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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 11, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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hi, everyone. i'm david soboroff coming to you live from the news center in los angeles. top stories we are watching right now. teeing off, president trump spending the gay goday golfing japanese prime minister shinzo abe, not before hitting twitter this morning slamming the executive order. how he plans to proceed. also, growing fears. immigration advocates are sounding the alarm after hundreds of unauthorized
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immigrants were arrested in raids across the country this week. what i.c.e. is now saying about these new raids. and not slowing down. more protests across the country this weekend over a variety of issues's we'll take you live to the scene, but first -- the trump administration now weighing oions on theravel ban. will the administration abandon th executive order or defend it again in court? the president telling reporters his team has a lot of options but reiterating his administration will fight to keep the country safe. >> we will continue to fight to take all necessary and legal action to keep terrorists, radical and dangerous extremists from ever entering our country. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell joins me from west palm beach, florida, where president trump is hosting jappen's prime minister shinzo abe. any idea where the president is leaning on this? >> reporter: a couple of options. the president saying as early as
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monday there may be a new executive order dealing with the same issue but in sort of the pa parlance of the day, kind of a do-over. perhaps some of the rollout problems. the president saying to reporters he wraunants to surpr us but that possibilities exists and all options remain open. meaning the path through the court system could still be waged by the government, saying that they believe that the order as it was originally written was rooted in the constitutional powers the president has. if you remember, the order as it was originally written went to the department of justice, was known as the office of legal counsel, and it got a sign-off, a green light, before any of the controversy really exploded. so at this point it appears that the trump white house from the president's words to what advisers tell us, are just trying to keep options open as they pursue this, while saying that they want to really emphasize in the days ahead,
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especially this week, making clur clear new ways they will beef up the vetting process. that could simply be the president giving this new order a retooled order, or perhaps others things he hasn't been entirely clear about this. it's been a priority in the early days of this administration. at the same time, this is a mix of work and play and sort of the hosting part of being president, where he is using his personal home and mar-a-lago in palm beach and the golf clubs that bear his name as a tool of building a relationship with a foreign power, an ally of the united states, with the prime minister of japan. so that's happening today. we know they have had a golf outing. we know that the first ladies, mrs. trump and mrs. abe went on a garden tour, their own lunch. traditional forum how first ladies conduct official business when there are these kind of are interactions between the two countries. this has been a lengthy visit by
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most standards, with the white house piece of it, and then an evening and all day today with the trumps, and so this is part of his style of diplomacy. as you pointed out, he still used twitter to hit at points on the top of his priorities list, talking about the wall. saying he will negotiate for a better price down the line and reiterating concerns about the countries he's dents pidentifie being suspect and wanting more vetting. >> and a saturday without a twitter update from donald trump would be a saturday i wouldn't know what to do. and the i.c.e. raids going on across the country these last few days. a lot of reports about that, and about the numbers of people that have been picked up. do we have anything from the president himself about these raids and if it is a change in policy for immigration and custom enforcement? >> reporter: this is one of
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those times where the white house can defer to a department, like the department of justice or department of homeland security. so the president hasn't spoken to this issue specifically. but the new secretary of homeland security hey said that they are following a multistep process, when identifies the deportations going on, and i.c.e. as it's known, one of the agencies involved, they're following a plan which includes things like identifying characteristics such as there been a criminal act in the past, things like that they're carrying out. from the president directly, he hasn't weighed in but it's a consequence of the tighter borders so much a part of his campaign and his message as president. jacob? >> kelly o'donnell in west palm beach. thanks so much. pro kefts scattered across the country continuing to play out this afternoon. new video from new york where protestors for and against planned parenthood demonstrated just a few blocks away from one another. here are pictures from st. cloud, minnesota.
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my mom's homeland. and earlier, crowds gathered in raleigh, north carolina for the 11th annual moral march advocating for voting rights. now over to denver. another major protest in support of funding planned parenthood and take a look at yet another rally getting under way right now in new york city's washington square park. these are live pictures. it's in support of immigration with many holding signs about the president's immigration executive order. we've seen protests each and every weekend since the president came into office, and here to discuss all of this is congressman tony cardin, democrat from california. congressman good to see you here on-set in l.a. >> good to be here, jacob. >> talk about the immigration ban. what are you looking for from the administration right now if they pull this back, is there a new executive order you and the democrats would be willing to work with him on? >> presidents have the right to executive orders as long as they're lawful and follow the constitution of the united
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states. this executive order was a sham. it was done literally overnight, it wasn't checked, wasn't vetted and now we have four united states -- excuse me. we have four judges, both appointed by democrats and republicans, all unanimously saying this executive order is no good. >> i want to talk about the immigration raids going on. going on where we are right now in your home city of los angeles. i.c.e. says that this is not a change in policy from the obama administration. something that was planned before president trump took office. is that something that you believe? >> i'm not sure what to believe out of this administration, because it appears that the white house brow beats every single department throughout the united states. so i take those statements with a grain of salt. got to take them as fact as they come out. i've seen them in writing. the statement you just read. yet at the same time want to make sure i do my job of double checking and vetting what's really going on. it's going to be a matter of time before we figure it out. >> from what you're seeing does this appear to be -- we know president obama frankly deported
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more people than any other president in the united states ever. does this look like a shift in enforcement from the obama administration to the trump administration? >> if going after people who are just hard working and haven't committed crimes, anything like that, it's more aggressive than before. that's one thing we're trying to figure out now. >> donald trump, president trump, said he will defund sanctuary cities like your and my hometown of los angeles. if they don't cooperate with i.c.e. on the immigration raids. is that legal? >> well, it is legal to a small extent. they can overplay their hand, as this administration has tried to overplay their hand. bottom line, it is a narrow opportunity for them to do that, yet at the same time the real issue, if they do that they'll hurt the economy of the cities, hurt the safety of these cities. you look at immigrants who come to this country documented or not, they have less crime rates than people actually born in the country. slightly better. bottom line, sanctuary cities are doing fine, keeping communities safer and for the
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federal government to step in try to thwart that will hurt america. >> one of the reports, former city councilman from the city of los angeles, what are the consequences potentially withholding funds from a city like los angeles? >> that he thwart our ability to actually control our airports and keep them safe, our ports. and a lot of ports of entry here in los angeles. one of the biggest economic engines in the country. for the federal government to do that to us, it will hurt the economy. going to hurt people, hurt american families. >> i was talking about with kelly o'donnell a couple minutes ago. the president's tweeting again. one of the tweets put out was about the funding of his proposed border wall. he said i'm reading that the border wall will cost more than the government originally thought, but i've not gotten involved in the negotiation. when i do, just like the fighter jet or air force one program, price will come way down. are you skeptical? republican colleagues in
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congress you spoke with, skeptical whether or not the president should have approved the funding as proposed? >> both democrats and republicans are skeptical. republican colleagues are trying to go along with him. might cost 15 to 20, but now looking at numbers republicans in congress are quoting a number, $21 billion and more. he promised the american people before they elected him, will you make mexico pay for it? he said, yes. mexico's not going to pay for it. we are at a point he expecting congress to fund it and wants the american taxpayers to pay for it and therefore did not tell the truth. >> we heard the chants at his rallies. who's going to pay for it? mexico. congressman cardin good to see you. exclusive. is russia considering turning over edward snowden as a kbigifo president trump? a series of reports suggests the
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kremlin is actually considering this. what russia is saying about that report. plus, have democrats brought their plot forward in the trump era? the next lead of the dnc in baltimore today laying out a vision for the party. i'll speak with one of them, right after the break. i'm so sexy, you can't keep your hands off me. do it again. there you go... i can do whatever you want. except keep your eyes on the road. now would be a good time to have new car replacement. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like me. it's good to be in good hands.
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and we are continuing to monitor the protests across the country. this is a live look now at a pro-planned parenthood demonstration denver and this in new york city the washington square park. protest against president trump's executive order on immigration. this is the third straight weekend of demonstrations taking place every single weekend since president trump took office. we are going to continue to monitor all of these demonstrations, taking place across the country, for now, these protests come as democrats
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are trying to figure out the future of their party, including who should lead the democratic national committee. one candidate running for dnc chair believes he can capitalize on the energy of these protests to revitalize the democratic party and joining me now is that candidate, south bend, indiana mayor. good to see you, mayor. >> good to be with you. thanks for having me. >> thanks, mayor. >> what makes you believe you can capitalize on the energy of these protests we're seeing? >> well, the energy's there. now we have to make sure that we build that into the political future. you know, a lot of people were fired up, taking to the streets, and we have to connect the dots. making sure that as a democratic party we're standing shoulder to shoulder with these forkefolks. when the time comes at the ballot box, we've demonstrated the best way for better outcomes is to have better people in office. >> the dnc chair will have an important role to play, mayor in
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galvanizing protest, and candidly, when these protests are largelying a immigrants, should the democratic party be looking to diversify its leadership? >> absolutely. look, we've always been the party of inclusion, and that's going to continue. that's true whether we're talking about the candidates we bring forward, the people on our staff, our leadership across the board and we've got a democratic national committee of 447 members. and even the vendors we do business with. i'm putting myself forward as a candidate for chair because i believe i have the right ideas, i have the right experience to mobilize from the ground up. somebody who's not coming from an office in washington. but rooted in our local communities, and running and winning campaigns for democratic candidates in deep red territory. right in mike pence the indiana where we found we can build diverse coalitions, to come together and to deliver good democrats into elected office. >> establishment democrats, too. not just the protestors talking about fighting back.
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take a listen to this quick, mayor. >> i promise you, we will fight back. we will resist. we will resist on behalf of what is american. >> so as dnc chair, how would you unite outsiders and the establishment democrats all in one party? seems like an easy thing to talk about, but how to you actually get that done? >> that's one of the reasons i'm running. i wasn't produced by a faction within the democratic party. we've always been a big tent, but we also have the same values. we're a party that believes that it's wrong to tear families apart. we're the party that believes that freedom includes making sure we have freedom from crushing student debt, freedom from medical expenses. our values are in line. sometimes there have been differences but that's the sign of a healthy party that is democratic with a small d as well as a big d. more democratic that way and should be our strength.
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we have to make sure we don't relive or relitigate the 2016 primary. it's too late. we have no time to lose. donald trump is the president of the united states. and the resistance has to be unified. that means making sure that the democratic party takes its place within the broader movement of those who care about these values. rather than the other way around. it doesn't all have to be crammed into the party. doesn't all have to be led by politicians. we do have to make sure that the party is there, shoulder to shoulder with every american who cares about shared values and wants to see a change. >> you're a young guy, a mayor from indiana. how do you speak to the communities that are out there, so many folks protesting in solidarity with latino communities, the muslim communities. i this a lot of people might look to indiana and think mike pence, quite frankly? >> that's exactly why we've all got to stand up. i'm from a diverse community, and we rally together to stand up for each other. take the women's march.
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i'm the only candidate for dnc chair who's actually at a women's march that day but wasn't at the one in washington as inspiring as that was. we had one in south bandy estimates between 3,000 and 4,000 people. the energy that was there. the diversity there. people of all races, all ages, all backgrounds, allligions. not just resistants whas what's going on but doing it by supporting one another. we got to have that kind of solidarity representing, demonstrates we're the appear that represents everyone's we want everyone to know where they belong in our shared future. it's that sense of belonging. whether you're a newly arrived american, a muslim refugee, somebody from an undocumented family. whether yew a transgender kid in high school who just needs a place to go to the bathroom or a blue collar auto worker in indiana who wants to make sure the economy has a place for you, too. all of us have that in common and now is the time to be unified around those common values, because as democrats or
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progressives, those left of center, whatever you want to call us, we ought to know what we're up against right now, and it is not each other. >> all right. mayor from south bend, indiana. #pickpete. i see the signs behind you. thanks for taking the time to come and talk with us on msnbc this afternoon. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. as president trump's national security adviser michael flynn faces new scrutiny over his ties to russia, nbc confirmed one of flynn's top aides was jufst kicked off the national security council. coming up next, what we are learning about that decision.
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good afternoon to you. i'm jacob soboroff coming to you live from the broke cow news center in los angeles. president trump is spending the day hosting japanese prime minister shinzo abe at his march lorg mar-a-lago estate. the 9th court of appeals upheld
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a suspension of his immigration ban. he may be up to rewriting it, the white house says nothing is off the table including the supreme court. plus -- another weekend of protests from coast to coast today including duelling demonstrations both for and against planned parenthood. plus -- a massive crowd in north carolina for an annual civil rights march. you see it there. and enforcement surge. how federal immigration officials describe a new surge in i.c.e. raids. hundreds of people arrested in multiple states striking new fears among undocumented immigrants, all across the country. now, to a new development on president trump's security team. denied a critical security clearance to serve on the national security council. according to a former government official familiar with the situation, the cia denied clearance to flynn's appointment for senior director for africa, robin townley, ending the deputy's time on the nsc. this comes an general flynn
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faces fallout he discussed sanctions against russia with russia before president trump too office, despite publicly denying he did that. joining me now, intelligence and national security reporter ken dilani dilanian. what's the latest on the phone call on the sanctions and this aide denied clearance? what's going on? >> a rough patch for the national security adviser, jake. no doubt about that. the man picked to be his african policy adviser, a well-regarded former marine special operator, could not obtain required clearance and essentially had to leave the job. it's not clear what the holdup or problem was, but a source tells us flynn believes that the cia was behind the decision, and flynn has been in a long-returning battle with the cia. very skeptical of that agency. we'll have to see how that plays out. of course, the larger problem wore flynn, these phone calls and communications with the russian ambassador and him saying initially that they did
12:26 pm
not, the subject of the sanctions, against, regarding the election hacks, did not come up. and now it emerges that he did discuss the sanctions with the russian ambassador according to intercepts. calls reviewed. the vice president of the united states went on national television and told the public flynn didn't discuss the sanctions. it now emerges they and a bit of a credibility problem, jacob? >> you use the word, "credibility problem." intelligence intercepts you say of the phone calls. what is mike flynn actually saying about what he said? >> he's not been commenting publicly. the "washington post" reported he initially denied that he discussed the sanctions with a russian ambassador and a day later well, it's possible. he doesn't recall. and an administration spokesman repeated that to nbc news. he doesn't recall. it's possible it came up. you have democrat calling him a liar and calling for his ouster. really the only person that matters in terms of his future
12:27 pm
in the administration is donald trump and he hasn't commented. asked on air force one about the controversy and claimed he didn't know anything about it. >> which is curious, ken, for a president who spends every possible waking minute watching cable news. i glot to aot to ask about the . flynn discussed sanctions with the russian ambassador, his deputy is then denied clearance. is it a coincidence we're hearing about these things at the same time or not so much? >> certainly a lot of lyricing going on. a lot of concern about mike flynn, concern about the trump administration's foreign policy and, of course, in terms of these phone calls, the obama administration was aware of this intelligence reporting while -- this all happened while they were still in office. they're out of office now and many of them former intelligence officials, former senior officials very concerned whether mike flynn and the trump administration will lift the russian sanctions. that may explain why we're seeing the stories. >> ken dilanian, great reporting.
12:28 pm
thank you. good to see you. >> that. a month ar taking office, president trump looks to be making headway on one of the most sought-after whistle-blowers back to the united states. russian officials are discussing the idea of turning ex-nsa contractor edward snowden over to the united states. the justice department says it would welcome snowden's return. however, the white house has not yet had any comment. snowden, meanwhile, reacted on twitter posting, "finally. irrefutable evidence i never cooperated with russian intel. no country trades away spies. as the rest would fear, they're next." today a lawyer for snowden said all of this talk is just ordinary speculation. someone is indulging in wishful thinking. joining us for more, steve clemons, msnbc contributor and editor at large for "the atlantic." great to have you here to talk about this. how would this look for president trump? >> i think it could give donald
12:29 pm
trump an incredible gift. one that has said in flamboyant terms he sees edward snowden someone who should be executed for what he did. the lovefest between donald trump and vladimir putin is getting deeper and deeper if something like this were to happen. a big coup for donald trump and putin, having a friend in the white house looking over some of putin's and russia's interesting would look at a quid pro quo, i think in giving snowden back to the united states. >> i thought snowden's response was pretty interesting. what do you make of it? he said, basically using the report as a flag. saying, see? you know, i'm not a russian spy. what's that about? >> i think a lot of people have been making the case privately behind the scenes wondering whether russia had been able to extract so much from edward snowden about the national security agency. what its capabilities were. that this was, in fact, an
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elaborate ruse by the russians to get snowden over there. he has throughout denied this and found his way into this kind of particularly interesting political space in russia where he's neither permanently there, but not able to go anywhere else. so i think that the big thing is, he has -- he looks at himself as a person of principle. as someone who did this for reasons of honor, and as he saw it, protecting the interests of the american people. and a lot of other people disagree. i think he is celebrating it saying, if he is going to go to jail or tried, at least he will be able to show the russians were in fact not the pawns pushing him around. >> and should he be extradited, whatever the term, part of his defense once he makes it back stateside. switching gears to national security adviser mike flynn. talking with ken delanny, under fire over reports he discussed american sanctions against russia with russia's ambassador
12:31 pm
during that transition period where the obama administration put forward new sanctions despite both himself and vice president mike pence saying otherwise. the exact opposite. how much trouble do you think lieutenant general mike flynn is in here? >> in a lot of trouble. he had five phone calls december 29th with the russian ambassador and denied he had the calls, denied he discussed sanctions and now there's evidence that that's not the case. i imagine somewhere there are transcripts or they wouldn't know that. as those transcripts make their way finally to the president of the united states we'll see what happens. this weakens mike flynn enormously with the inf infrastructure of this administration and knocks him down a few notches allowing others to rise, i would think. the bigger thing that allies, whether someone lied. someone either lied to mike pence or mike pence knowingly lied to the american public defending him. it's a serious thing when just at the beginning of the administration and already had
12:32 pm
people take the stephs -- a lot of discusses of the logan act, whether it was legal or not for mike flynn to try to up-end and to end-run president obama as he sanctioned russia for meddling in the u.s. election. these are very, very serious situations and i think he is in a lot of trouble. >> steve clemons, thanks for your perspective. appreciate it. >> thank you. following multiple protests right now across the country for you, guys. right now in denver, pro and anti-abortion activists holding duelling protests outside of the planned parenthood there, and across the country in raleigh, north carolina, there are thousands of people marching through the streets as part of their annual civil rights march called "the moral march." we'll keep an eye on all that for you. and 200 people arrested in multiple states by i.c.e. they call it an enforcement surge. up next, we are going live to mexico city where the government
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8-year-old kelly was born in the united states but her parents are undocumented. she was so terrified when immigration officials knocked on their door, her mother said they were hospitalized. at the mention of her father currently in i.c.e. detention, she can't stop crying. her mother among those living in fear that their families may soon be torn apart. that was nbc's gaudie 's z schwartz, better known as i.c.e., carrying out operations from california to atlanta. more than 160 people detained here in the los angeles area, but i.c.e. says she's arrests are routine and not tied to any directive from the trump administration. meanwhile, other stories of deportation are leading to
12:37 pm
outrage amongst critics like an arizona mom arrested after she used a fake social security number to get a job at a water park eight years ago. she was allowed to stay as long as she checked in with i.c.e. until this week. when she went to see them. just outside of mexico city, she's been mont itoring this. how is the mexican government dealing with this. >> reporter: realizing that this is happening and need to face it head-on. they've started to make a new effort to welcome deportees. president enrique pena nieto went to the airport to meet the first wave of deportees from president trump. i spoke to someone who said they want a dialogue with the trump administration how the deportations will happen. they understand they will happen but just want their people's human rights and due process to be respected. now, how are mexicans here
12:38 pm
reacting to all this? meet jo en lived in the u.s., didn't see a future without papers. first of all, how are you feeling when you see images of deportations we're seeing in the u.s.? >> i feel disgusted. my community members yanked from neighborhoods, streets, and their jobs. >> reporter: what your message to people who are out there who are living in fear, because they have no papers? >> i woo tell them, it's not the end of the world. i went through it. and together we can make mexico great again. so come back home. >> reporter: make mexico great again, is what some mexicans are saying. people on this plaza ask the same thing. america, hoop goiwho's going to work? pick your crops and do your manual labor? they're in for a big shock if in fact millions of mexicans
12:39 pm
deported. >> a bit of a delay. only have you another second. hearing him talk about his story coming from georgia to the united states and saying make mexico great again, is the sense you're getting that folks like that gentleman don't actually want to make their way back to the united states after having been self-deported or deported by an agency like i.c.e.? >> reporter: i had jo eni rush back. a hard decision to make to come back to the u.s. many of your friends who are dreamers in america, who are undocumented, did you get the sense they want to come back? >> i feel like they want to come back and make us better, as a people. so, yes. >> reporter: that's one point of view, jacob. i did speak to a woman who has been researching deportation and talking to thousands of deportees here in mexico and most go through depression, through ptsd and confusion who they are and what their identity is and, of course, the separation with their families which can be traumatic as we saw in those videos you showed.
12:40 pm
>> fascinating stuff. thank you. outside of mexico city. good to see you. anyone joining me now, i wanted to talk about the i.c.e. raids. i saw your tweets last night. i.c.e. said this is business as usual. this time of deportation enforcement started earn eed un president obama. is that your sense? >> yes. i covered immigration a long time now, and last year a similar sweep, on enforcement action. >> what they call it. >> yeah. resulted in 200 people detained and a similar one before. these are the duty -- they do these every year, a couple times a year sometimes. >> and what about the people swept up? we know president trump has said he will court anybody who's a criminal. president obama didn't include people in that category that necessarily had deportation orders.
12:41 pm
is the category of -- the definition of who a criminal is, what a criminal is, changing under president trump? >> i think, one, the priorities are changing. so basically now anyone who's undocumented under the executive order is a priority for deportation. under the obama administration, they were fair game, but not a priority. >> anyone who's undocumented. 11 million potentially more people who are living in the united states illegally. i got to ask you about homeland security secretary kelly, because he was here in what's called the sector in border patrol parlance yesterday at the port of entry talking he actu actually can't define what a sanctuary city is. what did you make of his visit? >> he has a good point. that's the problem is, there is no legal definition of what make as sanctuary city. some people have some jurisdictions have a policy. but everyone's different. others just refuse to work with federal immigration authorities.
12:42 pm
so it just -- there is no definition, and i think that's going to be a problem down the line, but, you know -- >> for now, i.c.e. is not taking direction from the white house, operating independently of the white house. is that true? what's your sense on the ground? >> i think the unfortunate actions this week, planning this for weeks. this had nothing toe do with trump coming into office or trump's executive orders. as of now, i don't see them taking a cue from the administration. >> i recently did reporting where i took a closer look at so-called sang churae sanctuar fresno, sheriff has -- i.c.e. in the jails, wants that to be a model for the trump administration. down near los angeles, looking at my ride along with the lapd. they're not interested in cooperating with immigration and
12:43 pm
customs enforcement. where do you see enforcement going no these areas with such undocumented large-- populations whether a fresno or los angeles? >> depends. cities with a large undocumented population, you know, they, a lot of them have been coming out saying they will support them and protect them and that they won't be working with i.c.e. to get them deported. you know. cities like chicago. l.a. san francisco. so i -- i mean, it seems to be growing especially now. and i think we're going to see a lot of cities that have to make that choice. what they want to do the reporting your doing is critical. appreciate you coming in. come back and see us again. >> yes. >> from buzzfeed. right now continuing to monitor the new rally in new york city's washington square park. multiple immigration groups joined together at this hour to protest president trump's immigration policies, including executive order, the president had been defending in the
12:44 pm
courts. we'll keep you updated throughout the day on protests happening across the country. for now after a week we saw multiple republican lawmakers getting an ear full from constituents. more town halls seeing packed meetings angry about the republican party to push and reace, repeal obama care. coming up a look inside one of those town hls where voters in florida confronted their congressman. stick around.
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town halls quickly becoming a platform for angry constituents to confront their local representatives. just hours ago, republican congressman gus bilirakis wrapped up a town hall where he face add raucous, rackous crowd in new port richey, florida. take a look at this. constituents inside the roomy rupted in boos, repealing obamacare. right now to nbc's tammy
12:48 pm
leutner, who was there through all of the action. i understand there were hundreds that attended today's town hall. easy to see. >> reporter: hey, jacob. yes. several hundred people showed up here today for this town hall. emotions have wr high. i can tell you the atmosphere was hostile at some points. a lot of people sharing their personal stories of why they believe aca needs to stick around. we heard from one woman whose daughter has a genetic disease and they were paying $10,000 a year before the aca, and another who said her medical payments were more than a monthly mortgage and a man who says he works three jobs and none offers health insurance so he relies on aca. listen to this man. >> when i first came in 15 years ago i would see very few
12:49 pm
self-pay patients. through the recession, two, three, four a day. since the aca, hardly any, any longer. they would wait until end-stage disease or pneumonia, when they were in desperation. after getting the affordable care act, come in earlier and be much heltalthier and i could fi them without hospitalization or special procedures. >> reporter: they filled up the room, spilled into the halls, extra deputies were on hand in case things going out of control. mostly for crowd control when people were talking over each other. >> tammy leutner, thank you. fascinating to see that. a preview perhaps of 2018. coming up, much more on the outcry we are seeing at republican town halls this week. is it the less version of the tea party uprising? we'll talk about it, next. i will never wash my hair again.
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>> he is a coward. he knows that cincinnatians are mad. he i hope it's the tea party for the left. >> i've done more in the three weeks since the inauguration than i have done in 72 years. >> so those were some pretty fired up folks in cincinnati yesterday waiting for ohio senator rob portman. just one of many local events in town halls where americans are out there across the country speaking their minds. political reporter for the los angeles times curtis lee joins me now to talk about all this. good to see you. >> great to see you. >> i want to first talk about what we're seeing at these town halls across the country. to you does this appear to be similar to the tea party outcry over obama care early in his presidency? >> this seems very much similar back to 2009 and 2010 when really when the vote was going
12:54 pm
on in 2009 and 2010 about obama care, the debate going back and forth, the tea party really rose up and sounded out. >> legal massachusetts voters cost her the senate race in new hampshire, and we heard from a federal election commissioner by the name of ellen winetraub. she's challenging the president to produce evidence that that even happened. can he keep making these claims that are demonstrably unfalse without providing evidence. what are the consequences? >> this is something that we saw the president do shortly after the inauguration. he said that, you know -- he said in a closed door meeting, there were millions of votes out there that were illegally cast, and it harkens back to people feeling like the president is
12:55 pm
just kind of possibly insecure about the fact that he lost the popular vote. >> do you get the sense that it's insecurity as they say or something more sinister perhaps, an effort as some on the left has suggested to suppress the vote in largely democratic areas going forward. >> advocates have said that. advocates have said this is an effort by the administration to help enforce some of these laws that might be created in the states that voter id laws, that could hurt people hurt democrats. there is that concern among advocates, but it is one of these things that the president keeps on bringing up without evidence. >> here in los angeles the immigration ban had a profound effect. i was at l.a.x. when some of these folks were actually being detained coming over from places about iran. what's the sense that you are getting now about what the president is going to do about this immigration ban?
12:56 pm
is he going to go back to the supreme court potentially over the temporary restraining order issue? are they going to do a whole new executive order unilaterally? >> initially it seemed very much like the supreme court would be factored into this, but now you're hearing from the administration. they're going to look to possibly, you know, rewrite this executive order so it complies more with the courts so they have more support. this is a blemish for the administration straight out of the gate having lost these court battles with these immigration executive order. >> from the los angeles times, good to see you here. thank you for being here, and hope you'll come back on one of these weekends. >> thanks so much. that is going to do it for this hour. i am jacob at the brokaw news center in los angeles. i'm going to be back tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern, 12:00 for my fellow angelina. find me on social media, snap chat. put your phone up to that thing. twitter. instagram. all that good stuff. my colleague picks up our coverage next. th clorox 2!
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will he sign a new executive order, a look at his options in just a moment. this weekend we're also seeing more protests from coast-to-coast. many of them over the issue of abortion. national security advisor michael flynn at the center of another controversy where, this one over his communication with russian officials before donald trump took office. the possible fall-out from these conversations and much more later in the hour. but, first, the trump administration is weighing its options deciding what to do next with its executive order on immigration. the president assuring reporters that any new order would


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