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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  February 17, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." i'm kate y tur. i'll be back here at 2:00. craig melvin, i got a bit of deja vu. >> like we're the only two people working here. >> might be. >> i'm craig melvin in new york for msnbc, all eyes right now are on boeing's plant in north charleston, south carolina. president donald trump scheduled to speak before factory workers there, moments from now. when it happens we'll take you there live. the president trying to project an air of success with a campaign-funded rally in frida tomorrow as well, giving a
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chance to leave behind a series of increasingly bad headlines out of washington, d.c., chiefly about his ex-national security adviser and those campaign ties with russia. we've got you covered on this friday afternoon. we have reporters in north charleston, reporters in washington as well to cover every aspect of the story. we also have two congressmen as well, both members of the congressional black caucus, i'll get to them in a moment. let's start with kelly o'donnell on the ground for us there in the crowned jewel of south carolina, north charleston. tell us about the speech we're going to hear from the president, kelly o. >> reporter: craig, spoken like a real son of this state i know you probably would have preferred this duty over me today to get home and see family and friends. we are here at what has been a very high energy event for boeing employees, about 7,500 here who will be part of the official debut of the dreamliner new aircraft, and every
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president, going back to franklin delano roosevelt has visited boeing. of course it's only been here in south carolina for the past decade or so and today the. the will bring a messable about jobs. the white house has not specifically previewed what he has said but the reason for coming here has been to be a part of this american company that is doing new things, and the president, who has already been on the ground and based on our colleagues, who are in the close-up pool with him, he has been able to tour the dreamliner as they call it along with the ceo and other dignitaries here, so this is about trying to send a message to a state that was also highly supportive of donald trump in the election season. they also had news here earlier in the week, where the employees took a vote on whether to join a bargaining unit and unionize and they overwhelmingly turned that down. that was mentioned during some of the speeches earlier here, they've been kind of in place for the last couple of hours and it got a rousing cheer, so this
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is a right-to-work state and they were not gng to go union for boeing. for the president, that may be a message we will hear some of as well. this is also the start of a working weekend for the president. this visit here where he'll be talking about jobs, meeting with the governor, other dignitaries, other members of the republican delegation from south carolina, and also then heading to florida. so that's march amar-a-lago whee his florida home is. tomorrow he'll be part of a campaign rally in the orlando area. i don't mean by description. it will be considered a campaign event, not a white house event. so the president is trying to keep this working weekend idea at a time when there has been a lot of criticism over how the initial month of his presidency is rolling out, we know that next week he is saying there will be an immigration executive order that will be on the books.
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contentious news conference and he's been trying to answer the questions about russia, not to the satisfaction of many democrats, who want more investigation about that, and at the same time he's got a major opening to fill for national security adviser. he tweeted today about general keith kellogg as one of his top picks, a possible choice for that all-important position, along with a few other names we are told included among those cod be did petraeus, the rmer general and cia director, marine general retired james jones, who served president obama. so we don't have a sense yet if that is a decision that is imminent, but the president through his tweets and through advisers they're talking about a search process for them. really vital role in a white house especially where the president doesn't have foreign policy experience and many on his senior team do not as well. today senator john mccain voiced some criticism about how things are going in the trump white house. >> if i had been asked to pick
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the team on national security around president trump, i couldn't have picked a better team. and i think that's very important. >> pre-flynn or post-flynn? >> i think that the flynn issue obviously is something that is, shows that in many respects, this administration is in disarray, and they've got a lot of work to do. >> reporter: so when john mccain is voicing praise for the president's team, referring there more to the secretary james mattis, who of course had served as a general, or john kelly, former general now, department of homeland security, or rex tillerson at secretary of state, so john mccain on some fronts saying that the trump white house has the right people on the job, and then that nagging sticking issue of national security adviser is an open question this day. craig?
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>> hearing john mccain say this is an administration in disarray on an international stage a bit surprising to number of folks. kelly o., stand by for us. we'll come back when president trump starts his remarks there. kasie hunt is on capitol hill for us. kasie, just a short time ago we just heard from the arizona senator. we also heard from the kentucky senator a short time ago, mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader of course. you asked him about russia, and his response has a number of folks scratching their heads. >> reporter: well, craig, senator mcconnell was asked today at that press conference about all of the reporting that's been swirling around the investigations and of course what trump said at the press conference. president trump got up and said that he did not, to his knowledge, believe that there was anybody that had from his campaign who had been in contact with russian officials, but take a look at what mitch mcconnell said when he was asked whether he believes that. >> yesterday the president said
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in his press conference that nobody he knew of from his campaign was in contact with russian officials. do you believe that? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: mcconnell's office reached out to clarify that he was not responding to the question of whether or not he believes the president, but rather he thought he was being asked about the facts of the matter, and he said that he could not speak directly to this issue of whether or not the trump campaign had reached out to russian officials. that's telling in its own way, because of course the senate intelligence committee is investigating what has gone on here. they have indicated that their scope is going to be a little broader than it may needed to be, or that at least their counterparts in the housere saying that theirs will be. they say they expect that flynn will be asked to testify before the senate intelligence committee, and that they will look into these questions surrounding these reports. craig? >> kasie, right side of your screen for folks at home, that was the hangar there in north
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charlestop, president trump expected to speak any moment. meanwhile, this is a live look, a live look at capitol hill. the floor there, the president's nominee to run the environmental protection agency that vote happening right now. democrats staging an all-night talkathon to delay this vote. kasie, walk us through what was essentially the chief complaint for democrats this time around, as it relates to these emails that a judge ordered be released? >> reporter: craig, scott pruitt has been controversial since he was first picked. democrats have said that he is too close to oil and gas companies, that he is fundamentally opposed to the basic mission of the environmental protection agency, and that he's going to run roughshod over those concerns. what's changed in the last 48 hours is this order from an oklahoma judge, a freedom of information case, a group there sued to say they wanted to see emails that scott pruitt sent as attorney general of oklahoma
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related to some regulations around fracking and other issues in the state, and this judge said okay, you actually do have to release these emails and you have until tuesday to do it. tuesday three or four days from now so democrats when they found that out decided hey we're going to talk on the floor overnight to try to convince republicans to delay this until at least we can see the contents of those emails. they're also arguing some republicans may regret voting in favor of pruitt if in fact there's information in those emails that is damaging to pruitt. but at this point, the ball is already rolling, procedurally in the senate, to set this vote for 1:00. that's what you're seeing happen now, and from what we can tell, we expect pruitt to be confirmed. there have been a couple of democrats, senator snow manchin and said they're going to support pruitt and unlikely that will change unless there is some particularly damaging new piece of information. it doesn't look like that's going to happen before pruitt is confirmed. craig? >> kasie hunt on capitol hill
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for us on this friday afternoon, kasie, thank you for all of that information. >> reporter: thanks. david brody is the chief political correspondent for the christian broadcast network. david, so good to have you this afternoon, again as we wait for president trump to take to the podium there in north charleston. let's talk about this press conference that we saw play out here yesterday around this time, 77 minutes, that speech the controversies that emerged from that speech if you will, are these controversies that are going to stay within the bubbles of new york and washington and other major metropolitan areas or is this something that perhaps could affect the president's image with voters? >> look, craig, this d.c./new york corridor the acela express doesn't play very well at all there. how it plays in peoria and the rest of the country a much different story. craig, the last time i checked, that press conference yesterday
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by the president wasn't at the east room of the white house. it really was somewhere in the rust belt, talking to some factory workers and some other folks. in other words the point is he was at a lunch cnter just having a few wordsit some folks. he was rip roaring during that press conference, and that's the genuineness of donald trump. love him or hate him, he's pretty authentic in terms of who he is. ronald reagan was able to cut through the media with a butter knife. donald trump is able to cut through the media with a chainsaw. it's not a butter knife, but the point is the same with ronald ray began. reagan was able to go right to the people and say hey, media, bless your heart. donald trump chainsaw in hand, says media leave me alone, i'm going right to the people. different strategy but maybe pretty effective as well. >> effective perhaps, but what about this idea that you have the leader of the free world repeatedly saying things that he knows not to be true, whether
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he's talking to folks in peoria, whether he's talking to folks in washington, shouldn't that matter on some level? >> well i think there are a couple of things at play here. remember donald trump believes what donald trump believes, and so you know, if you're going to go to try to basically bait him into saying that's not true, he'll say wait a minute, my truth is my truth, and so that's never a winning argument for anybody in a discussion with donald trump. but i do think at some point that he has to be careful that when the facts start to build up and if he's not, for example, the electoral college faux pax in the press conference yesterday, when those type of things, those blatant ggleable facts add up, then you start to have more of a credibility problem not with the liberal base, they were never going to like him but with the independent swing voters. that's the trouble spot ahead for him so he has to be careful for sure. >> sounds like you think in
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terms of his audience yesterday that news conference was a rousing success. >> i don't think there's any question about it. look, it was combative to the d.c./new york corridor, it was unruly but in the middle part of this country, fly-over country they saw a fighter and that's why donald trump is president of the united states today. >> all right, thank you so much, david. good to have you. hope you'll come back again. >> you get. >> we are waiting for president trump to take to the stage here. that's south carolina senator tim scott. that is actually not tim scott, i apologize. that's an ame minister, before you begin to tweet and send me emails, that's a pastor from mother emmanuel that is not tim scott who by the way is there. president trump expected to meet with the senator from south carolina who is from that area at some point here this afternoon, we're told. while we wait for the president, i believe i do have time to continue this conversation. one of the more controversial moments of that news conference this time yesterday came during president trump's exchange with
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correspondent april ryan. >> reporter: are you going to include the cbc, mr. president n your conversations with your urban agenda, inner city agenda, as well as -- >> am i going to include who? the congressional black caucus -- >> i would. do you want to set up the meeting? are they friends of yours? no, set up the meeting. >> reporter: i know some of them but i'm sure they're watching. >> i would love to meet with the black caw kaus. i think it's great the congressional black caucus. >> the white house leader reached out to set up a meeting with the congressional black cauc caucus. this is how april ryan reacted on "morning joe." >> i just want to believe and look at a better day. i consider myself a journalist like everyone else in that room and i wasn't looking at i'm a black woman. i'm a journalist wanting to ask questions and when he said would you convene the meeting? i was like no, no, no. i shook my head i'm like that is crossing the line.
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>> joined by two long time members of the congressional black caucus, congressman gregory meeks and congressman emmanuel cleaver. let me start with you in new york, congressman meeks your your general reaction as you watched that play out yesterday >> it would have been funny if it wasn't so serious, you know, to hear the president of the united states ask a reporter to reach out for a meeting with the congressional black caucus, who deals with legislative agenda s kind of funny, and i would say to him, utilizing his words, you know, he should use his african-american, i think he am talk about getting together responding to a letter the cbc sent him on january 19th and never got a return. >> congressman cleaver has there been any dialogue between your
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office or the cbc's office, any sort of informal dialogue perhaps with the new administration so far? >> no, i don't think there's been any contact or communication. i don't even think, to be 100% honest that the president even knew what the cbc was yesterday. >> really, congressman cleaver, you don't think that president trump even knew that -- >> i don't think he had any idea and i've looked at that te over and over again, and he was like, what in the world are you asking me? and had april not said congressional black caucus, if she had continued to say the cbc, he would have said i don't know what you're talk about. i'm pleased he didn't ask her to sweep and mop in a room where the press conference was being held. i thought it was disrespectful. >> while we're having this conversation again, president trump expected to take to the podium any moment, that is south carolina governor henry mcmaster, who is addressing
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folks there in charleston right now. congressman meeks, south carolina congressman jim clyburn said there was an element of disrespect with regards to april ryan. he also had that testy exchange with the correspondent yesterday from a jewish publication, immediately assuming this reporter was trying to label him as an anti-semite and asked him to sit down. what is it about this administration and its relationship with not just black voters and hispanic voters but minority voters in general? what is it about this administration in that relationship that gives you pause? >> number one, his words. just listen to what he said, all during the campaign and his actions even as president of the united states, and what few policies that he put in place. to me it was also hected like he didn't know and maybe representative cleaver is correc he did not know what cbc meant but when you think about the black people he has
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invited basically entertainers and individuals who come who say they haven't a clue with reference to policy or legislation or how to get any of that done, they made those statements and those are the individuals he seems to want to engage with as opposed to policy makers and people who know how to resurrect communities and make a difference in people's lives. >> why do you think he'd rather talk to the likes of a kanye west versus the likes of congressman meeks? >> because he's putting on a show. he's not being sincere. when you look at what he's doing with reference to black people in the words that he's utilized throughout the campaign, what have you got to lose, and there goes my african-american, and those kinds of things like he's still on his tv show so he's putting on a show and not being the president of the united states. the congressional black caucus has been in existence for over 40 years. at its inception the congressional black caucus met with richard nixon and we met
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with every president going forward and talked about policy agenda, not that we agree on everything but it's about serious business and i don't think that this president is serious about the issues that affect african-americans or anyone for that matter, except for the top 1%, his friends, his billionaire friends all of whom he wants to put in government. >> congressman cleaver, when this meeting does happen, what do you plan to say to the president? >> well, number one, we would work with the president on something that was serious. if he had a proposal for example on a massive infrastructure program that didn't require that he take funds from some other vital program, likemedicare, then i think we would workith him. but we are, as my colleague just said, we didn't want to be a part of some show, some public relations program where he would trot in the black folk and then
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say they loved me, they were excited, about what you said about elijah cummings. i don't want to be used and you know, i don't think we want to be props but if he wants to deal with business and really deal with issues that we are concerned b i think all 49 of us are interested. >> access to capitol, so we can grow minority businesses, that's how you build communities. we want to talk about those things >> it would seem curious whatever your politics, it would seem curious that this is an administration that 30 days in, even informal back channel communications, whether it's through his minority affairs, that there hasn't been any sort of outage, before i get your response to that i want to take you back to the floor, if i can, upper chamber, the vote just happening. scott pruitt has been confirmed now. he has been confirmed by the u.s. senate by a vote of 52-46. he will be the new head of the
10:21 am
epa. that, despite of course that talkathon that democrats staged throughout the night. is this what your colleagues are going to be left to do for the next four years, congressman meeks, talkathons and things like that? >> reverend cleaver sent something out to all the members you'll see people who are going to know what we stand for. we may have a broom stick because weon't havehe majority in the house, et cetera, but we're going to see what we stand for, and you're going to know that we're going to stand for the people as we have all of this time and we're going to make sure that we are focused on elections in cities and states from now, 2017, 018 and moving on up and stand for our values. >> congressman cleaver, congressman eli in a cummings, ranking member house oversight he wants this 9/11-style commission to look into the connections between this administration and russian interference into the election,
10:22 am
and other things related to russia. where do you stand on that? >> i stand with my colleague, because i think you know, a lot of the other things that are going on i think are simply designed distractions but i think one of the most significant things that i have ever seen in my years on this planet, in this country, is the impact that russia is having on the united states. i would imagine that vladimir putin is sitting around with his kremlin buddies saying look, i told you democracy is weak and fragile. look what's taking place in the united states, we're in disarray, at least the government is. i think they need to focus like a laser on whether or not someone representing donald trump did in fact have contact with the kremlin and if that is the case, then i think we've got a serious problem here in the united states. that's never happened in the
10:23 am
240-year history of this country where a president is believed to have had some kind of ongoing contact with a nation that clearly is not our friend, the soviet union, is still trying to come back through russia. >> congressman cleaver, congressman meeks, good to have both of you. reverend cleaver, thank you. congressmen, always good to see new the flesh. >> good to be with you. >> se travels to germany as well. pefully we can get a report from you this week. as if they are listening or watching the broadcast, north charleston, the airport hangar there rolling back the wall, revealing air force one, which touched down there just a short time ago. president donald trump expected to make some remarks at this boeing plant in north charleston just a few moments from now. we'll take a quick break and come back. this is msnbc. weight because the first ingredient is chicken. (riley) man, this chicken is spectacular! (jessica) i had to start hiding the bag because he would try to put his face in it all day.
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live look north charleston, south carolina. governor menry mcmaster a few moments ago said this is "the greatest day in the history of south carolina." right now president donald trump making his way to the podium there in north charleston. this is, of course, the boeing plant next to the bmw plant, this is the crowned jewel when it comes to industry in the palmetto state and this is also friendly territory for the
10:28 am
president, south carolina overwhelmingly supported his candidacy. henry mcmaster, the governor just spoke and one of the early supporters he was lieutenant governor at the time. folks surprised one of the reasons nicky hailey became ambassador was because donald trump wanted to make sure that henry mcmaster could become governor in a state where he had run unsuccessfully for that office on a number of occasions. right now the introduction being given by one of the execs there with boeing, he is standing in front of that 787-10 dreamliner, the new plane that the president is there to help unveil. it's just, you can't really see it but it' in the foreground. in the background air force one. we should also note that this president has enjoyed a productive relationship with boeing, and that is that word productive is the adjective used
10:29 am
by the ceo himself. he is a very big fan of president trump. dennis muehlemberg is the ceo of boeing and president trump indicated in the past he is very much looking forward to working with one of this country's largest airmakers, along with lockheed martin. can we listen in at all? do we have kelly o. there? kelly this has been as i understand it, this has been quite the production there in that airport hangar in north charleston, a number of videos, there have been a couple of elaborate prayers as well. give us some color. >> reporter: it really has been a celebratory event for an american company that has achieved something that hasn't been done before in aviation. they've talked a lot about the dimensions of this plane, a double aisle aircraft. it has been a company event in
10:30 am
every sense of the word, and the pageantry has really been notable as well, in addition to the videos you mentioned, they had an "american idol" winner who hails from south carolina singing throughout the day. when they revealed, and it took a couple of minutes to reveal this hangar door to pull it back and to see both products of boeing air force one and their new aircraft, the dreamliner, 787-10 as we've learned today, so this is about american jobs, about state pride in south carolina, and there's been some politics infused in it when of course henry mcmaster you talked about how he rose to become governor he said one of the best nights of his life happened in november, referring to the election. also said that to live in south carolina, and work for boeing is about as close to heaven as you can get, in full henry mcmaster style. i followed him for a number of years. so this is one of those occasions where it's a receptive crowd for president trump, both
10:31 am
politically and in terms of the jobs agenda that he talks about. this is a place where they are showing this off today, so if the president weren't coming here, it would have been a party to begin with, to add the president to it just expands that. you're hearing the ceo introducing the 45th president. >> let's listen in, president donald trump in charleston, north carolina. [ cheers and applause ] [ chants "usa" ] >> usa. thank you, dennis. i have to say, i love south carolina. i love it. [ cheers and applause ] remember, we came down all together. we came down and this was going to be a place that was tough to win, and we won in a landslide.
10:32 am
this was a good run. so i want to thank the people of south carolina, and your governor, tremendous guy he supported us right from the beginning. soid' li so i'd like to thank governor mac master for the incredible job. you've been fantastic and i have to say also that is one beautiful airplane. [ cheers and applause ] congratulations to the men a women here who have built it. what an amazing piece of art, what an amazing piece of work. thank you, dennis, for the invitation to be with you today. you know, in the old days when i made this speech i got paid a lot of money, now i have to do it for nothing, so -- [ laughter ] not a good deal, but that's okay. we love it. it's wonderful to be back in south carolina, especially with
10:33 am
your new governor. where is henry? he's around here someplace. where he is? stand up, henry. proud of you. he helped us so much. and i want to also thank your former governor, nikki haley who is doing an awfully good job for us. she's representing america very well as our ambassador to the united nations. she is doing a spectacular job. it's early, but she has just been really great. we're here today to celebrate american engineering and american manufacturing. we're also here today to celebrate jobs, jobs. [ cheers and applause ] this plane, as you know, was built right here in the great state of south carolina. our goal as a nation must be to rely less on imports and more on products made here in the usa. [ cheers and applause ]
10:34 am
right here in the usa. it's amazing to think that a little over 113 years ago, next door in north carolina, orville wright was the first man to sail the skies in a very little airplane. the 1903 wright flyer was made of mostly wood and cloth. it was so small that orville's brother, wilbur, could not join him on the flight. he was always very upset about that. the flight lasted all of 12 seconds, but it was incredible. that flight was a testament to the american spirit. i see that same spirit everywhere i travel in the country. i saw that spirit all throughout the campaign. we have the greatest people anywhere in the world. we have the greatest spirit, and
10:35 am
you just look at what's going on today in our country, you look at what's happening with jobs, you look at what's happening with plants moving back into our country, all of a sudden, they're coming back, and they're going to be very happy about it, believe me. [ cheers and applause ] they're going to be very, very happy. as your president, i'm going to do everything i can to unleash the power of the american spirit, and to put our great people back to work. [ cheers and applause ] this is our mantra, buy american and hire american. we wants products made in america, made by american hands. you probably saw the keystone pipeline i approved recently and the dakota. and i'm getting ready to sign the bill. i said where is the pipe made?
10:36 am
and they told me not here. i said that's good, add a little sentence that you have to buy american steel. [ cheers and applause ] and you know what? that's the way it is. that's the way it's going to be. we are going to fight for every last american job. we've come a long way since the wright brothers, and theirirst flig more than a century ago. your plane is made of carbon fiber. it seats 330 passengers. it's 18 feet longer than the previous version of the 787, and this airplane can fly for half a day before it touches the ground. the name says it all, dreamliner, great name. our country is all about making dreams come true. over the last number of years, that hasn't been necessarily the case, but we're going to make it
10:37 am
the case again. [ cheers and applause ] that's what we do in america. we dream of things and then we build them. we turn vision into reality and we will be doing a lot more of that, believe me, in the months and years to come. [ cheers and applause ] i also want to say a word to all of the members of the armed forces who are here with us today in this record crowd. south carolina has a long, very, very proud military tradition and history. we salute all south carolina military families and we salute all the men and women who wear the uniform. [ cheers and applause ]
10:38 am
we are going to fully rebuild our military. by the way do you care if it we use the f-18 super hornets? what do you think? we well, i thought that was a super hornet. we are looking seriously at a big order, and we'll see how that -- you know the problem is that dennis is a very, very tough negotiator, with ybut i te may get there. we're also working on the air force one project whi was a difficult project for previous administrations but it looks like we're getting closer and closer. and we're going to ensure -- [ cheers and applause ] that our great service members have the tools, equipment, training and resources they need
10:39 am
to get the job done. [ cheers and applause ] as george washington said, being prepared for war is the best way to prevent it, and that's really what it is, best way to prevent war, being prepared, peace through strength. we build a military might so great and we are going to do that, that none will dare to challenge it, none. we will ensure our men and women in uniform have the latest, the most cutting-edge systems in their arsenal. right now it's not that way. it will be that way very, very soon, believe me. you will be an important player in this effort. boeing has built many important aircraft, including, as i said,
10:40 am
the f-18 super hornet, the f-15 strike eagle, and the apache helicopter, just to name a few. [ cheers and applause ] and i'm being very, very serious, the new air force one, that plane, as beautiful as it looks, is 30 years old. can you believe it? what can look so beautiful at 30? an airplane. i don't know, which one do we like better, folks? tell me. [ cheers and applause ] on every front, we are goingo work for the american people. nowhere in our focus is, and i mean this so strongly, and our focus has to be so strong, but my focus has been all about
10:41 am
jobs. and jobs is one of the primary reasons i'm standing here today, as your president, and i will never, ever disappoint you, believe me. i will not disappoint you. [ cheers and applause ] i campaigned on the promise that i will do everything in my power to bring those jobs back into america. we wanted to make it much easier, it has to be much easier to manufacture in our country, and much harder to leave. i don't want companies leaving our country, making their product, selling it back, no tax, no nothing, firing everybody in our country. we're not letting that happen anymore, folks. believe me, there will be a very substantial penalty to be paid when they fire their people and move to another country, make the product and think that they're going to sell it back over what will soon be a very,
10:42 am
very strong border, going to be a lot different. it's going to be a lot different. [ cheers and applause ] already american industry is roaring back, and believe me, if we, not me, i'm a messenger, if we didn't have this victory, we wouldn't beven talking about it. achieve that goal, we're going to massively reduce job crushing regulations already started. you've seen that, that send our jobs to those other countries. we are going to lower taxes on american business so it's cheaper and easier to produce product and beautiful things like airplanes right here in america. [ cheers and applause ] we are going to enforce very strongly, enforce our trade rules and stop foreign cheating, tremendous cheating, tremendous cheating. we want products made by our
10:43 am
workers, in our factories stamped with those four magnificent words -- made in the usa! [ cheers and applause ] [ chants "usa" ] since november, jobs have already begun to search. we're seeing companies open up factories in america. we're seeing them keep jobs at home. ford, general motors, fiat chrysler, just to name a very, very few, so many more already, they're keeping and bringing thousands of jobs back in our country, because the business climate they know has already changed. in arizona, intel announced it will open a new plant that will create 10,000 american jobs.
10:44 am
they're spending billions of dollars. we will see more and more of that across the country, as we continue to work on reducing regulations, cutting taxes, including for the middle class, including for everyone, and including for business, and creating a level playing field for our workers. when there is a level playing field, and i've been saying this for a long time, american workers will always, always, always win, but we don't have a level playing field. very shortly, you will have a level playing field again. [ cheers and applause ] because when american workers win, america as a country wins big league, wins. that's my message here today.
10:45 am
america is going to start winning again, winning like never, ever before. we're not going to let our country be taken advantage of anymore, in any way, shape or form. we love america, and we are going to protect america. we love our workers, and we are going to protect our workers. we are going to fight for our jobs, we are going to fight for our families, and we are going to fight to get more jobs and better paying jobs for the loyal citizens of our country. believe me. you heard me say it before and i will say it again, from n on it's going to be america first. [ cheers and applause ] working together as a unit,
10:46 am
there is nothing we cannot accomplish, no task too large, no dream too great, no goal beyond our reach, just like you built this incredible airplane behind me, both of them, when you think about it, we are going to rebuild this country, and ensure that every forgotten community has the bright future it deserves, and by the way, those communities are forgotten no longer. the election took care of that. [ cheers and applause ] and we will pass on to our children the freedom and prosperity that is their american birthright. our children will inherit from us a nation that is strong, that is proud, and that is totally free, and each of you will be part of creating that new
10:47 am
american future. i want to thank you, south carolina. i want to thank the great people of south carolina. god bless you. may god bless the united states of america, and god bless boeing. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, everybody. thank you. >> and there you have it, president donald trump speaking for about 16 minutes there in north charleston. ♪ name checking a number of not just folks who are part of the political establishment there in the palmetto say and virtually checking every plane in the boeing fleet as well, also promising penalties will be paid by businesses who leave this country, also pledging a fight for jobs, and manufacturing jobs even more specifically and gave a couple of nods to the wright brothers, of course, who started aviation, we should note the
10:48 am
wrights brothers did that in north carolina, or as we referred to it those of us from south carolina, "the other carolina." as donald trump works the ropeline there, let's go back to kelly o'donnell, who is standing by for us in that airport hangar, and kelly o., the president said that that was a record crowd. can you give us a sense of the size and scope of that crowd? >> reporter: well i suspect that most, if not all employees at this location which is about 7,500 people are here. there are wings, no pun intended, to the setup where people are participating in this event. very, very large crowd but this is very much a corporate event. also notable there are signs that say "boeing" and a red 45, the 45th president, so kind of a corporate boosterism happening here today both from boeing's point view and as you heard in the president's remarks, it was really a cheer fest for
10:49 am
american jobs but this company in particular with references to air force one as well, and the work that has been done here, which boeing certainly is entitled to celebrate their achievement, and the president giving us again 101 days since the election a recap of his victory and things that changed because of his election in november. of course south carolina supported him. so this is part of what i suspect we will see as the president wants to get out into the country, reconnect with supporters and talk about his message beyond the white house, and beyond washington, d.c. so when we see him again tomorrow, at a pure campaign event in orlando, perhaps some of these themes will be part of this as well but this is a boeing day, a boeing event and the president is an honored guest here who certainly is in negotiations, not only on military aircraft, but the new air force one, and so when he's teasing the ceo, it's a negotiation as well about the cost of their products for the
10:50 am
u.s. government. craig? >> kelly o., thank you. president trump starting, by the way, starting that speech there in north charleston, similarly to the way we've heard him start a number of his speeches, by noting the landslide victory. talking about the size of his margin of victory. dana milbank is standing by, a columnist for t"the washington pos post", former congressman david jolly, hugh hewitt, msnbc political analyst and host of "the hugh hewitt show" on the salem radio network. while we have our conversation, gentlemen, we'll continue to show pictures of the president here in the palmetto state. dana, your general reactions to what we heard from president trump a few moments ago. >> you know, craig, this this 39 generates a lot of criticism pretty much whatever he does. but i think this is the sort of thing that you want the president of the united states to be doing. that is, boosting american
10:51 am
industry, giving a feel-good speech like this. yes, as you noted, it was couched in terms of his electoral victories, but you do want a president of the united states generating enthusiasm for american industry. that's entirely appropriate. i think what's going to occur this weekend in florida is rather a different matter, but this is the sort of thing we like to see. >> let me come to you, hugh, just really quickly here because, again, let's juxtapose what we just saw there in north charleston from president trump. again, dana pointing out that in many ways this is very much presidential, this is how one would expect the president to behave on this kind of stave. juxtapose it with what we saw from president trump, that 77-minute news conference there from the white house. >> well, one of the things he said, craig, in that news conference yesterday is that he had inherited a mess. one portion of that mess is a
10:52 am
readiness crisis in naval aviation. more than 60% of the super hornet, the f-18 on the fleet are not ready to fly today. when he said we're going to put a very big order with boeing, maybe, he's negotiating both with boeing and lockheed martin, which makes the f-35 at same time. he's pretty sh rude in that regard. when he finishes by saying, god bless boeing. i agree with dana, that's what we like the president to say. but if connects up to the 77 minutes yesterday when he talked about the mess he inherited. jim mattis -- general mattis, secretary mattis, made the same point in europe yesterday when he lectured nato on how only four, five of the cntries in nato were spending his 2%. he has a huge problem set. i kind of thought yesterday's press conference had its peaks and had its valleys and certainly had entertaining moments but this connects with it very much. >> president trump appears to be a long with governor master,there making his way across the tarmac, headed to
10:53 am
march mar mar-a-lago for the weekend. president trump taking a close-up view of the f-87 dreamliner. that compared to what we saw yesterday. >> right. this is donald trump's sweet spot. frankly, he should do more of this and stay on message a little more with this. here's why. if donald trump has an opportunity for success as the 45th president, it's going to come as a populist president who talks about jobs, talks about the economy, bread and butter issues. it's not going to be a traditional conservative presidency success. so, this is a sweet spot for him. now n past administrations, these events have been well orchestrated through a communications office that the last 28 days politically would have been in support of today's event. and that's where we're seeing this administration trip up. today's a good day for donald
10:54 am
trump, if he stays off twitter during the prime time hours. >> from former congressman jolly to current congressman mark sanford, south carina congressman, who also, of course, former governor of the palmetto state, but represents the area where all of this is happening. isn't that correct, this is part of the first district, is it not? >> home sweet home, yes. >> let's start with what we just heard from the president. >> well, i think his comments were incredibly appropriate. he talked about jobs in this country, which is obviously something that's going to resonate with the boeing team here in south carolina. he talked about manufacturing in south carolina, which is again going to resonate with this crowd. he talked about jobs and the economy, which is what this crowd really wanted to hear. >> i do want to play quickly just a snippet of what we heard roughly this time yesterday from president trump and get your take on the other side. here it is.
10:55 am
>> yes, sir. this is the president misleading the public, to a certain extent. you know what, we don't have that. but you spent some time talking in a recent article, a politico article, about this president's relationship with the truth. he said a number of things yesterday that have already been debunked by fact-checkers. why is it this president continues to say things he knows not to be true? >> well, i think it would be a real problem. i think that, you know, there's a fragile relationship between voters and each one of us's each candidate office-d holders. this truth has to hang in the balance. it absolutely matters. i don't know what yesterday's news was. i didn't hear specifically what he said. today is a day of celebration here in charleston based on the new roll-out of the plane here behind me. and based on a whole lot of work
10:56 am
by workers here at the boeing plant in charleston. >> you saw none of the news conference yesterday, congressman? >> i did see a few bits and pieces, yes, but i didn't hear it in its entirety, so i don't know what comment you're referring to. >> i would encourage to you go back and watch. your obamacare replacement has been filed. i want to show our viewers at home some of what you're talking about here, some of what you want to do with regards to repairing and replacing or repealing and replacing all together obamacare, including increasing access to health savings ktsz, legalizing inexpensive insurance plans, helping folks buy insurance across state lines. a lot of details laid out here in your plan. one of the things that's not especially clear yet is precisely how we're going to pay for it. >> i think that's the $94 question in all of this. this notion of transitions from where we are with obamacare, the
10:57 am
affordable care act, to where we go next, will involve cbo numbers. the concepts that will be talked about within the republican conference are not yet scored. my bill is not yet scored. so, that's going to be the $94 -- that's, frankly, the big question of washington, whether transition in health care, tax bill, fran structure, go down the list. >> i don't have time to get into it with you, but the conversation you had with politico, the magazine, fascinating. i would encourage viewers and listeners to read that. it did make me wonder, though, is running for president something that you've given more thought to? >> no. i'm just trying to survive the day. again, you know, i was involved in this boeing plant from day one, back when it was globalary nautical, and to see it from original ground breaking to nothing here to what it is today has been exciting. >> congressman sanford, who
10:58 am
represents this particular part of south carolina where all of this is happening today with congssman, thank you for your time. hope you'll come back. >> yes, sir. pleasure, thank you. >> more "msnbc live" when we come back. xpress open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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