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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  February 7, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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asset forfeiture, we got a state senator in texas talking about introducing legislation to require conviction before we could receive that forfeiture money. >> can you believe that? >> i told him the cartel would build a monument to him if he could get that done. >> who is the state senator? you want to give his name? we'll destroy his career. >> the president of the united
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states during a light moment at the white house today. before we get back to our fanl, i also want to show you this. this involved donald trump versus john mccain. we have attached that to john mccain, who responded to trump's comments on vladimir putin on fox news. we'll remind ourselves what the president said and then just for context being you'll see mccain standing in front of a photo of a putin critic who is now in life threatening, cam. >> putin's a killer. >> we got a lot of killers, a lot of killers. what you think our country is so ino'sent? >> i don't know of any and to allege some kind of moral
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equivalence between the two is either terribly misinformed or incredibly biased. >> nicole wallace is back with us. charlie sykes and heide in washington. that is the jackson you worked for and remember. >> yeah. it was floating around the internet today that his mother celebrated her 104 birthday. my hope for justice department vad to have a president who heaps praise on him and refuses to say, no, no, no, the america that i lead isn't in the same category or vat mir putin's russia.
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it is either basically stupidity, which is what i think he was trying to say, ". >> tles alg sells going to be here. >> how does all a good american sit ben. >> this alternative also holds that sandy hook was done by actresses. they have it all figured out. they show you all the reactions. just the most jouts land o -- when i heard trump talk about all theily killers. this is somebody who has been -- i never thought i would ever hear a republican president of the united states, thinks so.
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>> i'm really glad mccain is calling him out on it. i can't imagine anyone who -- but i think here's jackson's point, here's someone play laiing in a coma. people are dying at put and's hand while the leader of this country is calling him great and no worse than mrk. it going from. conservatives have pushing that for 40 or 50 years. now you get it the the president of the united states. it is washington.
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>> what has yet to be unmass from what russia has done in syria that they are not there to fight isis. they've been trying to take out the syrian rebels and back assad, that is their first priority. it makes it even more troubling given that even if you buy his promise, it's flawed. >> and heidi, i have to ask about the functioning on a daly basis of the white house, without with we can't have any of this conversation there's usually a chain command and whileis extraordinary. i imagine if you're donald trump, if your currency is popularity, if your currency is appears, it must be absolutely crippling.
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>> yeah. there's been many incidences in this and we are just in the early stage of the administration and part of it is the predictable way he set up his white house with these competing power sentence. "the washington times" is not doing anything different. what's different is you have an unprecedented number of leakers providing this information. the journalistic standard for sourcing haven't changed. and now donald trump with the way he's governing, his top concern is image. he cares about how his spokesman is dressed and i think we can only expect more of that as this goes on and especially as there
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are stumbles and people start to point fings are and assign blame. >> think normalization. it's almost for to you say about his press secretary, he was portrayed as a woman here going to change the subject, launching a new attack on democrats tonight. that is next when the i was going to say i was not happy with the customer service. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother?
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going to say i was not happy is a disgrace that my full cabinet is still not in place, the longest such delay in the history of our country. obstruction by democrats. by the way, he's right about that middle part. in terms of the number of cabinet secretaries and the number of days since the inauguration, this is a record for the fewest members confirmed. right now senate democrats are on the floor for a second night in a row speaking in protest of one of trump's nominees. last night when we showed you a live picture, it was cory booker of new jersey talking. this is not tape from last night.
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he hasn't been talking this whole time but he is back up talking in front of the u.s. senate. last night the target was education secretary of state betsy devos had j that is the the are nicole, heidi and charlie still with us. what happened on the senate floor tonight involving liz wet warren and the late coretta what happened on the senate floor tonight involving liz wet warren and the late coretta scott king? >> it sounds like she's saying she was essentially silenced, booted by the ladder ship that. >> i'll tell you, brian, the reason why democrats feel embolden in doing what in terms of their progressive base, it's
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just going to make the whole situation that much more problematic and make democrats feel embodened in terms of pr and nicole, it is so toxic since everything sells moving at the speed of light? there is usually staff turnover. first year, first two years, maybe the joke 4 if you're light ient. you could argue either way whether what was good on bat.
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the stuff you did during your campaign made you win, that it was all good. and one of the things that donald trump did a lot during his campaign was fire everybody ard start over. then there was casey conway now and kelly car so seven years actually transpire in one. so he might be on target for his first shake-up. i know that he is reaching out to people who have experience in previous administrations. i'm not sure how some of those calls are being received because people watch the news. they see what's happening and people who have worked for actual presidents can't tell if he's serious about any of. >> do you believe the reports that the president was angered with reince priebus for the chain of command structure, for
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not digging in more at the executive orders, that he was angry for writing a part for himself in the nqc in. >> i know somebody is leaking this out and that the knives are out on every o side so you have people whispering he's mad at reince priebus for sean spicer being portrayed by a woman. you know where this ends, don't you? back at the white house with david gergen. >> the president's wife got thrown under the bus the first night. as the news was breaking, my phone was buzzing when i was trying to get 45 minutes of sleep. what blew up is they started blaming the candidate's wife for the speech. >> it's not sustainable. it can't keep going on this way. the question is whether does it blow up?
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>> i keep saying someone's leaking the fact that so many bad things have happened on saturdays, could it be because donald trump's son-in-law is observing shabbat and is not involved in the west wing? heidi, at the same time, the president has put up a nominee for an incredibly divided supreme court but he is doing something presidential and that is, you're reporting at least, softening the ground with some outreach and phone calls. >> we reported today the president has invited five conservative democrats from red states over to the white house to essentially try and break what he's looking at to be a potentially major gridlock, log jam situation here with the leadership. this is going to be the first test essentially, brian, is neil gorsuch.
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this is the first item, if you will, that's going to require a 60-vote margin, which means by definition since republicans only have 52 seats they're going to need eight democrats. there's about five of those democrats who come from states that trump won by a big margin so those are the people he's going to start with. he's going to need those plus three more. >> our thanks to heidi and nicole. mr. sykes is going to stay with us after the break. his provocative column about something the president does and why he's allowed to do it when "the 11th hour" continues.
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we're back. as you may have heard me say, we've kept our friend charlie sykes for extra credit for me to ask him about a piece he just
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wrote for the "new york times" called "why nobody cares the president is lying." in it charlie writes in part the cumulative effects of attacks on the mainstream media was to delegitimize those outlets. we thought we were creating a sauveur, more skeptical audience. instead we opened the door for an audience that could be easily misled. >> i think the key thing is that the conservative media, the responsible, rational, fact-based conservative media does need to push back a little bit about what's happened. what we did and a lot of the criticism of the mainstream media was legitimate. what we did and you've talked about this is to delegitimize all of those sources of information. and so we do have these alternative reality silos. you can live within those alternative are the silos. why does he lie? because he can.
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because anyone who corrects him, he'll say that's the opposition. and then he'll have the breitbarts, the drudges, the rush limb because provide him with air cover. my concern is not that's he's lying but it's the concept of the truth itself, you'll have millions of voters who throw up their hands and say maybe truth is unknowable, let's just pick the facts that support our guy and ignore the facts that don't support our guy and then we're in a very, very dangerous place for democracy. >> just this week there are now folks that we pick and choose terrorist attacks we report on and that the murder rate is at a 47-year high. and it's not. it's something the president said but it's not. >> in authoritarian regimes, what the leader will say is the truth. all of those sources of independent information or
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checks are basically -- they are discredited. so what is the source of truth? well it, comes from the leader. this again familiar to authoritarian regimes, very alien to a democratic society. >> charlie sykes, as big back home as the packers, we're thrilled to have you on occasion in our studio in new york. up next when you're president, sometimes you have to wear a tie to your super bowl party. "the 11th hour" continues after this. last thing before we go here tonight is just a question without regard to party or politics.
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last thing before we go here tonight is just a question without regard to party or politics. the question is which guy do you think had the better weekend? on the left the president at the super bowl party at mar-a-lago, flanked by his wife and reince priebus. on the right, that would be our former president at richard branson's private island in the caribbean, where he spent part of the weekend kiteboarding. the burdens of office are real and often visible. it's serious business, it has sent grown men to an early grave, but there is a life after the presidency, and barack obama appears to be trying to live it. many people posited on social media that he already looks younger ins picture.
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while in office he complained to staff he wasn't allowed to take part in any water sports for safety reasons. when you hail from hawaii, that hurts. it appears he may be making up for lost time. as for that super bowl party, the president left with the falcons comfortably ahead 28-3, lopsided game, what could go wrong? that is our broadcast for tonight. thank you for being here with us. we'll see you tomorrow evening. tonight on "all in" --. you know, this is a very tonight on "all in" --. you know, this is a very dangerous period of time. >> the fear factor. >> what we need to do is to remind people that the earth is a very dangerous place these days. >> tonight, president trump's latest effort to save his immigration ban. and the latest dark, dangerous sales pitch coming from the white house. >> a lot of bad people are thinking about, hey, let's go in
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right now. >> then -- >> for the sake of our children let's do our job. >> after a knock down dragout fight, republicans break the democratic blockade. >> the vice president votes in the affirmative. >> tonight, what devos will mean for public education in america and where the energy from the massive movement to stop her goes next. >> get them out! >> "all in" starts now. good evening from new york, i'm joy reid in for chris hayes. at this hour, the fate of president donald trump's signature executive order born out of his campaign promise to ban muslim immigrants hangs in the balance. just an hour ago an unusual conference call hearing concluded before a three-judge


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