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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  March 15, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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returns, and the tax argument goes away for a little while for him. >> and the base, too. david? >> i learned three key members of congress are talking about a serious investigation, and i think there's going to be a serious investigation of russia and the trump campaign. >> it's getting really interesting. thank you. that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thank you so much, mika. good morning, i am stephanie ruhle. breaking news overnight, donald trump's taxes. msnbc the first to reveal a portion of the president's 2005 return. >> donald trump's tax returns have surfaced. >> what they say about his income and new questions about who leaked them. >> trump has a long history of leaking material about himself when he thinks it's in his interest. >> deadline day. the senate demanding answers today about the wiretap investigation from the fbi. >> if it's not true just say it's not true.
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why is it taking so long to get the answer? and the president hitting two states today trying to salvage the health care bill as more republicans say changes must be made. >> if it's not going to pass the senate it raises a good question of why house members would want to vote for this bill? >> so much to cover. we are starting with breaking news everybody is talking about this morning, president trump's taxes, msnbc's rachel maddow the first to reveal the tax from 2005, and a strong new reaction from the president this morning firing off a tweet a short time ago. we have a great team this morning covering all of it. i want to take you first to ali velshi dig into the numbers. first off, kellyanne conway said the day after the inauguration nobody cares about president's taxes, and that issue has been litigated. clearly that is not the case. >> that's very much not the
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case. that's a silly statement by her. a guy like donald trump would have schedules and apen duh sees 200 pages long. but we have $152 million in income in 2005. this is just 2005, and we don't know what he did since then, and he paid $38 million in taxes, and it's 36 plus social security and health care taxes and it runs up to 25% was his federal tax rate and he took $300 million in business losses which could be related to the 1995 loss. this is the first page of what the tax return looks like. it's a joint tax return with his wife melania, and they claimed $1 million in wages, salaries and tips. $42 million in business income.
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capital gains. then rental real estate royalties, partnerships, $67 million. here's the $103 million, and it comes out with the income of $49 million net. you know something about the alternative minimum tax, and donald trump would have paid $31 million, but boswell thecause w people have a different tax, and that's relevant because donald trump wants to get rid of the alternative minimum tax, and certainly in 2005 it would have saved him $5 million. this is stamped client copy. the one that gets signed and goes to the irs, and the one that goes to your lawyer and then the one that comes to you, and the client copy is the one that comes to you, for whatever that is worth, stephanie. >> i want you to stay with me,
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and i want to bring in chris jansen live at the white house. mika said it earlier, she smells a press play here. and the administration was with a statement laying out these numbers. what exactly are they saying? >> reporter: well, we just talked to them and they are aggressively pushing back against this. they say number one it proves that donald trump did pay taxes, so it debunks what they consider to be a myth perpetuated by the media, and they say it's an embarrassment to the media, and they called out two folks. david k. johnson who is the investigative reporter who first got this, and he says it was in his mailbox, and the president tweeting does anybody really believe that a reporter who never heard of went to his mailbox and found my tax returns? fake news. and then that statement you mentioned that he put out later,
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after the racial rachel maddow show. he put this tweet out. of course, what is interesting is that this set of tax returns is stamped with a client copy stamp already before even the show was over yesterday, people were questioning whether or not this was something that donald trump had planted perhaps as a diversion from some of the other stories out there right now. >> we have good news. the man that you mention, the man that obtained those tax documents, david k. johnson is joining me via phone at this moment. david, first i would love for you to address the tweet president donald trump put out. does anybody really believe a reporter that nobody ever heard of went to his mailbox and found
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my tax returns, nbc, fake news. first of all president trump saying a reporter nobody ever heard of, and you worked with president trump, do you know him? >> i am the person that revealed in 1990 that the president for a multimillionaire, he has a negative net worth, and i reported the facts about him for a long time, and what does it show, he had a tremendous income and paid quite a few taxes, so his reaction is somewhat surprising. >> somewhat surprising, but the fact that you only got two pages and the two pages that you received from that specific year really show quite well for president trump, so who do you believe sent them to you? >> i don't know. accept for donald being so angry, i would have thought he did it. donald has a long well-established history of
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leaking information about himself, and sometimes information that is sometimes damaging. in all likelihood, if he didn't send it, somebody who is familiar with the very sophisticated reporting i do on taxes and knows that i am trump's top biographer in terms of book sales decided that i had the knowledge to extract the maximum amount of information from those two pages and sent it to me, and the fact that the "new york times" have missed some things when it got the three documents last fall that i criticized my former newspaper for, also would -- may have played in somebody's mind. but i don't know. i have the envelope with the postage cancelation mark on it and it came to my house, and i public my address. >> do you buy the fact that he is actually angry today or do you believe this is part of president trump's successful
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showmanship? >> well, you know, last night before we published this report and then rachel had me on and lawrence had me on, the white house took the documents which i sent them for comment and gave reporters information ahead of time, and i have never had a white house do something like that, and the way the statement was written last night, it is sort of classic donald when he is angry. so i am sure he roughed out at a minimum what that statement said, and the minute i saw it, i went, yeah, boy, donald is ticked off here instead of seeing he could spin it as positive for him. >> i never have been under audit. you know taxes so well. given that we have heard no details from president trump or the administration about his taxes, saying he couldn't release anything because he is under audit, what does it tell
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you that things move so quickly yesterday and, wham, bam, boom, they had numbers, facts and figures straight out of the gate before you went on air. do you believe he is under audit and can't share anything? >> first of all, that's nonsense. once you file your tax return there's no reason you can't release it, and the irs said that and former commissioners said that, and i teach tax law and i am not a lawyer and a lot of tax lawyers i know say that is nonsense. he does not want us to see his tax returns for a host of reasons about what they would reveal about his connections to people, but there is no reason he can't do it. i think he should, as a matter of national security we need to know who he is obligated to, and we know among the people he is obligated to is the china communist bank, and we had been
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getting money from a state-sponsored network of international criminals, and we need to know who his partners are in his businesses, and it's critical for the national security of this country that there is a thorough return, and every other president has put it out there. >> he owes quite a bit of money to deutsche bank, and so it is kpr pretty complicated. get home safe, i know you are trying to get on a plane. i want to bring my panel in. conservative commentator, charlie sights, and howard dean, and josh barrow, and ali velshi is still with me. charlie, i will start with you. what is your take on all of this? >> it's a fact to say this is a home run for donald trump and
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it's good news for donald trump, and it doesn't tell us anything we need to know until you get the attachments, you don't get any insight into where the money is coming fromr going. i can't speculate on where it came from, but at this particular time suddenly a rather flattering exskull paw tory two pages of tax returns are revealed. this is a win for trump. he ends up looking good, but it should not end any of the questions about what is in all of the other tax returns. >> i turn to you, josh, do you think it's a home run for president trump or do you think it's the public seeing president trump putting on a show? i mean, a home run? >> i don't know if it's a home run, but i would give it a double. one of the questions donald trump had is is he really wealthy and does he really pay
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taxes, and we would see tax information from nine different years and none that showed an income of over a million dollars, and this is the first tax return that we have seen showing he is a really wealthy guy, and he paid a substantial tax, and depending on how you calculate his pay, a lot of rich people pay less than that, and mitt romney famously paid less than that, and when you own real estate that can be misleading, because it's not so much about what tax rate is applied, it's does the income reflect how much income you have. if you have real estate properties you get to take tax deductions, and you may be reporting a income that is lower in a true sense when you are going out to buy fuel for your private jet, and donald trump could be wealthier than what this return reflects. i wouldn't assume he is paying
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that much of his true income in tax. >> from a political point of view, i think this is a wash. the reason they may have done this is -- and i think trump leaked this, or some of his people did, was to get off of this horrendous health care debate which has him sinking into the swap in the great mess they made here. so that's good for trump, and it's classic trump, he diverts to something that is sexy to the media. >> we have an hour, howard, we are going to get to health care. don't worry. we will get to it. >> he pointed out, as you said at the beginning of the show, and trump is not transparent, and he picked one year out of 20, and there's no reason for him not to show his taxes so he is reigniting the tax debate. yeah, he made money. this is the weird thing about trump, he is so insecure that he has to put out a tax return that
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he made $150 million. what about all the other years? this guy is not open and you can't trust him, except for the most devoted people in this country, people that devoted to him and voted for him think he will help them get their job back. >> president trump wants people to know how wealthy and what an established man he is, and there's many in the country that don't give a hoot how wealthy he is, but the question is, is this business person able to put country before self, and these two pages don't tell us anything about who or what he is obligated in terms of business ties? >> i want to make one separate trump, and i know the names of all my biographers. if you look at the tax returns without the schedules attached to it, it does not speak to one's wealth at all. there's two reasons for wanting
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donald trump's tax returns, and some people want proof that he is rich. okay, he is rich. he could be worth $3 billion, $200 million, unclear, and in this year of the tax return a book was published saying he was not wealthy and he sued and he has a thing about people knowing he's rich. that's why richard started this thing to issue his returns so people would trust the president of the united states. so that's another thing. but the third and most important point for most people is the sources of the money and the partnership relationships he has that david was alluding to. this form does not give us that, unfortunately. all it says is a lot of money went to donald trump, and we know he's wealthy and a lot of money went through his hands in 2005. >> donald trump jr. put out a
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#,thankyourach #,thankyourachelmadd #,thankyourachelmaddow. we are going to lk this later in the hour, and we have said, as president of the united states you are representing the country and work for the american people, and more information will put peoples' mind at rest and make them feel better, thank you, donald trump jr. lindsay graham set a deadline of today for the fbi director to provide the senate of any proof of wiretapping at trump tower. will he get any answers? kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life.
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i've always thought, well, you know, this is just donald trump tweeting about a story he read, and now i want to know was there any surveillance at all with or without a warrant, and the longer it takes to answer that question the more suspicious i get. >> do you remember who that person just was? republican senator lindsay graham talking about the president's wiretapping allegations and setting a deadline of today for the fbi to provide any evidence that there is an active investigation into russian ties into the trump campaign. i want to bring back my panel of our msnbc contributors. charlie, i want to start with you. what did you make of this? it's not even republicans versus
6:21 am
democrats at this point. congressional republicans want to get answers from the ministtion? >> congratulations to lindsay graham. he is reminding the president that u.s. senators are n chopped liver and you can't just throw out a completely unsupported allegation and duck and cover. we are in a moment now where there's a test on all three branches of government. are they going to reassert their constitutional authority and standing, and lindsay graham is obviously extremely skeptical and it's a put up or shut up moment, and i think this is the big story of the day. we are going to find out that in fact there was something there, or more likely as senator graham suspects, that the president has nothing, that he made an allegation that the former president of the united states committed a felony with no evidence whatsoever. either way it's a huge story. >> what is the hold up? josh, one would guess that there is definitive information about
6:22 am
whether or not there was or was not a warrant. what do you think the hold up is here? >> ordinarily the fbi does not talk about whether it has an investigation into a matter or not, and there are good reasons for that and you don't want people to be tainted that they did something wrong when you are at the investigation stage, and the president has put them in a position where they have to disclose whether there's something or not, and there's a reason for the reluctance. i think there's basically no way there was a literal wiretap, and you had sean spicer trying to claim earlier the president put that in a quotes, and there was another tweet where he didn't put wiretap in quotes. and there are others that relates to associates of trump in russia, and whatever warrants exist for that, and you have to have a reason for issuing a warrant, and to the extent there
6:23 am
was an investigation or is an investigation, what was the cause for that investigation, and what is the reason that these agencies were suspicious. >> howard, i know you are outraged and furious and take that hat off for a moment, and there's so much kayiochaos out , and americans are saying break down what matters most to americans in all of this, the wiretapping and russian ties? >> josh just nailed a point that has not been written about much, and that's comey, and comey has a big problem, and he probably had a lot to do with how the election turned out 11 days -- >> but that's over and done with. >> no, it's not. comey has to figure out how to resurrect himself and give himself credibility, and if he says nothing, and there's a there there, what does he do? he's stuck like he was 11 days
6:24 am
before the election, and he has to figure out what to do. he doesn't have good political sense. i don't think he's a dishonest guy, and he has a long record of doing things the right way, and he's terrible at politics. i think the president made a crazy charge, and everybody knows he does those things and this is not a big surprise. the more interesting thing is what are they doing about the russian stuff because that is there, and there's a lot of there there, and there's a tremendous amount of smoke with manafort and roger stone and all of these people talking to the ukrainians and russians and all of this stuff d that'swhere the real money is, and howmuch money went back and forth between trump's people and the russians. >> charlie, we keep saying president trump putting this tweet out against obama was a huge mistake, but was it? at the end of the day president trump and his team can walk it back and say it was just donald being donald. was this a successful diversion
6:25 am
where we are not laser beam focused on paul manafort and stone and real russia ties? >> no, and i think we need to be cautious about normalizing this sort of thing, and if the president had no basis for this, the president of the united states lied about it, and we can't get used to it. as governor dean says, this story is not going away and there's too much smoke. in the long run what the president has done is shown how reckless he is and i think he's about to be exposed by senator graham. >> we are going to find out. next, more republicans come out against the new health care bill. is it dead on arrival. see, we were not going to get distracted today? one of the republican legislators joins me next. calcu...
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to keep you on track. at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. welcome back. you are watching msnbc, a i am stephanie ruhle. it's time for your morning prer, all the day's news you need to get your day started. in about one hour president trump will head to michigan to talk about jobs and the auto industry, and then he will stop
6:30 am
by andrew jackson's grave before heading to tennessee. and then secretary of state is discussing north korea's latest missile launches. and janet yellen will hold a news conference this afternoon where she is expected to announce the fed will raise rates. and then more than 6,000 flights were canceled on tuesday, and another thousand already canceled today, and airlines saying it could take days to clear the backlog, and sadly kids went back to school. the ncaa tournament started last nig night. at least a dozen republican senators now publicly criticized the health care bill and are
6:31 am
calling for serious changes and to get through the senate it has to get through the house first and that's no longer a sure thing. thomas garrett says he opposed the bill and joins me now. congssn, good mng. you said the other dayou don't see how this can pass the use. what are your colleagues telling you? >> i mean, rob whitman from virginia came out the other day and notably he's not a member of the freedom caucus so when you get people from the republican study group from the middle, if you will, i think that portrays poorly. we want to get something done and the easiest political play with allow the wheels to fall off of obamacare, and we want to do something good that will not grow government. this is good stuff in the bill, but there's a couple points i can't get past. >> has the white house reached out to help get this thing passed? >> they have, and what we have
6:32 am
got was they are flexible and they are results driven, and some of the things i have seen in the press and even some of president trump's comments about a wonderful bill counter what we have heard from behind closed doors, which is we want to get it right and it's too important to get it wrong, and i think there's latitude and you will see some changes and there's not something, and ironically the republican party criticized pelosi to say we have to pass it to find out what is in it, and let's not duty same thing. >> some say the president is distancing himself from the bill, and we are hearing from people close to president trump saying this is ryan care. who is it? is the president really behind it? >> look, ultimately speaker ryan and president trump and myself and mark meadows and jim jordan and rand paul all want to get a good replacement for the failed policy that is obamacare.
6:33 am
you don't open your negotiations with your final offer, and i think you see movement here and i think it's the right way to do this. >> are you concerned at all that if republicans can't get their act together democrats are going to point the finger and say, you had seven years to do this, how did you whiff? >> you can point the finger all you want, the results of the unaffordable coverage act is what they are, and many are receiving coverage, and not care, and if you have a piece of paper that says you have insurance, you still don't have health care and that's what we have to break away from here. either party could point the finger, and we know who owns the system as it exists. the republicans' jobs is to get it right going forward. >> is the issue, though, what classic republicans want and conservatives want and trump supporters want are two different things, and to say what people want is health care but what it is is access to
6:34 am
health care, and those are two different things. >> i would differentiate coverage and care. one of the major sticking points for me is we reward bad punishment in medicaid, and punish the states that were prudent, and you have the tax incentives, and we can do this without those things. here's the good news. we are passing individual bills along bipartisan lines that will help to address the shortcomings in our current health care system. while we talk about speaker ryan's plan, and again, i will give credit for good stuff in that plan, there's a lot that is going on that is getting missed. probably 20 to 40 stand alone bills, and w had one in edion the other day that would allow small businesses to banned together to create a group to shop the markets for a discount, but we need to get
6:35 am
this right, and trying to pass something that we can declare political victory that will not serve the american people well is in nobody's interest long term. >> amen to that. thank you for sharing your thoughts this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. next, later this morning, president trump will depart the white house to talk jobs and the auto industry in detroit michigan, and the congressman that represents the detroit suburbs joins us next. they also know you need to get your annual check-up. now prepare for your check-up with one touch using the mycigna app, where you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money, manage your health and more. need to be thorough.
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i'm stephanie ruhle. you are watching msnbc. president trump headed -- i can't get a word out this morning because there's a lot to cover. he's headed to detroit today, the suburbs to hold an event at the center for self-driving cars, and while he is there he is set to reveal plans on fuel efficiency, and those requirements are expected immediately but the possible of weakened fuel standards could set off a fight. congresswoman debbie dingell joins me. we saw the massive rallies. how do you think the constituents will react to this kind of announcement? >> if you are asking for the cafe announcement, i want to make it clear that today they are not announcing a rollback, and i think he will come into the state and talk about jobs, and i was one of th people, as
6:40 am
you well know, stephanie at donald trump is exciting people and he was talking about trade agreements that people were concerned about, and it was in their heart and souls that their jobs were shipped overseas, and i think he will talk about jobs and what i don't know is he going to talk about the nafta, which he says he wants to re-open, and both canada and mexico said they are open to it. and president obama started a process that brought everybody to the table, and most importantly california, and the agreement that they reached gave certainty to the automobile companies and it resulted in increased fuel ae issuefficienc standards, and today it's going to be driven back in the data driven process, and i am
6:41 am
committed to the process that obama started and i think strong cafe standards are good for everybody. >> we have seen the ceos of these companies, and have seen mark fields several times already at the white house. his narrative that we are hearing from the add machine administration, specifically they are taking credit for bringing auto jobs back. does the state of michigan believe that? are they seeing that happen? i went to local 900 on sunday, which is the union associated with the wayne plant which was -- had -- it was one of the companies or plants that was being impacted by ford's manufacturing. those agreements were actually agreed to in the contract negotiations last year, but everybody likes to hear people talk about -- and i do -- talk about keeping jobs in this country. i am committed to working with president trump if he will re-open nafta, and we can address trade agreements that
6:42 am
address current scy manipulatio. the fear of what hit me in 2008, my neighbors and friends and family, it will never leave me. i think that's why they are looking to see what is going to happen on trade deals and let's see what happens today. i am glad to see president trump talking about keeping those jobs in this country, but let's see if we really are going to re-open nafta. the jobs we are talking about today they were negotiated in contacts last year with the uaw. >> the factory jobs that were lost, and if factories are to re-open, are the people in phrb qualified to take shows jobs, and a driverless car center, and you think of all the investment that has gone on in the last few years, and it's all about automation, and those that lost their jobs, do they have the proper training to get those jobs of the future?
6:43 am
>> it's not as simple as that, stephanie. not all of the jobs -- a lot of them are based on making sure we are at the forefront of innovation and technology, but somebody has to make the vehicles as well, and all of us at the state and local levels are focusing they have the skills to need to build those vehicles, and we are trying to encourage young people to get the stem skills, and the heartland of where the rosees were, and we were the arsenal of the democracy in the '40s. we worked at the federal state and local level in a very bipartisan nonpartisan way. to make sure we are keeping michigan at the forefront of innovation and technology, we will work together to address all of these and to make sure we are creating those jobs and keeping those jobs in the united states and helping to train workers with the skills they need. >> we're focused on that, and the president will be there
6:44 am
today and so will you. thank you for being with me, and i appreciate it. >> i will not be there, i am in washington, d.c. >> i know you care about the state of michigan. >> i do care. thank you. next, speaking out on the health care replacement bill and not loving it. paul ryan speaking out this morning, and saying the president worked with him on this. daniel hoeten was only 24 when he was suddenly placed at the helm of iconic travel brand lonely planet, and he knew it would take innovative thinking to modernize this industry dinosaur. find out how he turned things around on "your business" on sunday morning. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's another option. drug-free aleve direct therapy.
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i would not support it in its present form today but we are working in the right direction. >> the bill as drafted would not pass the senate. those were two republican congressmen, and they are talking about the opposition that will face the bill. if four republicans vote no on the bill it could stall in committee. i want to bring back my panel. i want to show you a clip speaker ryan did this morning, actually. >> this is something we wrote with president trump, and this is something we wrote with the senate committees, just so you know, maria, this is the plan we ran on all of last year. >> clearly what he is doing
6:49 am
there with, with rand last year, and we heard from president trump, this is ryan care, and sean spicer said yesterday, ask paul ryan. is that what this is about here, things are not going well and now we are seeing a split? >> the president has been committed to the bill, and he tweeted about how it's going to fix all the problems in health care, and he is trying to win votes on capitol hill and people that work for him are doing more of that, and as they start to realize the bill is doomed then the obvious play is to say this was paul ryan'sdea and paul ryan's bill, and he wants to bring everybody in the boat with him so he's not on it alone when it sinks. >> paul ryan's fear is justified, and it sounds like that is happening. what does he need to do? it was not paul ryan that ran for president and it was
6:50 am
president trump who did, and health care and repealing and replacing what he called disastrous obamacare was at the top of his to-do list. >> yeah, paul ryan is being whid moderates in his own party. democrats are going to be united against it. obviously the most fascinating is what's happen with trump world. led by breitbart which is all out against his legislation and labelling it ryancare. and then you have christopher ruddy out there, a good trump friend now talking about you should abandon the trump plan and go for universal health care. you have to be looking over your shoulder. are they trying to drive a wedge between you and donald trump? the answer to that is yes. and is trump preparing to possibly bail on this if it goes down. donald trump is never going to take responsibility. he's never going to say, yeah, i was wrong. i screwed up. he's going to pivot and there's going to be paul ryan holding
6:51 am
the bag. >> howard, is this a gift to democrats? the risk was if democrats block this and it goes nowhere, republicans will be able to point the finger n say you're uphappy? blame it on the democrats. democrats aren't even up to the plate. >> we can't block it. we can theoretically block something but there will be a lot of republicans, if this were to get to the senate. the republicans lied about this bill for seven years. there's all kinds of stuff in this bill great for the very people that elected donald trump and it turns out the people who are going to get hammered the worst, the 24 million people that are going to lose their health insurance, a substantial majority of those people vote forward donald trump for president. these are working class people in states like west virginia and kentucky that really needed the help and they are about to -- trumpcare, it's going to be trumpcare. when you are the president, you wear it. you like to try to blame it on somebody else but he's going to wear it. they've got a big problem and trump is on the record promising
6:52 am
everybody, i'm not going to fiddle with your medicare or medicaid. everybody is going to have insurance. i can see the clip in the attack ad. they have a serious problem and the problem is not actually trump, although he's going to wear it. the problem is ryan is leading a bunch of ideologically driven people that don't care what the facts are and trump has to figure out how to deal with this. >> can he figure it out? you think about all those hardworking, blue collar americans who didn't traditionally vote republica now theye looking at a republican-themed bill that doesn't suit them and president trump didn't get into specifics when he was running. >> he did get into some specifics. he said that everybody would be covered. so i think the big problem for trying to get this bill passed is that you have two completely opposed set of objections from people in congress. people who say the bill spend toochs money, creates new entitlement, and then you have other republicans who are saying it leaves too many people in the lurch. care is going to be unaffordable
6:53 am
for too many. we need more generous benefits. if you change the bill and do what ted cruz wants when he says you have to change this bill to pass the senate, it won't pass the senate because you'll have moderate republicans who are going to look at it and recoil. that's very hard to square and even the congressman you had on earlier from virginia was xlaining about -- >> reasonable. >> yes, but he was complaining about all these problems with the bill and then saying the deductibles are too high and you have this coverage but you don't really have care. they pass this bill, this problem will get worse. it allows insurers to offer skimpier plans with higher co-payments. >> now instead of being a theoretical problem which republicans have raised for years, it's a real problem for people. they know, most people are not having a big problem with their deductibles. that's a fairly small percentage of the people. now you're facing a guy who has lost his job or struggling and has been struggling, voted for donald trump because he's angry. his deductible probably isn't statistically going up that much
6:54 am
and he's looking at having nothing instead. >> of course, donald trump never actually delved into the policy here. he's a man who really has no fixed principles on all of this. so he made promises which, obviously, are not going to be able to be fulfilled through this legislation. so i don't think he has any loyalty to the substance of this bill. certainly doesn't have any loyalty to paul ryan. that's the play that you have to see. how long is he going to stick with this and trust me, governor dean, the last thing on earth donald trump wants to do is take ownership of this. he does not want this to become trumpcare. >> it is trumpcare. >> you're right, but he and his media allies are doing everhi possible to not make this trumpcare. you're hearing a lot of buzz about letting all of this basically fail or having a blue ribbon commission or something like that. and as it implodes, they'll try to blame the democrats. that's going to be a very, very difficult political feat. >> charlie, before we go, i want
6:55 am
to go inside the white house for a moment and wisconsin. what could this mean if there is this big divide between paul ryan and president trump? what is that going to mean for reince priebus? there's so much infighting or we've heard so much infighting within the white house. reince, that's paul ryan's boy. >> this is another game of thrones moment because you cannot overstate how close paul ryan and reince priebus are. if, in fact, this is an effort by steve bannon or others to undermine paul ryan, that's an attempt to undermine reince priebus that will have long-term consequences. >> we keep making these game of thrones references. those are really good looking, exciting, sexy people on that show. it is not at all what the white house looks like. i'm just going to throw that out there. we have to find a different comparison. you watch "game of thrones" -- >> i'm not touching this one with a ten-foot pole, stephanie. >> we have to take a break. we're going to stay on the health care bill. it faces that huge test and has
6:56 am
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happy birthday, justice. that wraps us up for the hour. many thanks to my panel. i'm stephanie ruhle. right now, a great woman who i adore, hallie jackson. >> likewise, back at you, stephanie ruhle. thank you for joining us. busy day in washington. time seems to be running out for the administration to show its cards. 11 days after president trump accused his predecessor of spying on him. new this morning, they're under an ultimatum. senator lindsey graham wants proof today about that claim from president trump that president obama ordered the wiretapping of trump tower. if senator graham doesn't get it? >> we'll issue a subpoena to get the information. we'll hold up the deputy attorney general's nomination until congress is provided with information. >> senators also looking for more on an investigation into any russian interference in the u.s. election. the president has, of course, denied any connection to russia. but part of a tax return and a story that broke on the "rachel


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