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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  March 2, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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for what seemed like political reasons. if they genuinely believe the ban is needed for national security reasons, you would think that you'd see the revised ban much sooner. >> courts owe deference to the executive, specifically on national security matters and urgent matters. that's when the court is at its weakest. >> right. right. >> every time they sort of give lie to that, it hurts their ability to stand this up. >> now, with their own officials saying -- they want to ask for deference to their own officials yet their own officials are saying maybe the ban isn't what we should be doing. >> and having to leak it to the press. >> right. lee gelernt, thank you for coming in on short notice. >> thank you for having me. >> that does it for us tonight. now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." >> we see yet another way in which leaks are being used in the trump administration possibly to communicate with the president. >> that's right. and to communicate with the president and to warn the country about something going on that they're worried about. every day it's a new story. >> here's a white house dashing off executive orders by the hour and now discovering, oh, it takes several weeks to get one right and if there's a constitutional challenge to it, it could take forever to get it right. >> yeah, and if you tell your career intelligence people, give me a report that concludes x,
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what they are going to do is give you a one finger salute and give the real conclusion to their favorite reporter. >> thanks, rachel. >> thanks, lawrence. appreciate it. >> so tonight, even the president of the united states, the wildest liar in the history of american politics admitted tonight that his attorney general, jeff sessions, did not tell the judiciary committee the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> i have now decided to recuse myself. >> the recusal isn't enough. >> we need an independent special prosecutor. >> mr. president, do you still have confidence in your attorney general? >> total. >> the attorney general, the top cop in our country, lied under oath. >> i didn't not have
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communications with the russians. and i'm unable to comment. >> very well. attorney sessions should resign. >> honest and correct as i understood it at the time. >> cases of amnesia, it appears. >> i would like the judiciary committee to explain this testimony for the record. >> sessions' meeting happened in september. it was an active month. >> you should know. >> he has to be brought back to the judiciary committee and provide an explanation. >> people are choosing to play partisan politics. they should be ashamed of themselves. >> when there's this much smoke, is that a partisan thing to say, we should investigate whether there's fire. jeff sessions is a bad lawyer. he is not the first bad lawyer to the attorney general of the united states. we've had many attorneys general, both republican and democrat, who were not good lawyers and rewarded and attorney general sessions proved
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he is not a good lawyer today by talking. talking is the one thing good lawyers don't let their clients do when they are in trouble. and jeff sessions is in deep, deep trouble. here are some of the things jeff sessions should not have said today about his conversations with the russian ambassador. >> i don't remember a lot of it but i do remember saying i'd gone to russia with a church group in 1991 and he said he was not a believer himself but he was glad to have church people come there. indeed, i thought he was pretty much of an old-style soviet type ambassador. >> nice little anecdote, right? well, a good lawyer would have told jeff sessions not to say any of that. not one word of it. a good lawyer would have told jeff sessions to issue a written statement today saying he's recusing himself from any investigations involving a trump
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campaign and leave it at that. a good lawyer would not have allowed jeff sessions to answer any questions today because a good lawyer would know for sure that this was inevitable. >> i don't recall. >> i don't recall having met him. it's possible. i don't recall. >> i don't recall. that's the first thing they teach you in mafia training school, how to be a witness. it's always the safest legal answer. i don't recall. i don't recall may be the first words donald trump taught his children to say. "i don't recall" is a phrase we have seen donald trump repeat under oath endlessly in civil lawsuits but good lawyers know that the only safer thing to say than "i don't recall" is nothing. nothing is the only completely safe thing to say and good lawyers always play it safe. the attorney general of the united states is now a suspect in a perjury investigation and
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he did nothing today to help his case. >> do you swear that the testimony you're about to give before this committee will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god? >> i do. >> when you sit down after taking that oath, every good lawyer knows, every answer you give is a potential crime. every answer must steer clear of a perjury charge, which jeff sessions did not do when he answered senator al franken's question about contact with russians during the trump campaign. >> senator franken, i am not aware of any of those activities. i have been called a surrogate a time or two in that campaign and i did not have communications with the russians and i'm unable to comment on it. >> and then "the washington
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post" revealed this week that jeff sessions did have contact with the russian ambassador and so the attorney general was forced to recuse himself today which will try to determine whether he committed perjury in his confirmation hearing. jeff sessions' defense today was that he was meeting the russian ambassador in september not as a member of the trump campaign. when asked then if he discussed the presidential campaign with the russian ambassador, he said this. >> i don't recall. but most of these ambassadors are pretty gossipy and they like -- and this was in the campaign season, but i don't recall any specific political discussions. >> and there you have jeff sessions' entire defense right there in that sentence. "i don't recall." he put two "i don't recalls" in that sentence because that phrase really is his entire defense. i don't recall talking to the russian ambassador about the campaign.
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the "i don't recall" can be broken. that's why it was a terrible mistake for jeff sessions to talk about his very clear memory of telling the russian ambassador about his trip to russia with a church group in 1991 and his very clear memory of the russian ambassador not being a believer himself but still being glad to have church people come to russia. that little story, that kind of detail, that's what good lawyers don't want their clients to mention about a conversation where their only defense against perjury is, i don't recall details of that conversation. the more details you recall, the weaker your defense gets, especially when you recall irrelevant, small talk details like that, about the church people. and then you claim to be unable to recall the central detail at issue that could make you guilty
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of perjury. the central issue that the trump campaign was confronting publicly on the day you met the russian ambassador, its relationship to russia. here's another thing a good lawyer would not have allowed jeff sessions to say today. >> two of my senior staffers were there and maybe a younger staff or two and they both retired army colonels and not politicians and we listened to the ambassador and what his concerns might be. >> a good lawyer would not want you to publicly identify the people who could contradict you. if at least one of those staffers was taking notes, as staffers usually do in meetings like that, the fbi is going to obtain those notes. if those staffers don't contradict jeff sessions, there is someone else who could. russian ambassador kislyak, the man jeff sessions referred to
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today as, quote, pretty gossipy. if the russians don't want jeff sessions to be attorney general, they could knock him out of that job tonight. they could say, of course we discussed the trump campaign and that would be the end of jeff sessions. if they said publicly, on the other hand, that they did not discuss the trump campaign, tried to defend jeff sessions, who would have any reason to believe the ambassador outside of the trump administration? we have had terrible attorneys general, including republican john mitchell who went to prison in the 1970s as part of the criminal enterprise known as the nixon administration. but we have never had an attorney general who put his professional life, put his entire future in the hands of the russian ambassador.
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the trump administration is history in the making every day, bad history. here is another thing that a good lawyer never would have allowed jeff sessions to say today. >> in retrospect, i should have slowed down and said but i did meet one russian official a couple of times. that would be the ambassador. >> in a perjury defense, you have to go all the way. a good lawyer would never let you say, this is what i should have said" in a perjury defense. a good lawyer will defend what you said word for word on the grounds that what you said word for word was a fully truthful answer. a good lawyer would never let you say the phrase, "what i should have said" because that means the statement you said under oath was not a completely truthful statement. and that was the last thing that jeff sessions publicly said today. in retrospect, i should have slowed down and said -- but i
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did meet one russian official a couple of times, and that would be the ambassador. in legal terms, that is an admission. that is the attorney general of the united states publicly saying today that his answer to senator franken under oath in his confirmation hearing was not the complete truth. "i should have slowed down and said." when you're in the center of a scandal investigation in washington, you want everything to just slow down. jeff sessions wants to get his bearings after a dizzying day after the president said he supports him and democrats were calling for him to step down and republicans wanting him to
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recuse himself. "jeff sessions is an honest man. he did not say anything wrong. it was clearly not intentional. this whole narrative is a way of saving face for democrats losing an election that everything thought they were going to win. the democrats are overplaying their hand, they lost the election and now they have lost their grip on reality. the real story is all of the illegal leaks of classified information. it's a total witch hunt." the only way to slow down a washington scandal is to take the politics out of it. and there's the president of the united states making the -- president donald trump, the most reckless liar in the history of american politics said in his statement tonight that his attorney general could have stated his response more accurately. so the most incompetent president in history issues a statement intended to help his attorney general who is being investigated for perjury and he, too, admits jeff sessions today,
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same thing, he admits the same thing that jeff sessions admitted today, that jeff sessions did not tell the complete truth under oath in his confirmation. could have stated his response more accurately. with friends like donald trump and a lawyer like jeff sessions defending jeff sessions, jeff sessions does not need enemies but jeff sessions has enemies in washington and everything we know about the history of washington scandal and perjury investigations tells us that this will not slow down. there will be more leaks. that jeff sessions' troubles have just begun. joining us now, e.j. young and richard, former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york and former assistant watergate prosecutor. richard, we always turn back to watergate in moments like this. it's hard to imagine that we
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could be on the verge of another criminal investigation of another attorney general, something referred to earlier with john mitchell and watergate. where do you see this stands tonight for the attorney general? >> well, i prosecuted john mitchell and so far, we don't have watergate. but what we have is a serious situation where an adversary, russia, has meddled in our electoral process, hacked into the dncs private communications. the question is whether there was help, whether there was knowledge, whether there was collaboration by members of the trump team and once we get that information through an i am portion and thorough investigation, then we'll know
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if something as serious as watergate is in front of us. but what we have here now is an attorney general who has recused himself properly from further participation in that investigation the fact that he has testified inaccurately, to say the least, and i don't go no the next step without more information means that he's going to have to correct his testimony to probably appear before the same body, the judiciary committee, and explain himself and the explanation that he's given still leaves further questions, meeting with the ambassador, how was that meeting set up?
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where are the notes of his aides as to what was said at that time and was that the only occasion where they met and were there private conversations that preceded or followed the meeting where the staffers were present? all of those are legitimate questions which i think will be asked of attorney general sessions. it will fall to the deputy attorney general who has yet to be confirmed to decide whether an independent counsel needs to be appointed. and, in my view, that is
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probably the best course of action in order to assure the public that we will have an impartial and thorough investigation. on the congressional side, it probably needs to be some sort of special committee. i think it may be a bridge too far to hope that a commission like the 9/11 commission, which was bipartisan in all of its activities, be appointed. >> e.j., there's been so much speculation about what the trump campaign owes the russians, what donald trump might owe the russians, including in money and in loans. and here tonight, we have an attorney general of the united states who owes his future to the gossipy russian ambassador to the united states. >> no, this whole thing is very problematic. and, you know, we don't know what, if anything, the trump entourage is guilty of here but they've been acting guilty the way they are dealing with this. flynn didn't leave until the press leaked all kinds of information, including the trump administration was tipped off that flynn had a problem. sessions didn't make this statement today, didn't try to
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correct the record, didn't recuse himself until the press came out with a story. donald trump can't stop either tweeting or issuing statements, stay away from the russian story. this is all a witch hunt. he's obsessed with it. his very obsession makes us ask, what lies behind this? and i agree with richard. i think today raises a whole series of questions. one of the questions i want answered is what was jeff sessions doing about this investigation before he recused himself today? what were the exchanges with the fbi? what has the fbi been up to on this? this story just keeps opening up other levels and people in the government are going to continue to leak if they think there is something wrong here because that will be the only way for us to get to the bottom of it.
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>> richard, as you know, not all congressional testimony is given under oath. not everybody takes an oath when they testify. but attorney general confirmation hearing, you take the oath. and talk about what it means -- you've had clients taking oath and testifying to congress and in court. tell us how it changes a person and how it -- how it affecting your advice as a lawyer to them when they take the oath and what the import of every word they're about to say and every answer means once they're under oath. >> well, you want to be very, very careful when you're testifying under oath. that goes without saying. we can compare two examples. when general flynn, as reported, spoke to the fbi and misled the fbi about his contacts, that brings into a statute which
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makes it a crime to lie to the fbi. now, you can't recant -- you can't go back and say, whoops, i made a mistake, and avoid prosecution. with respect to perjury, you can clear the record. and i'm sure this is what the attorney general will ultimately try to do. and if, in fact, he doesn't dig a hole deeper but provides assurance that he's giving truthful testimony to correct what he said before, then i think they'll move on. but he is out of the business of investigating the trump campaign's connection with the russians. and we should keep in mind, i think that the intelligence communities unkoutedly have been surveilling many of the russian people who have had contacts reportedly with members of the trump campaign. and so there is a road map there
10:21 pm
for any investigate to follow once that information is made available, which it will ultimately be as to who it was who had contact. there was a lot of chatter and if you examine mr. steele's report, the 25, 30 pages, you see that the russian president putin told his folks to shut up and stop talking about it. >> richard, e.j., thank you both for joining us tonight. >> thank you. coming up, donald trump said today that jeff sessions has his full confidence. what exactly does that mean? well, you could ask general michael flynn. and last night, democratic leaders called for jeff sessions to resign. today, he was forced to recuse himself.
10:22 pm
michael moore will join us with his view on how the democrats are dealing with the trump presidency. michael moore is with us tonight. he has a few things to say about attorney general jeff sessions and about the republicans' attempt to repeal the affordable care act. that's coming up. [ piercing sound ] daddy! lets play!
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michael moore is with us tonight. he has a few things to say about attorney general jeff sessions and about the republicans' attempt to repeal the affordable care act. that's coming up. she ate some porridge, broke the baby bear's chair, and stole some jewelry, a flat-screen tv, and a laptop. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped the bears with homeowners insurance. they were able to replace all their items...
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10:26 pm
administration in trouble? >> general flynn does have the full confidence of the president. >> what it meant the last time someone was in trouble of the trump world had the full confidence of the president, he was forced to resign seven hours later. joining us is president of the center for american progress. neera, there was so much talk, as we can all remember, in september when jeff sessions was meeting about russian influence in the trump campaign. it was a major subject. and here is the ambassador who attended the republican convention, which not all ambassadors do, to put it mildly. a politically interested gossipy ambassador as characterized by jeff sessions and we are to believe that there was not one word about the trump campaign discussed in that september discussion? >> yeah. i think that is the -- i think
10:27 pm
that's their operative theory and i have to say they're acting like they have an act of con temp for all of us because it's ludicrous that particularly in that moment that there would be no discussion of the campaign and, in truth, why would jeff sessions meet with the russians at that moment or with the russian ambassador? i have to say, you know, i'm the president of a think tank. i have never met the russian ambassador.
10:28 pm
it's not a matter of course. we have had sanctions against russia. this is at a time where it's after russia has invaded the ukraine and we've had frosty relations. it's odd to meet with the russian ambassador and even more so to do it in a heated campaign where the issue of russia is in such heat and discussion. hillary had done an ad or had done a video about russian connections to the trump campaign. to do that strikes me as ridiculous. you showed this video of donald trump saying that he has total confidence in jeff sessions and that's what was worrying people. his confidence in jeff sessions was really worrying to me that we could have an independent investigation because, at the end of the day, this investigation is about donald trump and his campaign and his connections to the russians. >> and david, jeff sessions was trying to slow things down today by his recusal and now the story, of course, keeps raging on. we have reports tonight that jared kushner was also involved in meetings with russian officials so the list of trump team members meeting with
10:29 pm
russians continues to grow by the day. >> let's look at the big picture here. it is now, without a doubt, except maybe to donald trump, that the russians ran a comprehensive, extensive political operation, political warfare against the united states during the campaign and the hacking and leaking of e-mails was only part of it. other stuff was going on, too, according to our intelligence committee. and now the top law enforcement officer in the land, the guy in charge of our national security to the fbi, overseeing the fbi cannot be a party to the investigations that are necessary to find with out what really went on and to prevend this from happening again. we have sessions meeting with russians and jared kushner meeting with russians after it's been determined that the russians conducted this operation against american democracy. in any account, there's not a single account in which we have sessions, kushner, michael flynn
10:30 pm
saying, you know what, we're not going to do that again. we're going to be tough as hell on you because of this. instead, they seem to be cozying up to the people who ran this campaign against the u.s. election and, of course, donald trump has said nothing about the need to prevent this from happening again. all of this is completely inexcusable and it's so much bigger than jeff sessions' lie about one particular or two particular meetings. and i hope that the house and senate intelligence committees truly do the job they're supposed to do, even though they're being led by republicans who have been reluctant to take on these inquiries. >> neera, i can't let you go without noting a couple of things. one, you were running a campaign
10:31 pm
against a candidate who led chance and his rallies of lock her up, referring to your candidate. and this was over the use of the e-mail systems that she used when she was at the state department. never any accusations of perjury in hillary clinton's case, even though she did talk to the fbi and was subject at that point if she said anything untrue, she would have been subjected to charges if saying anything
10:32 pm
untrue. and here you have tonight a vice president of the united states saying he was using private e-mail while he was governor and an attorney general who has revealed that he did not tell the truth while speaking under oath in his confirmation hearing and we have silence from the lock her up crowd. >> one could say the irony or car ma of this situation is that jeff sessions and mike flynn on their own both led "lock her up" chants and at different points, vice president pence, then governor pence, heard people say "lock her up" and didn't do anything to stop it. if you look at what we've learned, whether it's the vice president using a private e-mail system as governor to conduct sensitive business with his homeland security department or an attorney general who misled the judiciary committee and looks like he perjured himself, every accusation leveled against hillary is finding itself in the facts and record of the trump campaign -- or the trump administration which makes this entire experience almost an effort or a sense of projection and i think that is definitely something that's difficult for some of us to stomach but really more important, we have to get to the bottom of this. the fact that donald trump does not want to get to the bottom of this himself is an indictment of what happened here.
10:33 pm
>> don't forget, lawrence, the whole benghazi attack on clinton and now the yemen situation with the white house saying things that may not be true. >> we're going to have to leave it there. thank you both for joining us. really appreciate it. >> sure thing. >> thank you. coming up, democrats calling for jeff sessions to resign. michael moore will join us to give his report card on how the democrats are handling the trump presidency. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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today, more than 130 members of the house and senate, including chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi called for attorney general jeff sessions to resign immediately and every democratic on the house judiciary committee signed a letter that was sent to fbi director james comey and u.s. attorney general channing phillips asking for there to be an immediate criminal investigation into these statements which could implicate a number of criminal laws, including lying to congress and perjury. chuck schumer demanded a special prosecutor be appointed. he also called for the inspector general of the justice department to investigate attorney general jeff sessions. joining us now is michael moore, academy award winner filmmaker. here we saw the democrats go into action on jeff sessions as soon as the information came out
10:38 pm
that he didn't tell the whole truth in his confirmation hearing. how do you score this week so far? >> good. very good. democrats are doing the -- they are following the lead of the people on the streets and the people at the town hall meetings, the people of this country, the majority have voted not to have donald j. trump as president. 10.5 million. that's hillary's 3 million and then the green and libertarian. the democrats are doing good but now they can't hold a press conference and say it. they have to push for the resignation but not get caught in the weeds of the whole russian scandal. as you know, you don't need a very good sniffer to smell the
10:39 pm
smoke that's here and see the fire that this, what is going on with russia and trump, what was going on and the other night rachel had that incredible piece, if people haven't seen it, go to this website of this network. i think it was tuesday night. >> monday. >> monday night. a 20-minute piece on our new secretary of congress, wilbur ross, and his connections to the money laundering bank in cyprus and now he's our commerce secretary, the vice chairman of the bank of cyprus is our commerce secretary. >> you told me not to get caught in the weeds of all of this and we're in the weeds. >> we're back to where it belongs with the russian $40
10:40 pm
million gift to donald j. trump. not about sessions, really. not about wilbur ross, really. but how that whole laundering took place in florida where trump ended up with a $40 million windfall and then even more money for trump. this is -- it's obvious why trump has never wanted to say anything bad about the russians or putin because he's making a lot of money and he thinks people aren't going to care. he's going to think, yeah, that they thought that was kind of cool. agot away from paying taxes for 20 years. so i just want to say about sessions, yes, it's very important that we stay on him.
10:41 pm
this man should not be the top cop in this country. he lied. he committed perjury. that's a crime. he's got to go. but also there's this straj teej strategic piece. now that sessions has recused himself, the deputy will appoint hopefully the special prosecutor that we need except the deputy is going to be one of theirs. nixon ordered attorney general elliott richardson to fire the special prosecutor.
10:42 pm
he wouldn't. he resigned. so the deputy stepped in and he wouldn't fire archibald cox so he resigned. so then the acting attorney general, richard borke. ♪
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tuesday night, donald trump once again promised to do the impossible. >> tonight i am also calling on this congress to repeal and replace obamacare. with reforms that expand choice, increase access, lower costs and, at the same time, provide better health care. >> expand choice, increase access, lower costs and provide better health care. yes or no? >> yes. yes. no. >> impossible? >> impossible. it's like taking a law of physics and i'm going to send
10:46 pm
this in on the test and rewrite that law. it's not possible. they know it's not possible. that's why they have never been able to write a plan. say what you want about rand paul but his little prance over to -- he walked over from the senate side of congress over to the house side. >> wanted to take a look at the bill? >> yeah. >> what have you got? >> they say you have the plan to replace, to do all of those things. show it to me. >> because it doesn't exist. they could have given the pretend thing ke they were mimes. but they know there's nothing there. >> we are not saying that you can't improve on the affordable care act but we're seeing that the republican -- everything the republicans are saying about cutting the spending on it, cutting subsidies to people who currently you get subsidies, when you do all of that, you
10:47 pm
can't do anything of the stuff that donald trump is promising. >> right. so here's what has to happen. the republicans, if they'll take my advice to get out of this mess that they are in, change the name from obamacare to trumpcare. they don't touch anything else. the 20% hard core of their base is going to just love the fact where they can say there's no more obamacare. that will be enough for them. >> right. >> the other people -- >> they have been lied to before. >> they have been lied to before. they are used to the lying but people that i know in michigan and wisconsin and ohio that voted for trump out of anger, not because they believe in his ideology, they are going to be protected by the same things
10:48 pm
that president obama set up. what the rest of us need to do, those of us in that majority resistance, we need to push for the real kind of universal health care that we have to have or it's never really going to truly work for everyone. that's a hun verse sal single payer health system like canada's. we can do it here, cost less money, everybody will be covered. people aren't going to lose their homes or anything as a result of a doctor's bill. that's what we really need and that's what the discussion should be about, not us trying to cling to the baby steps that president obama set up for us. he had to get something going. he got it going. now we have to carry the torch towards the future. not constantly be fighting this
10:49 pm
battle in the rear front. >> we're going to leave it there for tonight. thank you very much for joining us. and you're going to be replaced in that chair by a guy who refused to shake donald trump's hand. he's shaken the hand of every president he has served under in congress in every state of the union. >> and i intend to shake his hand on the way out of here. >> he's here. >> call congress, folks. call your congress person.
10:50 pm
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as long as i've been watching state of the union addresses, i've been watching new york congressman elliott engle shake hands with presidents. on tuesday night, elliott engle broke his tradition of shaking hands with every president at every state of the union address and refused to shake hands with donald trump. today, congressman elliott engle
10:55 pm
issued a statement calling on attorney general jeff sessions to resign. here is congressman elliott engle. you're not one of the bomb tossers in the house of representatives. you're a moderate member who is not the first to rush to every liberal protest. what made you decide not to shake hands with president trump? >> well, i just thought i couldn't pretend it's business as usual. i've watched the first 40 days of his administration. i've seen with horror all of the things that he's proposed. curtailing the free press, banning some of the press from covering him. i didn't even know a president could do that. i frankly thought if you had a press conference, all of the press comes and on and on and
10:56 pm
on. this sort of authoritarianism bothers me and i couldn't pretend that it's business as usual. it is what it is. >> and just to compare it to the last republican president, president bush with whom you had several disagreements, what would be different about this? what would make it to the point that you just couldn't reach out your hand? >> well, i think this gets to the core and heart of american democracy. you know, we're not governed by a dictator. the russian connection is very troubling. extending down to sessions. it's one thing after another after another after another. it's 40 days. it feels like it's 400 days. >> we're going to sneak in a break. i want to hear you on jeff sessions. we'll be back with congressman eliot engel.
10:57 pm
(vo) do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light. do not go gentle into that good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:58 pm
we're back with democratic congressman eliot engel. today you called for jeff sessions to resign. why? >> well, i think he's compromised himself. i think it's perjury. he was asked a simple question -- in fact, he wasn't asked and he volunteered the answer and said he never met with the russians. now, i meet with ambassadors all the time in the general course of my duties. i guess that's what he did as well. but to not recall it or to think that you can somehow suppress it, that's ridiculous. so how can you have confidence? just recusing himself wouldn't be enough. the attorney general is the highest official of law enforcement in the country. he's not going to tell the truth? how can he do an effective job? he has to resign. >> and in your experience, what do you make of the russian ambassador wanting to visit with senator sessions at the height
10:59 pm
of a presidential campaign that's sessions is deeply involved in under a constant barrage of information, news reports, about the russians trying to interfere with that election? >> well, it's shocking. look, we hold our democracy dear in this country. we're the oldest democracy. that's what makes us special. and the fact that the russians would try to interfere in an election, there's no doubt in my mind that they tried. and how successful they were is open to question right now. but they did it and if there was collusion with the trump campaign in doing this, i want to know about it. that's why we must have a special prosecutor. we must have a separate commission of people, congress
11:00 pm
cannot do this. it's too much politics. we needs somebody independent to get to the bottom of this. >> thank you, very much. >> i appreciate it. >> i want to shake the hand that would not shake the hand of president trump. the 11 hour with brian williams start now. recusal because of own recusal because of own diplomat, attorney general takes himself out of the investigation into russian ties into trump campaign. the presidential calling it a witch hunt while taking the opportunity to say the democrats lot the election. washington storm. the 11th hour begins now. good evening. from our headquarters hard to believe day 41 of the trump administration it is about


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