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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  February 20, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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does this mean the general flynn controversy is going away? >> no, not at all. as long as we still have questions about the russian connection. >> glenn thrush, white house correspondent for "the new york times." thank you so much for joining us. my friend, happy presidents day to you. that wraps things up for me this hour. i'm katy tur. can you follow me on both facebook and twitter, but you know i like twitter better. my other twitter friend, jacob is here. >> follow me, i'll follow you back. in the meantime, katy tur, we have break news. i'm in for kate snow this week. here are our top stories at this hour starting with, as you just heard, breaking news. president donald trump has his new national security adviser. general h.r. mcmaster will replace michael flynn has national security adviser. who he is and what happens next coming up in a few moments. moeanwhile, vice president mike pence is aboard air force
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two on his way back from a reassurance mission. he was in brussels to show their support for nato after the president made a campaign of promising to make europe pay their fair share. back at home, so-called not my presidents day rallies going on in several places at this hour. we'll be dropping into a few of them. we have live reports set up inside the hot spots for you guys to keep up with all of the action, we have a lot to get to in this hour. our reporters and team of experts are in place to help us with it all. let's start at mar-a-lago this afternoon. here is what we heard from the president just moments ago. >> hello, everybody. you ready? because we're ready. i just wanted to announce we've been working all weekend, diligently, very hard that general h.r. mcmaster will become the national security adviser. he's a man of tremendous talent
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and tremendous experienc i wated and read a lot over the last two days. he is highly respected by everybody in the military. we're very honored to have him. he also has known for a long time, general keith kellogg, who i also have gotten to know. he's a terrific man. and they're going to be working together. and keith is going to be chief of staff and i think that combination is something very, very special. i met with many other people. tremendous respect for the people i met with. i know john bolton, we'll be asking to work with us in a somewhat different capacity. john is a terrific guy. we had some really good meetings with him. knows a lot. has a good -- a good -- a good number of ideas i must tell you, i agree very much with. we'll be talking to john bolton in a different capacity. and we'll be talking to some of the other generals that i met that i have really, really
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gained a lot of respect for. so, i think with that, i'd like to ask h.r. to say a couple of words. i'd like to ask keith to say a couple of words. and then i'll see you back in washington. we're leaving right now for washington and the white house. general? >> mr. president, thank you very much. i'd just like to say what a privilege it is to continue serving our nation. i'm grateful to you for that opportunity. and i look forward to joining the national security team and doing everything i can to advance and protect the interests of the american people. thank you very much, sir. >> you're going to do a great job. >> thank you, sir. general? >> mr. president, thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve. i'm very honored by it. very privileged by it. and i'm very honored and privileged to serve alongside general mcmaster i've known for years. he's a great statesman and great soldier. thank you, sir. >> so are you. what a great team. this is a great team. we're very, very honored. our country is lucky to have two
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people like this. frankly, after having met so many of the people in the military, we're lucky to have all of them. thank you all very much. i'll see you back in washington. we're leaving now. thank you. >> the president of the united states, donald j. trump, at mar-a-lago in florida announcing his new pick for national security adviser, general herbert raymond mcmaster alongside kellogg, who will be serving as chief of staff. my colleague kelly o'donnell is standing by with us in west palm beach. this san update this afternoon in the president's search for a national security adviser, to say the least. >> reporter: well, this was a development that we knew was going to be imminent but we weren't quite sure whether it would fall on his weekend time here in florida. the president had indicated he wanted to move quickly. we had been told that there were interviews with at least four candidates and even some
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follow-up meetings. i think now we can presume that the follow-up meetings were today. the president earlier tweeted that he was meeting with some generals. and we now see how profound the influence of flag officers has been for donald trump. when you have mattis and kelly, now members of the cabinet as secretaries, retired generals. now you have a three-star in h.r. mcmaster, who will serve as national security adviser. and kellogg, keith kellogg, also a three off-star, as chief of staff for that important national security council, which is really not as well known to the general public about how large that staff can be, how expert they are on different regions of the world and different threats to the united states. and it will be mcmaster's role to sift through that, to help advise the president, to be in on all the important meetings. it is really a role that is close to the president. one where there's often a very close bond of trust and friendship that builds up
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between a president and a national security adviser. the president has a lot of latitude in making such a decision because there is no senate confirmation for this person. so, the abrupt exit of michael flynn, who was also a general, after his failure to be fully forthcoming with the vice president and others, that turbulent period for the white house, to a degree, is now over because we can now say that will is a new choice. the president's made a decision. he conducted his interviews. and now a figure who is not as well known outside military circles, h.r. mcmaster, will have a very prominent role inside the white house, especially when you consider the limitations on foreign policy knowledge and intelligence knowledge of many on the team because of the unusual outsider aspects of the trump presidency. so, this is a big development. the president also said, leaving right away to get back to washington. that suggests it's a bit earlier than what we have been given as
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guidance. apparently his work is done. he's ready to get back after a weekend that was in part business, meetings not only on this but obamacare, as we were told, staff meetings and some time for golf. jacob? >> kelly o'donnell, stay with us. as kelly said, our guidance was the president was going to head back to the washington, d.c., area in the next hour but he seems to have accelerated that departure after making his national security adviser pick. for more on the president's pick for national security adviser, i want to bring in colonel jack jacobs. what else can you tell us about lieutenant general mcmaster? >> it's kind of a surprising pick. i'll tell you why. h.r. mcmaster is one of the clearest, most logical thinking people you will run across anywhere. he thinks outside the box. he's extremely creative. he's very, very articulate, both in writing and in speech. he's a great leader. has a great deal of leadership
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experience, both on staff in positions of great authority, and also in the field as a combat soldier. what's surprising about it is not that trump would pick somebody with fantastic credentials. by the way, he's a great strategic thinker as well, but an independent thinker like h.r. mcmaster. i can't imagine general mcmaster taking the job without first establishing ground rules with the people in the west wing by saying, look, i get to pick my staff, i'm not going to take orders and instructions from the two stevens or anybody else. i'll give you my best evaluation after taking into account the input from all the executive branches, all the executive departments. and i'm going to tell you exactly what i think. i'm not going to tell you what you want to hear.
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i mean, he's that kind of personality. and it's difficult to envision somebody with that kind of personality and experience being in an environment in which things are very tightly controlled from 1600 pennsylvania avenue, jacob. >> so, colonel jacobs, do you think that mcmaster in this situation was able to extract some exceptions from the trump administration with regard to staffing? we do know general petraeus as well as robert harward were said to have not been picked for that position because of issues regarding staffing and being able to pick their own staff as national security adviser? >> yeah, great point. i think, yes, he probably was able to extract some kind -- some measure of independence because i think the white house has come to the conclusion it was not going to get a first-class mind who can act as the honest broker in developing national security strategy and
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the tactical points during which it could achieve them without giving some sort of concessions to the guy who has to put it all together. he was not going to get a guy like mcmaster unless he gave up something and it may well be some independent room to recommend what he wanted to recommend. mcmaster has a very low threshold of pain in dealing with people who don't know what they're talking about. and who have not clearly thought out what they're saying and what they're thinking. this is exactly what the national security establishment needs, especially now, given all of the players involved. yeah, i don't think mcmaster would have taken the job without some concessions on the part of the president. >> i want to bring in some additional expertise here. stay with us, colonel. joining me, robert costa, national reply reporter for "the washington post," david frum,
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senior editor at "the atlantic" and on set, james tim, heading up trump versus reality, an ongoing effort to track the president's reality on ten campaign promises and nbc news political analyst, joel benenson. bob, i want to start with you. the president called mcmaster a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience when announcing the appointment. what is your take on the process here that the president and the administration went through and the ultimate decision? >> he did not have a long-standing personal relationship with general mcmaster. in fact, according to people who spoke with the president, are familiar with those conversations over the weekend at mar-a-lago, he was intrigued by the idea of perhaps selecting ambassador bolton. some within the white house have told the president that bolton is a very controversial figure, remains one. though he could maybe have another slot in the administration, it may not be
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best to have that big personality inside of the white house. mcmaster, well respected by all in the military and intelligence community, seemed like a better fit. that led to the decision. >> david, let me bring you in here as veteran of a white house administration. when you look at the pick that we saw today and we look at lieutenant general mike flynn, who, of course, resigned, ti tendered his resignation to president trump, what do you make from general mcmaster? is this a traditional pick? is this going back away from the idea of a maverick, like many called general mike flynn? >> it's an absolutely baffling pick. mcmaster is smart, confident, honest, patriotic, not compromised by hostile foreign power. i don't know how he got the job. >> you to want elaborate there, david? >> look, donald trump has -- for
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those positions not confirmed by senate, as national security adviser is, he's had an unfailing insixty for people who shouldn't be in government giving them atop jobs. this is someone who should be in top job although not confirmed by the senate. this is someone who will not fit in with the rest of the trump white house. lucky for us, but strange for him. >> let me turn to joel benenson here as someone who sat across the table, i guess you could say, from donald trump during the course of the campaign. you saw the type of picks he had early on in his administration, failed pick of lieutenant general michael flynn here. when you see he picked someone, even david frum is shocked by coming into the administration, what is the first thing that comes to mind? >> first of all, about this first pick, it's the first two orchestrated minutes since he took the oath of office. it was not chaotic. it was straightforward. not taking questions was smart. i believe they coughed up the
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ball several times, so having coughed up the ball, both with flynn, the people who followed and turned the job down because of staffing, they needed to do this right, do it quickly, efficiently. it will at least enable them to get past the flynn controversy for the time being. i don't think it will help them get past a lot of other controversies that have happened over the last couple of days. >> let's bring in jane. you are now working on a project that quite literally day in and day out the mission is to fact-check donald trump, the reality versus donald trump is the idea behind this project. we know that reality became an issue in the conversations between mike flynn, president trump and vice president pence. how much of that do you figure went into the pick here for general h.r. mcmaster as national security adviser? and what kind of microscope, like the one you are now holding up to the president, will general h.r. mcmaster be under because of the circumstances surrounding the departure of
12:15 pm
mike flynn? >> this is a win for him. he'll watch cable tv from the plane and say, what a great choice. i think he may have seen the problems with putting someone like general flynn, who was so involved with the campaign, into this government post. and i think that choosing someone straight from the military, not well known to the political sphere, gets a wide range of approval and wide range of people who really think he's a great choice, he's going to like that. this is a guy who promised to make americans trust government again. this, he hopes s a check in that box and something that diverts attention away from flynn. don't think it will, but he's going to hope it does, at least for today. >> serving along dwst side lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster has been picked by donald trump to serve as national security adviser. taking over for mike flynn, lieutenant general mike flynn, who resigned after a scandal in which he was not quite truthful to the vice president of the united states with his contacts with the russian ambassador after sanctions were levied by the obama administration.
12:16 pm
i want to bring in colonel jack jacobs -- let's go back to bob costa. what did you make of keith kellogg sitting alongside the president, and h.r. mcmaster who will go from acting national security adviser to chief of staff of the national security council. what went into that decision? >> it's an understandable development. so many times throughout the campaign, we would encounter general kellogg on the campaign trail being an advocate for then-candidate trump. he's not seen as a high-profile figure like general flynn but certainly a loyal person in donald trump's broader circumstancircle, within the campaign and now within the administration. >> david frum, let me go back to you. you are legitimately shocked by this pick. we can all seehe look sti on your face. do you believe this signals some sort of larger shift in tragedy in terms of staffing in the white house? we know there are a lot of unfilled positions yet in the white house. does this signal some sort of
12:17 pm
shift in the trump administration? >> well, donald trump remains the president of the united states. he remains himself contaminated by his ties with russia in all kinds of ways. look, we're glad to see those occasions when there are smart, capable, honest and uncontaminated people taking important security roles but i don't think anybody should be relaxed about the position of the national security of the united states. it remains in very dangerous hands. in the end, if the president disagrees with any of these people, it is not the president who has to resign, it's the defense secretary, the secretary of state or the national security adviser who must resign. as long as you have a president like this, i don't think you can sleep well at night. >> joel benenson nods his head, concurring with what david frum is saying. when you say a look as a democrat, when you take a look at democrats that are most likely on this presidents day sitting at home and watching the president in mar-a-lago make this announcement, how do you anticipate democrats will respond? >> in terms of the appointment they can't do much.
12:18 pm
it's a presidential appointment without confirmation. i think the thing democrats will focus on is what republicans like mcconnell, john mccain and bob corker, lee leading republicans, and the senate has said russia is the elephant on the table. this will not clear up the controversies around contact with russia, meddling in our election, which is what mitch mcconnell said is the most significant issue, bob corker called it the elephant in the room. the attention is going to turn to that very quickly. getting to the bottom of that is going to have far more ram fiction over the long term. >> does russia still hang over this appointment with the new national security adviser, general mcmaster? >> yeah, i think it's very, very important. and the congress does, too. over time, as the congress starts to get its legs, and work out some sort of m.o. with the white house,ist going to start on both sides of the aisle to get very serious about investigating what this is all about. and i think it's interesting
12:19 pm
that mcmaster will be the national security adviser in that kind -- that kind of environment because he is going to figure very heavily on trying to thwart out what exactly happened, what should have happened, what people say happened. he'll be in the middle of it. it will be interesting to see how he plays one end of pennsylvania avenue against the other end of pennsylvania avenue and continue to be an honest broker. >> thank you all so much for being here during this breaking news. to reset, lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster, new national security adviser, appointed today by president donald trump. coming up, the details of a secret dossier compiled by the kremlin paints a psychological profile of president trump. what is in it and has russian president vladimir putin seen in? we'll be right back. diabetic... whose ...nerve pain shoots and burns its way into your day... ...i hear you. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable...
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reset relations with ruche loomed large over his pick. the breaking news today that lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster is the new national security adviser. at the same time vladimir putin is preparing for his first meeting with president trump. some of putin's staff are preparing a dossier on president trump's psychological makeup, assessing his mental strengths and weaknesses. nbc news chief global correspondent bill neely has more from moscow. >> reporter: good afternoon, jacob. yes, this is an attempt bit
12:24 pm
kremlin to get inside the mind of donald trump to probe his strengths and weaknesses. it's a dossier being prepared for president putin in advance of the meeting of the two leaders, the date which hasn't been set. i understand from a former deputy foreign minister that it's being prepared not just by kremlin insiders, people who work for president putin, but outsiders as well. it's apparently seven pages long and mostly focuses on the last two to three months. this goes way, way beyond any kind of briefing document that a president would normally get. what theremlin appears to be concluding is that president trump is naive on world affairs. certainly not as interested on foreign policy as president putin. also that he relies too much on his own intuition, could be a hangup from his business career,
12:25 pm
thinks the kremlin, and that he should be relying on the advice of his inner circle, his own personal advisers. thirdly, that he is a risk-taker. now, that's no bad thing, certainly not in a business career, but the kremlin is worried that he is taking on the mass media in the u.s. and the intelligence agencies and that this risk-taking could lead him to various dangers. the kremlin is really worried that he will arrive at these talks with president putin unable to deliver what russia really wants, which is a lifting of u.s. sanctions on russia. the kremlin, according to the former deputy foreign minister, is preparing for these talks very seriously, indeed. they are preparing to meet a pragmatic president, they say, unlike the idealistic president obama. they're also preparing to meet a
12:26 pm
deal-maker in president trump. so, this dossier is being updated regularly. and president putin, according to insiders, is already taking these talks with president trump, which the date has not been announced but thought to be april or may, taking those talks very seriously, indeed. back to you, jacob. >> bill neely in moscow, thank you so much, bill. for more i want to bring in democratic congressman adam smith of washington. congressman, let's start with breaking news. i want to get your take on president trump's pick for national security adviser, lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster. >> well, he's, obviously, very well qualified. he's got great experience in the military. and i listened to what some of your guests said earlier. i can concur. he's certainly -- i mean, to say it's an improvement over mike flynn is an incredible understatement. now, you know, there's still the president, of course, and steve bannon and others in the white house to battle with, but it's good we have general mattis in
12:27 pm
charge of the defense department and now general mcmaster as national security adviser, because those are two very competent people who hopefully can rein in some of the more outlandish ideas of others in the trump circle. >> you mentioned steve bannon. are you worried as national security adviser, general mcmaster will not have the autonomy needed to do his job? >> yeah, i think that's the big concern. now, you know, we don't know what went on, you know, in terms of the negotiation. i would imagine that general mcmaster, you know, insisted upon full control. we'll see how that plays out. yes, that is the concern. to see how it plays out in terms of who's really calling the shots on national security policy. >> i want to talk a little about russia, as we have been saying this hour, looms large over this pick of mcmaster. earlier today, in fact, clinton campaign manager robby mook said russia could have been the reason clinton lost the election. is that something you agree with? >> the thing is, when you lose an election as narrowly as hillary clinton did, there's probably about two dozen
12:28 pm
different things that could have been responsible for it. probably were. any little thing that turned, you know, 20,000 votes in wisconsin, 15,000 votes in michigan changes the election. and there is no question the release of those e-mails within the dnc were very damaging to the clinton campaign. i think it's fair to say, if it hadn't happened, she probably would have won. but then again, like i said, there's another 15 or 20 different things, if they hadn't happened, she would have won. it was that close of an election. beyond that, the serious thing s a foreign power attempting to influence our election. russia must be held accountable for that. that's why i do not support lifting the sanctions. i've co-sponsored a piece of legislation with minority representative steny hoyer and others that's bipartisan requiring those sanctions to stay in place unless congress approves their lifting. i think it's very important that we don't allow them to get away with simply influencing our election. >> i know you're in your home
12:29 pm
district for this holiday. "the washington post" bob costa, who was just joining me, reported democratic congressman of new jersey arrived home to critics of president trump. it's not just republicans feeling the heat at these town halls across the country. what are you hearing from your constituents about the first month of president trump's administration? are they happy with what democrats are doing so far? >> i think so. my district is very democratic. 68%, 70% democratic. i don't know what percentage president trump got in my district, but i doubt it was over 25%. so, my district is very concerned about president trump and they want to see democrats step up and hold him accountable. and i believe we have done that. and we're doing our best. it would be a heck of a lot he's fer we had more democrats in the house, more democrats in the senate. but there are still things we can do. you know, we're doing them. we're going to hold him accountable and do everything we can to make sure that we limit the damage of some of the policies that he has proposed.
12:30 pm
>> you said it. i mean, he represents seattle, some of the surrounding area. definitely not trump country at all. is it especially political kryptonite for you or other democrats to work with the president? >> it depends on the issue. the problem is everything he's laid out is diameteric opposed to what i and my constituents want. i'm glad his labor secretary was knocked down but he still opposed to worker protection. he's opposed to environmental protection. and he has put forward a national security policy most of the times that i think is way too anti-muslim, way too anti-immigrant, goes against the grain of what's, i think, in the best interest of the country. so, if president trump were to come up with a policy, he's mentioned infrastructure, for instance. i'm skeptical as to whether or not he's going to do that. if he put a realistic infrastructure package on the table that could help our economy, that could build infrastructure, put people back
12:31 pm
to work. certainly. look, it's not a matter, we don't like president trump so we're not going to work with him. we don't like his policies so we're going to oppose them. if those policies change, if there are policies we can agree with, sure. thus far we haven't seen that. we're still patiently waiting. >> congressman smith of washington, open to common ground with the president, as well as on the pick of general mcmaster as new national security adviser. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, we are heading to london, england, where right now there is a fight under way to stop president trump's state visit later in the year. after the break we'll be live outside parliament as the house of xhocommons debates a decision to block the visit. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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we are following opposition to president trump over in great britain this afternoon. anti-trump protesters are demonstrating outside the house of parliament today. it comes as members of parliament in engage in a debate over whether or not to withdraw an invitation to president trump for a state visit that's supposed to happen later this year. this all started with one of the most popular parliament petitions ever with roughly 2 million signatures. second only to a petition for another referendum on brexit. it has more signatures than other petitions on stopping all immigration and making cannabis legal. for more i want to bring in matt bradley bringing us the latest from london. what can you tell us about this debate? >> reporter: the debate we believe is winding down right now behind me. you can see a couple hundred protesters still left over from a protest that was quite sizeable. this is actually becoming typical here in london. this is the fourth major protest against donald trump since his inauguration in about as many weeks ago. we need to mention, this protest
12:36 pm
and the debate in parliament behind them, it's not necessarily against donald trump. it's against donald trump having a state visit here in britain. a lot of the anger you're seeing in states have washed up on european shores. people say inviting donald trump for a state visit would actually be beneath the dignity of the queen, this 90-year-old monarch, who has now hosted 109 different state visits from heads of states from all over the world. she's now deciding whether or not to accept donald trump. now, it seems as though she will. theresa may, the prime minister, has come out already and she said donald trump will be coming. these protesters behind me, you can see the numbers are dwindling but now getting into song, more light stuff, but they said earlier if donald trump does, in fact, come to britain for this state visit, then can you expect numbers many, many times this size. now, why all of this conflict over just a state visit, which
12:37 pm
is really just a diplomatic formality? well, here in britain, they consider a state visit, which the queen would host, to be the ace in the hole of british diplomacy. ets been going on for decades. the conservatives in parliament say we should be using the power of the state visit, the pageantry, the pomp and circumstance, in order to bring donald trump on side with britain for some crucial debates coming up -- nato, brexit, a trade deal that is coming out of this brexit that's going to be triggered toward the end of march. so, they're saying that the -- the state visit is such a potent weapon, we should use it to bring donald trump in favor of the uk. now, the liberals here, they're saying that britain will be embarrassing themselves by inviting president donald trump here and they should cancel and disinvite trump to send a message that this country, the protesters here and many of the labor members in parliament, disapprove of what they say is
12:38 pm
donald trump's massage aysogany racism. >> the same we've seen in our country, protests against donald trump, and as matt bradley, protest against the state visit. coming up next, speaking of demonstratio demonstrations, people are demonstrating for what they are calling not my president rally. we'll hear against some people speaking out against president donald trump. you're watching msnbc. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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just a reminder, today is presidents day. for many it is a day off work. some are using that time to protest our current president. rallies are going on right now across the country in cities like new york, chicago, washington, d.c., you see them there. thousands are taking to the streets protesting president trump. we got reporters live in atlanta, new york, and los angeles, keeping an eye on all of it for us. let's start with mariana atencio in georgia. the rally just ended there, i understand it. they called this a peach-ful march, a play on words as it's the peach state. were things, indeed, peachful? >> reporter: i want to show you something, jacob. these are the t-shirts that many of these marchers were carrying today. they were calling for the impeachment of president donald trump. they say this is a lighthearted issue on the issue but i asked if they were serious. they said, definitely.
12:43 pm
they consider donald trump's ties to russia an impeachable offense. as you said, this march just ended. i walked with a couple hundred people five miles all the way over here to midtown atlanta, to the financial district. i want to walk you through this crowd. you can see the people in atlanta, very creative. how warm are you in there right now after all we marched? >> it's a little toasty but i'm enjoying myself. >> reporter: i also see this very diverse group of people here. we've seen people who are older, younger, we've seen dogs, we've seen families marching, hispanics, african-americans. i want to ask you quickly where you're from and why you're here. >> i live in atlanta. i'm originally from puerto rico. i'm here because our president needs to understand that he was elected but he was elected to run the united states of america with all of the people, all of the colors that are encompassed in it and all of the religions. >> reporter: where are you from? we're doing this in english. >> sorry. i'm from argentina but born in
12:44 pm
california so i'm an american citizen. >> reporter: california. also people from colombia. finally, how do you move forward from this? is this a sense of fatigue? >> occasionally but it's like when you start wearing out, you know there are other people behind you to kind of let you breathe. it's like when you're singing a song. someone holds the note while you need to take a breath. >> reporter: thank you so much. that is the scene here in atlanta today. >> mayor anna atencio, thank you very much. up this way in new york city, i should say, thousands are outside trump international hotel right near central park. and different from the rally that we saw in atlanta, they are not marching anywhere. they are parked at columbus circle hearing from speakers. they feel the president is not representing. ron allen is there live. a lot of different groups being represented here in new york city that are upset over some of the president's policies. >> reporter: they're upset about just about all of the president's policies, to be honest with you. i was listening to a chant of "lock him up" back there in the
12:45 pm
background. this is probably going to end up being one of the biggest demonstrations in the country. there are several thousand people here. as you can see here in columbus circle, even though the sun is going down, there's still a fairly significant gathering. earlier today, things got a little heat when some folks came out to speak out for president trump. there was some confrontations back and forth, people yelling and screaming at each other, tempers flared but it was peaceful and under control. the authorities did a good job keeping people separate and keeping this organized. trump tower, the hotel is over in that direction. there was a huge security cordon in front of it. central park west for about a quarter of a mile, so at the end of the day, several thousand people in the streets, a lot of passion, question, of course, is what will this add up to as the days and weeks go by. many people here are convinced they need to stay out in the
12:46 pm
street and do more practical things like contacting local representatives and sending mail and attending meetings and doing grassroots work that gets the message across in other ways beyond this. for now, again, crowd dwindling but thousands of people out here making their voices heard during the course of the day. back to you. >> ron, as you said, both pro and anti-trump marchers, protesters, ralliers out there. that's democracy, first amendment at work. thank you. let's head to los angeles where more and more continue to show up at a rally outside los angeles city hall. that's where we find gadi schwartz. what's the biggest issue that has brought them out today? >> reporter: jacob, it is absolutely issue whiplash out here. you have resist to exist. turn around. what was on the backside? no ban, no wall, not my president. then you just walk down here, this is in support of standing rock. over here in support of the news.
12:47 pm
you've got all kinds of different issues out here. women's rights issues. we've been talking to people out here about what has driven them to come here on a day that is normally to celebrate presidents, to protest a president. can i ask you a couple quick questions? we're live on msnbc. i want to ask you, what brings you out here today? >> hi, i'm a former refugee. i came to the united states 17 years ago as a refugee from afghanistan. and i'm here for the immigrant community, for the hispanics, for the refugees. i'm here for the lbgtq community. i'm here for everybody. and i'm here for the muslim community. so, i'm here for the women. i'm here for everybody. >> reporter: it's a lot to take in. so many different issues. what do you think has brought everybody together? >> i think pretty much -- i mean, i've seen -- the rallies that i've been to, like you said, every single issue that is
12:48 pm
important to individuals, it has kind of brought awareness to the individuals that -- the individual issues that are important to the people. and it has actually raised awareness on the community level. so, let's say if women's issues is important to me, for example violence is an issue for someone else, just through these rallies i've become aware of the environmental issues. for me, it's pretty much -- i have a good awareness of pretty much all the issues. being a health care worker, actually, i'm very concerned about the affordable care act and the implication that it's going to have for my patients. and how it's going to impact a lot of our patients negatively. >> reporter: thank you so much. thank you for sharing. it's interesting, we've been talking to trump supporters in the last few weeks. they say the thing they've been most encouraged by is trump delivering on his promises. that is the reason why all these people are out here, too. they say he's been delivering on his promises and it has divide the country. jacob, back to you.
12:49 pm
>> nbc's gadi schwartz outside los angeles city hall and downtown l.a., thanks very much. stick around. we'll be right back. eumatologist eumatologist about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain... ...and protect my joints from further damage. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira works by targeting and helping to... ...block a specific source... ...of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain and... ...stop further joint damage in many adults. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas... ...where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flulike symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit
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12:53 pm
story is tom costello. explain whether there's cause for immediate concern. >> well the headline is they don't believe that security was in any way jeopardized, but here's what happened, 6:00 a.m., at jfk airport, and apparently this happened during a shift change, 11 passengers did have their carry-on bags screened, but nobody it appears was actually manning those check points. the mag no tommer its when the individuals went through. three of those 11 actually did trip it, something metal tripped that. now you know it could be your shoes, belt, could be that you're carrying something, but three people tripped it. here's what's concerning. the tsa did not notify the port authority that this had happened for two hours. that these individuals had gotten through, apparently without being checked. and so by the time the port authority police started looking for these individuals, based on surveillance camera photographs and video of the check point, they were already gone. pretty confident that they had
12:54 pm
already boarded their flights. no reason to believe that these individuals were terrorists or were criminals with, but rather they were not properly screened. so once they arrived at their destination, the tsa says it did go ahead and screen all people coming and arriving on those flights from jfk to assure that nobody landed and had anything that was deemed to be at risk. they also say that at the check point itself, when these individuals went through without being properly checked, there were dogs nearby, so the dogs presumably would have picked up on any scent, but here's what the tsa says in a statement, the tsa is reviewing reports of a possible security incident there at jfk. terminal five. earlier reports suggest three passengers did not receive required secondary screening after alarming the walk-through metal detector. all personal carry-on bags did receive a screening. they also go on to say that it works with layers of security that are both seen and unseen
12:55 pm
and they're confident that this incident presents no threat to the aviation system, once the review is complete, tsa could discipline and retrain employees as possible, but clearly, jacob, this raises a red flag because as you may recall, it was a very early flight on 9/11 which terrorists got through the then very weak security in boston and also new york. and we know that terrorists continue to be concerned and targeting airports. so to have a breach like this at jfk is an issue. >> bizarre. thank you so much for the information and the update on that. we are going to be right back after this quick break. when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust.
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that will do it for me this hour. thank you so much for watching. i will see you right back here tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 p.m. eastern and find me on snapchat, twitter, instagram, facebook, you know the drill. up next, steve kornacki, pick things up. >> thanks. good afternoon, everybody, i'm steve kornacki, we're live here in new york. it is day 32 of the first 100 days topping the agenda right now, we've got some breaking news, a surprise announcement, donald trump with his pick to replace michael flynn. >> general h.r. mcmaster will become the national security advisor. >> a key role that came open last week in this
1:00 pm
administration, now being filled. who is mcmaster? what does this pick mean for the trump administration? we have got a team of experts lined up to break it all down for us. also on the agenda, trump versus the media. >> thomas jefferson said, nothing can be believed which is seen in a newspaper. >> president trump invoking the founder fathers. he says he's not saying anything in his attacks on the media that they didn't say. does he have a point? and finally, not my president's day. >> donald trump is -- he manipulated people's fear and bigotry to get where he is. >> anti-trump protesters clashing with trump supporters in some rallies. a number of demonstrations across the country today on president's day. our team of reporters fanned out from coast to coast, they will take us to


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