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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 15, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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release more or anybody else does of this source that gets it in our hands. thanks for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. "first look" is up next. tax return revealed. a leaked document is giving a rare glimpse into donald trump's tax history. but at the same time some of the biggest questions are still unanswered. plus, renewed opposition of the gop health care plan following a report by the congressional budget office. the republicans are skeptical of the report now using this to double-down on their concerns. and digging out. the massive winter storm that swept across the northeast leaves its mark. some areas saw 30 inches of snow while others took a glancing blow.
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good morning, it is wednesday, march 15th. i'm katie tur alongside cal perry and louis burgdorf. this morning the world is learning more about donald trump's taxes. the president refused to release them throughout his campaign, the transition and his administration. but last night rachel maddow got ahold of some of them. she revealed two pages of the 1040, but no itemized pages. it showed $38 million paid to the federal income tax, $150 million in income and $103 in losses. nothing to show how he made his money were included. these were obtained by someone from the filing apparently came in the mail. who sent them? it's a mystery.
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>> if you haven't solicited something -- by the way, let me point out, it is entirely possible that donald sent this to me. donald trump over the years has leaked all sorts of things. >> the president paid a tax rate of 25% because of the alternative minimum tax. mitt romney by comparison paid 14% and took heavy fire during the 2012 campaign. as maddow prepared to go on the air, the white house acknowledged the documents writing, quote, before being elected president, mr. trump was one of the most successful businessmen in the world with a responsibility to his company, his family and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required. that being said, mr. trump paid $38 million even after taking into account large scale depreciation for construction, on an income of more than $150 million, as well as paying tens of millions of dollars in other taxes such as sales and excise taxes and employment taxes and
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this illegally published return proves just that. despite this substantial income figure and tax paid, it is totally illegal to steal and publish tax returns. the dishonest media can continue to make this part of their agenda, while the president will focus on his, which includes tax reform that will benefit all americans. the white house added, quote, you know you are desperate for ratings when you are willing to violate the law to push a story about two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago. now republicans have come under pressure to compel the president to release his tax returns, but most have resisted. house republicans shot down a democratic-led effort to compel the release of the documents. under the tax code, the house and ways means committee can get to donald trump's tax returns in a closed door meeting and choose to make all or part of them public. walter jones of north carolina and mark sanford of south
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carolina joined in the effort to release his tax returns. they were the only two republicans who voted for that, by the way. and susan collins says this is necessary as they probe into his ties to russia. what do we make of this, katy? what was this? was this a big moment? >> i think that any time you see any of donald trump's tax returns, be it two pages of a 1040 from 2005 or something from 1995, or the most recent tax returns, it's a big deal because he doesn't want to show them. and why does he not want to show them when all of his modern predecessors since nixon have done so. so that shows us how he's run his business. he's not done that. he's claimed he's successful. certainly we saw he made quite a bit of money that year, but why is there so much secrecy beyond that? what money did he make in the subsequent years? how much is he leveraged?
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how much tax did he pay later on? these are all questions we don't have and questions the american people usually gets answers to. and frankly, his explanation that he had a responsibility to his business, et cetera, doesn't really make any sense because they are his personal tax returns. >> what happens today? does he come out to show the graphic that says, look, i paid 25% and that's not bad? >> i think that is what you'll see in the briefing. but remember, this is also a distraction, which is why donald trump sent them, i'm not saying, i don't know, but from the other big stories of the day, and that is that health care is not doing well in the house. and donald trump has russia hanging over his head. and the fbi could potentially come out and reveal what they know between donald trump and what happened in the election with russia. we don't know. it's a distraction, potentially. >> that's the mo of this administration. speaking of health care, we'll talk about that all day. but we'll bring in the republican quest to reform health care coverage now seeming
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to sputter amongst the ranks in the light of the pre-mentioned cbo report. the president heads to a rally to sell his plan today. he talked with key stake holders by phone with paul ryan and tim mulvaney. senator ted cruz talked to the president yesterday to find a way to vote yes on the house bill as well, but earlier in the day he called the cbo report trouble. >> the most troubling aspect of the cbo report is that it underscored my biggest concern about the current draft of the house bill. which is that it does not do enough to drive down premiums. the bill as drafted would not pass the senate. and i would point out, if it's not going to pass the senate, it raises a good question of why house members would want to vote
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for this bill and pay the political price for voting for this bill if it is doomed to failure in the senate. >> this is it. if we don't get this through, the goal of repealing obamacare and instituting a system that will be patient centered is going to be unbelievably difficult. >> now the political pressure is increasing. a packt backed rand paul came ot to say, the american action network has begun running ads supporting kevin brady who backed the plan and in 30 markets of conservative congressmen who oppose the president's plan as of now. >> the republicans american health care act versus obamacare obamacare is full of job-destroying mandates. the new plan eliminates them obamacare puts bureaucrats in
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control. the republicans plan puts patients and doctors in charge. tell congressman yoho to vote with president trump. >> the cbo report that came out, did it in any way, shape or form change your position on the bill? >> no, not at all. the cbo, if you look historically, they have been way off on certain things. if you look at the original costs of the affordable care act, it was $860 billion. but truth be known, it was over $2 trillion. it's only off by a factor of $2 trillion. so the cbo is a good starting point but it's not the end result. >> joining us is daniel litman, a reporter for politico and co-author of politico's playbook. daniel, that's why you're up so early, i assume. we'll two to politico's call last night that president trump had with republicans. we have heard the president is open to negotiating. at the same time, we're hearing from house leadership the plan is basically set. so what is the state of play
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right now? >> i think the house leadership, they have to say that the plan that they presented is going to pass the house. but i think president trump realizes that he has to do major surgery on this bill. and he has to really involve the senate republican leadership. and just senators in moderate states who are raising real questions as to whether this is something that would pass the senate. because as they make the bill more conservative, they also have to make it more liberal, more moderate, to get and have a good chance of passing in the senate. >> he's got to get more conservative in the house, more liberal in the senate. let's talk about another piece of the puzzle, which is breitbart. he is taking paul ryan to task when he published the leaked audio of paul ryan saying he wouldn't support president trump back during the campaign after that 2005 access hollywood audio
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came out. so what was the attempt here, was that to remind president trump that paul ryan didn't have his back and potentially get him not to have paul ryan's back? >> i think it is to take paul ryan down a notch. and because breitbart is read in the highest ranks of the administration among trump's top aides, they want to take a shot at paul ryan and reince priebus, who is ryan's close ally, and say, if you mess this up, guys, we're just going to keep beating you. and that almost shows that breitbart isbannon. because bannon can't direct breitbart anymore. so they go off the reservation. and they are criticizing people inside the tent. and so it just shows the influence that they have, but it does seem like they've always criticized paul ryan. steve bannon used to bash
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staffers who praised ryan. >> we will find out how this plays out. also we'll question whether steve bannon doesn't have anything to do with breitbart any longer. that question still hanging out in the air. politico's daniel litman, thank you very much. >> thank you. and the cleanup is underway across the northeast as millions of residents work to dig themselves out from yesterday's powerful winter storm. at least two deaths are being blamed on all the snow and ice in east hartford, connecticut, and gilford, new hampshire. about 150,000 were without power yesterday afternoon. here in new york city, crews worked overtime to keep the city that never sleeps moving. mass transit is slowly returning to full speed after widespread service suspensions and delays. in the city's burorough staten island, police were forced to play cowboy after a barn was
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blown open. and in the hudson valley, life was brought to a standstill as upwards of two feet of snow fell in some parts leaving some drivers stranded on the road. and the conditions were so bad at one point that the snowplow ended up overturned on the side of the road on new york's route 9. now in massachusetts, a similar picture with central and western parts of the state seeing a foot or more of snow. our crew in worchester captured this drone footage of the snow creating whiteout conditions, pretty scary there. in boston, it was also a scary scene on the i-93 yesterday as the d.o.t. traffic cameras captured a tractor-trailer spinning out of control on one of the city's bridges. and travelers are hoping to have better luck today taking the friendlier skies. nearly 7,000 flights were canceled yesterday and another 4,700 were delayed. joining us with more on the massive cleanup in new york city, blake mccoy.
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blake, things are starting to look a little better, but i know it is really cold this morning creating icy conditions. >> reporter: yeah, it is bitterly cold. this is a city that was virtually shut down yesterday. this morning, a lot of people are going back to school and work. and there is still a lot of snow on the ground. check out these big mountains of snow in times square. there's another one back there. if i walk over here, you can see -- look at the streets. they are still covered in snow. and another big mountain of snow and ice over there. that's because normally with the marked snowplows, it gets warm enough that this will melt away. that's not the case with this storm. the actual air temperature is 20 degrees and feels like single digits. so a lot of the snow is stuck around. you will want to wear snow boots heading out today. this is going to be a messier morning commute than a lot of people expect, even though the city didn't get as much snow as they were expecting with the storm. coming up in a half hour, we'll talk airports because that's where the even bigger mess is. but for now, back to you.
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>> blake mccoy from a messy times square. thank you. and march madness has begun. we have highlights from the first four. >> fantastic. >> i know you're super excited. >> i can't wait. plus, the texas congressman is facing backlash over a town hall. what he said to a constituent that was caught on camera. those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back.
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welcome back. republican governor is under fire this morning after telling a constituent to shut up. >> given your voting record opposing legislation protecting women from violence, will you make a commitment to us today to
2:18 am
make a promise that you will reach out to congresswoman jackie spear and work with her to see this bill successfully through congress? >> let me comment on a number of things here. on the first bill that i voted against, that's a true statement, and i voted against it because i think that's -- that's a state issue, not a federal issue. >> that's an issue that affects people everywhere. >> you represent texas first. >> you shut up. >> what? >> you don't tell anybody to shut up. you work for us! >> you, sir, shut up. i later asked congressman barton to respond to the comment that he made. and here's what he said.
2:19 am
>> my opinion is that there are some issue that is are totally federal issues and there are some issues that the proper issue is at the state level. most laws with domestic violence are state issues and handled by the state of texas. we'll get a check on the weather now with meteorologist bill karins. we didn't get as much snow as we thought in new york, but it is still a very messy morning. but upstate new york, 40 inches in some spots. >> the big cities, if you want to call it spared, it changed over to sleet. sleet is still a pain to clean up anyways, but interior sections were crushed. the storm itself is up in canada. still leftover snow in western new york and northern portions of new england. the area that got hit the hardest? eastern pennsylvania and central new york. the highest total i found, this is almost an unbelievable number. bridgewater, new york, 20 miles south of utica, new york, 41 inches from a trained weather reporter. we know that's probably true because we have numerous reports near 30 inches.
2:20 am
binghamton, new york, the biggest snowfall from one storm, 31.2 inches. at last report, it was still snowing this morning. albany, new york, 17 inches. and because of the sleet that mixed in, central park ended up with even inches. boston logan, 6.5. yesterday a lot of people got stuck inside. and the windchill is 7 in new york, zero in buffalo, 4 in detroit. at lalanta has a windchill of 1 today. it feels like the middle of winter out here in so many locations of the east. and we have freeze warnings for all of the southeast this morning and for tonight. 68 million people at risk of a freeze. and at least the west is warm. at least we have someone that we can say something positive about, but that's about it. and it's not going to warm up any time soon in the east, unfortunately. >> i'm going to move back to california. >> you're going back to california? >> i'm doing it. >> i have news for you, still ahead, march madness kicks off. >> i can't wait. and the cleveland cavaliers
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2:24 am
and st. mary's are the first team to advance. with 23 points from the smallest player in the division i basketball, 5'5" point guard junior robinson. robinson's go-ahead jumper with 1:30 to play put st. mary's back on top where they held on for the 67-66 win. but it was a nail-biter. in the other first four match-up, kansas state and wake forest squaring off for the right to face sixth seed cincinnati in the first round. instead the wildcats earned kansas state's its first tournament win in a half decade, 95-88 for them. and to the nba and cleveland, lebron james knocks
2:25 am
his tenth triple-double to help the cavaliers get by the pistons, 128-96. james is now the only player in cavs franchise history to compete that feat in a single season. it also marks the first season in nba history where three players reported ten or more triple-doubles. jim hard don and russell westbrook are the other two. and more good news for cleveland after undergoing knee surgery last month, kevin love could be returning during the team's upcoming four-game road trip. and finally in brooklyn, while the new york city jaunt to stay warm during the storm yesterday, russell westbrook notched his 33rd triple-double of the season en route to a 122-104 victory with 19 assists against brooklyn last night. westbrook only needs to average 7.5 rebounds and just under 9 assists. overall, k.c.'s final game to average a triple-double on the entire season.
2:26 am
that would be incredible. and i think it's pretty likely, guys. >> you didn't understand any of that. >> you know what? i did. >> that's not nice. >> i did understand much of it. i just don't have time to watch it. have you not paid attention to the political season? >> no, i understand. still ahead, president trump's new travel ban is set to go into effect tomorrow. but lawyers are mounting last-minute legal challenges. >> plus, the cleanup is underway after the massive winter storm covered the northeast and snow and sleet. we get a live report coming up next. with e*trade's powerful trading tools, right at your fingertips, you have access to in-depth analysis, level 2 data, and a team of experienced traders ready to help you if you need it. ♪ ♪ it's like having the power of a trading floor, wherever you are. it's your trade. ♪ ♪ e*trade. ♪ ♪ start trading today at
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welcome back. i'm katy tur alongside cal perry and louis burgdorf. democrats are saying the audit is preventing donald trump from leasing his tax returns is a sham. david cay johnson claims he received the documents in the mail and last night shared them with rachel maddow. in 2005 the president paid $38 million in federal taxes and more than $150 million in income. and another long-time goldman sachs executive has been tapped for a position inside the trump administration. the white house says the president will nominate james donovan as deputy secretary of the treasury department. if confirmed, donovan will be
2:31 am
the fourth goldman sachs veteran in a senior role within the trump administration. and secretary of state rex tillerson is set to arrive in japan today, but it's the north korean threat looming over his first diplomatic visit to asia. kim jong-un is warning of merciless attacks if joint military exercises between the u.s. and south korea stray into thenorth's territory. and president trump's revised travel ban is set to go into effect tomorrow but not before being challenged in court. according to politico, the seattle-based judge who brought the initial ban to a halt is planning to hold a hearing later today on the request to blocked the revised order. new travel ban temporarily bans muslims from six countries and all refugees for 120 days. iraq was removed from the revised order. meanwhile in the united states
2:32 am
senate, patience is wearing thin with the fbi director. democratic senator sheldon whitehouse tells politico that james comey indicated privately to senators he may provide a clearer explanation of the existence of a russia-related fbi investigation ahead of today's judiciary subcommittee hearing on meddling in the 2016 election. the white house said the fbi director made this suggestion during a private sit-down between the two men and republican subcommittee chairman senator lindsey graham on march 2nd. the same day the attorney general jeff sessions recused himself of any potential investigations involving russia. on "morning joe" yesterday the white house explained why it is important for comey to answer the question publicly. >> director comey also said that he would confirm that there was, in fact, an investigation into this by the fbi by the date of the hearing or at least let us know what was going on. because we can't be in the position of having an fbi director who is insisting that
2:33 am
we steer clear of a criminal investigation while not confirming that there even is a criminal investigation. >> senator whitehouse also told "morning joe" he expected comey to disclose any more applications the fbi made for wire traps at trump tower or of trump associates. in response to a letter that the chairman lindsey graham sent last week, he said comey needed to respond by today's hearing. >> you need to come to that hearing because i'm going to make an announcement about the letter and let the fbi know they're about to screw up big time if they keep running to intel committee and not answer that letter. and that's sort of the theme of what i'm going to say, and that's i believe in regular order, let each committee do its thing. we have jurisdiction under the fbi. i like director comey a lot, but we wrote him a letter. they don't honor this request
2:34 am
and give us an answer, then i would say that we need a joint select committee because their regular order is not working. and in an unexpected move, judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley said he'll block the confirmation of president trump's deputy attorney general pick until he gets russia-related answers from the justice department. the powerful iowa republican said yesterday that he will not schedule the committee's vote on rod rosenstein's nomination until director comey responds to his request from last month. when he and ranking democrat dianne feinstein asked for a briefing on russia, specifically related to the resignation of michael flip as white house national security adviser. meanwhile, the senate intelligence committee chairman richard burr said he's satisfied with what he's heard on the trump-related wiretaps and russia, saying he did not feel he had to ask for related documents because, quote, we have sufficient conversations and have gotten answers that we find to be satisfactory from the
2:35 am
appropriate folks. joining us now, reporter for politico and co-author of politico's playbook, daniel litman. what should we expect to see on capitol hill today? more fighting on russia needing to be investigated further? >> yeah, i think if jim comey has not produced any evidence that he promised he would today, then by the time this hearing rolls around 2:30 p.m. today, senators will be kind of carping on this and say why is he stalling this? what does he have to hide? why can't he cooperate with senators that have oversight responsibilities over the fbi as they try to get to the bottom of is there any evidence to what trump said about wiretapping and what is russia's contacts with trump. >> well, the white house has not released evidence to back up donald trump's tweet from about a week and a half ago now, but sean spicer yesterday in the white house briefing room said that he believes donald trump or that donald trump believes he
2:36 am
will be vindicated. take a listen. >> how confident is president trump that any evidence will arise to support his claim? >> i think he's extremely confident. there's been -- i mentioned this before, i'll let them do their job, i'll let the house and senate and the doj report this, but as i've commented many the past, i think there's significant reporting about surveillance technique that is have existed throughout the 2016 election. i'll leave it to them to issue their report, but i think he feels very confident that we'll ultimately come to this, we'll vindicate him. >> so daniel, what is a win here for the trump administration? >> it's very hard for them to get a win out of this narrative because as spicer said earlier this week, president obama was not personally tapping president trump's phones. and so i think a win looks like if they are able to just have the fbi keep looking into this and then there's no conclusion whatsoever. so you just want to stall the
2:37 am
inevitable and keep washington in us is pence abosuspense abou. >> daniel lippman, thank you very much. cleanup is underway across the northeast as millions work to dig themselves out from yesterday's powerful storm. parts of the ream got hammered including new york's hudson vall valley. some areas saw up to two feet of sn snow. and joining us from new york city, blake mccoy. the storm created plenty of headaches, especially for travelers yesterday. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. whether you were traveling by road or by air. right now the city here in new york is a city that is waking up trying to get back on track. public transportation is going back to the full service this morning. buses, trains, and at the airports which are completely shut down or were here in new york city, they are working to get travelers back on the move. now, they are warning people that if you do not already have a new flight today, do not go to
2:38 am
the airport. all the flights are full. yesterday more than 6,000 flights were canceled between philadelphia, new york and boston impacting about half a million travelers. so think about that, every flight here in this area canceled yesterday. that means all those people that were supposed to fly yesterday are now being squeezed on a plane to people who are supposed to fly today. there just aren't enough seats. so they expect the travel impact to linger into at least thursday as the airlines work to get things back on track. and also, many of the planes aren't here yet so flying in the planes this morning from the other regions and then they will resume departures later in the morning. so this is going to take a while to climb out from this, cal. >> nbc's blake mccoy from an empty and cold-looking times square. louis? time now for business as the eyes of the financial will focus on the fed rate today. the general consensus is that the economy is strong enough to handle another interest rate hike and that announcement could
2:39 am
come as early as today. karen troy is joining us live from london. this would be the second rate hike in four months and the third in just over a year. how is this going to affect the markets if it happens? >> reporter: louis, the market is fully primed for the interest rate hike today. 90% chance today is baked into markets. the interest rates were last raised in december to three quarters of 1%. still low by historical standards. the language from the fed has three interest rate hikes the likely scenario for 2017 and what lies ahead for 2018 if we see faster growth and stronger inflation, not to mention the employment market. will there be a change in the assessment from the fed? watch that very closely today. and any direction for the dollar. meantime, investors are still taking stock around valiant pharmaceutical stock which dropped to a seven-year low yesterday when bill ackman dumped the stock and quit his
2:40 am
board position. this all comes after ackman had previously doubled his bet on valean pharmaceuticals. they faced pressure and scrutiny after a tweet from hillary clinton back in 2015 on pricing of the company, but also around the business model it was exposed that there was a secret pharmacy business called philador. and it's been noted by investors that markets have put itself up for sale and there could be a tie-up with saks fifth avenue. hudson bay is also looking at talks with the company. some investors say this is merely moving the deck chairs around on the titanic. there are bigger issues with the way shoppers now shop, which means structural change for the department store. louis, back to you in the studio. >> thank you so much. and still ahead, the populist wave behind break zxit the election of donald trump
2:41 am
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before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at in new york even the bbc has a reporter on staff. keep an eye on the guy in the background of the edition of storms behind the news. >> new york city has had about 150 plows out all day long on a continuous cycle cleaning the roadways. and the officials are warning people that if there's no reason to go out, to stay indoors. >> wow. . >> cal, you shouldn't mess with other people's live shots. >> i had some time. let get a check now of your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> between the light post and the reporter's head, he couldn't have done that any better. >> he had his mark.
2:45 am
>> yeah. >> i want to show you some pictures, pictures coming out of central new york and the cat skills and areas around the pocanos that are really impressive. this is ound middletown. this is anhour, hour and a half to the northwest of new york city. and stranded vehicles were the issue yesterday as the snow came down. they had about two feet of snow. that is an example of someone that shouldn't be driving with that much snow on top of their car. we'll show you the snow totals. it was areas that are outside of i-95's corridor that were slammed the hardest. binghamton, a city record of 31 inches. scranton, almost two feet. albany, a foot and a half. all b brooklyn, 15 inches. it was not a fun snow to shovel. and this morning the moisture index is high. windchills are in the single digits all the way down to washington, d.c. we are in the teens in nashville and atlanta. it is ugly.
2:46 am
the eastern half of the country who had a great february is now looking at a colder march than they did february. it's kind of rare. areas of the west are above average today. temperatures are really going to struggle. the southeast will be a little better, but 30s, that's it for richmond this time of the year. the average high is about 55 to 60 degrees. detroit, only 32. and very little, if any, melting in the northeast. and even late in the week, we still struggle. detroit in the 40s. new york in the 30s. that's usually, guys, in march, you get a snowstorm and then it warms up quickly and melts fast. but louis, that's not the case this time. we have to wait maybe 10 to 12 days before we get a warm up in the east. >> we thought we were going to be unscathed but it is ugly. >> where's the groundhog that said we're having an early spring, huh? >> he was telling us a lie. the winter storm cannot stop two congressmen from texas to make it back to washington, d.c. as the men put their political differences aside and hit the road. congressman will burr was left stranded after his flight got
2:47 am
canceled. h then his democratic colleague said they should drive across country yesterday. speaking on the phone yesterday, while congress mman arork said they should travel across the country together. >> one of the things that divide us, we have more in common than we think. so to be able to talk about that and see the conservative perspective on the issues and a real back and forth issue, beto and i disagree on a lot of things, but we don't have to be disagreeable. if we can use the next 24 to 36 hours as an example of how a republican and democrat can get along in the car, we can do that for the rest of the country. >> this is something joe talks about all the time, the importance of forming personal relationships across the aisle in congress. and hopefully this will set a
2:48 am
precedent to lead to more bipartisan acts like this one. pretty cool story, cal. mark zbuckerberg's listenin tour is beginning to feel more like a political campaign. yesterday he met with members at fort bragg military base and had lunch with spouses. and he also met with dale earnhardt jr. and the racing legend drove at speeds of 170 miles an hour. on monday the social media chief met with students at duke university and north carolina ant university where he discussed the importance of combatting fake news. on sunday, he visited the historic mother emmanuel church in charleston. the scene of that horrific mass murder in 2015. all of this travel, only fueling the rumors that he's considering running in the next presidential election. still ahead, the netherlands about to elect the man dubbed the dutch donald trump. plus, we'll get a live report on that.
2:49 am
that is really just it there. >> this is a serious problem when we have members of our military denigrating female marines who will give their life to this country in the way they have with no response from leadership. i can tell you, your answers today are unsatisfactory. >> kristin jill grand gigillibr the top commander over his surprising session to congress, next. boost it's about moving forward not back.
2:50 am
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welcome back. now to a story getting more and more attention going from social media to the halls of congress. senators grill ed members of th marines yesterday in congress. here's kristin gillibrand. >> if we can't crack facebook, how are we supposed to be able to confront russian aggression throughout our military? who is being held accountable for doing nothing since 2013? who? which commander? >> i'm still in the process -- i don't have a good answer for you. i'm not going to sit here and duck around this thing, i'm not. i'm responsible. i own this. and we are going to have to -- you have heard it before, but we're going to have to change
2:53 am
how we see ourselves and how we do, how we treat each other. that's a lame answer. but man, that's the best i can tell you right now. >> lawmakers suggested possibly beefing up laws or regulations specifically for the revenge pornography laws being illegal under the military code of justice. and parliamentary elections are going on right now in the netherlands. the current p.m. and geert wilders both cast their ballots in the last couple of hours. g geert wilders was leading in the polls for months, but now the party leader is shown to have a
2:54 am
slight lead. joining us live from london, nbc news foreign correspondent lucy cavanaugh. despite the recent polls, prime minister duterte is telling supporters not to get too optimistic. >> reporter: good morning. this is the quarterfinals in trying to prevent the right populism from whipping and not to influence the german elections where you have the sort of strong tilt to the right. today's vote is being watched closely because it will say a lot about whether the populism that propelled donald trump into the office and the u.k. into the brexit vote has take up hold in europe. all eyes on the anti-immigration party for freedom led by geert wilders. he's been compared to trump not just because of the unusual blonde hair, but because of the anti-immigration, anti-muslim stance. they want to shut mosques and asylum centers and to take the netherlands out of the eu. and his party, as you guys point
2:55 am
out, slipped in the polls. but that could be besides the point. as a result of his search, the debate in the country has tilted the economy restriction on immigration, identity politics and nationalism. the prime minister since 2010 is talking about the migration talk. and mr. wilders eluded to this today. he said the kind of politics that he and others represent are here to stay. thank you very much. >> and coming up, lindsey graham is going to be on "morning joe." >> and representative steve scalise will also be on the show
2:56 am
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before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's get a check on the stories you'll be hearing about in the day ahead. >> president trump hits the road today to push his agenda.
2:59 am
msnbc's chris jansing has more from the white house. chris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, louis. it's road trip day for president trump. two stops, two big issues. the first place he's going is lapsing, michigan, where they make the self-driving cars. but the real issue is the automakers push against obama-era emissions standards. they want them rolled back and want an epa review. he'll be meeting with both auto executives and union leaders. and then he'll have a rally. rally number two, nashville. this is a hub for health care. $40 billion industry in that state. obviously, big push for the health care bill that he's trying to get through. much tougher climb now since the cbo numbers came out and showed that 24 million people would lose coverage. so very important day. first big stop for him on the road to push for health care. louis? >> chris jansing from the white house north lawn. meanwhile, the federal reserve is expected to announce this afternoon it is hiking interest rates for the second time in three months.
3:00 am
the likely move follows the central bank's two-day policy meeting and comes on the heels of friday's better-than-expected jobs report. that does it for us on this wednesday. to everybody for mispronouncing the name of your city. mike barnicle is not happy. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> "morning joe" starts right now. >> i'm not really saying tax returns because they are under awe dit. >> every president since the '70s -- >> gee, never heard that. >> as president, sir -- >> the only one who cares about my tax returns are the reporters. >> you don't think the american public is contender concerned about that? >> no. i won. i became president. >> as you know, the d.o.j. has another week to produce evidence that president trump was wiretapped by the obama administration. how confidence is president trump that any evidence will arise to support his claim? >> i think he is extremely confident. >> two huge developing stories


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