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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  February 21, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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it's been an interesting. >> kokoda, ron, i'm going to blame the producers for delivering me a pronunciation on that and not delivering. that wrap things up for me. jacob is in for kate snow. >> katie, mococoda come on. next time. so long, katey. i'm in for kate he. >>. here will our top stories at this hour. right now the department of homeland security is rolling out president trump's plans for a wider crackdown on people coming into the united states illegally. a campaign promise manifest with one big glaring exception. we'll have an explanation and a live report for you coming up. plus a conversation with the president of the united states. my colleague craig mill vin
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oke exclusively to president trumpt the african-american museum. a wave of bomb threats across ten jewish community centers. in missouri more than 100 headstones were found toppled over or damaged at a historic jewish cemetery. from the white house to town halls across the country we are at the height of a day jam packed with news. ourn our correspondents and panel of experts are standing by to talk about all of it. let's start with craig melvin who spoke exclusively with the president today. the topic of answer semitism. what struck you about your conferring today and spicer defending the president's response this last hour? >> you know, this morning i got the sense the president was ready for that question. keep in mind in light of what happened most recently at the cemetery in missouri we her from
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secretary clinton this morning on twitter. but before that we heard from president trump's own daughter, ivanka, yesterday condemning the vie less and the anti-semitism that seems to be on the rise in this country. you have got think that the president talked to his daughter about it. and you also know that this is a president that spends a fair am of time on social media. so i am sure he was aware of the sentiment that was out there. now, that was the conversation this morning. then this afternoon as you just indicated we heard from sean spicer a few moments ago in the briefing room seemingly exs% ated that the question continues to be asked. the president insisting to me this is something he has denounce thousands of times, h w know not to be true. but you do get the sense this is an administration that realizes now that they need to say something, they need to be very forceful in their condemnation. i also spent some time talking
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to the president this morning about the plans for the new immigration executive order. keep in mind that our conversation happened before we got some new details about what the eoc might be. here's a portion of what the president told me. >> we have to have a safe country. we have to let people come in that are going to love the country. this is about love. this building is about love. and we have to have people come in that are going to love the country, not people that are going to harm the country. and i think a lot of people agree with me on that. so we'll have various things coming out over a period of time and you will see them as they come out. and we'll let you know exactly what they are. but we have let people in that are going to be positive for our country. >> about the dreamers. >> we are going to try to take care of the dreamers very well. >> all right, you heard there, president trump saying what we've heard him say in different ways before, that we are going to try and take care of the so-called dreamers.
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it remains to be seen precisely what that means moving forward. but you spent a great great deal of time during the campaign crisscrossing this country talking to people who are in this predicament. we have heard from president trump in the past say i have irn chks i have grandchildren. i can't imagine what it would be like. >> that's right. >> to have them stripped away from me again, oftentimes as is the case with policy, the devil is in the details, right. >> various things he told you, craig, vary vousious things on immigration. craig stay with us. for the latest on the various things on the immigration that the president cold craig he would be work on i want of the to go to the white house. kristen welker sanding by. what did we hear from sean spicer sounding immigration on the i.c.e. regulations and the implementation of a new executive order? >> a couple of things going on in that regard jacob. first of all we got new
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guidelines from the don't of homeland security, how they will enact the president's immigration orders. and based on the guidelines, these are going to be tougher enforcement measures in place. 10,000 more i.c.e. agents as well as detaining people when they cross the border, and parents who pay smugglers to bring their kids across the border could face prosecution. spicer was pressed on this and asked if this essentially amounted to mass deportation. he disputed that characterization. but he was very clear. look, this is going to be a tougher attempt to hold people accountable who cross the border illegally. now, separately, we are waiting for a new executive action. and that is going to essentially be a new travel ban. remember that first one was held up in the courts with legal challenges. the white house is working on revising that executive order and revising the language. i pressed on spicer on one component of it. remember in the first version of
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that executive order it called for indefinitely banning syrian refuse of are of geez. based on my reporting that language might be a little bit different in this second go around. i asked sean spicer about that. take a look. can you tell us what the language might look like as it relates to syrian refugees? >> i appreciate the effort but when we have it ready we'll get it out. and i think part of the this. >> is there a ban on syrian refugees? >> again, i appreciate the second try. we are not ready to announce it. part of it is we are making sure that it is completely ready to go. and so when we have that, we will get it out to you. i just -- i -- that -- the reason we haven't announced it is it's not ready to be announced. >> based on my reporting, jacob, a draft order would halt travel from those same seven countries that were targeted initially, iraq, iran, yemen and others. so, again, the language still
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coming together, sean spicer not prepared to get ahead of the president on that. but we do anticipate we will learn what's in the new executive order by the end of the week. >> thank you for the update. i want to bring in analysts. i'm join by howard dean, the former democratic governor of vermont, and the former chairman i should say of the democratic national committee as well as jake sherman, writer at politico. and elise jordan, a time columnist and a former adviser for senator rand paul's presidential campaign. governor, today's rollout of this dhs guideline on immigration enforcement, as you know, president obama dert poed more undocumented immigrants than any other president, nearly 3 million. did the president, president obama not lay the ground work in some ways for the expansion that we are seeing from the trump administration today? >> i would argue that the answer is no. i think president obama was carrying out the law and focusing on people with criminal
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records. trump is using this as a wedge issue in order to crank up his base like he did throughout the election. this is going to be litigated. whatever he does is going to be litigated. president obama's orders were orderly, aimed at a particular target group and not accompanied by the anti-immigrant rhetoric donald trump used before and after his inauguration. >> elise, i don't think anybody would call donald trump a compassion a compassionate as george bush was known. any one of the undocumented immigrants could be deported. how does that sit? >> i think the vagueness of the language is where president trump could run into a lot of issues with this executive order like he did with the previous executive orderan abouting muslim since from seven muslim nations. i think that it's all going to
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depend on the implementation and the tidiness of the language, the tins of the legal argument and really, with this order, it is a test of the competency of the trump administration. it is a test that republicans are looking at to see how much they can trust that this is going to be an orderly, competent white house and not the chaos they have seen so far coming out of the west wing. >> it was interesting to see halle jackson press sean spicer with this mother in arizona. jake, we are expecting a revised travel ban come up here. you heard elise talking about that. do you know what that specifically entail? kristen has her reporting, what are you learning about what they are changing that will make this more acceptable to the courts. >> as with a lot of things in this administration it is a not clear. we heard sean spicer say that. they are going to close some of
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the green card loopholes. but the thing to focus on is two big tests. as elise was saying, the competency of the administration is again subject to test here. if you are a democrat, what you hope for is that you do see some sort of mass deportation and people who have low level criminal offenses maybe falsifying work papers, falsifying social security numbers to stay in the country illegally. those people might be subject to deportation. and that could be a massive issue. listen, elections are next year. this is not an obtuse or kind of a vague issue at this point. s that major political problem or has the potential to be a major political problem for republicans on capitol hill who are up for re-election just next year. >> craig, when you were speaking with the president we heard him talk about keeping people safe in this country. it's almost the default he goes ck t as if this immigration executive order is always foreont mine. how would you say he
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characterized the work they will be doing on this executive order what they will be putting out to you when you were speaking this morning? >> he did not. he didn't characterize it for us jacob. you know, this is something that happens with this administration from time to time. you will hear a promise but not necessarily a time line with regards to specifics or implementation. so that's pretty much what we got this morning is, well, him talking in broad terms, if you will, about keeping the country safe. i think that's probably something that regardless of political affiliation we all want to do. everyone wants to keep the country safe. but precisely how do you go about doing that and and how do you go about doing that in a way where you balance legitimate national security concerns with the rights that a lot of people in this country have enjoyed for a long time. >> elise one of the other thing that the president danced around was this issue of anti-semitism. he was give a lay up question at
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the press conference on thursday to denounce anti-semitism. finally this morning he came out and denounced by name anti-semitism. spicer said as well he will continue the do that. is that enough? >> this is something that absolutely baffles me. it goss back to president trump has such a problem admitting he was wrong. he didn't denounce it forcefully enough initially. now he is just doing it when he has been put into corner essentially. this is really a no brainer. something is problematic if this is a repeatedly a question that comes up ove and over, do you have anti-set semitic tendeies in our administration. it wasn't a problem with other republicans. he should handle it more forcefully and denounce anti-semitism in any form. >> when it came up in the press conference, the ann frank center for mutual respect released a statement that said no part the president's sudden acknowledgment of anti-semitism
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is a band aid on the cancer of anti-semitism that has infected his own administration. then spicer said in response during the press conference he wished the center praised the president for his commitment to civil rights and voting rights and equality for all americans. what are your thoughts? >> obviously that's a joke. trump has been again whipping up people who are supposedly voted illegal . his former campaign staff, corey lewandowski denied himself the president's claim that hundreds of buses were filled up to vote i willy in new hampshire. this is nuts. this is trump at his worst. it's the kinds of thing that makes it hard for people to take him seriously as president of the united states. >> u.n. sean spicer kept insisting that the president's statements should speak for themselves stop asking these questions. that's because he has talked so often about uniting the country,
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nobody should can question him when he doesn't condemn every anti-s anti-semitic advance or attack. is that correct. >> not really. it is his job as the president of the united stateso condemn instances of hate across the country and speak out against them. i think he did that this morning. that should put this issue of these bomb threats and other hate crimes or alleged hate crimes towards jews and jewish community centers around the country to country. but to expect he is not going to get asked every time there is something across the country is not reality. he is the president. republicans on capitol hill are saying this, not me. they look to him as a leader. leaders denounce things they think are inappropriate. they will have to continue to do that until he is no longer president. >> that's what halle jackson was trying to get to when she asked sean spicer if the president is
12:15 pm
comfort number that role. another thing that happened today. i want to play sound from senator mitch mcconnell at a town hall earlier. let's listen. >> i like what the president is doing. i think the president would serve himself better by not having as many controversies surrounding his statements because it tends to takes us off message. we are heading in the right direction on obamacare and tax reform. he is not going to take my advice, but i would not be tweeting so often or i would be tweeting different things. >> all right. so a little bit of a burn towards the president. who is that aimed at from mitch mcconnell to the president himself or is he looking to score brownie points with his base. >> a way to message donald trump is through the media, print dia and on line and especially through television. i think senator mcconnell was sending a message that it would
12:16 pm
be better for president trump, for the republican party, it would be better to passing the important policy initiatives like tax reform and the pea peel of obamacare if he would stay on message. i think that that's him somewhat voicing his frustration as so many republicans feel just because they have such an opportunity with control of both houses and occupying the white house to really implement their legislative priorities. >> craig, i want to go back to you with the last word. you have the big interview on a very big day. you started the conversation that has continued into the afternoon. your thoughts? >> you for example it's one of the things, jacob, that still strikes me. you know, the president this morning at the african-american history museum during black history month flanked by ben carson, his secretary -- the nominee, he still hasn't been confirmed. and also the niece of dr. martin luther king junior and tim scott who he has been traveling with a lot lately, the senator from south carolina. donald trump seemed as if beddan
12:17 pm
legitimately moved by certain parts of that museum. we heard from sean spicer last hour talking about the muhammad ali portion of the museum that moved him. the president himself spending some time. i saw him spend some time at the lunch counter exhibit. we have heard this president full of bombast, full. this was not the president we saw today at the museum. and, again, we also heard from him make some pretty bold promises to people of color in is country, to african-americans specifically with regards to conditions in the inner city and education and things like that we have heard promises like this from the president during the campaign and now during the first 30 davis his administration as well. there has been a great deal of talk. a lot of folks want to see some concrete action, some concrete plans from this administration
12:18 pm
specifically with regards to black people who live in the united states of america, jacob. >> craig it was fascinating. i don't know if this was a first but to hear the president say words of mort mort jr. he said we are determined to work and fight until justice runs down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream. your conferring was fascinating and everything that unfolded since has been as well. thank you to our panel. coming up next, the department of homeland security outlines its plan to crack down on undocumented immigrants and adepressive enforcement of immigration laws and the potential for large scale expansion of the number of people who can be detained or deported. the details when we come back. l. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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earlier today the department of homeland security start rolling out president trump's plans to crack down on illegal immigration. the moves are outlined in a pair of memos signed by homeland security secretary john kelly and they include hiring about 10,000 more federal agents. expediting the removal of undocumented immigrants. enlisting help from local police. and it also recommends that authorities seek prosecution of parents who pay smugglers to bring their children here into the united states. and for more i want to bring in democratic comingman tony car donis of california. congressman, good to see you again. earlier today as you know the department of homeland security posed a question -- posted a question-and-answer page on its
12:23 pm
website. the post brought up enforcement. and it read in part that within 180 days, i.c.e. will carry out a number of actions to implement the enforcement priorities stated in the executive order, some of those actions will you t are no limited to conducting targeted enforcement operations and allocating resources to work and jurisdictions to those tied with violent crime and illegal activities. do you know feel like you have clarity on i.c.e. who they will be targeting? have you been briefed by i.c.e. on this? >> actually, i was excluded from going into a meeting held in the united states capitol just last week. it was upsetting that an elected official of congress was told you cannot go into the room and ask questions yourself. people elected me to get answers. it's unconscionable that the
12:24 pm
department would treat members of congress that way. not just me, but others. if it looks like a mass deportation, sounds like a mass deportation, they are preparing like a mass deportation, it is a mass deportation. i don't care what the administration wants to call it, that's what it is. >> it looks for now that daca is going to stay in place. would you tell those undocumented immigrants they are safe from deportation after seeing the memo today? >> i would tell them they are probably the only ones that are okay today but i can't tell them about tomorrow. i wasn't allowed to ask questions from the department when i wanted to be in that meeting. >> today's memo largely override previous executive orders from president obama. do democrats have a plan to fight back on this? what is the strategy? >> first and foremost to get clarity, answers, to try to reason with the department, remind them basically what they are doing is affecting american
12:25 pm
families, too. every community that's going to be affected by this mass deportation order, basically what's going to happen is the economy is going to go down. it's going to cost american citizens their jobs. you are going the see restaurants where they are going to say we are closed for business. we don't know if when we will reopen. american citizens will whack walk up to that window look at that document and say that's my job, too. what the president is doing is driving down our economy as quickly as anybody could. basically we should be working together to make sure we have comprehensive immigration reform and we actually work on what makes our economy stronger not this idea that anybody who looks of color or questioning ib in on the streets of america be it i.c.e. or trying to deputyize law enforcement to ask them's questions and interpret their day and their life. >> there is a call for the list
12:26 pm
of law enforcement agencies who will enforce immigration law. do you think they should ignore the order? >> the l.a.p.d. and all pds across the country should remind themselves our core responsibility to keep crime down. crime the down, regardless of what people in the white house say. crime is down across america. it is lower than i has been in 50 years. justy scaring people into thinking that crime is going up we definitely should not take our law enforcement enforcing local laws take them away from their regular job, they are doing a good job. shouldn't put more things on then shoulders. >> i think a lot of people are saying this is a congressman from the city of los angeles, the largest city in the united states of america who wants to be briefed by law enforcement by a presidential directive that has been sent out that directly
12:27 pm
affects your constituents, why have you not yet been broofd by i.c.e.? >> because this administration is to the about transparency, not about being fair and honest. this administration is not about making sure that everybody knows what's going on. this administration -- you would think that bannon is the president of the united states. you look at all of these executive orders. you look at what the courts have done to the previous executive orders, and you see that -- i don't know who is writing these executive orders. i hope it's not donald trump.but it sounds like bannon's fingerprints are all over everything. they are not focusing on the issues that american voters and americans want to focus on. let me give you an example. they announced they want to hire 10,000 more i.c.e. officers. yet at the same time this president refuses to prioritize helping or veterans. we have over 40,000 positions open in the veterans department. we need psychologists, doctors, we need physicians. but they are refusing to go out and hire those individuals. yet at the same time they pivot away from that they don't
12:28 pm
prioritize our veterans and they want to go and hire 10,000 more i.c.e. officers. >> congressman tony car donis of california. thank you sir. coming up the president's response to the rise in antisemitism across america. >> i will tell you that anti-semitism is horrible and it's going to stop and it has to stop. >> so you are denouncing now once and for all. >> of course. i do it -- wherever i get a chance, i do it. >> trump's response comes within days of a series ofdom threats targeting jewish community centers across the country and a jewish cemetery there in st. louis being vandalized. that story coming up next. fun in art class. come close, come close. i like that. [ all sounds come to a crashing halt ] ah. when your pain reliever stops working,
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welcome back.
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i'm jab object kobe rof. there have been an alarming number of threats at jewish communities centers across the country. president trump reacted to the rise in anti-semitism while at the national museum of african-american history and culture this morning. >> the anti-sem ittic threats targeting our jewish community and communityenters are horrible. and are pain of. and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate, and prejudice and evil. >> of course the president's comments come after more than 100 headstones at a historic jewish cemetery in st. louis either damaged or destroyed. blake mccoy is at the cemetery. any indication of where this came from and how people are
12:33 pm
responding. >> reporter: the investigation is underway. authorities are not yet calling this a hate crime. instead they need to find out who is responsible and what their motivations were. we are told there is surveillance video that may have captured these folks. we have seen family members of people buried here coming and going all day long. shocked, angered, saddened about what happened. anxious to see whether a family member's tombstone wa were among those knocked over. when you heard about what happened, what did you think? >> sick, sick. i have dot a dozen relatives in there. and i was -- i was worried this that are tombs had been desiccated and need to do what i had to do in order the get them right. fortunately my family is okay. it's an awful mess in there. for the city cops not the call this a hate crime is ridiculous.
12:34 pm
jewish veterans from world war ii and korea, an all jewish cemetery and it's not a hate crime? i'm sick. i'm really sick. this is pa threat snik thank you for speaking with us. i'm glad your family members' headstones were okay. there has been criticism about president trump's response to not only this but the bomb threats we have seen at jccs in recent months. i have reaction for from you the executive director of the anne frank center to president trump's remarks. he says the president's sudden acknowledge men of anti-semitism is a band ate on anti-semitism that infected his own administration. his comments today is a pathetic asterisk of condescension after weeks during which his over staff have committed huge acts of answer semitism and refused day after day to reset the record. lots of people are feeling he
12:35 pm
hasn't gone far enough and frankly he waited too long. there was another bomb threat at a jcc in san diego this morning. a lot of people say this is a first step but they want to see more coming out of president trump. there is a lot of emotion involve. >> thank you for the update on the represent precomprehensible situation there in st. louis. coming up, members of congress are fating the heat at town halls they are facing across the country. what has their constituents so fired up? we'll tell you. you are watching msnbc. e i was from ethnically. so we sent that sample off to ancestry. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most
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we have breaking news out of texas, in houston, of shots fired. the hospital is locked down at this point. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you information as we get it. in the meantime with congress in recess this week, some republicans are returning home, getting an ear full from co constituen constituents. >> right now a town hall in i a iowa. >> earlier today, he held an event in iowa falls. one of the constituents urged him not to repeal the affordable care act. take a look. >> i am honored by obamacare. >> if it was not for obamacare,
12:40 pm
we would not be able to afford insurance. i am independent diabetic. over 20 million people will lose coverage. >> don't repeal obamacare, improve it. for more, i want toring inon mott. who wouldave thought at these town halls that people are coming and sticking up for obamacare, what can you tell us about this event? >> reporter: and it has turned into anything but about that. >> twice as many showed up and maybe more than that.
12:41 pm
you can see stragglers are showing up. >> this event is for veterans and there were veterans in the audien audience. there were more people there with various signs and issues that they cared about and shouting at times throughout the course of the event. here is one question in particular of interest. take a listen. >> i wonder if he knew and he saw overwhelming evidence set with foreign countries mettling in our elections and democracy. [ applause ] [ cheers ]
12:42 pm
>> reporter: that's just a taste of what we saw here this afternoon. it was 45 minutes and it went to 47 minutes. senator and staff are clear of how long they'll be here. they got other events scheduled today. she got an ear full here. >> back to you jacob. a scheduling conflict. thank you very much for that report. >> president trump is expected to meet with his new national security team. for more, i want to bring in our msnbc military analyst. it is good to see you. >> first of all, you were on the phone with me yesterday when this news broke. i think everybody, it is fair to say or many people were surprised by the the pick of speaking true of his power.
12:43 pm
how is he going to fit in to this white house? >> great difficulties, i think. i mean -- if i got this right, i think he probably made a deal with the president that says the following. i want to pick my own people and i don't need interference in bannon in particular. if he agrees to that then everything is okay. i think bannon is going to continue to insinuate himself into the process, and i think general mcman is not going to put up with it. so -- it is going to be interesting time that i think bannon is going continue to try to make policy and i don't think general mcman is going to let him do it. >> what u are saying of the disagreements including stephen bannon has a seat, a permanent seat as you can say -- >> we'll see if that stays, too. >> if i were mcman, i would
12:44 pm
insist that overtime, he does not sit on the security council. >> was that part of his negotiations taking this position? >> i think so otherwise there is no point of him taking it. the president can order him to do this and this is hi his -- general mcmaster is the kind of person that says no, we'll do it my way or i will retire. >> how is that relationship in the plain and the new dynamic in the white house? >> i think if you get general mcmaster and mattis and kelly all together, they'll form a basis of a number of things, good relationships among the departments and good relationships between the white house and the congress on the other. >> we are in day 1.5 being the security adviser, what are you looking forward in the days ahead?
12:45 pm
>> we'll see how bannon showing up in the meetings whether or not general mcmaster is going to be able to get the staff that he wanted to or particular a new deputy chief to assist him and i think general kellogg is going to stay because he knows the field very long. mcmaster has not spend a lot of time in washington. it is really useful to have general kellogg there to be on watch a for a long time and assist with relationships. i keep on talking about bannon for a good reason. i look to see and i watch to see how bannon is going to be on nscc. >> we heard sean spicer insist today -- the question is as you say whether or not that'll ultimately happen. >> thank you very much. great to see you. >> we are still following that breaking news out of texas where houston police and their department there is responding
12:46 pm
to reports of shots fired at the hospital, we are looking at pictures over head. s.w.a.t. and informational officers are both responding. there are no report of anyone being struck inside the hospital. we cannot confirm if there is an active shooter inside the hospital at this time. the hospital is locked down at this point. they brought patients outside and as you can see right there. stick arnound, we'll have more after the break. all finished.
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i'm jacob soboroff in new york where we are monitoring a breaking news situation at ben talb hospital around 2:00 p.m. local time. houston police confirmed they were responding to reports of shots fired inside the hospital and that s.w.a.t. and a public information officer was en route. ben taub hospital is located inside the texas medical center. it cares for more than 100,000 emergency patients each year. we're looking at pictures live right now of gurneys outside of the hospital staging in some way. i want to bring in jim cavanaugh, msnbc law enforcement analysts. retired atf special investigator in charge and hostage negotiator for the atf. jim, we're looking at the same pictures that you are right now. what do we know, based on the information that we have about a situation like this? >> right now jacob, what police are trying to do is locate
12:51 pm
whoever is responsible for shooting. they have a report of shots fired and they respond quickly first uniformed patrol officers are ing to enter quickly. probably hospital force tre as well. it looks like they've evacuated on to the streets some patients. so that would indicate they have some very serious indication that there's an assailant there. responding to those shots. so it's going to unfold before our eyes, i think, as they're searching for the gunmen or gun women. >> i want to say, the nbc local channel there, kprc is reporting that a spokesman for the hospital said the code white, which is the code for an active shooter was issued. but it's not ongoing. would that change the law enforcement response in the situation? >> well, i mean, they might know already -- the police could know if someone is dead, killed themselves, or if it was not shots fired, it was some other sound that they could determine what it was. that would make it a more static
12:52 pm
situation. when they unfold, everybody's head behind in the information and really jacob, who knows what's going on as the first patrol officers and their immediate commanders, they're going to know and ride it up the chain. sometimes it takes a few minutes for that unfold. and sometimes you can have escape attempts because they have to go in there and see surgeons or whatever and you know, inmates and jails plan for that in their mind to do something. sometimes those things occur in hospitals. the uniforms escorted by police officers is routine at a hospital. i was in seethe al couple weeks ago. i saw patients who were inmates shackled inside the hospital. so those pictures are not
12:53 pm
necessarily indicative of somebody who has been detained by law enforcement related to this shooting. jim cavanaugh, thank you for joining us. we're going to continue to monitor this situation. in the meantime, there are questions this hour as to what caused a small plane crash into a shopping mall in australia just 45 minutes after that plane took off. bursting into a massive fire ball on board that plane, four american tourists and the pilot, lucie cavanaugh is following the situation from london. lucie. >> we are expecting the preliminary findings to be found tomorrow. the pilot may dayed in reporting a catastrophic engine failure after taking off from the second largest airport. they managed to get into the air, that is when something went wrong and the plane crashed into the shopping center adjacent to the airport. witnesses describing a horrific
12:54 pm
scene. the plane exploding on impact. erupting into a fireball. a massive camera capturing that explosion. thick columns rising from the crash site. all four american passengers and the australian pilot were killed, and jacob, this was supposed to be a dream golfing vacation for the four friends. they had chartered this small twin engine plane to take them from melbourne to it is a mania's island. it's been known for it's golf courses. the pilot was said to be experienced, 63-year-old man. co-owner of the company operating that plane. the state department has yet to identity the four americans, but we do know that three of them actually hailed from texas. they were all in or near their 70s, one was a co-founder of a law firm who just retired. another was a retired ceo. the third a former fbi agent. his sister confirming his identity on social media saying he was a great guy, three children, six grandchildren, so a very big tragedy for the families. now they are getting some help from the u.s. consulate in melbourne, jacob, this could
12:55 pm
have been a much worse, much deadlier tragedy. the mall that the plane crashed into was closed at the time of the incident. had they taken off an hour later, even 45 minutes later, it would have been packed full of people, no doubt claiming many more lives. jacob. >> just awful pictures, and a terrible tragedy. lucie cavanaugh in london. thank you very much. we'll be right back, you're watching msnbc. ♪ ♪ everyone deserves attention, whether you've saved a lot or just a little. at pnc investments, we believe you're more than just a number. so we provide personal financial advice for every retirement investor. parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply.
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12:58 pm
as we continue to monitor the breaking news out the
12:59 pm
hospital in hines, reports of shots fired. this finishes up this hour for me. up next, steve kornacki. all right jacob, thank you and good afternoon. i'm steve kornacki live here in new york, continuing to monitor that situation, we will keep you posted as we learn more, meanwhile, day 33 right now of donald trump's first 100 days topping our agenda this hour. is it a step toward mass deportation? >> we have to have people come in that are going to love the country, not people that are going to harm the country. and i think a lot of people agree with me on that. >> big announcement from the trump administration today, brand new details on immigration, deportations, and the wall. also on our agenda, trump condemns anti-semitism. >> it's ironic that no matter how many times he talks about this, that it's never good enough. >> the president had been under pressure for not speaking out
1:00 pm
before, not speaking out as strongly, did today's remarks go far enough? and rounding out our agenda, town hall raucous town hall sweeping the nation. >> kill obamacare, improve it for god sakes. >> loud, feisty audiences greeting republican members of the house and the senate as they head back home during this recess. we will show you the scenes, we will talk about the president's first month in office. all of that much more still ahead, we begin though with our top story. the department of homeland security today releasing two new memos that lay out a blueprint for how immigration enforcement officials will carry out president trump's immigration priorities. the memos, they expand on three executive orders that were already signed by donald trump in his first days in office. those


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