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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 4, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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this is one gorgeous truck. special edition. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. i'm sheinelle jones. here is what is happening. we begin with president trump tweeting serious allegations against his predecessor today. one of the tweets says he just found out president obama had his wires tapped before the
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election. another tweet was more allegations about tapping phones, trump calling the whole situation nixon/water gate. and here's what republican congressman francis rooney told thomas rock berberts earlier. >> it's disturbing to me that the obama administration would have tried to get these fisa court warrants in the heat of the election. i think that taints the process a little bit. almost nixonesque that they were doing that. i think that we will know here before long what really happened because it will all come out. the warrants will come out and the fbi investigation will come out. and their procedures for making sure that the fbi testifies to the committees that you just spoke about. and we will ultimately know what happened just like we ultimately find out about most everything else. >> also new today, maxine waters
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weighing in with joy reid. >> i wonder sometimes if he's not taking his cues from putin. because he thinks that he can do what putin does in terms of just tell people what to do, direct the whole congress what to do. and so i'm not surprise the w n about these comments or these tweets that he's doing. i'm just surprised that he would try this one more time to make the american people believe him. >> we have vaughn hillyard in south carolina at a town hall with senator lindsey graham with reaction to president trump's tweets today. but we begin with kasie hunt. i know we're just hearing reaction from an obama spokesperson. what are you hearing? >> reporter: yes, an update for you to the story that we've been covering all day. president trump this morning of course tweeting without evidence that president obama's administration had wiretapped trump tower just before the election and called it nix o
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ownian, compared to watergate. and we have a statement from kevin lieu irks quewilewis, quol rule of the obama administration was that no white house official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the department of justice. as part of that practice, neither president obama nor any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false. so that is the statement from the former president right there to the current president's accusations. i also want to update you on new reporting we have in here to nbc news. our pete williams reporting that a senior u.s. official in a position to know says that he and others have no idea what the president is talking about regarding the allegation that his communications in trump tower were wiretapped in the fall by the obama administration. now, we're trying to as well get a sense of where the president got this accusation.
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there has been reporting circulating on breitbart, on conservative radio show, about fisa warrants that may have represented what the president is talking about. but of course, that not the same as something that the president might have received in a classified briefing. he would of course be in a better position than others to know what the obama administration was doing or about the classified operations of the government than other u.s. citizens. we also know that paul ryan the house speaker was asked about this by bret baier on fox news last night and asked about the fisa warrants. and the house speaker said that he has seen no evidence that the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. of course congress still trying to push jim comey, the fbi director, to acknowledge that they are investigating contacts of course different from collusion. contacts good tbetween the russ and trump campaign officials during the course of the
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election campaign. >> shaking up to be again a busy news day. but i want to ask you about jeff sessions and the russian investigation. what is next on that front? we're juggling big stories today. >> right. well, and some would point out that president trump has often tweeted or created a new controversy to distracts from something that was a difficult story for his campaign or now of course his administration. and this could be another example of that. jeff sessions the attorney general due to update his testimony to the judiciary committee, that system of course where he said that he had had no contacts with russians during the course of the election. it turns out that he did in fact meet with the russian ambassador one-on-one in the fall. he says of course in his capacity as a senator. but members of congress obviously felt misled. sessions recused himself from any investigation into the campaign. he will now update that written testimony on monday as well as update with questions from the committee. senator grassley the chairman of the judiciary committee has said he doesn't expect sessions to
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actually appear before the xhidity, so that suggests that he is willing to answer members' qutions in writing to committee. they say that will happen monday. but of course the investigations continuing what jim comey the fbi director is doing, nbc news is reporting they are looking in too contacts between the russians and the trump campaign and then you have the house and senate intelligence committees both pushing forward with inquiries. house democratic ranking member adam schiff on the intelligence committee, complaining last week that he thinks that fbi director comey is stone walling their investigation by refusing to provide evidence to the committee about what they are doing and what is going on. there is increasing pressure on the fbi director to tell congress more about what he's doing, more about this investigation. some of it coming from senator lindsey graham who met last week with jim comey as well. he in his judiciary subcommittee about to start their own separate investigation into russian contacts with the trump
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campaign during the course of the campaign. so a lot of moving pieces here, a lot of threads. it's one of the stories where the evidence comes out one piece at a time. and of course president trump throwing pretty big wrench into all of it this morning. >> case city hunt, thank you. you mentioned lindsey graham. he just wrapped up a contentious town hall meeting fp. there were some heated moments. >> i'll help trump where i can and the rest of you who voted for clinton, you should want to proceed, too. [ screaming from the audience ] >> this question is from pauleen roberts from westminster snchlts continued shouting ]. >> sit down. all right. go ahead. >> the state exchange, we're down to one company.
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one company and you will have no choice. premiums went up 27 -- i tel you what, you're going to get kicked out in about 30 seconds if you don't shut up. >> because i'm telling the truth. >> no, because you're rude. you're rude. how many want to kick this guy out? >> my goodness. let's go to vaughn hilliard. you were there for all of that, huh? >> reporter: there were so many moving parts to this entire last hour. from environmental regulations, russia repeatedly. and that is something that i will play because lindsey graham met just yesterday with fbi director james dough acomey andd the crowd that he was calling on a special investigation in congress. and lindsey graham said, hey, this is what we have going. several different investigations that are going on. he said i just met with jamgs compa
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james company kocomey oig yeste there is no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. and then this morning those tweets that you were talking about with touchdown. we caught lindsey graham on his way out here of this event in his car. and he responded to that. here is a bite. >> three explanations. it's all a misunderstanding, the obama administration went way out of line, or some judge somewhere said there is something to the idea of the trump/russia ties. either way, either of those two is pretty incredible. >> reporter: he compared to the watergate scandal. if either of those situations were true, which donald trump this morning in that tweet suggested that the obama administration tapped into the campaign before last november, the other part of this was health care because lindsey graham came in and he is one of those senators who said he had still not seen a plan and he was not ready to back any plan that he had not seen. because in houts of representatives, they're currently crafting what is still a secret bill, no the out to a
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of the senators. and this is what lindsey graham said. >> can i give you a secret? i don't even know what the gop plan is. i want you to know what we're doing. i don't want to replace obamacare with a process that is just exactly like we passed at the beginning. >> reporter: lindsey graham said over his dead body that he would just take whatever the house of representatives sent his way. he compared to 2008 when the first affordable care act was being implemented. he said republicans were slamming a bill through and he said he hasn't seen this measure at this point in time. this is a droud this crowd that they appreciated their senator coming here. a lot from an hour, two hours away taking the opportunity to do and see just one of five senators to actually come and talk to his constituents since inauguration day. lindsey graham one week after chuck grassley and bill cassidy,
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after joni ernst and after tom cotton. lindsey graham said i didn't expect many republicans to be in the room, but this was an opportunity to hear their concerns and the frustrations. several of them warranted on the front of russia or health care and he said we're here to listen to it.hillyard, thank you. joining me on the phone, republican congressman steve king. good day to you. >> thanks for having me on. it's an interesting place all across this country. >> tell me about it. so where should we start? how about the response from a former obama spokesperson to president trump's wiretapping allegation saying, devote, a cardinal rule of the obama administration was that no white house official ever sbfrninterf with any independent investigation. and it says as part of that practice, neither president obama nor any white house official ever ordered
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surveillance on any u.s. citizen. and he ends with saying any suggestion otherwise is simply false. should president trump accept that response and let this go? >> well, we will find out whether that response is true or not when we go back through and audit the fisa warrants and identify that and i think that is an obligation we have. but when they assert that president obama never interfered with any investigation, they are discounting the public statements that barack obama practice in protection of hillary clinton when he said she would never intend to sxro about m compromise our national security. and curiously james comey oig said there wouldn't be a prosecution of hillary because they couldn't prove intent. that was never a requirement, but it certainly affected the investigation of hillary clinton. >> two things. what are you implying by bringing that up and second of all, how long would it take? you mentioned looking at the parp tra
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paper trail so to speak. >> it depends on how much cooperation we might get, but judiciary committee wise, if we ask for that, we would have to go into a classified briefing session do so. the select committee on intel might do that. government oversight might do that. so i don't think it would be that long. but i'll guess a month or so it might take to -- >> a month or so? >> it could be next week if we get cooperation. if we don't get cooperation -- >> so i don't know how this works, but in about this moment there is somebody on this planet, there is somebody in about this country who did say, no, actually, it was this or no, actually, i was told to do this. somebody knows. why can't it just be a matter of hours frankly? >> well, it should be, but what we don't get is that kind of cooperation out of government. and so now that we have a trump administration, we should be able to get this coming out of the justice department. but we have to see that jeff sexes has been to a degree handcuffed and he can't
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whichever those kideliver those orders because of the allegations against him. so we can't praioperate as we m. i'd like to get to the bottom of it, as well. >> if there was a fisa warrant, how serious would the allegations have to be for that to be accepted? >> i don't know if i've contemplated that. i don't know what shape that would take. there would need to be some evidence that there needs to be a reason to do that kind of surveillance. but i do not believe that donald trump would send out such a message in a tweet without having substance to work with. and we always should know that the president trump of the yoound has being united states has access to more information than anyone else. so i believe there is substance there. and it seems to fit within the appearance. and we know that barack obama was involved in promoting an effort to unseat benjamin netanyahu in israel. so this high and mighty lofty
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principal that you're coming out with, there is no -- >> i don't want to cut you off, but i have this thing about bringing in the president and allegations that don't fit what we're talking about in this moment. it's interesting that you mentioned you think that president trump is getting information obviously that we don't have. pete williams spoke to a senior u.s. official who said he and others have no idea what the president is talking about in these allegations. so you think he's getting information from somewhere else obviously, the president. >> i think it's based on substance. but i don't know what that substance is. and i went into the classified briefings to hear about the alleged and activities of the russians. i heard opinions from our intelligence community, but i heard no facts. they just gave us this is our judgment to whatever degree of confidence they had and i also have been challenged for accepting the intelligence of the weapons of mass destructions in iraq, that i should have been
10:17 am
more critical of the intelligence community then. so i think we need to root it down in fact, start putting together the pieces that we know and then talking about what that indicates. and identifying the other evidence that we need. but we are working here on -- we can't name the people that are producinthis information on either side of t argument. it's secondhand information all the way around. i've never seen such a fuchltro things that are opinions and not fact. and now the allegation is that president trump is beginning an opinion. so on were there warrants or weren't there. what is this evidence that congress is working on that. devon nunez oig is doing an investigation fp. >> if he's referring to classified information that we
10:18 am
don't have, is tweeting before 7:00 in the morning the best way to handle this? >> whatever time of date or night is, yes, i think so. >> don't you think it's adding fuel to the controversy? if he's -- we've been talking about russia and medal i gomedd. this just brings more attention to it. >> this story is not going to go away. president trump goes around the media by using his twitter account. but the truth will come ought and the level of the in-ttegrit of the president will be sustained ordy miles per houredd the level of the integrity of the president will be sustained ordy miles per houred. diminished. the inertia of the story threatens to bog down the administration to get things done for the american people. there is a controversy every weekend that is stirred up and it's amazing to me that the speech that the president gave in the house on chambers the
10:19 am
other night which was carried so well everywhere, but in less than 24 hour, a new scandal erupts out of what is maybe not even new information. >> i mean, you realize that this created another scandal is these tweets. so to sum it up, you think either that he's telling truth or that there is a threat of truth or that there is some basis of fact that we're not aware of at this point. >> i think there is a basis of fact and i think that we will start to find those facts when we drill in and look for the fisa warrant. and that will take some time because i don't expect that we will get cooperation easily. and it may turn out that if there are warrants there, that the information will be classified. and then it starts all over again. so i just say to people take a deep breath, let's trust the people we've elected to run this country and let's ask the right questions and do this in a methodical fashion. we have to get away from the hyper ventilation. we have a country that needs to be put back on the rails again and i think that is the message
10:20 am
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a top republican lawmaker is weighing in on president trump's bombshell allegation that the obama administration wiretapped trump tower back before the election. >> i'm very worried. i'm very worried that our president trump is suggesting that the former president has done something illegally. i would be very worried if in fact the obama administration was able to obtain a warrant lawfully about trump campaign.
10:24 am
>> let's bring in hugh hewitt. good afternoon to you. >> how are you? >> we're great. what is your response to senator graham? it should be note that had president obama denied president trump's allegations. but other branches, doj, i guess could have ordered the tap. what is your take. >> my take is from the position of haviwhat i know for a fact iy application for a warrant to the foreign intelligence vaim court has an enormous paper trail. so if such a warrant existed, if such a surveillance tap was authorized by the court, there are details that would be available to the new president about it. it is also highly likely that president obama would not know about every foreign intelligence
10:25 am
surveillance court warrant issued or asked for or every surveillance authorized. so it's quite possible for president trump to be correct that surveillance was authorized against trump tower and for president obama spokesperson to be correct that president obama did not know about that. so it's a very complicated set of laws. i also want to take a moment to slow everyone down on special prosecutor talk. yesterday i heard a couple of people say we need a special prosecutor, there is a law for it. there isn't any law for it anymore. the independent counsel statute originally authorized in 1978 expired in 1999 after about 15 different independent counsels. what would be required would be for the attorney general jeff sessions to say i'm going to a point a special counsel to conduct and in-depth investigation into not just allegation of ties with russia and team trump, but allegations of improper behavior by president obama. one special counsel for the
10:26 am
entire interrelated ball. it is really a set of unchartered territories. but people need to slow down as lindsey graham just did and say let's keep our silos straight. everyone degragrees russia interferes with our election. i don't think anyone doubts it. but everything else of a their is a ball of yarn that has to be unspooled very, very carefully. >> so since we're talking about russian tie, help me understand this. if we find out a fisa warrant was indeed issued, the bar is pretty high for that. so should we then assume that there was a problem? mines fact that that would be issued in the first place, isn't that an issue? >> that's a great question. we were never turned down. i did that for as i said attorney general myth and attorney general meese and we would review in great depth before giving it to the attorney general who would then go over it personally before giving it at the court. and court looked at it with
10:27 am
great scrutiny. so there was always probable cause conduct the investigation. i don't know that any has happened by the way. there are only report of this. and it is in fact classified to ask for those warrants. so how those allegations get out there, that is the controversial part. he didn't say it was a foreign intelligence surveillance court warrant. if it's a second circuit warrant -- >> so you think we've jumped to even that alone? >> yeah. that you ask for a warrant has got so much classified information. i still conditions talk about stuff that i did in 1985 because it's sensitive department information. and so i just think we all have to slow down and recognize this is unchartered territory and what lindsey graham was saying is that it would be extremely troubling if president obama's administration, anyone sought the authority of the foreign intelligence court to authorize surveillance of anyone on the trump team. that would be deeply troubling
10:28 am
and without precedence, far i don't understand anything thbeyg nixon did. on the other hand, we have no idea if it happened.understand nixon did. on the other hand, we have no idea if it happened. >> let me go to this. the new york times responded to the tweet storm writing journalists know when leaders go berserk fewer i didn't sayly denying there is anything going on, blamingothers, that's when you know you're getti close. do you think that is the case here? here is the thing. you know about, be people think he's just trying to cover up for something bigger on the way. >> i think nick is a smart guy and we're getting close to something. and here is my prediction. i think that the department of justice will have to name a special prosecutoprosecutor. not independent counsel. they don't exist anymore. but a special prosecutor, just an individual designated by the attorney general to carry out a special investigation with which the attorney general will have nothing to do. and that that individual will be charged with looking into not just whether or not there were
10:29 am
any inappropriate contacts good team trump and russia, that is a very hot potato, but whether or not there was also any inappropriate surveillance or interference with the election by team obama or any of their surrogates or anyone connected with the department of justice. so i think a special ploss frost duti prosecutor is a double edged blade. they go wherever they want. whether lawrence walsh, jake are ob stei stein. along ago i was a law clerk to special judges that would name prosecutors. such a passenger does not exist anymore. the special prosecutor would be named either by jeff sessions or by the incoming deputy attorney general, not the acting deputy attorney general. and that individual should be completely skilled as a prosecutor. because this would go wherever -- it may not go to trump. it may go to obama. it's one of the most interesting potentially controversial. that's why are lindsey graham is such a good man is deeply troubled by the prospect.
10:30 am
he knows this is a rabbit hole that no one in the media has anyone any idea where it will end up. >> all right. hugh hewitt, thank you for talk with me. still ahead, this former british spy is still in hiding but the senate may want him in washington to divulge all he knows. but is he even believable? that's next. on 00 a sxle is
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#. welcome back. i'm sheinelle jones in new york. at the half hour, here's what we're monitoring. new reaction a short time ago to president trump tweeting serious allegations against his predecessor. one of the tweets says he just found out president obama had his wires tapped before the election. trump calling this mccarthy iis. another tweet, trump calling the whole situation nixon/watergate. a spokesperson for former
10:34 am
president obama says, quote, cardinal rule for the obama administration was that no white house official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the justice department. joining me now, ken delaney. i know you have new reporting against the allegations. what you can tell us? >> that's right. justice department correspondent pete williams has spoken to a senior administration official who tells us that he andthers who are in a position to know have no idea what the president is talking about with his allegations that his communications at trump tower were wiretapped by president trump. and further, this official says that the president trump did not consult with law enforcement officials or others who might have known the facts before he engaged in that tweet storm on this this morning. the reason that is important, becauseis wong dering the president said he learned this information. was he communicating to us that he had just been briefed on a
10:35 am
highly classified -- >> do you think that's what it is? is it possible maybe something landed on his desk and then he -- >> so the steer we're getting from this well placed source is no. apparently he was reciting what he had seen in conservative media. there is a breitbart story and other stories that layout a series of unsubstantiated allegations about a fisa warrant. and i should say no reputable u.s. media has reported the existence of a fisa warrant. british media has reported it. there are some assumptions. but in terms of u.s. persons, we have no evidence that that is the case. >> you also have new reporting on the former british spy who alleged in a dossier that the trump campaign colluded with russian aides during the election. what can you tell us about that? about. >> so christopher steele, he is is the one that authored this dossier that gets so much attention which alleges a
10:36 am
conspiracy between the trump campaign and the russians to engage in this hacking campaign. it's unproven, but his information was taken seriously enough that the fbi had agreed to p him to continueis investigation after the election. that agreement fell through. but now the senate intelligence committee which is also investigating this matter is in talks about whether to seek his testimony. the problem with that of course is that he's not in the united states. and he's in hiding. and so it may be difficult to get to him. but they're interested in what he has to say. he's viewed as credible by fooifooir and former cia officers i've talked to. >> okay. thank you for your time. coming up, my next guest is among those calling for the attorney general to resign, but was jeff sessions intentionally trying to hide something? that's next.
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president trump spending the weekend working in florida where
10:40 am
he sent a firestorm of tweets that made serious allegation about his predecessor. a spoke man for president obama released a statement reading in part that he nor the white house ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen. joining me now, congressman jim himes from connecticut. good afternoon to you. let's start with this. the president's claims appear to be based on reporting in conservative media of two fisa warrant. one if ju in june that was denied and then another in fall that may have targeted a server tied to a vush sh russia bank. do you know anything about this? >> well, i don't know anything about it beyond what has been reported in the media, but i do know, and this is really important, the president of the united states cannot and does not order wiretaps.
10:41 am
wiretaps are received because typically someone in the fbi has evidence, probable cause, that in the case of the fisa court, there is some sort of foreign agent, some sort of threat of he is espionage. so either president trump is promotes unsubstantial yalgs ey out of a right wing website or radio show without any evidence or he just disclosed the existence of this fisa warrant which leads to the next question of what is the probable cause that caused this warrant to be granted by the court. >> that is exactly what i was about to ask you. at this point if they were able to get a fisa warrant, what does that tell us? >> so the fisa process is one that happens behind closed doors. items highly classified. people like me and people like hugh hewitt who have been
10:42 am
involved in this snow that talking about the process, taing about a pticular warrant, the existence of a warrant, is somethingsnow that talking about the process, talking about a particular warrant, the existence of a warrant, is something that you don't do. so when i find the president is tweeting about it -- mind you, if he just declassified the existence of a fisa warrant on his people the reason for the warrant is along with all of the mirk and he will flynn and jeff sessions and all of these different communications with russia yet one more reason why we need move forward with a fully independent aggressive investigation of these russia ties. >> paul ryan said something pretty interesting. let's take a listen and i'll get your thoughts. >> there is a report that june 62061, the 6 62016, there is a request to monitor communications involving donald trump.
10:43 am
and several other campaign officials. and then they get turned down. and then in october, they renew it. and they do start a wiretap at trump tower with some computer and russian banks and it doesn't show up anything by reporting. have you heard that? >> well, again, like i said, none of us in congress or anybody that i know in about congress has been presented with evidence to the contrary of what you've just said. >> so he essentially didn't deny it. >> well, look, paul ryan is not a dumb guy. he recognizes that the president trump either just traded in fabulous rumors, you know, around classified material on twitter for all the world to see or the president is being accurate and just disclosed to the world that there might have been a fisa warrant against his people. and again, it's only awarded if a federal judge is convinced that there is probable cause that there could be foreign
10:44 am
meddli meddling. so i think you're hearing speaker ryan stay as far away from that adventure as possible. >> but doesn't this come -- it does in the midst of all the reporting about russian meddling and jeff sessions and everything else, it seems like it is only fanning the flames. >> sgakexactly. usually there is a logic to what durd does. he's lashing out at somebody in a way that-to-make them feel small or he's lashing out at the media to create a cloud of uncertainty about what exacts are. he just walked himself into a box canyon. again, two choices here. either he sorted traded in rumor and conspiracy theory as president of the united states or he disclosed the exist about existence of a fisa warrant which is not a good fact for his contention that there is absolutely nothing going on with him and the russians. >> i mentioned sessions. you're calling for seg sexeex s
10:45 am
to step down. why do you think the discrepancy in his testimony is so serious? >> i think under ordinary circumstances i might not have count done that, but hear you have the possibility of -- not the possibility. but the fact of a hack by the russians, a repeated pattern by this white house and jeff sessions remember was instrumental in putting this white house in place as one of the very earliest campaign people to join with the trump campaign. notice, you have a repeated pattern of dishonesty, of people going back on their testimony. and of course jeff sessions himself. remember, he sits in these hearings all the time. he is a former process kite tortorcute door. prosecutor. and he puts forward false information twice. and when asked about it and only when asked, does he come up with sort of a flustered statement of i don't understand what this story is but it's false. you realize since all of the investigation that has to happen at the fbi, within the justice
10:46 am
department, all the things that we are talking about happened within the justice department, the only way for this investigation which is now so crucial to the american people to proceed in an objective and trustable fashion is for the attorney general to step down. >> i only have seconds left, but how long, day, month, weeks, hours before we find out about this fisa issue? the facts are there smsomewhere. >> the mere existence of a fisa warrant is a classified thing. and only the president and his people can declassify the in f and his people can declassify it. and i'm in the business of advising the president, but he threw a major fire bomb in about to the argument. so i think it's important that they get the facts out there. >> congressman jim himes, thank you for your time on this saturday. still ahead, a guest of mine
10:47 am
explains how russia may now have gotten what it wanted all along. undermining public confidence in the democratic process. and the next hour, he's described as charming, yet tough. a look at the russian diplomat jeff sessions and others on both sid sides of the aisle have spoken with.
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. a spokesperson for former president obama is strongly denying the shocking allegations by president trump that his administration was wire tabbing trump tower. he released this statement saying, "a cardinal rule of the obama administration was that no white house official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the department of justice. as part of that practice, neither president obama nor any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false."
10:54 am
joining me now, white house columnist at "the hill" and gabrielle levy. first your reaction to the statement by the obama spokesperson. >> it doesn't leave a whole lot of room for -- it doesn't seem to be a legalistic statement. it's pretty clear. i think, though, this does go to the idea that the idea of if we're talking about fisa court warrants, these are not things that are produced in, frankly, the slightly cartoonish fashion that president trump is suggesting. where a president would go and say get me a wiretap on someone's phone or my would be-be successor's phone. that's not how it works in the f first place. the statement from president obama's spokesperson seems to be very clear. >> gabrielle, where are president trump's tweets coming from in your opinion?
10:55 am
there are suggestions it may be linked to fisa court. what do you know? >> well, the president has made a pattern of watching fox news, reading breitbart, even websites like infowars then reacting to the news hours or minutes, even minutes later. so there's some speculation, we don't know for sure, of course, that that's where this is coming from. given pete williams' reporting that the administration officials are saying they have no idea where this is coming from. they're not -- you know, it's not coming from anything official. so that's as good of a guess as any. but it's true that this has sort of opened up a can of worms for the administration, because either way whether or not there is really a fisa warrant here, whether or not it's just coming from a website that the president is reading, neither version of this is particularly good for him. >> nall, let's take a listen to what senator lindsey graham said at a town hall this morning about these allegations. >> if the former president of the united states was able to
10:56 am
obtain a warrant lawfully to monitor trump's campaign for violating a law, that would be the biggest scandal since watergate. i'm very worried that our president is suggesting that the former president has done something illegally. i would be very worried if, in fact, the obama administration was able to obtain a warrant lawfully about trump campaign activity with foreign governments. >> nall, what do you make of this analogy? >> to me, senator graham seems to be implying he does not believe the charge president trump leveled. it's obviously an enormously explosive charge, but lindsey graham there was talking about the fact that it should be at least impossible to get a warrant like this for purely political surveillance. now that is what president trump trump is alleging. when lindsey graham talks about
10:57 am
yes, if it happened it would be something of that scale but it seem sos unlikely. another wrinkle in this story, rick quickly, snaas far as we know, there was a request in june that was refused. that doesn't seem consistent with this. >> time will eventually tell. thank you for this time on this saturday. that will do it for me this hour on "msnbc live." we'll stay on top of the trump wiretap i wiretapping. my colleague will take over for me. have a great day. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial.
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start your used car search at the all-new hello, everyone, i'm stephanie gosk at msnbc world headquarters in new york. it's another mar-a-lago week for president trump, the president spending today and tomorrow at his resort in south florida, his fourth weekend there since moving into the white house. while several of his supporters


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