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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 16, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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that's our broadcast. thank you for being with us. "hardball" begins right now. tap dance, lets play "hardball." ♪ good evening, i am chris matthews in washington. for donald trump today, march 16th 2017 is doomsday for his claim that president obama ordered a wiretap on him. >> today, we have seen no indications that trump tower was the subject of surveillance by any elements of the u.s. government. yesterday the leaders of the house intelligence committee they do say they heard no
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evidence. here is devin nunes. >> we don't have any evidence that took place. i don't believe the last week of time of people we talked to, i don't think there is a tap of trump tower. are you going to take the tweets literally and if you are, clearly the president is wrong. >> speaker of the house paul ryan also weighed in today. he, too, says he sees no evidence. >> this is something that i am unaware of. the point is the intelligence committees and their widen ongoing investigation of all things russia got to the bottom at least so far with respect to our intelligence committee that no wiretapping instance. >> president trump says he had evidence that he will reveal of a date and time of his choosing.
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>> we'll be submitting certain things and i will be perhaps speaking about this next week but it is right now before the committee and i think i want to leave it that. i think you will find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. i choose to do it before the committee or maybe i will do it before i see the results o f the committee. where he in the process of putting it together and i think it is -- >> i think we'll have it. >> does that sound familiar? >> i have people that have been studying and they cannot believe their findings. >> you have people searching in hawaii? >> they cannot believe what they are finding.
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>> yeah, no evidence ever materialized. i am joined by u.s. congressman, karen bass and our john stence for buzz bee news. >> congressman bass, i want to ask for your thoughts. >> to me, i think about what's going to happen. he's sending something to the world that he doubts our intelligence agencies. how does he then bring a coalition together to respond to an international incident. for me, it is actually pretty humiliating when i have to deal with foreign leaders and they ask us what's going on in the united states, you know? you have the one quote but what about the millions of people voing against him.
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this is a serious and dangerous pattern. >> the reasons that i am concerned here more than normally of this president is if you saw that and if it is like revisitism and he's going back to the normal trump and he's discuss covering all kinds of weird stuff o f the american not being a native national and he said all of these as of factual information and not speculations and this time he said that i got information handed that i am going to present it. this is strange. i am afraid of the word "liar," i hate that word. he's saying stuff that it seems to be completely making up again. now, go back to your point, congresswoman, what is the work, what is this political leaders
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like theresa may and merkel, what are they dealing with this kind of guy who's capable of making stuff that does not exist. >> right, i do think that at some point, we need to call what it is. it is lying. he doubles down and he puts his facts in terrible positions. i feel sorry for sean spicer today. he had to double down and defend this. it makes no sense. how can you continually say this when all the leaders o f the intelligence committee in the house and senate are saying it is not true. >> all he has to do is call his fbi director in a split second, you got anything on counter intelligence or anything there. you got anything on this? he can do it in two second and he does not want to do it because it will blow his cover. at the white house, congresswoman, sean spicer, trying to defend's the president's accusation.
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>> he's been cleared and he's talked about it last night. there is been incident that occurred and devin nun nunes cou not have said it better. >> there are a statement out today that they have not begun this. the department of justice asked for additional week. >> first of all, he stands by it. you are mischaracterizing what happened today. >> can you say that he feel that is barack obama wire tapped trump tower or surveillance? >> yeah, he was clear about it last night. he put it in quotes and broad. so, that's what he meant by the use of the term. >> was it phone tapping? >> no, it was surveillance. we covered this ten times.
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>> here is senator marco warren. he responds to sean spicer, the bipartisan leaders of the intelligence committee would not have made the statement they made without having been fully briefed by the appropriate authorities. it is clear if you read the statement right now. it is clear by the statement of the two senators of the intelligence committee that they are saying any time there was no surveillance of any kind and not just the word wiretap or not just about president obama having something to do with it. they said there was no government of any kind of surveillance on mr. trump during the campaign or after that. a complete denial of trump is talking about. >> this is intentional and this is donald trump rolling a smoke bomb in to it.
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if a witness lies, you can choose not to believe anything that person says. we have a president that continues to be not credible. that's unfortunate. we want the president of the united states republican or democrat to be credible. >> let me go to john on this. lets forget about ideology completely, here is the problem. the president of the united states have to talk about north korea, a tricky question, he's got to deal with iran and about them meeting the deal they struck with us on nuclear development opposing it and refusing it. all of this depends on the words of the president of the united states, how is it doing? >> well -- that's a good question. if i define it on a traditional standpoint, it is not very well. people are not looking at it and say this guy, we cannot believe everything he says fchlt you --
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>> he's playing to his base. for his base, they don't care if he lies or not. it is not a big deal to him. they're fine if he's aggressive and muscular and uber masculine of this kind of thing. >> again, he cares about. >> unfortunately, maybe i should not have said that. he's president of the united states, back in august, candidate donald trump promised never to lie to americans. lets watch. >> i have traveled all across this country laying out my bold and modern agenda for change. in this journey, i will never lie to you and tell you something that do not believe. >> congresswoman bass, tell us me what you think about that statement.
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and now saying the president is a felon because he had a plumber operation and going after him at trump tower. >> it does matter. >> it matters to the real world. >> it absolutely matters and the thing about it is he's been consistent. he lied through his whole campaign and before his campaign. it does not matter to him but he need to take a bigger view on this. you mentioned iran and germany. at some point, we know there is going to be a problem in the world where we are going to need partners. he will have no credibility. they'll ask him, where did the intelligence comes from, was it the national inquire or the cia. we have to believe the president and i am afraid he's eroding that around the world. >> thank you, congresswoman, karen bass and john staton. >> that's all ahead, this is "hardball" where the action is.
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president trump appears to reveal that the cia has been hacked. >> there was no official statement as to where a massive data breach was publicized by wikileaks. president trump stated quite conclusively that the cia had been hacked. >> every intelligence agencies report to you, why not immediately go to them and gather evidence to support that? >> because i don't want to do anything that's going to violate any strengths of an agency. we have enough problem. with the cia, i want people to know, the cia was hacked and a lot of things that were taken. that was during the obama years.
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>> in ta statement today, in his effort to blame president obama, the president appears to discuss something if true a accurate could be considered as classified information. this should have been done of the product of thoughtful consideration with intense input for any agencies effective for anyone else as the president would have done, would constitute what he deplores as "leaks." >> i am joined by robert costa and as well as ken vogal at politico. >> robert costa. if you think you are bugged by the previous president, why
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don't you come up with some excuse, that was such a desperate week for excuse and excuse that he did something which he should not have done which is talked too much. >> but, we have seen what this president based on my reporting, chris, the president who's willing to use news reports on intelligence matters, to make some allegations about the former president, barack obama and on many different fronts he's relying on outside sources rather on agencies. >> what was his case saying the cia is hacked. was it classified information or this stuff he gets from the national inquirer? >> it was a vague statement. if it was from a classified
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briefing, that would raise red flag, that's what congressman adam schiff was talking about. if your president chooses to declassify information, they go through a long process discussing that with the intelligence agency and not just intelligence agency and not just doing it from the oval office. >> ken, what is up here? to use the excuse that i cannot trust the cia to tell me what's going and it is the president's primary resource of the intelligence. they commit of what they want to know of the world and sitting down and telling them all that they know. >> the cia is the president's tool and weapon he uses in the world and now he's dumping on it well, they got hacked which he's not supposed to say. my sources, this is only in flamed and of this distrust feeling for trump and you see it
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coming back the other way where folks believe that there is in deep state of career intelligence officer who is were out to get them. whether trump is actually revealing some kind of fuss information. >> he does not want to admit that he's lying or wire tapping. >> all parties and houses and al those stories saying there is nothing to the story so desperately hiding like his audit. why does he not call the fbi or anybody? >> it fits this pattern and he tries to change the subject and use his emphasize language and potentially, it will end up adding to the problem and fuel the story. there will be follow stories. >> he hides from his dishonesty as much as he can until the
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subject changes. subject changes. anyway. >> on russia, his response to emphasize them to throwing crazy stuff out there is cause him more problems than extending the story. >> former national adviser flynn received more than $30,000. >> it hosts flint. i saw that tonight and i assume he's getting pay for that at a 2015 gala. that looks like a gala with him and putin there. >> he got from the russians including of $11,000 paid and another from a russian airline. in his defense, his spokesperson says, flynn quotes, what you are seeing is a result of these and speeches he made after leaving.
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speeches he made after leaving. we know that. >> he says also for him to retire military officers from receiing gifts from a foreign state. >> i cannot recall any time in our nation's history when the president selected his national security adviser someone who violated the constitution bicepsing tens of thousands of bicepsing tens of thousands of dollars from an agent of a global adversary. >> money by the russians. >> money by the russians. on adding up. michael flynn, the retired general, the cloud that won't go away from the trump administration. administration. his problems and relations with different business interest and foreign actors have plagued the trump's white house. we are learning more and more of this relationship flynn has ever since he left full-time military since he left full-time military service. >> the weber relationship. >> the ship gets stuck in there.
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there is so much stuff connecting him to russia. all of this keeps on dripping out. >> i think that sort of what i am talking about. pam talking about. is worth than the actual connection. the connections are worse. >> this is an example of bad vetting. this should have been known and whether it is known or not when >> this is an example of bad vetting. this should have been known and whether it is known or not when the trump folks are vetting him. he was at a time where russia were very much in the news. >> thank you ken vogel and robert costa. when we return, we'll finish with trump's watch. this is "hardball" where the acc is. action is.
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trump watch thursday, march 16th, 2017. trump watch thursday, march 16th, 2017. tomorrow is friday. if the president arrives and say
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trump watch thursday, march 16th, 2017. tomorrow is friday. if the president arrives and say it is saturday, what would be the meeting of that statement? if people checks their calendar and convince themselves that the calendar they have been using is wrong and the leader they adore
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trump watch thursday, march 16th, 2017. tomorrow is friday. if the president arrives and say it is saturday, what would be the meeting of that statement? if people checks their calendar and convince themselves that the calendar they have been using is wrong and the leader they adore is right. if they say he did not mean it was saturday, he was really saying as president of the united states, he was declaring friday as the beginning of a long weekend. would they say something like that to get him and therefore his fight of supporters. how would they reconcile of the man they look up to saying their brains are not true. you tell me. >> trump says president obama is some stowaway who managed to slip in the country getting high level degrees from those schools and according to trump. no one knew him.
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now all intelligence says today it is not true. all good republican men say this whole thing about president obama wire tapping trump is nothing but trumped up nonsense. as i said, we have been here before. here we are back again to the troubling trump reality. the man in the white house is capable of making up claims that have no reality. he's no better than the weirdo in the basement who calls in the fire alarm just to hear the sirens going past. >> well, that's "hardball" for now, join me again tomorrow at 7:00 eastern, see you then.
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tonight on "all in" --
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tonight on "all in" -- >> everybody's got to be covered. >> president trump now admitting the bait-and-switch. >> counties that voted for you would do far less well under this bill than the counties that voted for hillary. >> i know. >> as trumpcare puts trump voters in the cross hairs. plus -- >> there's this assumption in washington that if you get less money, it's a cut. >> dnc chair tom perez on the president's plan to defund climate science and more. >> we're not spending money on that anymore. we consider that to be a waste of your money. >> then the president stands by his baseless wiretap claim despite public rejections from gop leaders. >> are you going to take the tweets literally and, if you are, then clearly the president was wrong.


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