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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  March 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> amazing. >> doubled in a moment. >> doubled in a day. >> a jogger was running down the street and people stopped him again and again. here is my address, the door is open. that went on all over the place. >> i love that. what a great note to end the show on today. thank you so much. that does it for us this morning. it is thursday, right? that means tomorrow is friday. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks so much, mika. good morning, i'm stephanie ruhle. we have breaking news to cover. a second judge blocks the travel ban this morning after another judge shut it down last night. >> we are going to fight this terrible rule. >> hard power. the president's proposed budget just out. huge cuts to the e.p.a., the state department and much more. no evidence. the republican head of the intel committee says trump tower was not wiretapped. the president now saying this --
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>> i think you are going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. the health care bill gets a key vote this morning. republicans are saying it's going to have to change. >> we have a score, we can make necessary improvements and refinements to the bill. >> let's get to it beginning with president trump's travel ban blocked by two federal judges hours before it was set to take effect. for the second time in six weeks, the president is threatening to go to the supreme court. we have a great team to break it down. i'm going to pete williams. pete, walk us through why these judges blocked the revised version of the travel ban. we were under the impression this new version was designed specifical to make its way through. >> it was and it didn't work. both judges said it basically discriminates on the basis of religion. the first ruling came in hawaii
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less than six hours before the travel restriction was set to take effect after midnight. the judge there and the judge in maryland said much the same. the 90-day pause on issuing visas from six muslim countries amounted to religious discrimination. they said they can't turn a blind eye to the statements during the campaign that called for a ban on all muslim immigration. the judge in hawaii said any reasonable objective observer would conclude they were drawn up to favor a particular religion. the judge in maryland agreed, protecting national security, which is what the trump administration said was the reason was secondary to blocking the entry of muslims. what does that mean? for now, nothing changes. the original executive order was blocked. the u.s. will continue granting visas to people from the six countries named in the revised order, iran, libya, sudan and
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yemen. when the government appeals the case, it will go to two appeals courts, one in san francisco that upheld the ban on the first executive order and secondly to the court of appeals in virginia. stephanie? >> we have to get the white housreaction. we know they are not happy. chris jansing is live outside. what is the word from the administration. >> reporter: they are frustrated, obviously. they thought when they revised it, they had taken care of what the issues were. it came, at least as a surprise. clearly, from listening to the president, he plans to instruct the justice department to fight it for him. he stated this clearly from the time he signed that executive order, for him, this is a matter of national security. you can hear the frustration in his voice last night at the rally in nashville. take a listen to part of what he had to say in reaction to the hawaii ban. >> this is the opinion of many. an unprecedented, judicial
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overreach. we are going to fight this terrible ruling. we are going to take our case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the supreme court. >> reporter: so, one of the things about the president is, he does, indeed, feed off the audience. that's what he was doing last night. it was clear the reason he went there, which was for health care, did not get the same kind of reaction as when he said what he said about the travel ban. the reaction was much louder, much stronger, sort of confirming for him, how important this is. we haven't gotten a second reaction to this second rejection of the executive order revision, but we expect that to come shortly. >> i want to bring the panel in to break it down. megan murphy, editor of bloomberg week and the author of "why wall street matters." and an immigration attorney, raul, from a legal perspective,
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why didn't this go through? the idea was, okay, it is what it is. what do we need to do to get this in? >> that goes to the heart of the problem that the trump d.o.j. faces now. they approach this version 2.0, they tried to go back to the original order and specifically fix all those things. the judge in hawaii, he looked at it and said it doesn't matter he made the fixes, what matters is the intent. unlike the judge in the panel in washington, he was willing to bring in all the statements he made in the past and giuliani made. he was going to bring that in, saying words matter. there's real irony here. when you considerhat these were the words trump, this anti-muslim rhetoric trump used to excite the base and carry him to the white house, they are causing him legal and political headaches. the one bit of good news in the order from hawaii, the judge
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said these words and statements will not forever taint the administrations case with regard to the travel ban. they left the door open for possibly in the future, as time goes by and they can keep quiet, they would be open to hearing it in some form again. >> i want to stay on the president's words. as chris jansing mentioned, he was enthusiastic and frustrated last night. here is more of what he had to say. >> this is a watered down version of the first one. this is a watered down version. let me tell you something, i think we ought to go back to the first one and go all the way, which is what i wanted to do in the first place. >> is he stepping on his own case saying it's a watered down version, go back to the first one. are his opponents going, yep, bring it, love it. >> i'm sure the department of justice is love whag he said in nashville that said it is the
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statements you made and your close advisers in terms of steven miller and rudy giuliani that said the intent was to ban muslims coming in. here is the problem, if they are going to look at original intent, he was campaign donald trump last night, not president donald trump. they look at e-mail exchanges going back into what they said to each other when they were drafting the original bill as well as the second ban they tried to tweak, they tried to make the legal exceptions to. people fighting the ban can't wait to get their hands on the exchanges that went down about how they are going to modify the bill the second time and go out and tell people, it's a watered down veio of the the first. >> president trump is not an e-mail enthusiast. he has said, i will take this thing all the way to the supreme court. do you think that's the next step for him? he's having a bit of a frustrating week. >> i'm glad for that. i'm actually quite inspired by
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the judges rulings. not only the two in the last 24 hours, but after the first ruling in february, i think this shows that our system, our balance of power is working. it's not just the executive branch that goes through whatever it wants. the judicial system and the congress are two powerful and equal branches, showing their muscle, not only in the travel ban, but in trying to repeal and replace obamacare. i think in the budget fight we are about to have, it's inevitable there's going to be one, i'm inspired by the rulings. >> is that what the frustration is when it's an unprecedented overreach, is it the president not understanding the branches of government? it's like he thinks you work for me. >> he understands half of it. he is correct in one regard, the president has wide discretion around immigration policy, however, it has to be within
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constitutional restraint. that's the part he does not seem to get. he keeps losing in the court. another thing he seems unaware of, when he made the point about let's go back to the original ban. he cant. there was another ruling they refused to vacate that. there's no going back to that one either. he lost across the board. in moving forward, generally dwrou that when you have, among the lower courts, varying opinions, conflicting decisions that say we need clarity, so let's go to the highest court. right now, there is clarity already. the courts do not like this. it's going to be an up hill battle. >> plus, he's got a 4-4 supreme court. he doesn't have his guy on the supreme court yet. that's not going to happen for months. go to the supreme court, donald, you are not going to get through on this. >> thank you. in the meantime, the refugees pouring in, i don't see any of them pouring anywhere.
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we have to cover the other big story that broke this morning, the budget. president trump's outline for the budget. it includes big cuts. i want to get details from ali velshi. >> this is the first budget request. some call it a skinny budget. it makes me feel badly about my physique. what we have is three departments getting an increase in spending, 17 that are getting decreases. let me show you how that breaks down. $46.4 billion in cuts to 17 different agencies. $59.5 billion in expansion across three agencies. you can see the deficit effect is fairly small. let's talk about where the money is going. defense and national security are the big gainers. spending and defense up $54 billion, an estimated 10% increase from current levels. that is offset by spending decreases at state department, 28% cuts to state department and
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25% cuts tohe environmental otection agency. the other things that are not being touched, for instance, medicare. obviously that's a very big issue. that's not being cut right now. no changes to medicare and social security. put together, they are half the u.s. budget. critics are blasting it. it eliminates funding to meals on wheels, corporation for public broadcasting, gone. national endowment for the arts and humanities are gone. so, that's something that is getting a lot of criticism to date. that's what we are looking at right now. there's a lot more to it. that's a top line look at it. >> ali come sit next to us. i won't call it a skinny budget or a hairy one. >> i'm on my way now. >> megan, i want to share with you what mick mulvaney had to say this morning on "morning joe" specifically about the budget. >> it's how we wrote the budget,
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we pulled lines out of speeches, interviews, talked to the president and turned his words and policies into numbers. folks who voted for the president are getting what they voted for. >> if they are taking it directly from president trump's speeches, i go back to the last speech, the speech to congress, the most presidential moment where he said education is the civil rights issue of our time. a week and a half later, two weeks later, 17% cut to the department of education. so, speeches, action, where is the disconnect? >> 17% cut to the department of education overall, but $1.4 billion boost for school of choice, which is he was pushing to expand. this is a budget call it a skinny budget or whatever you want. it is a manifestation of campaign proposal, a boost to defense and homeland security and boost to the vets. as we went through there, no
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cuts to entitlement spending. how he balanced are massive cuts, nearly 30% to the state. scott pruitt the head of the e.p.a. went begging for dollars before this was released. whether or not you are going to see how to make the numbers stack up, huge cuts, a boost in defense to homeland security. no cuts to social security and medicare, 50% of the budget. a lot of republicans are going to be up in arms about the budget. >> you think it's going to get through the senate? mitch mcconnell said these kind of cuts to the state won't go through? >> it's a cynical budget, which you expect from a guy like donald trump. it's up there with paul ryan's budget. i don't see how it gets through. he's going to have a battle. we are going to see congress step up and fight against this president trying to make these ridiculous cuts that make no sense. cutting the state department
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28%? i don't think rex tillerson who is now on his asia trip when that was or he may have gone back. >> no reporters are there. >> he has one with him. it's nice they announce it while he's away in asia. i can't believe he is supportive of this. >> ali, maybe we are too dramatic. they are not saying wipe out the agencies, but there could be fat there, room for improvement. when you look at things like, hmm, how much does it cost to go to mar-a-lago for a weekend and you want to get rid of meals on wheels, which is feeding people in cities every day? $4.1 billion, which is a drop in the bucket to pay for the wall. the wall was a campaign promise, paid by a country known as mexico. how does the president make sense of this, even to supporters? >> the thing about the budget, unlike the debate about health care, which is math and actual, it is your priority. this is a tough one.
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70% of americans, republicans and democratslike the corporation for public broadcasting. you are going to say you are going to wipe that out and meals on wheels, as you said, keep a wall. these are going to be tough. the other problem the president's got, as he did not expect to have with health care is he is running into a big wall with republicans, conservative republicans who, for years, thought the obama administration was spending like drunken sailors. they like the cuts. they don't like the increases in spending. this is a problematic budget on a lot of levels. unlike other pieces of legislation, a budget is where you put your money after you run a campaign. this budget, mick mulvaney is keeping with president trump's priorities he outlined during the campaign. more to come on that. next, president trump's travel ban. we are going to go back to it being blocked by two judges, conservative congressman brooks will judge me on why the court
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but at the end of the day, you want to take care of the customer. one of the great things about comcast, there's always room to move up. of course, it depends on you, how hard you work. ♪ wiretap covers a lot of different things. i think you are going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> that, of course, was the
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president previewing the release of possible evidence into his claims that former president obama wiretapped trump tower. speaking to reporters yesterday, house committee chairman, devin nunez a nunez had this to say about the accusations or lack there of. >> we don't have evidence that took place. i don't think ere s an actual tap of trump tower. >> important to note, he is a republican. i want to bring in navid, a former fbi double agent and msnbc contributor. megan and bill, he gets to go first. has president trump backed himself into a corner here? you have two heads of a house intelligence committee says there's no evidence and the president's explanation was sort of, well, new york times used the term wiretapping, i saw
6:21 am
brett baier say it on tv the night before. there's interesting stuff that is going to come. i mean, what more could it be? >> not only has he backed himself into a corner, but the fbi into a corner because the fbi is now in a position where they have to reveal if there's an investigation. as we know, law enforcement is not very happy to do that if there is an investigation. the short of it is this concept that a president could order surveillance of someone running for president is absurd. we are not behind the iron curtain. the intelligence and police aren't used to keep up the power. that's civics 101. that's just not what we do. of course there's not going to be evidence of this. it's frankly, an absurd claim. >> i want to play a part of "today's" show interview that aired with u.s. ambassador to u.n. nikki haley.
6:22 am
>> i have always made it clear from my confirmation and the words at the u.n., i don't trust russia. >> have you said to him point-blank, mr. president, i think you need a little more distrust and a little less trust? >> he knows how i feel about russia. >> president trump knows how nikki haley feels about russia. she's been strong about rush sh every chance she gets. does it matter given the russia j jamboree we talk about day in and day out? >> well, look. nikki haley can say one thing, but it's up to the president to draw the line with russia. he's persistently refused to do so. they tried to drown out the noise. russia is developing a huge part of their presidency whether it's leaking information or conflicts of interest with members of his family. it is a huge cloud that hangs over the administration with a president who has been forceful about saying he wants a closer,
6:23 am
better relationship with with russia. that goes against nikki haley, rex tillerson is forced into a difficult position. let's be honest. he's shown no sbrinterest in drawing connections with that. we are seeing him try to focus and stitch together the wiretapping, whatever it was that went on, supposedly in trump tower. what's going to be interesting to see is, is this a promise that is typical trump, he says it and two weeks later, people forget to check him and say, wait a second, you said we were going to get evidence about something that went on at trump tower with the obama administration two weeks ago. weeks are up. where is t evidence? >> people are not going to forget to check him. bill, you have a piece in "vanity fair" that is important. one group that didn't support president trump in the campaign
6:24 am
but they won are the investors. the market has soared and they are saying the policies work for me. the tweets, the behavior of the president causes volatility. you think they are going to turn on him or starting to? >> wall street is starting to turn on them. they don't like the behavior. they thought they were getting a guy who was a ceo, in charge, i'm going fix things, i get things done, i build things. the city wouldn't build wallman rink. that's what they thought they were getting. so erratic in behavior. >> a short amount of time. if you look in history -- >> it's been a short amount of time. people don't change. he's 70 years old. he is who he is. that's not ageist, but he is what he is. >> he's grown up. >> he's not going change his ways and he doesn't seem to listen to people. people on wall street take comfort there might be a gary or steve mnuchin or powell there,
6:25 am
but i don't think he is listening. >> listening sessions are for show? >> look, i think exactly as you are saying. they are hoping the gary cohens and the steve mnuchins are driving this administration. you know, we have the budget out this morning, it lays it out. i'm not sure, as you are saying, how much traction the policies are getting. yes, the dow is racing. yes, people at the highest level of the incomes are getting a huge benefit as they are seeing in portfolios. the policy, you only have to look at the health care plan to see, who is going to reap the benefit from the repeal and replace from the ryan bill. itis not the lower income, it's people at the top, top tier. how long it's going to take americans who voted for him in the hardest hit communities are going to have a wake up ment and say i'm not getting a benefit from this, but the bankers on wall street are. >> you saw that in west virginia, the anger. >> that's a good point.
6:26 am
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welcomeack. i'm stephanie ruhle. you are watching msnbc. time for the morning primer. we begin with secretary of state rex tillerson's visit to japan. he said the diplomatic and other efforts of the past 20 years failed. federal government hit the spending limit today unless congress votes to expand the debt ceiling. the budget agreement suspended the debt ceiling into wednesday. congress needs to raise the limit to $20 trillion to reflect the nation's debt. the department of justice charged two russian spies and two criminal hackers wednesday for hacking 500 million yahoo! accounts back in 2014. they are charges with conspiracy, computer fraud and abuse. economic espionage and trade secrets. one person injured in paris after an explosion at the world bank offices.
6:31 am
an employee opened an envelope containing explosive material. he was not seriously hurt. it is only march, but we have thrilling baseball action. the united states stunned venezuela in the world baseball classic, knocking two late home runs to give them a thrilling, 4-2 victory. two federal judges, one in hawaii and one in the state of maryland decisions blocking the president's travel ban citing concerns about antimuslim discrimination in the rulings. i want to bring in alabama republican congressman mel brooks. congressman, you are an attorney. what is your advice to the trump administration about how to move forward after this? >> well, the constitution is very, very clear. it gives the president of the united states authority over this type of issue regarding foreigners in other countries and the united states of america. if i were advising donald trump, the first thing i would advise is to appeal the decisions.
6:32 am
the second thing i would advise is have gorsuch on the supreme court before the appeals get to that point. the third thing i would ask him to consider, this is more aggressive, at some point or another, the judiciary has to be put in their place. our founding fathers are supposed to be three equal branches of government. to a very large degree, the judiciary overstepped its pounds. at some point, the executive branch is going to have to do what is necessary to put them back in their place where it's a co-equal branch of government rather than superior. >> i would guess that judge gorsuch would say, whether he is sitting in his seat or not, he is not in the back pocket of the president. here we are less than 24 hours later, since the ban wasn't put in place. should americans feel less safe? >> absolutely. there is always a risk when you have countries that have high intensities of terrorism and
6:33 am
people from those countries come to the united states of america. it might be that only 1 in 100 or 1 in 1,000 are potential terrorists or are terrorists. the more you bring in, the greater the probability you brought in some that will kill americans on american soil. that's the balance you have to try to work through as you decide how many people do i bring in from these countries where it's impossible to vet them to determine if they are refugees or, in fact, terrorists in disguise as we have seen happen over and over again in europe. >> those extra 40 days involved in the vetting process, what would it do? the vetting we have now, what is it missing that the additional vetting will do to protect the united states of america? this idea that people are pouring in, they are not pouring in. >> personally, from my perspective, it is impossessable to properly vet these individual who is want to come into america from those particular countries.
6:34 am
the government is either nonexistent or not cooperative. they don't have the data base we are used to having in the united states of america as we vet people in the united states of america. when we vet people in the united states of america by way of example for a classified access to document status, something of that nature, the fbi makes errors. that's where you have as much information as you are going to have as you try to determine whether someone is going to get a secrecy clearance or not. when dealing with people from yemen, somalia, iran or what have you, you don't have the information with which to make a decision that you can have confidence in. >> i want to turn to health care, the budget committee is going to vote and run republican on the committee, dave brat says he will vote if three other republicans vote no. he's going to say it will be dead. rand paul said this morning, that's good. take a listen. >> no conservative is for his plan, so, i think his plan is
6:35 am
dead on arrival. my hope is it never leaves the house. >> do you agree? >> absolutely. i agree with rand paul. we have to -- i mean, in fairness to obamacare, president obama and the democrats who put this bill together, they did an excellent job in changing the focus of the debate. the dete used to be over weather the federal government is going to be involved in the welfare system of obamacare. now the debate is how much is the government going to be involved. to the credit of president obama and the democrats that pushed it through, they changed the framework of the debate. if you believe in individual freedom and liberty and state's rights, the house plan is the largest welfare program republicans sponsored in the history of the republican party. as such, it's going to undermine the work ethic, increase taxes and increase the deficit, which,
6:36 am
in turn, is going to increase the risk of bankruptcy which would wreak havoc. >> congressman, thanks for sharing your thoughts. >> thank you. next, ivanka trump and justin trudeau spotted together. nikki haley in the house, too, enjoying a broadway show about american refugees. trudeau was critical of president trump. is the first daughter walking a tight rope? calcu... shall we initiate the restart sequence? ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at
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just hours before a federal judge in hawaii bcked enforcement of president trump's revised executive order on immigration, his daughter ivanka was enjoying a night out on broadway as a special guest of justin trudeau who crashed with her father. they enjoyed the musical "come from away" telling the story of a small canadian town that helped stranded airline passengers after the september 11 attacks. we caught up with prime minister trudeau. >> we'll agree to disagree on certain things, but i know and i've always felt for canada, we recognize diversity is a source of strength. that is something we are open to in the world. >> justin trudeau walks the walk, talks the talk. i want to bring back megan and bill. i want to show a piece "saturday night live" did over the weekend. yes, it's funny, be are they
6:41 am
actually saying something here? take a look. >> a woman like her deserves a fragrance all her own. a scent made just for her because she's beautiful. she's powerful. she's complicit. >> yes, obviously that's funny. is there a truth they are speaking here? on the exact night when, you know, the travel ban is being questioned, president trump says i'm taking this to the supreme court when we are reminded rudy giuliani said yep, donald called me to say how am i going to get that muslim ban to happen? that's happening while ivanka is next to justin trudeau next to hailey saying i'm tough on russia. >> it is a serious issue. they are trying to have it both ways. ivanka and jared are trying to have it both ways. we saw it in terms of the policy and what he father said about being a watered down policy.
6:42 am
it would have banned green card holders, people entitled to living in this country. it's lgbtq. ivanka and jared wereeen as the voice on lesbian and gay issues, the transgender issue that is came out. >> climate change. >> climate change. again, they are important social issues. people depending on ivanka trump to be the voice of social democracy, the one on the left forcing her father on social issues like refugees, like the environment, ek set tra, they are going to be severely disappointed, indeed. they may try to use their voice on a limited portion. they are picking and choose zing. democrats who are counting on them as a voice of reason for their policies and their advocacy are frustrated already. >> there is an action we saw that people are excited about. powell getting elevated to be deputy national security
6:43 am
adviser. dena has been part of george bush's white house and led the fill ant pi effort. reported to lloyd, speaks fluent arabic, the real deal. cotton and corker putting out tweets, enthusiastic in the way they were when mcmaster got the post. is this a positive or, again, window dressing because trump will be trump. >> dena was supposed to be ivanka's chief of staff, right? that was the role she carved out. she was supposed to be ivanka's advocate on the issues you are talking about that seem to he faded from the landscape. now, out of the blue, she's now deputy national security adviser? it's absolutely mind blowing. she may be very qualified for it. she is a talented woman. yet another goldman sachs executive lining the trump
6:44 am
administration. but, what happened to these issues? i don't think -- if we put our faith in ivanka to defend against these issues, to support the issues that are more popular, forget it. she's fot going to go against her father. she was her father's most devoted supporter on all his faux pas. >> there's all the infighting within the white house. if you see dena powell elevated and cohen and mnuchin there and priebus, if paul ryan and donald trump end up truly at odds on health care, reince priebus is ryan's home boy. could gary be in? >> here is the thing. you are seeing on health care this playing out where donald trump is willing to see how it plays out and ditch it as fast as possible. >> because of trump care or ryan care. >> look at the cbo score and everybody knows it's doa when
6:45 am
you see 20 million people uninsured. that's why he went to nashville. he's going to keep doing it. tell that to a 9-year-old transgender kid who has to face issues about what bathroom they are going in. tell it to people on climate change with people like dena and gary. tell it to planned parenthood. they were counting on the voices in the white house and they are being drown out on these issues right now. >> i want to stay on one of those voices, jared kushner. democrats or people in the middle saying they are the ones to get president trump to the center, to work for the american people. talk abo this piece that bloomberg has out about a building in new york city. jared kushner's family owns a building set to get 400 million bucks from a chinese company. they are headed to mar-a-lago, white house south, is that what president trump calls it?
6:46 am
in a few weeks. >> great scoop from david, one of my colleagues at bloomberg saying this deal that where in a partnership, which is being discussed and basically a proposed transaction where the kushner family would get $400 million from this deal in a building that had been challenged situation. there's a lot of benefits in that deal that real estate experts are saying looked too close for comfort for a long time on the street. >> you need government approval for something like this, a government run by their dad. >> i think they are backing away a little bit. >> as fast as they can. >> as fast as they can. there's the fear in the white house. i don't know if you saw that. everybody is running scared inside that place and pointing daggers at each other. fascinating as well. no way to run a railroad. >> well, you could put your -- >> make a sausage, as they say. >> that is sausage i don't want.
6:47 am
i don't want to see any sausage made. we are going to take a break. at the top of the hour, the health care bill facing a hurdle as it is debating. hhs secretary tom price is on the hill trying to rally support for the bill. we are going to go live to the capitol, next. america's beverage companies have come together to bring you more ways to help reduce calories from sugar. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. the house budge committee will vote on trump's health care. in an effort to curry support, right now at this moment health and human services secretary tom price is meeting with white house republicans. nbc's kelly o'donnell is staking out that meeting. kel kelly, what's your reporting on the chances this things goes through? >> reporter: at the first step, it is expected that it will pass. but there are a lot of hurdles here and the sledding only gets tougher after that.
6:52 am
the committee is invested in this. many of the reampublicans on th committee have been ryie trying shape the nature of the legislation. tom price is here today meeting with house republicans, although it is not explicitly about health care. he coming from the house is among friends here and colleagues whom he worked with for a long time. so it's hard to imagine they're not talking about health care and what next steps they need to take. secretary price will be here again tomorrow and the vice president is on the hill as well. there's a lot of selling going on. there is a recognition among republicans, even in leadership that changes need to take place and there are places along the way where that can happen. we know that democrats are clear in their opposition and the public pressure has been mounting and the president himself is saying there's a need to make some changes. there's a lot invested for paul
6:53 am
ryan and others. and trying to talk about eideas and what changes could they make. this is one of the highest priorities for both the white house and republicans on capitol hill. because there has been pushback on the congressional budget office scoring and how many americans would lose coverage, there's a lot of people here, s especially on the senate side. if it doesn't pass the senate, these house republicans shouldn't take a political risk on something that's going to fail. >> it's a big morning for republicans. and that's, kelly. i want to stay on health care. the man behind the plan, speaker paul ryan will be joining chuck todd on "meet the press daily." you definitely want to see that.
6:54 am
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6:58 am
make equal pay laws. because women only earn 77 cents per dollar that every man makes. >> do you have a lawyer? can you afford a lawyer to sue the company you work for? we need a living wage so we can support the children we're trying to feed. >> my full interview with arquette about be posted online later this morning. it's not just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.
6:59 am
there are more men named john running fortune 500 companies than there are women. women, you have to be more creative in the names for your boys. we're done for the day. i'm stephanie ruhle. i'm going to see you at 4:00 later today, lucky me. you can fall me all day long on twitt twitter. i'm sending you to hallie jackson in washington, d.c. to take the baton. >> thank you, stephanie. no johns here. big goose to the military, big doubts programs here at home. we're talking about how it affects people, real people, from buffalo to burbank. plus new steaming setbacks this morning after overnight decisions blocking that new
7:00 am
travel ban, not one but two judges putting a stop to it. so what's next? and any minute we're looking at the house budget committee. this is a live look where they're looking to push through the health care plan. nancy pelosi any moment from that podium, later paul ryan. on set with me former assistant secretary of state and one-time state department spokesman p.j. cr crowley. the gangs all here. pete williams, walk us through what the yujudges are saying an what happens next for the white house, the department of justice and for people who are trying to travel? >> first of all, i apologize for being indoors. you all are freezing


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