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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 18, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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whattwo servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. good morning, everyone, i'm ayman mohyeldin at msnbc world headquarters. it's 9:00 in the east, 6:00 in the west, here's what's happening. we begin with breaking news at
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france. police shot and killed a man who grabbed a soldier's weapon. it's being called an attempted act of terror. keir simmons joins us live from paris. let's start with what exactly happened and where the situation stands right now. >> reporter: yeah, the airport, as you mentioned, is still evacuated. what appears to have happened is this man grabbed the gun of a female soldier. there were then reports, unconfirmed, of a hostage taking. ultimately, though, this attacker was shot and killed. another incident north of paris where a police officer was shot and injured. nbc news told by french judicial sources that the same man is suspected in both cases. he does appear to be known to police, ayman, with a criminal record. whether that extends to him being on a kind of terror list, if you like, is still unclear, but of course investigators will be trying to establish what his motivation might be and whether he has links to terrorist groups. >> keir, i know that we're about
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a month away or so from the first round of french elections. how is this incident going to play and how is the issue of terrorism at large going to play in the narrative among the candidates ahead of those elections? >> reporter: honestly, i think that it will have limited effect. safe to say that it will just reinforce a sse of nervousness here. as you'll know, the real question is whether marine le pen, which is on the far right, might win in those elections. as it stands, it seems unlikely that she would make it through to the final round of voting, but as we discovered in 2016, trying to predict a national vote is not easy. so, yeah, it will affect things, but i suspect that any french person, any parisian answering that question saying after those attacks back in 2015 when 130 people were killed, things are very different here and this just doesn't have a profound
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effect on that. safe to say people being thankful that this one didn't have the same outcome. >> keir simmons live for us in paris tracking that breaking news throughout the day. thanks for joining us. also developing overnight, secretary of state rex tillerson is with the -- with chinese officials meeting there on north korea tensions. on the agenda for his visit, meetings with china's top diplomats. he carries the warning that north korea's tensions are at a dangerous level. let's go to janice for the very latest. what is the secretary saying today? >> reporter: well, ayman, china has urged the u.s. to remain cool-headed in its approach to north korea, agreeing that the situation is at a very dangerous crossrds but warning against anything drastic, such as the preemptive strike against north korea that secretary of state tillerson implied in his comments yesterday. the secretary of state's visit
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here was expected to be tough with chinese officials, but it got a bit more complicated with that tweet that arrived last night from president trump, where he slammed china. he said that north korea is behaving very badly. that they have played the united states for years and that china has done little to help. mr. tillerson was asked about that tweet after the meetings today, asked if it made his job a bit harder. he ignored the question completely and stuck to his position that decades of dpl diplomacy and sanctions with north korea have failed. here's what he had to say. >> i think we share a common view and a sense that tensions on the peninsula are quite high right now and that things have reached a rather dangerous level. and we've committed ourselves to do everything we can to prevent any type of conflict from breaking out. >> reporter: china says it's doing what it can, that it
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joined u.n. sanctions and recently banned coal imports from north korea. it's a very source of revenue for the regime. china continues to push diplomacy, but just yesterday the secretary of state implied that all options are on the table, including a preemptive strike against pyongyang. the other issue between the u.s. and china is that missile defense system that's being deployed in south korea and possibly expanded to japan. china sees it as a threat. they say it will upset the strategic balance in the region and create a security alliance that's aligned against china, so this is a major stumbling block in these talks. at a very crucial time. kim jong-un is threatening a missile capable of reaching the united states. there's also concern of another nuclear test. so very crucial moves being made right now. mr. tillerson meeting tomorrow with chinese president xi jinping and of course president xi is expected to meet president trump as early as next month.
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>> janice with the secretary of state on perhaps one othe most important trips of his asian tour. now to the first 100 days of the trump administration. another working weekend for president trump at his florida home. he and first lady melania will be celebrating son baron's 11th birthday but fallout from his wiretap allegations still remain. let's go to west palm beach, florida, where kelly o'donnell is traveling with the president. kelly, what's on tap for the weekend? >> reporter: good to be with you, ayman. later this afternoon the president will have his presidential daily briefing. he has plans for a phone call with brazil's new president and we see mike pence traveling to florida today as well. he has a couple of events. one in jacksonville will deal with business leaders. he'll have what this administration likes to call listening sessions, talking about health care and business concerns. later this evening the vice president will be here in palm beach to address the club for growth, sort of an anti-tax conservative organization, all ahead of all the concern in the
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house for republicans about their health care overhaul and what is the fate of that. now, at the same time as the president has that huge issue on his plate for domestic concerns, he's had one of the most prominent visits from a world leader. and many people say that the meeting with donald trump and angela merkel had mixed results. air force one back at palm beach airport. the fifth weekend spent here since president trump took office. joined by fir ly melania, herarents and baron trump, who turns 11 monday. a brief escape from a cold washington, where icy body language was evident friday, as the president met with german chancellor angela merkel. tension continued at a joint press conference where merkel delivered a subtle dig. >> translator: in the period
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leading up to this visit, i've always said it's much, much better to talk to one another and not about one another. >> reporter: questioned by german reporters about the president's woiretapping allegations, his disputed claim that barack obama had surveillance on trump tower and that british intelligence helped. mr. trump deflected and blamed a media source. >> that was a statement made by a very talented lawyer on fox, and so you shouldn't be talking to me, you should be talking to fox, okay? >> reporter: fox news then distanced itself. >> fox news knows of no evidence of any kind that the now president of the united states was surveilled at any time in any way. full stop. >> reporter: a rare public scolding from the british intelligence service that called the allegations nonsense. white house press secretary sean spicer offering no apology, telling reporters i don't think we regret anything. president trump dredged up some awkward diplomatic history that the obama administration had listened in on merkel's pne
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calls. the president tried humor. >> at least we have something in common perhaps. >> reporter: from foreign to domestic double takes, with the gop health care bill in trouble, the president met with house republicans and claimed the obamacare repeal is on track. >> we have a lot of yeses coming in. it's all coming together. >> reporter: turning to the president's personal security, in this brooklyn neighborhood, a secret service agent's encrypted laptop, which included trump tower floor plans, was stolen from a parked car, and at the white house, law enforcement now says last week's fence-jumping intruder spent nearly 20 minutes roaming the grounds before secret service responded. >> the length of time that this intruder was able to be on the white house, hiding behind a pillar and actually even going up to the door, that scares me. >> reporter: and back to the issue of surveillance and the ongoing investigations, on monday fbi director james comey will be appearing at a hearing
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on capitol hill, his first public open comments about this issue. we know now that the department of justice also turned over to the key committees on capitol hill some of their investigative materials so that those committees can review that, trying to get to the bottom of this allegation made by president trump against the obama administration. and so far government sources, both republican-led and democrats say they don't see anything to back up the claims made by president trump. ayman. >> kelly o'donnell live for us atest palm beach there. great to have you with us, kelly. joining me now iss isi isia -- alcinder. let's talk about this claim by president trump that president obama wiretapped trump tower. something that categorically has been rejected over and over again. can we gauge where that stands in regard to the investigation,
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how that plays out? >> no, we don't know anything new and that's why all eyes are on monday. yesterday trump doubled down on it and it was significant in the sense that he's certainly not walking back the claim, but it was sort of a sideshow in the sense that jim comey will be appearing for the first time publicly on monday at the house intel committee and the democrats have made very clear that the first question they're probably going to ask is, is there any claim -- do you have any evidence to back up trump's claim that he was wiretapped at trump tower. and what jim comey is going to say, of course, we don't know. he's got of an enigmatic character, he's angered people on both sides of the aisle and democrats are distrustful of him after he announced another leg of the hillary clinton investigation just a couple of days before the election. that's why he's radioactive on the democratic side of the aisle. but he's also pushing back against this trump claim. he was reportedly furious when trump tweeted those allegations. he went to the doj and said you
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should publicly refute it. they did not. so another question the democrats are going to ask is why are you asking doj to do it, why didn't you publicly refute it. so he's kind of a confusing guy. nobody knows where he stands on the partisan fence. helaims he's not partisan at all. but a t of questio and a lot of eyes on monday for all of these reasons. you're hearing more and more republicans saying if there's not any evidence to this claim, then trump has to apologize, he has to walk it back, he has to do x, y and z and they are getting very frustrated with it because it's a distraction from what they want to do administratively. >> here's how intel chair devin nunes talked about this claim when he was asked about it. >> we don't have any evidence that that took place. i don't think there was an actual tap of trump tower. >> when i say wiretap, those words were in quotes. that really covers -- because wiretapping is pretty old-fashioned stuff, but that covers surveillance and many
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other things. i think you're going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> so how can there be such different takes? we played that sound bite from david -- devin nunes, but also the senate committees came out and said there was no evidence of it and they used the word "surveillance" which is what president trump has tried to imply is what he meant when he used the word wiretap. is there an angle he's hanging on to that is we're just missing? >> i think this is donald trump continuing to be the person he's always been. he's someone who thought that barack obama needed to show his birth certificate and wasn't born in this country. he also thought that the central park five, that they were still guilty of a crime even though they were exonerated. so i think that there's this idea that we're waiting for donald trump to change who he is. fundamentally he is someone who if he has an idea in his head and he think in this case that president obama wiretapped him, that it's going to be very hard
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for him to let that idea go. now, i think even in the face of no evidence, he's then going to say, well, i didn't really come up with that, that was something the media came up with and i'm just repeating that, except in this case even fox news is saying we refute that. we do not have any evidence that president obama wiretapped donald trump. i think that's what you're running into. so monday is going to be very big because now we may or may not but likely will have the director of the fbi saying, well, actually i also don't have the evidence and as far as i can tell in my reporting and i think in the reporting of a lot of reporters, there has been nobody that has come up with the smoking gun that says this is what obama was doing to donald trump. >> mike, is the fact that he has internationalized this made it even more dangerous for the u.s. and its allies when you consider the fact that he's brought in the british security agencies, the gchq. they came out rejecting that, strong words from the prime minister's office, and yesterday making that joke standing next
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to angela merkel who didn't seem that she took kindly to that joke? >> it's certainly a strange way to approach diplomacy and he's certainly not making any friends even among his allies overseas, so we'll have to wait and see what the ultimate effects of those things are. but he's always come in with a very hard line on diplomacy. he just came out with his budget where he cuts the state department. it's just something that he's not terribly interested in. he would rather take the hard line approach, he would rather take the military approach, huge military spending, pentagon spending, border security spending but cut diplomacy and the state department. it's just not something he prior tieses, he wants to take the hard line on everything and we're just seeing that over and over again. you're not going to change this guy just because he's in the white house. he's still donald trump and he's still a very abrasive guy and a very aggressive guy and very egotistical guy and doesn't think he's wrong about anything. none of that has changed and
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we're just seeing it on repeat. >> who stands to gain from this being dragged out more. obviouy trump continues to f the flames of it, citing it, making jokes about it. is it something that democrats want to stay in the spotlight to question his credibility or is it something they want to push aside or is that the republicans that want that pushed aside? >> i think democrats and republicans both want it pushed aside because the democrats want to be talking about all the ways that the health care bill is wrong and all the ways that they think that this is going to affect people's lives. the republicans want to talk about policy ideas. we talked to the house freedom caucus and they have all these different bills that they want to get passed, all these different things that they want to do. they just took up health care but they still have tax reform, immigration and all these things they want to do to make the case to the american people that they are still really at work, but i think the person who has to gain from this is donald trump. he is then continuing to be at the center of the conversation. he's continuing to then kind of hold up this other issue instead of talking about russia or
6:18 am
instead of talking about whether or not his immigration ban is going to pass this time around. we're not talking about the effects of his budget cuts. i spent all day in baltimore on thursday talking to all these different organizations that serve homeless people and serve drug addicts that are thinking about their funding getting cut. there's so many other things we could be talking about. the fact that he continues to talk about this issue serves his purposes. >> all right, yamiche, mike, great to have you both with us. thanks for joining us. house republicans say they have the votes to repeal and replace obamacare. still ahead i'll ask a democratic congressman what strategy is left for democrats to try and stop its passage. it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to? (laughs) it wasn't too bad.
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we met with 12 pretty much
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nos in congress, you saw that a little while ago, and they went from all nos to all yeses. we have a l of yeses coming in, it's all coming together. >> president trump on the gop health care bill there, taking a victory lap after winning over the support of the republican study committee members yesterday. the house freedom caucus tweeted that it's absolutely not true that conservatives have flipped to yes on the health care bill. it doesn't repeal obamacare, it remains a disaster. joining me now, democratic congressman sander levin of michigan. he's the ranking member of the house ways and means health subcommittee. congressman, it's great to have you with us this morning. >> great to be with you. >> the house is now planning to vote on it this thursday and then an article in politico says the move shows that gop leaders are confident they have the 216 votes needed to pass the bill. so is this a losing fight for house democrats at this point? do you think this bill is going
6:23 am
to pass? >> no, it's not losing at all. our inferences will be 14 million will lose their health insurance next year, 24 in the mid-decade. people who are seniors are going to pay more. people who have employer-based health insurance over time will lose it. and $600 billion in tax breaks mostly for the wealthy. we're going to emphasize what they're doing to emasculate what they're doing to healthare and what it does to people. what it means if you lose your health care, what it means if you lose your coverage. that's our emphasis. if it passes the house, it can never pass the senate. never. >> what do you say, congressman, to the charge that is made by republicans, including the president, who say if they did nothing, obamacare would implode on itself. they cite the facts that include
6:24 am
insurance companies have pulled out of a lot of counties, a lot of states. in some cases all they have left is a single provider. what do you say to that charge? >> it's pure propaganda. it's not imploding. there are some problems with the marketplace. the republican bill would make it worse. we need to deal with those problems in the marketplace. the republicans have undermined efforts to keep the marketplace strong and now they're using those problems as a reason to vote for their bill. we're going to stand up and fight on this because americans know what it means to have health insurance and americans know what it means not to have it. people who get an illness and are left out in the cold. this is our emphasis and we're going to drive this home. that's why this cannot pass the senate. that's why so many senators have said they can't vote for it because they're going back home and talking to people who don't
6:25 am
have health insurance or people who have it. millions who have it because of obamacare who are going to lose it. 14 million people in one year are going to lose their health insurance and seniors are going to be paying more? because of the provisions. that's what we're emphasizing on. so whether it passes the house or not, it's going to die in the senate because too many people are going to die becausehey don't have health insurance. >> soet me ask you about another big story that emerged and that is the trump administration releasing their budget proposal. i know you tweeted in response to that. quote, a president's budget typically demonstrates their values. what does this budget tell you about this administration or this president's values? what did you mean by that tweet? >> well, let's go back to health for a moment. cutting the research that's undertaken by nih by almost $6
6:26 am
billion. by cutting benefits to the people need to keep their houses heated. to end, for example, the great lakes restoration initiative that matters so much. these are values of the president that are not america's values. and so this budget i think really, even if the republicans say they won't pass it, it shows what this president really believes in. and cutting after school programs for kids. this isn't america. >> how would your constituents be affected by some of these funding reallocations that are in this new budget? >> well, for example, the great lakes restoration initiative, it would eliminate it entirely. block grants that help communities provide local services. our citizens would be vitally affected by this, and that's why this budget, i say it's the
6:27 am
president's values because it isn't american family values. cutting, for example, this health research by almost $6 billion. american families are saying, look, we have illnesses. we want america to stay in the vanguard in terms of research and the president of the united states cuts it by almost $6 billion? what does that say to his values at the same time he's providing $600 billion in tax cuts in his health bill mostly for the very wealthy? half of these tax cuts go to ople who are making over $1 million a year. that's his values. it's not america's values. >> all right. representative sander levin, democratic congressman from michigan, great to have you with us this morning. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. next, what trump supporters think about the job he's doing so far. do they like the new health care proposal? you're going to hear more from them directly straight ahead. >> i don't think we need a
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replacement plan unless they're going to put it where everybody can go to the doctor and have free health care and they can get seen without having to pay $500, $600 just to see a doctor. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden,
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but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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welcome back, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin here at msnbc world headquarters. here's what we're monitoring for you. president trump is up and tweeng. moments ago he wrote despite what you have hed from the fake news, i had a great meeting with german chancellor angela merkel. nevertheless, germany owes vast sums of money to nato and the united states must be paid for the powerful and very expensive defense it provides to germany. reaction to those tweets in just a few minutes. turning to jacksonville, florida, with vice president pence is set to pitch the gop health care plan. what do we expect to hear today in the sales pitch? >> reporter: so, ayman, no doubt
6:32 am
selling the new gop health care bill will be the main focus for vice president mike pence today as he comes to this paper supply company behind me here in jacksonville, florida, later this afternoon. he'll be joined by florida governor rick scott for what is being dubbed a private listening session with small business owners and job creators in this community where we also expect he will be pushing the broader trump economic agenda. ayman, mike pence has become the trump administration's point person to sell the new gop health care plan across the country. this today is his fourth city just this month. last weekend we were with him in louisville, kentucky, where he also held a private listening session. he's also been to paul ryan's hometown in wisconsin as well as a city in ohio near cincinnati. but what makes today different is that this comes after the nonpartisan congressional budget office published that report as to how much the new health care
6:33 am
bill would cost americans. d bides those numbers that we have come to know in the past week, the 14 mlion people that stand to lose their health insurance by next year if obamacare is repealed, here in florida, you know, it is a state that stands -- one of the states that stands the most to lose because it has the highest number of sign-ups under obamacare. we're talking 1.7 million floridians who signed up for it just this year, and that's out of a total of 9.2 million nationwide, so no doubt the vice president will be facing a challenge here today in florida as he sells his new gop health care bill in the sunshine state. also some republican congressional members have expressed their concern over what the bill would mean for their constituents in this state. ayman. >> mariana there. the awkward moments between president trump and germany's leader. he's tweeting about it this
6:34 am
morning. we'll have a different take, though.
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let's head back to washington where the trump administration is facing a major early test as the american health care act heads to the house floor for a full vote. yesterday the president reaffirmed his commitment to the bill after meeting with the republican study committee. >> i want everyone to know i'm 100% behind this. i want everybody to know that the press has not been speaking properly about how great this is going to be. they have not been giving it a fair price. >> let's bring in jonathan gruber, widely credited as being the architect of the affordable care act. republicans and some democrats agree that at the very least obamacare needs repair. i'm curio to get yr thoughts. is that true? is there something that is not working with obamacare? and if so, what is it? >> thank you for having me. look, obamacare is working as was designed.
6:38 am
which means that it is greatly improved our health care system. it's covered 20 million uninsured individuals. it's fixed a broken individual market where people could be excluded because they were sick. has it solved all the problems in health insurance? no, it hasn't. that's why it needs to be improved. and so the answer here is not to tear down what's worked for millions and millions of americans but to look at what isn't working. for example, health care costs are still too high. out of pocket costs are still too high for some lower income families. we need to address that. there are other things that need to be addressed. but moving backwards as the republican alternative does doesn't fix anything, it just makes it worse. >> professor, is there any truth to the charge that is made by republicans, include cited by the president that if you leave obamacare alone by itself, it will implode. that you have markets and counties and states that are now down to one carrier, leaving others withdrawing and getting to that lower number and costs going through the roof? >> there is no truth. look, i've been saying that for a long time and many supporters
6:39 am
have but now we have something to lean on, which is the congressional budget office. the official nonpartisan agency that scores legislation has stated in their report that obamacare will be fine if left alone. it's not imploding. that the baseline, which is the world with obamacare before this horrible alrnative, is one where people continue to get health insurance, where afternoon last year's premium adjustment, premiums grow at a more reasonable rate. look, this is a new market. insurers would take a bold step to participate in this market and premiums are volatile in a new market as they're figuring out how to set prices. insurers came in way too low in 2014. in 2017 they had to raise premiums a lot to catch up. now that they caught up, premium growth will be steadier and there's no sense at all that this isn't working. >> you cited the cbo report which also says that the average premiums for individuals expected to soar 15 to 20% over the next two years but be lower by 2026. i guess some people will look at that and be confused by it on
6:40 am
the surface. can you explain how that's supposed to work? >> under the republican alternative, cbo said the premiums would first go up and eventually be lower. the reason that happens is because they're not referring to the premium for the same person, they're referring to the premiums on average. so what happens over time in this republican bill is sicker and older people get priced out of the market. they leave the market and become uninsured and die as a result. who's left is younger and healthier people. they're cheaper. so as a result the average premium in the market goes down, not because it's getting cheaper for a given person but because the people left in the market are healthier. a recent study from the brookings institution came out yesterday saying if you lk at an apples-to-apples basis, premiums aren't lower, they're higher. >> let me ask you about medicaid. in fact yesterday in his meeting with the republican study committee, president trump agreed to several significant changes. one of those to medicaid included a requirement that all
6:41 am
able-bodied adults must hold a job in order to qualify for coverage. in your opinion, sir, is that fair? is that realistic? >> i don't think it's realistic. i think that it is sort of against the whole principle of supporting people who are struggling and need help with their health care and maybe out of work while they're looking for a new job or taking care of family members in between jobs, et cetera. look, if you want to reform medicaid, we need to do so in a way which doesn't at the same time cut the program by 25%. the very notion that we're going to cut a program by 25%, which is what this republican alternative does, to reform it is crazy. >> let me ask you about the issue of particularly equality. there's always been a discussion about that in terms of the quality of medical service provided under the affordable care act as opposed to the one being proposed by the republicans. why would be a substantial drop in quality of medical care switching from the affordable care act to what the republicans
6:42 am
are proposing? >> yes, there would. in fact once again you don't have to rely on me. look at table 4 of the congressional budget office port thathows for the typical low income individu, they would fall -- under the affordable care act for the typical low income individual, they pay about 13% on average of the cost of their health care out of pocket. under the republican alternative, they would pay 35%, almost three times as much of the cost of their health care. and indeed even for higher income people, the generosity for health care will fall. the republican health care plan not only raises the premiums that sick and the poor and the old have to pay, it practically triples their out of pocket costs on things like deductibles and copayments as well. >> professor jonathan gruber, great to have you with us this morning. >> good to be here. the budget cuts and meals on wheels, an unforced error that could cost republicans or a legitimate way to cut spending. we'll ask that question. at the top of the hour on
6:43 am
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at planters, we put fresh roawhich has its, guys, know anything about this missing inventory?
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wasn't me! the cheeks don't lie, chet... irrestibly planters. welcome back, everyone. new tweets from the president this morning. in particular about his meeting with the german chancellor. despite what you have heard from the fake news, i had a great meeting with german chancellor angela merkel. nevertheless, germany owes vast sums of money to nato and the united states must be paid more for the powerful and very expensive defense it provides to germany. reaction to those tweets in a few minutes. let's bring in kerry lucas and jonathan alter. great to have both of you guys with us. carrie, let me begin with you, first of all. by most accounts this was an awkward meeting, even according to a report that the german chancellor said should we shake hands and trump didn't shake
6:47 am
hands. the body language. he cracked that joke, she didn't find very funny when she talked about the wiretap. what is your reaction to how president trump is describing it and how it actually played out in public? >> well, this is one of those things that the american people are going to just look past and they're focused on things like domestic policy. it's great that trump is out there meeting with leaders around the world. but people are mostly concerned about what's happening here at home. they want us to be strong abroad but they don't care if angela merkel isn't having great laughs with the president. that's not what the american people care about. that's not what's going to determine our country's interests, so i think this is a big -- the media likes to cover how foreign leaders receive their presidents. i know that people often thought it was fabulous that president obama was so beloved by foreign leaders but didn't really help america very ch. it didn't help our position overseas, so i think this is going to blow -- you know, this is just a bump on the road or just a very short-term story. >> to that point, jonathan, some
6:48 am
tough talk about germany paying its dues. that's certainly something most americans if not all americans would say is a fair approach, that germany should be paying more to nato, certainly more for its dues in the membership of that security alliance. is the president right in taking that approach? how do you characterize the meeting with angela merkel? >> first of all, we weren't in the meeting. all we can judge is based on the way she looked, which was that she seemed to be gritting her teeth. the president brought up in public embarrassing diplomatic incidents from the past like the united states spying on merkel when she was at the u.n. the idea that somehow our relations with germany and our other allies is not relevant to american interests as carrie indicated, i could not disagree more. take the shots that the president took yesterday against british intelligence by parroting the account of a fox news analyst who was immediately
6:49 am
denounced by fox news. and you notice that the president directed people to his comments saying the british intelligence spied on him through president obama. we need british intelligence. we need german intelligence. we need all of our nato's intelligence to keep us safe from terrorists. so the idea that we can just take shotst these people or say the kinds ofhings that the president said about us -- >> but they also need us, jonathan. >> these are really terrible kinds of things to say about our allies. >> guys, i know we can talk about this for a few minutes but i want your take on other top stories. carrie, the tough headlines for republicans, including criticism of some of these apparent budget cuts, including meals on wheels. have republicans earned this criticism? >> well, american families have been having to get by on less for a decade. we've worried a lot about the
6:50 am
cost of living going up, about wage stagnation. american families have been having to find places to trim the budget. we face a $20 trillion nation budget. we face a $20 trillion national debt. >> the meals on wheels and the money paid for the public broadcast corporation the budget cuts? >> the american people are tired of paying for the corporation of public broadcasting. we have a bunch of wonderful options when it comes to news. we don't need to pay millions into a left wing news channel. i think that's a perfect place to start cutting. this is something that the private industries have taken care of and competition has more than covered. we don't need that anymore. >> your response to that. >> let's talk about meals on wheels for a second. the they said the program doesn't work. it's actually 5,000 different
6:51 am
anti-hunger programs that end the isolation and hunger of elderly ericans. it has been supported by people in both parties for many years. there is nothing wrong with that program. the idea that people in washington want to act that cold and cruel towards our seniors i think is reprehensible in terms of the budget itself. discretionary spending is what this trump budget hits is at the lowest rate as a percentage of gdp in 50 years. it's not like the federal government has been spending a lot more on these programs in recent years. many of them have been cut and cut again. the idea of trying to squeeze any savings out of these programs is unrealistic. >> i agree that absolutely if we want to get serious about tackling the budget problems and the long-term problems work we have to talk about reforming social security.
6:52 am
that's something that social security was not interested in at all. i very much hope that it's something that president trump will prioritize. >> he's not interested in it. >> that's a shame as president obama was. republicans and democrats should make it a priority. >> you had former national security and senior officials. that means that the military will have to buy more bullets because when you take away diplomacy, you are more likely to go to war. >> everyone is trying to defend their budget. the state department can prioritize those that are personal for our national interest. the concern of a conversation about what's important. they want to look at investments and health care and services for the poor, but is this the best way? is the federal government the best way to fund it and is it
6:53 am
better for a huge bureaucracy to be in charge for those on the ground or to put more power and the resources in the hands of states. you don't have to think these programs are bad, it's whether or not washington having all this tax money come to washington. >> the state department doesn't refer to the states. we have one nation and we need a state department representing that nation. >> absolutely, but there is -- >> it's a tiny budget compared to the rest of the government and many republicans over a long period of time supported robust diplomacy. it beats war. to be cutting this is insane. >> jonathan, quickly, 9% defense budget increase. is that a smart decision? >> it seems high to me, but certain areas where perhaps defense might need a little bit of an increase, but both parties
6:54 am
agreed a few years ago that defense spending was high enough and i have not seen indications it needs to go a lot higher. >> more after the break. stay with us. when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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