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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 12, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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this is one gorgeous truck. special edition. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. hello there. i'm yasmin i have suingian in new york, it's 1:00 in the east, 10:00 out west. the white house is ramping up its push for the republicans health care proposal that heads
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out for vote this week. here is tom price on one of the chief criticisms. >> independents and conservatives for decades have said shouldn't we equalize the tax treatment for the purchase of health coverage for folks who get it through their employer and folks who aren't able to get it from their employer and that's what the credits will do. it's the moms and the pops at the corner grocery and the corner cleaners. >> this shows folks get a tax benefit or should you and me pay taxes on those health insurance benefits? >> if part of our society has a tax benefit for the purchase of health coverage then i'm of the belief and the president is of the belief that it needs to be fair for everybody. >> we'll be talking about this a lot this hour. also here's senator rand paul, one of the chief opponents on where he sees the fight heading. >> i promise you, this is the way it's going to work. we will get obamacare-lite, ryan's plan unless there's enough conservatives to say no. if there's enough to say no when
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they start voting on the rules of debate, if they bring down the rule and they stop him on the tracks then a true negotiation begins and no ney goschvation counts until there are enough votes to stop obamacare-lite. >> the white house has 24 hours left to produce evidence to support the president's wiretapping claims. i want to bring in kelly o'donnell. kelly, what can we expect to see tomorrow, if anything, really? >> reporter: this isn't something that would be playing out in public, and it is really the justice department, not the white house, per se. although, it's the same administration, who has been asked by members of the house intelligence committee to produce evidence based on the president's tweet where he raised the specter of former president obama somehow ordering a wiretap on trump tower that could have ensned the president. there have been manyfficia who looked at that and said it doesn't add up, but we don't have a definitive answer,
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publicly and the way to short circuit a longer investigation process which will deal with issues on russia meddling in the 2016 election to focus in on this one issue asking for a production of evidence. so that would happen, but behind the scenes, because of the nature of this being potentially classified information. in the larger sense we have some big clues where you have officials who are briefed by the intel je intel jens community who could have firsthand access to this information as they stand right now who say they've seen nothing to suggest that there is such evidence to such a wiretap. so that has discredited the tweet and the whole issue of the credibility of the president is somehow being measured by this example and the president has been far less visible to reporters this week. he's been on camera for events and not taking questions in the way he did if the first few weeks of his presidency. today elija cummings, democrat of maryland who was here at the white house and met with the president on a separate topic
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and raised the issue of the president's credibility when it comes to some of the things he's been saying. >> when you come out and you make allegations as the president has which cannot be proven and then you find out that things are not true, you have now created a new sense of normalcy and that normalcy is one where adam schiff just said. you question almost anything that comes out of the president's mouth. >> reporter: and when congressman cummings was here at the white house earlier this week and he talked to reporters about a meeting which had to do with the very specific topic about drug prices, but he was able to sit in the same room with president trump, and i asked him did you get a chance to raise this specific issue with him? and he kw there was a limited agendand he was a guest of the president, and he said that he wanted to say to the president to sort of leave president obama
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out of this. don't make wild accusations. this has bothered congressman companyings and many democrats feel that way, and so the idea of pushing this letter and seeking evidence is in some ways trying to bring this particular issue to a close. it's only been a week, but it has, in many cases, dominated a lot of what has been talked about in the past week. >> we'll have to see what happens tomorrow, that is for sure. kelly o'donnell. thank you very much. very much appreciate it. >> i want to bring in eric pike and caitlin hughey-burns, political reporter for real clear politics. i ierin i will start with you, asking the white house for evidence to be turned in by tomorrow as i just spoke about with kelly. how do you see this playing out? >> i think kelly is right that we won't know very much about what that is, if indeed, evidence is turned over to the house committee. i think if the white house does not give any kind of evidence then that will leak, simply that
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they did not give evidence or that they did. we won't get the substance of what that evidence could be, just whether or not the white house gave it and that will tell us a lot right there if the white house is unable to produce any kind of evidence then it will discredit the president on that issue. >> kacaitlin, how about you? do you think there's evidence that will come forward and if not, what then? what does that say about the trump administration? >> i think it's very difficult to say. you have republicans on capitol hill saying that they have not seen evidence of this so far, and that they are going to investigate it. what it does do, though, is create more work for a lot of these lawmakers who have already a lot on their agenda, of course, health care, tax reform, eventually and other items relating to investigating russia. i think this adds more to their plate and actually clouds the narrative of what they actually want to do. >> caitlyn, do you think this is a deflection tactic? >> well,or theresident i think it was a way that he thought that this was true and
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he speaks from the gut on a lot of this stuff without actually having, you know, the evidence to back it up. we've seen that on other occasions, but he does have a lot that he needs to get done legislatively, needs a lot of these lawmakers on board and actually needs to be the one driving the message here, and so this does distract from other things. >> erin, we have not heard from the president about these allegations since his tweet last weekend. why? >> think there is a good reason for that, and what we're kind of getting from the white house is that they want to move on from this issue. i think maybe it's possible that the president has been chasing some on this, whether or not we hear from him on this going forward this coming week remains to be seen. he will be having a press conference with angela americael on tuesd merkel on wednesday who she'll be in town, whether he chooses to answer or deflect from it then will tell us a lot. >> i want to turn to the fight over health care and here's what
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rand paul said this morning about what he's hearing from president trump versus what house speaker paul ryan is saying. >> i think there is a separation between the two. i've talked to the president, i think three times on obamacare, and i hear from him that he's willing to negotiate. you know what i hear from paul ryan? it's a binary choice, young man. what does binary choice mean? his way or the highway. >> i want you guys both to weigh in on this, caitlin, i'll start with you. is there a disconnect there? >> i think paul ryan and president trump have slightly different goals here. remember, paul ryan and the republicans have been campaigning on repealing and replacing the health care law for the past six or seven years now in consecutive elections. they know that if they don't get something done on this they are going to see perhaps repercussions at the ballot box, but in a variety of different ways. you have moderates and conservatives upset with this plan. president trump, however, has kind of a different goal. he campaigned, of course, not
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only on repealing and replacing the health care law and campaigned as negotiator in chief. you talked to conservatives and talked to moderates and they both say that trump is not an idea log and he does showroom for negotiation and he talked to outside groups who have been pushing against this health care bill and they do see room for trump to negotiate and the big question here is how much the president puts on the line in terms of his own political capital, how strongly he campaigns for this. we know he's been working behind the scenes and look how strongly if he does campaign and twist some arms here or whether he decides that this is not the avenue to go. >> erin mcpike, caitlin huey-burns, appreciate it. >> i want to turn to a different topic. the michael brown shooting case, the store surveillance video the public has never seen. could it have made a difference? we are going to show you that video next. you do not want to miss it.
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new allegations today in the case of michael brown, the st. louis teenager shot by a police officer nearly three years ago. at the time police said brown had robbed a convenience store, but a new documentary reveals never-before-seen surveillance video that disputes that story. the filmmaker says the video shows the teen swapping marijuana for cigarillos he allegedly stole with the store clerk, excuse me. nbc news has not verified the filmmaker's claim that marijuana was traded. we should note the video was recorded hours before the shooting. i want to start first with reverend jake hansler, the attorney for the convenience store and its employees joining me now on the phone. we have him live with us. we appreciate that, reverend.
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thank you for joining us. very much appreciate it. before we talk i want to give a few points to the audience to warn them of what they're going to see. the footage has not been authenticated by the st. louis county police and it's been edited by the filmmaker and we can't confirm how he got it in the first place. jay, i'll start with you. what is your reaction to the claim that marijuana is being traded for the cigarillos and they were not stolen by michael brown? >> well, first of all, i hate to throw water on a big story for the news media, but this is neither new nor news. this video has been around. it was turned over to the police at the very beginning of the investigation, and including this part of it. so -- >> not to -- jay, not to cut you off. i do want you to continue, but important to note this is the first time we are seeing this so that everybody out there sees it. this is something that was not released. >> that could be -- >> while you may have known of the existence of the video, we
10:17 am
as the media and the people out there watching, they did not. go ahead. >> and so it's not new and it's been out there, but the speculation that this filmmaker makes that this is somehow a transaction for -- between michael brown and the store, marijuana or what's ever in the bag for sill cigarillos is just nonsense and patently false. it didn't happen that way. if you take it to its logical conclusion, you see michael brown walking out of the store without the bag of cigarillos. now that makes -- what the filmmaker is saying is that somehow the store had a layaway plan like macy's or walmart for cigarillos. what if fact was happening was that michael brown was again, taking products that he didn't pay for. they asked him for it back. he turned around and put the product back on the counter because he didn't have -- he wasn't willing to pay money for those products. >> what's michael brown putting on the counter?
10:18 am
what do you see? >> what i see is a baggie. what i am told is there was some kind of -- >> a lot of people out there don't know what's a baggy. >> it was a plastic bag and what i am told is it had something like marijuana in it. i have no idea what it was. you see one of the people in the video smell it, but i can tell you this, the people in the video, the clerks don't smoke marijuana. they didn't take the marijuana. maybe michael brown thought that they would trade him cigarillos for marijuana, but they didn't, and so, you know, the filmmaker's story, while it may make for great publicity for a new newly released documentary is a false assumption is that any agreement between them and that is not the case. >> have you spoken to the clerks from the video from the night before? >> absolutely. i have worked very closely with this family all along and i've known about this, and i knew this story. the reason the story didn't come
10:19 am
out to begin with is that, you know, if you look at the story as it actually happened, that is michael brown throwing drugs up on the counter, presumably, and then trying to wal o of the store without paying for the cigarillos that had the people talked about this back then those that, you know, were more favorable to mr. brown and his version would have said that the media was piling on, that the police were piling on. they were talking about something that was irrelevant. it had nothing to do with what happened the next day at canfield. what it showed was michael brown was walking out of the store with something he didn't pay for, exactly what he did the next day when he shoved the store owner into the chip shelf. >> a lot of people do see it from your perspective and there are a lot of people out there that see this as raising some questions when it comes to --? yes. >> there are still a lot of questions, seeing this video and also why it is that this is just being released now. why are we seeing this now?
10:20 am
i think that's also why these questions are being raised. reverend jake hansler, thank you very much for joining us. i want to bring in reverend al sharpton host of msnbc's host of "politics nation" and with the action network. you saw the video and what is your reaction to what he had to say? >> as you know, i was involved with this case and worked with the parents of michael brown and still do, and in fact, preached at his funeral so i was there when -- within 48 hours of him being killed and called by the family. the thing, i think, that raises real serious questions about this video being released is that, with all due respect to jay, if everything jay is saying is true, it changes with the public and potentially grand jurors were told that because it
10:21 am
establishes that there was some kind of interaction with michael brown and he didn't just walk in that store and just was a thief that the police were pursuing. so even if there was an atteted drug trade as they're saying, even if there was some disagreement, was there a history here that we did not know. he was not a kid that walked into a store unknown, robbed from it and the police were looking for him and when the police found him this encounter happened the next day. this changes the narrative even if everything jay says is true. >> would it have changed the outcome of the trial of darren wilson? >> there was no trial with darren wilson. that's the question. would it have changed whether there would have been a trial because the grand jury could have then said, well, wait a minute. grand juries only find probable cause. they don't find -- >> right. >> they don't find guilt or innocence. >> wait a minute, this is two
10:22 am
days and not one day of exchange. why did he go in the next day and why would a cop pursuing him then and is he such a hostile kid he would have went for a policeman's gun when he didn't shove anybody the first day? it raises a lot of questions that was never raised before. so in its worst interpretation it doesn't help darren brown's side here, because if they said wait a minute, if they had two days of encounters with him, why didn't they call the cops the first day? why did they call the second day on somebody that they saw and knew who he was saying he was robbing the store? this starts to, in many ways, unravel the whole scenario that many of us were told. >> especially since you say you have a relationship with michael brown's family. have you heard about which
10:23 am
exchange before? >> i've never heard about this tape before or this tape before. i have never heard of it before and the public never did. you have to remember the whole basis of rallying from day one, anthony shahid and others when i got in there right away, was hands up, don't shoot. it's absurd to say this was a hostile thief, pusheded a man and he reached for the cop's gun hours later and now we see a kid that was not hostile at all, whether he was dealing with marijuana or not which changes the whole narrative about what the public was told. >> would it have even been hostile even if he was stealing cigarillos? >> exactly. where is the hostility and the fact that there is a history here even jay admits that had been there the day before, same store. so it doesn't mean whatever was done was innocent, but it does mean there was more interaction going on than we were ever told which again, is why you have
10:24 am
trials to bring out the facts. >> talk to me about the release and the timing of this video? >> i think the release of it is what it is. i think what what is really disturbing is why we're just hearing about it now. >> right. >> and if, in fact, the transparency of the local prosecutor was there, they would have put out everything. so let me get this right. you're telling me we're going show a video of him pushing a store owner, say he was robbing cigarillos, say a couple of hours later he was such a thug that he was going to take a cop's gun, but oh, we didn't want to put out the other stuff because we didn't want to disparage him. what you put out was the most disparaging. >> we remember michael brown and ferguson and what does this is a about the police department, and how they did not release and how
10:25 am
politically charged this was, how racially charged this was. >> it says what ended up happening to move to a consent decree, that they had a systematic patterns of doing things that were unfair and that were unjustified particularly the blacks. this corresponds with the juste departnt, t al sharpton, not the civil rights group, thhe justice department found after investigating that department. that department was found that way, and this is a further evidence that those findings were right in my judgment. >> quickly, reverend, because they want me to upon wrwrap. a lot of people watching these conversations saying you're all talk. what are we going to do about it? >> what we did was get the justice department in and they cited that we were right about that police department. had we not been talking they would never have come in. so i think a lot of people at home say they were all talking and they ended up right about that police department and the fact that there was footage that
10:26 am
was never told to us means they were right to be talking because now we really don't know the history of all that would happen -- what really happened good or bad, and did the grand jury know all of this? we don't know. >> yeah. a lot of questions. >> and the fact that there are still questions means there may be a lot of people that were talking were talking because a lot of reasons were there for us to continue to raise this. >> reverend al sharpton. thank you very much, we very much appreciate you joining us on a sunday. >> thank you. a congressman, a member of one of the committees who passed a new health care bill and he says it was rushed and he is not happy about it.
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up to boston. the national weather service already issued a blizzard watch for new york city and boston that takes effect tomorrow. msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider keeping us updated on the storm throughout the day so make sure to watch out for that. there is an effort aimed at undermining north korea. savannah sellers is here to explain. what is this all about? >> it's a pretty incredible story just after north korea was in the news with its recent missile launches and i sat down with a woman who fled in 2007. she's working with organizations here to get information into the hands of north koreans still in the country in a surprising way. >> it doesn't even feel like the same earth. >> unmee park feels like she is living in a different world. >> we don't have internet.
10:31 am
we don't have 24-hours electricity, we cannot make phone calls outside the country. >> she is a 23-year-old north korean detecter. she grew up with little to eat. after her father was sent off to prison she bravely fled the kingdom with her mother in 2007, captured and sold as a chinese slave before finding freedom in america. >> my mother told me not to whisper. she to me even the birds and mice can hear me. >> she gained the confidence to flee after being exposed to information and hollywood films smuggled in from the outside. >> when i saw a movie "titanic," in this movie man can die for love, and i think that really gave me some taste of freedom. >> today, onmee is working with the human rights foundations's flash drives for freedom campaign, aimed at getting information into the hands of north koreans in a repressive. >> whether it's wikipedia,
10:32 am
foreign soaps, education, information and all sorts. >> it has set up its eye-catching exhibits at south by southwest urging people to donate their old flash drives by popping them in these slots and then they work with defectors like onme to determine what type of content should be loaded on to these drives and then the big question is how do you get these into the hands of north dorians? >> it goes up into the air into north korea, the timer opens up the bag and it's very low tech and the bag is packed with flash drives, leaflets and all sorts of things. >> according to the human rights foundation, an estimated 7500 flash drives were sent into north korea by outside organizations in 2015. in 2016, that upped to 10,000. and the goal for 17, drop 50,000 flash drives. >> providing this sort of information allows the north korean people the new society, as i describe, separate
10:33 am
themselves from the state. this doesn't necessarily mean revolution, but it does mean a society that's more independent. an opportunity to see the outside world and the freedom that comes with it. >> the human rights foundation works with partners in south korea to literally determine when the winds are right to get those balloons over the border into north korea and she said to me that that content from the outside world, modern movies and romantic comedies is really what made her start to recognize that something might be off about the world that she was living in in north korea and they'll be at south by southwest with that exhibit for done eggs of flash drives. >> incredible content, i especially like the flash drive holder that you featured in your piece. thank you. very much appreciate it. >> absolutely. on the health care plan, would it help the people who voted for president trump? john harwood has some revealing facts on that coming up. you don't want to miss it. tom! name it tom! studies show that toms have the highest average earning potential
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now to the fight over health care reform resuming tomorrow on capitol hill as the release of the congressional budget office's assessment of the obamacare replacement bill is expected is a expect. secretary house and human rvices defending this bill saying this. >> i tomorrow believe thfirmly will be worse off financially understanding that they have choices to select the health care they want for themselves and their family and not what the government forces them to buy. there's coverage that will go up. >> joining me now is raul ruiz, a democrat. he sits on the house energy and commerce committee. congress mid-cap, thanks so much for joining us. >> good to be here. >> you are a former e.r. doc, what is your reaction to that statement from secretary price? >> i thank statement is absolutely false. if he was speaking to the wealthiest americans then he is correct, that wealthier -- the
10:38 am
wealthiest americans will have choice, but the middle class and those that are struggling paycheck to paycheck will reduce their amount of choice. they're going to have to pay more and get less coverage. this is important for me because i'm an emergency medicine doctor who grew up in an underserved area. in fact, i grew up in a trailer park and i became a doctor precisely to help families get the care they need and that's why i ran for congress and this bill will do the opposite. this bill does nothing to reduce healthcare costs for the majority of the american people and it will increase premiums to high levels prior to the affordable care act and even more so and it will diminish the protections that the affordable care act brought, and it's going to really hurt seniors and middle-class families. so from a doctor's perspeive,olitics aside here, congressman, if you can do that. >> yes. >> from a doctor's perspective, what is your biggest concern here? what needs to happen? >> when patient comes to see me
10:39 am
in the emergency department. they have two major concerns, one is hey, doc, am i going to be? are you going to be able to take care of me and how am i going to pay for this bill? how am i going to pay for the medicines? as a physician i don't wacare i they're republicans ore democrats they need help right away at critical moments and this bill would make millions of people uninsured. in my entire year practicing medicine there was somebody that came in i'm uninsured because i don't want health insurance. they say i'm uninsured because i can't afford health insurance. also those that are now covered through the medicaid expansion are going to lose their eligibility criteria through the states because of this new plan to block grant funding for medicaid. so that means more people are going to be uninsured and
10:40 am
they'll lose benefits because states in order to cut costs will say we're not going to cover this expensive medication and cover mental health services and rural americans are going to suffer because there will be cuts to hospitals and cuts to providers who will less kely be able to take care of those patients in rural america. >> you have these issues with the gop plan and you admit there are problems with obamacare and things do need to be fixed. ? absolutely. and i've said that there are certain solutions. in fact, why don't we work on increasing the amount of people in the exchanges so that we can decrease the risk? that will bring down premiums for the american people. why don't we let medicare negotiate drug price wes pharmaceutical companies? that will bring down the cost of drugs for the american people. why don't we work on reducing health care costs overall so premiums can go down? this bill doesn't tackle the physician shortage crisis that
10:41 am
we see throughout most of america including rural america. this bill doesn't do anything in bringing down health insurance costs and premiums are up because of the out of control health care costs and that's what we need to start tackling? >> what about young people? >> young people need to come into the insurance market and it's reckless for paul ryan to say young people shouldn't be forced to go into the insurance market because he's incentivizing younger and healthy people not to join the insurance market and why is it reckless? because as an emergency medicine doctor i know that young people get in car accidents. young people get diagnosed with cancer, unfortunately, young people acquire some severe illnesses also and they at one point, will also need health insurance. so what we need to do is make health insurance affordable for everybody in the united states, and we need to encourage young, healthy individuals to be responsible for their own
10:42 am
health, as well, to get the health insurance that they need for that one moment when they are in a severe car accident. >> congressman, thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> my next guest says among those losing coverage under this bill, the many people who voted for donald trump in november. joining me now is john harwood, chief washington correspondent for cnbc and new york times contributor. john, thanks so much. what happens to trump supporters under this plan? >> yasmin, 90% of donald trump's supporters, voters in november make less than $200,000 a year. if you make less than $200,000 a year you get no benefit from the tax cuts or narrowly, the top 1% get an average of $33,000 under the bill and top .1%, $197,000, but if you look at the poorer whites and the non-college white who provided half of the votes from donald trump, they would suffer from the reductions in the subsidies that they now get
10:43 am
under obamacare. we've had calculations that the average obamacare enrollee will lose subsidies and those older and remember, donald trump's votes came disproportionately from olderwhites, those people will lose about $7,000 in the reduced subsidies they get under obamacare and that's how they would be hurt, as well as the previous guest and the congressman pointed out which pays for nursing home care and also pays for care for poor people many of whom in states donald trump carried like michigan, ohio, pennsylvania are people who are going to be affected even though they supported donald trump. >> john, democrats are having nothing to do with this bill and governor john kasich of ohio on "meet the press," he spoke about the lack of cross-aisle consultation. let's take a listen? >> i believe the political parties are disintegrating before our very eyes. i think more and more people
10:44 am
across this country see no purpose for political parties, do you? >> because i'll tell you something, you talk to people and there are more and more independents because of the squabbling. >> is disintegrating an overstatement, john? >> yes. they're not actually disintegrating. we just saw in the recent presidential election nine in ten democrats voted for hillary clinton and nine in ten republicans voted for donald trump, but people are frustrated by the lack of action in the system and donald trump who got elected president is a republican that didn't come out of the traditional apparatus. the next time you have a populist in insurgency like that, it could come from somebody not attached to the parties at all. haven't seen it. ross perot tried it in 1992 and didn't carry a single state and the more people see the two parties at each other's throat, the more possibility you have for someone who is broadly
10:45 am
appealing. >> two parties at each other's throats? never! president trump's wiretapping claims by tomorrow as requested. that's next. coming up on "meet the press," health and human services secretary tom price.
10:46 am
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10:48 am
there are one or two possibilities here, either the president quite deliberately for some reason made up this charge or perhaps more disturbing, the president really believes this and here's where i think it's consequential, george, if he says iran is on the nuclear agreement if he's making it up it's a real problem. if he's not making it up and it's true, it's an even bigger problem because would people believe him? ? that's california congressman adam schiff which asked the white house to provide proof for
10:49 am
president trump's wiretapping claims. howard dean is also the former chair of the dnc and an msnbc contributor. thank you guys both for joining me. very much appreciate it. >> nice to be here. >> house democrats including adam schiff are threating to pull out of the russia investigation if it is not done in a legitimate way. would they be shooting themselves in the foot here if they pull out? >> well, it depends how it's being done. if it's not a serious investigation and it's an attempt to cover up whatever trump may or may not have done, then, you know, you can't be part of that. >> if this is benghazi it's a waste of time and we don't know what the committee is going to do. i don't think i would have made that threat this far in advance, but they know a whole lot more about what's going on in the committee than i do. >> could susan, the intel committee's investigation actually be fair without it being independent because, after all, it is being led by devin
10:50 am
nunes who served on the president's transition team? >> it absolutely can be fair and the point is that there's a lot of republicans also upset with this tweet because they're concerned this tweet because they are concerned with what information president trump is putting out there. i think the congressman was getting ahead. i think the democrats as well as the republicans want to see a real investigation on two fronts. one is how did russia tamper with our e lx and is it more than we thought. and second is donald trump correct when he says president obama wiretapped trump to. >> l see. here's theinde game. what witnesses are the democrats allowed to call and how much freedom do they have to question the witnesses that are called, both theirs and the republican witnesses. that's what he is talking about. we don't know. we've seen manipulation of these hearings in the past and
10:51 am
benghazi was the most obvious one. nunez has said some outrageous partisan things, some of which were untrue, and he is the chair of the committee. i think we have to try to make this work, this investigation. if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, and they have to say so, but i wouldn't do it unless you had a good reason for doing it. he is incredibly well respected on both sides of the aisle. let this play out. if it turns out to be tainted, then they could deal with that at that time. >> what do you think is closer to the truth, susan, here, that the trump campaign worked with the russians or that president trump was wiretapped? >> i don't think either one of those things happened. i think that donald trump won the election fair and square and that there is to date no evidence that he colluded with
10:52 am
anyone. i don't think that president obama ordered the wiretap of trump tower because first of all that would be illegal and there has been no proof to show it. so rightow i will just say i don't lieve either thing happened. >> howar la word? >> i do believe that there was collusion, whether it had any influence in the election or not is another matter. there is no question that manafort and roger stone who were very close to trump, one of which was his campaign manager before he was fired, met with the russians. there was money exchanged between flynn and the turks. there is a lot of bad stuff going on here. it wasn't for lack of trying. whether trump knew about any of this stuff is also a really important question. were these people rogue? stone and manafort had a long history of being rogue. >> it comes done to that fair investigation with the house intel committee. susan and howard, thank you so
10:53 am
much. next, the northeast bracing for it's biggest storm of the winter. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it.
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happening now, the national weather service issuing a blizzard watch for millions of people. bonny, what is happening with this storm? >> it's a march snowstorm, and we're looking for blizzard conditioning, meaning at least three hours of consistent blowing and snow for new york city, boston and even new jersey beginning late tomorrow night. let's break it down hour by hour. heavy ra in the carolinas and northern virginia. that changes to snow for washington, d.c. by time we get to tuesday morning, we will be looking at a full-fledged nor'easter. it will impact cities like boston all the way to banger. this is a powerful storm that
10:57 am
will impact many people with winter weather advisory. expect the next 48 hours to be rough out there. >> that's it for me on msnbc live. up next on "meet the press," chuck todd speaks with health and human services director, tom price. announcer: get on your feet for the nastiest bull in the state of texas. ♪ ♪
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[engine roars to life] [dog howls] ♪ dramatic opera music swells from radio ♪ [howling continues] th this monday, repeal, replace and revolt. the republican health care plan. >> this is the closest we will ever get. >> supported by president trump. >> we must act now to save americans from the imploding obamacare disaster. >> but attacked on one side from conservatives. >> this is just obamacare with a different label. >> pulling the rug out from these vulnerable populations is not really the directions we want to go. >> this morning, i'll talk to hhs secretary tom price who oversees the overhaul, th


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