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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 21, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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under president obama? but nevertheless, tomorrow's hearing begins at 9:30 a.m. eastern. you, of course, can watch it all here on live on msnbc. that does it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow. "first look" is up next. with respect to the president's tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, i have no information that supports those tweets. and we have looked carefully inside the fbi. >> it was a dramatic day on capitol hill. fbi director james comey shot down the president's wiretapping claim and confirmed for the first time that the president is investigating whether the trump campaign coordinated with the russian effort to influence the election. plus, he made it through one day of confirmation hearings, but neil gorsuch will be in the hot seat as senators begin to question him today. and president trump is getting ready to hit capitol hill. he's set to make an in-person
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pitch for the health care bill ahead of the vote this thursday. hey there, good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, march 21st. i'm alex witt alongside ayman hol mohyeldin and alex burgdorf. a probe is confirmed into the ties between the russian government and president trump's campaign. and along with the director of the national security agency, admiral mike rogers rejected the president's allegation that his predecessor illegally wiretapped his phones. the fbi director james comey confirmed a counter intelligence investigation and is examining whether any crimes have been committed. >> i have been authorized by the department of justice to confirm that the fbi as part of our counter intelligence mission is investigating the russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. and that includes investigating
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the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign and the russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and russia's efforts. we have taken the extraordinary step in coordination with the department of justice of briefing this congress's leaders including the leaders of this committee. in a classified setting in detail about the investigation. but i can't go into those details here. some folks may want to make comparisons to past instances where the department of justice and the fbi have spoken about the details of some investigations. but please keep in mind those involve the details of completed investigations. >> at the end of the five-hour hearing yesterday, devon nounez asked comey to move swiftly for the sake of the nature. >> you announce that you have
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this big investigation, but now you have people that are involved in our government that are in the secretary of the state, for example, these are important players. and the longer this plays out here, the bigger the cloud is. there's a big, gray cloud that you have now put over people who have very important work to lead this country. and so the faster you can get to the bottom of this, it's going to be better for all americans. >> and director comey kept most of the details in the investigation to himself and bounced back suggestions of collusion in the heat of the presidential campaign. >> is it fair to say that you are still relatively early in your investigation? >> it's hard to say because i don't know how much longer it will take. but we have been doing this, this investigation began in late july. so for a counter intelligence investigation, that's a very short period of time. >> that was shortly after the release of the stolen democratic national committee e-mails and around the same time that then
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candidate donald trump made this request. >> it would be interesting to see, i will tell you this, russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. let's see if that happens. >> the fbi and the nsa directors to command the major and domestic foreign intelligence agencies rejected president trump's claims published on twitter which he leveled the allegation that president obama had illegally spied on him during the election. >> director comey was the present statement that obama had his wires tapped in trump tower a true statement? >> the respect to the president's tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, i have no information that supports those tweets. and we have looked carefully inside the fbi. the department of justice has asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the
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department of justice and all its components. the department has no information that supports those tweets. >> we have seen nothing on the nsa side that we engaged in any activity nor did anyone ask us to engage in such activity. >> the democrats focused on potential ties to the campaign in russia, and republicans on the house intelligence committee pressed fbi director james comey on recent leaks of classified information. congressman trey gowdy asked a series of questions confirming the details about national security adviser michael flynn and how they became public. he said unmasking flynn's name was a felony because it was part of the intelligence gathering. at one point the congressman seemed to suggest the obama administration officials could be to blame. >> did you brief president obama on any calls involving michael flynn? >> i'm not going to get into either of that particular case, that matter or any conversations i had with the president.
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so i can't answer that. >> in theory, how would reporters know a u.s. citizen made a telephone call to an agent of foreign power? >> somebody told them. we shouldn't have told them. >> is the investigation into the leak of classified information, has it begun yet? >> i can't say because i don't want to confirm that was classified information. >> i am just simply asking you to assure the american people, you have already assured them that you take it very seriously, can you assure them that it is going to be investigated? >> can't. but i hope people watching know how seriously we take leaks of classified information, but i don't want to confirm it by saying we're investigating it. i'm sorry, i have to draw the line. i think that's the right way to be. >> president trump's supreme court nominee neil gorsuch will be back in front of lawmakers on capitol hill today as the questioning phase of his confirmation hearings begins. gorsuch delivered opening remarks to the senate judiciary
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committee yesterday and faces deep partisan divide over his confirmation. democrats have been focused on the senate republican's refusal to hold hearings for former president obama's supreme court nominee merrick garland. but gorsuch used his remarks to talk about the views of the bench saying he would be fair and not political. >> these days we sometimes hear judges described as politicians in robes. seeking good force of their own politics rather than to carry out the law impartially. if that were true, i would hang up the robe. truthfully, i don't think that is what the law is about. i have served for president obama all the way back to president johnson. we have heard cases from two different states covering 20 time zones in the continental united states. but in the west, we listen to one another, respectful, we tolerate, we cherish different
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points of view. and we seek consensus whenever we can. if judges were just secret legislators declaring not what the law is but what they would like it to be, the very idea of a government by the people and for the people would be at risk. and those who came before the court would live in fear, never sure exactly what the law requires of them except for the judge's will. ed a alexander hamilton said, liberty can have nothing to fear from judges who apply the law, but liberty has everything to fear if judges try to legislate, too. >> if confirmed, gore such would fill the seat of antonin scalia, which has been vacant for more than a year. coming up next on "morning joe," we'll talk to senate judiciary committee members dick durbin and neil sasse ahead of the questioning of gorsuch today.
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many are deeply conflicted about the option in front of president trump today. the president drew a crowd of 18,000 people and spoke in front of signs reading promises made, promises kept. and called out mitch mcconnell in front of the hometown crowd. >> our senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, where is he? come here, mitch. thank you, mitch. how are you doing, mitch? hey, mitch, are we going to be okay? everything good? that health care is looking good? good. thank, mitch. people have been kicked off their plans and their premiums have increased by double and triple digits. arizona up 116%. by the way, insurance companies
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in a great state known as kentucky, have you ever heard of it? are in tremendous trouble, will be fleeing and we're going to save it all. >> we're making tremendous progress. we feel very good, and it's because we have been negotiating and listening to one another, improving this bill, making the refinements to it, so that we get to the sweet spot of a consensus bill that can pass. the key, doesn't make any difference if you can't repeal and replace it if you can't pass it. >> a vote is still expected thursday. and speaker ryan led efforts to make changes to the bill just out this morning. joining us from washington, capitol reporter for the hill, molly hooper, great to have you with us this morning. so we'll talk about the changes that paul ryan eluded to there that they are working with their colleagues, are they enough to compel reluctant conservatives to get on board this bill? >> well, it doesn't look like it. last night as paul ryan was talking to fox news, the competitor, the house freedom
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caucus was wrapping up a meeting and this is the conservative block of votes. about 40 members of the house republican conference who are still pretty much opposed to the current bill even with these changes that were made after meeting with president trump, conservatives met with him on friday, mark meadows was the chairman and said, i'm not going to reveal my vote count, but i think we can defeat it if it comes to the floor. and it is still on track to do so. but keep in mind last night that same rally, the one line that donald trump said, the negotiator and chief, this bill will pass in some form. and as he was calling on mitch mcconnell, he also called out kentucky senator rand paul who has been meeting with the freedom caucus and basically fomenting the opposition to the current measure, even with the changes that it would require work for -- require medicaid recipients to be working and that kind of thing. but it doesn't look like the republicans have those votes right now.
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that said, we're going to see if donald trump is the closer and chief when he comes up to capitol hill this morning. this is a pretty bold move for the president. >> well, molly, we'll have you back bottom of the hour to talk about the fbi, russia and all going down on capitol hill. we'll see you in a few minutes. don't get too far. >> molly hooper, thank you for joining us. still ahead in an msnbc exclusive, a 25--year-old kidnapping victim describes her daring escape from the trunk of a car. look at that. plus, tom brady's missing super bowl jersey found and an alleged suspect may have been caught on camera. we'll show you that when we come back, stay with us.
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welcome back. last week we brought you the incredible video of a woman escaping after being rubbed at gunpoint and lock in the trunk
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of her car. behind me, you can see her jumping out of the trunk. she is now telling you her story from msnbc news. kerry sanders has more. >> reporter: a remarkable escape, stuffed in the trunk, 25-year-old britney digs leaps to safety from a moving car. >> that was like the scariest thing i have had to deal with. >> reporter: the nursing student was forced into her own car at gunpoint last night outside her apartment. >> he made he drive him to the other side of town. he tried to rob two other couples. >> reporter: with those attempts failed, britney said he ordered her into the trunk, found her atm card and gave her the ultimatum. >> give me your pin number or i will call you. >> reporter: at several atms it failed but at one he was able to withdraw $100. >> my biggest fear was that he was going to drive the car into the river and i'm going to drown in this trunk. >> that's when she made the decision to get out.
2:17 am
britney digs owns her law to a federal law passed in the year 2000 that says all trunks need to have a release to the latch just in case somebody is trapped inside. >> i remember seeing a video on facebook a couple years ago talking about trunk latches. i got the bright idea to use my insulin pump light. i found the trunk, popped the latch and stepped out instead of rolling out. >> reporter: birmingham police have a fuzzy object of a suspect. until he's caught, her nightmare will not end. >> i try to -- i try to put it in the back of my head so i can just, you know, like get through the day. >> wow, that is just absolutely heartbreaking. she's lucky to be alive. let's switch gears here and get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, how is it looking out there today? >> do you want to hear the bad news or the good news? >> i don't want to hear any bad news so stick to the good news.
2:18 am
>> still ahead -- >> exactly. we'll talk first off about the umbrella weather for you. showers are quickly exiting, but there are a few around philadelphia and north of virginia beach out, the outer banks of north carolina, just a sprinkle or two. that will clear up early today. later this afternoon, we have the typical spring-like battle going on. a small risk through much of the tennessee region anywhere from memphis to nashville, huntsville to alabama. we get some severe weather that will be large hail and wind damage. the tornado risk is very low. about 8 million people at risk. so now we'll take to what ayman calls the bad news. the cold is on the way back down. this is another blast, hopefully the last big arctic blast. this is going to move in today to northern minnesota, international falls, northern wisconsin, during the afternoon and evening. it will rush down through the great lakes. notice international falls today, only 23 degrees. green bay, 40. not bad today in detroit. but as we go through tomorrow, all the cold air rapidly heads into the northeast.
2:19 am
this is not factoring in the winds either. so make sure you have the hat, the glove and the winter coat handy for the kids. 19 in burlington, vermont. new york city, in the mid-30s. it will feel like the mid-20s. then thursday we start to warm up a little bit in some areas, but still cold up in northern new england. now we're going to end with the good news. if you're in the southern half of the country, widespread warmth continues. we had near record highs yesterday in oklahoma and texas. and not bad again today. san antonio, 83. denver at 70. even charlotte at 81 today. and then as we head towards wednesday, that warmth continues through the southern half of the country. so the have and the have -nots with the cold weather. >> you're saying we have a day and a half of good weather and then it is all downhill from there. >> that is march. still ahead, james comey admits under oath he hates the new england patriots? come on. plus, donald trump takes a shot at former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick.
2:20 am
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i hat the new england patriots. and no matter who they play, i would like them to lose. so i'm at the same time rooting against their team. i know they represent sustained excellence. and as a giants fan, that drives me crazy. >> that was fbi director james comey using a metaphor about rooting against the new england patriots when asked why vladimir putin disliked hillary clinton. why he may be rooting against tom brady come the football season, he praised the efforts yesterday after brady's missing super bowl jersey had been recovered earlier this month in mexico and is now in the fbi's boston office for authentication. another brady jersey from the super bowl xlix win against the
2:24 am
seahawks was found in 2015. pretty incredible. it was caught on a fox sports camera and aired yesterday afternoon on the show "undisputed." as for the culprit, the nfl identified the suspect as a, quote, credential member of the international media. while a mexican newspaper flagged one of their own executives who resigned last week. crazy story. meanwhile, president trump donald trump took aim at a different nfl quarterback last night suggesting he is the reason why free agent colin kaepernick has yet to land a deal. >> and, you know, your san francisco quarterback, i'm sure nobody has heard of him. there was an article today as reported that nfl owners don't want to pick him up because they don't want to get a nasty tweet from donald trump. do you believe that? >> kaepernick became a polarizing figure last century when he refused to stand for
2:25 am
"the national anthem" before games. and now to the thunder hosting the warriors without kevin durant sidelined last month with the left knee injury, that didn't stop things from getting chippy on the court as technical fouls are issued after the scuffle centered around steph curry and samajay christian late in the first half. that on the night when we saw the first dunk of the season from curry scoring 23 points on the night including a combined number of three-pointers. he led golden state with 34 points in the match-up. the warriors held russell westbrook to 15 as compared to the 47 points he scored last time these teams met. golden state wins it 111-95. and finally, a historic night in the women's march madness tournament. kelsey plummet set the record for most points in a single season scoring 38 last night in the 108-62 victory.
2:26 am
she needed 21 to pass the mark. plum now has 1,081 points this season and is headed for the sweet 16 where washington will take on mississippi state on friday. pretty incredible record there. >> unbelievable. >> go connecticut girls, though. i mean, they are going to win it all again, don't you think? >> i would say there's a hands-on favorite. >> yeah, okay. >> i'll take that. still ahead, the white house distanced the president from a few former campaign aides. plus, first daughter ivanka trump makes an unprecedented move to the west wing out of all places. those stories and more are next.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. here are the top stories. >> a ban of electronics are expected from the cabins of some flights overseas. it will impact eight airports to ten countries. all of this are majority muslim but are not include in the president's travel ban. ali arouzi has more on that story coming up. and the prime minister from iraq met with the president at the white house yesterday. this comes after iraq was
2:31 am
removed from the president's revised travel ban. as reporters left the oval office, he joked to the president, we have nothing to do with the wiretap. and dry conditions out west are sparking a record number of grass fires this wildfire season. the latest in oklahoma with emergency crews battling a blaze destroying multiple homes and burning more than 800 acres so far. people in the affected areas have been asked to evacuate as firefighters work to contain the wildfire. all right, we'll get to the top story now, the fallout from a jaw-dropping day on capitol hill. for the first time the fbi director confirming a month's long criminal probe into trump associates over russian contacts and saying president obama could have asked for a wiretap against donald trump. andrea mitchell has more. hello. >> reporter: good morning. the fbi issued a series of stunning rebukes to the president in an unprecedented intelligence hearing on capitol hill. james comey not only saying
2:32 am
there's no evidence to back the president's tweet, claiming president obama had my wires tapped in trump tower, but also saying it's not even possible. >> so president obama could not unilaterally order a wiretap of anyone? >> no president could. >> as for mr. trump's tweet that this is mccarthyism by the president and presumably the fbi. >> were you engaged in mccarthyism, director comey? >> i try not to be included innis innisin isms of any kind, including mccarthyism. >> reporter: the fbi is investigating possible coordination between the president's campaign and the russian hacking of democrats. a lengthy probe that could lead all the way to the white house. russia's motive? >> putin hated secretary clinton so much that the flip side of that coin was, he had a clear preference to the person running against the person he hated so much. >> reporter: comey's appearance
2:33 am
along with mike rogers a tale of two hearings. for democrats it was all about russia and the possible trump campaign connection. >> this was, in part, an inside job from u.s. persons. willing american accomplices were terribly naive ones or probably both who helped the russians attack our country and our democracy. >> reporter: while republicans avoiding the topic of russia, instead going after the leaks of classified information, allegedly from current and former intelligence officials. specifically about fired national security adviser mike flynn and the russian ambassador. >> in theory, how would reporters know a u.s. citizen made a telephone call to an agent of a foreign power? >> somebody told them. we shouldn't have told them. >> reporter: and republicans underscoring that the russian hacking did not change the vote count. >> do you have any evidence that russia's cyber actors changed vote tallies in the state of michigan? >> no, i do not, but i would highlight we are in a foreign intelligence agency, not a
2:34 am
domestic intelligence organization. >> reporter: that sparked a fact check from the democrats. >> it says the nsa and fbi tell congress that russia did not influence the electoral process, is that accurate? >> we have offered no opinion, have no view, have no information on potential impact because it's never something we looked at. >> reporter: but after comey's rebukes when the white house was asked if they are going to apologize to president obama. >> no, we started a hearing, it is still ongoing. there are a lot of things not being covered in this hearing. >> reporter: lawmakers also asking why the fbi didn't do more to blow the whistle on russia's hacking. comey saying if he had to do it all over again, he would have walked over to the dnc himself and banged on the door. alex? >> andrea, thank you so much for that. i want to take you to something andrea touched on there, president trump's suggestion that a british intelligence agency gchq, might have served as a con duduit for
2:35 am
president obama. and the national security agency director mike rogers said the brits are collect citing the five i's from world war ii and the impact this has on our allies. >> does the damage to the relationship with one of our closest allies by the president to make a claim in the conspiracy against him? >> i think it frustrates a key ally of ours. >> it certainly wouldn't endear the british intelligence services to continue to work with us, would it? >> i believe that the relationship is strong enough that this is something that we'll be able to deal with. >> it's not helpful. >> yes, sir. >> president trump recently met with german chancellor angela merkel during a joint press conference the president suggested they both had something in common, that they
2:36 am
both had been wiretapped by president obama. i'm not going to ask you to whether the chancellor was the subject of eavesdropping, but i would like to ask you if snowden disclosures that damaged our relationship with our german ally and whether chancellor herself expressed concern at the time. >> yes, sir. >> in light of this, is it helpful to our relationship with the chancellor or our relationship with german intelligence to bring this up again in a public forum? >> it's certainly complicating things but i would like to think our relation is such that we'll be able to keep moving forward. >> joining us from washington, capitol hill reporter for the hill, molly hooper. another good morning to you, molly. the republicans had to know, this is going to be a big chance for the democrats, like representative adam schiff there, to apply pressure to the president and everything he's saying under the microscope. what is the fallout here? >> after the hearing, i talked to a few republicans on the panel, and one mentioned to me
2:37 am
and said, we didn't realize how organized the democrats would be coming into this hearing because they were very effective at fomenting the notion that the president was illegitimate. and there is a cloud over the actors in the white house at this point. and the democrats left this hearing with more questions out in the twitter verse and the news than when they came in. so republicans did not like that. they really wanted to focus on this issue of the leaks and the sustained leaks that have been coming out of the administration. >> molly, given that there was that reference that you just made, there are still more questions that want to be asked by the democrats and certainly this sucked up a lot of oxygen on the hill from some of the other major items like health care, do you think this is the end of the particular issue? or are we going to see calls for, especially an investigation into more hearings of this nature? >> well, the calls for the special investigation, those are
2:38 am
continuing and they are ramping up. but next week we're going to have the former dni james clapper and former cia director john brennan up before the intelligence committee in another public hearing. so this will be another opportunity to see, you know, if the democrats come to play and whether the republicans step it up a little bit. they were very impressed with how trey gowdy performed up on the dias. >> how is james comey's performance going down? he seems to be sticking right to the line. >> he is sticking to the line. in fact, there were great exchanges, one, in particular, with pete king from new york, who was asking about a meeting where it's reported that james comey gave president trump and president-elect trump his british dossier. and james comey wouldn't confirm he was at the meeting. he said, what are you talking
2:39 am
about? what is classified? how do you know about the meeting? he said, you know how i know he was there, i saw the pictures of him walking out of the room. >> we'll see how this plays out, molly hooper, thank you for joining us this morning. following yesterday's intel hearing, press secretary sean spicer tried to distance the administration from a former member of president trump's campaign. >> you mentioned the haters on in the campaign earlier and carter page, but there was also a question about roger stone, was he also in that category? is he someone that the president is still in frequent contact with? because he's often called an informal adviser to the president and confidant. >> mr. stone is someone the president has known for a long time. he worked briefly on the campaign until august 2015 from recollection. but they have talked from time to time, but i don't think any time recently. >> now that we know that there is an ongoing investigation by the fbi, does the president
2:40 am
stand by his comments that he's not aware of any contacts that his campaign associates had with russia during the election? >> yes. >> and the second one is, has anyone from the white house -- >> can i just amend -- >> sure. >> obviously, just to be clear, i know that i'm trying to think through this for a second, because obviously general flynn -- but again -- i'm not aware of any at this time, but even general flynn was a volunteer of the campaign. and obviously there's discussion of paul manaforte who played a limited time. >> paul manafort released a statement saying in part, i had no role or involvement in the cyber attack on the dnc and i have never spoken with any russian government officials or anyone who claimed to have been involve in the attack. despite the constant scrutiny and innuendo, there are no facts
2:41 am
or evidence supporting these allegations nor will there be. and here is a comment from munes that was made. >> i haven't heard of carter page or roger stone? >> no. >> you have never heard any stories about these people? >> i have heard lots of stories. >> questions over potential ties between president trump's former campaign manager and a pro-russian party in ukraine have resurfaced following the report of new documents. according to "the new york times," a member of ukraine's parliament released the information yesterday claiming paul manafort received $750,000 in payments tied to his work for former president yanukovych. the politician said documents showed manafort took steps to hide the money, including the
2:42 am
invoice showing the money funneled to an offshore account for computers. manafort says the ledger is a forgery and the members of parliament releasing the documents is trying to blackmail him. he insists the letter showing the threat of mr. manafort's damaging information was itself a fake and denies attempts to blackmail him. ivanka trump is joining into the west wing office joining her father's team in the unprecedented move with a goal to create positive value. sources tell nbc news that while the president's eldest daughter will not have any official title or take a salary, she will occupy an office on the second floor of the west wing. she will not be a government employee. her attorney states she intends to serve as her father's eyes and ears while providing broad ranging advice. in a statement mrs. trump noted, there's no moderate precedent for the adult child of the president, i will voluntarily
2:43 am
follow the ethics rules placed on government employees. critics of the arrangement question how effectively this can happen curtailing ethics of enforcement. ivanka banned her brand from using her image or likeness in any advertising including social media. and according to "the new york times," she's hinted over day-to-day control to a top executive and transferred assets to a new trust overseen by relatives of her husband. now we'll turn to the markets where yesterday's google top european executive found himself apologizing for running ads next to controversial youtube videos. a mishap that left companies pulling their ads from both google and youtube. karen cho is joining us live with google creating a new tool for advertisers to curtail this problem that they're having. >> reporter: good morning, louis. given the amount of advertising
2:44 am
spending shifting to digital in television in year, google has apologized for placing ads next to offensive video amid backlash from major advertisers. here in the u.k., they are pulling ads from the retail marks in spencer and the hsbc. google respond in a blog saying more than 400 hours of video are uploaded to youtube every minute and it has the responsibility to protect the creative world. so we'll respond by trying to address some of the issues. meantime, the fake bank account scandal impacts wells fargo. according to the latest numbers released from the bank, 55 fewer credit cards were opened in the month of february and 45 fewer checking accounts in february. and walmart is going to the very heart of the technology shift silicon valley. it's established a start-up
2:45 am
incubator called store no. 8 to try the concepts impacting the retail experience, virtual reality, drones and personalized shopping. >> very interesting. karen cho live from london, thank you so much. and still ahead, rex tillerson just wrapping up a whirlwind trip to china and korea. but is the secretary of state going to sit out of a key meeting with the biggest allies? and what is he doing instead? plus, bill karins joins us with the tale of two forecasts just ahead as we continue on this tuesday morning.
2:46 am
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2:49 am
this is in a lot of flooding concerns. there's a half inch to an inch in a bunch of areas. severe weather, isolated. not a big outfit or anything like. that but here in the atlanta area, huntsville, chattanooga, memphis, we have a chance to see an isolated storm. the tornado threat is very low today, but we could get wind damage out of that and also some large hail. the forecast is really split as ayman mentioned before the commercial break. the northern half of the country had another blast coming. at the same time, the southern half of the nation is feeling like summer. people are turning on the air conditioners from dallas, san antonio in the 80s. now we spread the warmth through south carolina and north carolina. you will feel it today. a little cooler to the north, but unfortunately the coldest air we'll find, really, tomorrow, great lakes and through the northeast. many of the areas still have snow on the ground, so a slow snow melt. >> a little bit of a transition from winter to spring.
2:50 am
thank you for that. if you thought a flight couldn't get more annoying, we'll have a live report to make you think otherwise. the u.s. is getting ready to roll out new restrictions on what some flyers can carry with them on board when they are coming in from overseas here into the u.s. we'll tell you about that. >> that's coming up. shall we initiate the restart sequence? ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at there's nothing more than my so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change. visit booking.yeah.
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just hours after fbi director james comey testified in front of the house intelligence committee regarding russia, it is said that rex
2:53 am
tillerson is said to miss next month's meeting of the nato allies in brussels. he will travel to italy in april for a g7 meeting before heading to a meeting in russia. the spokesperson would not address the reason the secretary is not going, but he will address members of the 27 other nations tomorrow except croatia. tom shannon will represent the u.s. at the april nato meeting. fresh out of the house hearing, adam schiff criticized the decision. >> we have already sent a terrible message to nato. the only message that has gotten through from this administration to nato is not that we support you, not that we value you, not that we thank our nato allies for coming to you are a assistance in iraq and afghanistan where nato soldiers have stood by, fought with and died by our own troops, but rather pay up, that's the only message we have delivered. >> later this morning the goth
2:54 am
wil government will ban electronics from the cabinets of airplanes that are heading overseas. this will impact ten airports from middle eastern or north african countries. joining us live is ali arouzi. what more can you tell us about the ban? how it is being received and rolled out overseas? >> reporter: that's right, ayman. passengers on some flights bound for the u.s. won't be able to carry an electric device bigger than a cell phone. they have to check everything else into their luggage to go into the hold. exceptions are made for medical devices. according to federal officials, the restrictions are being applied because of intelligence of a threat. and the department of homeland security is expected to make an announcement later today. the u.s. authorities have obviously learned of a threat and laptops and large electronic devices have always been a concern.
2:55 am
anybody who has passed through airport security with a laptop will be familiar with the process of separating it from the rest of their luggage when it goes through the x-ray. reuters news agency reported this morning that the ban would include airlines based in jordan and saudi arabia. loyal jordanian airlines put out an advisory to passengers this morning saying the director from the u.s. government is banning laptops and other electronic devices to be brought in the cabin of the plane. but some north african carriers said they hadn't received any restrictions on the ban. and the official from egypt air said passengers bound on the flight this morning to new york were allowed to bring laptops and other devices with them. so that hasn't trickled through yet. the ban isn't expected to affect the american airlines or domestic flights, so no problems domestically. >> ali arouzi live in london, thank you for that. it will be interesting to see
2:56 am
how this ultimately impacts travel from the middle east into the united states, if it diverts more traffic into europe and ultimately to the u.s. well, coming up next on "morning joe," a packed house live from washington. former cia director michael hayden will react to the revelation that president obama never ordered a wiretap on trump tower. plus, senators jeff sass, dick durbin, mark warner and john cornyn will be here. and there's the health care plan. back after this. "morning joe" is just moments away. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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and before we toss it over to "morning joe," we'll bring you a check to on the stories in the day ahead. >> the big topic of conversation will be the party's plan to repeal and replace obamacare. this as the house prepares to vote on the bill to do just that this thursday. meanwhile, neil gorsuch will be back on the hill for the second day of his confirmation hearing. he'll begin the question and answer portion of his hearing in front of the senate judiciary committee. it should be an interesting day. >> you think? for sure. that's a wrap for us on this
3:00 am
tuesday. i'm alex witt alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. it's only tuesday and it's a busy week. we'll start the busy show. i have been authorized by the department of authorized by the department of justice to confirm that the fbi, as part of our counter-intelligence mission, is investigating the russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign and the russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and russia's efforts. >> you've announced you have this big investigation, but you've got people involved in our government -- secretary of state, for example. these are important players. the longer this hangs out here, the bigger the cloud is. there's a big, gray cloud you've


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