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tv   Lockup New Jersey--- Extended Stay  MSNBC  March 12, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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investigators are trying to figure out what prompted a man started shooting at police in hackensack. >> a police shoot out leave as parole inmate in the hospital with 14 bullet wounds and two other men are arrested for the connection shootings. >> i did not shoot the cop but i assaulted the gun. >> he wanted to kill himself.
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>> suicide by police basically. >> oh, look at her hair. >> a female inmate arrives with what she said is a hair salon mishap. >> my hair fell out. >> no. >> officers suspect something else. >> yeah, that's a good story. >> there is got to be a story behind that. >> definitely. ♪ >> though the new york city skyline is visible for some park of town, hackensack, new jersey, is a quieter city. it attracts visitors from all over. opposing landmark just outside downtown of the county jail.
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>> north carolina, baby. >> we got the dirty south in here. >> ain't no body in this county is from this county. >> i am from new jersey, ready to go home. i have been here too long. >> 65% of our population are t "out da' bayoout of county residence. a lot of them are for drugs. so a lot of those individuals are incarcerated here. >> most of the 900 inmates go here have been accused of crimes under awaiting trials of the resolution of their cases. >> like many, deanna colins is not only from some where else, fema philadelphia. she's facing drug charges. she's unique in another way. >> what happened to your hair? >> really? >> it was a process and it fell out. >> it was a process? chemical just fell out. >> at the beauty parlor? >> i had a chemical treatment.
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i was supposed to be changing my hair color and they cinched off my hair. >> now that i looked like this, i looked like such a scum bag and not the kind of person that you want to pull for. >> looks like it hurts. >> it hurts my pride and everything. >> colins said things got worse soon after. she was arrested on multiple accounts of pertaining prescription drugs of fraud, forgery. she's pledged not guilty but admits for having done for some of this things she was charged. >> ox colins said she was cohead drug dealers and she stolen
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prescription pads in order to obtain oxy codon from pennsylvania and new jersey. >> and then they fill it and they dpif give it to many becau they trust me. >> why did they trust you? >> i am nice and sweet and pretty, normally. it is something that i am not proud of or anything at all. >> colins said she sold some of the pills and swallowed the rest. >> this is her first time in jail. she's currently in a-block. temporary housing unit for new inmates. their backgrounds must be rev l revealed by the jail classification team in order to assign them in a proper house unit. >> c is maximum and d is minimum. i don't know what the cat goego
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is. hopefully hopefully, i don't go to c. c is hard core female world, i guess. >> she's the first time she's been in our jail. she's got quite a few charges, out of county and out of state charges as well. pretty much for the same thing of obtaining cds by fraud and quite a few actually. about 15 with one town alone. three with another town but she also has some out of county here. wanted out of pennsylvania. oh, look at her hair. >> officers have seen this look before. usually on suspects charged with scamming pharmacies, just as colins have been. >> probably shaved it? so maybe when she went to the pharmacy and put her hair up and making it looked like she was sick. interesting.
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i will have to ask her about that when i go see her. >> classification is an ongoing process at the jail cell as new inmates arrived everyday. today they include jerry nunez on the left and shawn starke on the right. arrested within an hour of each other. they have been connected to a shoot out with hackensack. the man was walking with a gun and opened fire on a cop car barely missing the officer inside. the shots caused another patrol car to rear end the first car. >> they chase the gunman to the corner. that gunman has been identified as 22-year-old report leonardis. he received a total of 14 bullet wounds. he's been charged with several crimes. the most serious being three counts of attempted murder.
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>> face the camera right here, don't move. >> starke was not arrested for any direct involvement in the shooting but because he owned the unregistered handgun that leonar leonardis used. he said he was a good friend and taken the weapon without him knowing. >> he came over my house and he told me he had this thought of killing himself. i talked to him about this is not his last chance. there are things he can do to better his life with that knife. he took my gun. >> i never thought that he would shoot at a police officer or even just -- i don't really know -- no words.
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>> sit right here. >> though stark is not accused of being involved in the shooting. he still faces a serious charge simply of the fact that he owned the gun that's was used. he says he will plea not guilty when he goes before the judge. >> hello? >> i have been trying to call your phone, why are you not picking up? >> if found guilty, stark, can face up to 20 years in prison. for now, he turns to his girlfriend for support. >> they had me in possession of shooting that officer. you have to get me a lawyer and come here and talk to me. please, promise me that you will be faithful to me. they're going to smoke me for this and i do not deserve to be in prison.
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>> meanwhile, jerry nunez sold the gun to stark for $500 settisettl settling his cell. >> crazy huh, last night i was watching "lock up." and they wanted to speak with me and had questions with a shooting of a cop. >> i mean, i did not shoot the cop -- i sold the gun. that's why i am here. >> no towel, nothing. don't come to this hotel, guys. >> they don't have ble[ bleep ]r you. >> he was investigated of his
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connection to the gun. >> law enforcement have yet to issue any weapon charges. >> when they came to my house, they found a pot of weed and 70 grams of bath salts and that's about it. >> nunez was only charged with drug possession to which he plans to plead not guilty. but, he believes posserosecutore building a case against him relating to the shooting. >> i regret it. it is not worth it. trading in 25 caliber, $500 for 10'9" by 7? and now in jail for less than four hours. he faces another demon. >> drug withdrawal. >> i have a bad addiction with painkille pain killerkillers. tomorrow i will be feeling it. >> you will wake me up in the
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morning throwing up and sweating. i kind of feel sweaty right now. >> coming up. >> third time, we'll put your stuff out of the gate and you got to go. >> jerry nunez receives a warning. >> you are telling me that ball head there was not putting a bandanna to go into a pharmacy? >> no, not at all. >> deanna is being called skepticism of heifer har hair s.
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inside the jail, it is been difficult for two men connected to a handgun possession. jerry nunez's withdrawal from painkillers is causing him
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vomiting. >> letting it out and drink a lot of water. that's all i can do. >> though nunez had a brief stay in jail before this. the cell mate believes he needs a refresher course of jailhouse et quit. >> he cannot come in here and throw up and not flush the toilet. the way the bucket is made, we cannot have that. >> your first time here? >> second time. >> you know about the bucket, right? >> you cannot leave it like that. >> you got to keep it nice and neat. >> make the bed? >> you got to make the bed and do that every morning. ten times you fix it. like when you use the bathroom, you got to flush it. you got to make sure it goes all the way down. we got all types of germs here and that type of stuff.
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i am telling you this and the second time and my third time is your stuff is out of the gate. >> follow the rules. you are good. >> yes, i appreciate it. >> though nunez was arrested on drug charges and he admitted to sell the registered handgun to sean stark. the gun he purchased was used by his friend. >> yesterday, i am distraught and the fear of not knowing what's going to happen to me and who's going to be here for me is very hard. my mind is all over the place. i have gotten calmer and my head is in the right mace. >> because of their connections to the high profile case, stark, were placed in maximum house
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unit and most inmates assigned until the jail classification can determined. >> deanna colins have been in the classification unit from two weeks here. >> we have women here have done everything from killing here kids, loud, obnoxious. >> i may have done something wrong, i feel i should be on house arrest or probation or something. >> i am glad we are going to see the one that we'll see today. >> that's the one with the hair. >> oh yeah, there is got to be a good story behind it. >> it is done on purpose. you know that. >> the classification officers will interview colins before determining to place her in medium or maximum security. >> colins says her hair loss was due to a salon mishap.
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>> the officers had their own suspicion. >> good morning, how are you? >> yes. >> we are going to ask you a couple of questions, all right? >> i was at a as a whole lsalon philadelphia and i was getting my hair colored and i was getting the color process going and i was doing body weight, the chemical products in my hair -- >> looked like you shaved in front of it because it was a perfect line. >> my hair was on them. >> this was right before you got locked up. >> this was no any type of scam or anything part of the plan? >> the drug you used, what was it used for? >> cancer patients. >> that bald head was not putting on a bandanna going to
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pharmacies. >> no, not at all. >> after matching her mug shot to surveillance footage of a possible pharmacy scammers. >> you are all over the map here. >> maple shade. >> that's far. >> florence park. >> uh-huh. >> all over the place. >> you never thought about going. >> of course. >> i want more than anything, i want a house with my fiance and have kids and be done with this stuff, that's all i want, so bad. >> did you get arrested and they released you from these places? >> no. they're popping up now. >> all these towns got something on her, too. >> how many other times did you hit? >> a lot. >> oh boy. >> so this list is going to keep ongoing. >> you are going come out as a max, maximum security. you are going to go to maximum security wing.
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i don't know what else is going to fall on you as far as charges. it seems like stuff is coming in by the minute on you. you know all the drug charges. the main reason that you will be a maximum security because you have the fugitive warrant. it gives us a reason to believe that if you have a dhoochance tt out of here and take off and make a run for it. you are going to do it. you seem like a normal person overall >> that's fine. >> you have your life out of you. >> time is on your side, you know? >> i am done with all that stuff. >> shortly after the hearing. colins was told to gather her belongings and move to maximum security. >> hi. >> i think there is more to that story she's leaning on obviously. i think there is more with the hair there and the beauty as a whole l-- as a wholsalon.
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>> he's filling fake prescriptions at pharmacies. i am not a mathematician but two and two is four, you know what i mean? >> deanna colins tried to adjust to life in max and received a surprise visitor. >> she was caught and we were able to get a picture of her hair style. >> the shooting at hackensack is unusual. the police shooting becomes the talk of the jail. >> hackensack is a peaceful, quiet town. the last time we had a shooting was 12 years ago. we are pioneers. so our greatest achievements can't lay behind us, because our destiny lies ahead.
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that's what it means to drive the world forward. that's what it means to dare.
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talk to your doctor about xiidra. . behind the wall of the jiai, much of the talks had to do with the inmate yet to step inside. >> he opened fire on three patrol officer and barely missing one of them. >> police returned fire and
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hitting him a total of 14 times. now charged of three counts of attempted murder, he's still recovering at the local hospital but his presence is felt. >> y'all heard about this? >> he should have killed the cop. [ laughter ] >> i hate when you shoot a cop and don't kill it. you are going to get the same [ bleep ] time. >> hackensack is a peaceful, quiet time. the last time we had a shooting in hackensack was 12 years ago. >> the shooting was very unusual and rarely have we had anybody coming in here for shooting at a cop anyway. i hate that they shoot regular people but now they're shooting at cops. their status is greater than they would have been if they shot one of their homies on the
9:26 pm
streets. >> one of them sean stark just ran into an old friend here. >> what? >> that was the gun? >> wholly. >> are you serious? way to go down. >> stark is charged with possession of the handgun. he owned the gun that leonardis used. >> they shot him up. >> he's in the hospital at the county police officers babysitting him and $2 million bail. >> damn. >> that's [ bleep ]. >> the prosecutors came to my house, it is like 15 detectors. you sold the gun to the guy, he shot the cop and i was lik like -- nunez was arrested on drug possession charges.
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>> as he suspected they would. prosecutors filed the same charges against him that they have against stark, possession of a handgun committing a crime. >> how much is your bail? >> $250,000? >> a quarter million? >> you got any money saved? >> like 10 g's, that's probably all gone. >> you will be all right, man. >> if you need something, call me, all right? >> stark said, leonardis stole the gun from him. >> they could have called the police on us so the police would have came and he would have tried to die like that, suicide by police basically. >> until the cases are resolved. stark and nunez became apart from each other. >> the big reason is you don't
9:28 pm
want a group of people wihether fst o it is one or two, getting their story straight. you can help a case getting nailed down by keeping them away from one another. >> there is another reason as well. >> nunez is now blaming stark for his current problems and the jail does not want any confli s conflicts. >> i sold him my gun and he gave it to somebody else that's not supposed to have it. i gave it to him, this is yours, don't give it to anybody else. that's it. i feel like he betrayed me. >> if found guilty, he can faced significantly time. >> that boy is toast. he's going to smoke his ass. say your prayers, that boy is not coming home until cars start flying in the air. >> coming up.
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>> judges look at that as sometimes the most hienous type of crime. >> the alleged hackensack shooter leaves the hospital and is booked into jail. nced. our sees awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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. the natural weather service issued a blizzard watch from new york to boston. snowfall totals is likely to be 12 inches or more. >> president trump claims in a series of tweet that is ts that building is bugged. >> now, back to "lock up."
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26-year-old deanna colins came to the bergen county jail of multiple charges of prescription drugs. one of her worst fears was maximum security was realized. >> it is more than what i heard on the on-site of maximum security prisons and stuff, just you know, crazy girls who just go and kill people. >> i heard horror stories before i got here about girls that would get in fights to keep their soaps. >> it is ban different sort of experience. >> everybody is really, really nice. we treat each other like a family. [ laughter ] >> among other things. colins made new friends. >> oh my god. >> and i had this thing happening with my parents >> i was in a salon.
9:34 pm
>> colins found a new stylist. >> that's my new favorite song. >> and she had a lot of experiences. >> i never slept at top bunk in my life. i have never been to camp? i went tod day camp. >> i am a girly girl, i don't play in the woods. i don't play muds. >> women on the whole like to care about people. >> see, i was actually pretty. >> yeah, you are. >> we are still people and we may have done bad things but we are still human beings. >> hi hamy hair fell out. >> they give me a $200 for another service. >> colins. >> the experience is suddenly interrupted. a detective from a near by town
9:35 pm
at milford, new jersey booked her on a new fraud charges. once again it was her hair that got her in trouble. >> she was caught on surveillance camera and we were able to get a good picture of her hair style. >> very unique and distinguish. you don't see many people with that hair style. >> that's one more stupid thing that i have to deal with. >> you must have an idea how many this is going to come to. >> i have done it in town. i have been one in every town or maybe two. i mean -- >> when there is a crime committed, there is a database where you put up security images or surveillance photos and you send it out to all the other towns and state or county or whatever you want to to and they send a picture of her and we recognized her from our incident. >> since colins is already in
9:36 pm
custody, he was processed for these new charges at the county jail where she will remain of current charges are resolved. >> with without standing warrants, from pennsylvania and new jersey, colins know she could have visits in the future. >> i have done bad things from a lot of places and they are issuing a warrant for my arrest. it is something that breaks my heart everyday. >> i did something that only my face is on camera doing. >> over in the men's maximum security unit. sean stark is still dealing the fact that if found guilty, he can spend decades in prison for a police shoot up which he was
9:37 pm
not directly involved. >> i don't know what's going on. i went to court and they brought me my charges and they brought me here. >> robert leonardis shot at hackensack police officers. >> his new cell mate, james yor george, has advice for him. >> do not go to that courtroom. go to that little library. i need to read up on this. i need to find any loopholes in my case. i. ed to know what's going on. the inmate advocate for the bergen's sheriff's offi sheriff.
9:38 pm
>> while not a lawyer. she often interacts on their behalf with drug counters. >> sometimes i don't like the title so much because it sounds like i am in between the inmate a s and the officers. i want what the officers want, i want peace. i want peace for everybody. >> i want to keep the anxiety down, you know? >> okay. >> many of the inmates were frustrated. majority of them have public defenders but they are not seeing their public defenders because they have a lot of client and they are feeling helpless. this way, we allow them to participate in their own defense. >> tell me what we need to day? >> i need to check ipup on my ce and seeing what kind of time i maybe facing. >> what i am going to do is i am going to look up your charge and then we'll look up some cases and you can look through those brief synopsis.
9:39 pm
>> i work with their attorneys, their public defenders to help assist d gthem and court and ge them outside to where ever it is they need to go. okay, this is a lot of information. >> take your time. don't look at it and go -- take your time. some is going fly and some not. let it fly. >> i appreciate it. >> nice meeting you >> the gun that got stark in trouble was sold to him by jerry nunez. >> nunez is charged with possession of a handgun while committing a cream >> unlike stark, he hired a private attorney. >> jerry is a good kid that's caught up in an extremely bad
9:40 pm
situation. >> these charges can land him in jail for many years. worse case scenario, we'll be in here for decad decades. state of new jersey have some of the toughest gun laws of our country. >> officer, i am here to see jerry nunez. >> i am concerned for jerry, this is mental well being right now. i have to keep him strong. >> right now they are pareniresg the evidence to grand jury. i believe within next week or two, the grand jury will come back with an indictment. >> the nature of this involved allegedly of officers. judges look at that as sometimes the most heinous types of crimes >> will they hold that against me? i had nothing to do wit. that's what we have to do what the evidence says.
9:41 pm
they'll try to stick at each and every one of you of the most charges possible. >> they got to prove that charge, they got the burden of proof. i know it is a waiting game. and the days dragging in here and times wait for no one. in here it drags. go you got to man up now and hold your own. don't break and stay strong, okay? >> it pisses me off, we are being held accountable for leonardis' action. >> new jersey's law is law. >> if i am guilty, i am guilty, i am taking the best deal that they can give me. >> i have open wounds. >> robert leonardis speaks out.
9:42 pm
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. new inmates are booked in the jail at hackensack every day of the week. today, one is driven at the compound from an ambulance from the near by hospital. robert leonardis has proceeded him. >> by the end of the day when we hear a fellow officer got shot, it sticks with you. you are going to look at that guy differently than any other guy here that's for a parking ticket. >> any crime involving law enforcement, we take it personally especially someone is
9:46 pm
being shot at. we have to put your emotions aside and cannot let your emotions dictate what you do. it affects you but you still have a job to do at the end. one month earlier. leonardis was out on bail for a prior aggravated assault charges. police say he shot at three hackensack officers who fired back add leonardis 14 times. >> one shot in my hand and arm. i am still healing up. i am still going through a lot of pain. i had open wound, i still do. four times in my stomach. three times in my pelvic and my hip. >> he pled not guilty to an array of charges and three counts of attempted murder. there was speculations that he was attempted suicide by cops.
9:47 pm
>> he acknowledged it. >> i didn't want to live before and didn't want to be here. i didn't like here. here was not a good place for me. i was overwhelmed with a lot of things going on in my life. now, i don't feel that way. i am happy i am alive. >> when you got shot so many times and you see your life flashed in front of you, you think about it and you appreciate your life more. >> i appreciate my life a lot more now. >> something -- something ti spiritually must have happened the day i got shot. >> leonardis agreed to be interview only in the presence of his attorney. >> what kind of time are you facing with these charges. >> i rather address that. his case is not indicted yet. it is under investigation by myself and the prosecutor's
9:48 pm
office. the legal process has not gone to the normal speed due to his injury. >> why did you take this case? this is going to be a difficult case? >> had many difficult cases through the year. there is something about it and i knew he a troubled young man. he's a fortunate young man with this wonderful family. it was difficult as it was maybe. >> i am grateful to have the best lawyer in town, in the state of new jersey. >> it could be months or years before leonardis' case is resolved in court. >> now, deanna collins enters her courtroom with high hopes. >> her lawyer got her a favorable plea deal of acquiring prescription drugs at pharmacies. it is now up to the judge to sign off >> i don't have to take it. i can where i happrip it up?
9:49 pm
we don't have to take it to plea, i can refer it to grand jury. do you want me to let you take this plea? >> i would like you to take the plea. >> accusations 1046-13. the defendant will be guilty of a single count of -- >> once i accept by this guilty plea, you are bound by it. you cannot change your mind. >> i understand. >> this is a third degree charge and carries with it and had you going to trial -- your attorney has been able to negotiate a very, favorable plea from the prosecutors and i am satisfied and i will accept it. you will be release today, no dollar amount unless something is holding you. >> i understand.
9:50 pm
>> thank you very much. go with the officers. >> with collins' accepted by the judge. her time at the county jail has come to an end. >> i didn't think this is going to happen. >> i was great. >> i was listening. i was so happy. >> what does it mean about all the other cases? >> they were all rammed together and i was only charged with one case and the rest were dismissed. >> all the other counties are dismissed and i am glad. coming up. they said i was going to be on the streets today. >> i am happy for you. >> deanna collins' future comes into focus. >> there is something fishy about this. >> i am fishy about your case.
9:51 pm
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deanna collins returned to the county jail from her court appearance when she received a sentence of probation and times served from acquiring local pharmacies. she's expected to be released in a matter of hours. >> what's going through your mind right now? >> that's what's going through my mind. i am wondering what i came in here for. collins must return to the maximum security unit until officers receive official notice to release her. >> what happened? >> ror. >> are you kidding me? [ applause ] >> what judge did you have? i need to see him. >> austin. >> something fishy is about this. >> you leave today?
9:55 pm
>> i don't know. >> it is my first chance. >> that says a lot though. >> i had a good lawyer. >> okay. i am going to go with that. >> none of your charges here. everything is done. >> i am happy. >> they said i am going to be on the streets today. >> i am happy for you. >> you don't have anything in pennsylvania. >> it was rolled into one and everything else was dismissed. >> [ bleep ]. >> who's your lawyer? >> his name is gambert. >> you better send him a nice present. >> oh, i will. >> send him some arrangement edibles. >> she had charges in six different places. >> what? >> what? >> i am sorry, what? i get my bra back today, yes!
9:56 pm
>> that's the happiest. [ laughter ] >> officer troy, can you call out inmate collins, i need to speak to her. >> however, she does have a detainer out of marsh county and montgomery county. there is no way she's leaving today. >> collins misunderstood the key component of her plea deal. >> you will be released today ror, no dollar amount unless something else opens up. >> she will in fact will be released in bergen county pretty soon. >> i am going to style my hair. >> as long as she has warrants in other counties. the jail is required to hold her
9:57 pm
until the authorities on the next one in the list that picks her up. >> i am going to notify her that she's not going to be leaving today and they'll pick her up. i don't ha >> collins. lieutenant wants to talk to you. >> i am in charge of the jail record unit. >> you are not going to be leaving today. >> i have detainers out of marsh county and montgomery county, pennsylvania. so we notified that county that you are ready to be picked up and they'll be coming for you. >> okay. thank you. >> not going anywhere. >> going to glaser county tonight >> see. >> [ bleep ]. >> that's [ bleep ] up. not going anywhere. i am going to glaster county tonight. >> huh.
9:58 pm
>> wait, wait, i am coming out. >> what happened? i am going to glaster county tonight. >> they said all of my things are wrapped into one. >> all of them. >> that's what my lawyer said, all of the things against me right now is running concurrent. >> why didn't she tell me this? >> are you sure that you did not misunderstand? >> why didn't she know about the other stuff? >> it does no t matter. it is just another -- step. >> later, her attorney told us that collins was fully informed that the deal just applied to bergen county that she must have misunderstood. >> i am happy for you baby. >> hopefully, i will stay here tonight and i will leave
9:59 pm
tomorrow or something. >> we'll talk. >> we will talk. >> less than 2 4 hours later. she was changed back into the dress she was wearing when she was booked in the county jail but she was in cuffs and shackles. >>
10:00 pm
. . . due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. i'm trying to make it easy. >> you're not going to get hurt. >> a distraught inmate is placed in the jail's restraint chair. >> i can't breathe. >> now staff must unravel the mystery of what has him so upset. >> please. >> how much time have you done in this jail? >> 31 years. >> a familiar face struggles to exit the jail's revolving door but there's a catch. >> he's islamic and he wants to


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