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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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seriously too. we need to step it up and take it to another level. >> senator has been all over the issues. thank you. see you back here tomorrow 6:00 p.m. eastern. if you cannot watch live, set your dvr. russian winter, let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. for years he was the man who scooped in at the end of the apprentice, listening to the struggling contestants and dished out the answersch he is contestant surrounded by cameras, every move
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scrutinyized. cameras show him meeting with top visor doing a explosive conversation. the president is reported to be angry. this is not choreograph where he was the producer. he is showing signs of recklessness. in saturday morning, beginning after 6:30 a.m., president owe coused president obama of tapping his phone. he called president obama a bad or sick guy. this source of his wiretapping claim appears to be a radio host mark le vin. let's watch. >> president obama and
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surrogates supporting hillary clinton and democrat party using the instrumentalties of the federal government to surveil members of the trump campaign. >> that's a voice to be believed. a spokespersons issued denial. neither president obama or white house officials never order surveillance. it's false. it was denied by national security james clapper ij. >> would that be information you would know. >> yes. >> you would be told if there was a fisa court. >> yes, something like this. >> can you deny whether that exists. >> i can deny it. >> there's no fisa order. >> no. >> the fbi director pushing
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back, the fbi says the report james comey asked the justice department to reject president trump's assertion that president obama ordered tapping of president owes phone. the claim is false. and must be corrected they said. well, nbc later confirmed that reporting. president trump continued to push wiretap narrative. sean spicer reiterating that president wants congress to investigate. he doesn't think the president has pick up the phone to ask fbi director whether it's true. >> has the president spoken about the fbi? >> to the best of my knowledge, i'm 100% certain he has not. >> any confidence in director. >> there's nothing i have been told that would lead me to --
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>> what a ridiculous job. that was your voice hallie, he doesn't need an investigation. he can call fbi director did you do any surveillance of him, your thoughts. >> i can tell you that -- talking about the idea of potential interference. it was a question raised along with several others that dominated the discussions about the allegation that are not proven, not substantiated and the white house is not backing away from this. >> they doesn't make a nod to the need for evidence.
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they make an assertion like there which is ludicrous. there's no option here how it could have been the case we have to cover it like it's a objective conversation going on like it it could be true. >> i think what you heard whether you talk about the white house response, because the president is tweeting this, the white house is not saying what the source is even though when you look at the time line, you talk about the mark le vin, you talk about breitbart, the president's tweet coming on saturday. white house said we're not going to talk about this any more. we're going to let congress investigate. >> because sean spicer has enough professionalism to repeat the president's word. we will not say that he believes that the barack obama wiretapped
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trump, he doesn't believe it. he won't say so. it's all this clever retreat. we want an investigation. blah, blah, blah, but no would say they believe trump. will they? >> the question is, when you talk about what spicer is referring to, they continue to refer to the congressional investigation as you make the point, the fbi is the agency that would oversee anything that -- there's no evidence of that, the evidence is under the -- the fbi is under the purview of the president himself. >> thank you. hallie, jackson, you asked the right question. joining me now senator. this mickey mouse behavior is
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below disgust. how do you cover this. tell me senator, how do you treat a president who get up in the morning at 6:00 because le had a bad date with a press and star start releasing the claim that the predecessor is sick, he offered it based on no evidence. >> there's warrant application that's required before you can have a wiretap and the fbi does those and that the fbi is not under the jurisdiction of the intelligence committee, it's under the jurisdiction of the judiciary committe they report to him through the
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attorney geral. so he could easily say i direct my attorney general, my department of justice to make a public report about whether this happened. it would come back negative. he is now the president of the united states. when he traffics in climate denial, alternate facts and fake news, it sends a bad message around the world, as the strategy of vladimir putin, the rings a bad bell over there. >> why would anybody believe a guy who said barack obama was illegal immigrant, who also said
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ted cruz's father killed jack kennedy. these claims are out there, they are from the mouth and brain of this president, wo anybody believe this would. who are the people to believe -- as even semblance of truth and continue to buy his act. >> and when will republicans start standing up to the guy saying this is out of line and it is not becoming for a president of the united states. people count on the president of the united states it to tell the truth. when you start politicalizing the truth, the ramifications of that run deep. >> both michael hay den, warned that as you said, the president's tweet could undermine his ability as commander in chief. >> he is trying to distract attention from what was a very,
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very bad news cycle. let go dark on you, the president of the united states put his own reputation, the reputation of predecessor at risk to get a draw out of the next 24 hours news. >> he called my former boss a bad and sick. when you do that, you lose creditability with allies and with the american people. >> what has to happen senator, you're a level headed guy, you're not like one of the people who tweets at 6:00 in the morning. what do you think of the president's stability? >> i think -- >> 6:00 in the morning. >> instability. what do you think of guy who gets up 6:00 and tweets that predecessor is a felon or sick at 6:00 in the morning. >> it doesn't -- exact same type
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of techniques used by putin and makes an echo of putin's techniques, that's alarming. if you want the president to be free leader of the world you have to stop him from this behavior. if he is going to be a character on a reality show of the modern white house that's one thing. people across this country can count on a responsible president and we're not seeing that now. >> is he responsible? >> absolutely not. president obama is more popular than he is, so that's going to
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backfire. it was irresponsible not -- >> thank you so much. president trump's surrogates defending his accusations. let's watch. >> does president accept fbi's denial. >> i think he believes this is a story line that has been reported pretty widely by quite a few outlets. >> can you let us know, is that source of this information strictly from media reports and not from any other source inch the president believes that the obama administration may have tapped into the phones at trump tower -- >> that based on media reports. >> this is something we should look into it. we would like to know for sure. >> it sounds like the president knows this happened to him. how does he know that his phone
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was actually tapped. >> he is president he has information that the rest of us do not. that's the way it should be for president. >> they don't agree with him or think like him. why don't we get to the assertions, the fbi director where is he on this tweet. >> one was that trump invoked nix on which is saying the fbi had done something illegal, that this was like watergate in the sense that the law had been broken. the second thing is for the fbi this ratchet up the intention --
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so if you're saying we should be seeing an indictment if they interest doing that i. the. >> my reading on it it's a wide and ridiculous charge that is baseless. >> he created a huge crisis. he is going to call the fbi and they will say it wasn't one. how can he continue to employ comey as fbi if he refuses to accept the denial of this. >> doesn't ehahe have to make a phone call to say mr. comey come
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over and see me i want to know what you know. >> they're in the executive branch, this is his branch. he can call them up and put this to rest immediately and he refuses to call the fbi. >> he place good soldier. >> when you start an investigation it's not under your control. that's one lesson from watergate to iran-contra affair. you done know what they are kbg to find on other relad areas or where it's going to go. >> the fudge on here, the notion that mark le vin is a new outlet, that's their way of disgracing news media. it's not the "new york times" or "the washington post," l.a. times or major news network.
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it's mark le vine. they raul people up without charges and nobody keeps count of this. there is president getting his information from these people. >> a significant portion, 30% believes mr. trump right off the bat. >> did they believe him about obama being an illegal immigrant? >> it gave him a lot of traction. >> do they believe it now? >> i bet you a significant portion do. >> do you believe president -- >> i think there's a third of the american electorate believe
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it's true. >> they say only kellyanne, the president has access to this information. it's cleverly worded spicer is not going to lie for the president. >> thank you. somebody has to be sane. coming up more on the alleged charges. the only conspiracy he doesn't talk about is the one that isn't true that the russians helped get him president. now that he is president how long can republicans put up with this. plus, plans to replace obamacare. "hardball" roundtable coming up. trump watch. this is "hardball" where the
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new details about the republican plan to replace obamacare. nbc tom is here with more i. we have the bill. it calls for abolishing the mandate that requires people to have insurance. they want to allow families more flexibility in using health savings account to buy insurance. some of the more popular elements of obamacare would remain under the plan incolliding the plan to require insurance to cover preexisting conditions. kids can stay on insurance until 26. controversial here medicare will be frozen at current levels. they want to use tax credit to help pay for insurance based on
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age not income but the credits would be limited so the wealthy doesn't get them. democrats are already saying the republican plan will raise costs and cut benefit and provide coverage for far fewer americans. this is it. we're going to have a long fight over there. i'm not sure there's enough senate or house support among republicans for this to move on as it is now. >> thank you tom. we'll be back with more. this is "hardball" where the action is.
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how does he know that his phone was actually tapped. >> she the president of the united states he has information and intelligence that the rest do not that's the way it should be for presidents. >> welcome back to "hardball."
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that was white house secretary kellyanne conway. it could be backed up by evidence because he has access to just about everything. while lawmakers are giving him the benefit of the doubt -- let's watch. >> i have no insight into what le is referring to and i would imagine would outline further what was behind that accusation. >> it's interesting that the department of justice has not weighed in on this. i look forward to hearing what they have to say. >> it's hard to cross examine tweets, whatever information out there is now controlled by the executive branch run by mr. trump. >> the white house is asking congressional committee to also
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investigate the president's charges. you know the white house is do a job of telling people what to say and answer questions. the republican chair house committee said yesterday we will continue to investigate ts issue in investigation warrants it. i have watched people speak over the years, they are all heads -- nobody wants to echo what the president has been saying. they are not willing to echo that. they will say he has lots of information. or he wants to have a full investigation but they don't say i believe the guy. to you believe trump has evidence that he was wiretapped by president obama. do you believe it.
4:25 pm
>> let be first to say donald trump has information i don't have. here is -- >> that's bull. >> during the entire campaign, donald trump was brilliant as hijacking the news and the news cycle when he has to. what part of us is surprised. >> this is rabbit chase. you don't believe him either. >> every time the liberals believe they have him -- >> this is not about liberals or conservatives does the president have evidence he was wiretapped by barack obama or not. >> let me ask you this information, what do -- >> i'm asking you a question. >> i have not way of knowing that. >> you have to have something behind an aversion.
4:26 pm
>> all of this started about trump and the russians only thing they have done was expose hillary clinton was in ka hoots. >> we know russians were involved. there were a lot of contacts. have they filled in on this yet, no. there's a lot of framework, a lieutenant lot of evidence that the russians were intent on humiliating hillary clinton. in terms of hacking the dnc, all of this is grand -- now, there's a lot of evidence and meetings that were never admitted to.
4:27 pm
we didn't know jared kushner was meeting with him. we have exposed it in the media, so i don't have a final answer. but this other one, has nothing to it. why is the president saying this stuff at 6:00 in the morning on saturday morning. take the day off, donald. >> if they didn't do anything wrong, stop acting guilty. when they get cause -- jeff sessions is saying he didn't mislead the committee even though he admitting immediating with the russian. >> as a surrogate, not as a senate. >> i know what's going to happen now. there will be hearing by nunes, the house chairman, they will
4:28 pm
accomplish nothing. they should call director comey and ask if there was wire pappi tapping by the fbi. >> he said they were not doing it. >> this is a big is nothing ball. >> press secretary was asked whether or not -- does he believe its a fisa warrant or -- >> it could be fisa or surveillance. >> does he know what kinds of surveillance it was. >> there was no question something happened, there's been enough reporting that strongly suggests that something occurred. >> it was too nice to sean
4:29 pm
spicer. >> we doesn't know anything about this -- >> john, you want to get in here. >> is it there's nothing there, why is anyone objecting -- >> spicer was asked this. let's watch this. this was out front. >> does the president believe that former president barack obama committed felony. >> he wants to ensure that the house committee looks into this. why doesn't the president call -- >> the fact he is asking a conversation and repeating it
4:30 pm
like there's something factual to it. >> i think the fbi director lost a lot of creditability because of what happened during the presidential campaign, this president doesn't feel confident doing that. >> thank you. john, making the republican case. up next, where does trump get this stuff from. the only conspiracy he doesn't believe is the one established, the russians helped him win. this is "hardball" where the action sa. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my puhasi. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means
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welcome back to "hardball." the president's latest claim that former president obama wiretapped him. this is where he got it from. >> we have a prior administration, back obama and surrogates supporting hillary clinton, who were using the instrumentality of the federal government, intelligence activity to surveil members of the trump campaign. >> that's a believable voice.
4:35 pm
here how they describe what happened there. the unsubstantiated pick up by breitbart news. accusing predecessors of spying on him. this is not first time he relied on dubious information. last may, he -- senator ted cruz's father was involved in the lee harvey os wald, what is this prior to his being shot and nobody brings it up. they don't talk about that, that was reported and nobody talks abouts it. i think it's horrible, what was he doing with lee harvey oswald
4:36 pm
before shooting. it's horrible. >> joining me, jim, thank you for coming on. what is trump's obsession with this nonsense. >> the rumor mongering, he has a guy in bannon next to him, he sophisticated world of the same views. i just looked at it it, a headline story, barack obama: secret wiretaps secret than watergate. -- if if you remember chris in 2011 when trump decided not to run for president, they urged him to.
4:37 pm
they claimed in story millions of americans were em employering hem to do this. they let him write first person pieces, but they trashed rubio and bush among others, including the piece you just mentioned. >> let's take a look back at some of what he said starting with the birther thing. >> why don't he show his birth certificate. he may have one. i don't know. >> is a natural born citizen? >> who knows. >> you mention president obama of founder of isis. >> we are led by a man who is not tough, smart or he has
4:38 pm
something else in mind, the something else people can't believe. there's something going on. >> do you believe president obama is behind it, if he is is that violation of the so-called unsaid president's code. >> i think president obama is behind it because his people are behind it and some of the leaks come from that group. some of the leaks which are serious because they are bad in >> jim, it's scary,ecau it's not just that he believes this, but he gets up at 6:00 and spots it. >> yes, i'm grad you set me up with the republican strategist, who like conway, talked about well, chris, he has access to information. at 6:00, he has access from department of justice, cia, who
4:39 pm
does he choose to believe, breitbart, never the less they buy into notion of conspiracy theory. then had a birthday party at swank hotel and guess whose hotel it was, donald trump. >> thank you. president trump goes ballistic after bash from his administration. that report coming up next. you're watching "hardball" where the action is. i've tried enough laxatives to cover the eastern seaboard. i've climbed a mount everest of fiber. probiotics? enough!
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welcome back to "hardball." friday was supposed to be a good
4:43 pm
end of the week for the president. according to one aide, president trump summon his senior staff into office and furiously blasting them of the decision ag recused himself. pool camera caught part of that discussion. you see heated steve bannon in the window. the president was fuming that the legitimate of his presidential is being doubted. trump was mad, steaming raging mad, believing his presidency -- aligned critiques not the mention the media. political co is reporting that donald trump directed most of that rage at reince priebus.
4:44 pm
i'm joined by the roundtable. april, it seem like there's a captain -- this is weird behavior. to blast your staff and -- >> he is asking for congress to investigate this. not only this but the leaks coming out of the white house when it comes to national security. there are a lot of leaks on every issue. we're hearing from down the street, the other part of pennsylvania avenue, this is a diversion to take aware interest the white house. if there's bad press about there and there's twitter flurry he
4:45 pm
may react again to something else. he is keelly aware of what is said on this show and other shows. so we'll have to see how it plays out in his mind. >> i have tried to cover him, i keep trying cover him day-to-day, hour by hour, but i done kn don't know how to do cover mickey mouse like this. how do you cover a president without evidence that his predecessor is a criminal, and just says it. how do you cover him to say let's have an investigation, because that sound serious. it's not serious, it's mickey mouse. >> typically you would cover both sides -- >> let's cover the investigation. >> that's one way. he is trying to shift the burden of proof so that you're not
4:46 pm
covering what you're he saying, he is making something up and puts burden on you to disprove it as opposed to looking at the context and -- >> what does -- don't you have to have evidence, he doesn't act like evidence would be relevant. >> he can pass along a hoax and everyone scurries around to cover it. then, the republicans fell in line on this and said we're going to make it part of an investigation as if he had probable cause. >> why would a man start saying this. a long time friend of trump spent time with him over the weekend. >> i would describe him as not being a happen camper.
4:47 pm
i had not seen him this with this level of anger about something in a long time. >> what do you make of it? >> whatever sean spicer comes out and he is off kilter, that is a signal of what going on behi behind the scenes with the president of the united states. it started with the inauguration, with the numbers. you have to remember, today is monday, the first day of the week, this president -- the last couple of weeks, he loved to have photo ops, close press, closed press, closed press. it was ironic. it's an effort to thwart the
4:48 pm
efforts -- >> by the way, people who cover -- when we cover these events, the lies, about the president being illegal, or father killing kennedy, look, people have to stop this. how is ben carson, address -- >> let's watch. >> it's what america is about a land of dreams and opportunities. there were other immigrants who came here worked longer and harder for less. they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters,
4:49 pm
granddaughter, grandson, might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land. >> the naacp respopd with a tweet. immigrants? it's anmmigrant experience, they couldn't wait to find the new country. they were slaved. >> put on the bottom of ships, stuffed in ships. >> locked. >> yes. the shock pattern changed on the way to the country because they are throwing the slaves off the ship. we are nation of native slaves and immigrants. it was not a pleasant trip --
4:50 pm
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4:52 pm
it will block only people with no valid visa as of late january, and it will explicitly not apply to greencard holders. we'll be back after this. ♪ ♪ everyone deserves attention, whether you've saved a lot or just a little. at pnc investments, we believe you're more than just a number. so we provide personal financial advice for every retirement investor.
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we're back the "hardball" round table. margaret, tell me something i don't know. >> last week trump wiped out a rule that said people on social security mentally impaired or mentally ill list have to get additional background checks on guns. so now mentally ill people can more easily get guns there is something he is pushing and his son don jr. the hearing protection act which will allow people to buy silencers for their guns under the pretext to protect the delicate ears of hunting dogs an not murderers. >> good. >> so reince priebus obviously getting a lot of heat from the president as well as from the people sort of on his same level, steve bannon, jared kushner. even reince priebus's subordinates who are blowing him off, ignoring his media, ignoring his ten-point plan for
4:55 pm
implementing new initiative. >> and correcting a story that was out there from other people, the story that valerie jarrett move with the obamas, it's not true. she has her own place in washington, d.c. >> okay, thank you. i hadn't heard that at all. >> oh, it's been getting around. >> thanks for correcting. when we return, let me finish with trump watch. he won't like it, as i said. he is not going to like tonight's comment. you're watching "hardball." tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at
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trump watch. monday, march 6th, 2017. this weekend the president of the united states accused his predecessor, the one with whom he rode to the capitol to be sworn in of wiretapping him. he did so without evidence, without even a nod to the fact that evidence might b relevant when you're accusing an american president of a felony. a felony. because trump is saying either the bugged him which james comey is telling people isn't true or president obama created an illegal outside group to do the job, a plumbers operation like richard nixon recruited. if that's what trump means, he should spell it out, that obama created a plumbers according to that he went out during last year's campaign and found operatives to plant a wiretap on donald trump. don't his fans remember that he spent years saying that president obama was an illegal immigrant who found some mysterious way to the white house? don't they remember him saying with that spooky music playing in his ear nobody knew him in school? don't trump's minions saying ted cruz's father was part of an assassination team that killed
5:00 pm
president kennedy? the only conspiracy trump doesn't subscribe to is the one 17 intelligence agencies say actually took place, that vladimir putin over there in the kremlin did everything he could to put guess who in the white house. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> the president's tweets speak for themselves. >> a furious president rages at leaks, at his staff and his predecessor. >> this is simply a president who cannot separate fact from fantasy. >> tonight the meltdown inside the white house with robert costa, the unprecedented rebuke from the president's own fbi director. the origin of donald trump's latest baseless claims. >> this is not about president trump's tweeting. this is about the obama administration's spying. then -- >> it would be the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> why preside


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