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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  February 16, 2017 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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the option of checking into a four seasons hotel for the day, not knowing what's going to happen to them the next day or the day after or maybe a year later. >> right. >> so it's not an option. i think it's very think it's ve. >> thank you for sharing with us. i. real leaks fake news, russia for 77 minutes today the world watched a presidential news conferences unique in american history. president trump pressed on whether campaign had ties to russia. his response to that plus defense of mike flynn. taking aim as familiar target, the commander in chf denies white house is in chaos.
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11th begins now. good evening. from head quarter here in new york. 117 minutes our country went through are you watching this moment. it started as an announcement of donald trump's new labor number know and it more of quickly into press conference. it became clear that while his job change recently the president lives largely through the world of television and he sees a lot of it. today he critique his least favorite news hour and endorsed favorite morning on cable. it went over big but not so in serious reasonable people called him unhinge. those who worried about this
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president and this white house so saw a live special television event brought to you by narcism, thin-skinned, chaos and deeply personal grievance. it's difficult to whoos we will do our best over the next hour beginning with the preponderance of news and firing of mike flynn. >> mike flynn is a fine person and i asked for his resignation. when he respectfully gave it. he is a man who there was a certain amount of information given to vice president pence wh is with us today and i was not happy with the way that information was given. he didn't have to do that because what he did want wrong. >> did you direct mike flynn to discuss sanctions with the russian ambassador prior to your
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nougs inauguration. >> no i didn't. >> did you fire because of information raleaked out. >> no, i fired him because what -- it would have been okay if he did it. i would have directed him to do it. i didn't direct him but i would have directed him because that's his job. >> during your campaign did anyone from your communicate with russian government or russian government if so what were the nature of the conversation. >> the "new york times" work a store yesterday and it was very much discredited as you know, it was -- it's a joke. >> i want to clarify important point can you say nobody on your campaign had any contact the russians during the campaign, and on the leaks is it fake or
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are these real leaks. >> the leak ares real. you wrote about them and reported them. the leaks are absolutely real, the news is fake. >> can you say that no -- >> i had nothing to do with it. i told you. i have no deals there. i have no nothing. >> i again yes or no answer on one of the questions involving russia can you say whether you are aware whether or not anyone vise your campaign had contact with the russian ya. >> dealings flynn was one person as she should have been. >> no during the election. >> russia is a rues. >> you have to get up to answer the question, russia is a rues. i have nothing to do with russia. >> we have some news on michael flynn, since the press conference "the washington post"
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reporting in an interview with the fbi flynn denied discussing sanctions with the russian ambassador. the justice department told white house he did. in fact discuss sanctions with the ambassador. in that marathon there was a question of leadership within the white house that the president sought to clarify twice. >> i see stories of chaos. yet it is the exact opposite. this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. there's zero cay cohaos. this is a fine-tuned machine. >> before we bring in t panel, as we saw kristin welker was at the white house today, it's been a lock day and you have air
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force wheel up tomorrow, we are cursous, we were forced to watch on television, you were there in the room, participating in the questioning what did they miss which watching on television and not having your seat. >> it was an extraordinary news conferences. it was like no other news conference i ever attended, a number of the president's answers seem to be in a stream of consciousness. he seemed to be revilling at over moment. there was a row of reporters standing up with their hands raised shouting get a question in because it was clear he was calling on people at will. then finally, he seemed to be revelling in it so much, top adviser, steve bannon, his
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son-in-law started to wrap him to give him the wrap signal. this was undoubtedly press conference i ever i attended. we heard him address that controversy surrounding mike flynn. >> some of his aides made it clear he was motivated today. this was his idea. he came this there wanting it, he seen a lot of cable television covering. he saw cer of "time" magazine comes out thursday morning, he talked about "time" magazine he venerates "time" magazine sees it as a validator, no one would want to be a subject of that cover and no one would want allegation of chaos in the way they have been getting the
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allegation of chaos. >> that's right, brian. to set the table this was not on the table. this is impropmpt you. that is one of a number of negative headlines that this white house has been grappling with. based on my conversation of staffers within the white house, they acknowledge this controversy has been a major distraction to what they want to be talking about. think about the agenda he laid out and the things he talked about in first week in office. that executive order, banning travel from some countries, it was locked in the court, today he said he was going to be rolling outs a new executive order next week. that has been derailed because of the controversy over his
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national security adviser. today he tried to reset the narrative. he took a big step towards doing that, as you pointed out, some republicans feel this was so wide range and is covered such a long rage of cop pitopic, he ra lot more questions. >> and eluted to great candidate to fill the job of national security adviser not by name. tonight that man admiral pulled himself out of contention so there's no national security adviser. >> bob said he was not going to be accepting the post as national security adviser. the white house saying for family reasons that they did this because he didn't feel as though he could serve in that
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role but at the same time brian, he wanted to bring in his own team and getting blocked in that regard. i spoke to white house officials tonight. i said who are the choices now. they are looking at a wide range. so we're still looking at that name but the search is expanding. >> kristen, thank you for your work and coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> gop political analyst steve,
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how putin cyber spies and wikileaks tried to steal 2016 election. but most importantly he was special counsel for president obama for ethics. richard painter is speaking out on donald trump's potential conflict of interest here in office. mr. schmits i'll begin with you. dishonest assertions and scapegoating. i have come to know you as a patriot and constitutionalist what do you think we're looking at, what do you think yowe're i
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for and how did it go where you are tonight? >> we never seen any behavior like that from an american president democrat or republican, the constant to victory, going after hillary clinton, self-pity, attacks on the media, you never seen an american president, the commander in chief, the most powerful person in the world, as disturbing as the performance is to me and some of the other panelist, the intelligence communities, the armed forces, s internationally, i don't think he was talking to people in the room, he was talking to the voters. he has no plan or strategy that's clear to expand that
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voter based to grow it, but he is intent on keeping it. keeping it intact and that voter base suspect saw the donald trump that that voted for. regardless of whether they like it or not there's bigger issues at stake. and chief among them if the leader says it's true, it must be true. the red can be blue and up can be down and down can be up, the lying is per nious in a democracy, have going to have to stand up against and say this is not normal, healthy or right and the democrat republic all of us
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are steward of, you not a tax rate, not a conservative government but a functional constitutional republican that's been healed -- >> is there anything bad or illegal happening on a daily basis or has it happened yet in your view? >> the troubling news that came out tonight that general flynn may have lied to the fbi we have a saying brian, you know it well, it's not the crime, it's the cover up. if he didn't in fact, communicate an untruth to federal authorities, he look at legal liability under 101 under
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false -- we seen this drama in washington before. you have a members -- in watergate it took until second term. then the authorities apply pressure to them and he turns on the others one of the things that striking about that press conference was that president trump commitmented himself. he said no, i did not know that members of my campaign were talking to russia. we know there's strong evidence that there were conversations with russia. what happens if it turns out he knew. that mr. flynn or others, provided contrary information. what about the president's tax returns. we still have not seen them. he says he has tho business in russia. yet his son his russia investment are important to us. we see a lot of russian money.
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what's the answer between the two stories. then the unconstitutional ban, kellyanne conway breaking the law in advertising ivanka's business on the public's dime. it's not a promising start. this has got to be the worst honeymoon since blue beard's wife. >> i want to hear malcolm nance. what fellow offers saying. what are they thinking. the president put your work in quotation mark on social media this week. the world intelligence and it is impossible to be president without a functioning and motivated intelligence communities. >> the things i'm hearing on the street from people in the former members of the intelligence community are not positive.
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this brings them back to the period before he made his visit to the cia where he was spenlding every day insulting the cia intelligence community. now we have the tweet where he claims fbi are involved in illegal activity, illegal leaks. this is not going to bold well for him. most important things to note there's a few indicator that i fund disturbing. that's where he has been hinting that former members of the clinton wlo clinton white house may have been responsible for that leak and clinton team that were in the intelligence communities may have been responsible for the leak they may be getting ready to ratchet up witch hunt all of that will do is insight rebellion throughout community. this needs to be handled by the
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senate and the house and there needs to be serious investigation -- we're finding out the commander in chief is not a reliable person to report to the intelligence community. and they are going directly to the american people, this is a president who loved russian's intelligence leaks but with regard to his own whiteouse he seems to have quite a bit of trouble being able to deal with what's going on on a daily basis. >> to our panel, standby, when where come back the president for the second time in days takes a pass on the chance to e defin tifl denounce anti-seminatism that when we
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whatever it is... it's hunting. . welcome back as we continue to look at and extraordinary one ur 1 minutes knew press conference. anti-semitism. there's been a report out that 48 -- bombs threat have been made across the count in a last couple of weeks. people are committing -- >> he said he was going to ask a simple easy question and it's not. it's not a fair question. sit down. here is the story, number one.
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i am the least anti-semitism person you ever seen. number two, racism. the least racist -- >> he lied about he was going to get up ask a straight simple question. we had come to the world of the media. >> are you going to include cbc in your conversation with the urban agenda, inner -- >> am i going to include who? >> barack caucus. >> are you going to setup the meeting. >> i think it's great, the congressional black caucus. i think it's great. >> april, that woman you saw in that exchange, a frequent guest said she is not a convener she
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is a journalist suggest the president make her own arrangements. the woman you saw second ago is hallie, the rest of the members of the panel remain with us. heidi, where do we begin. are they criminal leaks? >> we are yet to find that out, i have to say that's basis the lifeblood of our work. the difference is the drum beat, the pace of these leaks and i have to say, with this particular leak, even if they did deem this was out of protocol, i doubt it was illegal, but auout of protocol,
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the tended for us to do, we outed a public official lying to the public about the nature of his contacts about what many would define -- that is basic function of the free press and the president's response to that was to have a semimeltdown and to accuse us of per vaing fake news which is his actions were to fire general proved that news was spot on, 100% accurate. >> when you producehe media enough when they do report facts, those facts are diminished. for people in the political world, the sound you should
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hear, is the crowd watching the ball go over the fence because it's a question by definition that you knock out of the park. you have a ready answer. you have a common sense answer about there being no room for hatred especially in light of what happened in world war 2 in this modern world and now the president has taken a less than full swing at that question. what's going on do you think? >> i don't know what's going on, it's strange. his answer was regulatory on as effect of his character. the question was we have seen spike in anti-se matism mr. president what do you have to say about that he interpreted that as a personal attack as if he was being accused of anti-se
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matism. then you go back on holocaust rem rans day and it's extraordinary. -- meeting lead by adoff iek man, the question was laid and and it was planned and executed and the result was t genocide of 6 million js and the lesson of that chapter of history is that we must -- in future generations, one, bear witness to it but two to make certain that it never ever happens again. it is extraordinary moral abju kags by any white house, any president to be abtus on that question that you would omit and
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