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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  March 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it's citizens united. the mercers could not exist had citizens united not passed that decision. >> making me very nervous. >> i should be. >> thank you very much. we'll be reading the new piece in high line magazine at "huffington post." everyone should read it. thank you very, very much. have a great weekend. tomorrow is saturday. you know what that means, then sunday. sunday today with with willie geist. that does it for us this morning. craig melvin picks up the coverage now. >> craig melvin in for stephanie ruhle this morning. breaking, the united states reaching out to the united kingdom, expressing regret for dragging them into the president's wiretapping claims as the white house refuses to back down. >> he stands by. you are mischaracterizing what happened today. >> on the ropes. you are looking at live pictures, republicans holding a press conference, the secretary of health and human services trying to salvage the healt
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care bill. and breaking overnight, the secretary of state visits the dmz separating north and south korea and raises the possibility of a preemptive strike. >> all the options are on the table. >> we start this morning with the president's wiretapping allegations. the white house still refusing to back down despite the growing list of lawmakers who say there's simply no evidence. that list now includes the leaders of the house and senate intelligence committees as well as speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. peter alexander is live at the white house. let's start with this nugget that seemed to bubble up over the last few hours. britain now upset about something sean spicer said. spicer, apparently, may be apologizing to a certain extent. walk us through that, sir. >> this is more than a nugget.
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this is significant. this would be the first of public comments we should say not public, but private comments. the white house is backing down from the claim, sticking behind the president on his claim president obama helped wiretap trump tower. what we now know according to a spokesperson for the british prime minister is the white house promised its allegations against what is described as what is the gchq, the government communications headquarters, one of the british intelligence agencies will, quote, not be repeated thachlt is what was communicated from the u.s. to britain after the allegations. it follows an angry denial from the british intelligence agency, much like the cia, rarely speaks publicly on these issues. that claim that initially was made by an analyst on fox news about british intelligence to spy on trump tower was, quote, utterly, what did they say specifically, utterly
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ridiculous, they called it, said it was nonsense and should be ignored. we reached out to the white house to get more information, in fact, whether there was a formal apology that took place there. no, craig thrks is important. even after we heard from sean spicer here at the white house, continuing this idea, despite no proof to support it, that president obama ordered wiretapping or broad surveilness of trump tower. we are finally hearing from the administration, privately, that they are backing down. craig? >> do we know what the impetus is for that phone call might have been? >> reporter: there's been great frustration among the brits about this public statement. sean spicer used it as a rift quoting anonymous sources in news reports and this fox news analyst making this statement based on anonymous sources claiming there was proof that intelligence agencies from britain had been involved in the
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surveillance taking place. this is part of the conversation with spicer yesterday, right here in the briefing room. >> first of all, he stands by it. you are mischaracterizing what happened. >> this has been looked at. >> how do you know it's been looked at? hold on. hold on. i'm sorry, i'm afraid to understand. can you tell me how you know all of this has been, quote, looked at. what the president has the quote, wiretapping in quotes, referring to broad surveilness, you are going back. the bottom line is the investigation by the house and senate has not been provided all the information. when it does -- where was the concern. hold on. >> not evidence. >> no, no. i think the president addressed that last night and said there's more to come. >> reporter: the simplest of terms, craig, right now, you have president trump, this white house effectively on an island on this unsubstantiated, unfound wiretapping claim. consider all the top officials
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past or present who denied it or said there's no proof, the fbi director, james comey, at least privately, paul ryan as well as the republican chairs of both the house and senate intelligence committees. despite all of that, the white house is, at least, publicly still saying they believe the president's claim will be verified. there may be another chance to pose the question to the president. angela merkel is here. there's a news conference scheduled after 1:00. >> peter alexander, the man at the white house. thanks. let's bring in two msnbc plit c political analysts now. for the purposes of this conversation, foupder and ceo of the strategy group. your business is communication
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strategy. you watch sean spicer go on for eight minutes and reads news articles or excerpts and the press meeting started later than it was supposed to. what seems to be the communication strategy here? >> there doesn't seem to be one. that's coming from the top. the first rule of crisis, communications, is don't turn a 24-hour story into a 48-hour story. they have taken a tweet and turned it into a two-week story. from the top, he knew what he was getting into, sean did. he's working for a guy that will say anything, factless statements, then refuses to apologize. two weeks into a story that could have gone away 24 hours later if they said the president acknowledges he mistweeted, there wasn't, to his knowledge any tapping. they are refusing to do it. they are keeping the story alive.
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i don't think it's purposeful. the president's ratings have gone down. i think the public sees it for what it is. >> then we drag our good friends, the brits into it. so much so that we have to apologize to them. >> this is becoming down right ridiculous. to cover for the president saying something that cannot be proven, that seems to be patently false, if you are listening to other high ranking officials who have access to this, we draw in our closest ally and intelligence sharing partner, the brits and try to put cast blame on them based on reports from fox news. this originally started from breitbart. apparently this is a white house that doesn't trust what the government they lead has to say about facttual instances and o kumpbss and what happens. they would rather go with the right news outlets. >> we should note that the white house, not saying they necessarily apologize, the british not confirming, but the
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white house saying we won't say it in public, that's an apology. >> i don't think so. take it off the table. why leave it on the table that we are talking about it. if they put it to rest, we would have 60 seconds of conversatio this morning instead of three minutes we are going to have. it's going to come up again at sean's next briefing because they haven't put it to rest. >> it's so childish to draw in the brits. lets point our fingers at them. it's such a pattern of the trump campaign and now administration behavior. deflect, deflect, deflect. make everyone wonder if they are going crazy because they see the color blue and everyone else is seeing purple. >> also, yesterday, to hear him say, well, you know, the senate intel committee, they don't have all the evidence yet. we are going get them stuff. if you have the evidence, if you have this smoking gun, why have
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you not provided it yet? >> maybe they don't have everything nailed down on the spying through microwaves and things they are talking about and the alternate facts they are using. they are not providing it because they don't have it. >> you are so cynical. >> i am. >> he doesn't believe microwaves can spy. >> let's pivot to hhs secretary tom price who joined house republicans a few moments ago trying to get momentum behind the health care bill, which as of now, appears to be dead on arrival in the upper chamber, even if it gets to the chamber. let's bring in casey hunt, just out of that news conference that wrapped up. joining me now from capitol h l hill, what did we hear from the secretary and his congressional friends? >> reporter: frankly, we didn't get a lot of answers on hhs secretary on how the administration is going to resolve the conundrum they are
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facing. basically don't have the votes in the house to get it through. forget about the senate. that's another situation. right now, they are trying to balance conservatives with moderates. right now, there are so many conservatives opposed to this, they are trying to adjust it to accommodate them. if they go too far, they are going to lose moderate votes. the secretary was up here trying to rally support and argue his role in the process, as the secretary of health and human services, which republicans are calling phase two of the health care plan is going to be critical to all of this. take a look at what dr. price had to say today. >> i'm thrilled to be here today to congratulate the house on moving this bill forward. i look forward to working with them and the friends on the other side of the capitol. we look forward to patient centered health care, not government centered health care.
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>> reporter: they moved it through the budget committee. there were three republican no votes. one more, the bill would have died there. the reality is, the leadership controls the rules committee on the floor. we are at the point where they are going to figure out a behind-the-scenes deal or say okay, we combined 216 votes for this or not. the thing to watch for next week is, does this process get delayed? a process of this and what you are hear sg the fact they are moving this through. they say it's transparent and open. yes, they are going through the committee process, for a bill of this magnitude, this is a very quick movement through the house of representatives. i think a major tell is going to be, all right, does speaker ryan have to slow it down a bit, tap the brakes as they figure out what is going on behind the scenes? still unanswered questions, but we'll see more of it next week. >> casey hunt, thank you. let's turn to elise and joel.
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the health care bill, any chance it gets out of the house? >> i think it's shaky. it's a bill that satisfies no one. it's alienating republicans. how they find middle ground and come together, it doesn't seem the bill has the full backing of president trump himself. i think that's a really important component. from the beginning, he said it's open for negotiation, which is what the speaker has. >> the president said he is going to use the bully pulpit and travel to states to sell this thing. we have heard reports he's having meetings with lawmakers on the fence, trying to twist arms. you don't buy that? >> he's trying. the bigger problem you have here is you watch this play out over the last couple weeks, this is a problem of a complete lack of preparation. i mean, we were in election year in 2016. now odds may have been stacked
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against having a republican president, but the odds were in favor of having a republican congress going forward. they had a year to put together a plan, build a consensus within their own party. their failure to do that is a shocking misjudgment politically and from a policy perspective. why wait until november 10th to plan this when you have been talking about it for seven years. now, you are playing the politics out in public. it's messy. >> let's get to news that broke overnight. secretary of state, rex tillerso issuing a fierce new warning to north korea shortly after he went to the zone between north and south korea. nbc news hans nichols joins me now. hans, what did the secretary have to say? >> all options are on the table. what officials are saying this morning, craig, they seem to be down playing a little bit. we have this emerging dynamic where the secretary of state appears more hawkish than the
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pentagon. listen to what secretary tillerson said in seoul about the prospects of military action against north korea. >> all the options are on the table. certainly we do not want to, for things to get to a military conflict, we are clear in that in our communications. obviously, if north korea takes actions that threatens the south korean forces or our own forces that will be met with appropriate response. >> craig, what's more interesting about, what's really interesting about what tillerson said is he said the policy of strategic patience is over. moments ago, we had the president himself weighing into the north korea issue sending a tweet, talking about how north korea is behaving, quote, very badly. the background on this is the u.s. has less ability to see what north korea isoing with the missile system. they don't seem to be quite
6:15 am
there, yet, on the intercontinental to places like seattle on the west coast of the united states. the other thing you hear at the pentagon, this is the divide between state and pentagon where state seems more hawkish. every one at the pentagon realizes military action against north korea, whether it's a decapitation, taking out a leadership, the regime change, that will involve a loss of civilian lives in south korea almost at world war ii levels. you have a whole lot of artillery on the north korea side, 25 million civilians in seoul. 300,000 americans. that is a lot of civilian potential death. a lot going on this morning. one other note on this, craig, when you look at the military posture of the u.s., 60% of the combat ready forces are now in the pacific. we have 30,000 troops in south korea. >> hans nichols for us on a
6:16 am
story we are going to follow a lot throughout the course of the day here. hans, thank you for that. more on our breaking news. the united states expressing regret for dragging our united kingdom friends into the trump wiretapping claims. why is the white house doubling down on those claims? one of president trump's most prominent surrogates will join us next. president trump meetingit german chancellor angela merl for the first time. they have a complicated past. we'll dig into that as well. this is msnbc. yeah, i just saved a whole lot of money by to geico. we should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico insures way more than cars. boats, motorcycles... even rvs!
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the united states now reaching out to the united kingdom a day after suggesting they may have been a part of the wiretapping of trump tower, saying it won't happen again. they won't be making those claims in public again. itis been almost two weeks since president trump came out with the wiretap allegations, the house, senate intelligence committees saying they have yet to see any evidence to support those claims. president obama also, himself, denying it happened. joined now by a trump supporter, chair of the american conservative union, matt, good to see you on a friday. >> good t see you, craig. >> wha do you make of the latest news, the white house expressing regret? >> i think it's the right thing to do. this is incredibly important relationship, the most important relationship on the globe. people have to be careful with
6:21 am
the words they choose. so, i think they did the right thing. on this whole question of what type of surveillance or ease dropping was done, we want to know the answers. >> i don't think so at all. >> the senate intelligence committee, head of national intelligence. you don't buy any of those? you don't believe any of them? >> i believe them. i think they are respectable people. mr. clapper, he's too political to have much credibility with people like me. i think the two committees in congress are continuing to look at this. they have no evidence to date. i take them at their word. i want to see what their final conclusions are and make sure that "the new york times" and these other, you know, very respectful news outlets, a january 19th column in the new york times, all about the sur vilne
6:22 am
v vailness. if that was wrong, ties between trump world and the russian government and vladimir putin. >> the white house doubling down on the wiretap claims. take a listen at how the administration talked about this and we'll talk about it on the other side. here it is. >> does the president believe that former president barack obama committed a felony? >> i think president's tweets speak for themselves. >> the twitter statements shouldn't be taken at face value. >> if the president used the words wiretapping to mean broadly surveilness and other activities, do their job at the house and senate and the doj report it. >> people we talked to, i don't think there was an actual tap of trump tower. >> they see no indication it happened. >> first of all, he stands by it. >> it seems bizarre, would you concede, matt, the way the
6:23 am
language played out over the past two weeks? first of all, not sure why wiretapping is in air quotes. >> wiretapping to me is an antiquated word. we know what happens is there's all types of ways to surveil somebody, especially with, you know, the type of technology that we all deal with every day on our phones and in our homes. i believe, craig, it's very plausible that the obama administration surveilled hillary clinton's opponents campaign. if i'm wrong about that -- >> you believe this? despite the fact we have heard evidence to the contrary so far from just about everyone else on capitol hill? >> that's not right. if you look at what they have said, actually the republicans have said it's still plausible it happened. they have seen no evidence it happened. i do believe the evidence should determine this. >> that makes no sense. to say something is plausible
6:24 am
and you see no evidence, they are still investigating what happened here. >> you are convinced there's a smoking gun out there? >> why hasn't "the new york times" taken back -- >> i can't speak for "the new york times," i don't work for "the new york times." >> what about the ties between the trump campaign and russia that it's under investigation. you have reported that on this many times is that true or not true? >> that is true. >> when you do an investigation, what do you do? >> we heard from the head of the house and senate who said they have seen no evidence. >> that's correct. that's correct. >> you are still holding hope there's evidence? >> i'm not hoping anything. devin nunez, the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee said it is plausible and they are continuing to look at the facts. i would like to see what these
6:25 am
investigations determine and i think that will help us all understand what happened. one thing is true, many folks who i respect in the media have been reporting these investigations have gone on. that conversations were intercepted by our government and that was done by obama, by the obama administration during a heated campaign. if there are reasons to do that, i want to hear them. they better be damn good because we have never seen this that one administration starts investigating the opponent. >> we have never seen the president of the united states accuse of former president of tapping phones and providing no evidence for two weeks. i would also point out, matt -- >> let me try to answer. >> that wasn't a question, no need to answer. i would point out if there spicer, yesterday, in his news conference accuses britain's intelligence agency, then 12 hours later says i won't say
6:26 am
that in public anymore, why do that? >> you have a very fair point there. i think apologizing to our most important ally is the right thing to do. >> apologize -- >> somebody who worked for president george w. bush. under the bus every day for eight years. the idea that president trump is the only person that has gone after their predecessor is absurd. >> there's never been a president that accused his predecessor of a felony. >> they called bush and cheney war criminals. please. >> always good to see you, matt. >> you, too. >> be well. have a good we could. up next, what could be a tense meeting at the white house this afternoon? later this morning, i should say. president trump hosting german chancellor angela merkel. their relationship has been rocky, so far.
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welcome back. time for the morning primer, everything you need to know to start your day. we start with secretary of state rex tillerson holding a news conference with south korea's president. when it comes to dealing with
6:31 am
north korea, all options are on the table, including military action. a person is missing after a home explosion. no word on what caused the blast. take a look at this amazing video. a team of bbc journalists and tourists ran for their lives after mt. etna rerupted. ten people were hurt. denying reports they bombed a mosque killing civilians. the military said the air strike targeted al qaeda militants, not the nearby mosque. march madness officially under way. in the round of match ups, pulling off an upset against number five ranks minnesota. some argued middle tennessee state was underranked all along. tennessee state now faces the butler bulldogs this weekend.
6:32 am
back to politics. president trump is going to welcome german chancellor angela merkel to the white house. it's their first face-to-face meeting after trump called merkel his favorite world leader during the presidential election. he repeatedly criticized her. >> the german people are going to end up overthrowing this woman. i don't know what the hell she's thinking. look at the election results for merkel, they are ba she made one catastrophic mistake, taking all these illegals. >> let's bring in former secretary of state under president bush, and nick burns and elise jordan sticking around. mr. ambassador, let me start with you, sir. deaf nifly tension going into this meeting. the previous administration was behind tapping her phone. the obama administration never
6:33 am
admitted to that. how do you think things are going to play out between trump and merkel today? >> i think this is the most important meeting president trump has had since becoming president. she's our most important ally in the world and strongest ally in the world. you are right to suggest that president trump made these loud accusations against her. made very critical comments against chancellor merkel. there's a lot of ground to be made up. there's truth that needs to be molded. will president trump be unequivocal in supporting nato because he's been critical of nato in the past and unequivocal in supporting the european's fear that the trump administration is cheering on brexit and the break up with the eu. will president trump agree to sustain the u.s. sanctions on russia over ukraine with chancellor merkel, agree germany should pay more for defense inside nato. there are a lot of issues to be
6:34 am
discussed. >> another important issue, rex tillerson visiting the demilitarized zone between north and south korea. this is what he said this morning. take a listen. >> all the options are on the table. certainly we do not want to for things to get to a military conflict. we are quite clear in that, in our communications. but, obviously, if north korea takes actions that threatens the south korean forces or our own forces, that will be met with an proprie response. >> what do you make of those comments, mr. ambassador and how sharp of a departure is that from what we have heard from diplomats in regards to dealing with north korea? >> it's not a departure at all. secretary tillerson said what all previous said, if north korea should attack the republic of korea, our ally or american forces, of course we defend
6:35 am
ourselves. he also said, i think he was right to say this, that we have not had a successful policy for 20 years in north kia, neither republican nor democratic administrations and he's signaling when he goes to china tomorrow he's going to put a lot of heat on the chinese that they use their leverage against north korea to contain this nuclear problem. i think secretary tillerson is right to say those things and he's doing what he has to to position the united states in a strong way. >> while i have you here, let's talk about the president's budget as it relates to the state department. sounded like mr. tillerson was okay with his state department budget slashed by roughly 29% staying in the spending saying it was unsustainable. we have heard from a growing number of republican senators. say not so fast, senators rubio and senator graham, what's your
6:36 am
take. 29% is that a sustainable cut to the department's budget? >> no, it's not. it will be a catastrophic loss. you decimate and cripple the foreign and civil service. state department doesn't have weapons systems that can be put in moth balls or ships for budget hawks to save money. we have people. we are a small agency. my former agency, i should say. it needs support. you have to train those people and sustain them in the fields. i hope secretary tillerson will fight for his budget. i don't think it's logical or wise to assume a one-third cut can be sustained. it's been good to see so many republicans, senator rubio, graham and mccain shi is going to be dead on arrival. why would we want to decimate diplomacy at a time it is so badly needed. we need a strong military and state department. ambassador nicholas burns for
6:37 am
us. thank you. thanks for your time. a larger question, look at the other numbers, whether it's the cuts to the e.p.a. or cuts to the education department, it would seem as if the president did not submit a serious budget for consideration. was that safe to say? would he just submit a budget to congress, guys you figure it out. that's how it read to me. >> it gives a sense of their priorities and where they are going to look to make cuts in government. like director mulvaney said, it's keeping with what president trump said on the campaign trail. it's not that surprising. >> it's not politically feasible. this is not something that would clear. >> they may not care. they may take a gamble, i'll put out what i said. if congress passes something different, i'll blame them. no nobody in his own party will be immune to that.
6:38 am
the bigger problem with the budget is what republicans are saying could damage president trump. when you get a conservative like hall rogers from kentucky saying this is draconian, this is careless, this will harm people, this isn't a liberal democrat for new york city or los angeles. this is a conservative republican. this is going to be creating more tension. we are seeing that with health care. he's got the opportunity to work with the republican congress. instead, he seems to want to keep throwing out minifire bombs for them to deal with. it's not going to be a constructive process. >> you mentioned health care. barely cleared a key hurdle in the house. has a long way to go. the man paul ryan calls the quarterback of the american health care act is going to join me to talk about what's next for the bill in the face of republican opposition. fun in art class.
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i'm here to encourage my colleagues on the republican side, but the democratic side as well, to get together and collaborate and come together with a product that will respond to the needs of the american people. >> that was health and human service secretary, tom price. he's been helping spearhead the effort to get the health care bill passed. ohio republican congressman pat teaberry was there behind him. he chairs the ways and means committee and helped write to
6:43 am
bill itself. congressman, thanks for your time this morning. what is your message to republicans backing away from this legislation? >> we have to save americans from a collapsing health care system. it's a binary choice, quite frankly, of the status quo where millions of americans have lost their doctor and the hospital in their community, but many have seen, like a constituent of mine that contacted our office, his premiums quadrupled and he is seeing less of doctors. this is about repairing the system, saving americans have a collapsing system. in my state of ohio, obamacare co-op collapsed. across the county, a third of counties in america, there's one provider left providing insurance on the obamacare exchanges. this is the beginning, not the end of a prosis. secretary price is here talking about the next steps. what he can do administratively.
6:44 am
we met the new cms director here at the capitol. she's ready to roll and improve what she can on medicare/medicaid side. >> you brought up the medicare/medicaid. according to your paper, the columbus dispatch, that covers nearly 14,000 in the ohio district you represent. what happens to those 14,000 folks if your bill passes? >> we allow the governor to continue to have medicaid expansion. we fade it out. until january 2020, they stay on medicaid expansion. the governor can decide to continue to allow them to stay on it as long as they are on it and we pay them as long as they are on it. we grandfather them in at 90% reimbursement. look, the most vulnerable, the people at 100% poverty and less
6:45 am
at my state and across america, they are at the old rate, meaning the federal government in ohio reimburses the most vulnerable of skon stitch wents at 62%. it's unsustainable to continue to reimburse those on expansion at 90%. it's just unsustainable. they can do that. they can continue to do that in my state and other states at the old formula that's been around for over several deck kalds. >> while i have you here, i want to ask you about the allegations yesterday and today, the trump administration telling the british government that, you know, it would no longer publicly accuse britain of helping wiretap trump tower. that was part of the case sean spicer made. you are laughing. are you laughing about the allegation or the regret that's expressed? >> i'm laughing because i spent so much time on health care over the last several weeks and days,
6:46 am
i do know this. devin nunez, the house intelligence chairman is a good friend of mine on the ways and means committee with me, he made a statement with respect to the wiretapping of trump tower. i have said all along, if the administration has evidence, give it to the intelligence committees. several or a handful of whom are investigating this. >> does it concern you at all, since the administration has not done that, that, in turn, affects the president's credibility? go ahead. >> well, you know, i think something that was said, i think on your network, actually, james clapper, the former national director of intelligence for baromet barack obama, the last president, he was with president obama until his last day, director of intelligence all of last year. he said he saw no evidence of this president, this current
6:47 am
president having been involved in anything with russia d wiretapping. >> we'll leave it there. thank you. good luck. >> thank you, we need it. >> up next, michael flynn still in hot water. new documents reveal he was paid by russian companies back in 2015. also, the editor-in-chief of breitbart news speaking to nbc. what he had to say about their contact with white house chief strategist steve bannon. that's next. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. dani daniel houghton was 24 when a placed at the head of loan planet. with declining sales, he knew it would take innovative thinking to modernize this industry dinosaur. find out how he turns things around sunday morning on "your business" at 7:30.
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documents from the house committee investigating michael flynn reveal he was paid more than $67,000 by russian companies, two months before he became a formal adviser to trump's campaign. the white house fired flynn for what it says were misleading comments about his contacts with russia' ambassador. i've got my panel back. more than half this money, elise, came from russia's government-run tv network for an appearance back in 2015 in which
6:52 am
flynn sat next to vladimir putin. it seems as if every week there's some kind of new nugget revealed that makes it seem as they we didn't know who michael flynn was at all. >> it's qte ridiculous because we did. he famously had a very public report that he circumvented the chain of command and obama appointed him to be director of intelligence at the d.i.a., which was not the smartest call after his prior behavior and then he manages to hook up with the trump campaign. we saw the prominent photos of him sitting next to putin, we knew he had this affiliation with russia. he should never have been in the position for president trump. >> he told yahoo! news i didn't
6:53 am
take any money from russia. now it seems he did take money from russia. >> i think not to belabor the point, this is just more smoke. whenever they complain out of the white house or donald trump supporters say there's nothing there, there's always more smoke that keeps coming out. >> let's pivot here and talk about breitbart. stephanie goss got an exclusive interview with the editor in chief of one of the president's favorite news sources. this is what he had to say about his contact -- excuse me, the newspaper's, the web site's contact with the white house chief strategies steve bannon. >> reporter: how about sve bannon. does he reach out? >> every so often. not as often as i would have expected. i think steve is a very busy man these days. >> does that surprise you,
6:54 am
elise? >> i believe someone from breitbart was going before a congressional committee and was asked what were the terms of steve bannon's resignation and there was nothing formal on paper. someone raised surprise about that. >> is this a slam dunk, that neil gorsuch gets confirmed barring some sort of unforeseen circumstance? >> it seems likely, i think. there's nothing we've heard at all. usually during the vetting process, if there are going to be real trouble spots, they start percolating at this point. i think we'll know on day one whether there's anything there that could be problematic but there are no indications. it looks like it's going to be pretty much a slam dunk he'll have the votes for confirmation. >> thank you. in the next hour, the conversation on health care.
6:55 am
are some waving the white flag already on their health care plan? we'll look at that and this weekend we'll look at precisely what we were just talking about. ari melber talking about the battle over president trump's supreme court nominee on the eve of judge nl gorsuch's confirmation hearing -- supreme confirmation clash is what ari is calling it, sunday only on msnbc. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve is fda approved to work for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill. thank you. come on everybody. aleve. live whole. not part. check this sunday's newspaper and save over $20 on products from aleve.
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that's going to do it this hour. my thanks to elise jordan and joel benneson. you guys are like champs. thanks so much. stephanie ruhle will be back at some point this afternoon. right now more news with my friend hallie jackson. good to see you. >> good to see you, too, pal. good morning from washington where right now the washington is getting ready for the arrival of german chancellor angela merkel. and just this morning, tom price is getting everybody to support health care. and we'll talk to kathy mcmorris rogers. and frankly, the white house tried to defend the president's unproven wiretap claim. he tweeted that nearly two weeks ago now. but it's another tweet just
7:00 am
moments ago from the president aiming a verbal warning shot at north korea, you can see it here telling them they're behaving very badly, all of it as the secretary of state puts the option of military action on the table. there is a lot to talk about on this friday. our power house team is here. chris jansing is on the set, susan davis, margaret tolive and national political reporter for "the washington post" robert costa. thank you all for being with us. chris, we're getting new reaction this morning from across the pond about some of the comments made by press secretary sean spicer. this has the potential to be an issue. what are we learning? >> reporter: yeah, they're not happy about it. you were there yesterday when sean spicer went on this long explanation of the various reports out there supposedly supporting what the president had said, that somehow there were surveillance ordered by the obama administration. and one of the things


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