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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 15, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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i have been seeing a lot of things and for the most part, we'll not discuss it. we have it before the committee. that has not been submitted as of yet. it is potentially serious. we'll be submitting certain things and i will be perhaps speaking about this is next week. wiretap covers a lot of different things. i think you will find interesting items coming to the forefront to the next few weeks.
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>> welcome back. returning to the big breaking story more of the president responding for the first time tonight after he made those unfounded allegations on twitter that barack obama had directed fire tapping at trump tower. robert costa and david and bob costa is all here with us. >> well, the people around the president privately and some of them publicly are wanting to move away from these allegations and accusations. they're hearing from capitol hill and chairman nunez said today he has not seen evidence. and the president is citing new reports if anything inconclusive and new york times story that don't go in-depth of any kind of these activities. >> and david, the risk of sounding naive, should people be concerned, surprised, amused that the leader o f the free world who oversees one of the most mightiest operation as well
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as a crime fighting one, does apparently appear to realize the information would be available to him is saying his sources are limited to public accounts? >> what you are seeing on the president tonight is flop sweat, tiny beans of sweat for him. sean spicer tweeted there is no confirmation. they, sean spicer understood what donald trump had opened the door.
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there was probably some surveillance and the reason of surveillance is because the federal court had reasons to believe that people around donald trump had contact with russian intelligence or mafia. that is a story that you would want if you were the trump administration to keep as far as possible and donald trump opened the door. as his own story unravels, he's unable to sustain the disappointment. instead, lyndsey graham, is very blandly saying well, lets follow the evidence where it leads. knowing full well the evidence is leading some where bad for donald trump. >> i think you put it very well of the reasonings that you described of upstream or downstream that intelligence can be gathered.
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somehow, it was somebody mixed up in it would be less bad in your part. >> michael take a listen to adam scheff today. >> the president explained himself. i think we cannot live in a position without either retracking it or explaining why it was done. i think there are from a national security perspective, great concerns if the president is willing to say things like that without any bases. >> mimichael. >> i think it is very interesting of what's going on. democrats are like okay, have the president come forward, you are the one that made the
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allegation, put up or shut up and show us the proofer. you have media quarter saying investigate or shut up. the reality of it is, this story -- i appreciate what david said about the flop of the fore head. it is a clearly defined activity. you cannot wiggle around what that means. it is his way sort of backing off this thing and giving himself of the wiggle room that he will need when this investigation shows there is no there, there. that wiggle room in a context of another of other shoes potentiallat the job, fbi director james comey and we can show folks of who report of who he met with.
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>> democratic leader and nancy pelosi and chuck grassley and schumer. bob costa, you have this scheduled decision on comey on the hill. what are you hearing? >> most republicans preferred to be focusing on judge gorsuch and his confirmation hearing. there is more push on the democratic side that had director comey providing clarity. they know there are sensitive things that the justice department and the fbi cannot get into even with lawmakers. they feel like they're bit in the dark about exactly where the fbi is going with the investigations and what the status with regards to possible collaboration or connections between the trump campaign.
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>> and you have washington waiting just what director comey and the fbi want to share and how they want to share it. the whole panel stay with us. >> coming up, the prognosis on the eve of the vote. this is "the 11th hour" on msnbc.
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remember all the broken promises, i met with so many victims of obamacare, the people who have been horribly hurt by this horrible legislation. we want americans to be able to purchase the health insurance plans they want and not the plans forcing them by our government. >> welcome back to "the 11th hour." taking another opportunity to after obamacare when it would potentially replace.
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i am joined by our papanelist. >> there is not a way forward. at this point, it happens dozens year after the law goes into effect, you have a whole network based on this thing, you are fot going to unwire this thing. republicans understand that. there is a lot of folks seeing the way republicans talk about this. the people who are most adamant about the desire and pulling the thing off wooden branch. the preferred republican strategy is no longer replacing or repealing. it is now what i called denounced. they are not going to want to keep 11 million or 12 million off medicaid just in time for
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the election. >> it sounds of a cynical and politically employed. >> that's too clever. that requires planning and organization. >> fair. that's not of this here, i think what you saw tonight and the fact that the president did not throw down on behalf of the bill that his white house and the leadership of the house and senate are supposedly promoting and instead going after obamacare to do two things. one to reenforce with his base to support out there.
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he's still adamant about repealing obamacare or doing something about obamacare. the second thing was i think a recognition that this ain't it. the fact as i look at this or as i can see the president creating greater separation between himself and this bill, leaving the speaker out there to hang and dry out a little bit on this and cut a deal with the democrats. remember the candidate, trump, said he wants healthcare for all american and everyone. that's not this bill. i don't know how you get covering everybody in providing
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healthcare insurance for everybody when this bill does not do that. you will see more separation on the white house and the hill and that's going to create another level of frustration for a lot of folks who are carrying one right now for legislation that won't cost. >> bob costa, to michael steele's point, how do you interpret of what he says of the cour of the campaign. is there room where of a policy negotiator of paul ryan or this political test to see what happens. donald trump is president would take something that he can get out of congress but otherwise, not a policy one president. >> the president told me a few days before he got in
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inaugurated that he wants insurance for everybody and he had his political antenna up in the air. he knows that people don't want to entirely give up their benefits if they are getting it. he did not want to give up medicare or not going up to social security. he's reluctant to go after medicaid. >> his base are weary of this legislation. as michael were saying, perhaps he may. this is of many trump adviser is a negotiation to him and not a policy project. >> we'll pause there of the president defending his comment, you know what i am talking about, the use of twitter of 140 characters. that when "the 11th hour" continues.
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i tweeted today. don't worry, i will give it up after i am president. we won't tweet anymore. not presidential. >> he will give it up. welcome back to "the 11th hour." that's what you saw candidate donald trump a year ago. we know that trump did not give up twitter upon entering the oval office today, he explains why. >> i think i would not be here if it was not for twitter. i get such a fake press. the news is not honest. when i have close to 100 million
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watching me on twitter and including facebook and instagram and a lot of things, i guess we have close to 100 million people. i have my own form of media. on twitter, if i don't do that, i won't get my word out. when i say things, the press does not cover accurately, they cover inaccurately. of however many i can reach and however many you add things up and it gets deseminated from there. when i can reach that many people, twitter is a wonderful thing for me because i get the word out. >> michael steele, you look at that and you can see he's genuinely animated. you are big on internet. >> we have fun. >> what do you think this side of the president. this is not something he has to be trained to do.
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we covered a lot of politicians who are drawn out and feeling authentic, this part comes to him naturally. >> the challenge for him is understanding that his role has changed remarkably. he's president now and so what he says and how he says it, the nuance of what he says carries with an enormous of weight and importance and in some cases as we saw this past week with the president of potential problems. so, we get it, we understand it and it is who you are. you do it but you got to do it carefully. it is a delicate balance between reaching people and tapping into the audience and the destruction that oftentimes comes from that because of the ripple effect from it comes a lot further than you think it does unless it is
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deliberate. >> david, he may not see as a ripple, you get the feeling at times that the fight, the drama, the performance is what interests him as almost as he's playing evidence. >> he's trying to argue that it is twitter strategic. it is not. it is addictive behavior. he's back at it now. his twitter use is like a polygraph, it shows signs of stress. the unraveling of his claim of wiretapping of tmp tower and the consequences of that unraveling and where it brings investigators to. the door it begins to open. obviously, he's feeling the pressure from that. he's back at this addiction. he does not drink and he does use this and he keeps on doing.
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>> bob costa, is that fair or over stated? >> which part of that? >> that it is a hallmark of addicted behavior and it is a psychological burning need than any sort of professional media or government strategy. >> well, i am not a psychologist. based on my reporting of him over the past few years. he does love it. he uses his phone to tweet. the president does not use a computer or e-mail. he seems to revel some time and i see him do this reading replies on people on his twitter and getting his finger in the air to the political wins from his device. >> what is it like? >> i have seen it on the plane at trump tower. he -- he digest information and he will have the phone on as he looks over television and as he's watching table news and he has a pile of news articles printed out. it is this cascade of information and he thumbs through his phone. >> when you and i want to digest information, we turn go away from the computer and read things carefully and slowly. that behavior is self bombarding of stimuli and dopamine hit. it is not informing yourself but distracting yourself. >> young people would say you
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are describing any millennials. >> i live with three of them. i found they are less addicted to these devices than those who are older. they understand the danger. they're like one of those post crack generations that happens to their brothers and sisters and they stay away from it. they understand that if you go to work, you have to turn off the box. >> as we say in business, that's where we are going to leave it. >> robert costa and david frum, michael steele, thank you. >> some of the top talks on the trump administration, a lot of people maybe talking about tomorrow. stay tuned, this is "the 11th hour" on msnbc.
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before we go tonight, tough words from russia. >> assuming the pose of nikki haley with a harsh stance. >> we know the russians were behind the hack of yahoo and dnc and med elling in our election. what should the president do? >> take it seriously, we should never trust russia. >> you can see more of that
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good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes, we were following breaking news on several stories at this very moment. we are just hours before president trump's -- just hours before president trump's revised travel ban was set to take effect, a federal judge in hawaii just about an hour ago has blocked it. the ruling stating it amounts to religious discrimination or at least that they have a good chance of succeeding on the merits on that score. we'll have more on that ahead. first, president trump is in campaign mode, holding a rally in nashville, tennessee, where the house says he will at least touch on the topic that is now dominating capitol hill and indeed the country. the gop's sputtering attempts to repeal and replace obamacare. the big question tonight is what, if anything, will the president be selling? on the plane to nashville today, press secretary sean spicer told reporters white house officials would be "flooding the zone" on


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