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tv   Dateline Extra  MSNBC  March 11, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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thanks to you at home for joining us for the next hour. "politico" reports tonight that u.s. investigators including the fbi are looking into a russian citizen in conjunction one of the incidents on the trump campaign last year which defied explanation at the time. dramatic news tonight from this incident happened last year, last summer on the trump campaign. it was one of the first direct signs we had that something strange was up in the trump campaign when it came to the issue of russia. it's an incident that came to light during the republican national convention.
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we're getting insight as to why tonight. the person oos reportedly under fbi scrutiny is a joint russian ukrainen citizen of. paul manafort was managing the political fortunes of that pro-vladimir putin dictator. now, this guy -- this guy being reported, he came to the united states last year to meet with paul manafort shortly after manafort was given a senior position in the trump campaign. he came last spring during the height of the republican presidential primary. now this same guy being looked into by the fbi, he came back to the united states again to meet with paul manafort in the late summer right around the time of the republican national convention.
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and at that time when we were doing our reporting on the and we mentioned what had happened on the sidelines of the convention, at that time i remember reporting then that something really weird had happened that had to do with russia. this one strange thing that happened at the rnc that just stood out like a or thumb. it didn't make any sense given what we know was going on in republican politics at the time. it didn't make sense when it comes to republican politics at all. at national conventions obviously the main job is to unemployment the party's candidates for president and vice president. but at the conventions they also have to formalize the party's platform. and honestly, nobody really cares about what's in the party platform. it's not a binding document, like you have to run on those things that are in the party platform or promise to do them once you're elected. the only people who care about the party platform are real
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insider -- [ no audio ] -- even though donald trump was going to be their presidential nominee, he and his camp didn't give a fig about what was in the did you mean old platform. in the old platform there was aggressive anti-abortion stuff that you can imagine maybe donald trump -- [ no audio ] -- when your nominee is donald trump, that's nuts. he appeared in a soft core porn movie. remember him in the weird playboy thing? there's all this stuff in the republican -- [ no audio ] doesn't really comport with trump, the candidate or the way
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he campaigned for the nomination. party activists were psyched and donald trump didn't care what was on the platform. let ted cruz get excited about that platform. it's not a binding document, who cares. that was an interesting thing though watch at the time. presidential nominee takes himself out of the process. but what was way more interesting than that, what was riveting and bizarre to watch at the time that we couldn't make tails are heads of at the time was the trump campaign's one exception on the party platform. even though all this other stuff slide not keeping with trump and the campaign they did decide to get up on their hind skplegz fight and interseed aggressively for one specific thing on the platform, one specific part of the republican party platform, and that was a thing about
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russia. there was a proposed plank for the republican party platform that said ukraine should get help from the united states up to and including lethal weaponry so ukraine can fight off russian incursions. and the trump campaign let everything else on the platform side. but that ukraine/russia thing they jump right on that. and it was weird at the time. yes, there was a lot else going on in presidential politics. it was the conventions, right? but even then, as the russia/trump questions got acute over time, ultimately trump candidate did have to answer for what has campaign did with the platform at his convention. >> why did you stochb gop platform on ukraine?
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>> i wasn't involved in that. >> your people were. >> i was not involved in that. i'd have to take a look at it. >> do you know what they did? >> they softened it, i heard, but i was not involved. >> his campaign manage, paul manafort who had done all that work in khan, he also denied having anything to do with it. >> there's been some controversy about something in the republican party platform that essentially changed the republican party's views when it comes to ukraine. how much influence did you have on the changing language, sir? >> i had none. i didn't even hear about it until after the convention was over. >> where did it come because everybody's saying it came from the trump campaign? >> it absolutely didn't come from the trump campaign. i don't know who everybo"everyb. >> nobody from the tump campaign
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wanted that change in the platform? >> no one, zero. >> so after the republican consequence, the candidate himself denies having anything to do with it. paul manafort denies having anything to do with it, that he nor anyone from the campaign had anything to do with it? how did it happen? must have been fairies. now that nonexplanation, those denials have fallen apart because a trump official has fefd if he issed up about it. at the time he's the one who did it. he says now that he was the one who interseeded in the platform. he did it specifically at donald trump's request, he says. >> it was a part of effort that was pushed by the trump campaign
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to put some language in the gop platform that essentially said that the republican party did not advocate for arming the ukraine uns. that effort was ultimately successful at having a that language in the republican party platform. and i asked mr. gordon why is that? why did you advocate for that language, and he said this is the language donald trump himself wanted and advocated for. >> so this is just one thing that happened on the trump campaign. it's really weird at the time. we got all these denials about it that seemed implausible. why are people now admitting that they did change that plank in the republican party platform. but tonight, as i said, this
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breaking news, "politico" is reporting that the fbi is onto this now too because this russian citizen who worked with paul manafort reportedly visit paul manafort and reportedly told people when he came to the united states for late last summer around the time of the republican convention was to get the language changed on the issue of russia. you can feel the pillars start to sway here a little bit, right? now we've got an explanation for it. why is a russian citizen involved? every day for the last few days we've had a new piece of that fall into place or a previous denial fall apart. as we reported last night, yesterday in london a man named christopher steel resurfaced after having been many hiding for his own safety for weeks. christopher steel is a former
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mi6 officer. last night on this show the top democrat on the house intelligence committee told us that the house intelligence committee will be very interested in banks testimony from christopher steel for the house intelligence committee's inquiry into the trump campaign and its ties with russia. certainly we'll want to get to the bottom of the details of the that dossier and what's been reported and just how mr. steel based those conclusions. he told us, quote, if it's an issue of him not wanting to appear and face questions, we welcome his cooperation in any manner that he is comfortable. quote, if there's an issue about he is willing to come before the committee, i can say i am more than willing to go to him. i know there are other members of the committee who would join me in that. that's an unusual offer from a top member of a congressional
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intelligence committee. i will come to you, sir. stay where you are, we can come to you. this is a guy who clearly thinks he has safety issues. he's been in hiding for weeks in fear for his safety ever since he was the author of this dossier. the trump campaign admitting they did change the republican party platform to make it more pro-russian, the reason i raise these two things together, the dossier and finally us getting an explanation on what happened with that ukraine and russia plank in the republican convention is one of the baseline allegations of that dossier appears to be about that platform change. one of the things that it is
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dossi dossi dossi dossier alleges is the russian regime has been fwhiend embarrassing e-mail leaks to the wikileaks plofrmt the reason for using wikileaks was pauseble denybility. in return, the trump team has agreed to sideline russian intervention in ukraine as a campaign issue. >> again, i have to stress that we need to describe this dossier as an unverified dossier of allegations against donald trump. every day over the course of the news cycle a new piece of it falls in place. this is just the latest one. in the last couple of weeks and days, even into tonight, more pieces of it are falling into
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place. the trump campaign used to deny that any of its staffers had any contact with any russians during the campaign. well, no. in fact meetings between trump campaign people and russians have now led to the resignation of the national security advisor, the recusal. dmagt trip to russia by a foreign policy advisor. but as of last night they're admitting this trump was authorized by the trump campaign at the time they went to moscow. now is reporting what is basically a direct russian tie to that change in the republican party platform to benefit russia last year. if "politico's" reporting is accurate, they're looking into a russia national. they're looking into his role and what the trump campaign now admits were its efforts to --
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what is it? sideline russian intervention in ukraine as a campaign issue. take it out of the republican party campaign issue. another piece of it gets corroborated every day. we will all continue to describe this dossier from christopher steel as unzpound unsupported, and that is certainly true when it comes to the dossier's baseline allegation that they actively supported the attacks against hillary clinton. even if that is as yet in itself uncorroborated, all the supporting details are checking out. even the really outrageous ones, a lot of them are starting to bear out under scrutiny. seems like a new one each passing day. and now that the author of this dossier, thissing increasingly
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corroborated dossier, it feels like an incredibly important question about any u.s. investigation of this matter. starting to feel like a very important question, whether or not investigators are really going to talk to him, whether they're going to be able to get testimony from the author of this dossier. previous denials by the trump campaign whether it's about jeff sessions, mike flynn, carter page, the ukraine platform, paul manafort, their previous denials are all falling apart. and we are also learning more in dribs and drabs about the law enforcement investigations and counterintelligence investigations that are underway into the trump campaign in russia and we are learning more every day about what the intelligence committees in congress might be able to do in their investigations, whether or not they actually do it.
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so we're learning more about what happened. we're learning more about what bull was in the campaign. what we're going to talk about tonight is there's one other piece of this that's getting clearer and clearer each day, and it's something jeff sessions is not recused from. it is starting very much to feel like an urgent matter, and that is the question of what happened after the campaign. it's the question of whether russian intervention into high level u.s. politics, whether it stopped during the campaign or whether it is still happening right now inside our government. and that sort of upsetting story is next. thank you! imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag,
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. yesterday at the state department nbc news intrepid veteran aggressive reporter andrea mitchell became the personification of pushy persist ance. >> welcome. >> mr. secretary, china has said there will be consequences for the deployment of anti-missile defenses in south carolina. can you respond? >> thank you. >> can you respond? excuse me, mr. secretary, can you respond to those threats from china? >> thank you. let's go. thank you. >> mr. minister, are you sure
4:21 pm
that the trump administration will be strong? can you assure us that china will not be able to move further in ukraine? >> let's go. >> we haven't had any time in here. >> we need to go. >> let's go, guys. >> answered mitchell is a very nice person, but he's obviously dogged at her work. you can see how frustrated she is there after secretary of state rex tillerson gave no response to questions after andrea and all the other reporters were pushed out by the state department staff. it's clear state department staff know answered well enough. they've seen her around the state department for years if not decades. but the secretary of won't say a
4:22 pm
word. you see the look on answered's face there. part of the reason she seems so frustrated here is this isn't a one time thing. this is the second time in a few days that answered has been put in this position. >> mr. secretary, can you do your job with the kind of budget cuts the president has proposed? what does it say about the priority of diplomacy in this administration? do you think you'll have a deputy anytime soon, sir. >> let's go. we're done. >> thank you. >> when do you think you might have a deputy. >> andrea, come on. please. out. >> when we first played that tarngs my reaction to it, you might remember, was raise your children to be reporters, right? it is amazing tape of andrea
4:23 pm
mitchell and how she works and how hard she pushes to get information out of people in power. in addition to being an interesting thing there to see in terms of what it means to be a reporter and how hard she works, there's something serious going on there. what andrea mitchell was asking there, what did she say? do you think you will have a deputy anytime soon. can you do your job with the kind of budget cuts this president has proposed. do you think you'll have a deputy anytime soon? there is no deputy to rex materiali tillerson at the state department. they are smiling men not speaking or answering reporters' questions. when rex tillerson first came, he gave a speech but has not any remarks since they listen to
4:24 pm
immediately after he introduced himself and said, hey, there, they immediately started firing all the top people at the statement, particularly the career people who had been there through george w. bush before that and george h. w. bush before that. they fired people who don't turnover with a new administration. there were 150 years of institutetial experience. now they're telling me i have to go? those are the people they cleared out, people with 20, 30, even 40 years at the state department.
4:25 pm
all the institutional people. the career people, the core. these have been the headlines. trump administration asks top state department officials to leave. it's a blood bath at the state department. state department carries out layoffs under rex tillerson. they he might out the whole suite of senior foreign service officers as as soon as rex tillerson got there. and then after that while he was leaving on his first foreign trip, they laid off a whole other round of diplomatic officials with decades of experience, the most senior people in the building. these are not obama appointees.
4:26 pm
there's not a deputy for restriction tillerson at the state department. and state department officials are not taejd meetings between the president and other foreign officials. he likes to bring his son-in-law instead. and the state department only yesterday started its pressing briefings which had abruptly stopped after the obama administration. there's a 37% cut in its budget. 37%? we haven't heard a peep from the secretary of state. apparently that will not be a problem. looking at that thing that's happening in washington, turn telescope around freak and look through the other side. look through the other side of the telescope in terms of what is going on in this part of washington. if you're russia, whether or not you have a personal preference about who you want to be president of the united states, if you're russia, what you want is on end to the uni polar world
4:27 pm
where the united states leads the west, and you're not part of that. if you're vladimir putin, you have no desire to be part of a western alliance of free countries. you don't want to be part of something that is led by someone else. once upon a time around the fall of the soviet union, there was a brief hope russia might be a member of nato. no. under vladimir putin sidninstea nato has been defined as a great enemy. they made their own knockoff of nato, but at least there russia can be in charge. they love being seen as a competing military power to the united states, even though the russian military is in no way comparable to the american
4:28 pm
military owner when it comes to nuclear weapons. if your russia, you like being seen as a military paufrmt you don't have any issue with the united states and russia being seen as competing military powers. if you're russia, what you really hate about the united states, what you really hate about the u.s. government, if you want to find a specific bull's eye for it, it's the u.s. state department. the u.s. statement isn't military force. it's american leadership in the world. the u.s. state department organizes the world to support international organizations, to support the post-war stable world that america leads. the u.s. state department is in charge of soft power, supporting american-led interests around the world. it supports dissidence in russia and critical media in russia. the u.s. state department calls out russian elections as hillary clinton did in 2011 as neither free nor fair when there's
4:29 pm
evidence that it's neither free nor fair. vladimir putin fears in his own country after 17 years in power it walked down one excess tential fear he has is a revolution of his own people, an arab spring uprising of russians against him. there have been big protest movements in russia that have rised to that level, he raged against the state department for orchestrating those protesters. if russia did run a massive intelligence operation to effect the outcome of the u.s. presidential election, do we think they'd see that as its own reward? now we're done? then is it time to reap the benefits of that? donald trump never met rex tillerson, the ceo of exxon before the presidential
4:30 pm
election. he received the order of friendship from vladimir putin personally, the highest civilian award russia gives to nonrussian citizens. somehow he ended up the u.s. secretary of state under donald trump whom he'd never met. putin reece greatest nemesis in the u.s. government turks state department has kind of disappeared. whit put out its human rugights report, there was no announcement. it's usually the highest profile thing they do all year. this year they just press released it, didn't say a word. the more we learn about the trump campaign and its ties to the russian government, the more
4:31 pm
clear they need to be aggressive and independent. i want to propose that it is also becoming clear that russia didn't intervene in our election because they like the cut of donald trump's gib. the more we learn about it, it doesn't seem like it was personal. it seems it was to get specific stuff out of the united states, actions by u.s. political figures to benefit russia. things like the republican party taking out of its platform that ukraine should get lethal weapons to fight russia. they wanted change. they wanted change by u.s. political actors to benefit russia. they wanted actions taken to benefit russia. and also we have to ask whether they wanted action by u.s. political fissions to weaken the parts of america that most annoy and most undermine vladimir putin. is rex tillerson secretary of state because russia needed somebody to stand by a secretary
4:32 pm
of state while the state department was hallowed out, disappeared, and muted? because that's what's happening under him. we absolutely need an investigation of trump and russia covering the campaign and before. with each passing day that becomes more clear. but who's investigating if the russian campaign here isn't over? who's looking into whether this is still going on? e open road. e open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. a body without proper footd needssupport can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends
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this next slip we only have in audio form but it's hillary clinton speaking to a private audience not long after the election. >> vladimir putin himself directed the covert cyberattacks against our elect toreral system, against your democracy apparently because he has a beef against me. in the fall of 2011 they had, quote, parliamentary elections, and i basically said based on independent observations and analysis this was an unfair, not free, ill legitimate election. >> at a private event in december in new york saying that vladimir putin tried to influence the u.s. election, did
4:37 pm
what he did in the u.s. election because of his personal beef with her based on her time as secretary of state. you know what southeast talking about there is documented and clear. during those big anti-vladimir putin protests in 2011 in russia, that's when he came closest to losing his grip on power in the 17 years he's been in power, hillary clinton was out there that the elections that just took place in russia were neither free nor fair in her words. this past election in our country, hillary clinton tried to explain to her supporters why russia did what they did on our presidential election. you heard her explaining it there. what she just explained though is actually the same theory of the case as this guy, exbritish mi6 officer christopher steel who surfaced after weeks of
4:38 pm
hiding. that dossier bluntly asserts there was conclusion and cooperation between the trump campaign and russian intelligence about the russian attack on the u.s. election. and in that dossier, the explanation for why russia did what they won't did in part was. hatred of hillary clinton. like this things in that dos yarks that has started to seem less nuts over time. when the u.s. intelligence community released its official report on russian hacking on january 6th, the u.s. intelligence agency said their goal was the undermine the political process, to denigrate secretary clinton and to harm her potential presidency. the christopher steel dossier alleged there were repeatedly contacts between members. trump campaign and russian officials before the election. the trump administration denied that for months but now we know
4:39 pm
that to be true. the dossier mentioned a meeting between carter page andar official. the trump was sanctioned by the campaign at the time. a russian diplomat who was working at the ambassador in washington, d.c., he handled the money side of russia's efforts to hack the election. the dossier reports he was withdrawn back to moscow after he became the target of u.s. suspicion. in fact that diplomat did get called home to moscow, and we know that we did get recalled to moscow he was under suspicion for u.s. authorities for his potential role in the hacking of the u.s. election. this dossier keeps coming back. now after two months spent you understand ground, its author, christopher steel, is back.
4:40 pm
we'll have more on that in a second. admittedly, the consequence is done. you know what hillary clinton is doing tonight? she's posted a snapchat video she got a new haircut. a snapchat video for international women's day saying every issue is a women's issue so stand up and resist and run for office. she's on snapchat. meanwhile donald trump is president and apparently tonight he just appointed his ambassador to russia. his nominee will be john huntsman of utah. in 2012 donald trump der rided john hunts man's own presidential ambitions saying as ambassador to china he gave away our country to them. now apparently that's just the guy to give away our country
4:41 pm
again. this time to putin though, this time to russia. the russia connection, it is about the election, it is about what happened to our country with this last presidential election. i recognize the election is done, but it's also about who is running your government now and with what expectations and what debt. i'm very pleased to say one of the young hungry investigators who is very aggressively on this is our guest next from washington. stay with us. are your allergies holding you back or is it your allergy pills? break through your allergies.
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democratic congress salmon new member of california. he's on the intelligence committee. he posted this on his website today. it's more of an encyclopedia laying out all the open source nonclassified stuff that we as americans know right now about the russian connection to the trump campaign. this is very handy. this is a useful thing for a member of congress to do for his constituents if they have concerned about links between russia and our new president. that is public service from congressman swallow. he's been an active member of the investigations. he's on the subcommittee that deals with the cia. it's good to have you with us. >> thank you and greetings from
4:46 pm
castro valley high school in the east bay. >> as a tree-letter athlete from the castro valley high school trojans athletic department, i'm embarrassed by you bringing that up. but thank you. let me ask you about your decision to post this sort of guide for your constituents. you posted a lot of connect the dots information about this russia investigation. >> a lot of work on this issue is classified, but i wanted in an unclassified way for my constituents to understand first why russia is not our friend. you know, rachel, we've seen a lot of young people who look at russia and think maybe this is just a cold war adversary. and then we walk through the trump/russia ties which is growing every day as you've pointed out. from there we point out the influences and the different changes in positions we've seen from trump officials, from jeff sessions to the platform committees changes and the president himself.
4:47 pm
and then of course we point out the interference campaign that russia ran and the commissions every democrat has supported in agreements so that they understand what the evidence is in this case as you have called as you mentioned there for an independent condition, a 9/11 commission still so investigate this as a nonpartisan independent thing. my take on this increasingly and as far as i can tell from freebd from my viewers, people who i talk to, a pretty widespread feeling about this investigation is that if it is conducted by the justice department, which is run by a trump campaign official, jeff sessions, if it is run by the intelligence committees which are run by two trump campaign officials, richard skbur your chairman in the house, there's no confidence
4:48 pm
those investigations will be both aggressive and independent. that said, nobody seems to be biting on the republican side on your idea of an independent commission. should we be worried these won't be independent investigations? >> yes. i'm the worried because the trump team and many of my colleagues have failed to show impartiality on this issue. as each day goes by, as we roll into another election, we know russia is sharpening their knives and other adversaries will look at what is the united states going to do. i have to give credit to one republican, walter jones, he's joined our call for an independent commission. he's the first one to speak out against the iraq war. >> one of the things that i'm starting to feel like is going to become a further avenue of investigation is whether or not if there was quid pro quo between the trump campaign and the russian government, if they
4:49 pm
knowingly interacted with them. it may have been something they planned to deliver during the administration. is it your understanding that the intelligence investigations would extend to encompass what's going on now in the administration, whether any of those favors might be being paid back in the way the u.s. government is being run now by president trump? >> it has to. it has to look at what the consideration may have been because all the dots here in this investigation continue to connect. and the biggest question, of course, is were any of these contacts railroad ties that the trump team had with russia working with russia as they ran the interference campaign, and now what we're looking at is whether u.s. policy toward russia is also changing. that would be pretty powerful evidence that they were working with russia and that russia is now getting something in return. >> congressman aircraft swal
4:50 pm
well. sir, thank you so much for being here. we'll be right back. stay with us. get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion? with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d.
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i've got the best staff, the best producers, the best researchers of anyone who works on any show on television. better than any cable show on any network. better than any news show. period. i put up the staff for this show against anyone. and one of the hallmarks of how
4:54 pm
we do our work, one of the things that has evolved in our own culture as a show, you read to the end. the headline might not be the most important thing. the 15th paragraph of whatever it is you're reading. that might not be the news right now but it might be the lead story tomorrow night. remember it. maybe make a file. and because we are like that as a group, we end up as a staff competing among ourselves for like, who can name the date of the next state senate special election? in what state and what's the partisan breakdown of that district? or who knows the partisan split of the connecticut legislature out of both houses, go! we're like that. tonight we are going to deal you in on one of those stories about which we have a file. can you identify on sight the person in this picture. do not sthout answer if you happen to know. here's the clue. she is an underdog, challenging a household republican name, and all of a sudden for a very
4:55 pm
interesting reason, she is surging. this is a story you will not hear anywhere else tonight, but i have a feeling you'll hear a lot more about it a lot of other places soon. that's next. ♪ ♪music continues [daughter] papa!
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4:58 pm
46-point margin minimum. on paper these numbers do not scream vulnerable house republican. but this does. at his last town hall back home, he was nearly booed off the stage. he hasn't been back home since. now his stellar record in the congressional races is about to face a test. this is dr. katherine allen, family physician from salt lake city. she is fluent in french. i learned today she sings in a lady barber shop quartet thing. she is a democrat, never held republican office. like a lot of americans she's discovered a new appetite to get off the side lines and get involved. she's been sending petitions, looking for answers. after months of getting no satisfying response, she decided to take a different approach when it came to getting her congressman's attention. she's decide that had she will unseat him from congress.
4:59 pm
and look how that's working out. she started by putting up a donation page asking people to send money her way if they thought she would be a good contender for that congressional race against had chaffefz. saying i'm a doctor, shark a right. should i right against jason chaffetz? she got a little pick up. then yesterday, he gave her a big helping of help. >> access for lower income americans doesn't equal coverage. >> well, we're getting rid of the original mandate. we're getting rid of those things that people said they don't want. and americans have choices and they have to make a choice. so maybe rather handle the getting that new iphone that they just love, they want to spent hundreds of dollars, maybe they should invest in their own health care. >> maybe you should stop buying so many iphones, people with
5:00 pm
cancer. in the 36 hours since congressman chaffetz said we need to repeal health care because of iphones, his unlikely opponent back home has quadrupled. she raised $80,000 in a blink, she said now she's officially in the race to unseat him. congressional republicans are blowing with it their plans to repeal the affordable care act. what they rolled out as legislation is very clearly d.o.a. dead on arrival. in some cases they may be doing the same to their own careers. that does it for us the tonight. we will see you again tomorrow. lawrence, i'll sorry, i took your 34 seconds. >> but you used them so well. and you ramped them into george will who is coming up who is one of the republicans who predicted they would get in this kind of trouble. here, i have a tweet for you.


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