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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  March 14, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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country. thank you very much for having us. that does it for "all in," our special town hall from mcdowell county. thanks for watching. [ applause ]
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>> when it's this purple color, that's where we have the blizzard warnings that are up, a huge amount of people, 31 million people are at risk of blizzard conditions from portland to portsmouth, central
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new england, hudson valley, poconos, catskills, new york city, long island, and down to trenton. high winds and intense snowfall with that. here's a look at the current radar, waking up to the ground, covered in white through much of pennsylvania, western new york, and upstate new york, right through the hudson valley. snow is moving rapidly to the north, so it's moving quickly. that's the good thing with this storm, in and out in a hurry. about 18 hours from now, it's done even up in areas of maine. in areas to the south, the problem, the mixing line. d.c. went from snow over to sleet. now there's some rain just south of town. philadelphia also has sleet mixing in. so there's the boundary setting up between the sleet and all snow. that's going to have significant impacts on the snowfall map. so the 18 inches plus is interior new england, a huge area from eastern pennsylvania, northern jersey, hudson valley, through central new england and northern new england. the area of greatest, not concern, but the greatest difficulty in forecasting is
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around washington, d.c., already two inches of snow and sleet combined. a little more sleet and a tiny bit of snow on the back side. baltimore, already had two inches, now see sleet mixing with, and then change over to snow at the end of the storm for you. we've knocked down the totals in philadelphia and new york city a little bit. still significant snowfall, but the really heavy stuff is when you get out of the big cities about 24 to 30 around mt. pocono. and lower totals where we could get some mixing. boston to providence, all snow from hartford to albany, and tho that will take a while to clean up. more updates coming up. >> thank you very much, bill. he'll be doing the heavy lifting all day. over in chicago, the storm has ended the city's record streak without at least one inch of snow on the ground. so far the city had essentially no snow. a first in recorded history. this video you're looking at, showing a huge pileup on the kennedy expressway, involving
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more than 30 vehicles and one state police car. luckily only minor injuries reported there. chicago is ao expecting mo lake-effect snow after this one passes. and in wisconsin, whiteout conditions, causing multiple traffic accidents on the i-41, forcing the shutdown of traffic in both directions. in milwaukee, residents say the snow was easy to shovel, but it came down fast nearly impossible to keep up. snow is coming down in washington, d.c., a live shot of capitol hill. a snow emergency ahead of yesterday. the area's metro is running on what they call a saturday schedule. muriel bowser met with the president yesterday to talk about how the city would handle the mess. the house of representatives is having the day off. kevin mccarthy calling off the votes due to flight cancellations across the country
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and president trump's much anticipated meeting with german chancellor angela merkel has also been postponed. the president was confident that federal agencies were prepared ahead of this winter storm. >> we're prepared. everybody in government is fully prepared and ready, and the entire northeast, it seems, is under a very severe winter storm warning, so let's hope it's not going to be as bad as some people are predicting. usually it isn't. >> for more on the storm, let's go live to jay gray in central park here in new york city. jay, you're looking like your keeping warm, kind of. >> reporter: yeah, kinda. kind of like the michelin man out here or the stay puft mash malo guy. layers is key today. and switching them out. this snow is continuing to fall since overnight. starting to see a bit of an accumulation, nothing like we expect as we move througut the
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day. and the real driving force behind this right now, anyway, is that wind. we've seen strong gusts and that's when it really whips things up and gets things moving out here. no one on the streets this morning, obviously still very early, but we do see a few of the crews. a few of those snowplows that were staged yesterday. 1,600 or more in the city area, and ready to move through and clear out and try and stay ahead of the storm. that's going to be a very tough go, as you've been talking about, because it's just coming down so fast. this storm expected to intensify, as we move through the early morning hours and into what's going to be a very rough day up and down the eastern seaboard with a lot of snow, a lot of wind, and a lot of people stuck indoors for the next couple days. we got an army of these plows and trucks that are starting to move through central park. again, trying to keep things as clear as they can. but it's a losing battle to be real honest right now, cal. >> you know, jay, you said obviously it's very early and
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nobody's outside. all the kids will be home from school. the mayor said he wants people to stay home. are we going to see that new york city thing with people on the skis out on fifth avenue? you know new york pretty well. >> reporter: yeah, you know, i think we'll still see people out, because that's what new yorkers do. but yesterday a lot of folks did say, i'm bringing some work home, i'm going to work from there if i can, and i'm going to stay home. my employer's told me to stay home. so that's the good news. a lot of people have permission to stay home, if you will. let's see if that happens. i think you're right, i think we will see, as the morning progresses, some people out and about. >> jay, thank you very much. human barometer, i'll be out there shortly. so looks miserable anyway. thank you, sir. let's turn now to our other big story, a study by non-partisan congressional budget office is making republican plans for overhauling health care a tougher sell, even within their own party. the report finds the number of uninsured will increase by some 24 million people over the next
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decade. the ranks of the uninsured will grow by 14 million over the next year. the threeactors are how the bill rescinds the penalty on the uninsured, leading to more to opt out of the market, using tax credits less generous than current subsidies making purchasing health care less affordable. some states undoing their medicaid expansion because of new restrictions on spending, decreasing coverage for low income individuals. now over the next ten-year period and under the current plan, medicaid will undergo an $880 billion spending decrease, with 14 million fewer medicaid enrollees. that's a 17% reduction from the number currently enrolled under obamacare. the percentage of u.s. residents under the age of 65 without health insurance is prktded to return to pre-ac a-levels. outside the white house left, health and human secretary tom price rejected the analysis. >> the cbo looked at a portion of our plan, but not the entire
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plan. the entire plan uses the regulatory plan and they ignored completely the other legislative activities we'll be putting into place. we disagree strenuously with the report that was put out. we believe our plan will cover more individuals at a lower cost and give them the choices that they want for the coverage that they want for themselves and for their family, not that the government forces them to buy. >> the cbo also found a substantial impact on the federal deficit. a reduction of $337 billion by 2026, compared to the smaller reduction of $124 billion by 2019 under obamacare. the net change will come through limiti medicaid spending and ending the aca tax credits. now the white house engaged in some counter-programming yesterday. president trump hosted a listening session for people struggling with the cost of the affordable care act, who the white house called the, quote, victims of obamacare. the president began by saying that the positive impact of the
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republican-led legislation will take time, and that the media is too positive in its portrayal of obamacare. >> more competition and less regulation will finally bring down the cost of care, and i think it will bring it down very significantly. unfortunately, it takes a while to get there. because you have to let that marketplace kick in, and it's going to take a little while to get there. once it does, it's going to be a thing of beauty. i wish it didn't take a year and two years, but that's what's going to happen and that's the way it works. >> the press is making it look so wonderful, so that if we end it, everyone's going to say, oh, remember how great obamacare used to be? remember how wonderful it used to be? it was so great. it's a little bit like president obama. what he left, people liked him. when he was here, people didn't like him so much. that's the way life goes. that's human nature. the fact is, obamacare is a disaster.
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and by -- and i say this to the republicans all the time -- by repealing it, by getting rid of it, by ending it, everyone's going to say, oh, it used to be so great, but it wasn't great. >> now a little bit later, the president sat down with house leadership and then he convened his administration's first cabinet meeting where he described the health care proposal as an ongoing discussion. >> the house plan will expand choice, lower costs and ensure health care access to all while negotiating with everybody. it's a big fat beautiful negotiation. >> still ahead, another check on the forecast as that major winter storm brings bearing down on the northeast. on social media, shoppers have been posting photos of empty shelves, long lines at grocery stores, in anticipation of the snow. this was a trader joe's in cambridge, massachusetts, last night. we have much more to come. stay with us.
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♪ i hope everyone is staying safe and warm tonight. because we are expecting a huge blizzard. i'm hearing up to 18 inches of snow, from what the weather channel has dubbed winter storm stella. for the latest on the storm, let's go to the weather channel's jim cantore. >> stella! [ laughter ] >> new information from the nation's capital to morning. federal agencies are on a three-hour delay because of the storm. take a look at this video. just down the road in baltimore last night, driving conditions already taking a hit, sometime
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before midnight in that area. for more on the storm, let's go right to meteorologist bill karins. bill is this. >> well, cal, we talked a lot about the snowfall predictions with the storm. i want to briefly show the overall map. the highest totals are i-95 north and west, that's all areas outside the big cities. no longer looks like a big historic storm for the cities, even new york totals are lower, same for boston. but interior sections, a 12 to 24-inch storm, the mountains of the poconos, catskills, maybe two feet? the winds are also going to be a problem. the storm because it's a little closer to the coast, still getting high winds. winds picking up in philadelphia about 7:00 a.m. this is at noon today, 41 in new
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york city. look at montauk at 58. 50 to 60-mile-per-hour winds on long island could do damage. in the afternoon, really strong winds kick up through cape cod through mid afternoon. 5:00 p.m., the storm is in and out in a hurry, the strongest winds are up in coastal maine, portsmouth. on the back side, windy conditions even as late as 5:00 p.m. in new york city. still blowing and drifting of snow there. but then as the storm rapidly heads up to the gulf by about 11:00 p.m., the winds really come down on the back side. so the clean-up this evening, it looks like the wind won't be too bad. just still be pretty cold. here's the timing of everything, by 11:00 a.m., the pink shows that mix line, right around new york city. that's why we lowered the totals. once you get to the hudson valley, central new england, it's an all-snow event. that's why you're still in the 12 to 24 inch category. boston, mix in with sleet, possibly rain. lowered your snowfall totals.
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new hampshire and northern and central maine, that's all snow for you guys. we still have a little bit of coastal flood issues. coastal flood warnings, maybe minor impacts at some morning's high tide, but not expecting maj major problems with the water at the coast. back to you. >> thank you. in new jersey, the accumulation estimates range from a couple inches in the southern portion of the state to more than two feet in the north. joining us from near the border with new york, nbc's tracy strahan. it seems like you're going to hit the brunt of this storm so far. how does it look? >> beautiful to look at and tough to feel. tough to keep drivers off the route on route 17, it goes all the way to the new york city state line. even at this early hour, we did see plows on the roads, trying to clear things off. keep in mind, there's a state of emergency that has been declared throughout the state of new jersey, by governor chris
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christie. that's to allow emergency crews and plows to get things down to the black top if possible. schools have been closed throughout the area, just like new york city. all the public municipalities, the courts and libraries, all shut down as well, as we are really expecting to feel the brunt of this. and even since we've been out here, visibility has been reduced. you're lucky if you can see a quarter mile in front of you. and still, the cars are zooming by, as you can see behind us on 17. stella not showing any mercy to the garden state. back to you. >> thanks so much. i hope people take it slow on the roads. shouldn't be out there at all. we'll have much more ahead, plus a controversial set of tweets that have set off a fire storm on capitol hill, and it wasn't something the president said. why republican congressman steve king is facing backlash from members of his own party. that's coming up next. only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes.
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♪ ♪ welcome back, there's a live look at the radar. we'll get another check on the winter storm in the northeast in just a minute, but first, some republicans are criticizing the latest controversial comments coming from iowa congressman steve king. it all started when the congressman tweeted in support of the views of far-right dutch politician wilders. posting, quote, wilders understands that culture and
1:25 am
demographics are our destiny. we can't restore our civilization with someone else's babies. and just in case you may have thought he misspoke -- >> i meant exactly what i said. i've been to europe and i've spoken to this issue, and i've said the same thing as far as ten years ago, to the german people, and to any population of people that is a declining popping population that isn't willing to have enough babies to reproduce themselves, and i've said to them, you cannot rebuild your civilization with someone else's babies. david duke has praised his remarks, but some of his colleagues want no part of it. @steve king, what exactly do you mean? baby?qualify as somebody else's #concerned gop colleague. senator jeff flake tweeted, elected officials can't be expected to respond to everything king says, but we are better than this. those comments were awful.
1:26 am
and here's house speaker paul ryan. >> i disagree with that statement. i haven't seen the context, but i disagree. we're a melting pot. my family is here because the potato stopped growing in ireland. this is what is beautiful about the american idea. we're a melting pot where people come from all walks of life, all around the world to seek freedom, to seek a better life. i haven't spoken to steve about this, i'd like to think that he misspoke and it wasn't meant the way it sounds. >> the chairman also condemned his remarks, saying diversity is the strength of any nation. still ahead, the latest on the winter storm hitting the northeast this morning. here's a video shot on a plane as it began landing in chicago yesterday evening. lake-effect snow blanketing the region last night. meteorologist bill karins will have more coming up next. ♪
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let your reign begin. evony, the mobile game. download now. welcome back to our special storm coverage, i'm cal perry. we'll get the latest forecast in a moment, but first a look at the other stop stories this morning. the justice department is asking for more time to provide the house intelligence committee with evidence to prove president trump's wiretapping claims. the committee now wants information before the march 20th hearing on russia.
1:31 am
with the spokesman warning they may issue subpoenas if questions continue to go unanswered. today the president's peace envoy travels to meet with mahmoud abbas. we're told the meeting lasted five hours and that among the topics discussed were the settlements issues and the need for direct israeli/palestinian negotiations. and german chancellor angela merkel's planned visit to the white house has been postponed today because of the weather. merkel will now have h first meeting with president trump on friday. the pair is also expected to hold a joint news conference. now to that monster storm, millions of people are in the midst of this nor'easter, several states of emergency already in full effect, many major cities basically shut down. we go right now to nbc's meteorologist bill karins. what's the latest with the track? >> people are just waking up and joining us. the storm is on schedule, still
1:32 am
very strong, but a little closer to the coast. we've knocked down snowfall forecasts for areas along the coastal areas and i-95, and it means even heavier sections for the northeast. 72 million people are impacted by the storm, blizzard warnings extended through alabama, from the canadian border with new york, straight down to new york city, all under a blizzard warning and from philadelphia north of boston, all under that blizzard warning. the map shows the blue, it's the snow. said in the blue where you have the white, that's the really intense bands of snow. those are now for the most part, northern maryland, southern pennsylvania, north of philadelphia, and now we're watching hea watching heavier bands get into new york city, that's why we thought the morning commute would be a nightmare. let's go to central park and jay gray. you should be noticing the intensity picking up. >> yeah, bill, it has, along with the wind gusts. they've become a bit stronger. you talked about people getting out and going to work, obviously
1:33 am
still very early in the city, but there's nobody on the streets other than some of these crews that are working right now, trying to stay ahead of this storm. that's going to be very difficult, as you've talked about for the last couple days. we'll see this thing continue to intensify through the early morning hours and really drop a ton of snow here. right now, as you talked about, it is picking up a bit, if you can see it on the screen here. i mean, we're starting to get it blowing sideways. and again, the snow ha been falling for a couple of hours. as you've talked about, more is on the way. a lot of people, we were out here yesterday, talking to some folks, believe it or not, there were people jogging in shorts out here. so what a difference 24 hours will make. but the folks we talked to yesterday said they planned to stay home, a lot of the kids obviously aren't going to be in school. some of those who work say that their employers have told them, do what you can from the house, but stay in tomorrow, it's going to be a mess. hopefully they heed that advice and stay out of the area.
1:34 am
it's still early and it's very messy at this point, bill. it's only going to get worse. >> still pinpointing 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. as the peak for central park. that's when the winds will really be howling and you could see that two inches of snow per hour. after that, maybe some sleet. so it will be interesting to follow you throughout the day there in central park. best of luck to you. >> thanks, bill. let's get back to the maps. again, the d.c. area last night, you had your burst of snow, about an inch. then we've had a lot of sleet. you changed over pretty quickly. we knocked your snow totals down upo . and now we have rain knocking on the door. d.c. won't be horrible from the belt way south to the coast. baltimore, you've had more snow than d.c. also philadelphia, you are all snow and now changed over to a little bit of sleet. here's the snow forecast map. it's still extremely impressive, even if it's not going to be historic for the i-95 cities. everybody in the interior sections is dealing with one to two feet of snow, and in some
1:35 am
cases, higher than that. snowfall totals, d.c. area, already about two inches. they count sleet as snow, so an inch of snow and one of sleet, counts for two. d.c. could be three to five with snow on the back side. baltimore, four to eight, you're in the wintry mess now. you'll go back to snow at the tail end of the storm. philadelphia, six to ten inches. areas of coastal new jersey will get zero. it will be all rain and wash away. once you get past philadelphia, only by about 20 to 30 miles, into the red, that's 18 inches of snow. so philadelphia's on the sharp gradient. shame thing goes for northern new jersey. you're in the 18 inches. mt. pocono, catskills, poconos, 24 to 30, two and a half feet possible in those areas. a little bit of a mix in new york city. i've lowered you to 8 to 14. further north, we're watching an all-snow event. it's gotten worse for albany,
1:36 am
newburg, poughkeepsie, rutland, vermont, up to glens falls and saratoga. and coast of new england, the forecast has improved, less snow for you because of the mixing. boston and providence and new bedford and coastal connecticut. that's kind of a brief wrap-up of it. the other portion of the storm is going to be the winds and we'll talk more about that coming up. because, remember, just because this storm is closer to the coast, a little less snow for coastal areas, that means higher winds. it's a double-edge sword. >> and d.c. is kind of hard to predict. >> it's a nightmare anytime, and especially in march. d.c., err on the side of caution when you're forecasting for d.c. more times than not, they seem to get less than the computer models expects. d.c., it's still an impact event. two inches of stuff on the roads, maybe a brief period of rain, and on the tail end, they'll go back over to a period of snow. they're not completely done, but compared to other areas, they're faring much better. >> thank you, sir.
1:37 am
we'll check back in just a bit. to other big stories making headlines this morning, a non-partisan analysis of republican plans to overhall federal health care coverage shows millions will lose coverage or choose not to buy it in years to come because of the expense. hallie jackson reports. >> reporter: the government scorecard is out on the new gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare. what it would cost, and how many it would cover. the prediction, ending obamacare would mean 14 million more people would be uninsured next year. partly because many would decide to drop the coverage they're required to have now. the report also predicts individual premiums would spike about 15%, before dropping in 2020. the analysis, worse than early estimates by health experts, but the administration's already dismissing these numbers, from the congressional budget office. a non-partisan agency whose job is to figure out what any new
1:38 am
piece of legislation would cost. >> we disagree strenuously with the report put out. >> reporter: the white house argues they were wrong on obamacare originally. >> they were wildly off. >> reporter: that estimatended up off by 30%, partlyecause the supreme court changed the expectation for expanding medicaid coverage. still independent analysts found the budget office came the closest. >> the congressional budget office only job in life is to get the numbers as close to accurate as they can possibly be. >> reporter: the numbers that matter most to kim, the ones on her insurance bill. >> after obamacare really started to set in, my insurance premium doubled. >> reporter: under the gop proposal right now, the life-long republican would pay even more, since she'd get less help from the government. >> now at the center of all of this is the congressional budget office, the non-partisan outfit tasked with finding out how bills like this really impact americans. the federal budget and the
1:39 am
economy in which we live. yesterday the trump administration and health and human services secretary tom price questioned the conclusions of their report. >> the cbo looked at a portion of the plan, but not the entire plan. the entire plan includes the regulatory apparatus that we have at ability to use. they also ignored completely the other legislative activities that we'd be putting into place. we disagree strenuously with the report that was put out, we believe that our plan will cover more verdicts at a lower cost and give them the choices that they want for the coverage that they want for themselves and for their family, not that the government forces them to buy. the director is keith hall, former staff economist who worked under president george w. bush. when he was appointed a top congressional republican, said, quote, keith hall will bring an impressive level of economic experience and experience to the congressional budget office. his vast understanding of economic and labor market policy will be invaluable to the work of cbo. that was republican tom price.
1:40 am
but republicans remain deeply divided. last night house speaker paul ryan said he found the cbo report encouraging. >> so this compared to the status quo is far better. i'm excite body this analysis, and, yeah, i think they overestimate the uninsured number, just like they did with who would be insured by obamacare. but i believe, if we're not going to force people to buy something theye not going to buy, they won't buy it. and that's obvious. now that we have this encouraging score from the cbo, this gives us even more room to work on, to give fine-tuning touches on this bill as it moves through the committee process. >> cbo kinda missed it when it came to the number of people to be enrolled in obamacare, and they missed it in terms of the actual escalation of costs. having said that, i don't think this is particularly good news. if they're half right, that's still a lot of people that would be uninsured. it does reduce the deficit and
1:41 am
reduce premiums some. overall we should take the cbo report and see if we can make the bill better. >> before the scoring came out, some high profile republicans had their doubts. >> are you going to vote for the plan as it looks right now? >> i'm not prepared to vote for it as it is right now. that's not because of a specific this is unacceptable, but because i think we can do better. >> let me just say this about this so-called three-phase process. that's just not going to happen. that's just politicians talk. it's all talk. phase two is as yet unwritten regulations, which are going to be subject to the whims of the most liberal judge in america, and phase three is some imaginary bill that might pass with democratic support. well, if we had democratic support, we wouldn't need phase two and phase three. >> and still some house republicans are not satisfied the plan goes far enough to
1:42 am
scale back the affordable care act. house freom caucus chair mark meows said in a statement, the congressional budget office's score does little to alleviate our conservative concerns for this obamacare replacement bill. now, as you can imagine, top democrats used the cbo report to urge republicans to scrap the overhaul effort. >> i hope that they would pull the bill. it's really the only decent thing to do. numbers are important. they see the numbers. they should know how that transfers into people's lives. how can they look their constituents in the eye when they say to them, 24 million of you are no longer going to have coverage? >> now, you remember when president trump was a candidate? he said everyone will be covered and costs will go down. we now know that he had no intention of keeping either promise. premiums for seniors will rise a whopping 20 to 25%.
1:43 am
and co-payments and deductibles for millions more. if there was ever a war on seniors, this bill, trumpcare, is it. >> senator joe manchin has lately warmed to the trump administration, but he told "the washington post," quote, i'm not an attack person, you know that. i just don't attack because you're on the other side of the aisle, but how can you look at yourself and say, okay, i'll help the person who needs help the least. the wealthiest people with more tax cuts, because i'm going to be taking away from the elderly population. >> we turn now to an exclusive nbc news investigation. a highly controversial practice happening at our borders involving u.s. citizens with valid passports. they're being stopped and told to turn over cell phones and passwords without suspicion of any crime and without being given any indication they were on any watch list. nbc's senior investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden reports. >> reporter: it happened in
1:44 am
early january at the canadian border to buffalo couple shabbily and kelly mccormick. he's a filmmaker. she's a student. both born in the usa. >> that to me just felt like a gross violation of our rights. >> reporter: u.s. customs and border protection agents held them for two hours, took their cell phones and demanded their passwords. they turned them over. three days later, they once again drove 20 minutes from home to canada for dinner. but they were stopped again, this time acrim refused to give over his phone. >> one officer grabbed me from behind, by the throat. another grabs me by the legs. a third one reaches into my pockets and pulls out my cell phone. then they asked kel tly to give her cell phone up and she's scared stiff. >> i just handed it right over. i was not about to get tackled. >> reporter: the law at the u.s. border, including at international airports, allows the government to inspect your phone or your computer.
1:45 am
no warrant needed. just like they can look into your luggage. not only that, whether you give them your password or not, they can make a clone of what's on your device. until recently it was a power rarely used. >> the fourth amendment, even for u.s. citizens, doesn't apply at the border. under case law, that goes back 150 years. >> reporter: but now, that's allows law enforcement agencies to collect data from your phone in a way that would violate the right against unreasonable searches and seizures anywhere else. >> i have extraordinary respect for our border patrol. with that said, this loophole that you talked about, really disappoints me, and it seems to have gotten worse than january 20th. >> reporter: over the past month, nbc news has spoken with 25 american citizens stopped at the border. eight since president trump took office. all ordered to turn over their phones and passwords. or unlock them. many threatened with arrest if they didn't comply.
1:46 am
like acrim, whose parents are from syria. all but two of them, american muslims. we spot-checked others on the list. among them, a nasa scientist. intelligence officials told nbc news that none of those we checked were on any u.s. watch list, nor were they suspected of any crime. one did have a speeding ticket. homeland security officials tell nbc news electronic searches began late in the bush administration, but they were very limited. but by the last year of the obama administration, the number of cell phone searches increased five-fold. according to data obtained by nbc news, 2017 is gearing up to be a blockbuster year. more people stopped in february than the entire year of 2015. homeland security won't say how many are americans. so what's going on? two intelligence officials tell nbc news, the increase is driven
1:47 am
by two factors. frustration that law enforcement failed to detect a string of domestic terrorism attacks. and intensified rhetoric by donald trump about radical islamic terrorism. >> what is going on at the borders has the potential to be a real digital dragnet. i think that this really puts at risk both the security and the liberty of the american people. >> the incident is being investigated by dhs inspector general, homeland security has told us they are merely adapting to new intelligence threats and stay electronicearch apply to less than 1% of travelers. still ahead, we continue to follow this major storm, which has the northeast on lockdown. 70 million people feeling the effects of this storm. 31 million under blizzard warnings. the hardest working man in the building this morning, bill
1:48 am
karins, will be back with the latest just after this. mptoms o. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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>> scandals happen all the time, it's how democracies respond. >> i think one of your children's just walked in. shifting sands, do you think relations with the north may change? >> i would be surprised if they do.
1:52 am
pardon me. my apologies. my apologies. sorry. north korea -- south korea -- >> you know what this reminded me of? like a giant metaphor for the trump administration. >> we believe the first one was done in compliance with u.s. code and the authority granted the president. this time, when we execute this, it's done in a manner that's flawless, and so we, it's not a question of delaying, it's a question of getting it right. we've taken the court's opinions. [ laughter and applause ] >> good times, good times. >> that was of course "the daily show" having fun with this week's viral video. back to the storm, we want to look specifically at the jersey store. matt from wcau, beach erosion is a big concern down there.
1:53 am
>> reporter: that is a big concern, and right now, we have that gust of wind. here i had this trash bag to sort of illustrate what the wind is doing down here. right now, that's the concern. we have the wind and the rain here. that's been the story of the day for most of the past several hours here at the jersey shore. nothing in the way of snowere. take a look. thisis the atlantic city boardwalk and you can see, it's pretty much a ghost town, no one really walking around, and down here on the beach, of course it's very dark at this hour, but it's one of thods dase days wheu have to be careful. we're going to be keeping an eye on the power outages. i just checked with the power company around here. no issues just yet, but that could change later on as the day progresses. back to you. >> matt, thank you very much, sir. i want to bring back in bill karins. no rain on the shore. how's it looking, though? >> you can go from atlantic city, new jersey, where they're going to get zero snow, and you can go to northern new jersey,
1:54 am
where some will have a chance of 30 inches. so when you get storms like this, it's a fine line between how much snow you get, and it makes it very difficult to predict. that's why we've been adjusting numbers around philadelphia, trenton and other areas to the south, like baltimore, even d.c. new york city, the snow is really picking up out on long island, and also through northern new jersey. this is the first really heavy band, why they canceled the schools and told people to stay off the roads if you can. now we'll start getting the whiteout conditions in and around the new york area. still lighter snow for new england, but it's spread all the way north of albany, and spreading up into areas of vermont, new hampshire, and even the boston area. if you haven't seen flakes yet, you soon will. very heavy snow outside of baltimore, northern maryland, and heavy for harrisburg. some of the bull's-eyes, the highest totals in northeastern new jersey, eastern pennsylvania, and southern portions of new york. still looking at this 18 inches plus, and there are some spots
1:55 am
with a chance for up to two and a half feet of snow, especially in the mountainous areas of the poconos, the catskills, the berk shirs,orcester. potential for power outages with the wds. kely on long island and towards cape cod and eastern new england. those are the spots that aren't going to get the snow, they have to deal with the strongest winds. >> bill, thank you very much. we'll be checking back very often. now to politics, the trump administration missed its deadline to provide evidence supporting the president's claim that president obama wiretapped his phones inside trump tower last year. the justice department asked for more time, quote, to determine what if any responsive documents may exist to back up the explosive charge which president obama's office has denied. the house intelligence committee said it would extend the deadline to monday march 20th, when its russia hearing gets under way. while a spokesperson said if the justice department doesn't meet
1:56 am
the new deadline, they might use subpoena power. yesterday sean spicer told reporters to direct questions about the deadlines to the justice department and attempted to recast the meaning of the president's words. >> i think if you look at the president's tweet, he said very clearly, quote, wiretapping. in quotes. there's been substantial discussion in several reports, brett bear from fox on march 3rd talked about evidence of wiretapping. there's been reports in "the new york times" and the bbc and other aspects of surveillance that have occurred. the president was clear in his tweet that it was wiretapping. that spans a whole host of surveillance options. >> he doesn't really think that president obama went up and tapped his phone personally. >> what does he think? >> but there's no questionhat the obama administration, that there were actions about surveillance a other activities that occurred in the 2016 election. that is a widely reported
1:57 am
activity that occurred back then. the president used the word wiretap in quotes to mean broadly surveillance and other activities during that. >> when he says something, can we trust that it's real? >> yes! >> you said when he said wiretapping, he meant surveillance. >> he had it in quotes. >> so you're interpreting the tweet for us? >> no, in some cases, i'll ask him. >> did you ask about this one? >> i did. >> what did he say? >> he said it was about surveillance, something that had been referred to in other reports. >> so he cited reports in his conversation with you? >> he did. >> much more ahead, tracking this monster storm hammering the northeast, blizzard warnings for eight states, emergency declared from virginia to connecticut. philadelphia right now getting pounded, and for new york city, things are just getting started. live coverage continues right after the break. un-stop right there!
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bracing for a blizzard. a major winter storm bearing down on the northeast. it's already causing travel trouble on the roads and at airports across the country. blizzard warnings are in effect for eight states right now. plus, the debate over health care gets even more intense. a new prediction that 24 million people could lose o give up on health care coverage over the next decade. and a controversial tweet, republican


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