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tv   Dateline Extra  MSNBC  March 4, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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this is one of those a blocks. this is one of those things you've not been hearing about in the news, but stick with me. this is worth it. check this out. let's say you're a thief or a crook and you have obtained a bunch of money through drug dealing or fraud or prostitution or something. or let's be very discreet about it.
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somehow you amassed a large amount of money and you don't want to talk about where it came from. in any of these hypothetical circumstances, assume you're not shady. you're big time. you have this ill-gotten gains. we're talking millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars that you have amassed through let's not talk about it means. if you want to ever be able to actually use that money and enjoy that money, you can't move it around in bags full of a lot. you're talking about of hundreds of millions of dollars, there aren't enough duffle bags in the world. if you want to buy rich guy stuff, a private island or fleet of ferraris, if you show up to pay with hay belliale of money.
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they were going to want to know about that. if you've made lots of money and some shady way, you need something to do with that money that makes the money look sort of legit just so that you can use it. we think of that process of making secret money look legitimate, we think of that as a mob thing, organized crime thing, money laundering. it can also be a bank thing if you know the right bank to go to. deutsche bank got find $630 million for money laundering. deutsche bank moved $10 billion to russia.
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some of the accounts involved in the $10 billion scream were held by relatives of vladimir putin and his closest and oldest friends. when this scheme including their accounts was exposed at deutsche bank, the russian central bank decided he needed to look into this. they were very concerned about this scheme to siphon money out of russia without anybody knowing where it came from. they looked into the scheme and fined deutsche bank $5,000. the scheme was 10 bmds, but that's how much the russian bank levied against them as a fine. luckily this was not just a russia thing. the scheme did voof deutsche bank in moscow, but also in new york. interestingly also in cypress. stick a pin in that far sechlktd
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because of the new york connection, this giant money laundering scheme ended up in the obama justice department, when the russians looked into it, they fined deutsche $5,000 when loretta lynch looked into it. they fined $630 million. they took it slightly more seriously than the russians did. for the people at the top when these things happen though, it always seems to be sort of a soft landing, doesn't it? the offices involved in this russian scheme were in moscow and new york and cypress. when the last chairman of deutsche bank needed a new job after deutsche bank, where he landed was very softly as the chairman of the bank of cyprus. cyprus is a lovely place and a lovely part of the world. but in global finance, cypress
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is basically the locking black briefcase sbooch russian 'ol garks stuff their ill gotten gains before they handcuffed that briefcase to a henchman somewhere. this is where russian 'ol garks put their money. the bank chairman from deutsche bank then personally lends a bank of cypress. one of the two largest shareholders of the bank is a close personal friend and business associate of russian president vladimir putin. one of the other major investors is the king of fertilizer. i know, some of my critics call me the queen of fertilizer, but
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they mean it differently. for americans who are trying to make sense of our new president and the government he's putting in plates and what explains their behavior when other political norms don't seem to, because the king of fertilizer is an amazing story. he's not the richest person in russia. that would probably be vladimir putin. but he does hold the title for what is believed to be the most expensive divorce in modern history. as part of his divorce proceedings, a swiss bank award his wife $4.5 billion as her divorce settlement. wow. and a couple's divorce wuld usually be a private matter, why do we care, the reason it turns out we have to care about it is because it's becoming part of what we need to understand about your current american presidency. the split up started in 2007, 2008. the divorce settlement in the end wasn't finalized until 2015.
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but it was very, very lurid. it was in the papers all the time. it was international news. had all the tabloid aspects to it. she accused him of having orjies on his yacht with young girls. he had herard as a jewel thief at one point. shelgts she was entitled to a multi-billion dollar settlement in the divorce, and she accused him of hiding his money so she couldn't get access to it, specifically of quote secreting and transferring assets in order to avoid his obligations. she basically said in order to keep her from getting her hands on what she believed was his money, he started putting his money into places she couldn't get to it. he put it in the largest chunks he could into trusts in foreign
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countries, trusts that own stuff or held assets, anything to get his money off his balance sheet. so she couldn't get it in the divorce. and that's a thing that happens in ugly divorces the world over, but when you're the king of fertilizer, when that happens in your divorce, it makes the "today" show. >> this is 15 central park west in new york city. it's one of the most exclusive addresses and home of the most expensive condo. a college student just bought it and it will not even be her primary residence. it's a sweeping view that's breath taking and record breaking for the new young owner, it's just a part-time pad. it sits atop what's considered the most expensive building in all of new york. outside a wrap around terrace
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overlooking central park. inside, guests can tour the private library, but those guests could be college students. that because according to forbes mag is owner is a daughter of a russian millionaire. all paid for by daddy. >> the trend is you're seeing a lot of money coming from overseas to purchase these high-end properties. a lot of people it's sarch the stock market. >> in 2008, her father also bought this 33,000 square foot florida estate from donald trump. he paid the donald $95 million in cash. he may reportedly lose it in a divorce battle that could cost him after had a its worth, but the penthouse should be safe.
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it's in cat rein a's name. >> that's a divorce that went through six different courts. at one point there was a $4.5 billion judgment for the wife. she accused her husband of parking all his money in overseas trusts that held very expensive assets. she couldn't get access to more of his money and those trusts held very, very expensive real estate all over the world. the greek island where jackie kennedy married, i thi kennedy married, he bought that island. this guy has an ad joining compound in the swiss alps that he bought for $135 million. locking up your money in assets like this to she'll them from your ex-wife who you hate is
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probably kind of a fun way to stick it to your spouse and avoid the accounts and courts. this guy's motivation is not to get a good deal on any of these things. this guy is trying to park some of which his russian money somewhere else, as much as his money as he can in other countries. the bigger the deal, the bigger the price tag, the better. you want to be the guy who owns the greek private island when the king of fertilizer starts looking for islands to buy to shelter his money from his wife. you want to be the real estate broker in new york city who's looking to sell the single most expensive apartment in new york city. when that guy comes around looking to spend as much money as he possibly can. for the right kind of person, for the right kind of seller, this guy, the king of
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fertilizer, he's just a walking cash register if you have right kind of thing to sell him. behold, la mason delaemti. it means house of friendship. this house was built in 2001 by a rich man. it has 22 bathrooms. 2 people can go all at the same time. watch out if they all flush at the same time. kaboom. this guy built this incredibly
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gigantic mansion in 2001. by 2004 it did been seized by the bankruptcy court and he and his wife has beenard on bankruptcy charges. this was put up for auction. the person who bought the house on auction is now president donald trump. he bought it for $40 million. and then that big house in palm beach sat empty for two years. it became sort of this local legend because the house was thought as a monstrosity. it was frequently described as gauche, ro cocoa, it had fake art everywhere, art inspired by real parents, copies painted on the walls. parts of the software were cobblestone, and it had a terrible mold problem. donald trump bought it for $40 million. it sat empty for two years. and then in 2008, along comes
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the king of fertilizer going through the mother of all divorces, needing the biggest ticket items you could possibly imagine as ways to shelter his money from his darn wife. i'm buying greek islands, the most expensive narmts new york city. i need places to put my money and dmitri turns around and pays trump $100 million for that house, to a and a half times what trump bought it for two years earlier. why did this guy spend $100 million on that property? i don't know. we do know he never moved in. in fact some reporting on the sale says he never once set foot in it and it's being torn down. trump hags implemented publicly that they never met during that
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sale. it's interesting for a financial transaction that big. that was the single highest price paid for a single american house at the time of that transaction. that record actually may still hold. that may be the single most expensive house transaction ever in the united states. they never met? they only went through intermediaries? the king of fertilizer who basically popped $60 million into donald trump's pocket, he doesn't have much of an american profile. the chairman of the bank of cypress is the former chairman of deutsche bank. he was installed as chairman at the bank of cypress by the two vice chairmen of that bank.
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one of them is vladimir putin's close associate. but the other vice chairman of the bank is an american. he's the single largest shareholder in that bank. that bank that includes vladimir putin's very close associate, the vice chairman who in a guys replaced was not only a vladimir putin associate but it was a guy that putin was in the kbg with. donald trump miraclesly stumbled into that netted him $60 million for doing basically nothing. there is one american who is in the middle of that bank who is the single largest shareholder in that bank. and tonight, that american was just confirmed as our nation's new secretary of commerce. his name is wilbur ross.
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he's an american businessman, longtime friend of donald trump. not much experience in international banking, but ended up the majority shareholder in a s bank and a bank that ended up stuffing $60 million into donald trump's wallet. he never even board living in it and never even visited it. but trump, no questions asked. no connection whatsoever except through wilbur ross, donald trump's old, old friend. and there's basically two things to know about this story going forward, one in terms of explaining this presidency, the other one in terms of what happens next in our politics. you should know at the time this magical deal emerged out of nowhere that put million dollars
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of dollars in donald trump's pocket, at that time he was financially having a difficult time. it is a matter of public record he was fighting very hard among other things, to avoid paying off a big loan that he had with deutsche bank. deutsche bank needs the money, that means trump needs to get the money. so it's a merest windfall of cash for donald trump. this part here, this is not just like a loose thread, this is a rope ladder hanging from the ceiling begging people to crawl up and look around. that's one thing to know about this story. the other thing has to do with what happens next in the administration. we're going to talk later on what's happening with the investigation or lack thereof and trump and his russia ties.
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but meanwhile, he is slowly staffing up his administrations. his nominee to be secretary of the navy dropped out. that follows a similar decision to be secretary of the army who also dropped out. followed the firing of his national security advisor. and the next two picks turning him down. michelle flor annoy was asked my mattis if she would become his deputy at the pentagon. she turned him down as well. she didn't feel like in good faith she could join the trump administration. they're having trouble staffing up in a lot of ways, but for whatever reason, wilbur ross tonight got through that may not end up be a political blessing to this administration. because now with all his ways,
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it will affix to the administration throughout the time that he is in office. the big problem with him is the scandal with him and russia may ultimately be a scandal about donald trump and russia. and we're going to be joined tonight by the editor of the new yorker. among the news that turned up is this. you remember the 35 package dossier of dirt that russians supposedly had on trump in theorist new yorker. quote, the 35-page dossier included claims about trump's behavior during a 2013 trip to moscow. it included russia had personal and financial material on trump that could be used as blackmail. they had been cultivating and assisting trump for years. according to government officials, prurient details generated skepticism among those
3:21 pm
in the intelligence community. one intelligence official tells "the new york times" they're continuing to chase things down from the dossier and left foot is bearing out. here's what is shooting up right now like a flair in the night sky. some officials believe that one reason the russians compiled information on trump during his 2013 trip was he was meeting with russian leaders who might be stashing money abroad. that according to some officials is why russia was compiling dirt on trump, because he was helping them find places to put their money. wilbur ross was confirmed as commerce secretary tonight. i feel like i'm finally starting to understand this. ♪
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. sometimes a new news story itself isn't the most important thing. sometimes the most important thing about a brand new news story is it upsets people and shakes something loose. outrage denials, confirms denial of certain facts. the white house reacted with the chief of staff leaned on the fbi on the fbi investigation into contacts between trump campaign and russia. white house was outraged at those stories. they were so mad about those stories they pushed back hard. and in so doing, they confirmed that actually, yes, the white house chief of staff did speak with the fbi about that ongoing investigation, which is not the thing you're supposed concede
3:26 pm
and confirm. they that i did story and reacted with outrage to the story but in so doing, they confirmed he did it. that's happened turnover last few days, and it has now happened again on a story that is way weirder and more obscure. this is new weird obscure news story. these are text messages reportedly received by the daughter of paul mafrt. he has 24 hours by far leak all the s-word to the cops. like bad copt. you got 24 hours until i cake this to the fuzz. hacks suggest manafort faced blackmail attempt. a purported cyber attack of the daughter of political consultant paul manafort was the victim of
3:27 pm
cyber attack last summer. he kwifrmd to politicize co. that the hacked texts are real. his daughter did receive them. she got those threatening texts and the threats to go to the cops. she got them along with an explanatory note saying this ukranian policing has brute facts ant paul manafort taking off the books payments. paul manafort says he never received the off the books money from the dictator. although his daughter received these texts he says he had nothing to do with any of it. it's all just a smear campaign. we have no idea if the note or texts about him if they're actually from this ukranian policing for his part, he denies having to do anything with this.
3:28 pm
last will and testament a claim in the middle of the story that's specific to your new president. this person also claims to have evidence that paul manafort got paid to set up a meeting between donald trump and a ukranian guy who's close to that pro-putin dictator. he arranged this meeting in 2012 long before donald trump was running for president. those are the allegations. was paul manafort being black mailed? i have no idea. denials all around from people who are supposed to be the good guys or bad guys. i don't know what it means. like i said, sometimes the story itself is less important that what it shakes loose. with regard to that claim that paul manafort was paid to arrange a meeting between donald trump and this pro-putin
3:29 pm
policing in 2012, both paul manafort and the white house are pushing back on that allegation to politico. paul manafort couldn't have been paid to arrange such a meeting because why would anybody go to him to get to donald trump in 2012? paul manafort and donald trump had no connection back then. paul manafort in fact never worked with donald trump before he became his campaign chairman in 2016. and i think they see that as a great rebuttal to this story. but in offering that confirmed information to bat back this allegation that really board them, they do raise a whole other way more interesting question. i don't know, and i don't really care whether or not he was the target of blackmail while he was running a campaign, but it's interesting the question of how paul manafort ended up being
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when russia said about influencing the presidency election, it wasn't their first rodeo. they've particular mo for disrupting other countries' pilt activities. now intelligence says we all got
3:34 pm
to see russia at work undermining our election here in the united states in 2016 trying to help donald trump's chances of getting elected president. but it's not just us, and the french presidency election one candidate is literally bank rolled by russian bank loans, and her opponent says he's been the victim of multiple russian cyberattacks and fake news reports. in the netherlands this year, they decided to hand count every ballot in next month's election because they're so worried about russian meddling. when sweden was debate whether or not to enter a military partnership with nato, swedes starting showing up to town halls full of fears sparked by bogus news stories about rogue nato stock piles of nuclear weapons and nato soldiers raping
3:35 pm
swedish women. it was aimed at swaying the vote and keeping sweden out of nato. russia's good at this. they change their tactics from place to place, but it's the same. operatives exploit divisions, empower disruptive forces, destabilize the institutions and alliances. now think about paul manafort running the trump presidency campaign last year. fran american perspective, he doesn't make such sense as medicine you would bring to run your presidency campaign. it's a lobbyist type.
3:36 pm
of he hasn't been involved in republican electoral politics in such a long time. nobody knew who ukraine's man in washington was. nobody knew this mystery man. ukraine's u.s. fixer, where was he? manafort's current location a mystery. all but van i should from the washington scene. that was 2014. and then two years later, there he is running an american parking lot campaign. when he disappeared from washington and nobody knew where he was, the russians knew where he was. he was in ukraine spending years laying the ground work on to put a pro-putin autocrat in power. from a russian perspective, paul manafort is a high pro-file guy.
3:37 pm
according to new report in the new yorker magazine, incepttive communications during the campaign included frequent reference to paul manafort. take the view from moscow if you know a guy who needs a campaign manager, how about our friend paul? who would be a better choice from president trump's campaign? who's he? from the russian perspective, held be the obvious choice. take carter page. donald trump seemed to pull this name out of a hat in president bush sha last spring for not having any declared foreign policy people on his page. carter page. from an american perspective,
3:38 pm
that made no sense. he was a mid level oil industry consultant who had spent some time in moscow. one american executive with experience in russia told "politico" that you would have to dip far and wide for carter page. i mean, wow. from a russian perspective, here's how carter page is described from a russian state oil company. he's an authoritative person in russia. says a russian state run oil company. carter page is well-known in russia. her questions speeches slamming american policy in russia. he gets featured on russian tv. he's a big deal from the russian vantage point. even consider rex tillerson. dune that tillerson and donald trump never met before the
3:39 pm
campaign? never met before the election? all of a sudden mr. got the russian order of friendship awarded to him personally, all of a sudden he's secretary of state in the united states? how did that happen? he and trump had literally never met before trump became president-elect. the white house adamantly denies donald trump had any dealings with paul manafort before this campaign. and they're telling us that to tamp down one of these scandalous news stories that they think we won't follow up on. how did he end up running the trump campaign? where did he got his references from?
3:40 pm
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in russia thousands of people marched through streets of moscow to mark the murder of policing boris them solve. shenemsov. she was -- he was shot in the back. the current opposition leader is a smart charismatic opposition leader. funny and uncompromising in the bay he stands up against putin. he did unexpectedly well when he ran for mayor of moscow. he declared he was going to run
3:44 pm
for president against vladimir putin next year. obviously that can't stand. an obscure court convicted him on something about timber futures. he will no longer be allowed to run for president against vap. he'll be disqualified because of that terrible embezzlement conviction. when that hammer fell, one of our famous russia watchers said the trump administration said nothing. the russian see friendly faces in this administration. that comes from the new yorker is calling the new cold war. david rem nick, great for you to be here. there are important things i feel like is new ground that you eyes have reported in this long piece that gives a lot of so
3:45 pm
important connection. russian intelligence officials frequently discussing paul manafort, also some current government officials thinking part of the reason russia may have been interested in donald trump is because he may have been a money thing, russia may have been interested in the way he may have been helping russians move their money out of that country. >> i think the reason vladimir putin was most interested in donald trump has to do with hillary clinton. trump could not stand hillary clinton. and a lot of the pieces the historic connection of what they're talking about here, remember, the person who moved nato east ward was bill clinton, and this was considered in the world of vladimir putin a grave threat to the security of russia. it's not some miner geopolitical move he didn't care about.
3:46 pm
-- his first deed was to ensure the safety and nonprosecution of bor boris yelltsiyeltsin. at the beginning, putin was relativelily up in the air where the west was concerned. he even considered the question of whether russia should join nato. and he gave up hope after a while for reasons you can adjust or not justify having to do with cos vo or nato. his policy turned. so when it came to obama who considered russia a regional power, a grave insult to the russian go, and he considered a possible presidency of hillary
3:47 pm
clinton, he actually vit. i don't think the russians thought they could tehran elect around. how do you stack it up next to the fbi later or to a very poor campaign in certain respects by hillary clinton herself to say nothing of the appeal, like it or not, of donald trump. but at a certain point he just could not bear the idea of hillary clinton winning. we want more evidence. i do. i want more concrete evidence. it was to destabilize a clinton presidency. >> you think they expected her to win? >> of course. everybody expected her to win, you expected her to win, the
3:48 pm
polls expected her to win. >> trump expected her to win? >> trump on the day of the election, expected her to win. they succeeded and now they're freaked. if you go to moscow now and you talk to people in moscow now, there's a lot of buyers remorse. there was an order sent to russian television, nufr with the celebrating about trufrmt they're worried about the lack of stability from trump and thelgsz see the criticism of trump having to do with russia is going to undermine is ability to help them. >> the new piece is called trump, putin and the new cold war. i have a lot of things to ask you. you. we'll be back.
3:49 pm
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depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. we're back with david remnik. david, thank you. in terms of the big look that you were taking at the stuff, the ongoing reporting of the new yo new yorker, what do you think is necessary here. what's your take? >> our reporting will continue. i'm "the new york times" and the "washington post" are spending hours on this. there are certain things well-intentioned independent
3:53 pm
investigatory body can do that's quite different having to do with subpoena power and calling witnesses and all the rest. you're now seeing tension in congress about what to do about this. you're seeing much more reluctance. somebody like john mccain is throwing caution to the wind. he's never going to run again probably. it's interesting to see senator burr a republican who had an interesting relationship with the president being quite forthright about the need for an investigation. it's almost amazing to see. >> while also calling reporters -- when burr and nuñez started calling reporters to get off the story, there's nothing there, by the way, i'm the chair of the intelligence committee andish know, that made me give up all hope for bur. >> do not give up on him. don't do it.
3:54 pm
i think at the risk of self-congratulation, the press is rigorously going after this and it should. because it goes off into many different directions whether it has to do with the question of potential conclusion, about financial deals, about banking, the political questions about how this was handled by the obama administration. that's all very interesting not just for historianhistorians. maybe we should have a% 9/11 type independent commission. and the obama administration, president obama thought that it that would politicize the issue over much and they said no. and underneath all that reluctance was this confidence or overconfidence that hillary clinton was going to win. >> whatever was happening would
3:55 pm
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or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. jill stei . i know, republicans control everything in washington. democrats are back on hair heels, true. but sincemov, every special election in the country has gone blue or at least has swung hard in a blue direction. this happened this month in iowa when a democrat won an open seat
3:58 pm
in the legis layture. when they held their special election there, the republican unless race only won by six points in that deep deep red district in minnesota. it has happened again now. this is from an election we're covering for a while in delaware heading into the weekend. the delaware state senate was split 50/50 between democrats and republicans, there was one empty seat. that tie made that one empty seat that special election for that local delaware senate seat made it into a national race. hi, joe biden. on saturday the democrats won that race, won that seat. democrat stephanie hanson won by a lot. it keeps the delaware senate in democratic hands. if you count up through delaware
3:59 pm
hast week, democrats have gone three for four in special elections since the presidential race. they closed the gap by 20 points compared to how donald trump did. connecticut had a special election for two senate seats this week. one of the open seats was navarre heavily democratic district and the other was a heavily republican district. each party held onto its respective state district. in the tend connecticut senate remains evenlily split. in that race for the republican seat that is in fact the deepest red district in that state. and yes, the republicans held that seat, the democrats did lose, but the democrats had their best showing in that race in that district in decades. in november, the republicans won that district by 35 points. this week the republican who ran
4:00 pm
in the state senate in that district didn't win by 35. only won by 10. republican party's losing more races than they win. we'll see you again on monday. when i saw her, i lost concept of time. i reached in, pulled her out, and started screaming help. >> please! oh, my god! wake up! >> it was the worst seconds in my life. >> how was it possible? >> i would give anything if she were alive today. >> such a sweet young wife and mom. such a shattering death. >> i cried all night long. >> he was downstairs with the kids. she was upstairs in the bath. then it happened. >> please! >> how long has she been in here? >> i don't know. she was taking a bath.


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