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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  February 9, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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thanks so much. good afternoon. i'm kate snow. top stories this hour. for president trump and senate democrats today, an olive branch and a sword just as president trump held a friendly meeting with some senate democrats, he went on attack after richard blumenthal who said that gorsuch told him in a private meeting that the president's recent criticisms of judges was disheartening and demoralizing. what president trump is saying back coming up. also, white house press seetary sean spicer saying kellyanne conway has been "counseled" regarding her comments made about ivanka trump's product line. also today, a big focus on the border. president trump signing an executive order taking on drug cartels. that while the department of homeland security secretary john kelly visits the border this afternoon and a deadly snowstorm making its way through new york and new england. flights canceled.
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schools closed. live reports for you. i think al will come back later in the hour with your latest forecast. let's begin with the latest developments from the white house this afternoon. that's where we find my colleague kelly o'donnell. kelly, another lengthy and fact filled press conference. we heard from president trump at the white house a short time ago about those comments that judge gorsuch made to senator blumenthal between that and sean spicer, what's the latest? >> reporter: this puts distance between president trump and his pick for the supreme court. and that's what makes this unusual. the first pick for the supreme court for any president suggests a bond between nominee and president. and now what we're seeing is differing views because it's been widely reported and we have backed it up from our sources that neil gorsuch in meeting with senators on capitol hill who will consider his nomination talked about being disheartened
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and demoralized based on comments that president trump has made with respect to the travel ban issue. a sitting federal judge sort of expressing concerns for fellow judges based on what the president has tweeted and said. now, today the president had an opportunity with cameras in the room to talk with reporters and he was asked about that and simply sort of ignored that issue and instead said this. >> his comments were misrepresented. what you should do is ask senator blumenthal about his vietnam record that didn't exist after years of saying it did. ask senator blumenthal about his vietnam record. he misrepresented that just like he misrepresented judge gorsuch. >> a very dense layered punch to richa richard blumenthal, democrat of connecticut. when he was running for office years ago, i covered that campaign, he was sort of caught on camera making the references if he had served in vietnam and
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not the vietnam era. he apologized for that at the time. that's kind of taking an old element against richard blumenthal and also saying that he misrepresented what neil gorsuch said and yet those working with neil gorsuch on behalf of the trump administration affirm that he did, in fact, talk about being concerned about the president's comments. so president trump again using the tactics from the campaign season that have carried into his administration where he punches back, and he will sometimes ignore certain facts to focus on other distracting facts like bringing up the issue of vietnam war service for richard blumenthal that's not pertinent to what's going on now. those who worked with the federal judge up for consideration for the supreme court, they're all saying he did express that.
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kate? >> kelly o'donnell at the white house for us. kelly on a busy day. thank you so much. to go over big topics, i want to bring in steve mcmahon and ron, a former national spokesman for the ted cruz campaign. thanks for being with us. we have a lot to talk about. i want to start with neil gorsuch if we can and what kelly was just reporting about. first we hear that he's telling senators the president's comments on the court were disheartening and then the president now accusing at least one senator, blumenthal, of misrepresenting what he said. the likelihood -- what is the likelihood this is all happening on purpose and that the white house, you know, knew what he was saying in those meetings and wants that message out there to attract democrats and make neil gorsuch more palatable for some democrats. >> the reality is that republicans don't need any
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democrat votes in order to confirm him at the end of the day if democrats choose to use the filibuster, republicans have the ability to use the nuclear option and judge gorsuch will be confirmed. >> they don't want to use that nuclear option, do they? wouldn't they rather have 60 votes? >> sure. now we're talking about conspiracy theories here in terms of this is some type of a rigged process in terms of those comments. what donald trump said about the judges in this case and judicial branch with respect to his travel ban is nothing different than what he said about judges in the past. i think that sean spicer is correct in that it's nothing new in american politics to have people in one branch of government be critical of people in another branch of government. it happens all the time. it's happening right now when richard blumenthal made a comment talking about how -- this is really amazing. richard blumenthal of all people to be the person to go on at
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length about how we have to carefully scrutinize the background of judge gorsuch is ridiculous after he lied for years about his role in vietnam. he didn't come closer to combat than the toys for to the program in washington state. >> steve, let me give you a chance to respond to all that. a couple things. is he right in saying that the president's comments on the judiciary are nothing exceptional and number two, do you think moderate democrats who are at the white house today for lunch as president trump made these comments might actually support neil gorsuch? >> well, with respect to number one, of course ron is not right. ron, actually i'm sure knows he's not right. it's not uncommon for an executive branch official to comment on another branch of government. what's very unusual and i can never remember it happening before and if ron could point me to an instant i would like to hear it is for a president is to single out a judge and criticize
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them while a case is spepending front of that judge. the way that so many reacted the way they did and reason judge gorsuch reacted the way he did is because it doesn't happen. it's breach of every protocol. what is actually commendable about what judge gorsuch did and it raises a question of why so many republicans refuse to do it is when donald trump says something outrageous and something that presidents just don't say, this judge called him out. called him out publicly. his office confirmed it. so he was sending a very clear message. i just wonder where all of the republicans are when donald trump says these outrageous things, why aren't there more people like john mccain who stand up and call him out. that i think will start to happen before too long. >> to my second question, you see quickly any democrats joining and supporting the judge? >> i think mitch mcconnell is a man of the senate. i don't agree with him on policy but i think he's serious about trying to preserve the senate traditions and one of those
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traditions since 1902 is senate filibuster. i don't think mitch mcconnell wants this judge to be confirmed without 60 votes. i think obviously they have nuclear option available to them but that hasn't got anybody including democrats who went that way a few years ago, it really hasn't been to the benefit of the united states senate. i used to work in the senate. it's an institution that's supposed to operate by different and special rules. mitch mcconnell understands that. he may be willing to go the nuclear option. i would be surprised. >> that nuclear option for people going what is this? it's a majority. it would be a majority vote instead of 60 votes needed to pass through a nominee. let me move, can i change topics. we have so much to talk about. i want to play something that kellnne conway said this morning. she was talking about nordstrom and the tweet yesterday by the president and ivanka trump's clo clothing line. take a listen. >> go buy ivanka's stuff.
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buy it today, everybody. you can find it online. >> i want to play what just happened at the white house briefing and the response from sean spicer when asked about what had happened with kellyanne conway. >> kellyanne has been counseled. that's all we're going to go with. she's been counseled on that subject. that's it. >> all right. so that's the latest. the house oversight and government reform chairman jason chaffe chaffetz, a republican, told nbc news it was wrong, wrong, wrong. it's wholly unacceptable. no if, ands or buts about it. a nonprofit ethics group is asking for a review. the white house government of ethics are overwhelmed with calls this afternoon. does this end in kellyanne conway having to do something? having to resign from her position? >> no, i don't think so.
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first, i've known for kellyanne for nearly 20 years. this is the first time she's been a government employee. it wouldn't be surprise me and i believe she was unaware of that rule when she made her comment on the other network. she's been counseled as sean spicer indicated. i think that's the end of it. under this particular eths rule, it's the head of the agency, in ts case the president because she works at the white house, who determines what type of disciplinary measures would be necessary. i don't think there will be anything beyond a simple counseling on this. i hope that we can just simply move on. every day we talk about nordstrom is a day we're not talking about tax reform, repealing obamacare and other big ticket items that republicans need to get done in washington. >> steve, one last thing i want to ask about democrats and elizabeth warren and her big moment a couple nights ago where she was silenced on the floor. senator graham said the democratic party is being pushed by extreme voices in their community and they don't know how to handle it.
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if they empower elizabeth warren, i think the democratic party is going to lose its weigh with the vast majority of the american people. your response. >> i think lindsey graham is a republican who wishes that to be the case. elizabeth warren is admired throughout the democratic party. there's no question that the left and the activists of the democratic party are concerned about the direction of the country and want democrats to fight. elizabeth warren was out fighting. stopped from speaking on the senate floor because she was reading a letter from scott king. hopefully not because she was a woman. women noticed it. democrats noticed it. there was understandable outrage as a result of it. i don't think the democratic party is being taken over by anybody other than democrats and they expect people in the senate and in the house to fight this president, and i think democrats are hearing that on the hill,
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and they'll continue to do it. >> we'll have to leave it there. let's do it again. interesting to have you both. steve, ron, thanks so much. we're also tracking that powerful nor'easter right now. it's working its way north from new york city now up into new england at this hour. some areas bracing for well over a foot of snow. travel conditions deteriorating by the hour. for more, i want to bring in my colleague cal perry on his way to boston. on your way to massachusetts? >> reporter: just crossed into mass. we are 65 miles from boston. let me switch out the front camera. we left new york city at 9:30 in the morning. we should have got there at about 1:00 p.m. we'll be lucky to get there by 5:00 p.m. 60 million people in the path of this storm. schools canceled up and down the northeast corridor. boston we can show you a tweet from boston public schools. boston public schools will be
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out tomorrow as well. that gives you an idea of how much snow they're expecting. nonessential employees in the states of new jersey, new york, connecticut, massachusetts, new hampshire, vermont, rhode island, they're all home today. many will be home tomorrow as well. and the reason for that as we look at the roads is to allow emergency services to reach people in need if that's at home, if that's on the highway. fewer people out the better. this is definitely sort of one of those days where we do as i say and not as i do, kate, as we make our way to boston. >> you guys are being safe and driving slowly. don't head out there if you don't have to. thank you so much. be safe. even martha stewart by the way feeling effects of the nor'easter tweeting this out this afternoon. i decided to plow. now i am stuck. darn. we'll send help up there. coming up, a group of republican senators takes a hard line with president trump demanding that he get tough on russia focusing on russia's aggressive behavior in ukraine, syria and cyberspace. i'll be joined by one of those
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earlier today, a group of eight republican senators sent a letter to president trump urging him to approve a tough policy in russia. we must never pursue cooperation with russia at the expense of our fundamental interest of defending our allies and promoting our values.
12:18 pm
the united states should condemn and take protective steps to stem the continued russian aggression in ukraine. i want to bring in republican senator rob portman. let's talk about that letter. after you sent that letter we got a report from reuters a short time ago about the phone call from president trump and vladimir putin the other day. president trump according to that report denounced the new start nuclear arms treaty negotiated under president obama saying it was a bad deal for the u.s. the white house press secretary sean spicer would not confirm whether that happened during that conversation. i wonder your take on that if the president said that was a bad deal? >> i don't know what he said. we would have to rely on the white house to tell us that. i think the new start agreement had disadvantages for us relative to russia. they're stronger on tactical weapons. us on strategic ones. broader issue here and that is
12:19 pm
us standing up in the case of ukraine for an important ally in the case of syria to ensure that the russian presence there is not harming our objectives and our national security and i think the best way to ensure we have a good relationship with russia is to stand up and be counted. we didn't do that enough in the obama years. i want to be sure we don't continue that in the trump administration and some of the signals from the administration as you know, for instance about relieving sanctions, i think make no sense. >> there have been signals they would do away with sanctions and those perhaps tied to actions in ukraine. you very much don't want that to happen. >> well, what they had floated was the possibility of relieving sanctions for agreements in other areas. in other words, not dealing with underlying causes of the sanctions including taking crimea which of course first time since world war ii a country in europe was invaded and if anything we didn't stand up to that with our nato allies in an aggressive enough way and for us to relieve sanctions without dealing with that issue
12:20 pm
and without dealing with what's going on on the eastern border of ukraine as we talk which is more violence. the russians supporting separatists there. i think we have to be very careful. if we were to do that, i think it would send a very dangerous signal to our allies who are wondering are we going to be there with them but also adversaries we put sanctions in place but willing to relieve them for reasons that may not pan out. we'll relieve sanctions for some future commitment that russia may or may not keep. >> let me ask you about judge neil gorsuch because you're on capitol hill. i know you haven't had your individual meeting with him just yet but you will. this afternoon lots of talk about what your colleague richard blumenthal reported this morning that the judge in his meeting said the comments from the president about the judge in san francisco regarding the immigration ban, judge gorsuch called it disheartening and demoralizing. i guess i would like your take
12:21 pm
on that. you haven't met with him yet. can you understand where he's coming from if indeed he made those comments? >> i can. i have met with him not officially in my office but had a chance to talk to him. i do think that he's an extraordinary pick because he is so highly respected. probably the most respected of the people on that longer list that president trump had. i think with regard to those comments, he is asserting the independence of the judiciary as the founders intended. i think it's another good reason for us to consider him as a supreme court justice. >> the president taking on your -- it's a democratic senator richard blumenthal but the president with sharp words for him last hour. >> well, i don't know the background of that. i assume it's because he revealed comments that were made in a confidential setting. >> he's accusing blumenthal of mischaracterizing the conversation that he, the senator, had with judge gorsuch. >> i don't know that. let's assume for a moment that judge gorsuch did say something similar to that. i don't think that's a surprise.
12:22 pm
this is a guy who has spent career defending the independence of the judiciary understanding that he's a judge who is meant to interpret the law and not make the law which is what president trump and republicans have been talking about as a justice who is going to be smart, qualified in the scalia style someone who will look at every case as it comes along on its own merits based on what the law and constitution tells them. i think it would not be inconsistent for him to have said something like that. >> i would like to ask you about obamacare. there was talk the other day senator bernie sanders talked about lifetime limits on coverage. an independent that votes with democrats believes that will have to be a part of your cost cutting measures if republicans plan to replace obamacare it will have to include a lifetime limit. is it your understanding that will be included in any replacement plan? >> no. we're not there yet of course. i don't think that's something that's being considered.
12:23 pm
what i do think is being considered is to take people currently covered under the exchanges and those in expanded medicaid states and ensure they can continue to have the coverage they need but to do it in a more affordable way. in the case of medicaid to provide the states a lot more flexibility to be able to put together a better medicaid plan. my state of ohio has tried that. we had our waiver request denied. governor kasich would like to have that flexibility so i think there are ways to take some of the existing parts of the affordable care act like being sure people with pre-existing conditions can get coverage and take broader parts and exchanges that haven't worked as they were promised and be able to pull people into a better system. that's the idea. >> before i let you go, i want to ask you about your work on human trafficking. i know it's something that you care a lot about and dedicated a lot of time to. there's a new documentary that you're featured in coming up tomorrow in limited release called "i am jane doe."
12:24 pm
it talks about a website that i had not heard of called back page. maybe everybody else has. what did you discover about back page and why you think it's important to focus on this and if i could ask, do you think the new attorney general, jeff sessions, will be as focused on human trafficking as you have been? >> first, it's an incredibly important issue. unfortunately, human trafficking and specifically sex trafficking of minors is something that's grown over the last several years and one reason is the internet. as survivors have told me, you know, we've moved from street corner to the internet and specifically to the iphone and has 80% of the commercial sex traffic. they have almost a monopoly on this. we know that girls under age have been sold on this website. so we spent two years investigating them. part of what this documentary is about, which is coming out tomorrow in six theaters around the country and encourage people to see it or go online and look
12:25 pm
at the trailer, it's a powerful indictment of what back page has been doing and our investigation and hope we can make changes in law to be able to stop selling of girls online. in terms of jeff sessions, i think he's very concerned about it. i did talk to him about it yesterday by the way right after he was confirmed. my first conversation with him. he certainly is someone who has a passion about trying to stop the trafficking and we look forward to making this a totally nonpartisan, not just bipartisan but nonpartisan issue and making progress. >> there were democrats and republicans at the screening in washington the other night. senator, thank you. >> can i mention one other thing? so much of the trafficking in ohio and around the country is related to heroin use. in other words, these girls and women are becoming dependent on their tra traffickers because t got them addicted to heroin. your work is powerful. this will save lives because of
12:26 pm
overdose deaths the top issue in our country now in terms of number one cause of deaths surpassing car accidents but also related to this issue of trafficking and so thank you for your work in that. >> i appreciate that, senator. i agree wholeheartedly that this is something we need to talk about as a nation politics aside. senator rob portman from ohio. thank you. appreciate it. up next, president trump signs an executive order instructing the departments of justice and homeland security to take action to break the back of the drug cartels. deported after showing up yearly with immigration agents sent back to mexico to a country she hasn't been to in 20 years. we'll go live to arizona after the break.
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i'm signi three executive actions today designed to restore safety in america. these executive actions continue to deliver on my campaign promises. first, i'm directing department of justice and homeland security to undertake all necessary and lawful action to break the back of the criminal cartels that have spread across our nation and are destroying the blood of our youth and other people. many other people. >> president trump today signing an executive order directing the justice department to take on drug cartels and at this hour homeland security secretary john kelly is visiting the border meeting with homeland security employees and officials down there.
12:31 pm
joining me is former u.n. ambassador to mexico serving under president george w. bush. mr. ambassador, nice to see you. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. thank you. part of today's executive order calls for increased security sector assistance to foreign partners. i'm assuming that will include mexico. in an exclusive interview that we just are getting in, it will air tonight at 5:00 on mtp daily, this is what mexico's foreign minister had to say. take a listen. >> what do you believe is the best practice? >> i tell you this is very important. we need to stop illegal weapons flowing from the u.s. into mexico. we always think about illegal stuff moving to the border south to north. but people forget that most guns and we're not talking small guns, we're talk heavy weapons that get to cartels and create a
12:32 pm
small army out of the cartels. >> so what is your sense? is assistance from the u.s. wanted and desired down where you are in mexico city? >> well, i think what you have seen over the course of the last 10 or 15 years is some very real coordination and cooperation between the united states and mexico. as you remember, kate, during the bush administration, we had the initiative where i remember talking to now attorney general sessions about that. and you've seen a move away from the almost ritual exchange of information to realtime exchange of intelligence on issues of interdiction and extradition. here recently i saw extradition of el chapo and that was really one of the highest profile extraditions in the history of this relationship. that would not have happened but for the cooperation.
12:33 pm
so i think when you talk about transnational organizations, almost by definition it implies cooperation with a foreign country so to the extent that the president has directed not only the attorney general but the secretary of state and the head of homeland security and to a certain extent on the implementation he's talked about the need to include director of national intelligence, i think this is a good initiative. how it will play out in the context of the conversations that are now being initiated as it relates to nafta and the economic relationship, i think that will be very interesting because cooperation, one, has been a byproduct of the relationship that we had on the trade side. >> i want to ask about you just mentioned the state department. we know the secretary of state
12:34 pm
rex tillerson is going to go visit mexico at some point. the homeland security chief is down on the border right now. he met with mexico's foreign minister yesterday. a cordial conversation. defense secretary. talk that he'll head down to mexico. it seems like a real push on behalf of the trump administration to rebuild some ties. what is the state of the relationship right now? we all remember just a week or two ago there was that flap over the phone call between the leader of mexico and president trump and the leader of mexico decided not to come visit just a matter of weeks ago. >> that was quite the week. i characterized it as one of almost whiplash and backlash where you went from high level mexico can officials headed to washington to jump-start the negotiation and discussions about nafta to president trump tweeting that they shouldn't bother to go north if he didn't bring a checkbook to pay for the wall and that visit canceled.
12:35 pm
the fact that that visit was canceled has been good. settle the waters a bit. have both countries get a little more definition as to what they would like to discuss and what should be negotiated under the agreement. secondly, to get some context to the relationship not only the numbers as they relate to the economic back and forth but things like security and immigration and counterterrorism and so that we start to understand more completely how truly connected or converged we are on these issues and thirdly, important there be a time line involved. these are issues that certainly could not have been discussed without people filling seats in washington and as you know president trump has had challenging getting his cabinet filled. i think the delay was a good one. >> former u.s. ambassador to mexico, great to have you with us. thanks so much. >> thank you. a case that shows the impact of the president's sweeping
12:36 pm
executive order on deportation of undocumented immigrants is playing out this hour in arizona. a mexican born mother of two living in phoenix for over two decades has now been deported. she was suddenly detained last night after being convicted nine years ago for felony identity theft because she had false documents. gadi schwartz is following that story for us. a big story down in phoenix. gadi? >> reporter: a couple different perspectives on what's going on here out here. the family says that this is the beginning of donald trump's hard stance on immigration. his hard line with that immigration executive order. however, i.c.e. says this is the result of a judge's order in 2013 and they are committed to removing felonies that are here illegally. but regardless of that, last night was an emotional night for protesters, for family members of guadalupe who gathered here
12:37 pm
after she was detained in front of the back gate where the deportation vans usually leave. when one of those vans tried to leave that was carrying guadalupe inside, a protester stopped it and blocked it. one person got down into the wheel well and started hugging the tire. as the family went to the back, they stood next to where gud lo g guadalupe was. they told their mother they were with her and today an emotional testament from her daughter saying how hard it is now that her mother has been deported. take a listen. >> no one should ever go through the pain of having their mom taken away from them or the pain of packing her suitcase. no one should go through their mother's clothes seeing is she going to need this or is she going to need that?
12:38 pm
no one should be packing their mother's suitcase. i'm here and i'm going to keep on fighting for my mom. >> reporter: now, a little bit of background. she's been here since she was 14 years old spent most of her life in the united states. her family says she barely knows mexico. in 2008 and 2009 she was swept up in an immigration raid and reason she was convicted of a felony, they say, was because when she was trying to get work, she wrote down a social security number that she basically made up. they say that this was not a crime of identity theft. no one was presented as having their identity stolen during the court proceedings, but she was convicted of a felony. that has led to her deportation. she's now in mexico and some of the family may be allowed to see
12:39 pm
her while others may not have the papers and may not have documents to be able to cross between those two borders without possibly being deported themselves. kate, back to you? >> i want to make sure i understand. so at the beginning you said that the opponents of president trump's policies say this is related to his new policies but they're saying down there, folks with i.c.e. say it's not related to president trump's policies. >> reporter: yes. so i.c.e. not wading into what's been going on. they released a statement. it's been a carefully worded statement that says this is based on an order from 2013. a judge's order from 2013 where she was -- she was basically told to leave then but we also understand from the family that she was allowed to come here and check in at i.c.e. periodically and was not told to leave. so something changed in that time. i.c.e. did not specify what changed from years of 2013 to
12:40 pm
now that precipitated them taking her into custody instead of a normal check up which is what the family normally did. one thing community organizers here said is this was a common situation for a lot of families. they have these i.c.e. checkups opposed to being betodeported w they check in with i.c.e. >> gadi schwartz down in phoenix, arizona. thanks so much. we'll be back right after this. e food you choose. with beyond, you have a natural pet food that goes beyond telling ingredients to showing where they come from. beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust... to earning it. because, honestly, our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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one death blamed so far on a powerful winter storm battering the northeast right now. a doorman died after sustaining injuries in an accident while shoveling snow. the storm affecting more than 50 million people creating blizzard conditions, dumping more than a foot of snow in some areas. hundreds of schools up and down the northeast corridor are closed. check out the flight aware map that we have. misery map. nearly 4,000 flights have been canceled today. the storm creating a phenomenon known as thundersnow which we'll have explained to us now by al roker in our weather center over here. it's bad out there. >> it is. although we've had worse and it's wrapping up pretty quickly. i want you to -- you probably remember this, kate. let's go to videotape. february 15th, 2015. take it away jim cantore. >> oh yes! we got it. we got it.
12:45 pm
we got it! again! agn! >> it's not funny but it's kind of funny. >> it's fantastic. it was more and a fourth and he exploded. >> that's thundersnow that's a phenomenon that is not necessarily that uncommon but it's basically the sign of a very intense snowstorm. above average intensity. for example, this storm is this kind of storm. it intensifies. it really bombs out and what we need for thunderstorms are very strong lift. normally in a regular snowstorm you have low level clouds. weak updraft. you don't get that lift. when you get a storm like this one, you get really strong updrafts and that brings up the clouds and in between those drafts you get electrical charges developing and that's when you get the lightning and the thunder and because it's so intense, it really wrings
12:46 pm
moisture out of the storm. you can get four inches per hour fall wig we saw in albany and places like connecticut. in fact, we're seeing in lightning strikes where we're seeing some thunderstorm. the good news is we're starting to see the western edge break up here. new york just about over ending in bridgeport, hartford. we still have some snow to go in boston. so that's why we have still blizzard warnings there. snowfall amounts already 10 inches generally from central park on up into albany. nine inches in central park. boston at 7 inches. we'll pick up a few more from that. west hartford, 14. system is going to pull away quickly. blizzard threats still. snowfall rates 1 to 3 more inches per hour. four 6 inches or so with gusty winds making their way through boston, nantucket and the cape. >> seems to be hanging in new
12:47 pm
york city longer than we thought, right? >> it's moving through. we look out the window. it's just about done. >> i left home this morning and they said 2:00 it would be over. >> we're close. we're close. >> i got two kids sitting at home hoping they have a snow day again tomorrow. >> not here. boston another snow day. not new york city. >> all right. al, thanks so much. 2017 shifting gears shaping up to be a violent year once again in chicago. there have already been 369 shootings this year according to "the chicago tribune" and more shootings last month than in january of 2016 a year in which 4,300 people were shot. the violence so bad president trump warned about sending in the feds to chicago. joining me now is a democratic congresswoman from the area. i want to start talking about the violence to your east in chicago downtown. 360 shootings this year already.
12:48 pm
we mention president trump has been warning about the violence there. he said in a tweet that he would send in the feds if the violence does not subside. yesterday, let me play sound of what he said yesterday. >> you look at chicago and you look at other places, so many of the problems are caused by gang members. many of whom are not even legally in our country. >> is he right? is the solution federal assistance to this? >> well, first of all, that's just simply not true that we're talking about illegal immigrants being involved and the violence in chicago. yes. we do have a gang problem. we have a violence problem. sending in the feds, that sounds like sending in federal troops to the city of chicago. if he wants to send in federal help, i think that would be fine and the mayor would welcome that. if he wants to send in money to help for summer jobs for youth, for opportunities for youth, for
12:49 pm
more of our police on the street, that would be just fine. but the very idea of making a military state out of the city of chicago would be unacceptable to everyone, not just people in the affected communities. we need to do something about it, and we are certainly working at it as well. if the federal government wants to be a partner, that's another matter. he should sit down with the mayor, with mayor emanuel and with all of the stake holders and people in the community and the police and talk about what is it that can really help. what he's talking about is just this threat of sending in the troops, unacceptable. >> congresswoman, i want to ask you about where you are right now because i know you're in baltimore for a retreat among house democrats. cover of "time" magazine, i don't know if you have seen it is a picture of senate minority leader chuck schumer do the democrats matter? how do you respond to that question. >> that's silly.
12:50 pm
i think that -- we don't call it a retreat. we call it an advance. this is our issues conference. the president has had a very bad week. the republicans haven't been doing so well either. that the nominees, they almost lost betsy devos. there was a lot of protests around the country. the muslim ban is not going well. the president resorted to saying that the so-called judge and, you know, we'll hear hopefully today or in a few days what the decision is going to be, whether to allow that ban to exist at all. we have seen a slowdown in what donald trump said on the first day he was going to repeal obamacare. well, actually, the affordable care act he says now, maybe next year will be the time for that because people around the country are demonstrating at their -- republican congressman offices because they don't want their health care to be taken
12:51 pm
away. this has been a very tough time. >> congresswoman jan schakowsky, we'll leave it there. thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it. programming note for you. tonight chris hayes will be on the ground in chicago for a special town hall event addressing surging violence there as well as possible solutions and the future of american cities under president trump. don't miss this. case called "chicago in the cross hairs." tonight at 8:00 eastern on msnbc. we'll take a quick break and be right back. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science.
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. this week the u.s. military is joining ten other countries in belgium for a special forces medical training at nato. it's designed to simulate real-life military conditions during an attack. nbc's medical correspondent dr. john torres is teaching the course. he joins me live from belgium. nice to see you. you are a veteran of the u.s. air force. you served 28 years, i think, including a tour of duty in iraq in 2004. why did you think this was important for you to be there to lead the training, and what's the goal? >> i just came from the simulation center where today and this week we've been training the medical personnel to not only take care of patients in combat simulated environments. it's important they do this so when they are in combat they have the special understanding of what to do. and we've been training the trainer. the goal is to train the personnel. they'll go back to their home
12:56 pm
countries and train personnel in their home countries. and then, from there, they carry it even further downstream. when they go to countries they deploy in or other countries they're doing humanitarian assistance in, they train personnel there. so the goal is to take care of combat casualties and train other people to do the same. it's extremely important that we train them in the simulation center so that, out in real life, they know how to do this. tomorrow night at nightly news with lester holt i'll take you inside the training center to show you how real it seems. >> i was reading that it is very realistic and some of the descriptions of wounds are kind of graphic. >> it is. it's very realistic. it puts them under a lot of stress. there is smoke, explosions, there are gunshot sounds going off. it's one of those things that we put them under the stress so that, when they're in a real situation, they know exactly how to do it.
12:57 pm
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i'll see you tomorrow afternoon. you can find me on social media as well. up next, steve kornacki. hey, steve. thanks for that, kate. i'm steve kornacki live in new york. day 21 of the first 100 days. topping our agenda right now, disheartened and demoralized. >> the judge was very clear that he was not commenting on any specific matter, right? then he was asked about his general philosophy. so you can't then take that, equate it back to the specific. he literally went out of his way to say i am not commenting on a specific instance. >> a democratic senator saying donald trump's pick for the supreme court has strong words for the president. the white house saying that is not the real story. all of this causing a stir on capitol hill. we're going to get to


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