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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  February 22, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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cemetery in university city. a suburb of st. louis of course that is the cemetery the jewish cemetery that saw so many gravestones toppled yesterday. we heard the vice president make remarks about this at a planned stop and now he is at that cemetery hope to bring you pictures of that shortly. that does it for me this hour, i'll be right back in this chair tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 p.m. eastern. coming up next, steve kornacki. >> jacob, thanks. and good afternoon, everybody, live here in new york, i'm steve kornacki, day 34 of the first 100 days in topping our agenda, any day now. >> you're going to continue to see the president take the steps necessary to protect this country. >> the trump white house set to drop a brand new executive order on that travel ban that sparked so much outrage over the last month. will this one pass muster with the courts? also on the agenda, town hall chaos. >> the problem is obamacare has just collapsed.
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>> angry voters confronting republican members of congress all across the country. are they getting nervous? and finally, seven new planets. >> are we alone out there? we're making a step forward with this -- a leap forward in fact to answering this question. >> it is a major break through in the search for life outside planet earth. we will tell you all about what they just discovered. all of that and much more ahead. as jacob told you at the top of the hour, we are standing by, watching vice president mike pence -- this is him just in the last few minutes arriving at that jewish cemetery in university city, missouri. that's right outside st. louis. that historic jewish cemetery where so many graves were desecrated over the weekend. now the vice president, of course, spoke a little while ago. he is now taking a tour of the cemetery, if he makes any
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additional remarks, we will bring them to you live. we are keeping an eye on that scene just outside st. louis. new executive order on the travel ban. on restricting immigration from overseas. this will be a new version of the controversial travel ban blocked bay federal court just two weeks ago. white house press secretary sean spicer today saying the administration is finalizing it's second pass at this. this time he says they are confident it will hold up. >> we've been very clear about understanding what the court said and trying to tailor that smeskically while achieving the same goals of keeping america safe and ensuring that people don't come into this country that seek to do us harm.
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number one, number two, we continue and that order is basically completed. i think what we're now doing is working with the various agencies and departments to make sure that the implementation of that is done in an extremely smooth way. so we have looked at it from both a process standpoint as well as a, you know, legal standpoint, and i think it's going -- it's achieving the goals. >> kasie hunt is standing by watt the white house, kasie on the travel ban, steven miller, top advisor to the president, he made news last night, he was on fox news. he said of that pending second order. in terms of protecting the country, those basic policies are still going to be in effect. basically saying we're revising this it only amounts to tweaking it. given that this was rejected by a court, what's the pathway there that the administration thinks it has to come down with an order that still accomplishing the same basic thing?
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>> reporter: steve, you showed how sean spicer explained what's going on. we are expecting this order could come out as early as this week at some point. clearly they learned the lessons in particular at process by which this was done. the last time it was dropped unexpectedly. one it did actually come out, all of the sudden you saw -- and i was here at the white house that saturday morning as the headlines were breaking and people were detained at the airports. essentially the goal is to avoid another scenario like that. steven miller was on the phone with government officials working out the details and of course eveningly was blocked by the courts. so the goal moving forward is to try to tinker with the ban as sean spicer said. it's not 100% clear yet how the government will ultimately try to make sure that this is something that will stand up to court scrutiny. they can obviously deal with the case itself, but you had other lawsuits in different parts of the system, one judge who said this does amount to a ban on
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muslims and doesn't meet the religious test and the constitution and things along those lines. we know that the process up to this point has been significantly different, steve. >> kasie hunt over at the white house. thanks for that. meanwhile, federal officials right now are in the process of implementing deportation guidelines announced yesterday. these are guidelines that critics say could set the stage for mass deportation. that is a characterization that the white house strongly disputes. >> yesterday was focussed on going after people who are a concern -- public safety concern. we have to look at this from a priority level. right now, there's, you know, millions of people in this country that are in the country illegally. i think the focus continues to be that eight or 900,000 that have already had an order to have them removed and get them processed through in a way this continues to keep america safe. >> jacob rascon is down in texas. that is right on the southern border between the united states and mexico.
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that is also where house speaker paul ryan is visiting today. ryan, of course has been on the other side of the immigration debate from trump in the past. so jacob, the house speaker is there today -- actually -- we are hearing from the vice president. mike pence, i'm sorry, we're going to go over to this is the historically jewish cemetery outside st. louis. the graves were desecrated there over the weekend. that's vice president mike pence on the left. that is missouri governor eric with the megaphone there on the right. they are addressing a crowd. let's listen to the governor and perhaps the vice president as well. >> act of vandalism. it was anti-semitic, and it was painful to so many families. we come together today to let those families know that we are going to make sure that we preserve the blessed memories of their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. you know, moments like this are
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what a community is made of. and today we're going to demonstrate that this vile act of desecration is not who we are. we are instead going to turn it into a moment of resolve. [ applause ] we are going to demonstration that this is a dedication of our faith and that together we're going to come together in shared service. you might notice, i'm here with one of my friends. vice preside pence. [ applause ] and earlier today, you should know the president of the united states called me. and he asked me on his behalf to personally thank all of you. thank you for standing up in the fight against anti-semitism. [ applause ]
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and he said, thank you for showing the people of the world that what happened here the other night is not who america is, it's not who missouri is, this is who missouri is. this is who america is. [ applause ] anita, we are honored to be here to support you. >> i just want to thank each and every one of you for coming. i want to thank the organizations that have reached out to us. can you hear me now? hello? >> i'll hold this for you. >> hello. >> i just want to thank each and every one of you for coming out to volunteer and to help us
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today. in the jewish tradition, we take utmost care to give respect to our deceased, and by you coming out here today, you are helping to once again give respect to all of the deceased here. [ applause ] thank you to all of the organizations that have reached out to us, to the governor, to the vice president, to the federation, to the adl, to the entire community, thank you. [ applause ] >> i'm mike pence, i'm the vice president of the united states of america. [ applause ]
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i spoke words earlier today in st. louis that were from the heart. there is no place in america for hatred or acts of prejudice or violence or anti-semitism. i must tell you, the people of missouri are inspiring the nation by your love and care for this place, for the jewish community in missouri, and i want to thank you for that inspiration. for showing the world what america's really all about. [ applause ] i also want to thank ioanita fo her great leadership to walk in to see the headstones vandalized are repaired -- >> replaced. >> as evidence of your love and your care for the heritage and history and those that are cherished here. to the federation and to all of you, but let me also say, i just
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want to thank your new governor. your new governor -- [ applause ] thank you governor on behalf of the president of the united states, let me just say thank you to all of you for coming out and showing the heart of this state and the heart of this naon in this place. you just make us all proud. god bless you all. [ applause ] >> all right guys, well we've got some work to do. i'm going to turn it over to the team here. >> all right. that is the university city memory and joined standing up there by eric, he's the republican governor of missouri. the two of them just completed a tour of that jewish cemetery where there were scores of graves desecrated over the weekend, one of the more high profile incidents of
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anti-semitic activity. a number of incidents though really over the last few months that have drawn attention to the role, the rise, the prevalence of anti-semitism in america and political aspect. there have been criticism of donald trump for some -- what some said was a reluctance to speak out forcefully on the issue now in the last 24 hours though, you had donald trump making a statement condemning anti-semitism. yesterday he made that statement at the museum of african american history in washington. you have with mike pence, excuse me, making a statement in st. louis earlier today. you had mike pence making a statement you just heard here. you also heard from eric, the governor, he said he received a phone call earlier today from donald trump, again, reiterating those sentiments that donald trump the president offered yesterday in washington, d.c. so there is a bit of a shift there in terms of the high profile members of the administration and how head on they are confronting this issue again that is the scene there, mike pence mingling with the crowd at that cemetery after giving some brief remarks there
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again. just outside st. louis. we'll keep an eye on that and we will let you know in the meantime, we were about to before the vice president began speaking there, we were about to check in with jacob rascon, he is down in texas, that is right on the border between the united states and mexico, jacob, the speaker of the house, paul ryan, republan, he is there today, of course, this issue of immigration, the president announcing essentially a crackdown on those in the country illegally with any type of criminal record yesterday. the house speaker on this issue of immigration, he has been on the different side in the past. he's been talking more about a pathway to legal status for those who are here. what's his message? what did he see, hear, say today? >> reporter: so today was in fact his first visit to the mccallen, this has been a popular spot, governor in texas, connoren and ted cruz have come here as well. first take an aerial tour of the rio grand valley, then, he
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actually got off of the helicopter and started riding with the border patrol horse patrol for a time. then he went over and took a tour of the rio grand itself on a boat. and now, he's behind me at this mccallen border patrol station who process those caught to determine where they go from here. of course all of this because of the big focus now on immigration and congress debates thousand pay for the wall. as you walk around mccallen, go to the businesses. some people will talk about how they've seen a drop in business from people from across the border. people boycotting it who regularly come over who can legally come over and people who may be just worried about coming over now with president trump in office. there were a number of protesters out here earlier, they mostly gone home, but wanita agreed to stick around. you live here, you're from here. this is your town. >> yes. >> reporter: you agree that immigration reform is needed. >> absolutely. >> reporter: but you believe that a border wall is the wrong approach, why? >> the border wall has been
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tried, and it is the wrong thing to do, and we had hoped -- what a missed opportunity for ryan to be able to meet with a community, we live here. we suffer the consequences of the decisions made in washington. and to come down and oy talk to law enforcement about a border wall. a border twhal we are against because it divides our communities. >> they are still waiting for him. >> reporter: it should be noticed this is a closed press event as well. speaker ryan hasn't talked to the press or media, hasn't given any message yet on what he thinks about what he saw, steve. >> jacob rascon down there in
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mccallen, texas. joining me now, national political reporter for chris cillizza, and writer for the fix, thanks for joining us. let me start with you. on what we just saw outside st. louis. the vice president there delivering reiterating a message that he delivered a few minutes earlier in st. louis, condemning anti-semitism. there is no place for hatred, or acts of prejudice or anti-semitism in this country, and again, a number of statements from pence, from trump, trump calling the governor of missouri apparently today. there will has been a change here on the white house in the last 24 hours. >> this is significant, it shows an acknowledgment coming from the white house, coming from donald trump which we know from covering the campaign he's not necessarily quick to acknowledge perhaps missed opportunities or mistakes.
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and also, it shows that the administration is prioritizing this kind of message. given all of the missed opportunities that they had over the past week to condemn the rise of anti-semitism to talk about what they would do. i still think the question remains though what they are going to do about it. what kind of directives they give doj or other related agencies to pursue this kind of thing. >> and on the topic of immigration. we just had that report from the border, and really chris, there's two major things happening right now on the subject of immigration. for deportations on those in that country. also we're waiting a new executive order on that travel ban. on travel from those seven muslim majority countries. we can put this up on the screen actually. new survey monkey poll on the subject on what trump has been trying to do on the immigration ban with his first executive order. you see a split right down the middle there. this poll showing 50% approving, 47% disapproving.
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chris, he's walking into, he campaigned on this, i guess it's no surprise, these are politically sensitive grounds he's walking on right now. >> i mean look, he campaigned on a willingness to walk on politically sensitive ground. and not tread lightly, steve. right, i mean that was part of his stick and his appeal. i will be the bull in the china shop. politicians won't act, i will act, i'm not afraid of political correctness. you look at pence at the cemetery, you look at what trump said yesterday at the national museum of african american history, and it almost begins to resemble a traditional white house doing the basic blocking and tackling that you need to do as president and vice president of the united states. but they are acting in a different way, if you sort of
1:19 pm
end on friday night the enemy tweets about the media, there is a liblts of a different tone rally on saturday not withstanding a campaign rally, coming out of it. a little bit more disciplined on the twitter front. rtainly more disciplined when he's giving public speeches. african american history museum. the thing he did today altd the white house. he's sticking to the script, pence doing what a vice president should do -- who knows how long it lasts. you know, he could have tweeted something 20 seconds i was just answering that question, but, they are -- >> hold on, i'll check here. but let me ask you, you're talking about -- and i've been noticing this too. it could all be nothing in the morning, but right now, yes, there does seem to be a bit of a change right here. who do you attribute that to, what is driving it? >> i mean, donald trump has set up a system with his advisors that big four of advisors, that it's constantly like a game of thrones.
1:20 pm
who has power, who has his ear, if you believe the stereotypes about each of them, and i think they're largely true. this is more of a reince priebus look to the white house. donald trump does an event, gives a speech, he sticks to it, does not take questions from the media. mike pence makes a surprise stop, a very smart as kately pointed out, the right thing to do, and a smart political thing to do. the thing that's hard with trump, he has based his entire brand, political campaign presidency on the idea of uncertainty. so the past and the present are not predictive of the extremely near future of ten minutes from now. >> caitlin, in terms of new executive order, it could come down say tomorrow, i think there's expectation that it will, given the chaos that was caused the first time, given the confusion at airports, what's the status of somebody with a green card, all the protests we saw. how different do you think the implementation and the execution would be? >> well it depends on what they learned from the las g round.
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it'snteresngecause congress is in recess right now. we're not going to hear a ton of feedback on capitol hill from members of congress as we heard, but, you know, it depends on how they're going about what the communication has been like, the difference this time around is that donald trump does have a lot of his key players and cabinet positions in place. jeff sessions has been confirmed, doj for example, dhs and everything else is kind of in play. so that helps to execute these kinds of things, but aside from that order, the dhs guidelines coming out are also presenting some kinds of challenges for some republicans even. and so, they are going to have to balance, they are going to have to be clearer about what the messaging is on both of these measures. you heard yesterday, actually, from devin nunez, the california republican saying that there were some concerns that he had about what the language was regarding the dhs orders of regarding deportations and such. and so, you're going to have to
1:22 pm
see how streamlined i should say the messaging is from the white house, members of congress, to the cabinet. they have learned lessons from last time around, we'll see what the implementation is like. >> chris, that's a question i've had watching this administration over the first month. how much is the chaos by design? and what i mean is take a look at this question of the immigration, the immigration ban from the executive order. in the campaign, donald trump said i'm going to ban every muslim in the world from coming in the united states. and among other criticisms of that, you heard from his critics, folks in the media saying wait until he becomes president and supporters find out how unworkable that is. but given the chaos that was stirred up by that initial executive order, all the seas of people in the street over that weekend, did that perhaps convey the message, that chaos to his supporters that hey, he is delivering onthis. >> i think that's the fundamental question, steve, is he playing eight dimensional chess or just sort of looking at
1:23 pm
stuff and reacting? it feels to me, watching what happened that this -- the initial executive order was rushed out, was an example of him thinking it's the campaign left, people don't like it, move on to the thing the next day. of course when you run the government, there are real world complications. there are people in the air getting off planes that are impacted by this. you can't just sort of slap that together. the involvement of don, the council, trump's council, guy has been around watching a long time. prominent republican lawyer. some consultation with the hill. i think there are some lessons learned here. do i think that every member, every republican member of congress is going to get a five page group of talking points, like democrats would get if hillary clinton was president about this? no. it's just not who he is, but again, you're never going to turn donald trump into an orthodoxed president or orthodoxed politician. and his appeal is not in that, but you have -- you can't have
1:24 pm
chaos overwhelm everything. i think that's the lesson they learn with the first executive order on the trump hand. let's see if he can get it right or at least closer to right this time around. >> all right. chris, caitlin, thanks to both of you for joining us. >> thank you, sir. we are going to take a quick break. that huge announcement today from nasa. how about this? seven new planets, possibly life sustaining planets, and they're not too far from earth. >> the discovery gives us a hint that finding a second earth is not just a matter of if, but -- >> scientists are saying this is one of the biggest break throughs ever in the search for extra tres yal life. we'll give you all of the details. plus the final stand at anding rock. the deadline has come for protesters to pack up and leave the camp set up by activists protesting the dakota access pipeline. up next, we are going to go live to that campsite, some protesters have begun setting
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time now far check of the headlines at the half hour. top administration and congressional leaders focussing on immigration and border security today. the speaker of the house paul ryan, he is getting a firsthand look at the border from the texas side. secretary of state rex tillerson and homeland security secretary john kelly are heading to mexico. president trump meanwhile meeting with his budget team at the white house today. president says his first budget which is expected to be released in a few weeks, we'll look for every last dollar of savings. vice president mike pence visiting a jewish cemetery just outside st. louis. that is where more than 150 graves were desecrated earlier this week. pence praising residents of missouri for rallying around the jewish community there. lgbt groups criticizing a white house announcement today that it plans to roll back and order on transgender rights that were
1:29 pm
issued by the obama administration. that order overturning guidelines and letting transgender students using bathrooms matching their chosen gender identity. supreme court ordering a new hearing for a texas prison inmate who says that improper testimony about his race tainted his death sentence. dwayne buck was convicted of killing his girlfriend back in 1995. he claims his rights were violated when jurors were told by a defense expert witness that he was more likely to be dangerous in the future because he was black. and in north dakota, big story developing out there. right now the deadline has now come and gone for people to leave a camp that was set up to protest the dakota access pipeline. the army corps of engineers ordering the camp to be cleared by 3:00 eastern time, that's more than an hour ago. that was because of the potential for spring flooding at that campsite. now many of the protesters had been there for months, they have been trying to stop the construction of that pipeline
1:30 pm
despite the trump administration's order to go ahead with it. earlier today, activists ceremonially burned some of the structures they had built near the standing rock reservation. this is in the southern part of north dakota and cal perry is at that camp near cannonball, north dakota. the order was to leave by 3:00 been how many have followed that order? >> reporter: i would say about three quarters of those in the camp have left on their own voluntarily. we'll give you a look at edge of the camp. a number of those structures as you referenced were burned earlier in the day. part was a ceremonial, sort of cleansing of the camp according to some of the tribe members and part that was simple frustration. as you look down that road, steve, you can see the massive law enforcement that is now prepping to start going into that camp. that will probably start in the next few minutes. they were negotiating with some of the people who were down there. some of them, some of the protesters wanted to get arrested. take a listen to what he said.
1:31 pm
>> we will resist in a way, but it's passive resistance, anybody will understand. we will not threaten or endanger those law enforcement officials who are doing their jobs. you know, they will, you know, go home to their families unhurt. you know, that's not what we're about. >> reporter: and that concern, that concern of safety is certainly at the top of the priority list for a law enforcement, the other factor now that's going on, darkness, steve, is about to fall own this camp, that could make things all the more dangerous. >> all right cal perry out there in north dakota. cal, thanks for that. and now, to a momentous announcement from nasa. this one's got a lot of people talking right now. nasa announcing today that astronomers have discovered seven planets that may be capable of supporting life. it's a cluster of earth size planets that orbit 40 light years away. that's our next door neighbor. sign cysts say they are now taking a closer look at the
1:32 pm
planet's atmospheres. joining us now to talk about what this could mean, dr. debora fisher, astronomer professor at yale university, thanks for joining us. well in laymens terms, i can only understand the headlines and the giddiness from scientists, this search, what does this discovery mean for that? >> yeah, this is an amazing discorey. on a scale of one to ten, this is offscale. this is jaw-dropingly exciting. we've been looking for planets for 25 years now, and we found thousands of planets. and the main reason to look for planets is because we're interested in finding life on other worlds. but most of the planets that we found are actually not what you would call habitable worlds. they're gas giant planets or planets that orbit stars that are thousands of light years away. so to find a small star with seven planets orbiting just in our galactic backyard is just
1:33 pm
absolutely amazing. >> and what -- >> what is the potential here? is it the foeshl discover that it could potentially support our life or is it the potential to discover that there is life there already? >> yeah. that's a great question. so i think the most exciting thing about the system is that this is a star that will live for hundreds of billions of years, unlike our sun which will in a few billion years will burn up all of it's fuel and that will be the end of our solar system. so it's a verynteresting question. if there's life on the planet, the three habitable worlds around this star, then it's probably life. it's just getting started. and it's a really interesting question to think about, you know, as our sun is sort of evolving and ending it's life, is this some place that we would at least to want send our dna and get started on one of these worlds or some place that will have life of it's own? >> and 40 light years away.
1:34 pm
practically speaking, when in our history, when in the history of human evolution would we will able to get there in a reasonable amount of time? >> that is a great question. the galaxy is 100,000 light years across. so 40 light years is just foot in so far. but we haven't even been able to make it out of our solar system yet. so i think this is something that nasa and that space x and the community is really interested in doing. sending little bots to stars or the star. and begin our exploration of the galaxy. >> it may be early to get the passports ready, but a momentous discovery nonetheless. thanks for taking a few minutes. appreciate it. >> thank you. okay, back to the more earthly world of politics. you've been seeing these scenes all week, rowdy crowds greeting
1:35 pm
a number of house republicans as they return home for town hall meetings. the white house, the president certainly now taking notice trying to minimize the anger coming out of these sessions. >> it is not a representation of a member's district or an incident. it is a loud group, small group of people disrupting something in many cases for media attention. >> one of the issues that seems near -- very near to the hearts of these protesters, obamacare, are they getting t attention of republicans in washington up next, some new polling suggests they might be.
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1:39 pm
affordable care act. >> i am on obamacare. if it wasn't for obamacare, we wouldn't be able to afford insurance. i'm an insulin dependent diabetic. so, lots of other people have health issues. over 20 million will lose coverage. absolutely don't repeal obamacare! improve it for god sakes! [ applause ] >> these meetings come as the law as obamacare, the affordable care act appears to be getting more popular and new morning consult poll finding that 45% of voters now approve of it. 45% don't. that is up from january. that is when politico found 41% approval, 52% disapproval. that is a shift in the positive direction for that law's popularity. president trump announcing today
1:40 pm
he plans to release his own health care plan some time in march. joining us now, political analyst joan walsh, correspondent at the nation and rick tyler, former national spokesman for senator ted cruz's 2016 presidential campaign. joan, the numbers on obamacare, it's been seven years now since congress first passed this and fluctuated a few months ago, that was the low end of a ten-point gap, now this has sort of been the high end. do you feel a opinion is shifting on this or is this a normal fluctuation? >> i think it's shifting on it in a major way because it's not a perfect plan. there are lots of room for improvements, steve, but people are now being threatened with it going away. and even people who have criticisms of it, overall like it. they'd rather have it than not have it. and i think they're being frightened by the fact that republicans can't seem to agree on anything. whether they're just going to repeal, repeal or replace. i think, you know, trump is saying we'll have a plan in march, and i think tom price is
1:41 pm
saying no we won't. and so, the republicans are really in a bind at this point. >> does it make a difference that that poll in january, obama was still president, still in the news every day. the fact that he's off the stage right now. >> yes, and also, you know, to be extent that it wasriven by people who didn't like obama, he's gone. i mean, they probably still don't like him, but it's become an urgent thing, not attached to him. it's no longer a way to kick him in the teeth. >> rick tyler, look, that idea of coming up with a replacement plan. there still is not a unified replacement plan, the president saying it's coming in march. you're seeing at least in this one poll some opinion shift and you're getting these scenes at town hall meetings is this stalling in any way republican momentum for that repeal, replace promise? >> a little bit, steve. let me just point out that the gentlemen in the iowa clip there, he is not on obamacare. if he is on obamacare, he ought to look into medicare, he's clearly qualified for medicare, not obamacare. so let's start there.
1:42 pm
>> rick, i think that gentleman is 62 years old, which would have him a few years short of eligibility there. >> yeah, rick, let's be careful. >> but bigger picture, rick, for a republican sitting there in washington, look, we know it's been a challenge for them to put it mildly to come up with a unified alternative plan. they're going to replace obamacare with. it's a complicated thing, seeing these polls, how does that affect them psychologically? >> let's look at the history. the democrats were all in lock snap to pass obamacare. obamacare will collapse on it's own. you don't need -- you could sit there and say we don't need to replace it, but it'll collapse. it's like a lead airplane. and that same gentlemen same let's improve it. you can't improve, it's like adding more lead to an airplane. so there's a lot of pressure to fix obamacare, and the question is, how do you want to fix it? it's a mammoth project. and republicans aren't all lock step on how to replace it. >> can they get there? >> look, my fear is that they're
1:43 pm
going to end up just fixing obamacare and not repealing it. and the idea of a replacement, look, much harder to do things. it's easy to spend tax payer money and give them programs and do this, they're not efficient, people can't afford it. the health insurance companies are leaving the market. we have too many people -- only have one choice in their market. so the idea is that if they try to fix it -- i don't think it can be fixed which is the problem. and if they don't replace it, replacing it would be more of a free market solution. viewers hate that, but free market seems to work everywhere else. >> is there kind of a patch job, just given the political reality here for democrats. republicans control the whole thing. is there a patch job democrats could go for? a lot of people covered under this. it's because of the expansion of medicaid. if you said, we're going to keep the expansion of medicaid, we're going to keep that rule that you can't deny people with preexisting conditions, the most popular thing there, is that something democrats maybe say all things considered will
1:44 pm
accept that? >> no, i don't think so. first of all, they don't have anything political interest in getting republicans out of the hole they've dug. first of all, medicaid expansion is great. you might not get republicans to say we're going to offer that as our compromise, second, you cannot say to insurance companies, you cannot discriminate or charge more or kick people out for having preexisting conditions. unless you do figure out a mechanism to bring those healthier, younger healthier people. >> which is the individual mandate that's unpopular. >> you can't do the popular things with voters without doing some of the unpopular things with republicans. even though i want to remind everyone individual mandate was a republican idea long ago. >> yeah. >> that's true. >> rick tyler, looking ahead to the midterm election, i saw really interesting piece today that compared the current protest at these republican meetings with the protests against democrats back in 2009. it was interesting, i talked to one democrat who sort of -- who engaged with the crowds and
1:45 pm
another who avoided the crowds, they both lost in 2010, what was your advice be be to the average republican congress manning facing this right now? >> this is tea party two, take this very, very seriously. if you dismiss this -- the tea party was wildly successful, it led to majorities in the house and the senate. and people are organizing because they're upset with the current administration, my advice to the republicans would be to more clearly explain what you're doing so that they will get what they actually want only it's going to be better. but, no, these are -- look, if there's a leader to all of this, i don't know who it is. some of it may be organized, but look, that's okay too. i don't know of any evidence that anybody's being paid. this looks like to me, like an organic like the tea party, except the tea party was mad at the republicans. these people are also mad at the republicans, so they need to take it very seriously. >> they're mad at democrats too though. diane feinstein is somebody whose not scheduled any town halls, sheldon whitehouse had an
1:46 pm
angry crowd. some democrats are getting an earful, but yeah mostly republicans. >> the energy, if nothing -- if nothing else in terms of exactly how it's directed, the energy certainly seems -- >> in a constitutional republic when people have to pay attention, somebody's going to get fired. >> okay, on that note, rick tyler and joan walsh, thank you fortune joining us. piece of news here before we go to break. learning this, nbc news can confirm that arizona senator john mccain paid a visit last week to syria. mccain's office says the senate armed services chairman travelled to northern syria. he visited with u.s. forces deployed there. mccain also talked about efforts to combat isis and to retake land from isis. another issue getting a lot of attention. meanwhile at the republican town hall meetings is russia. >> i would like an investigation -- >> with the hat on. >> i second that. russia. >> russia. >> but cld members of the republican party actually be
1:47 pm
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all right. well if there is one issue that is hung like a cloud over the early days of the trump presidency, it is the question, the issue of russia. democrats say and they want a formal investigation of possible ties between the trump campaign and russian government, and russian intelligence, donald trump, vladimir putin, all of
1:51 pm
the positive things that donald trump had to say about putin. a very interesting situation because of course it's the republican party, trump's party, that historically if you go back to the days of reagan, the days of the first george h.w. bush, they were the hardliners when it came to the russians, soviets, soviet union, well how times have changed. it takes us to our most important number of the day today which is 61. brand new number from the nbc survey monkey poll. 61% of all voters in this country, they say russia should be regarded as an unfriendly country when it comes to it's relations with the u.s. or even an enemy of the united states. you think back to the cold war, you think back to ronald reagan famously declaring the soviet union was an evil empire back in those days it would have been an overwhelming number. it still is a pretty large number in this country who say russia's unfrndly or it's an enemy, but how about this, how about what's emerging in the era of trump? a stark partisan divide on this
1:52 pm
question. look at this, the republican party, the party of ronald reagan, the party of reagan who called the soviet union and evil empire. the party of john mccain who said he looked into putin's eyes and he saw kgb today by a tiny margin, republicans more or likely russia regarded as an ally or friend of the united states and unfriendly country or enemy among democrats, overwhelmingly three out of every four say no, they are the enemy. how about this, when you break this down among republicans, when it comes to the question of age, look at this gap here. look at this divide. the youngest republican voters out there, those under 30, nearly three and four, they say that russia should be regarded as a friend or an ally. think about that. under the anyone of 30. what does that mean? they don't reagan calling it the evil empire, they don't remember the collapse. they were too young. they weren't born yet in some cases. when you get to the holder generation, those older attitudes still prevail, but a
1:53 pm
stark, stark difference emerging between the two parties on the question of russia and boy, there is a lot of interesting history there. it's our most important number of the day today. it is 61. and we'll be right back after this. where's frank? it's league night! 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. bowl without me. frank.' i'm going to get nachos. snack bar's closed. gah! ah, ah ah. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad.
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real ingredients, grilled and roasted using the same smart cooking techniques you do. you own a grill? smartmade frozen meals. it's like you made it. and you did... n't. okay. live pictures there a town hall getting under way in louisiana. republican senator bill cassly meeting some of his constituents. it's not just been republicans heading home to meet the folks who elected them to congress. it's also democrats who are back in their districts this week. one of them, congressman tim ryan, a democrat from ohio, he joins me now live from his district. congressman, thanks for taking a few minutes. let me ask you, look, democrats,
1:57 pm
a lot of democrats are looking at these scenes, these constituents who are criticizing republican members of congress at these meetings. saying hey, this is the democratic equivalent of the tea party uprising of 2009 and 2010. do you believe that's anned adp comparison? >> it has as much if not more energy than the tea party rallies had. we all remember them as democrats. we remember the energy. we remember people telling us you better be careful, you better be careful, and a lot of us were saying well, you know, i don't know, i don't know if this is going to last. and many of us bshed it off. but i think it has the same a. energy, only time will tell if it's able to coalesce into a real, organized, on the ground operation where we're getting volunteers who are going to knock on doors and help get our message out. time will tell. >> you represent a part of the country, the youngstown area in ohio that is really is the reason donald trump got elected
1:58 pm
president. this was sort of the basis for your challenge to nancy pelosi as the house leader after the election. these were voters in a lot of cases who've been with obama, who switched to donald trump. your district includes a lot of them. what is your read on how they're reacting to the first month of the trump presidency? >> i think in some instances, you're hearing why does he do some of these things he's going to do? you know, he said he was going to open up the steel mills again. he said he was going to open up the coal mines again. he talked about a big transportation bill that was going to be a trillion and put our people back to work. so they're questioning why he's not doing any of those things that he said he was going to do that we're going to have the most economic impact. instead he's getting into this, you know, muslim ban and some of these getting everybody fired up. i think they're waiting to see, but question why he didn't go straight to some of the economic issues that he campaigned much
1:59 pm
better than he did. stepped up deportations. he campaigned on that too. didn't that resinate with the voters in the district? as i said on your network many, many times and the race against s. pelosi, this was aampaig that at it's heart was about economics. it was about jobs, wages, 30 years of suppression. no game plan, really by either party on how to get the job done. i still don't think trump has a game plan on how to do it. a lot of what he was saying during the campaign, he's not going to open up the steel mills, the furnaces are actually gone. he's not going to reopen the coal mines. what he was saying isn't going to work anyway. but those were issues that people are like well yeah, of course we want to be more secure and safe, but the mart of it, steve, the heart of the message is we're going to get you back to work, wages up, and we're going to deal with this globalized economy in a way that
2:00 pm
no one else was able to do. and here we are, how many weeks in, and none of those robust things he was talk abouting did he actually go after in his first week or two. >> congressman tim ryan, democrat from ohio. we are out of time, but thanks for joining us. that'll do it for this hour. mtp daily starts right now. if it's wednesday, well town hall tension equal political trouble for the gop? tonight those angry town halls. are republicans making the same mistake democrats made in 2009? denying the real frustration and fear on the ground. >> people are clearly upset, but there is a bit of professional protester manufactured base in there. plus the kim dictator dynasty mystery. new details on the murder on the oldest son of north korea's ruling family.


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