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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  February 14, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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that wraps up the hour for me, i'll see you from washington, d.c. tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 eastern, noon pacific, you can always find me meantime on snapchat, twitter, instagram, facebook, it's tvkatesnow. up next, steve kornacki picks up our coverage. >> hey kate, thanks. good afternoon, i'm steve kornacki here in new york. day 26 of the first 100 days. an erosion of trust. >> he needs to rely on a national security advisor to give him sage advice. that guidance, that trust eroded. >> the trump white house laying out it's time line of events leading up to the resignation of michael flynn as national security advisor, the problem, it contradicts comments made on this program yesterday. calls for an investigation. >> general flynn's resignation is not the end of the story. it is merely the beginning.
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it is not the last chapter of this saga, but only the first. >> democrats want to probe into the issue of flynn and russia. there are also some republicans who are saying similar things right now. also rounding out our agenda, movement in russia's missile program. the "new york times" reporting that russia has taken action to deploy new cruise missiles. does this violate that treaty that helped end the cold war and how will president trump respond? the author o that rept joins us just ahead, all that much more, we begin withur top story. white house press secretary sean spicer this afternoon going before the cameras and laying out the white house's version of events leading up to the resignation of national security advisor, michael flynn. spicer says that flynn ultimately lost the president's trust and that he was forced to resign. spicer saying ut legal office of the white house determined nothing in flynn's conversation
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with the russian ambassador was wrong or illegal, but spicer saying it ultimately was flynn's communication with the administration that marked his down fall. >> this was an act of trust. whether or not he actually misled the vice president was the issue. and that was ultimately what led to the president asking for and accepting the resignation of general flynn. that's it, pure and simple. it was a matter of trust. >> spicer would not commit to declassifying or releasing the transcripts from those phone calls. also inassisting whatever discussion about the russian sanctions that took place between flynn and the ambassador was not done he said at the behest of donald trump. also denying flynn had contacts with the russian government before the election, and of course, shadowing -- overshadowing all of this, the conflicting messages came from the white house. now it started yesterday on this program in this hour, counselor
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to the president. we asked her point blank if the president still had confidence in his national security advisor. this is what she said. >> basic question here, does the nationalecurity advisor right now enjoyhe full confidence of president trump? >> yes, general flynn does enjoy the full confidence of the president. >> so that was the message 24 hours ago, again, coming from the white house. that the president had full confidence in michael flynn, but then, minutes after we went off the air, sean spicer, the white house press secretary talked to reporters and he said that the white house, the administration was evaluating the situation with flynn. not exactly a ringing endorsement there, then hours after that, flynn resigned. he offered his resignation as the national security advisor. this morning, kellyanne conway, counselor to the president then appeared on the "today" show and was asked about that apparent cross-examination, saying he the confidence the president and then flynn resigning.
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this is what she said. >> both were true. the president is very loyal, he's a very loyal person, and by night's end, mike flynn decided it was best to resign. he'd become a lightning rod and he made that decision. >> so kellyanne conway this morning saying the president flynn's choice to resign. then a few hours ago, sean spicer, he made it clear in his statement, at least, that the president forced the resignation of michael flynn and again, saying that the president over apparently a period of weeks had lost confidence in michael flynn. so some contradictory messages there coming out of the white house. hallie jackson joins me now from that white house. we got a version of events here today that raised as many questions as it answered. you had that report last night that suggested the administration was warned by the justice department about flynn weeks ago, and of course that raised one question about why
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didn't anything happen publicly in the intervening weeks. >> reporter: right, and this is what the white house is saying, steve, in those intervening weeks as you called them, the president was assessing the matter of what the press secretary talked about was trust. right, not the legal issue which they say was decided fairly early on by white house council and others, but it was a trust issue. could michael flynn continue to hold that position? and that is apparently what the president was weighing in that period of time between when they were notified by the acting toe attorney general, the white house, and when last night happened, and michael flynn obviously ultimately is as the white house says, submitted and offered his resignation. that was a cross-examinationtra. flynn was asked for his retz nation by president trump. that is sort of the final information we're going off of here. you talk about contradictions, you look at what michael flynn told the daily caller, interview that happened monday morning. so this is 24 hours ago, before
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michael flynn resigned in which he spoke with this outlet. it is an outlet founded originally by tucker carlson over on fox news in which flynn said he did not cross any lines in the conversation with the russian ambassador, but seemed particularly perturbed by leaks which is a line you heard from sean spicer at the briefing, it's also something you heard from president trump in that tweet, that single tweet online this morning. i wanted to make one other point here though, there are some questions about the fbi and mike flynn. and what was the interaction here, et cetera? i will tell you this, according to pete williams, senior official is confirming the fbi did question mike flynn shortly after the inauguration. and this is not because flynn was under investigation according to this official, this official said in fact it was pursuit of the fbi's investigation into what russia was up to. what was going on with russia and the u.s. and the first day us of the trump administration.
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still lots of questions, a big one is when did vice president mike pence know about all of this? what did he know and questions there. you've also obviously got the discussion more broadly about why it took so long to take action here, steve. >> okay. hallie jackson over there at the white house, thank you for that report. both democrats and republicans on capitol hill today saying that flynn's resignation raised more questions than it answered. many joining a growing chos for congressional investigations, take a listen. >> do you hear that? do you hear the silence? this is a sound of house rooms conducting no oversight of president trump. zero. >> i think significant dysfunction in the national security apparatus of the trump administration.
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>> it wasn't flynn's lie that brought him down, it was the public exposure of that lie. >> i'd like to know that did he just do this as a rogue general flynn? that she just decided to call the russians up one day and say, you know, we're going to have a different sanctions don't worry about it or somebody else in the white house? >> and joining us now to discuss, charlie dent, republican from pennsylvania, congressman, thanks for taking a few minutes. so the white house today, sean spicer, comes out and he says from the standpoint of the white house, they are satisfied that nothing michael flynn said or did in this phone conversation with the russian ambassador was illegal, came anywhere close to any sort of legal line, it was simply a matter of how he communicated or didn't communicate with vice president pence. that's the basis for his resignation. do you accept the explanation from the white house today or do you have questions about it? >> well, yeah, of course i do have questions, look, there was affable -- appears to have been a discrepancy between what
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general flynn said to the russian ambassador and what he later conveyed to vice president trump. i think mr. spicer said this was a matter of trust more than anything else. and general flynn asserted the pleasure of the president and he no longer pleased the president obviously and that's why he resigned. it's a good thing he stepped aside. i think the broader issue for all of us is what is the administration's policy on russia? i have been concerned about the administration's policy. i felt they've often conciliatory to the putin regime, vooush not benign. russia is trying to break up nato, unravel the european union undermined western democratic institutions, and most of all, diminish american power and influence throughout the world. i think we have to get this policy right in addition to figuring out what actually happened here with general flynn and what he actually said or didn't say. >> you're talking about the american foreign policy toward russia, even some of your republican colleagues are talking about ties or possible ties between trump, between the
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trump administration and russia. and this goes back to the issues raised in many cases during the campaign. you have roy blunt, republican senator roy blunt, member of the senate intelligence committee, look, the senate, the intelligence committee needs to be looking, launching what he calls an exhaustive investigation into ties between trump and russia. is that something you'd favor on the house side? >> well, i tend to agree with senator blunt, i believe there are ongoing investigations by the intelligence committee. looking into russian meddling and this issue of general flynn's communications with the russian ambassador which certainly be part of that type of an investigation. i think you could easily include this recent situation in the broader investigation on russian meddling. >> and is the -- the timing here in terms of we have this report that the justice department went to the white house, the trump white house, and they said hey, we don't think this adds up. what flynn is saying publicly versus what he said privately,
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we think there is the possibility here that he's exposed himself at least potentially to blackmail from russia because russia knows what he said to them. that had 17 days before the resignation of michael flynn. sean spicer at the white house today saying look, we needed the time to review the situation. are you comfortable with that course of action that they chose? >> i'm comfortable with the course of action that general flynn has resigned. i think that was the right outcome given what i've learned over the last two or three days. we could have a debate whether or not 17 days was too much or too little time to make that decision, but they came to the right outcome. so i can at least accept that there was some time needed to internally review what has occurred. obviously came to light for most of us really in the past week. so, i would accept the fact that he's gone and that's probably a good thing. >> spicer would not commit to support to the release of the transcripts of the phone conversation between flynn and the russian ambassador, is in a
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that something that the white house should do? >> i believe that's something we should ask for in the course of whatever investigation the committees are going to conduct. it would be helpful to have that transcript clearly it's a very sensitive matter. i'd be curious to know how the transcript was obtained. i'd like to know who in the u.s. government surveilled. i don't know that the point. so i have as many questions as you do. that's why i think it's appropriate that whatever investigation occurs that this issue be included in that investigation. >> okay. congress manning charlie dent. republican from pennsylvania, thanks as always for the time. >> thank you. joining us now from the senate side, democrat from maryland, senator chris n hol learn, thanks for taking a minute. we mentioned your republican colleague from missouri, roy blunt, saying he wants an exhaustive investigation by that committee into ties, potential ties between trump and russia. is that something you support? >> well yes, steve, it's
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essential that the intelligence committee take a very deep dive into the most recent relations, but also the issue of trump campaign contacts with the russians, but i don't think it's enough just to do it in the intelligence committees. i think the american people are forum or independent commissioner or other kind of forum. everybody can have confidence that there's a full investigation at end of the day. this is not just a question of trust between mike pence or donald trump and michael flynn, this is a question of the trust for the american people. and i think all of us know that the only reason this is all coming to light is not because the trump administration. in fact, they're complaining about leaks. they could have sat on this forever and might well have done that, except for the fact that the washington post and the news media exposed the lie. >> if you mention the issue of leaks and charlie dent did too. i want to play what sean spicer said in the subject of leaks. this is what he said earlier today. >> there's also a story here
1:14 pm
with an amount of leaks that are coming out of people that are entrusted with national security secrets and classified information. are leaking it out. that's a real concern for this president. that when he's talking on the phone with a world lead, when he's making key decisions that are in the interest of protecting this country, that we have to wonder whether or not people who work for our government, who are entrusted with classified information and decisional-based materials are leaking that information out. >> senator, it's an interesting situation, we in the news media sort of have made business of many times publishing information to people in government don't want out there. and people in government often take efforts, take efforts to protect it through the laws. in a situation like this, charlie dent was mentioning this a minute ago, you have at least the potential here for laws being broken for some of this intelligence information getting out into public view. do you think, as a member of congress, as a senator, do you think that should be included in any review you conduct? >> well steve, as far as i can
1:15 pm
tell, and based on all the information we've seen, a lot of these leaks are coming out of the white house itself in many cases. different rivalries, different factions, clearly you've got to look at leaks, but in this case, it's pretty clear that the administration is trying to point to leaks, really as an excuse for the fact that they did nothing. and i think we need to highlight the point that this white house, if it had it's way we would not be talking about this right now. they would continue to allow the national security advisor to have misled the american public and allowed the vice president to go on national tv and double down on that untrue statement. so, it is really worrying that there are more concerned about the fact that this was leaked than the fact that they sat on this important information and may well be sitting on it today in order to potentially not have
1:16 pm
us talking about where this might lead. because i think a lot of people have a lot more questions now about where this story will lead. was flynn empowered by the president-elect to talk about this? if he wasn't, what kind of ongoing discussions or relationships were there between the trump campaign and the russians. afterall, this whole conversation was about providing assurances to end the sanctions, sanctionof course that were put in place because of russian interference in our elections on behalf of donald trump. >> all right. senator chris van hol learn, thanks for the time. >> thank you. okay, a quick break here. still ahead, a lot more reaction to michael flynn's resignation, including when the white house says it was first aware of his talks with the russian ambassador. and why it took weeks before he was pushed out. plus, flynn's successor, should the president's next national security advisor be a white house outsider? will it be someone with close ties to the west wing?
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will potential candidates have any reluctance to take a job with this administration. i'll talk it over with colonel jack jacobs next.
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in early september when i saw president putin in china, i felt that the most effective way to ensure that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly. and tell him to cut it out. there were going to be serious consequences if he didn't. >> all right. that was barack obama back in the middle of december, december 16th, he gave his year end press conference, and that was his
1:21 pm
warning to russia over it's alleged meling, attempt to meddle in the u.s. election, the president at thatime at least saying that sanctions, or some action could be forthcoming. we want to take you through what happened after that, and the timeline that leads from that announcement by president obama in december to the resignation late last night of michael flynn as president trump's national security advisor. this is the saga that led to that moment last night. president obama had the press conference two weeks later, he announces new sanctions against russia because of at least in part of because of what he said was meddling in the u.s. election. that's december 29th, crucially, december 29th, that is the same day that flynn had his conversation, phone conversation with the russian ambassador. this was announced, that phone conversation, same day. what happened next? next day, december 30th, word from russia comes, vladimir putin says, there will be no retaliation against the united states for these new sanctions.
1:22 pm
this was a surprising announcement. it was expected that russia would respond in kind, it would offer some kind of penalty, some sort of response of it's own, vladimir putin said no, as soon as he says no, there'll be no retaliation, look at this, donald trump remember here, he's not yet the president. great move on delay but v. putin, i always knew he was very smart. trump, the incoming president, praises putin's decision, not to retaliate, this a day after michael flynn has that phone conversation with the russian ambassador which came on the same day that the sanctions were announced. fast forward now, middle of january, a report in the "wall street journal" hey maybe that hsh did come up in the phone conversation. that raised the question that mike pence, the incoming vice president was asked on january 15th, on cbs news, he was asked on "face the nation" did they talk? did flynn and the russians talk about the sanctions? this is what pence said. >> on christmas day, he had sent a text to the russian ambassador
1:23 pm
to express not only christmas wishes, but sympathy for the loss of life in the airplane crash that took place. those conversations that happened to occur around the time that the united states took action to expel diplomats had nothing whatsoever to do with those sanctions. >> but that still leaves open the possibility there might have been obvious. >> mike pence went to bat for michael flynn in that interview. that was days before the administration took over, saying look, there was no conversation there. between the russian ambassador and between flynn about sanctions. then fast forward again, this is last friday, reporting in the washington post that the issue of sanctions did come up in that conversation. in that december phone conversation and then later that same day, a revised statement from flynn where he says while that was not recollection of
1:24 pm
discussing sanctions, he couldn't be certain that the topic never came up. that was a big shift that yes, this was discussed. that set off a feeding frenzy that culminated in yesterday's series of events. in this show yesterday, this same hour, kellyanne conway, counselor to the president, she was on, she said president trump still had full confidence in michael flynn. minutes later, sean spicer, the press secretary says no, the white house is evaluating the situation and then last night came a report in the washington post, hours after that that the justice department had given a warning weeks earlier about flynn perhaps not being forthcoming about his phone conversation. that leaked late last night to the resignation of michael flynn. we wanted to put all of those events, there's a lot of them into context here. that's the timeline, now to talk about this series of events, what happens next, joining me now as i walk over to the set,
1:25 pm
jack jacobs, colonel jack jacobs, thank you for joining us, sir. just before the resignation gave an interview to the daily caller, a conservative news site. and he was asked about the phone conversation he had. this is the most forthcoming he's been in public at least. he said it wasn't about sanctions, it was about the 35 guys who were thrown out. is that the conversation before the trump administration takes over. what's your reaction? >> yeah, that's enough for me. i mean, you can't talk about the 35 guys thrown out and not talk about sanctions. that was part of the sanctions. i think the big deal here was
1:26 pm
that he lied to the vice president, but i don't think that that's sufficient. you're not allowed to do that sort of stuff. nobody has been prosecuted under the logan act, ever, but that's beside the point, just because you can do it doesn't mean that you should do it. and i think that it's taken the administration a long time to come to grips with this. and if every time there's a problem, it's going to take the administration this long to make a decision that it indicates a far bigger administrative logistical and leadership problem than we know so far. and this may only be the tip of the iceberg, more stuff involving general flynn we might find out later on. >> what happens now? flynn even in the campaign was a big lightning rod, certainly for controversy, he was very close to donald trump to replace him, to be the national security advisor now, what happens? >> well, you're got an interim national security advisor.
1:27 pm
in general kell log whose been there quite a long time as a matter of fact. very well thought of, but he's not a big time strategist. and what you need in that job is a big-time strategist. we've become enyoured to people who knowed president, not just this one, but the person who's the national security advisor needs to rise to the level of, colon powell, condoleezza rice, kissinger. >> does that kind of person want to work for this administration? >> that's a fair question. i've had conversations with people who currently in the administration and have been in previous administrations, even though they did not agree with the president. and when you ask them why are you doing that, their answers are always the same. somebody's got to do it. i think the perception that you have to serve the public, that you need some adult supervision in leadership, especially in an environment in which there isn't a lot of it, i think motivates a
1:28 pm
lot of people to go do it, even when they don't agree with who's running the shop, they think they can positively effect the outcome, and i think you can entice really good people to do that even though they don't agree with anything, either politically or philosophically that the president of the united states supports. >> and finally, just on this timeline here, this idea that the justice department had warned the trump administration saying look, flynn may not have en fth coming when he talked about this phone call and exposed himself to blackmail. that apparently being included. white house says look, we needed time to review the situation before taking action. is that an appropriate course of action? >> i think it's fair enough to say look, what is this all about? i look for a full accounting for the guy involved and expect to get it -- even if i did get what he said was a full accounting, i need time to review it, i think it's -- what's really interesting here is that you have a president of the united
1:29 pm
states, donald trump, who is the "you're fired" guy, on a womhim on a moment's notice, the leadership requires you to be prudent in determining what the facts are before you do anything. what we don't want are people who ready, fire, aim. so, i think it's prudent to wait until you have all the facts. so i think the timeline is of significance, but only to the extent that it might have take an lot -- it should have taken shorter than it did, reacting immediately is probably not a very good idea. having said that however, there are going to be investigations and we're going to find out lots more about the background of all of this in the coming weeks. >> certainly sounds like there'll be more to come, colonel jack jacobs, thank you. appreciate that. also the subject of russia now triggering concerns in the pentagon after a report that the kremlin deployed a new type of cruise missile. senator john main demanding a response from the trump administration, i'm going talk to the reporter who broke the story.
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time now for a check of the headlines at the half hour. a special dmee look into now former national security advisor michael flynn's actions. republicans are pushing back, they say the current committee investigations are enough. president trump is pledging to expand school choice to help end what he calls an education crisis. president holding a listening session with his new education secretary betsy devos, people who've taught in private and public schools and home schooled their children. former world wrestling entertainment executive linda mcmahon taking over as the head of the small business administration. senators set to vote on more trump cabinet nominees in the coming days. and federal reserve chair janet yellen telling congress that the fed still expects to raise interest rates gradually this
1:34 pm
year. yellen also telling lawmakers it's too early to know how trump's policies will effect the economy. joseph clancy announcing today that he will step down next month a nearly 30 year agency veteran took over two years ago following high profile security lapses. a jury in new york finding a former store clerk guilty today of kidnapping and killing etan patz i 1979. he disappeared on his way to school, his body never found. white house says the situation at the nation's tallest dam in california is evidence that the nation needs to overhaul it's infrastructure. this is nearly 200,000 people forced from their homes because of fears and emergencies spillway could flood. they're waiting to find out when they can return home. now to another new major foreign policy challenge for the new president. "new york times" reporting this afternoon that russia has secretly deployed a new cruise missile. the obama administration had
1:35 pm
kplanled back in 2014 that the testing of this missile violated a 1987 arms control treaty that banned intermediate range missiles based on land. russia's moving ahead deploying a fully operational unit. it comes as the president searches for a new national security advisor and struggles to fill positions at the state department and pentagon. michael gordon wrote about this today, he joins me now from washington, michael, thanks for taking a few minutes. i think everybody sees this story, pays attention to the timing, obviously the turmoil of flynn, the new pthd coming in. the president about the u.s. changing it's posture towards russia. is this a test by putin and russia and the administration? >> well, i think it's something that the russians have been determined to do for some time. they gbegan this program some years ago. it is interesting thathey deployed this system in december in between the two administrations, perhaps they were thinking that was the best
1:36 pm
time to try to get away with it. >> he says, this just in response to your story in fact, it's time for the administration to take immediate action to enhance our deterrent posture in europe and protect our allies. he is outraged by this, what steps could the administration take if it wanted to? >> well, i mean, first off, the first step they have to take is fill some of these positions in the administration. they don't have a deputy secretary of state, they don't have a policy undersecretary in the defense department. they don't have a national security advisor, really. so they need to have a team that can begin to craft a strategy. the first thing they need to do is political. go to south korea and get them to act in concert. because all of these countries are the nations that would be potentially targets of this
1:37 pm
system or at least threatened by it and they need to get all of them together to put political pressure, diplomatic pressure. beyond that, their military steps one could take, you could beef up missile defense and europe and the russians certainly wouldn't like that. and likely for the trumped a norgs preserve the inf treaty but to get the russians to come back into compliance if that's at all possible. >> that's an interesting point, you're suggesting the expectation -- there's continuity between the policy, the posture of the obama administration and the trump administration on this front. >> well, it's impossible to really say because the policy gyrates all over the place, and it hasn't been fully defined. president trump has talked about getting sigficant reductions in arms. and there is no way that the u.s. senate is going to ratify a new arms control treaty if there's a major breach of the
1:38 pm
inf treaty on the books. remember, this is the treaty that president reagan signed with him in 1987 to remove an entire class intermediate range missiles from europe. and now, the russians are violating that. it's not a technical violation, it's not a prif yal matter, it's something that goes to the heart of the arms control regime. >> all right, michael gordon with the "new york times," we appreciate it. >> all right. thank you. and the white house today shedding some light on why michael flynn resienled as president trump's national security advisor and what trump knew about his conversation with russia's ambassador. >> the issue here was that the president got to the point where general flynn's relationship misleading the vice president and others or the possibility that he had forgotten critical details of this important conversation had created a critical mass and an unsustainable situation. that's why the president decided to ask for his resignation and
1:39 pm
he got it. >> members of congress still have questions about flynn's actions, but congressional republicans, many of them at least pushing back against democrats and they're call for a special committee to investigate the issue. joining us now to talk more about all of this, michael steele, former republican national committee chair and msnbc political analyst and david corn, msnbc political analyst. michael steele, i'll go to you first. i'm curious one of the charges, one of the suggestions that's out there is that this phone call michael flynn had -- excuse me that michael flynn had at t end of december when it appears some way the issue was raised, we don't know exactly, but the suspicion is out there, certainly, that trump, the incoming president, wanted him, ordered him to have this phone conversation. it was done with his knowledge. what do you think of that? >> well, i mean, i think that's what sort of eggs this story on. i mean, we don't know all of the surrounding facts that sort of led up to that phone call.
1:40 pm
and whether it was in fact that the insistence of the candidate for the presidency or if it was something that mr. flynn did on his own. and i think, you know, the transcripts will shed light on that, but i really think that's why you want to get this out there in the open as much as possible. look, this whole russia piece has been an albatross around the administration's neck from the beginning. it's gaining more feathers. it's starting to take flight. and i really think that they need to get in front of this. the double speak is not a way that's going to solve or calm the waters here. and it's not just about republican, democrats being exercised about this, it's also about republicans who are exercised about this. although more politely, but still, you can tell that there's is certain level of tension about where this leads and what it means. >> david again, the explanation you get from sean spicer today at that press briefing, he said
1:41 pm
look, this was -- first of all, it was a resignation demanded by president trump, he says trump lost confidence, lost tru in his national security advisor, but he said, he tried to take pains there in fact to say, look, nothing that was said during that phone conversation with the russian ambassador was illegal or wrong, he was saying simply, it was how flynn had discussed this with pence, discussed this with people in the administration that he hadn't been sbeerly forthcoming, an issue of trust he says, and not anything more, what did you make of that explanation? >> well, i don't the explanation really matters at this point. and i know michael as a republican would like to see the white house get a good handle on the story, and you know, be forth right and try to move on. but i think the real problem here for trump and everybody else in the white house is that this is a thread that if you pull on it, you get to a much uglier picture. the washington post story that revealed these transcripts, the existence of these transcripts, also quoted the ambassador, the russian ambassador saying that
1:42 pm
michael flynn had been in contact in communication with them before the election. so sit back and think about that for a moment. that means that when the putin regime was trying to subvert american democracy and undermine our election to benefit trump, trump's top national security guy was talking to the putin regime man in washington. so what was he talking about? what was he saying? what was his signaling to the ambassador about what trump might do if elected president? that gives motivation to putin to continu this operation. those arehereally, really big, dangerous questions for the trump white house, a question that sean spicer at the briefing today completely ducked, and we have evidence now that when trump and pence have said in the past there were no contacts between the campaign and the russian government, that's completely wrong, and we need deeper investigations to get to the bottom of that, not just what happened in this one conversation about the sanctions. >> yeah, we should say that issue is raised at the press
1:43 pm
briefing today and sean spicer response was to basically say he wasn't aware of any conversations, any communications before the election. michael steele, the issue that david corn is raising and you mention to do, the number of republicans out there, you have john mccain, lindsey graham, you have roy blunt in the senate. maybe that's a name we weren't necessarily expecting. is this something that snowballs at all? are we going to see surprising republicans? republicans we're not used to seeing come out and speak up against challenging donald trump on this? is it going to go to that level? >> i think potentially, you really could. i mean certainly some of this is going to driven by what the response is back at home. whether or not base republicans have a growing concern about this or whether the noise level and the relevant districts sort of rises, but yeah, the members on their own, this is a first impression have concerns about this. and my thing is very simply, treat this as the way you would treat a hillary clinton investigation. you know, you can't claim --
1:44 pm
>> 27 committees? >> m not 27 committees, but you can't claim transparency when you aren't that transparent. so you know, that's i think it's going to be an important thing that a lot of members -- you know, i've talked to a couple of folks, and you know, they've got one eye on this. they've tried to keep the other eye on other things, but this is a distraction which goes back to my first point that the administration has to get in front of and be as forth right about as possible. and the hill, those members, have investigative authority, do the investigations that are necessary to bring this thing to an end for everybody. >> all right. michael steele and david corn, unfortunately out of time here, i thank you both for joining us. >> sure thing, steve. quick break, coming up, a quick shift from politics to a major historic sports milestone. it is our most important number of the day, it is next.
1:45 pm
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final score tonight, 66-55. >> we had to get this one in. there are just some streaks in sports that are too crazy to believe, and yet, this one, the most important number of the day, you just saw it there, 100. the university of connecticut women's basketball team, think of this. think of all the competition college sports, all the money for facilities, all the teams, all the programs across the country, this one team has now won 100 straight games with that victory over south carolina last night. not since the fall of 2014 have they lost a game and if 100 is impressive. some of the numbers inside that number are even more staggering. look, it's been more than 800 days since it lost, the way they're winning, 100 straight
1:49 pm
wins. 98 have been blowouts. they've been double digit gains, not even close, 65 is the largest margin they've won by 56, 56 with 100 straight games they've won have been by more than 40 points. this is not a lucky streak, this is utter and total domination. now, 100 straight wins, how does that compare to some of the other great winning streaks in sports. it's by far the most in the women's basketball game, how about college men, this was the famous one, john wooden, bill walton in the '70s, who beat them? quick trivia question. anyone at home know it? notre dame. how about in the nba? it was jerry west in the lakers, 71, 27 been they had 33 straight. how about the new york baseball giants? 26 games, in football, it was the pats, 21 games between the 2003, 2004 season. of course look at hockey,
1:50 pm
speaking of pittsburgh, it was the peng wings, 92, 93, 17 straight games. 17, that's got nothing on 100, 100 straight wins for the university of connecticut women's basketball team. that's a juggernaut and that's the most important number of the day. quick break on the other side. calls growing for investigation into michael flynn's ties to russia. leader of the senate is facing some pressure. coming up next, our own joe scarborough sits down with senate republican leader mitch mcconnell, exclusive new clips. we're going to show you next. there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation, in case i decide to go from kid-friendly to kid-free. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah
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well, on wall street, the dow was up a little bit today. what else is new? but here's the headline, one of the major market indexes posted it's 15th record close since the presidential election. here's kate rogers with a cnbc market wrap. >> hey there steve, big gains today, dow rising 92 point, s&p up by 9 and nasdaq rising 18 points today, that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. tate is already in mo. companies across the state are growing the economy, with the help of the lowest taxes in decades, a talented workforce, and world-class innovations. like in plattsburgh, where the most advanced transportation is already en route. and in corning, where the future is materializing. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today at
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quick breaking news to tell you about out in california.
1:58 pm
that mandatory evacuation order now being lifted for the residents near the oroville dam. that's some 200,000 people forced out of their homes due to a flood threat at what is the nation's tallest dam. residents are being allowed back home. officials stress thatheare still under a warning, they should be prepared to leave again at a moment's notice. meanwhile, back to the world of politics, the turmoil surrounding michael flynn's resignation growing and the ties to russia. some top republicans though refusing to launch that new investigation. joe scarborough sat down just today with the top republican in the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and asked him if the senate should be launching an investigation. here's what he said. >> the breaking news overnight and around general flynn and russia, what's your reaction? >> well i don't think i'm going give the president advice about the white house staff.
1:59 pm
every white house staff and intrigue. >> are you concerned about ties with russia, what may have been said, the fact that there are reports that the white house knew about this for a month? >> well obviously, the president decided to make a change and i don't want to give him any particular advice about that. they all work as pleasure, and he obviously decided to make a change. >> as far as the investigation goes, in the senate, obviously a lot of people are talking about the need for an investigations, roy blunt came out and said there needed to be astrong, vigorous investigation. >> ll, that's happening. that's haening. >> and you still don't think there needs to be a select committee? >> i don't think we need a select committee. we know how to do our work. we have an intelligence committee over in the judiciary committee, lindsey graham has a sub-committee that's going to look at it. but we are going to look at
2:00 pm
russia involvement. and the u.s. election, it's a significant issue. we know they were messing around with it. we don't think it had any impact on the outcome. obviously we're not going to ignore something like that. >> you can catch it all tomorrow "morning joe." mtp daily starts right now. if it's tuesday, trust, turmoil, and president trump. tonight, new questions about who knew what and when. about now former national security advisor mike flynn and his talks with the russians. democrats calling for an investigation. >> this is not a democratic issue. this is not a republican issue. it's not an independent issue. this is an american issue. for the soul of our democracy. >> republicans are in no rush. >> it's not something the oversight committee can actually look at. trust troubles, the white house says the issue is flynn lying


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