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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  February 16, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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you said today that you have biggest electoral margin since ronald reagan. in fact president obama got 365 -- >> we are talking about republican. >> president obama 332. george w. bush 426 of the why should americans trust you -- >> we had very big margin. >> why should americans trust you when you accuse the information they received of being fake when you're providing information that's not honest. >> it was a substantial victory do you agree with that. >> that was exchange with peter alexander pointing out an item the president made was wrong. the president took an opportunity to air his grievances in general about the
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press. >> much of the media doesn't get it but they don't write it. much of the media along with new york and los angeles speaks not for the people but for the special interests. the best has become dishon oes -- dishonest we doesn't talk about it. the press is out of control. the level of dishonesty is out of control. i see tone, you know the word tone. the tone is hatred. tomorrow they will say, donald trump rants and raves at the press. i'm not ranting and raving. i'm telling you you are dishonest people. >> we touched on this earlier. there's a new normal at work
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here where reporters are being called upon to in realtime correct the record, times correcting the president of the united states. >> and might i add there were a number of other factual inconsistencies we didn't correct. it shows how effective the president can be to bully the inconsistency and when the media tries to call pim him on it, the reporter tried to correct him and said i'm not calling you anti-se mettic and he said i'm not trying to shoot you down. i know this was a bit of a catharsis fuming around the white house and feeling frustrated by his enableability
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to communicate his message in 140 character or less on twitter. the media did get played today, there was repeated semi-abuse of the media, of calling out certain news organization, bashing them as fake news, giving reviews on various shows, i think the media is continuing to evolve and figure out what is our strategy for dealing with such an unconreengal approach to our industry. >> does this end with a contended 74-year-old of mar-a-lago having served as president.
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does it end with two term president or is there an -- does it end in some other way. the bill of particulars you laid out, how do those wrongdoing ends up as charges. how are they convertible? >> the genius of our american system is our constitution. and the founders of this country and the framers setup check and balances system, still works. the way this ends nobody can see to the very termous of the path but it ends as it did in the ninth circuit. the president announced he going to back down and soup seed. that won't wash in front of judges. it started to end in congress
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where we seen a bipartisan group come together senator feinstein and grassly sent a letter to the fbi they want to know what mr. flynn did. they are not going to accept the testimony of the press conference speaking over reporters. saying where you see very seldom see this kind of chord. you have mr. chaffetz and connings together go to office of ethics to say what with the statement of kellyanne concay. we are not go it take the president's word for it. we have the trademarks that china reversed that are worth millions to president trump after years of denying the trademarks those are forbidden,
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foreign payments. the founders prohibited those. that court is also going to be asked to hold the president to account. so all of those days of judgment are coming for president trump. >> keep your eyes on norm. we certainly are. up next why did the president bring up topic of nuclear holocaust at today's news conference. this is 11th hour.
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this is 11th hour. today's news conference while discussing relations with russia the president of the united states brought up the notion of shooting a russian spy ship and skuchd discussed what he learned about nuclear holocaust.
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>> the greatest thing i could do is shoot that ship outf the water. everyone is going to say oh, it's so great. it's not great. if russia and the united states actually got together and got a log and don't forget we are a powerful nuclear country and so are they. i have been briefed, i can tell you one thing p a briefing that we're allowed to say because anybody that read the basic book can says it, nuclear holocaust would be like no other. if we have a good relationship with russia, believe employee that's a good thing. not a bad thing. >> like no other. maybe the understatement of the day. it's the moment you roll the credit. we're back with the panel. malcolm, this is coming to you. i begin with visual aid.
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the day that the u.s. delegation arrived for the first time. that caught my eye. that would be victor -- the russia spy ship victor lin af is south of connecticut international water not far from navy base is gra ten. that would be troubling it could be super troubling now that the russia is involved in u.s. domestic politics. here is the second action, two aircrafts flying low over u.s. vessel at sea, u.s. navy destroyer. they unvaled -- during normal times, a non-2017 would be responded toby the united states
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by the president of the united states if you're russia, watching all of this, what are you thinking? >> first of all, these acts which are being carried out publicly, the deployment of ssca advanced cruise missile, all of this su 26 fencer that is for russia's consumption. it's not a message to donald trump. it's an assist to give him leverage to say he going to be strong towards russia. the russian intelligence collect or. that's on routine deployment.
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that vessel operates between kings bay georgia. another things about the russia intelligence collector, it could be filling a gap in collections that are lost when we kicked out the 35 russia spies on the same day that general flynn was talking to ambassador. i don't think it's an escalation or challenge toward donald trump, but te managed to take them and use them to deflect away from his -- very, very pro moscow speech and make it sound like he could be aggressive but he going to be peacemaker. that's misdirection for trump.
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you will see that inside of russian television and they talking how trump is going to be -- toward them. there are counter intelligence investigations going on right now and try as he may, i don't think this will help. >> steve schmit, are we correct to keep watching republicans on the hill? >> no doubt. you will see incredible news there was constant information between russian intelligence offer. you'll see this were asked to look at transcripts to hear the recordingsshould that come out to pass these news reports are accurate you'll see a select committee that invtigates
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this. it does question legitimacy of the election. >> when we come back, some of the other greatest hits from today's news conferences. i love to negotiate things.
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i love to negotiate things. i do it really well. i do get good ratings. you have to admit that. i can handle a bad story better than anybody. the has me through the roof. i'm not a bad person by the way. i won. i won. don't forget that's the way i won. i used to give you news conference every time i made a speech, every day.
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i won with news conference and speeches. >> heidi, i heard someone say he came in energized. he wanted to smack some team around. what we saw was a guided tour of the mind of president. >> i cannot remember ever having a press conference that long before. like kristen noted, he got the hook. it turned into therapy. rage to i'm enjoying myself. at the root of it he was one, he was trying to tranning the subject because he done this throughout campaign when things got ugly he could come out shift it by making statements that would shift the eye. i don't think that's going to work in this case.
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he is been clear -- and steve bannon has been clear they want to make the media into opposition party. before they got to questions, if you recall, he hostile statements abouthe press. >> norm, what did today tell you about the size of the circle of people around the president? >> brian, usually when a president make it into the white house and i was there in '09 when obama did this, the circle expands. this president is stringing the circle in one way. it consists of the aides in the front row and there's a metaphor kal see for in flynn. in another way he was bringing in the campaign circle this was the trump of the campaign going to the barricades.
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he has a campaign rally tomorrow. >> in florida. >> to when he felt undersiege he wasn't wac to his roots. that's what we saw today. >> what about the backbreaking work of the presidency that remains, that is tomorrow, on the next day and the next? >> we have an enormous crisis of incompetent in this white house. we have never seen anything like this. we lost national security adviser for lying to the vice president. the vice president went out gave misinformation on television. white house knew that national security adviser was lying. the chaos set off. the making up fake massacre, every day more and more dishonest statements. total chaos and its dangerous.
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>> are we looking at trouble in the foreseeable future? >> you, absolutely. we are going from this general mayhem to a national security crisis as this investion fo. we may be going quickly to a constitutional crisis if these start playing out we may be heading to benedict arnold to the white house. >> thank you all, to the panel. another break. when we come back update on the news on this day that got buried by you know what. what a busy news day. me to reach my goals. i u'e
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what a busy news day. a bit of update on president trump cabinet. the reason he called today's news conferences the president announced nomination of alex accosta a day after president trump withdrew. he dean of florida international school of law. served u.s. asis stant attorney general whether serve on relation board. happening on the senate floor, that's senator ed mockey. they are pulling out nighter to debate. so here is where the cabinet stands after today.
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with budget director mick mulvaney sworn in. more than half corn confirmed. nine still waiting, a vote for hearing or both. that's going to do it for 11th broadcast for tonight. good night from new york. tonight on "all in" -- >> the leaks are absolutely real. the news is fake. >> the president finally meets the press. nine still waiting, a vote for hearing or both. that's going to do it for 11th broadcast for tonight. good night from new york.
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tonight on "all in" -- >> the leaks are absolutely real. the news is fake. >> the president finally meets the press. >> i have nothing to do with russia. to the best of my knowledge no person that i'll do with does. >> the stunning cross-examination of an american president over his campaign's reported ties with russia. >> reporter: you're not aware of contacts during the course of the election? >> and explosive new reporting that the president's former national security advisor misled the fbi. >> reporter: did you direct michael flynn to discuss sanctions with the russian ambassador? >> no, i didn't. >> tonight, the top democrat on oversight, elijah cummings, on president trump and the russians plus a look at today's east room attack on the truth. >> i inherited a mess. we had a very smooth rollout of the travel ban. i guess it was the biggest electoral college win since ronald reagan. >> why democrats are being locked out of meets with i.c.e. as immigration raids escalate. and with obamacare slowed and a travel ban stalled, the race the resistance is winning. >> this administration is running like a fine-tune


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