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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 13, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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you said you are working hand and glove with the president on selling this new health care plan. but over the weekend before you were going to launch this sales campaign, the president sends out four tweets about his predecessor wiretapping him. did that help or hurt him? >> that was not part of the health care marketing campaign. >> how much off course did that take you? >> like i said, this is going to be an unconventional presidency. and i think he was upset -- >> there's unconventional and then off into new territory. >> look, this is part of what the intelligence committee is
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investigating. this morning the clock is ticking. lawmakers on the house intelligence committee have asked the justice department to turn over any evidence of president trump's wiretapping claims today. plus, clearinghouse. a prominent u.s. attorney fired after the trump administration asks dozens of appointed attorneys to clean out their desks. and the northeast is bracing for what could be the seasons biggest snowfall. 100 million americans are under winter weather watches or warnings. good morning, it is monday, march 13th. i'm cal perry in for ayman mohyeldin who is at the hospital with his wife who went into early labor yesterday. alex witt also off this morning. so we are happy to have the news and finance anchor from yahoo! breanna rodriga is here.
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>> i'm so happy for ayman and the new baby on a the way as well. louis burgdorf is here as well. they will turn the channel if these aren't two familiar faces for you. he's a familiar place in to everyone. good morning, louis. >> good morning to you. and now to breaking news, the trump administration has until today to provide the house and intelligence committee evidence backing up the president's claim that president obama tapped his phones in the final month of the election. the bipartisan leaders on the committee of intelligence sent a letter asking the intelligence branch to share what it knows by today. this is as some democrats warn to walk away from the republican-led house investigation if they believe it is more interested in protecting the white house than uncovering the truth. yesterday house speaker paul ryan responded to the intelligence committee when asked about the president's wiretapping claims. >> there's been a lot of reporting about this.
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there's been a lot of reporting. remember, there was an investigation by the intelligence -- >> not on the wiretapping of donald trump. >> well, that's what the intelligence committee is going to investigate. there's been a lot of reporting about this all over the place. you remember with the so-called gang of eight, have you seen anything to suggestion wiretaps? >> no. >> can you clear up this question? >> i don't want to get ahead of the investigation. >> the president may face pressure from within his own party if he fails to back up his accusations or make amends according to senator john mccain. >> the president has one of two choices. to retract or provide the information that the american people deserve because if his predecessor violated the law, president obama violated the law, we've got a serious issue
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here. to say the least. >> do you have any reason to think this charge is true? >> i have no reason to believe that the charge is true, but i also believe that the president of the united states could clear this up in a minute. >> and yes yesterday yesterday president trump's adviser kellyanne conway responded this way. >> there was an article this week that talked act how to surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television set, any number of different ways. and microwaves are turning into cameras, et cetera. so we know that is just the fact of modern age. >> the congressional efforts are pushing through a major overhaul as they go through key stress tests this week. the cbo score, the congressional
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budget office's projection of how much it will cost and the impact on americans is set to come out as early as today. over the weekend the white house continued in sell mode with tom price making the assurance when all is said and done, more people will have insurance coverage. >> can you say for certain that once this bill is passed, nobody, nobody will be worse off financially when it comes to paying for health care? >> well, i will tell you right now, there are a lot of people worse off right now when they are paying for health care. and they are not getting the care they need. again, the premiums are up and deductibles are up. if you're an individual out there making $50,000 to $60,000 and your deductible is $8,000 to $12,000, you may have the insurance card but you don't have coverage. >> i noticed you ducked the aspect of guaranteeing nobody will be worse off financially. >> well, i firmly believe that nobody will be worse off financially in the process that we're going through, understanding they will have choices to select the kind of
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coverage that they want for themselves and for their family, not the government forcing them to buy. >> and on saturday the vice president went to kentucky, a seemingly battleground state for both sides over the future of federal coverage. >> we'll make sure that americans with pre-existing conditions still have access to the coverage and the care that they need. and to all the parents here, we'll make sure you can keep your kids on your plan until they are 26 years of age. and most significantly in my view, we'll give states like kentucky the freedom and flexibility with medicaid to meet the needs of your most vulnerable in the way it works here in kentucky. despite some of the fear mongering by those on the liberal left, i want to assure the people of kentucky who might be looking on, we'll have an or orderly transition to make high-quality insurance available for every american.
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>> but even some republican governors have their reservations. here's john kasich responding to the hard sell from the white house. >> i'm very confident that this legislation will give ohio both the resources and the flexibility that your governor, your legislature will need to meet the needs going forward and literally offer our most vulnerable citizens even better coverage. >> is he right? >> no, he's not right. first of all, medicaid expansion that has covered 700,000 people in my state, a big chunk of whom are mentally ill and drug addicted to chronic diseases, they tend to churn and move off that program. then they have to go to an exchange that's broken. look, the bill needs fixed. the current system doesn't work. that's why it is possible to get democrats involved. but you want to throw the baby out with the bath water. let me just ask you this, chuck, if i put you on the exchange for your family and give you a $4,000 tax credit or a $3,000 tax credit, what kind of insurance are you going to buy
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for $3,000? >> some party leaders are warning top current version of the bill cannot only jeopardize coverage for millions but also republicans control of power in congress. >> i'm afraid if they vote for this bill, they're going to put the house majority at risk next year. and i don't want to see the house majority put at risk on a bill that is not going to pass the senate. that's why i think we should take a pause, try to solve as many of the problems on both medicaid and the individual insurance market in this bill and the house, and then allow the senate to take its work up. >> tom cotton, senator from arkansas, lindsey graham, senator from south carolina, have both said, let's slow down. why go so fast? that's actually really puzzling to me, why go so fast? >> we rap to repeal and replace in 2010. we ran to repeal and replace in 2014, 2016, suggesting this is
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moving fast, going through four committees, going through regular order, saying we are going to do this for seven years and now come to the point where we are actually on the cusp of keeping our word, i hardly think that is rushing things. and in other news, the trump administration has dismissed dozens of obama-era prosecutors at the justice department. on friday attorney general jeff sessions asked 46 remaining u.s. attorneys appointed by president obama to submit their resignations. while the announcement was abrupt, it is far from unprecedented for the incoming administration to clean house. in 1993, president bill clinton's new attorney general janet reno also replaced all the u.s. attorneys in the country. still friday's move came as a surprise to many, including preek fharara.
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in 2012 he was featured on the cover of "time" magazine with the headline, this man is busting wall street. it is not unusual for prosecutors to stand behind their team. and in this case, last november fharara said president trump wanted him to. >> we had a good meeting. i said i would absolutely consider staying on. i agreed to stay on and have spoken to senator sessions. he was nominated to be attorney general. he asked if i would stay on and i planned to continue this week. >> bharara was among those receiving a phone call forcing him to resign on friday. bharara told his staff he planned to stay on and had no intention of resigning. on staff the following day, bharara announced on twitter he was fired. critics have called into question the timing of the mass push for resignation.
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on the evening prior to the announcement, sean hannity made this appeal to the president. >> while president lincoln sought to unify his party through designations, he also executed a government purge. it is time for president trump to follow president lincoln's example to fire everyone working actively against him in government. it is important for president trump to act right now. >> at this point it is not clear who will replace bharara though it is assumed that deputy june kim will take over in the interim. authorities are searching for the bus driver responsible for a deadly crash to kill 34 people and injuring more than a dozen others. early yesterday morning, the passenger bus reportedly hit two people waiting at a bus stop. the driver then didn't stop, continuing for miles until crashing into a crowd of people celebrating in eastern music festival. festival goers began to attack the bus, throwing stones,
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attempting to set the bus on fire. the driver managed to flee after being taken to the police station. and 35 people are dead and dozens more missing after a landslide at a massive garbage dump in ethiopia's capital. officials don't know what caused the landfill to give way late saturday night burying makeshift buildings and homes. 150 people were there when the landslide occurred. many skafawent through the rubb make money, but according to "the new york times," most of the dead were women and children. they are trying to relocate those still living. and incredible turmoil in asia. south korea's disgraced president park geun-hye has left the palace two days after being officially removed from office. this comes following a massive upheaval in a meddling corruption scandal in park's
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presidency that led to her impeachment. she said, quote, ahough it may take time, i do believe that truth will show for itself. she has apologized for her judgment but has repeatedly denied any legal wrongdoing. however, park, who no longer has immunity that is granted to sitting presidents, faces prosecution and jail time over charges of extortion, buyry and abuse of power. the new presidential election is scheduled to take place in early may. polls show liberal moon ji-yan is the front-runner. still ahead, march madness is officially underway. we'll take a look at the winners and losers from selection sunday and which teams have favorable draws. >> you have a team in mind there. plus, the winter storm expected to hit the northeast has already brought heavy snow to parts of the midwest. we'll have the latest on the forecast coming up.
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welcome back. the historic march blizzard is coming our way. bill karins is here, all the snow totals are coming in. what can we expect? 12 to 18 inches, it doesn't make a difference, you're stuck in your house and there's no school. a lot of things come along with a huge snowstorm. let's get into it. it's snowing pretty good in iowa and illinois. chicago is getting now. this is one piece of the upcoming nor'easter blizzard. the other piece is here on the south coast. these two combine and become a big monster storm tonight. so we have winter storm warnings from maine all the way down to roanoke, even areas around cleveland. 121 million people affected by this winter storm. that's like half the population of the country. and there are now blizzards warnings for areas of new york city, long island, all of southern connecticut. so here's the snowfall map, this is the snow we're dealing with this morning, the one to three inches from chicago to detroit to columbus to indianapolis. and then we get into the bigger stuff as we go throughout the
2:18 am
evening. the areas of pink, that's a foot of snow. that covers almost just north of d.c., just outside of philly, all of new york and all of new england for the most part, except for areas south of boston and south of providence. and then when we talk about the snow predictions, it's a steep gradient. d.c., four to eight inches. south of there, a lot less. north of there, you're dumped on, six to ten. philly, 8 to 12. coastal new jersey, zero. the mountains to the north, you're getting a lot more. new york city, 12 to 16 inches. 16 to 20 in hartford. 18 to 12, hudson valley, northern new jersey and areas of western connecticut. that's the bull's-eye with this storm. tomorrow is one of the days everyone is going to be dealing with their kids at home and lots of people won't be able to get to work. >> 121 million people affected by this storm as you said, it's a busy week for you, bill, thank you. we'll shift gears now to the explosive case that forced this country to take a harsh look at the relations between police and
2:19 am
minority communities. now a new video connected to that deadly 2014 shooting of michael brown by a ferguson, missouri, police officer is once again raising questions about what exactly took place. morgan radford has more. >> reporter: newly disclosed video raising questions about what happened the night before 18-year-old michael brown was killed in ferguson, missouri. for two years, local police have said he robbed a convenient store before police responded and he was shot. >> police shot this man for no reason. >> reporter: police released this surveillance at the time as evidence. but a new documentary called stranger fruit reveals more surveillance video from that same store. the filmmaker says it shows that brown knew the clerks and didn't rob them, but instead traded them marijuana for cigarillos.
2:20 am
>> you can see him smelling it and then he's given two big boxes of cigarillos. he decides to have the clerk hold the stuff behind the counter for him. >> reporter: the next day group comes back with his hands behind his back to get the boxes. minneapolis c msnbc cannot confirm this exchange, but the police department says it cannot confirm the authenticity at this time. if it did occur, this is still relevant to the investigation. what do you think this video shows us? >> i think the video shows us we were not told the whole story then. people have a right to feel frustrated. and i think this will make them feel even more frustrated. >> reporter: in 2014, a grand jury did not indict officer darin wilson, the officer who shot brown, sparking outrage across the country. in some cases that frustration still lingers in ferguson. a lawyer for the convenient store tells nbc news he's not
2:21 am
sure why the latest video wasn't released by authorities sooner. but that the store clerks are in no way at fault. meantime, the brown family is in the middle of a civil lawsuit against the city of ferguson and there's no indication weather the latest video could be entered as evidence. >> thank you to morgan radford for that report. >> we have much more ahead this morning. stay with us. aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly
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across mid-court, he gets it. right at the buzzer of the first half. >> slam brings it again! >> taken away again. >> welcome back. those were some of the highlights from the end of the champ week in the ncaa ahead of yesterday evening's selection sunday. smu wrapping up the aac with a victory over cincinnati. kentucky takes the sec against arkansas. and michigan beats wisconsin in a 76-56 win for the big ten title. the tournament field is now set for the ncaa. villanova is the number one seed overall after beating creighton in the big east championship. behind them are duke, baylor and florida. kansas tops the midwest region
2:25 am
followed by louisville, oregon and purdue. and number one out of the west is wcc champion gonzaga ahead of arizona, florida state and west virginia. also out of the west region, with the first ever ticket to the big dance is eighth-seeded northwestern. this incredible reaction by the team and fans after the wildcats tournament bid was announced. northwestern is matched up against number nine vanderbilt in the first team, that's willie's team. and the top seed out of the south is acc champion followed by kentucky, ucla and butler. the first four tipoff begins tomorrow night. but syracuse is not in the mix. big disappointment there. here's a look at the tournament's top seeds. while the committee picked defending champion villanova as the overall team, several sports books have other odds in mind. many are listing second-seeded duke out of the east region as the top team to win the ncaa
2:26 am
tournament. and now to nascar, to sin city, the final lap of the cobalt 400, martin truex jr. has the lead while lagano makes contact with bush's car sending the toyota down busch road. busch started swinging. crew members quickly break up the brawl but not before busch is bloodied. the crash was unintentional. he finish 2d 2nd in the race, 22nd in the race. it is pretty rare we get to show nascar. >> it is pretty rare to see women fighting like that in sports, right? >> absolutely. >> we like to keep our hands to ourselves in sports. still ahead, the new questions over the new national security adviser michael flip's
2:27 am
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welcome back. i'm cal perry alongside briana. we are bracing for what could become the blizzard of 2016. we are tracking the major snowstorm that could cripple the northeast all the way from virginia to maine.
2:31 am
two storms expected to combine this evening and form the forecasted nor'easter by tomorrow morning. we'll get the latest path from bill karins in just a home. and today is the deadline for the trump administration to provide the house intel committee with evidence that president obama tapped trump tower phones during the election. yesterday senator john mccain said the president should provide proof or retract the claim. but in a new interview with new jersey's bergen record, kellyanne conway suggested the surveillance could have been more widespread, saying, quote, through their phones, certainly through their television settles. and the white house says president trump tried to reach out to manhattan's high-profile u.s. attorney before the justice department ordered dozens of obama-appointed federal prosecutors to resign on friday. but it's unclear why the two never spoke.
2:32 am
bharara later resigned. elizabeth warren said he will be in trouble if he replaces the lawyers with cronies. and over the weekend the white house continued in sell mode with health and human services secretary tom price making the assurance that when all is said and done, more people will have insurance coverage. >> you believe your system is going to add an additional 20 million over the 20 million that had expanded coverage, you believe that? >> i believe and the president believes firmly that if you create a system that's accessible for everybody and provide the financial feasibility for everybody to get coverage, that we have a great opportunity to increase coverage over where we are right now, as opposed to where the line is going right now where people are losing coverage and we're going to he fewer individuals covered than we do currently. >> and on saturday the vice president went to kentucky,
2:33 am
which is ground zero for both parties when it comes to the future of federal coverage. >> folks, this just can't continue. and i promise you, it won't. [ applause ] now i know not every politician in kentucky supports our plan to repeal and replace obamacare. i know your former governor has been depending obamacare all over america. this is going to be a battle in washington, d.c. and for us to seize this opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare once and for all, we need every republican in congress and we're counting on kentucky. after a good and vigorous debate, we know kentucky will be there and we will repeal and replace obamacare once and for all. >> but even the republican governor of kentucky noted reservations ahead of the vice president's appearance telling reporters friday, quote, senator rand paul is not impressed with what is currently being offered.
2:34 am
truth be told, i'm not either. so i'm with him. >> you say that speaker ryan is pulling the wool over the eyes of the president, really? pulling the wool? >> well, i think there's a separation between the two. i have talked to the president i think three times on obamacare and hear from him that he's willing to negotiate. you know what i hear from paul ryan? it's a binary choice, young man. but what does a binary choice mean? his way or the highway. right now everybody is being nice to everybody because they want us to vote for it, but we are not going to vote for it. >> of course there's disagreement as to what we should do with it. this is america. americans have opinions. you can't be married to somebody for two days, let alone 20-some years as i have been and be in complete agreement on everything at every time. this idea that it is somehow working for those in kentucky, for those part of the national media, it doesn't work in kentucky. and you're going to see our former governor yet again try to maintain some semblance of a legacy by telling you it's
2:35 am
working, it's not working. we have half our county with a single provider. >> but the republican ohio governor john kasich said on "meet the press" ultimately the president just wants to get something done. >> do you think he is firm on this bill? or is he negotiable? >> well, how can i speak for him, but if i were to guess, no, i think that he's very open to compromise. he's told me that. for example, he and i talked about the significant increase in pharmaceutical costs, drug costs and medicaid. i think we need to have democrats involve sod that what we do is going to be, not only significant, but will last. and then we get to the real problem, chuck, which is the rising cost of health care. i think the president, by the way, would be flexible. i have no doubt about it that he would be flexible. he just wants to get something through. >> and for now the biggest issue is getting the count right in congress with republicans warning about the plan that was fed through two committees potentially risking the party's house majority.
2:36 am
>> the bill probably can be fixed but it's two i think to take a lot of carpentry on that framework. as it is written today, this bill cannot pass the senate. and i believe it would have adverse consequences for millions of americans. and it wouldn't deliver on our promises to reduce the cost of health insurance for americans. so i would say to my friends in the house of representatives, with whom i serve, do not walk the plank and vote for a bill that cannot pass the senate and then have to face the consequences of that vote. new questions are emerging about when the trump team learned that former national security adviser michael flynn was being paid by the government of turkey while he advised the president on that national security, including flynn intending an intelligence briefing while taking money to lobby on behalf of the foreign government. on friday hours after vice president pence and the white house denied knowing flynn was working as a paid foreign agent, reports revealed flynn's attorneys told members of the trump transition team the
2:37 am
retired general may need to register his status with the state department. "the washington post" reported, quote, once in a conversation with don mcgahn, trump's counsel, before the inauguration and then in a conversation during the administration's early days. one of the contacts came before the election with a source saying, quote, flynn's personal attorney contacted the transition attorney to ask advice about the possibility of filing and that he was told they could not advise him. press secretary sean spicer said this about his earlier denial in the white house briefing room. >> there's a big difference between when he filed, which was the other day, two days ago, and what happened then. a personal lawyer of general flynn's contacted a transition lawyer and asked for guidance on what he should or should not do. the lawyer was instructed that wasn't the role of the transition. and that it was up to the personal lawyer to work with the appropriate authorities or subject matter experts to
2:38 am
determine what was appropriate and what was not appropriate in terms of filing. but this was a personal matter. it's a business matter. it's not something that would be appropriate for a government entity to give someone guidance on when they should file as a private citizen. >> now general flynn's links to the turkish government were known publicly as early as november. amid reports of flynn working for a company that appeared to be tied to turkey's's ruling party. and the democratic congressman elijah cummings sent a letter to vice president pence on november 18th asking about the reports that flynn's company was, quote, being paid to lobby the u.s. government on behalf of another foreign government's interests. yesterday senator john mccain said he's concerned by foreign influences on the president's inner circle. >> there's a lot of things about our relations with russia that trouble me a lot. for example, why was the provision in the republican platform that called for the provision of defensive ukraine,
2:39 am
out? there are a lot of aspects with this whole relationship with russia and vladimir putin that requires scrutiny. and so far i don't think the american people have gotten all the answers. in fact, there's a lot more shoes to drop from this se centipe centipede. and world markets are mostly steady ahead of a big week for central banks. the fig bed meeting ends wednesday and analysts expect the announcement of another interest rate hike, especially after friday's strong jobs report. cnbc's jeff cutmore is joining us live from london. in 13 months, the fed is showing a lot of confidence in the u.s. economy right now. >> yes, absolutely. and i think there are 235,000 good reasons why the market now believes the fed will go for a rate hike this week. that, of course, was the number
2:40 am
delivered on friday's non-payroll number of u.s. jobs to the economy. and that makes the fed feel that the u.s. economy is robust enough to handle increases in interest rates. so i think we can expect the federal funds rate to go up to somewhere around 75 basis points to 1% this week. also, keep an eye on what is going on with the european election cycle. we have dutch elections this week, some concerns as to whether a far right candidate will do well in those elections. and, of course, brexit could be triggered this week in the u.k. so a number of things to keep traders nervous. let's just briefly mention oil. oil prices have been steadily declining. you're 2.38 on regular gas. should be going down now if the prices continue to decline. back to you. >> a lot of reasons for investors to be nervous, yet the stock market continues to rise.
2:41 am
geoff cutmore, live from london, thank you. donald trump jr. said he's had virtually no contact with his father since the elder trump became president nearly two months ago. trump jr. who played a key role in his father's presidential campaign and now runs the trump organization alongside his brother, spoke for the first time on friday at a republican fund-raiser in dallas. he admitted it was hard to leave politics behind. >> i thought i was out of politics after election day. and i get back to my regular life and my family, but i couldn't. i thought i would be going back to my regular job, i thought i would be really excited about that, but once you get a little taste of that action, it's hard to leave. you know, listen, deals are still exciting, but when you're sort of the guy out there every day, 24/7, fighting in this thing, it's like a great fight. the intensity, i don't miss the politics, i promise. i want nothing to do with the politics, but i miss the
2:42 am
intensity. >> trump jr.'s comments came after the relationship between president trump, his children and the trump organization. critics say president trump has not separated himself enough from the businesses. while on the topic of the white house, the suspect arrested after jumping the white house fence friday night is expected in court today. 26-year-old jonathan tran was wearing a backpack when he scaled the fence on pennsylvania avenue. he was not stopped until he reached the south grounds near the executive residence. officials say tran was unarmed and told agents that he knew the president and had an appointment. the president who was home at the time called the alleged intruder troubled and praised the secret service for doing, quote, a fantastic job. still ahead, what could become the blizzard of 2017. >> this is some video just in from iowa. looks like a taste of what's to come. this is the storm expected to merge with another one creating a giant nor'easter.
2:43 am
we're tracking it and bill karins is up next with all the nasty details. ♪ ♪ ♪ everyone deserves attention, whether you've saved a lot or just a little. at pnc investments, we believe you're more than just a number. so we provide personal financial advice for every retirement investor.
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welcome back. we want to go right to meteorologist bill karins. >> bill is tracking the storm that could cripple the northeast. just lie to me. >> yeah, you'll subcommittee th maybe in april. 19 million people under a blizzard warning in and around the new york city area. 44 million people in the red color, that's a winter storm warning. we could add another 50 million in winter weather advisories. let's get to the latest snowfall map. the pink is a foot of cripplin to the eastern half of pennsylvania, the hudson valley is getting nailed, and all the mountainous areas in new england. notice we get a little less from providence south to boston. this red color in here is where the computers are hinting at 18 inches of snow. that's the hudson valley, the
2:47 am
cat skills, northern new jersey and the pocanos. then you get into the berkshires where we see the higher totals. so let's get into some specific amounts for the cities, d.c., four to eight. again, it's a really sharp gradient to the south of the city, a lot less. to the north, a lot more. baltimore, you're on the steep gradient. notice philadelphia still heavy with a chance of a foot of snow. the lines when they pile up like this, i mean, southern new jersey will get one inch. and then we could get 18 inches in northern new jersey. new jersey is not that big of a state. there's a high buff potential when you get that steep of a gradient on the coast. boston, 8 to 12. worcester, you could see 18 to 20 inches. hartford could be a jackpot at 16 to 20. new york city, 12 to 16. if new york city gets 18.1 inches of snow, it will be a top ten all-time snowstorm. also, the biggest march snowstorm in history was back in 1888. that's the one you see famous pictures in new york city of, that would be 2 inches of snow,
2:48 am
22 inches of snow. here's the timing at 7:00 a.m., to just about this time tomorrow, the really heavy snow over the top of new york city, philadelphia, d.c. should be tapering off a little bit by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and very heavy snow in areas of eastern pennsylvania. by the time we get to the noon hour, the really heavy snow hudson valley, that's when it is over the top of new york city. that's when it is over hartford. boston it looks like from noon to about 6:00 p.m. is the heaviest for you. tapering off in new york city and philly by 6:00 p.m. i don't think there will be a lot of people commuting in those areas because of such heavy snow. a lot of people will be stuck at home. >> bill, the real question is, are we getting you live from central park tomorrow cover in snow? >> i'm comfy right in here. i'm the information provider. >> you're going to stay indoors. you won't brave the elements. >> very important, i'm right here. >> if we are getting 12, we might as well get 18. former vice president joe biden took his cancer moonshine initiative to the southwest this morning.
2:49 am
the vp addressed the technology summit and discussed the need to bring together government, research and technology to end cancer. he talked about how the initiative, quote, was the only bipartisan thing left in america. >> and so, after a long talk with the president and the decision i made was to announce i wasn't running. and the president said, let's do it in the rose garden. and he walked out with me. and i made an off-hand comment. it wasn't a prepared script. i knew the press would ask me, do i have any regrets? and i said ahead of time, i have one regret in making a decision not to run. and that was, i would have loved to have been the president who presided over the end of cancer as we know it. >> the former vice president said he just didn't have the stomach to run for president after his son beau's 2015 death from brain cancer.
2:50 am
he's confident the trump administration will be excited about ending the disease. quote, once it gets organized. but he did take one dig at the new white house. >> prevention falls into three major categories. one, healthy lifestyles, avoiding cancer risk behaviors like smoking and many other things you become aware of two. focusing on clean air and clean water. not withstanding the fact someone in the new outfit don't think there's global warming or bad things happen. there's not a lot of good stuff out there in some places. i shouldn't have said it that way. but it frustrates me. >> you just got to love him. by the way, the third area of prevention the former vice president said was making diagnostic tools available to underserved communities. still ahead, president trump claimed during the campaign he had a quote, full proof plan to defeat isis. plus, more than 50 days into his administration, even seer yast ya's president is wondering, what is it?
2:51 am
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welcome back. syria's president bashar al assad is speak out about additional u.s. troops being deployed to syria to fight isis. in the interview with the chinese tv station, assad said, quote, foreign troops coming to syria without our invitation are invaders. the syrian dictator also criticized president trump saying despite his pledges to increase the fight against isis, we have not seen anything concrete yet regarding this rhetoric. this comes as dual bombings near a shea shrine in damascus killed
2:54 am
140 people and injuring 120 more on saturday. it's unclear at this time if any terror groups have claimed responsibility. and in south korea, disgraced ex-president park geun-hye has left the presidential palace two days after being officially removed from office. this follows months of political upheaval over a massive peddling scandal that engulfed park's presidency and ultimately led to her impeachment. joining us live from london, nbc news tehran bureau chief ali aruzi. what does this mean for the region? this wasn't necessarily unexpected, correct? >> reporter: that's right. president park left office and with a defying tone delivered a parting shot to say she couldn't finish her mandate, but is confident the truth will be revealed. as you said, elections are set for may, and it looks like the politician and human rights lawyer will become the next president of south korea, moon
2:55 am
ji-yin. he's calling for a two-step approach on north korea with talks on economic unification and ultimately political and military unification. moon stressed that they need to be united with the north korean people. and they have to recog kim jong-un as a dialogue partner. rex tillerson will face a very troubled region next week. back to you. and coming up next on "morning joe," we continue to track the major winter storm expected to impact millions from virginia to maine. plus, fast-moving developments on the republican health care bill as we await the score from the congressional budget office. we'll talk to president obama's budget guy. >> hey, i know him. >> i do. i think so. >> peter orszag, your husband. >> that's how i know him. sequence?
2:56 am
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and before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's get a check on the stories you'll be hearing about in the day ahead. >> the deadline is looming for president trump to prove trump
2:59 am
tower was wiretapped. nbc news's kelly o'donnell has more from the white house. >> reporter: many are looking into the krfrgs allegaticontrov saying president obama wiretapped trump tower during the presidential election. the president will have a high-profile guest here, angela merkel, the chancellor of germany will be visiting the white house. and later the president is scheduled to go on the road to visit nashville for what is described as a rally organized by his outside political campaign. his campaign, not official white house business, and there he's expected to try to sell a lot of the top trump agenda items, and
3:00 am
that includes the gop alternative to obamacare. back to you. >> another long day for kelly. thank you for that. that does it for us on this monday. i'm louis burgdorf alongside >> well, today is deadline day for the white house to back up the, by all accounts, fantastic claims by president trump that former president obama tapped trump tower. also on the road again. >> millions and millions of women, cervical cancer, breast cancer are helped by planned parenthood. i'm going to protect and save your social security and your medicare. you can do it through medicaid and some other way, this has nothing to do with -- this has to do with humanity. this has to do with having a heart. >> president-elect trump says he'll soon unveil a plan that


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