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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 7, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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dawn patrol. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. this isn't like covering politics anymore. it is more like doing guard duty in a jungle. there are strange noises but dawn brings the real danger when the large animals come out to feed. donald trump likes the get up early and roar. since getting up saturday morning, he's roared about president obama wiretapping him during the campaign, though no one around him from his press secretary to the head of the house intelligence committee will confirm it ever happened. he, trump, tweeted, now this is the president of the united states. some vindictive crap about arnold schwarzenegger losing his job on the apresent sxis then
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still on dawn patrol, he tweeted about president obama releasing 122 terrorists frommer guantanamo bay who then rejoined the cause. it turns out nine out of ten were released before obama ever came to the white house. fact. what is happening is that this has gotten so hay wire is that hipeel, his very spokean in the white house and his republicans will no longer play ditto heads. they won't say this believe the guy. sean spicer refuses to lip sync what president trump said about wiretapping. now it is fast his boss were speaking english as a second language. fixing the math. here's how sean spicer explained the tweet on guantanamo when asked about it today. >> obviously the president meant in totality the number released on the battlefield. from gitmo. >> nice try, the only problem,
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the president specifically said in his tweet that they were released by the obama administration. that's a fact. check it. meanwhile spicer continued to deflect about the weekend tweet fest in which he accused of the tapping before the election. a radio host named mark levin over and over, repeatedly asked spicer for hard evidence. >> we put our statement on sunday saying that we would have no further comment and we were asking the house and the senate intelligence committee to look into this concern and report back. >> can't he just ask him? >> no. the president has not. >> will the president withdraw the accusation? does he have i -- >> why would he withdraw it until it is adjudicated? >> have you seen any evidence yourself? >> as far as me, no.
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i am not in a position that would be regularly part of my daily duties. >> is the white house position that the president can make declarative statements about the former president decommitting a crime and then they should look into that and basically prove it? >> it is not a question of prove it. they have the resources and the clearances and the staff to fully and comprehensively investigate it. >> but president trump's statemenshouldn'aken at face value. >> why would the president the want congress to investite information he already has of until there's a separation here. >> you're talking about resources and time. why waste it? >> it is a question of appropriateness. >> many republicans avoided the assertion, they requested for evidence of the serious charge. >> i think that the president of the united states stated that president obama wiretapped. he should come forward to the information that led him to that conclusion. it is a very serious charge against previous president of
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the united states. >> i'm joined now, what do you think of him saying the former president illegally wiretapped him. >> thanks for having me back. this president is no longer credible is that there's no one that he is willing to spare in defaming to distract us from the uncomfortable questions around russia. >> what do you think? do you think he just made it up? >> there is no evidence of it. if there was any sort of wiretapping, it is because the fbi ask the department of justice got a federal judge to sign off on it which means necessary real trouble. >> but none of that happened. you're on the intelligence committee. that you know none of that happened. >> there is no evidence out there. this president has crossed all lines. he has attacked judiciary.
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he is attacking the peaceful transfer of power. and president obama who was so gracious on him and pretty measured. more measured than a lot of us would have been. he's attack the independence of our law enforcement. so there is no line he would cross to make sure he distracts us from these questions around russia. >> trump is president of the united states. i have a hard time calling him president trump right now. when he gets up at dawn and starts tweeting, that doesn't seem like an official statement from a president. it strikes me as the guy who used to say that obama was an illegal immigrant. like as he blogger, not the president. >> what do you think when he makes these claims srgs he president when he is doing is this? or is this some weird extracurricular at dawn he practices? >> he is the armchair uncle after thanksgiving dinner who is
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just letting his unfounded opinions fly. and we need a president who is focused right now. and i always step back. he is entitled to his opinion but if it is making us less safe or giving americans less opportunity, that's when americans need speak up. >> when is the committee going to say this is nonsense in what is the wait? all you have to do as a committee. i know how it works call the fbi director to the stand tomorrow morning. put hill under oath and say was there any evidence while you've been director months and years ago, any evidence or any attempt to bug donald trump. get it over with. why are we waiting months of this nonsense? >> it's not hard. i was encouraged the fbi director comey was trying to have the department of justice clear this reckless statement by the president. we should do that this week. we shouldn't have to let the american people be confused about what really happened here because the president is so reckless with his tweets.
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>> at noon, as a republican he is saying, we haven't heard anything yet so far about it. we're going to keep our eyes open and our ears open and maybe something will come across our desk. he is saying there is nothing to it but he won't blow the whistle on saying, let's stop this. >> thanks for coming. on president trump's surrogates have struggled to try to cover for the boss's weird statements on wiretapping. listen closely to how they distanced themselves. >> look interesting president firmly believes that the obama administration play tapped into the phones at trump tower of. >> is his information, that president obama tapped his phone based solely on something he read in the media? >> i haven't had the chance to have the conversation directly with the president. he is at a much higher classification than i am. he may have access to documents that i don't know about. >> how does he know that his phone is actually tapped? >> let me answer that. he is the president of the
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united states. he has information and intelligence that the rest of us do not. that's the way it should be for presidents. >> do you believe president obama? >> i get that's a key question. my job is to represent the president and what he wants. he's made very clear what his goal is. i am not here to speak for myselfism here to speak for the president of the united states and the government. >> he sounds like a public defend we are an obviously guilty defendant and he won't say anything. he will say, i'll defend this character. >> i want to go to robert on this. you know trump pretty well. why is he getting up at six:00 in the morning and spouting this nonsense in he's president. >> he's the president and he's always gotten up early. he is up at 4:00, 5:00 in the
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morning. he reads the news, the printout of arrests that sit on his desk and he goes through them page by page. >> why does he do it? >> he doesn't use a computer. >> you're missing my main point why. does he get up on a saturday morning the trash his predecessor, then do it again, saturday, then tuesday. first, he said as he felon because he wire attempted him. in the past he said he was worthy of deportation because he snuck into the country illegally. then he said he let the guys at guantanamo go. 93% were released froef obama becoming president. it was an unfair charge in both cases. why is he attack the former president at dawn? >> a fair question. he truly thinks day to day about president obama and he compares himself to how much president obama was able to accomplish in
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his first few months in office. why he is somewhat haunted, smas put it, by president obama's first term, i'm not sure. i'm not a psychologist. but he does talk about what he could do with a democratic congress in 2009. >> well, he was a rational man and he is a gentleman. how is that for a rational argument? >> what do you make of this? >> i don't know. as somebody who spent a year saying, oh, gee, isn't it crazy that he's tweeting this or saying that. when you start to see that there's a pattern to something. not just in terms. news cycle. we're talking about russia and things he doesn't want us to talk about but also the time of the day. at dawn. setting the news cycle in the morning. there is intentionality. going after president obama, that's personal too. >> if it comes out, as it really is coming out already. >> this tweet wasn't strategic. >> he would be seen as being a blow hard who is sending out nonsense at dawn. what about blaming the
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guantanamo recidivists, when in fact he had a very small role in it. >> i think it was just popping off. going on the morning shows and saying what can i put out this morning to get people like us talking about something like gitmo instead of talking about rod rosenstein who could be the deputy ag is having his confirmation hearings today. >> let me get back to robert. one of the stories that's out is a haywire situation. we saw pictures through windows of steve banning being eruptive last week. we're hearing about reince priebus is trying to be the hall monitor but isn't succeeding. he is being blamed. trump comes out and says this is all fake news. >> there is some disruption inside the white house.
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and it is important to know that bannon and priebus were not with the president in florida on saturday morning with he started this cascade of tweets. he was in he is end alone, he was a president he alone at mar-a-lago. reading breitbart. and bannon has this world view that trump has in many ways adopted. but bannon, he is a comfort dante of president but it is always trump himself making decisions, reacting. this idea of bannon or priebus being the influence, it never bears out. it is trump alone re. styles taking their council but really running on his gut instincts. >> up next, we hear from one of trump's closest friends the president is not a happy camper these days. that friend is with us tonight. welcome back. it was saturday morning with question, are my teeth yellow? ...have you tried the tissue test? ugh, yellow... what do you use?
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welcome back. it was saturday morning with president trump fired off tweets accusing president obama of wiretapping his phones during the 2016 campaign. a charge he made without evidence and won his own fbi director has said to ignore. his own filibuster director said ignore this. but a long time friend of president trump's spent time with the president shortly after the tweets and again later saturday night. he wrote on sunday, i spoke with the president twice yesterday about the wiretap story. i haven't seen him this ticked off in a long time. when i mentioned obama's denials about the white house, he said well this will be investigated. it will come out. christopher, thank you for joining us. if you have any, about trying to examine the president would need to get up and tweet about this, i wonder. >> well, breaking news, donald trump likes to tweet what he thinks and feels and what's going on in his mind.
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and he's been doing it a long time so there's no surprise here. a lot of people were caught very much off guard by this. but my conversations with him saturday, he was extremely confident about the information. he was angry. this did not seem like something he was sort of bantering about. like something about ted cruz' father or something like that. this was very serious. >> he spent any number of years talking that about the illegal immigrants. so don't say they're casual remarks. they were serious charges. he was on the birther patrol for years. >> well, let's make it clear, i'll not here to represent the president. nor the white house. i'm just speaking as an individual who is friends with the president but also runs a media agency.
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i took it seriously. i think we should take the allegations seriously. i also think the president should produce some evidence at some point that supports the allegation. but let's remember, for all the talk about this, fbi director has yet to make any official statement. and all of the denials, 95% of these denials, nobody is deny that had the trump campaign was surveiled. what they are denying is that president obama ordered the surveillance. that's a big difference. and i think a very important difference. if that campaign was surveiled, and a lot of those campaign that's the that i've spoken to all believe they were surveiled at one point or another, that's a serious matter. >> who were the people who said that?
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>> i've talked to any number of people. >> give me a name or two. >> i don't give up my sources and i'm sure you don't either. >> they aren't sources. they're people who said they were surveiled. they're people in the campaign who charged the obama administration. >> let's start with the president of the united states. he says he was surveiled. he said it was mccarthyism. he said he would like it investigated. why won't the fbi director make an official statement about it? do you have any idea? >> look, i wish he would. he certainly did make one about hillary clinton being max.ç so if there was an official meeting with the trump campaign, i don't believe we've ever reported that.hs3 c1
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trump watch tuesday march 7th, 2017. i'm big on titles, if you haven't noticed. i don't call members of congress or senators by their first name. just as important, the honor of having sought the popular mandate that gives them the public authority that comes with being chosen by the people. when someone has a title, it's my view they deserve to be honored with it, they earned it. how should someone like me refer to the man and tweets untruths about our previous president of the united states. should i say as if anchoring a morning news report, president trump tweeted this morning that
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president obama secretly bugged him. president obatrump tweeted that president obama is a felon. i don't hear hail to the chief when i hear about this banter at dawn. i hear a guy trying to get attention like the guy who said, barack obama was an illegal immigrant, ted cruz' father killed president kennedy. a person who calls into the right wing radio in the middle of the night, with a conspiracy theory. something that should be forgotten by dawn, not woken up by it. that's hardball for now. join me tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern.
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nation versus nation. ♪ evony: the king's return. download now and play free. tonight on "all in." this will be a plan where you can choose your plan. you know what the plan is, this is the plan. >> trump care has landed. >> look at the size. this is the democrats, this is us. >> widespread backlash grows as republicans revolt against a republican bill. >> why are conservatives so opposed. >> and trump care supporters make their case. >> rather than getting that new iphone, maybe they should invest in their own health care. >> can the republican plan work? as we get our first estimates for how many americans may lose their health care. plus -- >> this is the obama care replacement plan that everyone has been asking for, t


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