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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 14, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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it was always fascinating. i remember thinking every time, i wish lyndsey graham can become on stage. the man has such a well, in-depth of knowledge. he and john mccain had a bravery about them. their colleagues on the other side of the house. these with men who have run for president. they carry a great deal of weight. when you see what lyndsey graham says on tv, it is not the same as any senator who says you are going to be trouble. there is a handful of people threatening the fbi and actually have the fbi take it seriously and we may have development on this fairly soon. one way or another, there are
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calls for them to respond to congress and there is lyndsey graham's letter. >> they're going to be a lot of questions that have to be answered why won't the fbi just tell somebody with the clearance. >> i get that they are not telling us. >> we don't have that kind of clearing. >> francesca on the subject of why it is happening. you sit there in the briefing room. last night we said if it looks like a walk back and it sounded that sean spicer was turning out a walk back. >> today, he seems to walk back which was unusual. >> he said the president was confident and right. >> the thing that was interesting about yesterday's walk back was that he claims when the president says in his tweet wiretapping, he did not mean president obama had the justice department listening to his calls or monitoring his calls. donald trump did say specifically that obama was
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"tapping my phone." >> he did not mean necessarily that obama was tapping his phone that there is a broad range potential surveillance and a hole host of surveillance. i asked him what would fall in that range. he directed me to a law enforcement agency rather than telling me specifically what the president was referring to. >> you asked it a few times. >> that press conference is the second most funnest time of my day other than this one. >> true reporter like you keep ongoing back at them. it becomes strange of the degree of which you evade of getting answers on these things. >> francesca on a lesser topic that's one becoming an enormous medium and that's your microwave spying on you. kellyanne conway in her interviewing, you pointed it out
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did not say or ingest as a joke that she read on a article -- sean spicer declared that was said ingest and not as serious of an item wiretapping russia but a bit alternative answer. >> he said it was a joke. that's not what kellyanne conway originally said. it was to clarify that she was claiming president trump was spied on his microwave or television or through a telephone. >> she had read that those are ways that those are someone that could be spied on. >> michael, one of your great pieces is available online. it is seven easy graphics that's
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laid out the potential trump ties to russia. >> i assume that you concur with us of the shiny project rules that is not in effect. the intelligence committee and how convenience and the intelligence committee cranked up an operating. the former president wire tapping of his office building. >> look over there. that's a great distraction. that chart kinds of bring you back. >> by the way -- thank you, i appreciate that. >> my point is that if we map all the connections that we can think of and i am getting reader mails and phone calls that you forgot this one and that. it is hard to be authorative. >> the one chart that we have in our political magazine comes out on all fashion paper.
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you could not get the whole thing online because you know you have to zoom in too much. when you look at that totality, you just have to say, this is exceptionally strange and it warrants investigations. it is odd that there are so many people around donald trump are saying nothing to see here, this is not the story. there are a lot of other stories you should be paying attention to. something unusual is going on. maybe there is no wrong doing at the bottom. it is quite obviously warrants for further investigation. >> as my friend wolf says everybody standby, we'll take another break. when we come back. mr. costa is reporting tonight. what's up with the white house verses the speaker of the white house, we'll talk about healthcare. ♪
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we are half way through a four way committee process then it goes in the senate. we are keeping this bill intact but we are making modifications per members feedback. >> paul ryan and i talked to martha mccallum. feedback is what he's hearing many from his parties likely. >> the strongest voices are coming from the conservatives. breitbart posted some of ryan's audio comments about trump from a conference call back in october. >> there are basically two things that i want to make clear. i am not going to defend donald trump. not now and not in the future. you guys know i have real concerns of this nominee.
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many of you on this are facing tough reelections. with respect to donald trump, i would encourage you do what's best and do what you feel you need to do. >> it is not the first time breitbart has called out paul ryan here and some previous greatest hit headlines. >> paul ryan is the reason that gop is losing america. he's with her. paul ryan, yes, i have a soul. our panel remains with me. >> robert costa, it is your new reporting that started all of this off. what's going on between the
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white house and which elements of the white house and the speaker. >> on the service, the relationship is cordial and professional between the white house and the speaker. the president had a 4:00 call today with speaker ryan. there are a lot of forces. we talk about the freedom causes and congress. my colleague really zoned in tonight of the populist. >> all the different people that we detail in our article tonight are telling the white house and trump himself to back away. >> ali velshi, is the head lain of this plan we know it is dead and that's the effort to name it ryan care on its way to the grave. >> it is interesting how this did not play well. the white house thought it would go over better with conservatives. the problem is healthcare is something that you have to think about ideologically. either you believe everybody should have healthcare and every
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developing nation in the world would believe. >> or, you believe that it is a market made system. you pay for your healthcare and if you cannot afford it, too bad because it is not all right. you are starting to hear yolo from florida and other republicans, look, healthcare is not all right and it is a system. we cannot over promise. we are over promising and obamacare is over promising. they are not coming around on this one. they were not coming around on this one. i am puzzled that the white house mishandled it. it reminded me -- they did the math and had the votes to get it done. here, you split-t party. it is not clear that they will. >> francesca, where are they
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getting that coat count to give them that confidence? >> well, it is not entirely clear. they think that conservatives will get behind this bill because of what sean spicer says today. this is the best shot they have to repeal and replace. they are thinking that conservatives will come around on this even though there is no such indication that many of them will, the white house did not back off the plan today. they did not hang paul ryan out there to dry. >> sean spicer is still aggressive that says this is got to be done the right way. >> that'll come in the third phase and the third prong they are talking about. that, of course, will require 60 votes in the senate. that means they'll have to get some democrats to come along with them. >> i asked if they are confident and able to get that 60 votes in the senate.
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sean spicer told me yes, they are confident and they need this first phase to past. >> we can see today if watch cable news and looked at the web that ryan care label, that starts to boil up from the ground. >> yeah, how speaker is just a terrible job. >> john boehner was miserable in that job and paul ryan, totally is a figure now. i guess i have some sympathy for him. he's got one o f the worse jobs in the white house. >> i have to step back on him. the thing i find remarkable of this story is we are zooming back to the day of "access hollywood" tape was released, it is worth pausing to remember what that day was like. people thought the campaign was over. donald trump was going to step out of the race. there is no way and not only can this guy get elected, he could not stay on the ballot. mike pence was going to be the republican nominee. that tape was shocking and we
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don't talk about it anymore. it is a reminder of how far we come and the compromises that people like ryan had the make essentially over power. the guy survived that shot and now it is coming home to some degree. >> i would encourage people to remember the larger picture here and just what donald trump was able to come back from. really what it told us about him for good and bad. >> robert. and the glue that keeps together the relationship between speaker ryan and president trump has not been any kind of personal report because everyone in these relationships know and this is what ryan said back door in the campaign. keep it together is the promise of healthcare and tax reform this year. we are seeing that's starting to fray. this is a major test.
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the will and the interest to keep this healthcare bill alive. >> michael, as he often does. education raises a good point. that's contemporary ousley, what paul ryan is heard saying on the conference was what most americans household were saying the night after that event? >> it was not weird. a lot of people felt all right, someone is taking a position. >> paul ryan ran for vice president. he got dragged kicking and screaming in the house as the peeker position. this is a guy who feels the responsibility of call to duty. whether or not you agree with his politics. on the next day, he felt a call of duty and he shared that to the house. we knew this is happening. we knew that is a conversation that took place. and he was showing the conference i am giving you permission to do what you need to do.
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it seems like the right thing to do to get dragged through the mud which we know is like this with the president. it seems a little unusual. i am not sure if you succeeded in paul ryan's honor. that's one thing he carries with him to work everyday. >> it is time the thank our robert costa and francesca chambers and michael. when we come back of an update on our story having to do with the president's returns when "the 11th hour" continues.
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you know the only one that cares about my returns are the reporters. >> no, i won, i became president. >> president trump back in january saying the voters don't care about his tax returns. >> we are seeing part of his federal returns for the first time showing him paid $38 million back in '05. tonight the dnc is firing back at the white house. you recall the white house came out and trying to get out ahead of this by releaing some of the numbers before they were reported on air. >> dnc statement says "the white house's willingness to tavares lease some tax information when it suits them proves donald trump's audit excuse is a sham. >> where does the modern tradition go back to where we never heard a president says "i
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won." >> yeah, 1973, nixon was being investigated by all sorts of things. we have to show the people that the president is not a crook so he released his tax return, ironically, it did not have the desired effect. >> part of the argument of nixon is the president is the boss of the irs. how do you know the irs can fairly -- if you put out the tax returns, the public allows sunlight to investigate what goes on.
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but, in doing so when you are running for president, it lets everybody looks at your affair and judge them. everybody wants to know what tax rate they paid or whether they took advantage of everything they could and whether it was legal and you remember what mitt romney's tax came out, he paid a low percentage but it was all legal. >> secondly, is the president following the law and paying a fair share of taxes, does he know what the rest of us go through if they don't get exposed to the taxes we pay. >> wealthy people pay a lower percentage. that's where it comes from. it is about transparency. >> donald trump never promised a transparency. other president made it a big part of their pitch. john mccain and mitt romney did it. they all talked about how they're going to be transparent.
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this is not something that donald trump has talked about. he likes to create his narrative. he's a rich man. interestingly, the election was not about donald trump's taxes. when he got elected and kellyanne conway went on saying he's not going to release it. kellyanne conway says this is litigated and we are not going to release them. election is not a litigation. >> no one decided they did not want to see president trump's tax return. he did. >> ali velshi, the reason why we are able to describe all of this tonight. >> one last break for us and coming up why today is an important anniversary for an important american. "the 11th hour" continues after this.
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last thing before we go here tonight. it has to do with an important day of the light. on this day, 1973, john mccain was released by the north vietnamese after five and a half years of a prisoner of war that caused permanent injuries that leaves him things like unable for him to comb his hair on this day. >> he violently ejected at high speed around 500 knotts breaking both arms.
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he was tortured at one point every two hours of four days. he spent two years of his life of confinement. >> because he was an admiral son, he was offered early release and he refused it. >> there are few people on the earth who have survived what he has. he's a hero by any measure. at age 80, he's in his six terms in the u.s. representing arizona. that's our broadcast tonight, thank you for being here with us.
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tonight on "all in" -- >> this is the american health care act, the president is proud of it. >> a republican revolt grows. >> why house members would want to vote for this bill and pay the political price for voting for this bill -- >> with millions estimated to lose coverage under trumpcare. >> it exceeded my expectations. >> tonight, breitbart goes to war with paul ryan and trump voters are caught in the middle. >> how many people in the room are either on medicaid or someone they know or love is on medicaid. raise your hand? >> someone we know or love, absolutely. >> senator elizabeth warren joins me for an exclusive interview. >> trumpcare is one more way to help the rich and powerful and kick dirt in the face of working people. >> plus, congressman steve king fund-raising off. >> this you cannot rebuild your civilization off somebody else's babies. >> and his shared vision with the white house. >> congressman king, about that cultural suicide -- >> and the other member of the trump administration with an alias. >> when "all in" starts right now.


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