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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 10, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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he's about to be a guest on "the lard word" with ari melber. that does it tonight. now it's time for "the last word" with ari melber. "first look" is up next. this morning the gop's obamacare replacement plan has cleared more procedural hurdles, but house speaker paul ryan is rallying support for the legislation. and a quick-hitting snowstorm is hitting parts of the northeast from pittsburgh to providence. millions of americans are under a winter weather advisory or winter storm warning. and new overnight, protests turn deadly in south korea after the country's first female president was removed from power amid corruption allegations. two of her supporters were killed in clashes with police. good morning, everyone. it's friday, march 10th.
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i'm alex witt alongside ayman hol mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. the affordable care act advanced through two house committees yesterday after the lawmakers stayed overnight to mark it up. meanwhile, the supporters launched a full-court press. vice president mike pence takes the health care pitch to kentucky tomorrow, home of the bill's most vocal critic, senator rand paul. meanwhile, president trump met with house conservatives at the white house yesterday and tweeted from his official white house account saying, quote, great legislative meeting underway. and then there was house speaker paul ryan, the self-proclaimed policy wonk, who showed up at the press briefing yesterday ready to talk business, no jacket, sleeves rolled up with a power point presentation and clicker in hand. >> this is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing obamacare.
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the time is here, the time is now, this is the moment, and this is the closest this will ever happen. it really comes down to a binary choice. so we said in 2016 to our constituents, if you give us this chance, this opportunity, this is what we will do. now is our chance and opportunity to do it. >> one of the bill's opponents followed that up tweeting, binary choice, fallacy is a tool partisans on both sides use to quash policy debate and mean in legislating. >> well, i think any time you introduce legislation, it's going to remake 1/6 of the economy and affect every american in a personal and intimate way. the american people deserve better than a bill being released late monday night and voted on wednesday moncht
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senat they were troubled at the pace that the house is operating. and the fact that the bill as written today simply would not pass the senate because it would not reduce prices for insurance and make care affordable and personalized. >> when you have a president of and different party, you can go have press conferences, you guys show up with a ten-point plan, this or that, but now we have an actual chance to change the comfort. we have somebody who will sign legislation. we need to get into a governing mode and start thinking about actually achieving something rather than just kind of sparring. >> and making the uphill battle for republicans even harder is this report from the brookings institution that says it expects the cbo to estimate that at least 15 million people will
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lose coverage under the republican plan. despite the obvious challenges, president trump says don't listen to the press, quote, health care is coming along great. we are talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture. we expect to learn more about the strategy to get the bill through congress when house and human services secretary tom price joins "morning joe" later this morning. and when president trump tweeted saturday alleging that his phones at trump tower were tapped by president obama, he raised a number of questions including whether the president of the united states was or is the target of a federal or counter sbeintelligence investigation. it's a question that sean spicer side-stepped and batted down at the press briefing on wednesday. >> i want to be really clear on one point, there's no reason that we should, that we have to think that the president is the target of any investigation whatsoever. and there is no reason to believe that there is any type of investigation with respect to the department of justice. >> but after that answer, an
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anonymous justice department official told "the new york times" that spicer had not received any assurances to publicly rule out any investigation. and yesterday spicer changed his phrasing in answering the question. >> did the justice department give you that assurance, because they are telling "the new york times" they did not. >> that's my point, i am not aware of anything. >> we are told by the justice department there is no investigation. >> no. >> so there is not one? >> well, i am not aware. we want the people to do what the president has asked of him. we are going to look into the situation. >> the justice department is saying they never gave you the assurances that you gave us. >> no, what the assurance i gave you is that i'm not aware. and that is 100% accurate. >> when you say no reason to believe it was not aware -- >> correct. i don't know that they are not interchangeable. i'm not aware, i don't believe -- look up in a
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thesaurus to find other ways, but i don't know of a distinction there noteworthy. >> one of those items that the president talked about is the future of the wall with mexico, including how it will be paid for. >> i'm in favor of border security. there are some places along the border where that is probably not the best way to secure a border. but general kelly knows what he's doing. and the president picked an outstanding person to be in charge of homeland security. and my suspicion is we will take his advice. >> do you believe that mexico will pay for it? >> no. >> senator mitch mcconnell's comments come as a new cnn/orc poll shows more than 60% of americans disapprove of funding for that wall.
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john kelly announced late wednesday there's been a roughly 40% drop in illegal crossings along the southern border since the start of this year. well, the founder of wikileaks is warning there may be more bombshells coming in connection to the massive leak of the cia documents. julian assange slammed the agency yesterday about the data dump while also shedding light on who may be behind it. andrea mitchell has more from washington. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, alex. the cia now on the defensive and refusing to confirm or deny the claims by wikileaks. fugitive julian assange, the founder of wikileaks, claiming the cia cyber breach is far more devastating than the agency knows or acknowledges. >> the central intelligence agency must control its entire cyber weapons arsenal. this is a historic act of devastating incompetence.
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>> warning he has a lot more to lease, saying he got the stolen documents from a former contractor working with the cia. >> the material being spread around contractors and former american hackers for hire. >> reporter: the fbi and cia working on an urgent mission, a former cia director says tracing a digital trail to track down the culprit. >> there are tools so that we can be able to then pinpoint who might have been responsible. if i was the individual involved, i would worry a great deal about the fact that ultimately they are going to be found out. >> the cia relies on dozens of contracting firms for the cyber operations. plus, help from the national security agency and british intelligence partners. in fact, the u.s. officials tell nbc news the majority of the cyber force are contractors who undergo less grueling background checks than government employees. >> you do take a chance with
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contractors. there are people who are not working in the inside. they may or may not have the same loyalty to the mission of that organization. >> reporter: now the cia under pressure and again under fire from the president. >> he believes that the systems of the cia are outdated and need to be updated. >> reporter: and assange is taunting the cia that he'll help tech companies fix their software. >> we have decided to work with them to give them some exclusive access to the additional technical difficulties we have. >> reporter: and the cia is slamming asank ssange saying het a bastian of intelligence. >> thank you for that report, andrea. and strong winds battered the state of michigan.
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at the mount washington observatory in new hampshire, winds were gusting in excess of 100 miles per hour yesterday. a staff member used a flag to help visualize the winds there. wow. and in northeast ohio, security camera footage caught a 4-year-old girl being blown away by heavy winds. in the video, the girl runs to open the front door and the wind literally lifts her right off the ground while she she would onto the handle. the girl's mother said she was okay and laughed about it afterwards. close call there. and the national weather service has issued winter advisories across several areas in the northeast. some areas could potentially see up to eight inches of snowfall joining us from central park here in new york city, nbc news correspondent morgan radford. it doesn't look too cold there now, but the cold and snow is going to sweep in pretty soon. >> reporter: not yet, louis, but it is coming. in fact, 35 million americans are waking up this morning under
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a winter weather advisory. we expect to see heavy snow and rain pummel nine different states ranging all the way from the midatlantic to the ohio river valley area. and then up here, of course, in the northeast. now, here in new york we're expecting to see about three to five inches of snow. we're currently under a winter weather advisory that is expected to last until about 2:00 p.m. today. but the reality is, louis, for those of us who live in new york, this has been a bit of a winter weather whiplash. just on thursday, we saw temperatures as high as 61 degrees. and now we are seeing them plummet. the worst is yet to come. even once the storm passes, we'll see below freezing temperatures all throughout the weekend. and again, we are under a winter weather advisory until 2:00 p.m. but snow could continue to fall here as well as throughout the rest of the region throughout the day. louis? >> nbc's morgan radford, who will soon be in a snowy central park. we'll also check on the forecast with meteorologist bill karins coming up in a few minutes. all right, overseas now, south korea's disgraced
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president park has been formally removed from power after the constitutional court unanimously upheld the national assembly's impeachment vote. park who was south korea's first female president had her administration engulfed by massive corruption. in fact, at one point her approval rating was a shocking 4%. prosecutors say park conspired with a long-time confidant and friend who was charged with embezzlement and has ties to a cult. the impeachment trial against park extorts her abuse of power and leaking government secrets. park has previously been named a criminal suspect, a first for a sitting south korean president, but under south korean law a sitting president has immunity against prosecution. she has denied any legal wrong it wrongdoing but apologized for her judgment. and anger protest from park supporters erupted after the ruling and two people die in the administration. anti-park protesters held rival
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demonstrations and a new presidential election will be held in 60 days. the top u.s. commander for the middle east is taking responsibility for the late january raid in yemen where navy s.e.a.l. william ryan owens was killed and six other service members wounded. >> first and foremost, i am responsible for the mission. i am the central command and i am responsible for what is done in my region and what is not done in this region. we lost a valuable operator. we had civilian casualties lost in the expensive aircraft. we did gain some valuable information that will be helpful for us. our intention here was to improve our knowledge against this threat, a threat that poses a direct threat to us here in the homeland. and that was what we were focused on. >> general votel said the investigation found between 4 and 12 civilians were killed
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that he also takes responsibility for. it was previously reported that 25 civilians and 9 children were killed. general votel said the tragic outcome was not the result of incompetence or poor decision making or judgment. and sees no need for additional investigations. still ahead, the winners and losers from the first day of the nfl free agency. plus, president trump is facing new legal challenges related to the advised travel ban. this morning, there are more states taking aim at the legislation. those stories and a check on the forecast including more on the northeast snowstorm heading our way when we come right back.
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so in some parts of the country, it's all about the snow today. what say you, meteorologist bill karins? >> it's snowing already in areas of connecticut and also in
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pennsylvania. that's where it is cold enough where it may stick on the roads. in other areas from new york city southwards to philadelphia, not so bad. we had a lot of thunderstorms rolling through little rock and we still had thunderstorms down in the south. this was a storm chaser that got caught in the wrong spot when baseball-sized hail started coming down. that's just windshield shattering-type hail there. a little insurance claim. i wonder how you explain that one? let's get into the snow forecast, pittsburgh and state college, you're watching the snow come down. pennsylvania turnpike, 78, those are most had douse early. 287 north of new york city is also starting to get snow covered throughout the morning . winter storm warnings for long island and southern portions of rhode island and cape cod. here's the snow map. this is about a three to four-hour period of moderate to heavy wet snow. roads will get a lot less because temperatures have been warm. and then the grassy surfaces are
2:19 am
where the gassy accumulations will be. four inches of snow in southern connecticut, northern new jersey, the higher elevations have a better chance of getting that philadelphia to new york. only one to two inches for you. pittsburgh, it looks like maybe an inch or so and you are almost done anyways. and then the story over the weekend is the cold. look at the windchill tomorrow morning. boston, negative 4. new york city at 4. syracuse, negative 5. d.c. at 10. really frigid air will be with us all weekend long. so you get the sloppy snow and then the frigid cold. windchill sunday morning is not much better. and then finally we're going to have to deal on tuesday and maybe even into wednesday morning with the potential for a nor'easter. it starts in the south, it brings a lot of moisture up the coast. we have the cold air in place, of course, from this upcoming weekend. we combine the two with a pretty powerful storm. it looks like tuesday during the day, someone is going to get nailed from the midatlantic region to the northeast with the possibility of maybe a foot of snow easily. it just depends on where the
2:20 am
rain/snow line settis up. >> thank you for that one-two punch. i'm not looking forward to it. a wine bar in washington, d.c. filed a lawsuit against president trump and the company that runs the trump international hotel in d.c. the owners of cork wine bar say the president's owner ship of the hotel along with the restaurants and bars is allowing it to operate with an unfair advantage. they argue the hotel is siphoning customers who hope to curry favorites with the trump administration. the owners are not seeking monetary damaging but asking the president to divest from the hotel, closing it or resigning. i don't think that's likely. the lawyer calls this a wild publicity stunt completely lacking any legal hmerit. >> none of those things will happen, come on. >> not going to happen. thank you for that, louis.
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anytime per sports in a busy day of nfl free agency. while we await the fate of tony romo who is expected to be traded rather than released. and jay cutler released by the bears. the browns made moves picking up
2:24 am
brock osweiler and his $16 million salary including a second-round draft pick in 2018 from the texans. houston is clearing space for the likes of tony romo under center. but the browns will reportedly trade to pursue jimmy garoppolo. and the 49ers have struck a deal to acquire matt barkley from the bears. and other big moves yesterday, the saints lure a pair of free agents from the panthers and wide receiver ted ginn jr. and alshon jeffrey and or the
2:25 am
torrey smith will go to the eagles. and in kansas city, tcu takes down the top-ranked jayhawks, 85-82 last night. that's right. they blew the 11-point lead in the second half trailing kansas in the final minute where they would tie the game and then take the lead after a foul in the final seconds. the jayhawks would get a chance to send the game into overtime with a potential game-tying three-pointer at the buzzer. that was off the mark. tcu advances to play iowa state tonight. just shocking. on to last night's action on the nba floor in detroit, the cavaliers j.r. smith returned to the court after being sidelined since december with a thumb injury. while lebron james put on a dunk clinic on his way to his 50th triple-double of his career, james is now the seventh player in the league history to reach
2:26 am
that mark despite that, cleveland is still missing the injured kevin love, kyle korver and andrew lobo. >> two words for you, the king. he's just amazing. >> at a whole other level. still ahead, last month kellyanne conway raved about ivanka trump's products. now a watchdog group is looking into that. and a deadly south korea protest following president park's impeachment. we'll have a live report coming up next. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. we are starting with the top stories. >> the government ethics office is criticizing the white houses ref refusal to punish kellyanne conway accusing the administration of undermining the watchdog office. they said it was extraordinary assertion that the white house employees are exempt from some of those regulations. and the state department says secretary rex tillerson has recused himself from any deliberations on the keystonexlx
2:31 am
pipeline. and republicans are pushing forward with their obamacare repeal plan despite intense opposition from the party's most conservative members. the legislation aimed to dismantle the affordable care act advanced through two house committe committees. and rolling up his sleeves for a deep dive into that plan, we'll get more from kasie hunt. good morning. >> reporter: alex, good morning. house speaker ryan felt he needed to give a seminar on the health care bill yesterday as they are, republican leaders, are trying to sell something that has run into more trouble than a lot of people expected. and his press conference seemed, honestly, geared as much toward his own members and maybe to the president of the united states himself as it did to viewers and reporters that ryan was talking to. in the power point presentation, he tried to explain the complicated process that says, look, you have to follow the
2:32 am
strict rules. anything we do has to relate to the budget, otherwise it will take 60 votes topaz the snachlt obviously, republicans don't have 60 votes. paul ryan is dealing with members who want to make changes and make their own adjustments. and they are really limited. and i think one of the most important things right now is the speaker is warning that, look, this is our one chance to repeal obamacare. and that, of course, is the big promise republicans have made. they are essentially saying, look, take it or leave it. you take the bill we have written, or you're going to leave it not fulfilling your promise. and, frankly, the bigger problem at this point that is developing, even if they are able to get it through the house over conservative opposition, is the senate where republicans are privately telling me, look, there's no way that the bill as it is currently written has 50 votes. that's what they would need to get it through. you have increasing opposition. yes, from conservatives, but also from moderates and
2:33 am
republican senator tom cotton saying the process is similar to the way that democrats did the affordable care ability back in 2009. they rushed it through. republicans shouldn't make the same mistake. so another 24 hours that were pretty long for this health care bill as republicans try to build support for it. alex? >> that was a good wrap-up of the 24 hours. thank you for that. with less than a week to go of president trump's revised travel ban to take effect, the number of states challenging the order is growing. washington state has announced it will seek a restraining order against the president's revised travel ban. attorneys general of new york, massachusetts and oregon are taking steps to join the lawsuit that washington filed along with minnesota. and that announcement comes one day after hawaii became the first state to sue president trump over the revised travel ban. and the fbi director james comey was on capitol hill yesterday where a congressional source says he met with lawmakers to discuss the alleged wiretapping of trump tower. comey met with the leadership
2:34 am
and top ranking members of the intelligence committees on the senate side as well as in the house, but despite sources saying he pushed the justice department to make the denial, he was approached by kasie hunt. >> reporter: mr. comey, were there any legal -- >> before his meeting with director comey, republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell put distance between himself and president trump's allegations against his predecessor. >> do you believe that barack obama wiretapped trump tower? >> there's no evidence of that. i've not heard of it before. but that is an appropriate subject for the senate and intelligence committee to look at. and they are looking at whatever the russians were doing during the election. >> the vice president has weighed in on the revelation that former national security adviser michael flynn had performed more than a half a million dollars worth of lobbying for turkey before
2:35 am
election day. flynn registered his work as a foreign agent in paperwork filed with the justice department on tuesday. disclosing work performing from august to november or 2016. now flynn was pushed out of the administration and it was revealed he misled the president about speaking with the russian ambassador about sanctions. >> let me say, hearing that story today was the first i have heard of it. and i fully support the decision that president trump asked for general flynn's resignation. >> you're disappointed by the story? >> it's the first i have heard of it, and i think it is affirmation of the president's decision to ask general flynn to resign. >> yesterday the white house also said the president was unaware of flynn's work for the turkish government during the final weeks of the campaign. >> was the president aware that lieutenant general michael flynn was acting as a foreign agent when he appointed him to be the
2:36 am
national security advisor? >> i don't believe that was known. i would defer you to the general filings have that have been made. >> wouldn't the president know that? >> i don't know that, john. that's a hypothetical to ask. in the wake of the data dump alleging the russian hacking tools, speaking yesterday julian assange slammed the cia over the cyber warfare program while also offering the tools to silicon valley. >> the central intelligence agency must control all of its entire cyber weapons arsenal. this is a historic act of devastating incompetence, to have created such an arsenal and stored it all in one place and not secured it.
2:37 am
wikileaks discovered the material as a result of it being passed around a number of different members of the intelligence community are out of control in unauthorized fashion. after considering what we think is the best way to proceed and hearing these calls from some of the manufacturers, we have decided to work with them to give them some exclusive access to the additional technical details we have so that fixes can be developed and pushed out. >> so assange went on to say he got the allegedly stolen documents from a former government contractor working for the cia. the u.s. officials tell nbc news that the cia relies on dozens of contracting firms for cyber operations and that the contractors undergo less grueling background checks than government employees.
2:38 am
meanwhile, members of the trump administration are slamming this alleged document release despite the president not commenting on the situation yesterday after previously confessing his love for wikileaks. >> there is grave concern that the president has about the release of national security and classified information that threatens and undermines our nation's security. obviously, he believes that the systems of the cia are outdated and need to be updated. the u.s. government has position on julian assange's position and past and i don't see anything to change that. he has compromised in the past and undermined our national security. >> trafficking in national security information as is alleged wikileaks here is a very serious offense and represents a compromise of the security of the american people. and this president, this administration take it very seriously and will use the full force of the law and the united
2:39 am
states to find all those involved. senator ben sasse is not mincing words of what julian assange's fate should be. he released a statement that read, julian assange should spend the rest of his life wear a an orange jufr suit. he's an enemy of the american people and an ally to vladimir putin. >> i think you have to assume that this is purposely timed, coming at a moment in which we seem to be getting closer and closer to understanding the true nature of the connections between the trump campaign and the russian government. all of this seems a little bit suspiciously timed to believe that its independent. >> the fbi is investigating the alleged leak and two sources tell nbc news that russia is a
2:40 am
major focus. heading to south korea where disgraced president park has been removed from the peddling scandal. janice, good morning to you. a big development overnight turning deadly for some protesters. >> reporter: good morning. after months of turmoil, it took only 22 minutes for south korea's constitutional court to deliver this historic decision to remove the country's president from power. park geun-hye will no longer enjoy immunity, so she could face charges of bribery, exportion and abuse of power. there are protests across seoul today. there are people who support and oppose her. and two protesters have died, both older protesters who fell and suffered injuries.
2:41 am
this is all coming at a sensitive time in treenl with north korea ramping up tension. in the state news agency, they were unusually swift in issuing a statement today calling park a common criminal. what happens next, there will be an election in early may. it could bring the opposition democrats to power and that could have an impact on the thaad missile defense system being deployed in south korea, but for now they say it is just a domestic issue. >> jackie live from beijing, thank you for that story. and we are watching the winter storm taking parts across the northeast. >> bill karins will confirm that for us and says the worst is still ahead.
2:42 am
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there's a lot to talk about weather-wise, so take it away,
2:45 am
bill karins. >> a nice, quiet weekend would be good, but it's not going to happen. school delays are coming in, a few cancellations into pennsylvania and connecticut and southern new york. that's where we had snow overnight and the roads are covered, especially through areas of northeast ohio. that's where it is cold enough. obviously, it was in the 60s yesterday in new york city and areas of southern connecticut. so the roads are still holding some of the heat and i do not expect a lot of accumulations on the roadways. we have 40 million people impacted from winter weather advisories and the winter storm warnings. here's the snowfall map, it's about a four-hour period today, starting now and continuing to about almost say 10:00 to 11:00 to 12:00. harrisburg, allentown, north of philadelphia, the pocanos definitely, the cat skills, and areas north of new york city and southern connecticut, that's where all the heavy bursts of snow will be. again, most of this accumulation is on the grassy surfaces. a lot of the roads will be slushy and melting, especially the treated roads out there. morgan radford is joining us in central park this morning.
2:46 am
morgan, when we went to bed last night, i'm sure you got the assignment when they said, it will be snowing in new york city at this time. things are delayed three to four hours. i will give you two hours and then you will start to see the big flat flakes. >> reporter: two hours and i'll be freezing, bill, but we have seen millions of americans waking up under winter weather advisories. and they are expecting heavy rain and snow across nine states, stretching from the ohio river valley to the midatlantic region and here in the northeast where it has already created a messy friday morning commute for a lot of travelers. we have seen delays across the country at area airports, especially right here in new york city where we expect to see, as you mentioned, three to five inches of snow. but for those of us who live in new york, this is a bit of a winter weather whiplash. this is the second time now this year that we have seen snow falling after a high of at least 60 degrees. we saw a high of 61 degrees here behind me in central park yesterday where people went for long runs and were playing in the grass. today, a completely different
2:47 am
story. we're expecting to see those below freezing temperatures across much of those nine states, stretching into this weekend, even after that snow passes. but that snow is still expected to last through the evening. back to you. >> morgan, the national weather service where you are located had five inches for central park last night. they lowered it to four inches this morning. i wouldn't be surprised if they go down to three inches. so you know what to expect there on the grass in central park. let me take you through the weekend forecast, i think that the cold is going to be a bigger story than the minor storm we are dealing with in the northeast. 30 in chicago. 22 in minneapolis. that cold rushes down here. look at st. louis, you were 70 the other day, 36 on saturday. and there's a chance of some snow through areas of missouri. and then d.c. who dropped to 37. new york, a high of 29. so it's a very cold saturday, especially with the wind out there. then as we get into sunday's forecast, we continue with the cold trend all the way down to atlanta. there may even be some snow in
2:48 am
areas of the mountains of tennessee and also the mountains of north carolina. that's going to be the through sunday morning. then we deal with the fun next week, i say fun, i mean the opposite of fun, as a possible nor'easter comes up the east coast, plenty of atlantic moisture is available out of this system. and it will be intensifying throughout the day on tuesday. there's cold air in place. someone is going to end up with a significant, probably the biggest snowstorm of the season, alex, for areas of the interior new england and interior midatlantic come tuesday afternoon. >> come on now, really? >> yes. you know, all of the long-range models are saying big storm. we don't know who is getting what, but there could be a foot of snow. thank you. members of congress take a trip down memory lane. and is arnold schwarzenegger looking at a second take on politics since "celebrity apprentice" didn't work out for him? we'll have more on that, next. studies show that toms have the highest average earning potential
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this is a very special day to many of his caribbean americans as we pay tribute to the life of christopher wallace, otherwise known as biggie smalls. live in life without fear, put ing news into my baby's ear. consider us fools because i dropped out of high school. >> now my mom has some mace on her back, and she loves to show me your smiles every day my face
2:52 am
is up in the source. we used to fuss when the landlord dissed us, no heat, wonder why christmas missed us. birthdays was the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirst day. ah, right. >> it was all a dream. i used to read word of magazine, salt and pepa up in the limousine. hanging pictures on my wall, every day, mr. magic, molly mall. >> and if you don't know, now you know. thank you. >> they are honoring rapper biggie smalls yesterday reciting lyrics on the 20th anniversary of his passing. his shooting in los angeles remains one of the most notorious unsolved murders. here's hakim jeffreys on the house floor yesterday. >> i got the privilege of representing the district where biggie smalls was raised. we know he went from negative to
2:53 am
positive. and e merged as one of the world's most important hip-hop stars. his rags to riches life story is the classic embodiment of the american dream. >> and the nets will honor biggie at sunday night's game against the nets with pre-game and halftime tributes. we like that. and now we turn to business where the first jobs report is due out this morning. cnbc's carolin roth is joining us live. i know the numbers are supposed to be slightly better than expected. >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, we are expecting a print of 197,000 for the month of february, but hey, the whisper numbers are even higher than this because we saw the blow-out jobs report coming from the private sector called the adp report earlier this week. so unless we get a disastrous number from the official jobs report today, it's very likely that the fed will hike interest rates by another 25 basis points
2:54 am
next week. ahead of that, futures in the u.s. are taking a little bit higher as the dollar is essentially flat. in other news, i want to talk about volkswagen, the german automaker, it is said to plead guilty to three felony counts in the justice department's diesel emissions scandal investigation. those counts are committing fraud, obstruction of justice, entry of goods and false statement charges. and the country is the biggest automaker by sales already agreed to pay $4.3 billion in charges to the u.s. government when it comes to criminal and civil funds. back over to you. >> carolin roth live from london, thank you so much. we are also following several developments in the 2018 senate race. yesterday the republican orin hatch of utah says he plans to run for an eighth term despite saying in 2012 the seventh would be his last. hatch, was first elect in 1976 and turns 83 later this month. also keeping his senate options
2:55 am
open, arnold schwarzenegger. politico reports the form erica governor is considering a run for an independent seat held by dianne feinstein. a spokesperson says, he's keeping all his options open. and coming up next on "morning joe," the secretary of health and human services tom price will talk strategy with joe and mika. how does he plan to get skeptical conservatives to support the party's bill? plus, the men who will whip up the congress votes? representative steve scalise and representative tim ryan will be on "morning joe." no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise
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so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper so before we toss it over to "morning joe," we'll bring you a check on the stories you'll be hearing about in the day ahead. >> president trump will continue to play the role of salesman for the republican's plan to overhaul obamacare. kelly o'donnell has more from the white house. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, louis. almost halfway through the first 100 days of the trump administration, and today the president is expected to use more personal engagement meeting with lawmakers here at the white
2:59 am
house as his administration and republicans in congress are wrestling with how to pass a new health care insurance law to replace obamacare. it has been hitting some speed bumps. this weekend the vice president will head to kentucky to meet with business leaders and to try to sell the trump administration plan. and next week the president will hit the road himself, not for an official white house event, but for a campaign rally in tennessee. >> our thanks to kelly o'donnell for that report. and opponent os of the dakota access pipeline take their message to president trump today. members of the native american tribes will take part in what is called the native nations rise march in d.c. the plan is to end up at the white house. the march caps off four days of protests by the tribes. a sensitive subject for them. that does it for us on this friday. i'm alex witt and ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. >> happy friday.
3:00 am
we need to slow down and get it right. like mom used to say, you rush and you make mistakes. >> democrats are going to continue in their head-long rush to pass a government takeover of health care. >> from where i stand and frankly many republican senators stand who are troubled by the pace is of concern. >> we should have had more time to digest it. >> i guess history has a funny way of repeating itself. >> what a difference eight years doesn't make. republicans today sounding a lot like republicans back in 2009 on health care reform. only this time, they are battling themselves. can president trump and house speaker paul ryan bring their own party on board? this as one new report says at least 15 million people, joe, will lose their health care coverage under the new gop plan. this morning, we are going to speak live with the u.s. secretary of health


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