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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 9, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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dead on arrival. in some cases they may be doing the same to their own careers. that does it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow.. first look is up next. i think he feels very good about the product that we've put out. we are in sell mode. we want to get this done but the president has an open mind. >> well, president trump is in sell mode on the gop's health carey placement plan, lawmakers in the house have been working overnight marking up the legislation. plus, a day after meeting with the president, senator lindsey graham says he's ready to subpoena agencies for evidence of donald trump's wire tap. they're scrambling to figure out how classified hacking tools were stolen from the cia. it's sparking privacy concerns for people across the country.
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good morning, everyone. it's thursday, march 9th. i'm alex witt and ayman mohyeldin. house worked through the night. after 12 hours of markup with plenty of interruption from democrats, they announced they keep going straight through. >> we've gone 12 hours on the first amendment. we've got at least 100 to go, maybe more, so buckle in because we will go until we're done with the amendment. >> meanwhile, the white house continues their offensive. top advocacy groups like the aarp, the american medical association and the american hospital association all now oppose the health care plan citing its impact on vulnerable americans. house and senate republicans are also making sure their leadership understands they will not hit their numbers as of now. earlier in the day leaders from top conservative groups like
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heritage, club for growth, americans for prosperity and freedom works and tea party patriots all expressed their deep reservations with the president. last night the president hosted his bitter primary rival, ted cruz, his wife heidi and their children for dinner. the senator said this just yesterday about the bill, preferring a repeal bill like the one passed in 2015. >> the bill as currently drafted would not pass the united states senate. >> speaker ryan yesterday said that for the president and the vice president they're open to negotiations. what they mean is that, you know, here anything that you guys want to add in phase 2 or 3, this is just phase 1. what do you make of those? >> i think the president was very clear. he said this bill is open for negotiation. that's exactly right. the bill as written is not going to pass the senate. >> next week members of the house freedom caucus have been invited to the white house for pizza and bowling to try to hash out their differences. the house speaker remains
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confident he'll hit his vote numbers selling his three phase plan saying it needs to be done in ways to prevent a filibuster in the senate. there is a difference of opinion over whether there is room to haggle over the bill. >> we are going through what i would call the sort of tip call growing pains from being an opposition party fighting barack obama, nancy pelosi and harry reid to a governing party. now we're translating that legislation, that plan into a bill. >> the bill as it stands now has serious problems, but i'm encourage the that the president indicated they're working to make it better. >> how different do you think the bill is going to be after the markup? do you think there's going to be a lot of changes? >> no. no. >> no changes? >> absolutely not. >> still not going to support it? >> yeah. not there. needs some major, major twists. they're saying we're negotiating. here's something on paper, now let's make it better. >> joining us now from capitol hill, reporter for the hill,
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molly hooper. molly, great to have you with us this morning. you're hearing a lot of different perspectives about this bill. do you think there's room for significant changes to the plan or not really? >> well, depending who you talk to, sure. a lot of republicans take donald trump at his word. in fact, several of them said, you know, we read "the art of the deal" that this is just a first offer. president trump tweeted the other day that this is the first offer. it's the start of negotiations and so conservatives in the house at least, particularly that freedom caucus, take him at his word and say there better be changes to this measure before it gets to the house floor or even while it's on the house floor before we vote for this. >> so, molly, when it comes to the freedom caucus members, what are the big sticking points for them? what are you talking about? >> well, actually, one sticking point is that this is not a full obamacare repeal. full stop. they don't want necessarily a replacement plan right now. they want to pass the bill that was passed i believe last
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congress, went through president obama's desk that obviously he vetoed. it would fully repeal obamacare. now in order to do that they'd need 60 votes in the senate or they could write it in a way that it would be consistent with the reconciliation package. that would involve a lot of legislative wrangling and insider maneuvering to get to the point where the senate could pass something. they'd have to go back and rewrite rules to change the reconciliation package and what it says. that said, they're very frustrated that this still maintains mandates. they also say that this first basket, as paul ryan is calling it, does not include a major point for the house conservatives, that states have -- that you can cross state lines for competition to buy insurance products or cross -- you know, if i'm in jersey i can buy a connecticut product. that's not included in this first basket, and the problem that freedom caucus members and other conservative members in
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the house have is that there's no guarantee that the senate will take up the third basket that paul ryan talks about, which would include this state competition measure. >> okay. molly hooper, thank you so much for weighing in this early in the morning. we appreciate that. meantime, intelligence officials are racing to contain the fallout from which appears to be an historic leak of cia documents. they're looking all over from the source including within their own ranks. andrea mitchell has more from washington. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. this is a major breach and a counter intelligence challenge for the fbi and a damage assessment from the cia. the cia and the fbi racing to find out who is behind what could be one of the worst u.s. intelligence breaches in modern history. that bombshell release of thousands of documents wikileaks claims were stolen from the cia. nbc news is now learning from a senior u.s. official the documents contain authentic information about the cia's top
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tools for hacking. >> if i were inside the agency today i'd be looking at what was disclosed, who had access to that information, what would be their motivations and abilities to reveal it and whether or not a foreign country like russia was zblofd two u.s. intelligence sources telling nbc news russia is suspect because of moscow's ties to wikileaks and the hacked e-mails during the 2016 campaign. could russia have hacked the cia? or worse, could there be a mole inside the cia working for vad mir putin. or the u.s. consulate in frankfurt. >> it is a major leak of material, and how they got it will be preoccupying the cia for weeks to come. >> another key question, how badly has the cia's critical mission been compromised? >> what this does is reveal not just u.s. capabilities, but it gives a roadmap as to not only
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how to defend against these capabilities but also how to use them. >> the fear terrorists and others over satisfiseas could h playbook. how they hack into encrypted apps. the cia officials tell nbc news they knew there was a breach but not what it was. now there's a political fallout at a white house already at war with the agency. >> the idea that we are having these ongoing disclosures of national security and classified information should be something that everybody is outraged in this country. >> reporter: now wikileaks claiming they've released only 1% of what they've got. inside the cia the hunt is on. former officials say likely checking operatives travel schedules, their contacts, even bank accounts trying to find the source of the leaks. >> the hunt is on. thank you, andrea mitchell, for that. the white house challenged congress to challenge president
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trump's claim that president obama wire tapped his house. republican senator lindsey graham and sheldon white house have asked top law enforcement officials for evidence writing to the deputy attorney general and deputy of fbi to ask that the department of justice supply any warrants of president trump, his campaign or headquarters writing that they would take spying for political services seriously. we would be equally alarmed that a court found enough evidence to legally authorize a wire tap of president trump, trump campaign or the trump tower. president graham said he would assist the president's effort to get answers. >> president trump says he claims that president obama's administration targeted him in the election. i have no knowledge but he's challenged the congress to help. if they don't give it to us,
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yeah, i'll subpoena it. i'm not trying to compromise classified information, not trying to compromise the investigation. the question is has there ever been a warrant issued. this is a major deal. i want to get to the bottom of it. >> speaking in boston, fbi director stamped out any claim that he might retire. michael flynn took part in working with turkey. flynn founded with a foreign agent with the justice department disclosing he earned more than half a million for lobbying work his firm did for the dutch company innovo bv. it's owned by a turkish businessman with ties to turkey's president erdogan. flynn's firm reportedly hired researchers to examine a turkish
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cleric who lives in exile in pennsylvania. the turkish government has called for its extradition in connection with last year's coup attempt. as there are major deportations, support for citizenship for undocumented immigrants is at a five year high. 63% believe they should be allowed to stay. 23% believe they should not be able to stay. 11% believe they should be able to stay and not be eligible for citizenship. asked what president trump should work on, health care, infrastructure, taxes and immigration. among republicans immigration is a much higher priority, 31% and taxes and infrastructure are seen as less important. foreign policy, 51% are opposed to suspending immigration from terror prone regions and 42%
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support it. still ahead, hillary clinton returns to the national stage and offers a message on international women's day. plus, the patriots made a timeless comeback in the super bowl, the cavaliers did the same in the nba finals. now one of the biggest comebacks not just in soccer's history but in sports history. we'll have a check on that and weather when we come back.
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welcome back. former presidential candidate hillary clinton marked international women's day with a speech at the kennedy center in washington last night. in a remark she talked about the recent grassroots organizing efforts that have taken place across the country and told the audience never to lose optimism,
2:16 am
persistence or resistance. >> these are uncertain, even trying times, but as we all stop to look fear in the face, the result has not only been passion but action and i have never been more confident that we can take the next thing that comes along and move forward with optimism into a better future for women, for men, for all human beings. >> clinton also shared a similar message on social media. here's what she posted to snap chat. >> there's a lot to fight for, planned parenthood, education, health care, jobs. every issue is a woman's issue so stabbed up, resist, run for office. be a champion. >> and on twitter clinton shared an image of a note reportedly found in a fourth grade classroom. it reads, do you want to join a club for female empowerment.
2:17 am
clinton was thinking of this young girl and all girls like that. >> it's good to see her again. let's get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. the snow -- >> who wants to hear about snow and cold? >> we don't. >> we want to talk about sun screen and like warm weather, baseball and fun stuff like that. so let's talk about the upcoming snow. minor event. the timing of it could impact about 25 million people or so. so right now we have a little bit of light snow streaking through montana and through areas of south dakota. the narrow bands of snowmaking it all the way to areas of pennsylvania and southern new england this time tomorrow morning. so we just had winter weather advisories that have been issued from north to pittsburgh right through the heart of pennsylvania. up state portions of new jersey, southern portions of new york, all of connecticut and now we have winter storm watches for areas of southern massachusetts and upgraded to winter storm warning for areas of cape code. that's about 27 million people. the timing is 10:00 p.m. tonight
2:18 am
when the snow will be starting out in pittsburgh. it will be ending by 2:00 p.m. of friday. the timing of tomorrow morning for the early morning commute is the issue. here's the snowfall prediction map. not a blockbuster event. the white shows you one inch, light blue is two inches, pittsburgh, state college. when we get to the three inches that's the bluer number, poconos, some enhancement. new york city itself, philadelphia on the pavement in the cities i don't think you're going to get much more than puddles. get to the grassy surfaces and cars, this is march, the roads tend to melt more. it tends to accumulate easier as you get towards the grassy surfaces and secondary untreated roads. here's the timing of that. here's 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the blue shows the snow from philadelphia, new york, southern new england. i think ayman, this snow event is kind of minor. it's going to be an inconvenience. the cold over the weekend will be 100 times worse than the snow tomorrow. >> hopefully this will be the last time you mention snow on
2:19 am
this program. >> i'll mention it again on tuesday. talk more about that later. >> bill, thanks for that one. if you're sitting at home, patio, the backyard all of a sudden you see this. check this out. high winds and a strong current brought one cruise ship a little too close for comfort. you can hear them talking on the camera recording. the homeowner shot this from their back patio. they told "the sun sentinel" they see the cruise ships coming and going, nothing to worry. after the video was posted celebrity cruises put out a statement saying the ship operated safely and did not put guests or crews at risk. >> what? >> that is a bit scary to be honest with you. it's a few meters away. >> the dogs are freaking out, too. still ahead, quarterback turned outfielder tim tebow makes his spring training debut. well, he tried. that's coming up next in sports. ♪ ♪ dit card,
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>> roberto scoring his first goal in 18 months. for those of you who follow soccer, maybe not that closely, the rest of the world refers to that sport as football. what they did yesterday on the field is equivalent to what tom brady did during our super bowl if not greater. so three weeks ago barcelona was all but knocked out of the champions league falling behind 4-0 after a hue m humiliating d. yesterday barsa recorded 6 goals completing the biggest comeback in champions league history. this is huge. incredibly three of their goals came in the final seven minutes of the match. they eliminate the french champs with a 6-5 aggregate win and stamping their tickets to the titles. in college hoops, champions week continues with selection sunday. in nashville, an overtime
2:24 am
stunner. missouri and auburn tied in the final seconds. >> they run out. clock at 7. trying to get free. clock at 4. vandelier gives it up. permier for the win. oh, my goodness, kevin wins it for missou. >> capped a 30 point game with a three point o.t. buzzer beater. missou moves on. tempers boil over between georgetown and st. john's at madison square garden. after a scuffle almost turns into an all out brawl. once the skirmish calms down opposing coaches begin jawing at each other and nearly go at it. chris mullen getting in the mix there. each was assessed a technical foul. as for the game, the red storm ended a six-year losing skid in the big east tourney defeating the who i yeahs -- hoyers.
2:25 am
klay thompson joins teammate steph curry as the only players in league history to hit 200 three-pointers in five straight seasons. while the slash brothers may be one of the greatest shooting duos ever to play the game, they combined to make 4 of 17 attempts from beyond the arc against the celtics last night. with the warriors going 6 for 30 overall, meanwhile, boston got 25 points from isaiah thomas and used a 15-0 run to hand golden state its third loss in five games, 99-86. the warriors are obviously missing kevin durant right now. did not give a timetable for his return while speaking to the media for the first time since his left knee injury and last week's loss to the wizards. >> a lot of guys go through the season. a lot of injuries. it's nothing to be concerned about. i've got a boo boo playing
2:26 am
basketball. it is what it is, man. >> they obviously need him back. finally, everyone's favorite former quarterback turned minor league player made his spring training debut. it was not a glorious outing for mets prospect tim tebow batting eighth as the designated hitter. the heisman trophy winner went 0 for 3. two strikeouts in the 8-7 victory against boston. we'll see if he can make it. >> listen, a lot of things to talk about in sports. i've got to say that barcelona game was absolutely epic. >> unbelievable. >> at one point in the game i dozed off for a few minutes when they were losing. and i woke up with them winning 6-1. it was unbelievable to that commentator that you heard there. >> i was actually worried he was going to call me up. you should have seen him explaining the scoring process. >> it was an hour show. >> all right. still ahead, international outrage continues over north korea's most recent missile
2:27 am
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt alongside ayman mohyeldin. hawaii issuing a court
2:31 am
challenge to the trump administration's revised travel ban claiming that it's, quote, infected with the same legal problems as the first. the revised ban bars new visas from six mostly new muslim countries. hawaii's lawsuit says it will harm its muslim population, tourism and foreign students. the fcc is investigating a nationwide outage of 911 service for at&t customers. it was reported around 8:00 last night and around 10:30 at&t tweeted the problem had been resolved. according to down detector, the outages were clustered in major cities like new york, d.c., los angeles and dallas. breaking overnight. house republicans have pushed the health care program through the ways and means committees. the house democrats were trying to delay the vote on the replacement and protests of some house members that it doesn't go far enough. meanwhile, the president has
2:32 am
launched an all out charm offensive. now there are conflicting messaging all over whether the bill will be tweaked or taken as is. msnbc's kelly o'donnell has the story. what are you hearing from the white house? >> reporter: in full sales mode. that's how press secretary sean spicer is describing president trump and his team when it comes to replacing the health care law known as obamacare. the bill that has been unveiled by house republicans is, according to speaker ryan, to be absolutely on its way to being passed but the problem is a number of conservatives don't see it that way and democrats are very much against it. so president trump will be hitting the road making his sales pitch to the american public and he'll be having important meetings here at the white house trying to reach out to those stakeholders who could make the difference in getting this across the finish line or making changes. now late wednesday the president met with a group of influential conservatives and they say the president assured them he is
2:33 am
open to making changes. now that's in conflict with what we're hearing from capitol hill and paul ryan saying that the bill as it's written needs to go forward. so there will be work to do on that, but it's one of the biggest promises made by all republicans during the campaign season and it's a top agenda item for president trump. >> thanks to kelly o'donnell for that report. joining us now from capitol hill, reporter for "the hill," molly hooper. another good morning to you. let's get to the new polling from quinnipiac university which shows the majority of americans, 51%, want the president to back efforts to repeal obamacare but then you have 54% saying they're not confident that whatever comes next will be any better. so where do things stand right now? >> well, see, therein lies the conflict because you have house republicans and senate republicans who have been running on repealing obamacare since they took the house over in 2010. in fact, since this entire law passed in what was it, 2009, the
2:34 am
problem is donald trump came into office, if you heard him when he was discussing this matter at the gop retreat earlier -- several months ago he said, you know, if it were up to me i'd let this thing fail politically. that would be better for our party than actually taking it on and repealing and replacing it, but because house and senate republicans ran on it they feel that they need to move something now. this is the time to do it. as to whether that's going to satisfy the majority of people in america, it's an entirely different question because keep in mind, over the past six, seven years republicans have simply called for repealing it, not necessarily deciding on how they would replace what has already been in place. >> molly, let me ask you really quickly. we all know the president invited senator ted cruz to the white house kind of in an effort to smooth things over with the bill, but i want you to listen to halley jackson questioning sean spicer and i'll get your reaction. >> as you mentioned, heidi cruz is coming, too. i wonder if the president has
2:35 am
any plans to apologize? >> i think they're looking forward to a great dinner. he's had dinner with the rubios a couple days ago, maybe a week ago. he had lunch yesterday with senator graham. this is, as i stated weeks ago, the president is going to continue to have outreach to members of congress, both parties. he's meeting with congressman cummings today. this is a president that's going to engage with everybody that can help join in proposing ideas and thoughts and opinions on how to move the country forward. >> and then of course you may recall ted cruz called the president a sniveling coward. obviously he was called by then candidate trump lying ted. how is his charm going to work when there's so much personal history between him and some of these politicians that he fought against? >> reporter: well, that's an interesting question. when you talk about these politicians that he's called out, for example, paul ryan and other members of the house republican conference, they say
2:36 am
privately behind the scenes he's an entirely different guy, that he -- he is very charming one on one. he doesn't use the hyperbole and is able to smooth things over. so we'll see what the fallout is today, but keep in mind, senator ted cruz is a very important person when it comes to getting this repeal and replace plan through the senate and, you know, earlier this week when senator rand paul, also a former presidential contender, and mike lee, two very staunch conservatives in the senate came out and opposed, basically panned the repeal and replace plan, ted cruz was not at that press conference and that signaled to a lot of republicans, maybe he's taking a step back. keep in mind, he led the effort in 2013 to hold the government shutdown because the republicans wouldn't take on obamacare. so it's very telling to conservatives up on capitol hill that he did not go into that conference with his colleagues. >> i've got to wonder if ever
2:37 am
the feathers that were ruffled are going to be smooth. you have lying ted, little marco rubio, low energy jeb, those monikers will stick. >> others are involved and they have the ability to block a bill or not. >> molly, thank you so much for the chat. appreciate that. >> absolutely. to this, congressman pete sessions has his own ideas. he introduced the world's greatest health care plan of 2017. that is not my opinion, that's the actual name of the bill. it is the second time he and senator bill casady have offered up the plan. it would eliminate individual and employer health care mandates from obamacare but would not fully repeal the former president's signature law. sessions says he does support the plan from house leadership and this is not intended to compete with it. the president has tapped jon huntsman to be the next u.s. ambassador for russia. a venn diplomat. he represented the u.s. in singapore under president george h.w. bush and more recently served as president obama's ambassador to china.
2:38 am
in fact, president trump tweeted about his tenure in beijing, quote, jon huntsman called to see me. i said, no, he gave away our country to china. huntsman supported trump in the republican primary but then called on him to drop out of the race, i should say, after that "access hollywood" tape surfaced you may recall. the former republican governor was also reportedly under consideration for secretary of state but the president obviously decided to go in a different direction choosing exxon ceo rex tillerson. there are renewed concerns over possible conflicts of interests over the vast business empire. china has approved dozens of new trump trademarks. cnbc joins us live from london. the big question is whether the president got preferential treatment because of his position. >> reporter: that's why so many people are questioning what happened. they approved 35 out of the 39 that he applied for around a year or so ago. this has to do with everything from restaurants to construction to mining golf courses.
2:39 am
his lawyer back in january promised that there would be no further foreign deals, but now it's thought that he could be laying out the groundwork of potentially doing many more chinese deals after his presidency. so it is quite controversial. looking at the markets, a lot is happening in the fact that just within this last hour or so we're now hitting new lows in oil. crude falling below 50 for the first time since december. so the nymex trading around $49. now brent is around 52. it had its worst day yesterday in 13 months settling just above that $50 mark for nymex at a three-month low. this is all down to the eia data that's shown us this massive ballooning taking place in the inventory data. that had an impact on equities with the energy sector off the most. >> lisa boyson live from london. thanks so much. investigators are racing to figure out how thousands of alleged documents were stolen from the cia. senior intelligence official has
2:40 am
confirmed that the documents posted by wikileaks include authentic material about cia hacking methods for phones, computers and tvs and wikileaks claims it has a larger collection of unreleased data. in a statement to nbc news, they said, quote, we have no comment of the authenticity of the document leaked. tom costello has more on how vulnerable american's electronic devices are. >> reporter: security pros say, the cia's alleged hacking blueprints should serve as a reality check for all-americans. >> the only secure device would be one that, you know, is turned off, stepped on, melted down, buried and then maybe it's secure. >> i've got him. he's right here on the street. >> reporter: cyber security pro james line has already demonstrated how easily he could hack into my phone. watch me through the cam la lens and listen through the microphone. >> could i get a small
2:41 am
cheeseburg cheeseburger. >> all of these devices we're putting around us could potentially be compromised. >> reporter: the top security, upgrade to the latest operating system. if you're worried, tape over the camera, turn off the location services and the cloud backup. apple tells nbc news, many of the vulnerability issues leaked today were already identified and patched in its latest operating system. among the cia tactics revealed on wikileaks, hacking into samsung tvs even when they were off and then listening to ambient household conversations. samsung says it's urgently looking into the matter. vulnerability is no secret. turn off the wi-fi or pull the power. >> while it's illegal for the cia to spy on u.s. soil, security experts say hackers and spies are constantly buying, stealing, and trading techniques and software. >> americans are going to have to get used to when they buy these smart gadgets, they're going to have to update them
2:42 am
like we update our desktop computers. >> reporter: the chilling reality, a cyber under world is always trying to break in. >> chilling the operative word there. >> it's scary. >> tom costello, thank you for that. still ahead, following reports of another possible plan to ramp up the fight against isis. we'll get a live report on that. >> plus wall street's charging bull has a new problem on its hand. more on the fearless girl holding her ground and sending a clear message as the world marked international women's day. that's next.
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♪ ♪ everyone deserves attention, whether you've saved a lot or just a little. at pnc investments, we believe you're more than just a number. so we provide personal financial advice for every retirement investor. welcome back, everyone. well, the calendar says march which means it's kind of mixed up. >> you think so? >> let's get to nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> yeah, some people have snow. the timing friday morning is going to be rough in areas of the northeast. light snow in the middle of the
2:46 am
country. still watching winter weather advisories from central pennsylvania including new york city, allentown, newburg to hartford, all of connecticut for that matter. a little sliver is here on cape cod. 27 million people will be impacted by this. the snowfall totals are not blockbuster but the heaviest snows will be around 3:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. and that will be over philadelphia, northward to north of philadelphia and all of new york city and the long island area. that's the morning commute tomorrow morning and possibility of school delays with those also which is never fun. so then after that, it gets really cold and the air comes straight from the north pole and the arctic. that's where this mass is coming from. straight down into areas of the northern plains. fine everywhere southern half of the country. watch what happens by the time we get to friday. high temperature in chicago, 28. wind chill in the teens. then on saturday that frigid air mass comes into the northeast. boston with a high temperature
2:47 am
of 19. wind chill negative when they wake up in new england saturday morning. it's going to snow and then it's going to be freezing cold, lewis. that's going to be icy sidewalks, salting, all of that stuff we were hoping we were done with. >> bill, you're just not a nice guy. not a good guy. >> i never claimed to be. >> hopefully this will be the last one. >> no. >> let's hope. i have one more for you. statue in famed section of new york city captured the attention of social media. the figure title fearless girl was placed in a stare down with the iconic wall street bull. they're known for their gender diversity advocacy. state street's chief marketing officer says she's not angry at the bull, she's confident. she knows what she's capable of and she's wanting the bull to take note. the company says it's open to making the statue permanent. i think it's cool. >> i think people loved it as well. let's hope it stays. still ahead, new reports on the fight against isis that
2:48 am
could involve the deployment of more u.s. troops. will we see more boots on the ground? plus, the u.s. isn't taking kindly to china's warning on the korean peninsula. we'll have nikki haley's message in a meeting at the united nations next. earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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welcome back, everyone. reuters is reporting that the trump administration is
2:51 am
considering sending up to 1 million soldiers. >> we're joined live from london. lucy, with a good day to you. we have one person telling righters this is trying to provide options to commanders on the battlefield. what are you hearing? >> reporter: good morning, alex. that's the case. we have not been able to independently confirm the reuters report. what nbc has been able to confirm is deployment of u.s. marines to syria to help in the fight of isis and raqqah, the group's de facto capital. the u.s. has had special operations forces on the ground in syria for months. conventional forces have been deployed before. this is a new escalation that puts more american conventional troops into battle. we don't know how many although lieutenant general steven townsend who commands the american-led task force fighting iraq has the ability to pull them to the region and send them to syria so this does not need any new approval from either
2:52 am
president donald trump or the defense secretary james mattis. defense official told nbc news that this is part of a new effort to accelerate the fight against the militants. it doesn't come as a surprise. we've heard military commanders discussing the possibility of putting artillery forces into the area. the goal is to help the u.s.-backed arab and kurdish forces already taking on isis. just as in mosul, alex, the militants have had years to prepare their defenses in raqqah. we understand the city is laced with trenches, tunnels, bombs, booby traps. there could be some 4,000 fighters still in that city. this is going to be a long and difficult effort. guys. >> nbc's lucy kavanov for us. the united states and south korea are rejecting china's proposal that they halt joint military exercises if north korea suspends the nuclear testing program. >> first to make things very clear, the military exercises that the u.s. has been
2:53 am
conducting with south korea, we have been conducting for 40 years annually every year and we always notify north korea before they happen. >> linking this to anything else, which is illegal nuclear missile provocation to north korea, is inappropriate and unacceptable. >> i think all the options are on the table now. we're not ruling anything out. like i said, we are stepping back and re-evaluating. we're not ruling anything out and we are considering every option that's on the table. >> the comments came after an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council on north korea's recent missile test launches. ambassador haley talked about sending thaad to south korea which china has opposed. >> tell me why we wouldn't do the thaad in light of 24 ballistic missiles, two nuclear tests, knowing we're going to
2:54 am
protect our allies. we are not going to leave south korea standing there with the threat of north korea facing them and not help. so thaad is the -- the reason for thaad is because of the actions of north korea. with our friends in china, we've made it clear that that is not in any way directed towards china, it is specifically for north korea. >> now this comes as a new united nations report says that north korea tried to sell nuclear material to unidentified international buyers last year. msnbc's andrea mitchell is responding after being called unruly during a photo op with secretary of state rex tillerson earlier this week. the state department has held only one press briefing since tillerson took office. mitchell was asking questions about china, putin here's some of that exchange. >> mr. secretary, china has said there will be consequences for the deployment now of anti-missile defenses in south korea. >> thank you. >> can you respond? >> thank you. >> can you respond?
2:55 am
>> thank you. we're leaving. >> mr. minister, are you sure that the trump administration will be strong against vladimir putin. >> thank you, guys. we're leaving the room. thank you. >> thank you. >> can you assure us that russia will -- >> andrea -- >> well, following that line of questioning, fox news host bill o'reilly tweeted, unruly andrea mitchell escorted from press conference, and here's how andrea signed off from her show yesterday. >> and that does it for this unruly edition of ""andrea mitchell reports."" remember to follow us on facebook and twitter. >> legend. >> we love unruly. she's the best. coming up next on "morning joe," the latest on the fight to repeal and replace obamacare. joe and mika are going to talk to chris van who will len and elija cummings. >> "morning joe" is just moments away.
2:56 am
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2:59 am
day ahead. president trump is in sales mode. halley jackson has more from the white house. good morning, hallie. >> reporter: a yman, the president is working to keep his focus on health care. the new bill has conservatives pretty riled up. last night he met with outside groups like, for example, the heritage foundation. they have some concerns about the bill. the sense coming out of the meeting was the president was willing to negotiate, willing to compromise on some of the policy points there. we know the president is likely hitting the road on a different kind of campaign stop than what you saw during 2016. essentially trying to sell his bill, push his message to americans across the country. a senior administration official is telling nbc news that the president is considering a first trip to kentucky this weekend. ayman? >> thanks for that. hallie jackson. meanwhile, elected officials will join immigrants rights leaders here in new york city for a solidarity rally against
3:00 am
deportation. the goal of the event is to shine a light on the president's recent actions that they say are tearing immigrant communities apart. that's a wrap for us on this thursday. "morning joe," you know it, starts right now. i wrote the art of the deal. i say not in a brag adocious. >> i've been doing lots of wonderful deals and that's what i do. you're supposed to sit down with the democrats and republicans and the liberals and the conservatives and everybody else and you're supposed to hammer out deals. >> i think he feels very good about the product that we have put out. we are in sell mode and want to get this done but the president has an open mind. >> finding a deal on health care reform. is donald trump's first real test. facing uphill b


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