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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  February 15, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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oval office. when that happens, we will take you there live. moments ago, they wrapped up the joint press knchsz, the president suggested ending a two-state solution. it would seem to many, the two state solution is dead. and defending mike flynn, forced out after 24 days on the job. president trump, blaming the media for what happened toep general flynn it reporters at the white house, capitol hill, washington, in tel aviv as well. 1,600 pennsylvania, start with the two-state solution. this is what the president said a few moments ago. >> i am looking at two state and one state. and i like the one that both parties like. i am very happy with the one that both parties like.
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i can live with either one. iz thought for a while the two-state looks like it may be the easier of the two it honestly, if bibi, and if the palestinians, israel and the malpallima palestinans are happy. >> start with the two state solution. and what the president said about the settlements. >> the bottom line, there it were momentes in the news conference, notably, before the two individuals had the opportunity to meet side by side. of course, the aides have been conversing in advance of the comment. striking, speaking to the israeli media to hear the president of the united states say, one state, two state, we are open to what you can get done. this was striking, he said, i
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think his language was, he needed to see that israel really wanted to make a deal. expressing doubt about israel's desire to have a peace deal with the palestinians in the middle east. on the question of anti-semitism, as to whether or not donald trump, if his camp was fuel led, his immediate answer was to tout his margin of victory, and does make note that his son-in-law is jewish, and his daughter converted to judiasm. and to get rid of racism in the united states. the last one, on the issue of settlements, this was striking, donald trump, looked over at the
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prime minister, and said, you know, i think you should hold off on the settlements a bit. what is notable, we have heard it from the white house before, but not from the president of the united states. is the fact that tomorrow, david freedman, donald trump easy selection the next choice of donald trump to be the ambassador of israel, a fierce advocate of settlements, and the kmptz ushner family, donald trump said that kushner will play a role, he said, if anyone can make peace in the middle east, it is my son-in-law, jared. >> what the president said about the fall-out from that let me come to you there. in tel aviv. itt it sounded to a lot of people
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that idea of a two-state solution, a linchpin for peace in this reason for 20 years, it sounds like it is all but dead. >> if you listen to the press conference, it gave them impression. when you listen to benjamin netanyahu lay out his conditions, they are solution that is make the two-state solution impossible. when you hear the president say it is no longer essential for his thinking, that he is not bound to it, it makes it sound like the two-state solution is dead for now it to talk about how different this is. for the last several decades, the idea, bwtween the israel and palestinian negotiating teams, that there would be a palestinian state. capital in jerusalem, that was a point of negotiation.
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would refugees be allow to return? that it was a sticking point. where were the borders? a sticking point. the fact that there would be a state at the end of the negotiation was the aslo accord, madrid process, that won the participants nobel peace process says. nouz they are talking about a greater israel. israel that has control over security control over the west bank, where the palestinians want to establish their state. and the pal stillians would have some sort of stalus within that greater state. that peace deal, a one life state deal, wouldn't be negotiated just with the palestinians, it would be a broader deal with the arob world. it is a new set of cards.
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does it affect to change reality here? do they believe that two-state system is impossible, that is the talk in israel. now, that it is appears to be the new framework for a discussion, that is a fundamental change. >> special correspondent for the network, 25, 26 years. good to see you, thank you for popping in it you saw this news conference. play identity here a few minutes ago, the president and the prime minister as well. what struck you most from what we heard from the two gentlemen? >> what struck me most, netanyahu arriving, and the press conference, if i was a palestinian leader looking at this i would be deeply concerned. it was a love-in between the trumps and the netanyahus, that means between israel and the
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united states. there it was a mention that netanyahu made about the movement, the friendship with trump, saying, it was long overdue. a side mention of the relationship between he and president obama for a long time. that is what struck me. it is a new deck of cards on the table. i wouldn't go to say the two-state option is dead. it remains the only solution politically. if the wider arab world are brought into the negotiations, which seems to be the direction that things are going, they are not going to agree to a larger jewish state. they will only agree to a two-state solution. i think it is not dead. it is urgently needed. quick progress is urgently needed.
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we expect to see president trump and the prime minister in the oval office. other news, donald trump, as well as his associates, pushing back hard on the "new york times" story. blaming all of us to a certain extent for the fall-out with regard to general michael flynn. >> you are exactly right. it was striking, atmospheric, it does matter in terms of substance. pem netanyahu said, president trump didn't allow for real questions, trying to zero in on the issue of mike flip. the now former national security advisor. he said he blamed leaks, he called criminal acts, an effort
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to distract from millry clinton's terrible loss, he said he has been treated unfairly. if this was fake news, why, mr. president, did you fire lim? what was the basis for that? the fact that from the time of the department of justice sally yates, 15 days before mike pence was alerted to it. and january 26th, until a couple of days ago, that you kept mike flynn as your national security advisor, involved in the briefings, and announced the position on iran. having concerns, that you told about, did you keep him for that period of time. in many way, it is unclear if we will get those answers from
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the president. >> pete williams is standing by, unnamed sources, so many unnamed sources talking to media outlets about the investigations into trump's election team. as well as general flynn as well. walk us through the inquiries. >> for months now, they are looking at in hillary clinton's campaign. do did the russians do this by themselves? interesting inning any contacts between people in the u.s., and the russians during that time. it has been well known, some connected to the calm pain, others, business associates, were in russia during that time. number one, that there has been
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nothing found in any of the investigation that includes any collusion between people in the u.s., campaign, or the number of contacts wasn't very large, wasn't contact. that there were some communications, and that they are well aware of which ones those were. >> standby, we are going to the oval office. president trump, and prime minister netanyahu. >> nice article. i said, was that sara? >> any comment there was senior advisor. [ inaudible ] >> thank you.
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>> president trump was asked about precisely what we were just talking about. this idea that hisa campaign at the time had a number of conversations with suspected russian operatives, that was the question. not sure if folks at home could hear the question. president trump choosing to ignore that question in the oval
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office. you were saying the reports, some of these reports, they may be a bit overheated. is that a fair adjective? based on your sources? >> they are midway through this t several months to go. no indication that there was any collusion, the number of these contacts was not a large number, they were not constant. they were not contacts, as far as the u.s. knows with russian intelligence people. one official told me today, you never know with the russians, there is no confirmed connection between the trump associates and intelligence figures. >> casy, talk to us about the democratic, national divide as the investigation of general flynn goes. >> so far, republican leadership
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is saying, any investigation into what happened to flynn and the increasing reporting that pete was talking about, be left with senate and house intelligence committees. this is important, partly because they do their work largely behind closed doors, working with classified information, yes, it gives leaders control over what is released afterwards. calls are increasing, senator graham saying a select committee should be formed to investigate this. in in fact, the trump campaign had contact with russian operatives. the investigation of russian -- they don't have a lot of tools, to work with, they need republicans, there is pressure on leadership. you if it gets too great, you
10:15 am
may see a change in strategy. >> thank you as always. he is the ranking member of the armed services committee. congressman smith, thank you for your time. start with your reaction to what we heard from president trump, about flynn, saying he was treated very, very unfairly by the media. called it the fake media, and said the leaks are criminal. >> that makes no sense. if all of that is true, why did president trump fire him? obviously, this isn't something that is made up it is something that michael flynn d troubling enough to the white house, they had to let him go as the national security advisor. they found out the content of michael flynn's phone call wasn't what michael flynn said it was. in fact, it was about the
10:16 am
sanctions, part of it was about the sanctions that penalty obama just leveed. president trump knew this, it was only that the media got to the story and made it public that made it public. i wish president trump would have some responsibility or have some of his administration take responsibility for their actions. >> the we might learn more about the relationship between general flynn and russia. some of his counterparts, perhaps in russia. do you have any more information about that? i don't have any more information than what is out there. the media, a remarkable job of pulling it out. one thing we don't have is
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exactly what is said in those conversations. we know that general flynn characterized what it was. that is something to be determined. frankly. and the larger issue, which you have been talking about, what exact influence has russia had. obviously, they hacked into the election, what influence do they have over the trump administration, the president has to tell us what is going on, instead of ignoring the questions, and claiming that everything that he doesn't like is fake news. that will get old. i think a select committee is what we need.
10:18 am
you can i served on the benghazi commonwealth, for longer than i care to remember. select committees are not something that republicans are opposed to. i applaud senator graham, and senator mccain approached it in a reasonable way, it is bipartisan. on the house side, it has been ignored. some senators are admitting it is a legitimate issue. >> congressmap, thank you for your time, sir. >> thank you. >> microsoft poll question of the day. that is the question the pulse is live. it is we will check the results later the broadcast. will the trump administration get behind the two-state
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solution. joe lieberman will stop by. he is outside the window. bringing him in after this. why was vice president mike pence kept in the dark for so long. why are some more interested in leaks. the future of business in new york state is already in motion. companies across the state are growing the economy, with the help of the lowest taxes in decades, a talented workforce, and world-class innovations. like in plattsburgh, where the most advanced transportation is already en route. and in corning, where the future is materializing. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today at
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the two state solution, it sounds simple, perhaps to some in principle, that israel would co-exist with the palestinian state. the reality is far more complicated. as we heard, it may be more complicated than it was an hour
10:23 am
ago. the senior news editer is here to describe how the two-state solution would work in practice. >> here is the understanding for middle east peace until this morning. the two-state solutions based on the 48 borders, gazaa and the west bank, one state here, palestine. gazaa and the west bank, the rest of it is israel. one of the problems with that, one of the reasons that palestinian leaders said it wouldn't work. is the settlements, one of the questions is, what happens to them? the bigger question, what happens to the 2.5 million palestinians that live here in the west bank? what kinds of rights do they have? keeping in mind, this would all be one country, under a one state solution, minus the strip is one country. military service. all israeli have to serve in the military, three years for men,
10:24 am
two for women. after that you are in for life as a reservist. land, that was there theirs, equal rights. would palestinians have the right to vote? same rights at israelis? the occupied west bank is under israeli military control. would that become under civilian control? these are a few of the very difficult questions that will have to be answered. >> walking us through what it all could mean. i want to bring in former senator joe leiberman, form als special correspondent, and bureau chief, and still with us as well.
10:25 am
senator, i want to start with you. a snippet of what we heard from prime minister netanyahu. we will talk about it on the other side. here it is. >> the great opportunity for peace comes from a regional approach from involving our new-found arab partners in the pursuit of a broader peace and peace with the palestinians. i look forward to discussing this in greater detail with you mr. president. i think that if we work together, we have a shot. >> what does it sound like to you? >> a recognition of reality. the major conflicts in the middle east are sunni verse
10:26 am
shi'ite and isis, and the arab nations sharing a lot of opinions with israel, mostly about iran. there is a new reality. the arab nations are closer to israel. there is an opportunity to build on that. in my opinion. that close relationship between the arabs and israelis will not go public, if you will, unless there is progress within the israelis and the palestinians. that gets us back to the two-state solution. the two-state solution, i want to say quickly, is not the goal. the goal is peace. between israelis and palestinians, and hopefully, israelis and arabs, up until now, the general feeling has been, you can't do it. you can't achieve peace unless there is some respect for the rights of the palestinians, whatever the nature of that
10:27 am
state may be. if you abandon that concept, i don't think there is a lot of chance for peace between israelis and palestinians soon. i hope i am wrong. >> we heard in the news conference or before the news conference, the cia director meeting in the west bank with palestinia palestinians. >> they are trying to get ahead between the loving between the israelis and united states, the palestinians must be looking at this with great concern. this was to reassure them their interests would not be ignored. this weekend be the end of the two-state solution. there is not like there has been negotiations for a one-state solution. in the absence of success of looking for a two-state solution, it will be one large state as israeli continues to
10:28 am
settle large parts of the land. there is no chance that israel, who controls the land will ever agree to a one man, one vote situation in that piece of territory. >> while i have you talk about the dumpster fire that appears to be raging at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. are you a long-time member of the so-called washington establishment. how do you characterize the first 27, 28 days of the trump administration? >> unprecedented. tumultuous, president trump is so different from anybody we have had as president in modern times and committed to change. what has happened, beyond the changes that he has talked about and tried to begin to implement through executive orders, is the
10:29 am
hint of scandal. president getting hold of it, he would benefit as much as anybody as a credible, independent investigation in the first instance of the contacts with russia. we know from american government intelligence conclusions, law enforcement, that the russians were hacking and trying to effect the outcome of our election last november. now, we have these connections between general flynn who now left and others in the campaign. we don't know what the nature of those connections were. whether it was worth listening to, it is not time to reach conclusions yet. it is profound questions.
10:30 am
it is in president trump's, so he can get answers to them to governor the way he said he would governor. >> which questions would you be asking specifically, do you believe it is an instance that requires a select committee or that intelligence committee is more than capable of handling something like this? >> i have a lot of respect for both committee committee, they get a quick run at this. a special committee would be best. in order to be done. you have the separate investigation going on now through the fbi, and that is not going to be done soon either. so, this is a cloud that will hang overhead. the media is not going to level it go. it runs the risk of distracting the administration from doing
10:31 am
what they said they were going to do, including getting the economy going again. >> do you think the national security advisor could call his counterpart in russia, without the president instructing him to do that or the senior members of the staff. >> remember, they weren't in office yet. general flynn, as part of the transition. of course, it is all quite suspicious. i haven't seen the transcripts of those conversations, fblg, it happened around the time that president obama imposed sanctions on russia because of the case they tried to effect our election. i don't want to run to a conclusion. he wasn't in the white house. he wasn't next to the president. if he did it on his own, that was reason enough to wonder whether he was ready to be national security advisor.
10:32 am
>> mr. fletcher, good to have you back in the building as well. >> i will be around. >> new calls for an investigation into precisely who knew what, when did they know it, when it comes to michael flynn and dealings with russia. republican, tom cole will join me at the other side.
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growing number of republicans are calling for an investigation into general mike flynn's resignation to determine precisely what the white house ties are with russia. moments ago, president trump talked about the issue during a joint news conference with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> michael flynn, general flynn is a wonderful man. i think he has been treated very, very unfairly by the media. as i call it, the fake media, in many cases. papers are being leaked. things are being leaked. criminal action. i think it is very, very unfair, what happened to general flynn, the way he was treated and the documents and papers that were illegal, i stress that illegally leaked. >> republican congressman tom cole of oklahoma, is a senior member of the house, thank you for making time this afternoon. is that issue here? the issue the leaks or is it
10:37 am
more complex than that? >> i think it is more complex than that. i had the opportunity to interact with general flynn a number of times i have a lot of respect for him. he served the country with disstinkz. i am sorry this happened. at the end of the day, there are serious questions, he deliberately or accidently mislead the vice president. there is a lot of controversy. i think the appropriate vehicle would be the intelligence committee, if someone thought it was illegal, the judiciary would be the appreciate place. explore and investigate it, have a thorough and professional investigation, and give general flynn a chance to tell the story. >> when, i don't have any questions about his patriotism.
10:38 am
my question would be, you know, where you forthcoming with the vice president, and why not? national security advisor, i don't have any problems with him talking to other countries, that is their job. preparing transition is appropriate. >> even if he was talking about the sanctions? >> it depends on how it is phrased or what you say. we did not have a lot of diplomats expelled. that was a good thing, i think it is appropriate to be talking to people. it is not appropriate to mislead the vice president or members of the administration. they have to know what is happening. for whoever reason, honest and forthcoming, explain it straight up. he is not there now. that does suggest that there was a loss of confidence in the white house and his judgment. >> according to vice president mike pence's press secretary, the white house kept the vice president in the dark for at
10:39 am
least two weeks. at least two weeks, about what it knew with regard to general flynn. does the sidelining of vice president pence, does that erode trust in this administration at all? >> i don't think so. there is a difference between sidelining and checking out something. just because you have been told something, doesn't mean it is true it intelligence can be inaccurate. you are dealing with an attorney general, the member of the preceding administration. i am not suggesting that she would do anything untoward. you don't know the source. you don't have a high degree of faith in it if you are thinking through your options, that is fine. in the end, the president did the right thing. came to then't handle the situation appropriately. and got the resignation.
10:40 am
>> i don't know if you have had the opportunity at the press conference. when asked about it at the news conference, in addition to blaming the media, said it was connected to the defeat of hillary clinton. and it was a bit bizarre. hearing him explain it. >> to be fair, the only thing i have heard is the clip you played before i came on. i wouldn't agree with that clip. something went wrong here. that is yet national security advisor is the ex-national security advisor. that isn't the media's fault. no matter what administration you belong to, that is a fact you have to deal with in this town. the president made the right decision. i am sure it was a tough decision. if someone that you have faith in, that is your friend, a
10:41 am
strong supporter, i don't blame the president for taking a couple of weeks to think it through, double check the facts, then he acted. did the right thing. >> paul mannafort, the former campaign manager is out, amid ties and concerns about ties to russia. are you at all concerned about this administration's connection to russia? >> no. i look at general maddis, and rex it tillerson. my view is tougher, as we should say, about valdimir putin and russia, the previous two administrations came n trying to set things with russia. i don't think it will happen. again, i tend to be more guarded on this.
10:42 am
i don't think that -- i do believe the russians tried to manipulate the election, i don't think they were successful. you pay attention. >> calls growing louder for an independent investigation. >> the standing committee system would be sufficient. we look at the political fall-out. and the white house, that appears to be in chaos. our panel of experts after this. !
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for longer lasting one chewable tablet try duo fusion from the makers of zantac the fall out over michael flynn's dismissal, continues to dominate washington today. we bring in the national security analyst, former secretary of defense malcomb nance, and let me start with you evelyn. we heard from president trump, talking about the controversy, blaming the media and leaks as
10:47 am
well. what do you make of that? >> i think, look, if president trump has something to hide, day one of his presidency, would have been, i want to look at how russia influenced the elections. there were carter page, the guy going back and forth, roger stone, the guy who tweeted right before the hacks of john -- of the campaign advisor to secretary clinton. he alerted the world to it. there were a lot of questions swirling around already. president trump has not chosen to do that. that opens up the line of questions about what his involvement with russia is. we haven't seen tax papers, why he refuses to say a bad word
10:48 am
about valdimir putin, why his party line, his foreign policy, we are unclear what it is across the board. when it comes to russia, it seems, no matter what, he wants to cooperate. he doesn't want to say anything negative. it raises too much suspicious. >> malcomb, you have been on the record with trump aides and intelligence officials communitied with each other, during the campaign. what do we know about the communication? what do we know about the content of that communication? >> well, as you know, i wrote a book about this five months ago. having worked at nsa, i will stick what i know from the "new york times." what they said, over the last year, several of these personnel on the campaign, the only named
10:49 am
person was paul manafort were in direct communication with those recognized at russian intelligence officers, this was multiple contacts, and done, obviously, it was collected through nsa, under the jurisdiction of the fbi. where they monitored their communications and apparently, have some definitive information these people were either being handled or unwitting assets of russian intelligence, and were bringing their views to the white house. you know, what is most important to understand here is, that donald trump's loving embrace or moscow has never been adequately explained. it has to be explained. does he owe them money? what is the impetus why he
10:50 am
believes that foreign policy is -- until that is done, it moves on from suspicious to sinister. those are the pish suspicious, moves on from suspicious to sinister. >> what's the end game for putin for russia here? what would their motivation be? >> can i -- if i could, i wanted to put it in that bigger con tek conte context, we don't think we're at war with russia but the way the russians defei feigfine their w on operation cyber offensive against us, fake news, harassing our diplomats in moscow. across the board, they have r.t., their propaganda network broadcasting here in the united states. the russians believe they're already at war with us. it's a war without bullets so far. and i think it's really important for us to wake up and understand that and the president needs to publicly acknowledge that because i think it's very dangerous for the american people to be under the illusion that somehow we can be
10:51 am
friends with russia, when they view us as their adversary. >> jonathan -- >> that's right. >> -- i want to talk to you about new reporting you have with regards to steve bannon. steve bannon, of course, senior adviser, i forget his official title there in the white house, but he certainly has the ear of the president, perhaps more than just about anybody else in the west wing depending on who you believe. chief strategist is his official title. what can you tell us about this explosion that he had on a breitbart reporting? >> so there's a mythology that steve bannon is conducting all of his warfare through breitbart at the moment. look, you can say a lot of things about steve bannon but he's not an idiot and we know that he's very acutely sensitive to the fact that people think that breitbart news is a proxy for his views, and he's also acutely sensitive to the story line that there's this cold war between him and the chief of staff, reince priebus.
10:52 am
anyway, breitbart's matt boyle, washington editor, punches out a story that published yesterday, which got the attention of a lot of senior people in the white house. it was a story basically saying that reince priebus was on his last legs, and steve bannon which, you know, i reported today, far from leaking that story, a lot of people reported that, you know, it must be done with bannon's consent. he actually got boyle on the phone and it was described to me was gave him both barrels so he was furious about this and genuinely furious. i've run this story down through a number of different channels. >> evelyn, malcolm, jonathan, i wish we had more time. thank you for your time this afternoon. >> thanks, craig. breaking news from denver. an undocumented woman, mother of three american-born children, seeking refuge in a church right now to avoid deportation. our gaudy schwartz is on the scene. we'll check in with him right after this to find out what she is doing now to avoid deportation.
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some breaking news right now from denver, colorado, where an undocumented woman living with her three american-born children is now seeking refuge in a church to avoid deportation. this is the case of jeanette, the she is raising attention today because it's the first high-profile refusal by an immigrant to report to i.c.e.
10:57 am
she held a news conference a few moments ago. let's get right to gadi schwartz live in denver with the latest. gadi, what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, that's news conference is still going on right now. see jeanette standing behindm e, that is ja neanette and her you daughter, siri, she's 6 years old. she was scheduled to show up for an i.c.e. check-in, after checking with her kids she decided to not run the risk of immediate deportation. i.c.e. issuing a statement saying jeanette has two misdemeanor convictions and in 201 2011 a judge originally issued a final order of deportation to mexico. she's an i.c.e. enforcement priority. her authority says the conviction was based on a 2009 incident of which jeanette was found guilty of using a fake i.d. so she could work. she's been here for 20 years. her done sattorney says there a pending stay applications in the work, one based on a "u" visa,
10:58 am
because she was a victim of a crime here in the united states. for now it appears as though a lot of those fights and those stays will take place from inside of this church where this name is now seeking sanctuary. she's behind us right now saying that she is willing to stay here as long as it takes. craig, back to you. >> if he is deported, gadi, what happens to those kids? >> reporter: well, their naur is he here in the united states so they have a support system that has been set up. there's also a big community here that has rallied around this family. just talking a little bit about that, one of the case that influenced her decision, he says, was that case that we saw in phoenix, arizona, where a family in a similar situation showed up for their i.c.e. check-in and that mother, guadeloupe garcia was deported to mexico. that's what she said inspired this today. >> gadi schwartz for us in a church in denver, colorado, following breaking news for us. gadi, do keep us up to speed on what's happening there.
10:59 am
i know you will. time now for one last look this hour at our microsoft pulse question. there was the question. can peace in the middle east be achieved in united states abandons two-state solution between israel and the palestinians? that was the question. a bit lopsided today. 97% of you say no. you still have an hour to share your thoughts, though. the pulse is still alive. that's going to do it, though, for this hour of msnbc live. my colleague, katy tur, picking things up right now. >> hey there, craig. thank you. breaking news from the white house. president trump says the real problem isn't his former national security adviser who lied to the administration and the american public, it's who caught him in that lie. >> general flynn is a wonderful man. i think he's been treated very, very unfairly by the media. the fake media in many cases. papers are being leaked, things are being leaked. it's criminal action, criminal act. people are trying to cover up for a terrible loss that the
11:00 am
democrats had under hillary clinton. i think it's very, very unfair. >> the president openly defending the man he fired at his first news conference, with israel's prime minister. the overshadowing a promising first outing between two old friends. >> i've known the president and i've known his family and his team for a long time. and there is no greater supporter of the jewish people and the jewish state than president donald trump. >> we have team of reporters and analysts joining me now. let's go toifirst to peter alexander at the white house. we're going to talk about israel in a moment. i want to get to the news today, general mike flynn. the president is now blaming the media for his firing, not the fact that he lied to the administration? >> reporter: yeah, no, the bottom line is president trump today basically said that michael flynn is a wonderful man.


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