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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 12, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. very good sunday to you. thanks for joining us. i'm richard lui at msnbc headquarters in new york. republican proposal to repeal and replace obamacare passes its first test. in opposition from conservatives. will it survive the next one? speaker ryan defending against criticism that the sbil moving too fast. >> suggesting that this is moving fast, going through four committees, going through regular order, saying we are going to do this for seven years and now come to the point where we're actually on the cusp of keeping our word, i hardly think that is rushing things. the point i would say is this is historic. >> now all eyes are on the congressional budget office, set to release itself analysis of how much the new plan will cost.
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that comes tomorrow. and how many people will be covered. administration officials today already downplaying the cbo scoring. >> cbo has been a very adept in not providing appropriate coverage statistics. >> i love the folks at the cbo. they work really hard, they do, but sometimes we ask them to do something they're not capable of doing. estimating the cost of a bill this size is probably not the best use of their time. >> i don't want to see the house majority put at risk on a big bill that is not going to pass the senate. >> if we get what we've got from ryan, obamacare lite, he will not have the votes. >> vice president mike pence made his pitch for the law, in kentucky when he did that. the president is also expected to hit the road soon for this bill. let's get the latest from monica alba at the white house. the question is, what might the president do? >> reporter: that's right,
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richard. today is a pretty quiet sunday at the white house. we can expect the president to hit the road later this week and do more of the selling that we've seen here at home from him in these small listening sessions he has had with members of congress and others specifically on health care where we've seen him not just listening but, of course, sort of selling and pitching and kind of exhibiting that quality of a salesman that we saw that he talked about a lot on the campaign trail, as you mentioned, of course, vice president pence was out and pitching in person. and house speaker paul ryan this morning, when asked how the president was sort of taking on this responsibility, had some interesting things to say about the role. take a listen to what he had to say about the president's role in the health care fight. >> tremendously helpful, actually. he has been very helpful. he has been extremely engaged with various members of congress. i talk to him constantly on the phone. i'm actually really excited we have a president fully engaged and committed to keeping his
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promise, the same prise we made to the people that elected us and getting this done. >> so, we'll see tha exact sort of road version of what speaker ryan was referring to wednesday in nashville, where the president is expected to have a campaign rally, which is a little bit different than a white house travel event but where we can expect him to be talking about health care, undoubtedly, richard. >> monica alba at the white house. thank you for that report. also today, speaker ryan did weigh in on the possible political consequences for republicans if they do not vote for this bill. take a listen. >> the president has said there will be a blood bath in 2018 if this isn't passed through the house and senate. >> i do believe if we don't keep our word to the people who sent us here, yeah. >> steve russell, republican from oklahoma, joining me now. thank you. react to what speaker ryan said there, that he does agree there would be a blood bath. >> i think any time that you've seen years of the american people asking and demanding
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something and we see our elections in the last two cycles for sure reflecting that, yes we need to keep our promise to the american people. they'll demand it. >> is this bill the right answer to that promise, though? >> i think what you see is that the president laid out five guidelines in his inauguration address. this bill lays the foundation to meet those guidelines. we've been working very close with the white house. so, yes, i do think we'll get there. but if you look at it, i guess, in our instant society, congress is not instant. and you say it doesn't have this, that or the other, it would be looking at a car manufacturing facility and going, well, i don't like that car. it doesn't have an engine. it has no transmission. there's no tires or wheels on it. i don't want that plan. look at that. i could never drive that. not realizing that there's other steps before it becomes an automobile. and that's what we see with phase one. >> right.
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>> because of reconciliation, because of the budget and senate rules, this lays the foundation for the later phases. >> you and me are both car fans here. so which tires are you going to change? how many cylinders do you need to make this exactly what it needs to be? >> what we need is something that's affordable to drive. we certainly don't have that with the affordable care act. in fact, to most americans, certainly those in my home state of oklahoma with 76% increase, on average, of health care bills that they have to pay for their insurance, we have to have something that actually makes it -- americans now are having to choose between do they pay for their mortgage and food or do they pay for their health insurance? and that's not a choice that americans want. and that's why we see the state of affairs we're in today. >> the great state of oklahoma is one of those microcosms of this very debate of what is currently obamacare and what
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will be a revised version of it coming out of the house or replace and repeal -- replace rather. some more information on where your coverage is in terms of your district, you cover parts of three separate counties. here is how the bill would affect potential 2020 tax credits for a 60-year-old making $30,000. they would see a 68% drop more than $8,000 less and also in -- let me if i'm pronouncing this properly here, representative. in pottawatomie. >> potawatomie. >> i was doggone close, sir. they would see a 68% drop. and nearly 12,000 less here. how do you explain all of this? >> it depends on when you make these comparisons, for example,
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people talk about medicaid that we're going to pull people off medicaid. que the contrary. in oklahoma we never had medicaidxpansion tobegin with. on these expansions, people were being covered that medicaid was never intended to do in the first place. we wanted it for those struggling mothers, children that were in poverty. we wanted it for those that were in the greatest need. that's what medicaid was designed for. we all want that and need to protect that. medicaid expansion states took normal folks that were not in the poverty line or certainly were more capable of buying insurance and allowed just other categories of people to get into that plan. oklahoma did not do that. instead, we paid the price and bit the bullet a little bit on some of that. you will see a fwiv and take with some tax credits on any particular category that you want to find. overall for the health of the nation and for the health of americans, we're going to see
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competition do much better. and i would add this. you may recall when we had the deregulation of the airline industry. everybody said it's going to be unsafe. we're going to have these fly-by-night companies. travel is going to be awful. it will be expensive. quite the contrary. we have lower middle class families who can afford to travel, competition that has given us many opgs we never imagined. same with the telecom industry. when was the last time we paid for a long distance call? deregulation works. having only one health insurance company in oklahoma, how do we know what the rates will be when we only have one insurer? we're not even offered options to make comparisons. that's how i reply to those statistics. how do they know when they're only comparing it to a monopoly. >> you covered a lot of industries in your analogies. thank you so much. >> sure. >> the health care industry, one
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might argue, far more complex than the airline industry, as we both know, because of the moving parts on it. we have to leave it there, though. >> you bet. >> steve russell, from oklahoma representing potawatomie and other counties. the justice department to turn over any evidence to back up the president's unsubstantiated claim that president obama ordered the wiretapping of trump tower prior to the election. here is house intelligence committee ranking member adam schiff this morning. >> one of two possibilities here. either the president quite deliberately, for some reason, made up this charge or perhaps, more disturbing, the president really believe this is. >> and a week from tomorrow's deadline on wiretapping claims, house intelligence committee will hold its first public hearing on russia's expected
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meddling in the 2016 election. democrats are threatening to boycott that investigaon if they think it's getting too partisan. john mccain this morning said he hopes lawmakers will shed some light on all of this. >> there's a lot of aspects of this whole relationship with russia and vladimir putin that requires further scrutiny. so far, i don't think the american people have gotten all the answers. in fact, i think there's a lot more shoes to drop from this sent peed. >> joined by amber phillips and political reporter ben schreckinger. what do you think senator mccain is alluding to here? >> there are several investigations going on trump ties with russia, most specifically the fbi is investigating whether trump associates had any kind of alleged ties with russia officials during the campaign. but members of congress are frustrated. democrats and republicans. they feel like the fbi isn't
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sharing much more than that. what are they investigating? who are they talking to? is there some sort of collaboration between congress and the intelligence community, trying to investigate this? and i think this all has the effect of -- say you're at an art museum, look at a painting. but with like a film over it. is that blue, purple, red? and everyone is trying to make out what they think they see. i think that's what john mccain is referring to here. there's a real lack of clarity on any of this. and congress is unsure how to move forward on that. >> and, ben, what senator mccain is saying here, this is a sent pee -- centipede. a lot of different shoe. >> and many-headed hydra, many tentical tenticals of the alleged ties to russia. all these people tied to trump
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who we all know have some sort of ties to russia. and the questions are what sort of tiesere they dung the course of the campaign, and were any of them improper? so far a lot of smoke and we're waiting to find out what else is there. >> one of the questions on friday, amber, was the information that we got from national security adviser michael flynn and his contract with a foreign diplomatic. >> congress is trying to figure out, republicans especially who are in control of these committees, how much they should fold into those allegations. again some of trump's top officials and former top officials like michael flynn. i think republicans are in a different position here because they are already investigating russia meddling into the u.s. presidential election against
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president trump's wishes. he has already said this say witch hunt. now they're divided on how aggressively to pursue these common themes we're hearing among some of trump's top officials about their own ties to russia. >> tomorrow as we've been talking about here today, that deadline that the white house has to provide. at least they've been requested to provide that claim of wiretapping. >> it's possible that they will refer to some media reports, whether it's the britbart article that trump was supposed to have read that prompted that tweet or some of the reporting in the guardian and bbc that -- anonymously sourced reporting that there may be fisa monitoring on russian banks that had something to do with trump. none of those actually establish that president obama had trump's phones tapped. it's hard to imagine that the white house will be able to
1:14 pm
provide anything that's not going to further embarrass the president on this count. >> monday, what do you expect, amber? >> well, i think ben is right. so far, the surface level evidence we've seen is that there is a lack of evidence into any wiretapping claims that puts republicans in congress in a difficult position. do they look at this evidence and decide there's not enough to launch an investigation, and then do they have to directly contradict the president? another option is that this gets swept under the rug, just like president trump's claims about voting fraud. he asked congress to investigate that. and most republican leaders didn't want to touch that with a ten-foot pole. we haven't heard much about that since. >> did the white house maybe reconsidering the fact that they asked about this wiretapping, and connected it with the russia
1:15 pm
question? he basically threw another log on that fire. >> yeah. they may end up regretting this. arguably the best thing that can happen for white house is that house republicans decide to ignore this charge and move on. if they want to look more deeply at it, it builds the case for a special prosecutor, and that opens a can of worms given all the smoke with unexplained ties between trump's circle and russia. >> amber phillips, ben shreckinger, thank you both. >> thanks for having us. top executives called it a purge. the removal of 35 u.s. attorneys. it was done with past presidents. what was wrong with how it was done this time?
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46 u.s. attorneys were ordered to tender their resignations including preet bharara, who refused to resign and was fired yesterday. today he tweeted, by the way, now i know what the moreland commission must have felt like. bharara citing the anti-corruption commission that andrew cuomo disbanded in 2014 for political reasons. msnbc chief legal correspondent and host of "the point," ari melber. first, before we get to what you're covering on your show, what do you make of what his tweet?
1:20 pm
>> preet bharara refused, out of all of them and now is likening his removal to what governor cuomo did to that anti-corruption commissi. it shut down open corruption inquiries. at a minimum, he's drawing that link. obviously we need more than one sentence, more than a tweet to learn about it. what he's suggesting here is that president trump might have done something wrong. not illegal, but something wrong. >> an intonation that there may be something ongoing. it's one sentence. we can't read too much in this. his district covers trump tower. >> bingo. that's why the sdny, special prosecutor district is so important. it's wall street n this case it's the home of the president. a lot of other things happen in new york, terror cases. for folks who don't remember, these prosecutors come from all over the country, this office that bharara heads used to be headed by a name of jim comey.
1:21 pm
someone everyone has heard of. >> once or twice. >> they to be strong prosecutors. many go on to other big careers. what's next for preet bharara, we don't know. people close to him have described in some leaks to outlets that he had this unusual phone call coming in from president trump on friday and the doj decided he shouldn't get on the line with him. as you mentioned there's open inquiries going. the president had the authority to do it this way. he did not have to do it this chaotically, reversing himself. >> not afraid of taking on big cases either. >> no. >> $1.8 billion settlement in one of his prosecutions. what have you got on this topic? >> on point we have a prosecutor and a reporter who broke this story for the daily beechlt a lot of context there. we'll dig into the legal arguments on the travel ban and a look at how president trump is trying to track more crime based on who does it, on immigrants
1:22 pm
and whether that's a good idea or type of profiling. a story we haven't gotten a lot of headlines. anpresident-elect would giving away his salary. people liked that idea. he's so rich and doesn't need any money. is he giving away his salary? we've done an investigation. we have the aen. i'm not going to give it now. if you watch "the point" we'll give you the answer. >> a lot going on. how about that for a tease? 5:00 pm "the point" with ari melber. donald trump jr. surprising comments about his father and mysterious theory from senator ted cruz about the supreme court. we've got that. plus final week of winter is expected to bring the biggest snow storm of the season. millions now under a blizzard watch in the northeast. tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be.
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there was wining and dining at the dallas fund-raiser last night, donald trump jr. alongside ted cruz. donald trump jr. rerenced the newfound friendship between his father and the senator and offered some interesting details on the relationship between father and son now. >> who would have thought a year ago that ted cruz would be having with my father and i basically have zero contact with him at this point? >> vaughn hilliard was at the event. rattlesnake roundup. we won't get to that yet but tell us what that conversation was like last night. >> reporter: richard, three hours west of here in dallas, it was interesting. the first political event for donald trump jr. over the last several months. the question is to the extent to which donald trump has been able to separate himself from his business, resigning from his
1:27 pm
leadership role, handing over that powerful position to both of his sons, donald trump jr. and eric. last night, though, was the first foray for donald trump jr. back in the political sphere. it was a fund-raiser. who else was there? ted cruz, up for re-election in 2018. meeting of two once foes here in the texas state. but really what we saw from last night was the opportunity for ted cruz to put himself back out there. particularly on the issue of the supreme court. he raised some eyebrows with one particular comment. here is that. >> i think the odds are very significant that this summer we'll have another supreme court vacancy. if and when that happens and we get another strong constitutionalist then hold on because i think the democrats are going to do everything they can to try to stop suddenly a five-justice majority that would powerfully vindicate our rights. >> reporter: now, recall, just
1:28 pm
seven months ago that donald trump himself at the republican convention was threatening to spend $10 to $20 million in a super pac to oust ted cruz in that 2018 b in finding a republican alternative. getting donald trump jr. here was a vote of confidence that ted cruz has done pretty much about everything. he ultimately endorsed him and had the dinner at the white house last week. richard? >> vaughn, thank you for that. i can't leave without asking you about this rattle snake roundup. i've talked rodeos before but this is a little different location, i manage. >> thousands of rattle snakes rounded up, their skins, eating competitions. this is trump country and rattle snake country, number two. >> also executive producer country, my executive producer has been to many of those so bring some of that stuff back home.
1:29 pm
nbc's vaughn hillyard, appreciate it. daylight savings time usually signals spring's imminent return. this week, winter hanging on with a vengeance. nor'easter bringing high winds and the season's biggest snowfall. blizzard watch has been issued for new york, new jersey, connecticut, rhode island and massachusetts. nbc meteorologist bonnie schneider has been tracking this. >> a massive storm that will impact 58 million people. the storm on monday night gaining strength as it pushes off shore. heavy rain first for the carolinas. that's the beginning of t tuesday morning, we begin to see the snow fall in new york city midnight, 1:00 am. it will be snowing in washington, d.c. expect that to happen some time i would say, after the evening commute. you may get caught in some snow before that. philadelphia as well. coastal flooding, strong winds and heavy, heavy snow. most places are looking at a
1:30 pm
foot of snow with the exception of d.c. you'll certainly see less than that. more in boston and new york. watch for heavy, heavy, plowable snow. instrong in boston with very dangerous gusty winds that will help to make for the blizzard conditions. the snowfall rates one to three inches per hour when you have wind gusts as high as 50 miles per hour, that's a whiteout situation. likely will be sustained three hours at a time, classifying it as officially a blizzard. that's why we have those watches in effect, richard. dangerous day for tuesday. we're watching for at least a foot of snow for very big cities. classic nor'easter. >> thank you so much. meteorologist bonnie schneider with that nor'easter. appreciate it. next to the growing military scandal as more nude photos of u.s. service women appear online. next we'll talk to two women who served in the marine corps about the sexism that many women still face in the u.s. military.
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america top marine will briefs of congress into the investigation of the nude photo scandal marines united shared photos of nude female marines without their consent. it is reportedly spread to all branches of the military. kate thomas, former marine, and erin cuomo, former marine now and co-founder of not in my marine corps. erin, tell me what you know about this system, this photo-sharing group. >> thanks for having me. really, this comes down to a large group that are finding ways through social media,
1:35 pm
anonymous image board offshore servers to share not just nude imagery of female marines and service members but fully clothed images of women in their daily lives, imagery that has been stolen from their social media accounts, taken of them while they are simply going about their jobs on base in uniform. so it's quite larger than just a nude photo issue. >> kate, when you were serving, were you aware of this? >> well, the scale and the reach of the current issue is certainly larger than anything i faced while i was on active duty simply because social media weren't as ubiqutous as we see today. we need to carefully make a distinction between what's happening and general pornography or nude photos. we're talking about very specific targeting and cyber
1:36 pm
stalking, and denegration of women, service members who are colleagues. we need to be careful with the semantics as we discuss what's happening. this is a symptom of rape culture. >> expand on that. >> well, we have a situation in all of the service branches, and in larger society, where mis misogyny is accepted, women themselves go along to get along. i talked extensively about the guilt i felt when i heard about the marines united scandal. when i was an officer in the marines, i faced plenty of harassment situations and i didn't always file a formal report. so in some ways that complicit behavior actually set the stage for today's women marines to deal with the severity of the harassment they're dealing with. i just think we have to be careful not to call it porn or
1:37 pm
nude photos. this is very specific targeting and demeaning of colleagues. >> erin? >> absolutely. it comes down to a cultural issue within the marine corps and the military as a whole, where it's something we need to change. also create a system and an environment wherebystandbystand intervention is encouraged. marines who are not victims to stand up and speak out, including male marines, that this kind of derogatory photo sharing and rape culture talk is not acceptable. >> what is the best way for male and female marines to address this issue if you were to be talking to them right now? >> well, first and foremost, our
1:38 pm
organization, not in my marine corps, we need you to report this. we beg you to report this. if not through your chain of command, we understand you're not comfortable with that. take it to your inspector generals. take it to your senior female officer or senior female staff noncommissioned officer on base. the rst step is you have to report these crimes when they are committed. >> kate, your thought on that? what were some of the practical ways to approach this, if you were speaking to active marines right now? >> well, i would say, first and foremost, we need to hear leadership at every level, as we have heard the sergeant majority and commandant of the marine corps stand up and say this will not happen. and if you are part of the problem, we're coming for you. you're gone. keyboard warriors are not real marines. we need to hear that at every level. we need veterans and senior officers who have left the marine corps, to stand up and
1:39 pm
say this is not the marine corps i fought for f you're on active duty and you are experiencing harassment, the first thing is take care of yourself first. issues of command reprisal and issues of harassment and blowback from reporting are real issues. and i don't want to diminish those. do take care of yourself first. if you feel like there is someone you can talk to, reporting will help eradicate a larger problem. we have to understand how important it is to actually do this. i'm a behavioral health researcher today. the reason i'm here and talking about any of this is that there are long-term outcomes of the i work with veteran reintegration. my women veterans always have a tougher time re-enter iing the civilian world. it's because of stuff like this. we don't have the same unit cohesion. we don't have the same social support while on active duty. we have a mandate to change the
1:40 pm
culture for the service women who are standing on the yellow footprints and are answering the call. we owe it to them. >> erin, final word? >> my final word would be that we need to stop thi and join us, join your fellow marines. stand up. speak out. don't let this end. don't let this become someone else's problem. don't let this become the marines' problems 20 years from now. as kate mentioned, female marines like myself, we take this seriously and feel somewhat responsible we were not outspoken enough 10 years ago, 20 years ago to make this kind of thing stop. >> kate hendricks thomas, erin kirk-cuomo, thank you so much. thank you both as marines for your leadership and your service in our military. thank you both and have a good
1:41 pm
sunday. >> thanks. >> spotlight disinfects so thank you for the spotlight. >> you bet. new effort aimed at undermining kim jong-un's dictatorship in north korea. a tool that can fit in the palm of your hand. watch ari melber's two-hour show "the point," the removal of 36 u.s. attorneys and how it all relates to the investigation into russia. people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic.
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this year's south by southwest conference will face an initiative to fight against north korea's dictatorship. young north korean defector is helping to undermine the oppressive regime by smuggling flash drives into the country. joining me now to talk more about this product. >> it's a crazy story. as you mentioned they're getting these flash drives into north korea.
1:45 pm
an incredibly resilient young woman who fled the country in 2007 and working with the human rights foundation working with getting these into the hands of north koreans. she feels like she's living in a different world. >> we don't have internet. we don't have 24-hour electricity. we cannot make phone calls outside the country. >> yeonmi grew up with little to eat. after her father was sent off to prison she bravely fled the kingdom with her mother in 2007. captured and sold as a chinese slave before finding freedom in america. >> my mother told me was that not to whisper. she said even the birds and mice can hear me. >> given the confidence to flee after being exposed to information and hollywood films smuggled in from the outside. >> i saw the movie titanic. in this movie man can die for love and i think that really
1:46 pm
gave me some taste of freedom. >> today, she is working with the human rights foundation flash drives for freedom campaign, aimed at getting content from the modern world into the hands of north koreans, kept in the dark by a repressive regime. >> pack it with information, whether wikipedia, foreign soaps, information, education, videos of all sorts. >> the organization sets up its eye-catching exhibit at seents like south by southwest, urging people to donate their old flash drives by popping them in these slots. then they work with defectors like yeongmi to determine what type of content should be loaded on to these drives. how do you get these into the hands of north koreans? >> it goes up into the air, into north korea. the timer opens up the bag. it's very low tech. the bag is packed with flash drives, leaflets, all sorts of things. >> an estimated 7,500 flash drives were sent into north korea by all outside
1:47 pm
organizations in 2015. in 2016, that upped to 10,000 and the goal for 2017, drop 50,000 flash drives. >> providing this sort of information allows the north korean people, the new society, as i describe, separate themselves from the state. this doesn't necessarily mean revolution. but it does mean a society that's more independent. >> reporter: an opportunity to see the outside world. and the freedom that comes with it. so the human rights foundation actually works with south korean partners to determine when the winds are just right that they'll be able to get those balloons over the border into north korea. they are at sotheby southwest in the trade show area and in order to donate flash drives. >> i'll be there in austin and will look for that. >> awesome. >> savannah sellers, thank you so much. how the obamacare replacement plan could affect women's health care.
1:48 pm
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i've talked to the presidt. it's a binary choice, young man. what does that mean, his way or the highway? >> is it frustrating that some conservatives are changing their tune and mischaracterizing these things? of course it is but that's how the legislative process work. >> senator rand paul and speaker paul ryan sparring over the new bill that repeals and replaces obamacare. we could get key pieces about the gop plan. for instance, how much it will cost and how many people will be covered or to put it another way, how many could lose their coverage along the way. that report potentially coming out tomorrow, we expect, from the cbo. joined now by jess mcintosh, editor of share blue, and msnbc political analyst and former rand paul campaign adviser elise jordan. elise, playing a little bit of
1:52 pm
your old boss' sound there, what he said earlier -- your thought here -- and i'm guessing you're not surprised by what he said. >> i think it's shocking that the gop has had seven years to get together on a bill and the bill that now is put forward is so divisive to so many people like my former boss, senator paul, are calling it obamacare lite and aren't satisfied with the changes inherent in the bill and senator tom cotton, staunch ally of the trump white house coming out and saying this bill will not pass. i think it's looking very gloomy for this potential obamacare replacement to actually go anywhere right now. >> i want to get some response and those critical from the left. and bernie sanders, one of those who have spoken out about this certainly not only during the campaign and in terms of health care and what the solutions might be but now also what will be proposed by republicans. let's take a listen. >> 5 to 10 million people will
1:53 pm
lose their health insurance. premiums are going to soar. they're going to defund planned parenthood, deny over 2 million women the right to choose the health care that they need. they're going to decimate medicaid. >> very clear here, jess, he's taing about ho this proposed bill will affect women. he's talking about planned parenthood. what's your thought on what he's saying? >> there is a reason every time republicans go after planned parenthood it backfires spectacularly. it's considerably more popular than any member in the republican party right now. one in four women in america have used it themselves personally. it is a bit of a third rail that they can't stop themselves from stepping on and appear ready to do it again this time. i would like to remind people that women's health care does not just encompass reproductive health care. 51% of the population. when you talk about cutting funding for opioid addiction,
1:54 pm
you're talking about hurting women. it becomes very clear that trump voters are the ones that will be hurt the hardest by the repeal plan. >> it's tough. we're speaking with a representative from oklahoma and he's trying to split that difference. of course, states like california where you see darrell issa also trying to split that difference as the state becomes a little more moderate in places, a little more conservative in others. elise, bernie sanders saying how women will be affected uniquely by this bill that's being considered right now, just another detail about planned parenthood, including a one-year freeze of planned parenthood funding, bars the use of neufeld tax credits to purchase plans that cover abortions and cuts to medicaid could affect mammograms, prenatal pregnancy and newborn care as well. is this something, as jess was saying here, that republican women can support? >> specifically this is a bill coming out strong against planned parenthood which isn't exactly surprising, given how
1:55 pm
contentious funding planned parenthood was throughout the republican primary and it really was just a rallying cry. it's not surprising that they added that in there. but it is -- you know, it kd of is a little bit surprising that president trump signed on so quickly. he was actually the lone republican in the primary who stressed his support for planned parenthood. so it makes you wonder how much president trump is actually could gnizant of what is in thi bill given that his daughter, ivanka, is a supporter of planned parenthood. some things remain such as gender discrimination and pricing of insurance. women can't be charged more than men for health insurance and contraceptive will be covered, preventative care will be
1:56 pm
covered. it's coming down hard on planned parenthood and trying to stipulate that federal funds can't be used for abortion. >> will we see this being red lined down? will this be one of the items that won't make it in the final version? >> i think democrats will be absolutely united against a. so, yes, i think it will be a huge fight. i think we're going to see a huge fight before we even get to the red lining process. you have senators telling the house don't walk the plank and give us a bill that we can't vote for. this is going to be an incredible fight within the republican party, given that trump seems to have no principles on the issue. the senate seems to want one thing and the house seems to want something much more extreme in the conservative sense. we're going to see the seams come apart in the republican party as they try to pass this health care reform. it is an incredibly difficult thing to do.
1:57 pm
there is a reason why president obama spent so much political capital getting done. it is very hard. i think republicans just lack the spine to get it. >> we shall see what the numbers are tomorrow. it may add more data to this discussion that the two of you have brought up regarding this debate a how it affects women. jess mcintosh, elise jordan, thank you. that does it for us. i'm richard lui. ari melber next with "the point." he's the one. (vo) was meant to be. and love always keeps you safe. we're fine. (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust. now and for a long time to come. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. you ready?
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