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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 14, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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bracing for a blizzard. a major winter storm bearing down on the northeast. it's already causing travel trouble on the roads and at airports across the country. blizzard warnings are in effect for eight states right now. plus, the debate over health care gets even more intense. a new prediction that 24 million people could lose o give up on health care coverage over the next decade. and a controversial tweet, republican congressman steve
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king, facing criticism from members of his own party after making racially charged comments. good morning, it's tuesday, march 14th. i'm cal perry in for ayman mohyeldin. ayman is off because he and his wife are the proud parents of a new baby girl. there you see her, dora is her name. he's got a good reason to be off early. alex is also off. stephanie gosk is filling in. and louis burgdorf is here. thank you, louis. >> good morning. >> nice to be here, cal. we begin this morning with the latest on a massive winter storm already bringing heavy snow to the northeast. millions of people are in the midst of that nor'easter with several states of emergency already in full effect in major cities effectively shutting down. the storm is working its way up the east coast with washington, d.c. serving as the dividing
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line between the snow up north and the rain down south. eight states in the northeast are facing blizzard warnings with parts of the region expecting more than a foot of snow. and strong winds up to 50 miles per hour or higher. this is a live look outside the offices here at rockefeller center. it is already coming down. it's a similar scene in philadelphia where the snow is reducing visibility. so far, new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, connecticut and virginia have all declared states of emergency. connecticut's governor has issued a statewide travel ban starting at 5:00 a.m., while here in new york, aboveground portions of the subway system are shut down as of an hour ago. amtrak will operate a modified schedule while they will shut down service between new york and boston but offer limited service between new york and washington. and for students in major cities like new york, philadelphia and boston, no school for you today. schools in baltimore are also
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closed where the snow began to fall last night created these tricky driving conditions. meanwhile, just outside of boston, bare shelves at one grocery store as people loaded up on supplies to ride out the storm. speaking yesterday, new york city mayor bill de blasio issued a frank warning to residents here. >> stay off the streets for your own good, for your own safety, but to help the sanitation department to help keep the streets clear. if you must go out, do so for as limited time as possible. >> if you were scheduled to fly today, you may want to double check with your airline. so far, more than 5,000 flights have been canceled due to the storm while another 1,000-plus have been delayed. and it's no surprise that the airports with the most canceled departing flights are here in the northeast. let's start our coverage with bill karins tracking the storm's latest moves. bill? good morning to you, stephanie.
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we are watching some slight changes overnight with the storm if you are just joining us. it's still as intense as expected, but it is closer to the coast. it's dragging more warm air towards land. we'll get into the map, 72 million people impacted from the storm. the red, winter storm warnings, but from cleveland to bangor, maine, and just north to the d.c. area. it's the blizzard warnings that are very impressive. about 31 million people covered from burlington, vermont, all the way down to albany, new york, down the hudson valley to trenton and back over to the hartford area to worcester and the mass pike to portland. boston is not under the blizzard warning. here's the map, snow quickly overspread all of the northeast and new england overnight. now we are watching it through southern vermont and new hampshire. the really heavy stuff is situated in pennsylvania and northern new york, northern new jersey, into the new york city area. and that messy sleet/snow mix
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from d.c. to baltimore and philly, that's cutting down on your predicted snowfall forecast. this red is 18 inches. interior sections of the northeast, this is about as big as a snowstorm you'll get. and that's where we have the most significant travel impacts. but d.c. area had about two inches of snow and sleet overnight. i think you'll only end up with more snow on the backside. baltimore, four to eight inch. philly, six to ten mixing in with sleet. mount pocano, 24 to 30 inches. new york city, we lowered you to 8 to 14 as you get a mix throughout the later portions of the morning. and finally boston and providence, a little lower totals there. the jackpot, away from the cities on i-95. unbelievable. joining us from ridgewood, new jersey, nbc news correspondent blake mccoy. blake, you're in one of the areas expected to get the h heaviest snowfall. i have seen you in worst, but that doesn't look good. >> reporter: you've seen me in worst, but we have a long day
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ahead of us, cal. they are expecting 18 inches here. this is where the storm is tracking worst right now. so that's why they sent us up in this area. you can see what people are waking up to or will be soon. we have about three to four inches of snow on the ground right now. schools are closed today, businesses are closed. that's not going to be a huge concern for people. the big concern for authorities here in new jersey is keeping people off of these roads since school is closed and businesses are closed, they don't really need to be out there for most people. so right now most people are heeding the warnings. it took us 20 minutes to get here from our hotel. the highways look okay, they have plows on the highways, but the side streets are just a mess in new jersey. most of them completely untouched. we are by a train station here as well in new jersey. they are going to keep the trains running on a modified schedule, the weekend schedule, as long as they can. that will also help to keep the tracks warm and make it easier to restart service once they do that tomorrow. so anyway, you can see the snow is coming down.
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and it's going to keep coming down for quite a while out here in new jersey, cal. >> it's finding to be a long day for nbc's blake mccoy. thank you for getting up with us early. and joining us from philadelphia, nbc news correspondent morgan radford, where they are expecting six to ten inches of snow. morgan, this is a battle of who's got the worst live shot this morning. is it you? >> reporter: tell blake i think i win. stephanie, good morning. we are out here in philadelphia, you can already see the snow and mixing in with hail and sleet. it's coming down pretty hard here. we are currently under a snow emergency in philadelphia. there's a blizzard warning just north and west of the city. experts are saying this is a dangerous and a life-threatening storm, possibly a record-breaking late winter storm. something we haven't seen of this magnitude in this area since the late 19th century. the reality is that for those trying to go to work today, experts say you shouldn't leave unless it is an emergency because schools are already closed. the concern is that this snow is mixing with the hail and will stick to the streets because
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right now we are hitting the freezing temperature point. but it's also the wind that is a threat, the wind is going to kick up this snow and reduce visibility. but also that's why the city has deployed more than 400 vehicles now hitting the street. they've got more than 50,000 tons of salt to try to clear these roads. and they are telling people to stay inside, if at all possible, because we are under a winter storm warning until 6:00 p.m. stephanie? >> morgan, just for the record, i think yours is probably worse right now with that sleet. but how big of a concern is that? the forecast has really changed. >> reporter: yeah, it's changed. you can see how deep it is coming down just overnight. this started at 11:00 to 12:00 last night. the big concern is keeping people off the roads and inside their homes. >> nbc's morgan radford in philadelphia, thank you. now over to chicago, the storm has ended the city's record streak without at least an inch of snow on the ground. so far this year, the city has had essentially no snow. a first in recorded history.
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this video shows a huge pile-up on the kennedy expressway involving more than 30 vehicles including at least one state police car. luckily, only minor injuries were reported. chicago is also expected to see more lake-effect snow after this storm passes. in wisconsin, whiteout conditions caused multiple traffic accidents on i-41 forcing the shutdown of traffic in both directions. while in milwaukee, residents say the snow was easy to shovel, but the problem was, it came down so fast it was nearly impossible to keep up. and snow has already started to come down a bit farther south in washington, d.c. you're looking at a live shot of capitol hill there. a snow emergency was declared yesterday ahead of today's snowfall. federal agencies are now on a three-hour delay because of the storm. and the area's metro service is running on a saturday schedule today. d.c. mayor muriel bowser met with the president at the white house yesterday regarding the storm to talk about how the city would handle this mess.
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the house of the representatives is handling the snow by taking the day off. house majority leader kevin mccarthy called off tuesday's planned votes due to the flight cancellations across the country. president trump's much anticipated meeting with angela merkel, the first for the world leaders, is also postponed until friday. in the administration's first cabinet meeting yesterday, the president was confident that federal agencies were prepared ahead of the major winter storm. >> we're prepared, everybody in government is fully prepared and ready. the entire northeast it seems is under a pretty severe winter storm warning. so let's hope it's not going to be as bad as some people are predicting. usually it isn't. let's turn to the other big story today, a study by the nonpartisan congressional budget office is making republican plans for overing health care a tougher sell. ev within eir own party. the report finds the number of
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uninsured will increase by 24 million people over the next decade. the ranks of the uninsured will grow by 14 million people next year alone. the three major factors are how the bill rescinds the penalty on the uninsured leaving more to opt out of the market. using tax credits less generous than current subsidies making purchasing health care less affordable. and some states are undoing the medicaid expansion because of new restrictions on spending, decreasing coverage for low-income people. over the ten-year period in the current plan, medicaid will undergo an $880 billion spending decrease with $14 million fewer medicaid enrollees. that's a 17% reduction from the number enrolled under obamacare. overall, the percentage of u.s. residents under the age of 65 without health insurance is projected to return to pre-affordable care act levels. outside the white house yesterday, health and human services secretary tom price
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rejected the analysis. >> the cbo looked at a portion of the plan but not the entire plan. in fact, the entire plan includes the regulatory apparatus that we've got the ability to use at health and human services. they also ignored completely the other legislative activities we would be putting into place. we disagree extraneously with the report put out and believe this will give individuals the lower cost and give them the choices they want for the coverage they want for themselves and their family, not that the government forces them to buy. >> the cbo also found a substantial impact on the federal deficit. a reduction of $337 billion by 2026 compared to the smaller reduction of $125 billion by 2019 under obamacare. the stark net change in the deficit will come through limiting medicaid spending and ending the affordable care act tax credits. and the white house engaged in counter programming yesterday with president trump hosting a listening session for people
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struggling with the costs of the affordable care act. the white house called the, quote, victims of obamacare. the president began by saying the positive impact of the republican legislation will take time. and that the media is too positive in its portrayal of obamacare. >> more competition and less regulation will finally bring down the cost of care. and i think it will bring it down very significantly. unfortunately, it takes a while to get there. because you have to let that marketplace kick in. and it will take a while to get there. once it does, it's going to be a beauty. and we should take a year or two years, but that's what is going to happen and that's the way it works. the press is making it look so wonderful, so that if we end it, everyone is going to say, oh, remember how great obamacare used to be? remember how wonderful it used to be? it was so great. it's a little bit like president obama when he left, people liked him. when he was here, people didn't like him so much.
2:14 am
that's the way life goes. that's human nature. the fact is, obamacare is a disaster. and i say this to the republicans all the time, by repealing it, by getting rid of it, by ending it, everyone is going to say, oh, it used to be so great but it wasn't great. >> later the president sat down with house leadership and convened his administration's first cabinet meeting where he described the health care proposal as an ongoing discussion. >> the house plan will expand choice, lower costs and ensure health care access to all, renegotiating with everybody. it's a big fat beautiful negotiation. >> and the president is adding another campaign-style rally focused on health care, heading to louisville, kentucky, on monday night. this on the heels of vice president pence's trip there over the weekend. the president will hold a rally in nashville tomorrow shortly after he visits the tomb of president andrew jackson honoring his 250th birthday.
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still ahead, much more on our big fat winter storm slamming the northeast. >> yeah, the new york governor andrew cuomo said nearly 700 pieces of snow-fighting equipment are hitting the roads. and the new york department of transportation says they have 443,000 tons of road salt on hand. they are going to need it all. we'll have much more coming right up. imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card,
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i hope everyone is staying safe and warm tonight because we're expecting a huge blizzard. i'm hearing up to 18 inches of snow from what the weather channel has dubbed winter storm stella. on the latest from the storm, let's go to meteorologist jim cantore. thank, jim. >> jim cantore never looked so good. we are back with the winter storm hitting parts of the east coast. take a look at this videof a highway in baltimore, maryland, late last night. the driving conditions were
2:19 am
ready taking a hit there sometime before midnight in that area. it looks pretty treacherous. let's get another look from nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill? >> well, we did taken a in-depth look at the snowfall amounts. these storms can bring coastal flooding, but this is moving so quickly that it has not built up at the coast. we have high tide that we are minorly concerned about. but the blue is the snow spreading rapidly to the north. it is as advertised outside of the big cities. north and west of philly, north and west of i-95, the new york city area and southern new england, it is snowing as hard as you would expect it to be in a nor'easter, two to three inches an hour. we are starting to get the snowfall rates. and it is the interior sections of the new england coast, we have lowered totals from boston to providence, new york and d.c. have come down. not a historic i-95 storm, but a
2:20 am
historic interior inland sections with the possibility of two feet of snow for the pocanos all the way up to areas of northern new england. now, as i mentioned the winds, i fast-forwarded past too many graphics here, let me go back. as far as the winds go, the highest winds are now located down along the maryland shore line to translate northward. ocean city is at 55. as we go through 7:00 a.m., the winds beginning to really pick up in philadelphia over the next hour or two. and then as we go through the morning, the highest winds go from new york city out on long island. that's a possibility of 50 to 70-mile-per-hour winds on long island. even though long island will likely be all rain at this point, you still have the potential for power outages because of that. then as the storm kicks up over long island into eastern portions of new england, the highest winds go from boston to ports mouth and through the areas on the main coast. notice the backside of this, on the backsidehe winds will howl, up to 50 miles per hour in new yorkity late in the day. then the storm kind of exits pretty quickly. so with winds that are expected,
2:21 am
here's the power outage potential map. if you're in the yellow, few. very isolated. once you get to the orange, that's where we're starting to talk about kind of like the mustard yellow, that's where we are talking scattered power outages. we do not think we have a lot of widespread outages possible, maybe to the allentown area because of the winds and two to three feet of snow in that area. but the highest impacts, interior new england. i do not expect widespread power outages or coastal flooding. so in terms of will this be a historic nor'easter-type blizzard or not? not for the big cities, it doesn't appear so. >> where is your prediction on the largest snowfall? >> somewhere in the cat skills and pocanos. we'll hear when the ski resorts come back with three feet of snow. >> thank you, sir. still ahead, a controversial tweet sets off a firestorm on capitol hill and it wasn't something the president posted. >> we'll talk about why republican steven king is facing backlash from members of his own party. that's coming up next. let's take a trip to la plata, colombia.
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duplicate response. ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at ♪ welcome back. we'll get another check on that winter storm hitting the northeast in just a minute, but first some republicans are criticizing the latest controversial comments from iowa congressman steve king. it all started when the congressman tweeted in support of the views of far-right dutch
2:25 am
politician geard wilders. just in case you thought he misspoke -- >> i meant exactly what i have said. i have spoken on this issue. i said the same thing to the german people and the population of people that is a declining population that isn't willing to have enough babies to reproduce themselves. i've said to them, you cannot rebuild your civilization with somebody else's babies. >> david duke praised the congressman's remarks tweeting, god bless steven king. some of the republican colleagues want no part of it. carlos curbello of florida said, what exactly do you mean? do i qualify as somebody else's baby? concerned gop colleague. and jeff flake said, elected officials can't be expected to
2:26 am
respond to everything king says, but we are better than this. those comments were awful. and here's house speaker paul ryan. >> i disagree with that statement. now, i haven't seen the context, but i disagree. we're a melting pot. look, my family is here because the potatoes stopped growing in ireland. this is what is beautiful about the american idea. we're a melting pot where people come from all walks of life all around the world to seek freedom, to seek a better life. i would like to think, and i haven't spoken to steve about this, but i would like to think he misspoke and it wasn't meant the way that it sounds. >> the chairman of the iowa republican party also condemned the congressman's remarks saying diversity is the, quote, strength of any nation. still ahead, the bitter cold temperatures, high winds and blizzard conditions have begun battering areas from new york through maine. we'll get live reports from across the northeast. plus, the congressional office budget numbers are out and there's good and bad news. the gop health care plan could shave billions off the nation's deficit, but millions could also
2:27 am
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good morning. welcome back. i'm cal perry alongside stephanie gosk and louis burgdorf. we'll get the latest forecast in a moment, but first a look at the morning's other top stories. the justice department is asking for more time to provide the house intel committee with evidence to prove president trump's wiretapping claims. the committee now wants the information before the march 20th hearing on russia with the spokesman warning they may start
2:31 am
issuing subpoenas if questions continue to go unanswered. and today the president's middle east peace envoy travels to the west bank to meet with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. this comes one day after jason greenbrat met with benjamin netanyahu. the settlement issue and the need for the direct palestinian negotiations were discussed. and german chancellor angela merkel's visit to the white house has been postponed due to the huge storm. merkel will have her first meeting with president trump on friday. the pair is also expected to hold a joint news conference. and now to that monster storm, millions of people across the northeast and midatlantic are in the midst of a nor'easter with several states of emergency already in full effect. let's get right to nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, what's the latest? >> the storm is rapidly moving to the northeast. it's intensifying and it's sending the heavy snow into the areas we thought it would. there are also some rain out
2:32 am
there that is also knocking down snowfall totals if you're just joining us. so 31 million people at risk of blizzard conditions today. it's amazing how large of an area from trenton, new jersey, all the way up to burlington, vermont, new york city and portions of central new england. the radar filled in in a hurry, everybody went to bed with no snow on the ground. now we have inches of snow on the ground in areas of pennsylvania, new jersey, new york and southern new england. this is the area where it is rain, pouring rain outside south of washington, d.c., south of baltimore. so it's i-95 is the divide pg line. i-95 is sleet. north of there is heavy snow. south of there is dealing with rain. once you get to new york it's different. so as far as the snowfall totals and the timing, i want to go through this with you here. 9:00 a.m., notice the sleet mixed line into southern philadelphia. d.c., back over to a period of snow as it ends. you're not completely done yet.
2:33 am
rain on long island and the mix to southern new england. that's why the snow totals are less. let's fast forward past 11:00, notice new york city in the afternoon and the sleet. a little bit of snow on the backside. all snow hudson valley through the berkshires. areas of northwest connecticut, that's where the highest totals will be from albany back to utica, syracuse, saratoga springs, the areas north of the mass pike get a lot of snow out of this. boston, by 5:00 p.m., you move to a period of rain. boston gets heavy snow this morning, then sleet, then rain, probably snow on the backside. so an absolute mess for those areas. that's why as i mentioned, the snowfall totals are very, ve very -- they vary greatly in a short distance. in areas from the new jersey shore, that's zero. one you are passed philadelphia, you're talking the possibility of 18 to 24 inches of snow. we have d.c., we'll move through the snowfall totals if you are just coming back with us, additional snow in d.c., maybe
2:34 am
only an inch. that's it. baltimore, four to eight. further to the north, we have lowered totals for i-95 including new york and philadelphia. but once you get to the north of those areas, this is as big of a snowfall in areas of northern new jersey and the hudson valley. >> the headline is the major cities aren't going to be impacted as heavily as we initially thought they were going to be. >> yes. school closures were still needed. airports are still needing to be closed. there's still a high-impact event when you factor in the winds. even snow versus sleet, you don't want to be flying and landing in sleet anyways. so all that stuff wouldn't matter. the only thing that depends is how much you have to shovel out there. so a little less for the big cities, but a lot more for areas in the interior sections of the northeast and new england. >> thank you, bill. it definitely still feels brutal for morgan radford in philadelphia. morgan, they are expecting six to ten inches where you are? >> reporter: we have already seen seven in some places, stephanie. but it's not just the snow, it's the sleet that you can already
2:35 am
see pummeling down on us. we are currently under a snow emergency here in philadelphia. but there's a blizzard warning just north and west of the city. and expertsaveai this is a dangerous life-threatening storm. ceainly a late winter disruptive storm because it's had quite the impact. we have seen 400 plowed vehicles that the city has deployed. they have more than 50,000 tons of salt out there ready. schools have been closed today and experts are asking people not to go outside unless it's an emergency. but if people are planning to go to work and they are waking up for that commute, we don't expect there will be much of a commute based on what the roads look like, but the snow and sleet is expected to stick because right here in philadelphia the temperatures are right at freezing. but it's not just the snow and the sleet. it's also these wind gusts. it's pretty windy out here. when that kicks up the snow, it will reduce the visibility for the drivers. again, that's why they ask people to stay inside, because we are under a winter storm warning until 6:00 p.m. tonight, stephanie. >> it is looking treacherous
2:36 am
there. morgan ratford, thank you. >> you can hear the sleet there. in ridgewood, new jersey, our nbc's blake mccoy is there. a lot of the talk was the storm will move so fast, people won't have time to plow. is that what you're seeing? >> reporter: well, we have just seen our first plows go by. i can show you here, the road is pretty smooth here through downtown ridgewood. these are the first plows to go by on the side streets. i drove here on the highway this morning, and they were plowing the highways. i still passed a jackknifed semi truck and cars were going very, very slowly. so it's very dangerous to be on the roads right now. and we are only talking about, i would say, three to four inches of snow so far here in ridgewood, new jersey. so as the morning goes on, it's going to be much, much more dangerous. on top of that, morgan was saying, you know the snow is sticking there, it's right near 32 degrees. here in northern new jersey, we are in the 20s, about 25. this snow is not going anywhere today. sometimes with march snow we see it warm up fairly quickly and the snow melts away.
2:37 am
that's not going to be the case here in new jersey. that's a goodhing that school is canceled and businesses are closed. as i mentioned in the last half hour, trains are running on the weekend schedule. i don't imagine many people will be trying to get into the city today, though. a lot of people commute into manhattan. i don't think that is happening today, guys. >> it's a good excuse to stay home. blake, thank you, sir. we'll turn to the other big story, health care. a study by the congressional budget office is making republicans look at the number of people who will be uninsured by 2020. the cbo also found the substantial impact on the federal deficit. a reduction of $337 billion by 2026 compared to the smaller reduction of $124 billion by 2019 under obamacare. the stark net change in the deficit will come through limiting medicaid spending and ending the affordable care act
2:38 am
tax credits. the republicans remain deeply divided. last night house speaker paul ryan said he found the cbo report encouraging. >> so this compared to the status quo is far better, i'm excited about this analysis. and yeah, i think they sort of overestimate the uninsured number just like they overestimated the number of insured under obamacare. but if we are going to force people to buy something they don't want to buy, they won't buy it. and that's obviously. now that we have the encouraging score from the cbo, this gives us more room to work on to make good fine-tuning finishing touches on the bill as it moves through the four-committee process. >> the cbo kind of missed it when it came to the number of people that would be enrolled in obamacare. and they missed it in terms of the actual escalation of cost. having said that, i don't think this is particularly good news. if they are half right, that's still a lot of people that would be uninsured. it does reduce the deficit and
2:39 am
reduce premiums some. overall, we should take the cbo report and see if we can make the bill better. >> before the scoring came out, some high-profile republicans had their doubts. >> are you going to vote for the speaker ryan plan as it looks right now? >> you know, i'm not prepared to vote for it as it is right now. and i think that's not because of the specific, this is unacceptable, but because i think we can do better. >> let me just say this about this so-called three-phase process. that's just not going to happen. that is just politicians talk. it's just all talk. phase two is as yet unwritten regulations that will be subject to the winds of the most local judge in america. and phase three is some imaginary bill that might pass with democratic support. if we had democratic support, we wouldn't need phase two and phase three. >> and still some house republicans are not satisfied. the plan goes far enough to
2:40 am
scale back the affordable care act. the house freedom caucus chair mark meadow said, quote, the congressional budget office's score does little to alleviate our conservative concerns for the obamacare replacement bill. and you can imagine top democrats used the cbo report to urge republicans to scrap the overhaul effort entirely. >> i hope that they would pull the bill. it's really the only decent thing to do. numbers aren't important. they have seen the numbers. they should know how that transfers into people's lives. how can they look their constituents in the eye when they say to them, 24 million of you are no longer to have coverage. >> you remember when president trump was a candidate? he said everyone will be covered and costs will go down. we now know that he had no intention of keeping either promise. premiums for seniors will rise a
2:41 am
whopping 20% to 25%. and co-payments and deductibles for millions more. if there was ever a war on seniors, this bill, trumpcare, did. >> senator joe manchin of west virginia has lately warmed to the trump administration, but he told "the washington post," quote, i'm not an attack person, you know that. i don't just attack because you're on the other side of the aisle. but how can you look at yourself and say, okay, i'll help the person who needs help the least, the wealthiest people, with more tax cuts, because i'm going to be taking away from the elderly population? still ahead, we continue to follow this major storm hitting the northeast. >> and it's a snow day for the kids. classes are canceled for students in new york, boston and philadelphia. d.c. schools are two hours late right now. while federal employees in the d.c. area are on three-hour delay. we'll get the latest storm track from bill karins in just a moment. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes,
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2:45 am
a live look right now over times square as the march winter storm bears down on the northeast. some 70 million people are feeling the effects. bill karins is tracking it all from the weather center. bill, i want your expert opinion when i leave here in about 20 minutes, should i walk the mile home? >> just bring a camera and send me some pictures. because the winds are howling and the snow is falling. washington, d.c., by the way, was under a winter storm warning when you went to bed last night. it was dropped from a winter weather advisory because less snow is expected. it mixed with sleet earlier, so it is messy and sloppy out there. it could change over to rain shortly. it's a close call. still a little over 70 million people affected by this storm during the next 18 hours. that's it. 18 hours from now this thing is gone. that's the good news about the storm is how fast it's going to move when it's a high-impact, very intense 18 hours. and then it will be the calm after the storm. there's the rain, knocking on the door close to the washington, d.c. area, baltimore still looking like a sleet storm
2:46 am
for you. philadelphia has had sleet mixing with snow at times. all ranger zee shore. it's a snowstorm in new york city. maybe sleet at the end of it, but primarily snow. you're the only city along i-95 in the blizzard warning. new york city still squarely in the foot-plus snowfall total. probably 8 to 14. once outside of there, we are talking about the hudson valley, just how intense the snow will be all day today. that's a huge section of 18 inches of snow. that's going to be a lot of work and a lot of cleanup that will need to be done. and the highest totals again will be the pocanos, cat skills and the mountainous areas of new england. by the time we get done with the wind, we could see wind damage possible in areas that turn to rain later today. portland, boston, cape cod, we could gust to 70 miles per hour. this is the power outage map in yellow. have the flashlights in case for later today. right now we are watching the snow pile up here in new york. we'll bring in the weather channel's stephanie abrams who
2:47 am
is keeping an eye on things here in new york city. stephanie, a very snowy good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's very quiet here in new york city. the only thing you really hear are the plows scraping the ground here. of course, it costs about $2 million an inch to clean up here in new york city. we are under a blizzard warning. some 31 million people are under a blizzard warning. the first time we have seen a blizzard warning in march here in new york city in about a decade. the same for philadelphia. at least for the western suburbs. and we could set daily records, the record here in new york, 4.1 inches. in boston, the record, 3.8 for the day. we could see that and basically just an hour as this thing gets going and all the energy is pouring into it now. we anticipate the pressure to drop significantly. and winds will be substantial heading throughout the day. of course, we have thousands of flights that have been canceled already, not only for today, but making up from yesterday and then rolling over into the day tomorrow. schools are closed. and stephanie, if you ask me, the way to get home would be to take the subway.
2:48 am
of course, above ground trains, those have been canceled, but things are still running below ground. so your best bet is to go low. because getting a cab this morning was virtually impossible. i haven't seen a single cab. >> the only problem, steph, is there are no subways that go from 30 rock to my house. but i don't know, i think i'm going to have to brave it and just strap on the boots and do it on foot. thank you so much. still ahead, the british government takes another step towards leaving the european union. we'll get a live report from london. and a live look right now in new jersey, no problem. more than 5,000 flights have been canceled so far, a thousand more delayed. and as far as amtrak is concerned, we are told to limit the service between washington and new york city. but trains are not running between new york city and boston. we are back in a moment. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
2:49 am
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2:51 am
an egyptian prosecutor ordered the release of the former egyptian president hosni mubarak. he was middle for six years in a military hospital in southern cairo and was overthrown in 2011 following 30 years in power. the 88-year-old was subsequently prosecuted on a slew of charges including corruption and murder. although he was only convicted of embezzling state funds. earlier this month, the top egyptian appeals court cleared him of his responsibility for the deaths of more than 200 protesters by police during the arab spring in 2011.
2:52 am
mubarak's lawyers said yesterday he'll be released many the next few days. british lawmakers passed the eu withdrawal bill after a back-and-forth debate in both the upper and lower houses of parliament. it comes after both houses voted to throw out changes to the bill which would have given parliament per inhe negotiation process. it set the stage for the government to trigger article 50 paving the way for the u.k. to officially leave the eu. joining us live from london, nbc's bureau chief, tehran arou arouzi. how is the prime minister theresa may expected to do this. >> reporter: this will trigger article 50 to allow them to leave the eu. it could be initially by the prime minister, but she's expected to wait until the end of the month before formally starting what is essentially a divorce as it is expected to take two years. the question is, will it be a messy divorce which won't be determined until negotiations
2:53 am
between the united kingdom and the remaining members of the eu begin. and both sides are already talking tough. the negotiations are expected to be a bit of a battle. the eu's likely to demand a costly divorce settlement, up to $60 billion euros, to settle britain's unpaid bills, and may refuse the agreement until the uk pays up. and it could discuss a new trade agreement to be ratified in two years. both great britain and the eu are about to take a step into the unknown and making things increasingly more complicated is scotland's first minister, nicholas stergen, announcing a second referendum for scotland, which theresa may sets them on a course of uncertainty with tunnel vision. >> ali arouzi, nice to see you, thank you very much. coming up next on "morning
2:54 am
joe," we'll check in with our reporters up and down the east coast. plus, new york governor andre you moe cuomo is join uin with the latest on his state in a state of emergency. and "morning joe" is just moments away. it's time to see what power really looks like. new neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair with accelerated retinol sa. clinically proven to reduce wrinkles in just one week. wrinkles? your time is up! rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots. rapid tone repair. neutrogena® see what's possible. it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good.
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before we toss it over to "morning joe," kept we want to another check on the monstrous tomorrow with bill karins. any changes since we last spoke? >> the dividing line where the snow, sleet and rain all mixed, that's landed right over the top of i-95, which has made a difficult forecast for all the big cities. here's the latest snowfall forecast projections. again, keeping all the heavy totals north and west of i-95 from d.c. to philadelphia and then especially through interior sections of new england. snow totals have come down for boston, providence, long island and southern portions of new jersey and down towards washington, d.c. and again, the areas that should not or where you do not want to get on the roads where it's
2:58 am
really going to quickly deteriorate if it hasn't already is through eastern pennsylvania, southern new york, now through connecticut and areas of long island near new york city. that's where we're getting the snow hard enough, guys, that the plows can't keep up. we are going to see motorists risk getting stranded. also happening today, the first round of the ncaa tournament kicks off. and rex tillerson makes his first trip to asia as secretary of state. he's set to stop in japan, south korea and china over the next week. the trip includes meetings to discuss north korea's recent missile test and the u.s. and economic security interests in the region. plus, republicans in washington are dealing with the setback for the obamacare overhaul. hallie jackson has more from the white house. a snowy good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, louis. this morning it could be a classic winter washington day, but the debate over health care is most certainly heating up. that's after this new report right out from the congressional budget office that looks at, for example, coverage and cost for the republican plan to repeal
2:59 am
and replace obamacare. what is the bottom line here? 24 million more americans will end up uninsured over the next decade according to the cbo. th 14 million americans not insured in the short-term by next year. house republican leadership like paul ryan says these are the folks who are required to have insurance now who don't want it, so they will drop it. you're also seeing some of the gop seize on a part of the report that says premiums will drop after 2020. that said, there's still intraparty disagreement inside the gop on how to move forward on this and how they can really get it done. all of it as the president keeps pitching his plan. shaping up to be another busy day, potentially in d.c., even that visit from german chancellor angela merkel set for today has been pushed off until friday because of the weather. back to you. >> the snow is messing up everything. our thanks to hallie jackson for that report. that does it for us on this tuesday alongside cal perry and
3:00 am
stephanie gosk. i'm louis burgdorf. "morning joe" starts right now. maybe i don't "look the par. i'm not svelte. i don't look comfortable oppose camera. >> more coming in from syria, then the thousands and thousands that our president -- quote, president -- has coming in. >> using these lasers, we punch a hole in the protective layer around the world, which we called the ozone layer. >> you accidentally proposed to rachel. >> can i stop you right there a second. when people do this, i don't know what it means. >> the president was clear in his tweet it was wiretapping. >> another perfectly reasonable explanation on well oiled machine on why president trump is accusing president ob


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