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tv   For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  March 9, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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that. the white house tsa to pay for the wall. congressman to block federal funding. another issue where president trump may get push back from congress. that's all for tonight. "for the record" with greta starts now. is president trump under investigation or not? what are the facts? the white house says no he is not. the justice will not say yes or no and where was the fbi director today on capitol hill. meanwhile the russia story getting hotter and hotter. plus one of the country's legal minds is here. what if it congress subpoenas fbi records. founder julian assange talking
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wiretap, obama and trump. we will talk to key leader in this fierce debate, the marathon man who led hearing, chairman walt done. back only the hill, nbc cameras cause fbi director comey. he was there discussing matters related to trump tower. he did not answer questions. >> was there any wiretap -- >> that is how democrats ref up the heat. two democrats introducing the resolution asking the departments to turn over documents related to
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communications with russia. justice department is refusing to confirm the white house's statement that the president trump is the part of investigation. reporters asked white house sean spicer about the report. >> yet yesterday, you said -- respect to the department of justice. did the justice department give you that assurance. >> i'm not aware of anything. >> you were not told about the justice department there was no investigation. >> i said i'm not aware that's why we want the house when the senate what the president has asked of them to look into this. >> all of this coming after vice president pence was asked about the wiretaps claim. >> the president alleged that the former president committed a
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felony in wiretapping trump tower. do you believe president obama did that? >> what i can say is the our administration is confident the senate examing issues surrounding the run up in the last election will do that in a thorough way. >> he has seen tho evidence of wiretapping. >> do you believe barack obama wiretapped trump tower. >> there's no evidence of that. i have not heard of it before that's an appropriate subject for the intelligence committee to take a look at. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell is live. >> mitch mcconnell is in that small club of top officials from
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capitol hill the leaders in both chamb chamber and parties, who get classified information. so that is notable. from the white house, again parsing carefully here, sean spicer is saying he is not aware of the president being the subject of any kind of investigation. that is not the same assaying there's no investigation. we don't know. the white house is saying trying to prove a negative is a burden on them and complicated and frustrating to them. as an attorney, when there's an investigation going on, the justice department would not tell someone who is a target of that investigation that's the case. there's a certain time frame and definition as being identified as being the target of an investigation. it's a top swirling about top
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ibs related to russia. we are talking about russian interference in the 2016 election, we're talking about br there questions related to whether something happened at the trump tower and there's issue of associates and officials related to donald trump campaign, that have ties with the russian officials. the fbi on capitol hill today, it's not unusual to see him, when you do,wh he says thinmore than a heo rgs it it lines up with opportunities -- to be read in on government secrets. we don't know what they were told, but it's an interesting clue about where things are.
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greta. >> sean spicer has no information that's going on. mitch mcconnell says he has not seen that -- is there going to be an opportunity to ask him? >> there have been attempts by the colleagues in the press pool, rotating group of us, and he has been asked and did not respond to what we call a shouted question where you're asking something that's not the subject matter of the event. we have not heard from him on that yet. that will be a question that will continue to hang in the air. ange ange ange angela merkel will be visiting the white house -- with me democratic
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congressman, who serves on the judiciary committee. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> congressman, the white house sayshe president is not under the investigation. the justice department won't say yes, or no. do you know if president trump is under investigation? >> it's unclear to me we know there's a whole host of connections as it relates to donald trump, and russia intelligence agency when they were hacking into our elections for the purpose of electing donald trump. that in and of itself suggests something may have occurred, we're not sure, and we need to get to the bottom of it. >> could be there an innocent -- or are the facts wrong?
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>> i don't think they are wrong. agencies conclude that russia inter -- michael flynn, paul manafort, jeff sessions, jared kushner and on and had communications can russian officials while they were hacking into our elections. donald trump has no hesitation when it comes to denouncing friends like mexico or france or nato or european union. he cannot utter a negate world with vladimir putin and russia. this could be a greatest co incident in the democracy -- the american people deserve to know. >> do you worry -- that the
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american people is somehow diminished when you refer to the people as cronies? >> no, not at all. those are interchangeable. they are close -- and we're tryi trying figure it all out. the american people deserve to know. >> who would be the best in your mind to do the investigation. we have a lot of companion investigations going on. -- i think we need more information. who in your mind or what's the best way to get to the bottom of this? >> that's a great question. there's an ongoing fbi
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investigation whether or not donald trump is target or not replair remains to be seen. donald trump -- so the fbi ultimately reports to them with their findings and the special prosecutor can sort it out. >> would you be satisfied with the commission -- special prosecutor you see the evidence of a crime before we use the term prosecutor. when an independent commission like 9/11 would that be something that would be a good avenue to go? >> i support -- including myself as cosponsor of that legislation so far republicans have indicate that would not be anning appropriate way to go. one of the ways we introduce resolution today would get a vote on the floor of the house
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of representatives or bereferred to the judiciary committee is to have a debate. we are asking for documents -- donald trump or allies or donald trump. it's reasonable things that the american people should be able to get evidence, connects dots, and we'll see what happened from there. >> i think he want some of those document. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, very much. today the kremlin is speaking out about the news -- today kremlin spokesperson said russia support any -- with me michael mcfought, thank you for being here.
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>> good evening. >> what l be the challenge for ambassador hunts man to moscow with russia? >> his biggest challenge would be implementing or representing a policy toward russia that's ill defined because of the things we were discussing before the administration is distracted. we're not talking about the violation of the inf treaty, we're talking about this investigation. until you know what the policy is, it's difficult for ambassador to execute and implement it. we're not there yet. >> all of this discussion about russia here in the united states, all of these investigations is this good for russia and putin or something in between? >> i think they love it.
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we are polarized. we are divided. we have the president talking about the president being pad and sick and that makes us weak. we look distracted. we look like we're tuning inward and that allows president putin to do what he wants with respect to his foreign policy. what does he wants? >> he wants us to be weak. we have been the competitor. jus -- and three the debate about nato and the future of -- i was at the mun -- united
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states of america. >> there's been such a focus on real contacts between people in the united states whether general flynn or someone else. are thee alarming to you or do they surprise you or is it this way is it or is it -- is this really a grave concern to you? >> well, the number of contacts during the campaign between trump campaign officials and the russians is more than normal. i worked on the 2008 campaign for president obama, awas the russia guy, we didn't have as nearly as much contact. it should not be declared illegal unless it was something in the content that was illegal.
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ambassador kislyak's job is interact with the government, but also to interact with the opposition. to get to know as many people hean to report back to the kremlin about what is going on here domestically. people should be able to talk to doem doe diplomats and not be in mefear it. -- were stealing data from the dnc and publicizing it in way to influence our elections. i fully support to big back on your last discussion, we need a 9/11 like commission. >> would you have expected the russians to have contact with the clinton campaign about trump
3:16 pm
campaign or can you compare the two. i realize secretary clinton knew many of the people, would you expect the same contact with the clinton campaign? >> to the best of my knowledge there was knowledge. to the best of my knowledge, ambassador kislyak did not attend democratic convention. he did attend republican conviction. >> that odd to you that he would be at republican -- is that odd? >> i think do it's odd, when i was ambassador i was careful. i rarely talked to people. when meeting with different people in society, you want to be neutral. you want to meet with the
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commonist as well liberals. to your point, maybe ambassador kislyak knew the clinton folks and didn't feel like he need ed much time talking about them. would the fbi be forced to land over any and all information. also charge from the wikileaks founder. he says he wonders in cia spies on -- you'll hear from both sides of the debate. >> this bill as written today, would not pass the senate. >> trump care helps the rich and hurts the average american. ate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila!
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. this just came out, this
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just came out. wikileaks, you live wikileaks. wikileaks has provided things that are unbelievable. >> what a difference six months make. fast-forward to right now and to today he had less to say when asked about wicks leeks fasive cia massive documents leak. >> white house press secretary sean spicer did have words about wikileaks. >> there's grave concern that the president has about the release of national security and classified information that threaten and undermines our nation's security. he believes that the system with the cia are out dated and needs to be updated. >> today wikileaks founder
3:22 pm
julian assange -- hacking methods. assange says it does not -- the. >> the stories in the press, do they revelations shed light on what is possible in this regard, has the cia does that, this material does not comment on whether or not it has done it to president trump. >> he should have told the american public that the documents were leaked. >> it's interesting who was told and when. did it tell barack obama. did he conceal that during the election after the election. does was president trump
3:23 pm
informed. >> the hunt is on. who leaked the cia documents and are there ties to russia. russia is a major focus. joining me, julian, to you. what's the information? >> u.s. intelligence agencies are concern that the source of the data leaked wikileaks about the dnc during the election came from russian military intelligence. wikileaks has not leaked anything about russia secrets and julian assange has a relationship with russian government today which russian government propaganda channel.
3:24 pm
>> so wikileaks is not getting the information about tacking but getting from someone else who has done it. >> that's right. whether these are leakers, or cut outs or -- >> joel, tell me, is there any way that russia could not be involved in this can youee any way to cut russia out of it orre they up to their eye balls? >> sure, the theory we read into the press is there a leaker probably an employee of contractor to cia who is principal theory the government is going on now. i think the russian connection cannot be ruled and i'm confident that if the russians stole this, any part of it would have given to wikileaks through
3:25 pm
a series of cut-outs and i'm sure julian assange would not have known where it came from. >> this is more recent information, this was not from snowden, because he has been out of the united states and he has not begun a contractor for a number of years, if this came from a contractor, this new contractor. >> this is not related to snowden at all, if it was a leak from a contractor, we're dealing with a series of massive leaks from people in the government who turn out to be untrustworthy. part of the difficult, greta, is that we share our secrets widely, internally in the government to people who are cleared to receive this.
3:26 pm
but that makes the secret a lot less secret. ben franklin used to say three could people a secret but only if two were dead. we call into secrets which thousands have access. that means the likelihood goes up expo nengsly in cases like that. that's a condition of being wired for efficiency sakes. it won't be the last one. >> the fact there's the leaks, that's horrible, but the material that was leaked, is it significant? >> what it describes is significant. the tools, the hacking tools, the way of getting into different -- >> what the cia uses? >> yes, those tools are not in
3:27 pm
the leaks, it's a summary of what the capabilities are. which is different from the snowden -- these are targeted tools aimed to go after individuals. things that you would think the cia would have. >> is there any case that the cia was spying on any american including president trump? >> no, just description of tools. >> thank you both. what legal power do they have to subpoena information from the fbi. i'll talk to professor about that. house speaker paul ryan braking out the powerpoint. fresh from 28-hour long debate over the measure. will senators in the own party support it. ? ask if your t is healthy enough for sex
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we as republicans have been
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waiting seven years to do this, the time is here, the time is now, this is the moment and this is closest this will happen. now is the opportunity to do it. >> literally rolling up his sleeves speaker of the house paul ryan making the speech of the healthcare plan. two have voted to pass after combined 46 hours of debating. does it help. there are many hurdles ahead. groups voicing concerns, that not all, including the club for growth, republican senator tom cotton giving this warning. >> this bill would not pass because it would not reduce prices for insurance and make it
3:32 pm
affordable. >> president trump tweeting this morning, despite what you hear in the press healthcare is coming along great. author of the bill, commercial committee which approved the bill after more than 27 hours of continuous debate. >> nice to be out of the market. >> you started yesterday. >> yesterday at 10:30 and went all day and all night and finished at 2:00. >> have you had sleep. >> no i have not slept since yesterday. >> so the viewers have an idea, tell me what the first 12 hours of the mark up was what? >> what we call opening statements, everybody talks about it. it's short couple of minutes. you have 55 members of the committee. if if you give everybody a
3:33 pm
minute, then they get to offer an amendment. we debated that for a long time. the first amendment was it remaim the bill, just the title of the bill, from american title bill to something else. >> how long did it take? >> from time we started it was 12 hours. somebody in the press but the number of amendments the democrats filled we would be finish april 6. >> historically they have done it it to democrats, right? >> yes, i think we ended up with biggest entitlement reform since medicare was created, and more options for people who are getting priced out of the healthcare market. >> how do we know that?
3:34 pm
has there been any cbo score? >> that's not unusual -- >> this is a big bill. >> yes, it's a big piece of legislative. if changes have been made to the bill, the cbo would have to start over on the scoring so i comes together and goes up the budget committee that accepts or rejects the proposal. they -- going to be amendment so now we get a score before it goes to the floor, that's standard. >> -- >> no. we have to be careful of whatever score they come out -- they are good people, remember it's -- one what we were doing in this particular legislative vehicle, two what secretary
3:35 pm
price could do -- >> 1,400 -- >> yes, they never expected tom to be hhs -- >> all right, what happens with planned parenthood? >> so we have pro vision in law dating back to the early '90s to say we won't use federal fupds funds to support abortion. for district like mine, we have three planned parenthood districts we have far more community health centers. spread it out to the community health centers. >> why does planned
3:36 pm
parenthood -- you're doing something else to. >> what we are doing is putting more money out and do more good than an isolated one gup. it moves it into the new direction of the federally qualified district. my district are better off to have it in healthcare centers. now they would be out in communities that look access to coverage. i have through counties with no doctors -- this is access to healthcare for women, more men, for children. so i want -- i to push it out out into more areas that need more help. >> senate, do you have much
3:37 pm
optimism. >> i spent last hours marking up the bill in the house. we spent more than an hour answering the question. chairman brady were able to walk through and get feedback of the bill as it was finished and put online on monday. >> thank you, get some sleep. thank you. breaking news, rex tillerson recusing himself from keystone pipeline. they have been calling for tillerson to step aside because he used to be ceo of oil mobile. what does healthcare bill do for old voters. we'll here from planned parenthood on it. subpoena threat, what
3:38 pm
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3:42 pm
injured the most are people between the ages of 50 and 65. >> the plan hits planned parenthood funding. >> it cuts maternity care, 97% of which goes for primary care services. >> you believed planned parenthood will survive. >> i hope so. >> richard is president of planned parenthood. -- >> that's exactly correct. it's misleading that they say they are going to de-fund planned parenthood. birth control, breast cancer screening, wellness visits --
3:43 pm
>> people who are below certaining in. >> that's right which majority of the patients we see. but the other things it's parent is that we operate like any other healthcare provider. what they are doing is singing out the only national healthcare provider in this bill. >> explain to me, if the funds don't go to planned parenthood, separate out the abortion funds issue, are they going to go to community center -- >> this blocking out of patients going to planned parenthood. for so many women half of the
3:44 pm
areas -- i was in speaker ryan districts and women are panic because they don't know where to go. >> have you spoken to him? >> i have not. i have one of the patients was able to havary daughter here, they tried to meet with the smeeker ryan, he nee to listen to people in his district, particularly women hurt by this bill. >> under the proposed gop bill there's de-funding for one year is that right? >> that's what they say. >> there is what's strange, one year de-fund is $225 million in federal savings if they totally de-fund you beyond that it would be $130 million for the same period under assumption you
3:45 pm
would if they de-fund you there would be more pregnancy and added to medicate costs. this is confusing to me. >> to cut to the chase, because of getting better birth control, we are at all-time low teenager pregnant, they can finish school, and ask get a job, this would cost the taxpayer money to de-fund planned parenthood. community health centers refer their patients to us. >> how much federal funding do you get a year. >> $500 million, about
3:46 pm
1.6 million patient -- >> what other funding? >> -- we have insured patients. i will tell you greta, even though we see 1.6 million folks through the federal program we ise dollars to help supplement that. that's why so many women come to planned parenthood because we see everyone. >> good to see you. -- one of the country's great legal minds is here to break it down professor alan derk wits. in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances
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fbi james comey on the hill briefing lawmakers that
3:50 pm
wiretapped. senator lindsey graham is threaten to subpoena the fbi. how would that work. nice to see you alan. >> nice to see you. >> suppose -- for documents, what happens? >> he submits and can sends the documents over or he can chain there are ongoing investigations there are are variety of privileges to claim. in the end, congress generally gets what they want when they issue subpoenas and i suspect a compromise will be struck. the courts would sustain that subpoena as they did when president nix on was subpoena for his tapes and bill clinton subpoenaed to testify in front of deposition.
3:51 pm
i suspect the congress will gets its way. >> when is in the end would that be like within a couple of months or the eight years from now? >> it would not be eight years from now. it could be sooner rather than later. the agencies would underunderstand and the justice department would understand whether they win or lose, they would turn them over sooner. we are not dealing with the united -- fbi which has a different interest. so i suspect we're going to see some material turned over rather quickly. >> i have been talking there for some time, are you a little suspicious, not suspicious, waste of time or this important thing we should be focusing on?
3:52 pm
>> i'm not suspicious. i think the president called for an investigation. congress wants an investigation. we know certain things. we know the russians wanted to influence the election. we don't know that the trump people any way cooperated with the russians, that's speculation. this is something that affects democrats and republicans because in the democrats want to influence -- republicans next time around. i think we as a sovereign nation want to make sure our elections are conducted without undue influence of other countries. this would be established to look into, experts should be able to look into it without
3:53 pm
having to point fingers. it may be there's no crimes or nobody is at fault, it's all russians situation. we are to know what the weapons are and what they are deploying to influence the elections. >> why do you think -- there's no commission. it seems everyone is in favortive? >> everybody says they are in vor of it. but i think there are those who would be fearful. remember, democrats and senate don't know what they don't know, they don't know whether this will help or hurt the trump administration. the only people who know are people close to president trump and he says let's have an investigation. so let's have an investigation. i take him at his word when he says that there were no direct
3:54 pm
communications involving the election with the russians. but let's find out if if there were wire taps or if if the court issued wire taps, was there probable cause against whom and under what circumstances. i don't think we should be convening grand juries. >> alan, thank you. would you agree to buy a car without first see the the price tag? i'll tell you why i asked. that's nexted. voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your broth where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?!
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i have something to say for the record. i love when things move fast but sometimes its too fast. i'm talking about the gop healthcare bill. i want you to know i want people to have medical care and i want it to be affordable. but here is what worries me about the bill. it may be the dumbest or fairest or unfairest. how do you know what to think of it when i don't know estimate cost. you don't buy a car without knowing the cost. get an idea of cost. and we get legislative costs from t legislative house.
3:59 pm
the lack of the cbo score did not stop them from voting to advance the bill. white house press secretary sean spicer and some are dismissing the cbo's analysis before it's released even questioning the track record. even senate majority leader said cbo estimate is important and the lawmakers needs to know the impact of the bill. i know there's a arush to get something passed -- eight legislative days in april. i'm working a full month, how about you. thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern. tell me what you thought about
4:00 pm
tonight's show. send me a message using @greta. "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. wicked. let's play "hardball." good evening. two big developments on washington front. -- he was wiretapped by president obama. we should hear from he throw water on the claim. today, donald trump refused to identify -- in his favor. the organization has been helping in


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