when someone has simply been inserted into that as a permanent member perform. i'm encouraged when i hear that, well, he's really just going to go in and out. we'll see if that's how it really plays out. my concern is that steve bannon, and i'm sure he would agree with this, is a political operative.
12:26 pm
he thinks about things principally in domestic political terms. and the principals committee where i have been part of in briefings and so forth is really about giving the president the facts and the options. it's not a place where i want to spend a lot of time on the political side of things. so, it does raise eyebrows when you do it. transparency is good. let's see how it plays out as we go forward. >> admiral james, msnbc diplomacy analyst for us, thanks. for another perspective, i want to bring in another msnbc analyst, rick tyler is with us. nice to see you as well. >> hi, kate, how are you? >> i'm doing well. let's go back to what i started with with admiral, which is immigration executive order. as you know, banning travel at least for now from seven muslim-majority nations, indefinitely banning syrian refugees from entering the united states. so much reaction all weekend long. i could barely keep up.
12:27 pm
statements and even republicans coming out and saying, not all, but some, coming out and saying this was a mistake. what's your take on how this all played? >> i think rhetorically it's not playing very well at all. politically it's not playing very well at all. as a policy i'm actually okay with it. if you look at the countries on the map there, three are in civil war. the others effectively have no government. so, you know, i hear a lot about the 9/11 countries weren't included and that is true, except we have a very good relationship with saudi arabia and saudi arabia helps and works with us on defeating terrorism. iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. there's no work to work with in yemen. there's no one to work with in libya. so, these places, many are overrun by either isis, al qaeda, al shabab or other terrorist groups. as a policy, if it was explained to people, then it would probably be mostly acceptable.
12:28 pm
>> does it sound to you like it was not explained to even the people in the government who had to execute the policy? >> i think it was very concerning here is two things. one is that either the trump administration doesn't trust its senior cabinet members because they didn't seem to have -- at least be in the process of the decision-making. and, two, look, kate, he can't -- trump came to town to effectively blow up washington, which means bureaucracies. you either blow them up, which he seems like he intends to do, or they will overrun you. and they have enormous capacity to cause you pain every single day. and you do not want to be at war with your bure accuracies. think of all the bure accuracies from epa to the intelligence agencies to defense to -- it goes on and on and on. they will undermine, they can undermine your administration if you continue to undermine them. also, the senior heads of cabinet members, these are men and women of stature.
12:29 pm
they're not going to put up with this for very long. if you undermine -- people get, you know, do better as president when you surround yourself with great people. trump has always said that. but if you don't involve them in decision-making, they're not going to be there very long. >> you personally think this is a good policy. let me ask you about senators john mccain and lindsey graham, releasing a statement. our government has a responsibility to defend our borders but we must do so in a way that makes us safer and upholds all that makes us decent and exceptional about our nation. it is clear from the confusion at the airports across the nation that president trump's executive order was not properly vetted. this order went into effect with little to no consultation with departments of defense, justice and homeland security. they went on in this statement to talk about isis and they believe this is a recruiting tool for the enemy. >> yeah, i understand that a little bit. look, we can't always make our own policy based on whether isis is going to use it as
12:30 pm
recruitment tool or not. it's a little like leaving the cash on the counter so you don't make the robber upset. look, i agree with everything senator mccain said there except the way i understand the policy, that this is not a ban. even though donald trump used the word ban. he also wanted to have a muslim ban. he said that clearly in the campaign, which is why this is causing him so much problem. but in terms of a moratorium or reset on a travel ban and then having extra scrutiny to people who go to countries where there is terrorist training and recruitment, i think most people are fine with that. >> rick tyler, msnbc political analyst. we'll leave it there for you nop thanks so much. up next, we're heading overseas where the shock waves of president trump's immigration ban are triggering a lot of response in the form of petitions, condemnations and protests like this one in london.
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wanted to get back to this week's big news. president trump's executive order on immigration. not lost in this national debate is the effect it's having overseas, especially with people trying to come to the united states. my colleague richard engel is in erbil, iraq. i understand you spoke with an iraqi family who were turned down or had to change their travel plans. >> reporter: they were turned down. and they were very upset. this is not just up-ending lives or it is not just disrupting people, it is changing their lives. this family we just spent time with, he was a translator for the u.s. government during the iraq war. and he went through 2 1/2 years of vetting, multiple interviews, fingerprints, medical checks, background checks. his whole family flew to baghdad for a meeting with addition at the u.s. embassy. all this, by the way, after
12:35 pm
having worked as a translator for the u.s. military. he finally got the visa approved and then this weekend they were traveling to jfk, they had a stopover in cairo. as they were boarding the plane or about to board the plane with their boarding passes in hand, they could see the plane. they said they could go no further. they were detained at the airport for about 24 hours. and then deported back here. and they're outraged. they also have basically torn their lives apart because they thought they were going to move. so, they sold their house. both of them quit their jobs. the older son, there were three children, had actually dropped out of -- dropped out of school. he had delayed going to college so that he could study for the s.a.t.s. the younger daughter, if she now has to stay back here, she'd miss a year in school as well. so, once you have these plans in motion, and it's taken you 2 1/2
12:36 pm
years to change your life, and you've sold your house and possessions and quit your job and suddenly someone at an airport, when you're looking at the plane and you're holding the boarding pass says, nope, you're being deported because there's been an executive order, it is a very tough pill to swallow, frankly. >> it's going to cause a lot of political reaction and policy reaction as well. richard, thank you so much. great to see you late in the evening in iraq. let's jump over now to the uk. as of right now, over 1.4 million people have signed a petition there to ban the president from making a formal state visit to the uk because it would, quote, cause embarrassment to her majesty, the queen. matt bradley joins me live from london with that piece of the international reaction. matt? . >> reporter: that's right, kate. actually, the deal is in parliament, if you get a certain number of digital signatures for any of these petitions, then parliament is actually obliged to take up your petition. that's just what happened here. they actually got 1.5 -- as you
12:37 pm
said, nearly 1.5 million digital signatures, which is several times more than the amount they needed to actually get parliament to look at their petition. that's exactly what happened. tonight we heard there was an emergency meeting and parliament is taking up this petition and considering whether or not to disinvite donald trump from a state visit to here in london. the natural outgrowth of this petition is the march that's kind of winding up behind me. you can see people are leaving. we heard from police. there are as many as 25,000 people who showed up here right outside ten downing street, which s of course, the official residence of theresa may, the prime minister of britain. now, why ten downing street for an anti-trump protest? the fact is that a lot of the anger here was aimed not at trump but at theresa may herself. that's because a lot of these demonstrators say theresa may isn't showing enough backbone,
12:38 pm
isn't standing up to donald trump and telling him they really don't approve of his immigration restrictions that were just announced in the past couple of days. so many people here were disappointed that theresa may was the first global leader to actually meet with donald trump in person after he was inaugurated. and she was vis rated in the media shown walking with donald trump hand in hand in front of the white house. a lot of embarrassment going around. it's not just online activists and liberals dismayed with theresa may. look at a man who's a member of parliament from may's own conservative party. he's born in iraq and coming under this new travel restriction announced by donald trump. take a listen to this piece of sound. >> i've been informed that the ban will apply to myself and my wife because the order says aliens from those countries, so country of origin applies.
12:39 pm
i've got two sons at princeton university. they were due to be here tomorrow because of a short break. now they're born and bred in the uk, but if they get asked where your parents are from originally, your granted parent, there's a risk of them being stopped going back to university next sunday. you know, that's a 90-day or 120-day -- they would miss a whole semester at princeton. so, it's a pretty sad day really. >> reporter: so, that was a member of parliament, nadhim zahawi. again, not some liberal, not some activist on social media. this is a member of theresa may's own ruling party who has come out saying, i am personally going to be afflicted by trump's ban. he mentioned in other interviews th that one of his sons was near deathly ill -- you can see exuberant crowd here.
12:40 pm
he went to the states and actually stayed with his son for quite a while nursing him back to health. he says that wouldn't happen now after trump's travel restrictions. >> matt bradley in london, thank you. we've gone from iraq to london. let's now go to iran. one. seven countries named in the immigration executive order. iran saying now, reciprocal measures will be taken to potentially block immigration into their country. nbc's aruzzi joins me now. break down, tell us what you're seeing from politicians there. >> reporter: well, kate, the iranian foreign ministry strongly condemned the visa ban. they said the decision of the united states government to impose restrictions of travel on muslims to the statess a clear insult t the islamic world. tehran said we'll take reciprocal measures and ban people coming from iran until they say the u.s. ban is removed. iranian foreign ministry slightly backpedaled saying unlike united states it's not
12:41 pm
retro active and those with visas will be admitted. the parliament had tough words saying it revealed the violent and racist attitude of the united states. today they summoned the swiss envoy who represents washington in absence of a diplomatic mission in iran to formally object to the executive order. in iran today, we're seeing the effects of this order. a special committee has been formed here to decide whether american wrestlers will be allowed into iran in order to compete in the wrestling world cup in mid-february. while thousands of iranians here with links to america face uncertainty. we spoke to students stuck in limbo. let's take a listen to what she had to say. >> donald trump is just the showman and -- because i'm -- i was supposed to write my final paper on donald trump. and i'm listening to his speeches, especially his
12:42 pm
speeches during the primaries. he's just a showman. i'm really surpred by the resemblance to american stand-up come dis. he's there to entertain the people. this is getting really dangerous. >> reporter: she told me after we had that interview that she thinks the ban is going to be countereffective because it might galvanize support for hard liners in iran, amongst people who wouldn't normally support them. kate? >> thank you so much. up next, terror in canada. a fatal shooting at a mosque. six men killed. the prime minister there calling it a terrorist attack on muslims. we'll go live to quebec city with new information after the break.
12:43 pm
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12:46 pm
wounded. several law enforce the sources confirmed to nbc news that the suspect in the shooting is alexandre bissonnette and currently in custody. earlier today president trump calling the prime minister of canada to express condolences. that's ron allen who you see up in canada. he's been covering the latest from quebec city. ron, what more can you tell us? >> reporter: well, there was a second person arrested earlier and turns out he was a witness to what happened. it happened right behind me here. the mosque is that glass-front building there that the police have blocked off this entire street in front of. that's where it happened. can you see down at the bottom of the hill here, there's a little memorial that's taking shape, flowers left and cards and condolences. later tonight we expect some many thousands of people to fill this entire area around the mosque for a vigil. to pay their respects. we also think that the prment of canada, justin trudeau, may be coming this way. there's a lot of preparation
12:47 pm
going under way. you can see canadian networks showing up for their shows. they're clearing off this area in front of the beautiful facade of a christian church, across the street from the mosque where that happened. people are outraged, indignant that this is not canada. we spoke to some people about the reaction to their murders. >> we need to stand for those people. we need to stand for our people. they're part of our community. and we must tell them, we're at peace. >> violence is not the key to any problem. and i think that especially here, these people are not violent. they want to be with us, within us, and keep their identity but their peaceful identity.
12:48 pm
>> reporter: there's a lot of outrage here in this community, as you can fell. this is a place where there are, perhaps, a handful of murders every couple years and now six people are lost. a lot of them are immigrants. there's a university in that area nearby that's attracted a lot of students from south africa. today of mourning, grief and a day to support the muslim community. not just here but across canada. there's a feeling this affected the entire country. as i said, the prime minister justin trudeau has been very outspoken. he addressed parliament earlier today. we know he's coming to quebec later this evening. there's a lot of speculation he's coming here to attend a rally that's expected to have many thousands of people right here in this square, in this area, in front of the mosque. kate? >> ron allen up in quebec city, thank you so much. we'll keep an eye on all of that, of course. just ahead, a view from capitol hill. i'm going to be joined by republican congressman walter
12:49 pm
jones to talk about president trump's executive ard on immigration. his opinion of the order, the way it was rolled out, coming up next. even a "truck-cicle." [second man] how you doing? [ice cracking] [second man] ah,ah, ah. oh no! [first man] saves us some drilling. [burke] and we covered it, february fourteenth, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. crsugar is everywherets sugar shield and crest complete has a sugar shield to protect teeth from sugar found in everyday foods. crest complete. shield your teeth from sugar.
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12:52 pm
back now talking about the latest developments in president trump's executive order on immigration. joining me now, republican congressman walter jones jr. of north carolina. congressman, thanks for being with us and making time. >> kate, glad to be on show the, thank you. >> i want to talk first about who was informed and who wasn't. sean spicer was asked about who was consulted about the executive order and everybody who needed to be consulted was consulted earlier today on "morning joe." our investigative unit here at nbc reports that the order did not go through the standard interagency process that would normally happen to go through, you know, all the various departments to let them know about it, dhs for example. we're told by the "new york times" reporting that the secretary of homeland security found out about as he was on a conference call and oh, he's
12:53 pm
signing it right now the as we speak. we just learned the house judiciary chairman and the house homeland security chair your college republicans were not consulted ahead of time. was this all mishandled? >> kate, that's disappoints me. i've known general john kelly now secretary of homeland security since he was a colonel in the united states marine corps, and i could not believe that a decision would be made -- i mean, i'm for a strong vetting program. i think most members of congress are as well, but to your point, is how this process worked without congress having any role at all or any advice or any ability to themselves look into where the vetting system is working or not working, and i think that's what has created so many problems. and then when i found out that john kelly, secretary of homeland security, general kelly who i have the utmost respect for was really not even told about this until the very end
12:54 pm
before the decision was rendered. >> and just to be clear, were you told that by -- internally on capitol hill or are you learning that from the media? >> well, both. >> okay. >> to be honest about it. >> we haven't been able to confirm exactly when he found out as we say the "new york times" says it was very late in the process. >> well, to me, kate, somebody like john kelly, secretary of homeland security when the president started thinking about this might be action he would want to take, i think he should have gotten john kelly in his office and had a conversation about the pros and cons of a presidential order. >> let me ask about the substance of this, you mentioned that you're in favor of vetting. obviously terrorists have entered this country. we've had attacks here on u.s. soil, but if you look at the recent attacks, the major ones, none of those people came from the seven countries that are now being singled out, at least for the first few months here. if the objective is blocking anyone who might become a terrorist, is the order targeting the right places?
12:55 pm
>> well, kate, that's why again i go back to the point, i really think that the congress has a role to play in this to make sure that we've got the best vetting system that is possible. and if you bypass congress to make these kind of decisions, i think is the wrong direction to go to have a strong vetting system. >> did you go home over the weekend, congressman? were you back in district? >> yes, ma'am. i was home this weekend. >> what were your constituents saying? you're a republican district. you've been in congress a while. what were people saying about this issue and the flurry of activity last week? >> well, kate, i think it was mixed. i think many, many people would agree with what i said that we should have had more of a regular order before this presidential order was issued. >> but support for the idea of bang people from muslim majority countries or not? >> well, you know, it's like me, i was one of three members of congress, thomas massey, steven lynch, we worked three and a
12:56 pm
half years to get the 28 pages released about the 9/11 attack, which showed that the saudis were primarily responsible for that. yet, they're not on the list. >> so you think saudi arabia in your opinion should be on that list? >> i think so. >> and what will you be doing then in congress now to try to make changes? you know, democrat chuck schumer is saying he wants to propose legislation to reverse the executive order, he doesn't have the majority, your party does, what will you do? >> well i'm waiting to see -- this is our first day back, this monday, and since the news broke this weekend and i'd imagine we will have a conference tomorrow to discuss this issue as well as other issues. >> oh, i wish we could be a fly on the wall at that conference. >> i understand that. >> congressman walter jones jr. of north carolina, nice to have you with us. thanks so much. we will be right back after a quick break. yet some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to a few places. and then, change those places every few months.
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1:00 pm
bowl. and that shot is the new england patriots at a send off rally in boston this morning. looking for their fifth super bowl title as they face off with the atlanta falcons. also keeping an eye on the closing bell here. the dow down more than 100 points. a rough day on wall street. that's going to wrap things up for me this hour. i'll see you back here tomorrow afternoon. 3:00 eastern, noon pacific, steve kornacki, patriot's fan through and through, i had to show the picture for you. >> i got no complaints. show that rally for the full hour. fine by me. america's favorite team, the new england patriots. kate snow, thank you for that, appreciate it, and good afternoon, everybody, i'm steve kornacki. live here in new york today, day 11 of donald trump's first 100 days. topping the agenda, the immigration outcry. >> getting ahead of threats is the key. not waiting until they happen, not saying hey, once it happens how do we react to make sure


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