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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 21, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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report just issued saying south sudan is on the brink of again side. on the brink? that sugarcoats it. my contacts on the grounds say it is happening right now. aga genocide right now. and i wonder if the world will once again look the other way and only express regret after it's over. that's too late. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. "hardball" starts right now. trump takes a fall. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. this is a city echoing from a bomb blast. we have a president's campaign under criminal investigation for dealing th a foreign adversary. douglas brinkley says there is a
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smell of treason in the air. the president is now naked to his enemies, condemned by the federal bureau of investigation for lying that president obama had him wiretapped and who will believe him now. with the aroma of the fbi investigation of his russian ties engulfing the white house and the condemnation of his false claim about wiretapping hanging over him, its he'd a fact that the president has squandered the credibility that comes with the office.he'd a fat that the president has squandered the credibility that comes with the office. by sticking to his charge, he now runs the risk of losings measure of political capital he still has left. it appears donald trump is willing to dig his heels deep however. during the hearing yesterday that condemned him, the president's official twitter account claimed the nsa and fbi told congress that slaush did not influence the electoral process. that you wi all this did was to get director comey slam that claim. >> i have a tweet from the president saying the nsa and fbi tell congress that russia did not influence the electoral process. is that accurate? >> we've offered no opinion,
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have no few, have no information on potential impact because it's never something that we looked at. >> the as serious thsertion tha told the congress that there was no influence on the quleek tore ral process is not quite right. >> it certainly wasn't our attention to say that because we don't have any information on that subject. that is not something that was looked at. >> today when asked if it further kills the president's credibility, sean spicer side step that had question and said there is nothing behind the allegations of collusion. >> is there concern about the president's credibility? >> let's be clear, he was answering questions. at some point there is a distinction between an investigation that is it goes into russia's involvement in 16 and this continued narrative that falsely tries to linkis it goes into russia's involvement in 2016 and this continued narrative that falsely tries to links it goes into russia's involvement in 2016 and this continued narrative that falsely tries to link it goes i russia's involvement in 2016 and
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this continued narrative that falsely tries to link the president or the white house into any of it. they continue to see that there is nothing there. >> this comes after the white house said yesterday that collusion isn't necessarily a part of that investigation even though comey put it in the public record that it was. >> when the people who have been briefed by the fbi about collusion between individuals, the answer continues to be no. while you can have an investigation, it didn't necessarily mean that you have to jump to the conclusion that it must be about the collusion between those two things. >> as i said yesterday, we're in baghdad territory. while the white house scrambles to limit the damage, the president tried a voivoiding questions about the investigation today. >> you're under fbi investigation? >> wasn't part of the deal. >> what is your response to the fbi investigating campaign ties to russia? >> joining me is terri sewell of alabama. and also chairman ever the
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american con r conservative union and david lamp hart. i want to get to all of you. congresswoman, thank you for joining us. let me just get to the facts ever how they have come to be today. the president's people are putting out -- spicer is putting out the word that somehow comey did not say that the president's people are under investigation for their possible tie to the russians. i thought that was the main thrust of the hearing yesterday, that that is in fact the truth. >> well, i think that director comey said outright that they were investigating the coordination between trump associates and campaign associates and russia. i think at that definitely goes to the heart of that and he's definitely investigating it. >> i don't understand. what is the oopposition, how is there i any any denial of what the director put on the record? he's the only one who knows what the fbi is doing. he says they are investigating
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possible criminal activity by the trump crowd in dealing with the russians. >> i listened to his answer and i know there are two types of investigati investigations. one is he is peaage, the other is personal criminal wrongdoing. i heard him answer that he's doing both. this is not only a question about russia -- >> so you're not challenging take that there is an investigation. >> no. >> and new york sometimes says not every untruth deserve tobs branded with the l-word because it implies intent. but when it comes to president trump, quote, he lies in ways that no american politician ever has before. he has lied about american other things obama's birth place, john f. kennedy's assassination, september 11th and the people supposedly cheered, the iraq war, isis, nato, military veterans, mexican immigrants, muslim immigrants. all that to make them look bad.
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anyway the unemployment rate, the murder rate, electoral college, voter fraud. i think that he was honest about his groping of women. >> he in addition itially was, now since claimed that he was lying, it was locker room talk. but in fact the evidence suggests -- >> let's talk bts oabout the on the docket. he said presidt obama wiretapped him. >> that is clearly false. >> where did it get cost from on a saturday morning when he started doing this thing on his twitter? i wonder if he would be better off without that thing. >> he might be. because we might not have had comey testifying yesterday. where we think it came from, there was some reporting by a website called heat street, bbc and guardian which we think was accurate. breitbart took it and made it not so accurate and trump then took it from there. >> let's take a look at these tweets. i think this is an indelible spot on this by. in a series of tweets, president
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trump charged former president obama tapped his phonesgby. in a series of tweets, president trump charged former president obama tapped his phonesuby. in a series of tweets, president trump charged former president obama tapped his phonesy. in a series of tweets, president trump charged former president obama tapped his phones during the campaign. director comey said neither the fbi nor department of justice had any evidence to support pa that. let's listen. >> with respect to the president's tweets about alleged wiretapping drektsed at him by the prior administration, i have no information that assumes tho supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the fbi.department of justice has asked knee share with you that the answer is the same for the department of justice. the department has no information that assume suppor twoo tweets. >> sean spicer stands behind the president's claim. >> can we expect the president to present evidence that he was wire tapped by barack obama or will he speak about it? because he didn't mention it last night. >> right. well, let's see how the week
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goes. >> you know, thank you for getting on the show tonight. but let me ask you about the president is h shal lie. i don't see any basis for a it. where did it come from? why did he say these things? where does he make this stuff from? there is never any basis. he has reporters out in hawaii, pele -- >> you're right. >> hjust embroiders it with all this nonsense about how he's working this case. i'm out there learning more. what do you think is in his brain that makes him do this to obama who was very nice to him, cordial, gracious? did he resent the fact that obama can be a gentleman? i can't figure this out. >> i have no idea why he says it, but here's what we know from yesterday. it's baseless as well as destructi destructive. i think what is at the heart of his problem is that he's lost credibility not only withes american people, but also with
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other nations and our allies. i think that we really should focus on the fact that by giving such baseless claims, he's making himself really incredible and not believable when things really matter. >> let's me ask you, matt, would you drop that if you were him? i know spicer has a terrible job. spicer saying some day he'll release it. i remember o.j. saying he's going after the real murderer. nobody believed it. >> nobody likes being under investigation. but the fact is that the trump campaign is under investigation. >> what about the charge of wiretapping by trump. tell me which part is true. he said, trump said in his tweet, which these tweets will never go away, he said president obama wiretapped me, sick. what part of that is true? is obama sick? >> so far we have no evidence
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that any of that is true. but let me just -- >> why did he say it? >> because he believes that the obama team surveilled the trump team and he believes it went far back and they believe -- chris, i have to ask you the question back. if about russia is involved -- >> who is they? who besides trump personally believes he was wiretapped by the president? >> i don't know who did. that's why -- they have an investigation to find out. >> you said they, there are people who believe it. do you believe it? about. >> i believe there was an investigation going into the trump --bout. >> i believe there was an investigation going into the trump --out. >> i believe there was an investigation going into the trump --ut. >> i believe there was an investigation going into the trump --t. >> i believe there was an investigation going into the trump --. >> i believe there was an investigation going into the trump -- >> i believe there was an investigation going into the trump -- >> do you believe wiretapping -- >> i think trump people were surveilled. > >> by whom? >> in your newspaper -- >> there is the fbi. >> which reports to doj. >> and he denied it. so you're saying company moey i liar. >> comey said he has no evidence as of now. >> comey also said no president
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has the right do it. >> no, he said you have to go to court. >> who can go to a fisa court? >> he said doj did not go. >> so why are you going around circles? do they have any evidence 2345 it happened? >> can i answer? >> sure, but -- i know you all learn that at the leadership council, but you keep saying can i answer. i've asked you three time, you won't answer me. . >> as i told you, i don't buy into the wiretap question. i think the trump people were surveilled. >> what do you mean by surveillance? >> they used their guys -- not the old days where you climb up a telephone pole. we have these phones and they're on and that our government can listen to our phone calls. you know that. that's how mike flynn was -- >> what evidence do you have? >> i don't. i want to see the answers of the investigation. >> if somebody accused me of wiretapping somebody, i'd say it's true or false and you're saying it was false. so you're saying there was some other surveillance done.
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but obama did not -- >> i think the thing to remember -- >> comey made it so clear yesterday. he said i've checked with everybody els and nobody has any evidence of president obama seeking a fisa warrant to wiretap trump. so they're going to all these other directions. >> there is zero evidence of it and lots of evidence that the current presidentntruths, right? i think the thing to remember is that the obama administration was extremely conservative with the russian investigation. they knew that the fbi was concerned about links between the trump campaign and russia. and instead of going out and broadcasting that, obama decided to keep it quiet. because he thought it would look partisan. and so this notion that was engaged in this aggressive campaigning against trump doesn't fit with reality. if anything, obama underreacted tohe pential ties between russia and trump. >> here is what is going on. the white house right now the president and his people are down playing the campaign's association with several former
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aides whose involvement with russia was scrutinized in the hearing yesterday including former campaign chairman paul manafort, ousted national security can adviser michael flynn, as well as carter page. here's what kellyanne conway and sean spicer had to say today. >> in the case of mr. page, mr. gordon, some others that they have very at ten uhe eighted contacts to the campaign that i managed. i've spoken directly with the president and other senior officials about this. he didn't know these gentlemen. he didn't work with them. >> even general flynn was a volunteer of the campaign. and then obviously there has been discussion of paul manafort who played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time. by the middle ever auguof aurkso longer with the campaign. so for the final stretch, he was not involved. >> never met the guy. sergeant schultz. of course paul manafort was chairman of the campaign and i
4:14 pm
spoke to him at the convention. i know the guy. congresswoman, what is going on in terms of denial here? they'rel denying thooe they know these guys. nobody wants to admit to knowing roger stone. but the thing i raised last night, i never met a group that is so busy visiting russia all the time. ite it's like paris to these people. what is this russian thing? >> that is exactly what our investigation has to do. it would be great if this president would apologize to president obama, but i know that he won't. we need to just move on and make sure that we do what the american people need us do which is to investigate the coordination between the trump campaign and russia and make sure most importantly that russian hacking which frankly
4:15 pm
what was said yesterday that i heard repeatedly was that this could happen again. and so the american people -- >> well said. >> so the american people deserve to have us get to the bottom of this to make sure that it never happens again. >> what is this thing about the russian connection? why are they so russian oriented, why does he know manafort, carter page, why can are they constantly back and forth with the russians? >> we'll find out. that's the whom -- >> you're getting very clean on me now. bill clinton once went to russia. >> yes, he did. remember when leaks got you in trouble? >> i think bernie had his honeymoon over there. different circumstance i accept. congresswom congresswoman, thank you so much. please come back again. and thank you matt for the purposes you're here and thank you david. i won't say the barrel. coming up, art of the deal. president trump is threatening republican members of congress to get behind his health care plan or risk losing in 2018.
4:16 pm
but as of tonight, republicans just don't have the votes in the hou house. can president trump twist arms to get it through? plus we thought it would be a good time to replay some of trump's attacks against judges and the withdrew additional system in this country. judge neil gorsuch called the attacks disheartening. how daty. eyes of the world are watching and what they have seen is giving them real cause for worry as the united states sprpreside shrinks in stature. this is "hardball."
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we had a great meeting and i think we'll get a winner vote. we'll have a real winner. it was a great meeting. terrific people. they want a tremendous health care plan. that's what we have and there will be adjustments practice. but i think we'll get the vote on thursday. >> president trump was here to do what he does best, and that is to close the deal. he is all in and we are all into end this obamacare nightmare. >> welcome back to "hardball." that was of course president trump and paul ryan in order there. in unison actually this morning presenting an optimistic front
4:21 pm
in their slog to win over skeptical members in their own party. president trump visited capitol hill to meet with house republicans and sell the bill. but some conservatives say the repeal part doesn't go far enough. and some moderates think the replace part doesn't go far enough. here is more from speaker ryan himself. >> in this day and age in this business, in politics, if you get 85% of what you want, that's pretty darn good. the president just came here and knocked the ball out of the park. he knocked the cover off the bhaul and explained to our members how it's important to unify, how it's important to work together, how we are advancing our principles and doing what we told the american people we would do. this is our chance and this is our moment. it's a big moment. and i think our members are beginning to appreciate just what kind of a rendezvous and destiny we have right here. >> the "washington post" robert costa reports trump used xharm and admishment reassuring skitsh members that they would gain seats in congress if the
4:22 pm
bill passed and singling out mark meadows from north carolina, chairman of the freedom caucus, saying i'm going to come after you, but i know i won't have to because i know you'll vote yes. well, trump said according to several republican laurnls at the meeting -- anyway, meadows says he's still in the no on the plan but wasn't worried about the president's threat. >> are you worried mr. meadows that you will lose your seat if you vote no? >> i serve at the pleasure of the people in western north carolina. when you serve at their pleasure, it's only those 750,000 people that can send you home and it's a temporary job. >> mitch mcconnell also had a warning for fellow republicans. he told the associated press i would hate to be the republican whose prevented us from keeping the commitment we've made to the american people for almost ten years now. last night in louisville, at another campaign sometime rally,
4:23 pm
president trump looked to mcconnell for assurances. >> our senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, where is he? come here, mitch. thank you, mitch. how are you doing, mitch? hey mitch, we going to be okay? everything good? that health care is looking good? good. thanks, mitch. >> he should have said rover. robert costa and eli stogel. robert, what is the vote, will they get the 216 they need to pass this thing? >> leadership is expressing confidence, but i'm talking to a lot of the skittish members and they're still on the fence. some of my top sources tell me still 20 to 25, maybe even 30 nos. and thatould mean fl fewer this package. >> what is this blue number of his, i'll get you guys if you don't vote for me? could that backfire? >> he has a lot of them on edge.
4:24 pm
they don't like it. they don't like this pressure from the president. they know it was a veiled threat, delivered wheith a chuce in a private room. but they know that this is someone who has attacked enemies in the past on twitter, can be relentless and they don't want that. so the white house is trying to solve the roll a lot of these republicans, but at the same time, trying to get them in line. >> you know this business and one thing trump said when he was going come in, he was going to get rid of the swamp. but now they're out there bidding for these five or ten guys they need to win this thing. and these deals end up in public. they're buying off members. >> club for growth, heritage still opposes. the politics for conservatives are totally confused. >> why would a guy want to vote for this, a member of congress? >> republicans have been promising do thto do this for s years, so a lot of people do worry about going back to voters next november and saying we didn't follow through on this. but it's complicated for
4:25 pm
republican members ever congr o. breitbart threatening people who might vote yet on this bill and then you have trump sort of glibly threatening people who might vote no. >> who is breitbart now? breitbart has broken with bannon? >> i don't know if anybody really believes that, but officially, yeah. i think it's just politics on the right are really confused. the lines are blurred right now and you heard trump this morning, he's so glib just the way he said it's great, a great meeting, we'll have a great bill, but there are no specifics. and i don't know if he can sell this just with shear force of will and personality. >> robert, let's talk about your congressman from home. brian fitzpatrick. what is this guy -- he's against it. the immigrant guy from pennsylvan pennsylvania. why are? >> or let take oig comes from an area where some of his statistic o
4:26 pm
con statistic oigs are on medicaid. bucks county where i grew up, moderate republicans, moderate democrats in this sdrikts. they like part of the affordable care act and he knows that and that's why he's against it. >> his brother had health problems. people have health problems regardless of how wealthy their district is. is the mood in that district up for replace and repeal? you can tell? is that the mood of suburban better off districts like fitzpatrick's? >> there is some discomfort with the current law in areas, but when i was traveling in western pennsylvania and eastern pennsylvania in the last few months, you see a lot of support for trump. the president has a real base ever support. he won pennsylvania, first republican do so since '88, but he's embraced speaker ryan's i'd i don't mean gi and he didn't run as an ideological candidate. >> what is the effect of the bad double days, being called out about a liar about his charge of wiretapping, being caught now in a criminal investigation by the
4:27 pm
fbi about possible involvement with the russians. how is -- is there a connection with this vote thursday night? >> you just see over the first 50 days of this presidency an administration that has continued to lose credibility. and you need credibility with members of congress and with the american people if you're going to sell a major piece of legislation not just to the votes -- members that you need to vote on it, but also to the public itself. it's unclear whether he he can come that. and the might bes see a president under the vest by investigation by the fbi. so quis whether he will be president by 2018. >> all right. thank you for coming in. great "washington post" may be winning the newspaper wars as we speak. up next, the president's attacks on judges is disheartening and demoralizing, but he still wants to be on the court along with
4:28 pm
trump's greatest hits against the judicial system in this country.
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>> here's what is happening. stocks had their worst day of the year. the dow dropped 237 points. some and i the trump market honeymoon is over. and electronic devices banned aboard several airlines. 2016 was the warmest year on record.
4:32 pm
co2 levels were at a record high. the extreme climate trends will continue according to the world meteorological organization. back to "hardball." a good judge doesn't give wit about politics or the political implications of his or her decision. decides where the law takes him or her fearlessly. there is no such thing as a republican judge or a democratic judge. we just have judges. when i became a judge, they gave me a gavel, not a rubber stamp. and nobody comes to my court expecting a rush stamp. >> he's saying all the right things. neal gorsuch is still in front of the committee.
4:33 pm
day a bush appointee distanced himself from the man who picked him this time, donald trump, who has a long history of attacking judges. >> this is the opinion of many, an you been precedented judicial overreach. you don't think this was done by a judge for political reasons, do you? no. courts seem to be so political. and it would be so great for our justi justice system if they would do what is right. i listened to a bunch of stuff last night on television that was disgraceful. it has been so unfair and i don't want to call out a judge, but he's been so unfair. maybe that will change. maybe he will be fair. i would say he should recuse himself. >> late today for the first time, judge gorsuch responded to
4:34 pm
those attacks on the judgeships or jew gish area by the man who appointed him. >> i know these people and i know how decent they are. and when anyone criticizes the honesty or integrity, the motives of a federal judge, well, i find that disheartening, i find that demoralizing. because i know the truth. >> anyone including the president of the united states. >> anyone is anyone. >> joining me for more, this is an interesting situation because you can like that performance. you can say it's perfect, but so much is high school dramatics. everybody knows he has a position on roe v. wade and on gun control. we know he has all that in his head and his job in about going after this job is not to let any of it get out. >> that is what the game is and it's a game that has been going on for a long time since --
4:35 pm
>> so on what the purpose of the hearings? find out what you can't find out? >> i've been thinking about this a lot actually because i've covered a lot of these hears and i have always argued that even though there are -- look, there are things that he should not -- questions that he should not answer. there are questions that the senators probably should not ask. and there are reason things that you ought to be able to if i can o figure out, but they get increasingly good because they spend all their timei can figure out, but they get increasingly good because they spend all their timeatching r predecessors hearings. >> kelly eye yot oig is teaching him what to answer. >> i can't answer it because it might come before me, i can't answer it -- >> let's catch this question. chairman of the judicieudiciary committee asked about his views on roe v. wade and here's what he got back. >> roe vs. wade decided 1973.
4:36 pm
precedence of the united states supreme court. it has been reaffirmed, reliance interests considerations are important there. and all the other factors that go into analyzing precedent have to be considered. it is a precedence of the united states supreme court, reaffirmed in casey in 1992 and in several other cases. so a good judge will consider as press debts cedent of the unite supreme court worthy as treatment of precedent like any other. >> is that enough to convince a pro-choice senator this guy won't change roe v. wade? is that enough? >> if your litmus test is i need to know from you judge gorsuch that you won't overrue ruru rur, that is not enough. but that is a pretty darn good answer. >> pro-lifers won't like to hear that. >> pro-lifers will say to themselves -- >> this is a game. >> -- we know in his heart that
4:37 pm
he didn't like roe. we know from what he's written by oosthuizen neuthanasia,s ass suicide, that he has issues about the sanctity of human life. ictually don't think and i talked to some folks who have been at the hearings who are not at all sure about whether he would actually vote to overturn roe. that is what donald trump promised as -- >> let's watch. candidate trump during the campaign promised to appoint justices that would overturn roe v. wade. let's watch him. >> do you want to see the court overturn row w wae v. wade? >> if we butt another two or perhaps three justices on, that is what will happen. and that will happen automatically in my opinion because i am putting pro-life justices on the court. >> judge gorsuch also was asked if he made that commitment to the president. let's listen here. >> had you ever met president trump personally?
4:38 pm
>> not until my interview. >> and in that interview, did he ever ask you to overrule roe v. wade? >> no, senator. >> what wouuld you have done if he had asked? >> i would have walked out the door. it's not what judges do. they don't do it at that end of pennsylvania avenue and they shouldn't do it at this end either. >> did that look a little rehearsed? >> i'm sure it was rehearsed. you would hold it against him if it wasn't rehearsed. but there was actually a fascinating moment later on just about an hour or so ago, senator blumenthal i think -- >> he's not going vote for him. he said did the subject of abortion come up and he said yes, it did. and he talked to me but how he was sorry he didn't get to win colorado. that abortion was dwigd the country. and he said he didn't raise the question of roe and then he went on to talk about nuclear weapons
4:39 pm
and how our arsenal was too old. so classic donald trum >> meandering. anyw, thank you pyou. up next, another casualty yesterday.american presidency is shrinking in the eyes evof the world. round table coming up next. you're watching "hardball" where the action is. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni.
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. i truly believe we are a shining city on a hill to quota great american and one of the thing bes we radiate to the world is the importance of our wonderful often messy but free and fair democratic system. so when there is an effort by a foreign nation state to mess with that, to destroy that, to corrupt that, it's very, very serious threatens what is america. that was james comey stressing the danger that russia
4:43 pm
poed poses to america's democracy. yesterday e's hearing which con irm iffed that there was investigation into the collusion only added to the damage the controversy has done so far. foreigners see a darwinian national list framework for american foreign policy, ady miles per houred he commitment to growing engagement, a brewing scandal and a president who often conducts his affairs with ignorance. some will look at this and live in fear. others may see a golden opportunity. they're not the good guys. the worldwide consequences of present ump's actions came up multiple times during yestery's hearing. let's watch it. >> does it do damage to our relationship for the president to make a baseless claim that the british part paided in a conspiracy against him? >> i think it clearly frustrates
4:44 pm
a key ally. >> and the claim that he made directed at merkel came up in the snowden disclosures. is wiit helpful to bring this u again in a public forum? >> it certainly complicates things, but again, i'd like to think that our relationship is such that we can deal and keep moving forward. >> what is the russian view of nato? do they like nato, do they want to see nato strong? >> they think nato encircles them and threatens him. >> sudden plunge in the stock market today may also signal that the so-called trump rally has run its course. we'll see. as investors second guess whether the president has the credibility to dlifrn eliver on many promises. joining me from the "new york times," matthew rosenberg and also peter emerson. let's talk about this. i'm looking at the face right now in my imagination of angela merkel last friday sitting next
4:45 pm
to our president. and his behavior that whole day. and then i look upon this week and i think about she's picking up the paper and realizing that the fooish direbi director said a liar and fbi has him under criminal investigation with possible involvement with the russians during the campaign. how does that add up. and then we see tillerson skipping the nato meeting and heading to russia. russia, russia, russia. items the default place to go with this crowd. strange. what do the leaders think?the d with this crowd. strange. what do the leaders think? >> i think they are kre questioniquestio questioning the credit and of the president and whether they can see him as a leader and see him -- >> does his word -- >> i think even before this they had questions about his word. i don't think this is the thing that questions it. think about the way that he started his political career and think about august the thill th
4:46 pm
happened before he was elected. so i don't thinking angela merkel, that was the moment that made him think guy. >> nixon did a lot of smart things and then got in trouble. but he didn't get in this situation until '74. this guy is in this problem which is r within the first 60, 70 days. >> i think the real issue for the leaders that i've been tracking, i do a lot of work oversea, whether canada, china or britain or germany, they're still probing the front lines of trumpville trying to figure out can they work with him, can they benefit from him. because remember, the united states has played a leading role which seems to be now a negotiated position. so at this point i'm not sure that the leaders have really made up their minds. the local people i've talked to from brazil to europe, to even africa, all talk about how they are waiting for the next kind of bizarre behavior, the next tweet. one person said to me today it's sort of watching the new season
4:47 pm
of cty apprentice at the white house. >> i wish it was that funny. it's not. worldwide impact of trump's behavior. i think something very bad has been going on in terms of almost like pushing the walls down around him like he's just unhappy with what -- he didn't look happy with merkel, he didn't know how to get out of -- he can just say look, i heard some things the reports were wrong. move on. he's not a reporter. he's counting on reports. he heard somehow that obama had wiretapped him. he should just say it was wrong. move on. took seven years to say obama was born in america. get it over with. short circuit the baby. >> it's amazinamazing. there are so many ways out of this. just say we're moving organization there was an ongoing investigation. we don't want to talk about it. but that tillerson decision is something that i think amid all the talk of russian investigations gets lost. if you're one of the european leader, they are looking around
4:48 pm
and thinking until maybe yesterday, okay, they say all this stuff, but nato is nato and they will stick through it. but now the secretary of state is skipping a nato meeting to go to russia? >> do you know what they call that in crime novels? returning to the scene of the crime. >> i think it is freaking out europe. >> i don't know if you saw it, i basically said there is something strange about this party, this trump crowd with all their connects starting with manafort and stone and a whole bunch and carter page. guys, i knew a lot of these guys. i didn't like a lot of them, but they have these incredible ties with russia and he seems to have an affinity with that, too. he's always talk positive about putin. >> going back through all the comments, he clearly is slightly delusional because on one hand he says i never met him, but he came -- >> he met him in a greenroom. >> that he sent a lely gift and all of this. i think 'r at the fundamental issue is fear and trust. around the world. in reading the headlines of newspapers on every continent, people don't know what the truth
4:49 pm
is anymore. and -- >> well, they know. they don't know if he does. >> the general public around the world no longer knows just as many of us here don't what is fake news being propagated by state actors -- >> i've always believed that our major journalism is to be believed. because it is put together by editors and reporters who are trying to tell the truth as best a human being can do it. >> and he's undermining it. >> not with me. the round table is sticking with us. up next, they tell me something i don't know. i don't know. ♪ ♪ ♪ wanna get away? now you can with southwest fares as low as 59 dollars one-way.
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and always working to be better. well, president trump is addressing a meeting of the national republican congressional committee to want, right now. that's the group responsible for electing republicans to the house of representatives. he's already threatened house republicans sort of to get behind his obamacare repeal plan or else risk losing their seats come 2018. well, that vote right now is scheduled for thursday. we're going to see what happens and we'll be right. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something... set it free. see you around, giulia ♪
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4:54 pm
>> he knows where he stands with those guys. not a vote in the room. matthew? >> remember the hotel tape, the salacious tape we all heard about? >> oh, yeah, the -- the bathroom break. >> exactly. so allegedly somebody is running around europe claiming to have a co and the are a bunch of wealy dems looking to buy it. >> you mean the tape? >> an actual tape. >> will we will end up with a rich liberal getting fleeced? >> a top provider of cyber security, the u.s. government, including customs and immigration enforcement just told their employees that all of their data -- personal names, social security numbers, compensation -- was stolen. the same way at the dnc. >> okay. yamiche, thank you so much. yamiche alcindor and matt rosenberg of the "new york times." when we return, let me finish with trump watch. you ain't gonna like this one. you're watching "hardball" where the action is.
4:55 pm
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trump watch, tuesday, march 22, 2017. donald trump wants the united states senate to confirm his pick, donald trump's pick, for the u.s. supreme court. he wants democrats to join republicans in giving his pick the 60 votes to override the expected filibuster. let me suggest a very good reason not to let this happen -- it's not about trump's pick, it's about president obama's pick, the one mitch mcconnell and his bunch decided did not even deserve a vote, did not even deserve a hearing, did not even deserve the respect of someone nominated to this high position. just like mcconnell decided in
4:59 pm
2008 he was going to destroy the obama presidency at the get-go, decided hwanted to wait for the next president to do busiss with. he decided eight yearsater he would bump obama's court pick from the line and wait for a pick by the next president. well, this brand of bad politics has to stop. since the republicans aren't going to stop it, the democrats have to. it's not about being a sap or a chump or any other word you call a person who gets taken and lets himself or herself get taken again. it's about starting to fix the system. a president nominates a supreme court justice, the senate deliberates on the nomination. we won't get back to such respect if we let trump exploit the vacancy mitch mcconnell created. we cannot allow these two opportunists to complete what we call in basketball the alley-oop play -- one guy throws the ball high above the basket and the guy standing there underneath jams it in. i don't want to see donald trump stuff his nominee through the hoop. why? because it's not his turn. it's merrick garland's turn and everyone knows it.
5:00 pm
vote nay on gorsuch, demand 60 votes and don't give them to trump. it's not this guy's turn, it's not his guy's turn and all the charm and dancing and mr. nice guy is not going to change it. it's not about gorsuch or trump, it's about mitch mcconnell and the brand of low-level politics he stands for. get it? that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> they wanted to hurt our democracy, hurt her, help him. >> a cloud around the white house gets thicker. >> there's been discussion of paul manafort who played a very limited role. >> new reports of money laundering and donald trump's campaign manager. >> paul manafort has done an amazing job. >> tonight, what we're learning about paul manafort as democrats call for h to testify. >> that's what he said, i -- that's what i -- that's obviously what our position is. >> plus, 2016 flashback, what we now know about how the fbi he


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