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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  March 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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coverage right now. >> thanks so much, willie. good morning, i'm stephanie ruhle. look where i am. live from washington, d.c., overlooking the white house on a big morning. it is "d" day for the health care bill. the vote set for today as the president works, skeptical of republican lawmakers, hard. are they any closer to a yes? >> the president and i came to an agreement in principle. >> listen to this one. crossing the line. the republican head of the house intelligence committee now telling this to the president -- >> i have seen intelligence reports that clearly show that the president-elect and his team were at least monitored. >> it's creating a fire storm on both sides of the aisle. >> no longer does the congress have credibility to handle this alone. >> that's right. that was john mccain saying that. breaking overnight, eight arrests after the terror attack
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in london. authorities insist the killer worked alone. >> to the men and women who propagate this hate and evil, you will not defeat us. >> you know what we are starting with this morning. the first big test for president trump. exactly seven years ago today, obamacare was signed into law and the house is poised to rip it up. question is, do they have the votes? president trump will meet with conservatives this morning. they have been the biggest obstacle to getting the magic number of 215. meanwhile, the vote is set for later today and the outcome in doubt. as of right now, nbc is counting 29 house republicans either voting no or leaning that way. that is six more than it would take to kill the bill. there's been a lot of movement in the last 12 hours that could indicate things may be changing. i have the best team in the business to break it down. i want to go to kristen welker live at the white house. kristen, the administration said there is no plan "b."
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are they going to get it signed, sealed and done today? >> reporter: they are flexing their muscles saying, yes, they are going to get it done. a white house official tells me the president is feeling confident and optimistic. he is gouchk to meet with key hold outs in about two hours from now. why are they holdouts? they are conservative members of the house. they feel as though this plan, this health care plan has too many regulations. the white house and gop leaders are offering a sweetener. that would essentially allow consumers to buy health care plans that are scaled back, that don't have what are essential health benefits. that means consumers are able to buy health care plans that don't offer coverage for things like maternity leave, mental health and pediatric services. they say that gives you more choice. they say it scales back critical services and coverage. this could get a lot of no votes
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to yes. here is what the chairman of the house freedom caucus had to say. take a look. >> the president and i came to an agreement in principle. what we are trying to do now is make sure that our agreement is actually something that can be executed in a way that passes the senate. >> reporter: so, steph, that agreement in principle could actually wind up alienating moderates and flipping them to no votes. that's the very fine line that the white house and gop leaders have to walk as they try to get it through congress. it also potentially create as procedural hurdle in the senate. i talked to a senior official who said once we get it through the house, it's going to ramp up pressure to get it through the senate. steph? >> i want to bring in the panel. ruth marcus is a "washington post" columnist and jeff weaver,
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former campaign manager for bernie sanders. good morning to you all. jeremy, i want to start with you. does president trump have the votes and are the votes costing him a policy that he promised to america? >> he does not have the votes. as conservatives revolted, they said it wasn't conservative enough. the white house agreed to make it conservative. you lost moderates and don't have all the conservatives on board. he's being squeezed from two sides. externally, you have the pressure from the outside groups saying, no, if you vote for the bill, we will hold it against you on the influential score cards. the koch brothers, late last night came out with a big announcement, they are starting a seven figure fund to support any lawmaker that votes against this package. that is in defiance of president trump who threatened the lawmakers yesterday, two days ago, if you vote against it, you may lose your seats. there's pressure from all sides
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on this. >> who has the most power, ruth? when you think about the president saying if you want elected in 2018, you better side with me. look at the approval rating. it's never been so low. he's lost a major amount of credibility. >> the events on russia, director comey's testimony could not have come at a worse time for the president, you are exactly right. that said, i don't think he has the votes right now. the day is very long and there's going to be a lot of talk about the need to hang together or hang separately. this is a really crucial element not just because of what president trump promised, but what republicans are saying. another quick point, this is the easy part in the house. the hard part in the senate is yet to come. >> i want to talk about the health care benefits. conservatives want it on the table. a bernie sanders supporter would say we need these. what about the argument?
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it's an option, you can take it or not. couldn't one say more choices are better than less? >> unless you are 30 years old, in a policy that doesn't cover cancer and then suddenly, you have cancer. the costs are bore by someone else. this is why hospitals are opposed to the plan. when someone gets ill with a serious disease and they don't have coverage, that cost is pushed on everybody else and raises everyone else's premium. health care is not just buying health care. if somebody doesn't have coverage, that cost gets pushed on everybody else. that's a fundmental problem with what the republicans are trying to push. >> is the fundamental problem what president trump supporters want, what he promised to the supporters and what conservatives want are two things. we are saying look at wall street. if the president doesn't get this through, they are not going to believe he can get anything done. they are saying let's get this
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done to move on to infrastructure and tax reform. if you look at this, this is a health care bill, but it's really just a whole bunch of tax reform. >> the pressure here that maybe makes a deal happen tonight is that conservatives need to show they can govern. they are no longer just the opposition party. they run washington. they need to show that they are not the same party that we have known for the last 6-8 year that is is constantly fighting and destroying every deal they try to put together. that is one factor weighing here. that said, this wasn't a huge issue for president trump. it was a huge irk shoe for the republican base. he ran on issues of immigration. >> he didn't have any issues related to details during the campaign. >> but president trump told us when he was candidate trump that he was going to repeal obamacare, it was a disaster, it was terrible, collapsing and he was going to replace it with something better that provided
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better coverage. >> he provided no details. >> then he became president and discovered something that anybody who spent 20 minutes on health care would have known all along, it's complicated. now he's reaping the consequences of having just discovered that. it is really complicated. there are cross pressures. it's not only complicated for getting health care done, it's complicated for getting to tax reform, as you say. for complicated and almost incomprehensible budgetary reasons, what they want to pass as part of getting rid of the affordable care act are essential to being able to pass more tax cuts in the tax reform package. >> ruth is winning the prize of the day. she doesn't realize. my favorite line of the administration so far has been, no one knows how complicated health care is. actually, a lot of people do. it's really hard. we are going to talk about other stuff going on today.
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it's a huge news day. two major bombshells from capitol hill with new doubts about the independence of the congressional investigation of russian meddling. it comes more than two weeks after president trump accused president obama of wiretapping, put it in quotes or not, wiretapping trump tower. the past 12 hours have been a whirlwind. i want to go live to capitol hill where nbc's casey hunt is. casey. let's go first. the bombshell from community chair devin nunes. i want to share a bit of that. >> the intelligence community incidentally collected information about u.s. citizens involved in the trump transition. none of this surveillance was related to russia or the investigation of russian activities or of the trump team. >> so, casey, walk us through this. walk us through it.
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>> reporter: i wish i could, but in many ways, chairman nunes was confusing to the overall picture we have been trying to build of what's going on behind closed doors. critics are saying what he did was give political coverage to the white house in this tweet, kind of fire storm with the president declaring that president obama, quote, wiretapped trump tower during the campaign. after persistent questioning and we kind of went back to the chairman several times when he held his first news conference where i'm standing now, yesterday, initially he said yes, the president's communications were swept up in an incidental surveillance, essentially, so the communications of the president himself were part of surveillance of other people. he was simply swept up in that. then he kind of walked it back and said, well,itis actually maybe the president, it's possible it's the president.
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he clarified it happened during the transition. this is what he's talking about. at this point, we do not know the source of the information. we know, he told me yesterday, he viewed this information very. he was able to look at it. he was not able to take that information away, which suggests it is being held in a secure, what's a room to review classified information. what that means, adam schiff, the top democrat on the committee was unable to look at the material. he has a conversation with chairman nunes where he described to mr. schiff what he had seen. of course that conversation, it sounds like was close to what we saw -- >> hold on a second. how did nunes see it if adam schiff hadn't? we have heard over and over from the white house, anonymous sources are not to be referenced or trusted. how did nunes see anything adam schiff didn't. >> reporter: that's part of the question we are trying to
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answer. he won't say specifically who the source is. it's clear because he look ld at it by himself, it's not as though somebody briefed both of them. protocol for the comey meetings is there have been people from both parties in the room. the democrats, obviously, arguing that this is a breach in what should be an oversight investigation. quickly, steph, they are meeting behind closed doors, the intelligence committee. that's why we are down here. we'll let you know if we hear anything new. >> you may hear loud voices. ruth, to you first. based on what nunes said or walked back, it doesn't seem to refute president trump's claims, it seems to muddy the water. what is going on here? >> desperation. i think his behavior smacked of desperation to find a way to help the white house dig itself out of the hole that the president dug with his tweets. i think the essential quote of
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the day was the assessment from john mccain saying that this means congress -- he said congress. i assume that means both houses of congress lost all credibility to be able to do this himself. that is a very serious accusation from somebody who has been around for a long time. i think it probably a road map to where this needs to be going, which is an independent investigation. >> jeff, every day, it seems like our hair is on fire, wildly offended. things are unprecedented. to you, watching this go down, the last 24 hours, how big of a deal is it and what can democrats actually do? every day, they are saying this is unacceptable. >> ruth is right. this is why we need an independent investigation. the other question is who were the trump people talking to that led them to be incidentally collected? who is it that is the subject of a fisa warrant, a secret, government warrant, a foreign
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person or somebody involved in terrorism that trump or others were connected to when they collected? that's a question hanging out there. >> does their name rime with schmut schmutin? >> an arrest has been made in connection to the bomb threats across the country. i want to take you to peter alexander at the white house. peter, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning to you. this is breaking news and brings to an end a scary several months. not just in this country, but around the world, frankly, nbc news has confirmed from the fbi an arrest was made today in southern israel of an 18-year-old, as we are told, dual israeli u.s. citizen, this young man is believed to be the person behind a series of bomb threats, a jewish community. this individual, as we understand it, had been using a
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variety of different techniques to make it imposzsible or more difficult to identify who he was. they say all these phone calls came from his home in israel where, today, we understand a search took place by the israeli national police. this also had political ramifications as well. the president, donald trump, took a lot of criticism, he had not been swift enough, fierce enough, was too light in his language in terms of fighting anti-semitism. he said he condemned these threats. he condemned anti-semitism more broadly. of course this does not speak to other hate, presumably hate crimes where jewish gravestones had been turned over around this country. the good news, according to the fbi, they believe this is case closed right now. the israeli police will take up this case as they confirm the arrest of an 18-year-old dual
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citizen. stephanie? >> so much to cover. we are going to take a break. next, is there a deal on health care to win over members of the freedom caucus? if so, what compromises did they have to make. next. we are live from washington, d.c. look where we are overlooking the white house. i hope president trump is watching. good morning, sir. come on dad! higher! higher! parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again.
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in a few hours, president trump will meet with the house conservative republicans trying to con for instance holdouts to back the health care bill. time is running out. i was to bring in mo brooks, a member of the freedom caucus whose members opposed this legislation. last night, mark meadows, the head of your caucus said he and the president have a deal in principle. what is that and is it enough to get your vote? >> my understanding is there is not an agreement at this point in time. it's one thing to have an agreement in principle, it's another thing to have an agreement that is written out that everybody can look at and understand and make sure it fulfills the commitments made. at this point in time, things are fluid, so they could have changed in minutes, at this point in time, it is my understanding there is no agreement. >> what are the changes you are looking for to change your no to
6:21 am
a yes? >> my requirements are different than others. let me hit the problems with this bill. first, the reason we are having this debate in large part is american citizens have seen their premiums skyrocket and it's affecting their ability to take care of their families, the needs their families have. this legislation does not fix that problem. to the contrary, the joint committee on taxation are advising us in congress this republican welfare bill will cost premiums to go up 15% to 20% over the next couple years. that is not what the american people sent us here to do. then a second part of this legislation that i find particularly troublesome is that it will create the largest republican welfare program in the history of the republican party. what does that do? it undermines the work ethic as more and more become dependent on government handouts and reflects others.
6:22 am
ultimately results in higher and higher taxes on already stressed, struggling, american families. i'm focused on two of them. the house freedom caucus is focusing, at least a significant number are focusing on health benefits and title i programs that will have a positive effect on premiums for those who don't want to pay for maternity care at age 60. you can understand how troublesome it is to be forced by the government under obamacare to buy insurance coverage they don't need and will never use. >> is that on the table? what is the president negotiating right now? >> i think the primary issue with the house freedom caucus consists of the health benefits coupled with title i regulations and there will be a block of house freedom caucus members that will move from no to yes if the house leadership and
6:23 am
president repeal those provisions. i don't know what the current status of negotiations is. as of an hour ago, there was not a meeting of the minds. again, things are very, very fluid. things can change rapidly on capitol hill. i don't know what the latest news is. even if i did right now, five minutes from now, it might change again. i'm getting no sound. ♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪
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whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. oh...ncome on...och method! what's going on here? you know how ge technology allows us to fix problems before they... they slow production, yeah. well, no more catchy business acronyms. welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. sorry, we lost power for a moment. i want to bring back congressman mo brooks. congressman, sorry we lost you there. at this point, without the changes, you are a no. do you believe there are other members of the freedom caucus or other republicans who haven't actually shared their answer? are there no's out there we are unaware of? >> oh, absolutely.
6:25 am
a lot of congressmen are cagey on this issue. it's very important and critical as to whether they win their next election. as a consequence, they are probably sending mixed messages where opponents and proponents of the legislation seem to think that congressman is in agreement with both of them. when you have to cast a vote, you can't possibly be in agreement with both of them. in my judgment, there are 30 or 40 no votes on the republican side and, of course on the democrat side there are almost 200 no votes. we have to see how it actually shakes out. to me, if we can make this legislation something other than just not as bad as obamacare, make it into something that is good for the american people, i think you get more support than you are seeing right now. the argument, it's not as bad as obamacare, it's not bad enough to make it a good bill. >> people that are focused on getting re-elected. is being on the sameside as the president the most important thing? look at the week the president
6:26 am
just had. look at the credibility he lost and his approval rating. he's saying to congress, you don't sign with me, you are going to have a problem in 2018. are you feeling that threat? >> no, i'm not feeling that threat or pressure at all. i have been e lekted off and on for three decades. a county commissioner and congressman. this is routine, quite frankly. there are big issues and people on both sides of it. what the american people want is a representative who will work through the issues facing your city, county, state or country and come up with a reason and conclusion of what is best. i'm comfortable, i am, i think i can defend that to people in the fifth congressional district of alabama and they will concur with my view, if we are going to pass health care reform, it needs to decrease premium costs, not increase them. to put another huge welfare program on top of the 87 we have
6:27 am
that cost taxpayers $87 billion, that's money we don't have. we have to borrow to get it and can't pay back long term. the cumulative effects are putting the united states of america at risk. when you look at the big picture, sal van si of america and the bigger picture, health care, i'm comfortable i'm doing the best i can to help the american people. >> at this point, there is no deal with the freedom caucus and what you are saying is thoughtfully worked through. thoughtfully worked through would mean we need time. in your opinion, is the right answer to postpone this and not simply jam it through, which is what we believe the administration wants to do because the president would like to prove he's the guy to get things done. you want to thoughtfully work it through, doesn't that need time? >> i want to give the supporters of this legislation more time to think it through to figure out it's not in the best interest of the people of the united states of america. to me wharks we should be doing is passing legislation we have passed in prior years. two years ago, we passed the
6:28 am
repeal of obamacare. it passed the republican house and senate. of course president obama vetoed it. pass that same legislation. it's a repeal of obamacare. have the effective date of that some time in the future in the area we have created, you would suddenly see we would be able to focus on what the improvements ought to be with the health care system with one difference. right now, there are no democrats participating in this discussion because in it is a combination of repeal and replacement. no democrat can hope for the repeal and hope to win a democratic primary. if you have the repeal, that frees up the democrats to now participate in this discussion and we can have a bipartisan solution as opposed to a one-party solution. you know, one party solution didn't work well. that gave us obamacare and put us in this mess. >> thanks for sharing your thoughts this morning. this bill is going to be voted on hours from now. thus far, no deal with the
6:29 am
freedom caucus. i want to take you now to breaking news we are getting at this moment from the united kingdom with several developments pouring in following the deadly terror attack that took place in london, including overnight raids in birmingham, london and eight arrests. we have the attacker plowing his car through the crowds of people walking on westminster bridge. he accelerates in a bike lane, then a woman dives into the river as the car swerves on to the sidewalk. thankfully, she survived. isis claimed responsibility, but offered no evidence of its involvement or the direction in the attack. we are live in london at the scene of yesterday's attack outside parliament where so many tourists are every day. what is it like there this morning? >> reporter: well, stephanie, it's a hive of police activity here after a brazen attack on the heart of democracy here. the attacker drove his car at high speeds, using it as a
6:30 am
weapon, across the bridge, plowing into people and crashed into fences outside parliament, making his way on foot a short distance to the gates of parliament where he attacked the policemen, stabbing and killing him. he was shot by armed policemen and killed on the grounds of westminster palace under the clock tower known as big ben. shocking video emerged from the moment the man was driving his car across the bridge. you can see him plowing through people, a woman trying to avoid them. jumps into the river, as you mentioned. she was rescued. she is in hospital. it is described as having serious injuries. stephanie? >> what is the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: well, stephanie, there's a series of raids overnight in london and a city called birmingham in england. people said they have raided six different addresses. they have made seven or eight arrests. we don't know who they have
6:31 am
arrested yet. they have broadened the scope of investigation to see who this guy was, if he had associates. we are hoping to find out if the arrests were made in london or birmingham are related to the assailant. this is a very wide operation. the prime minister here has made a statement this morning saying that the police know the identity of their attacker. they haven't named him, yet. they said he was british born and he was a man that was known to the police forces here and he was known for extremism and violence but he wasn't on any sort of watch list. they didn't think he was planning anything. he was said to be on the periphery, which makes this attack all the more shocking. stephanie? >> all the mor shocking. thanks so much for joining us with that live update. happening now here, the markets just opened. already, they are down a bit. they are on edge today with today's health care bill vote. joining me now, cnbc's dom chu.
6:32 am
the president lost his credibility and made promises in terms of tax reform, deregulation and infrastructure. if he can't get the bill signed, they are going to continue to lose faith. is that the reason is market is down? >> that's the reason the market is down. down marginally. we saw the losses on tuesday, a little stability yesterday. the issue today is like you said, whether or not we see progress on a compromise on a deal that could get the house legislation passed. this market is going to handicap whatever is going to happen with this vote, if it happens tonight and based upon whether headlines come out. all those things are key to whether the markets get a positive catalyst or start to drift lower like we saw on tuesday. >> dom, is it not important to point out, as it relates to the markets, it's not about the deals president trump makes it's whether or not he can do it. this whose your daddy moment. from the market, they are not
6:33 am
looking at what's inside that bill and what campaign promises are met or who is taken care of in america, it's about can this guy get stuff done and get to what we care about, which is tax reform. >> reporter: this is important. president trump campaigned on the idea he was going to repeal and replace obamacare. arguably, he won a lot of votes in a lot of states that maybe would have swung toward the democrats because of the health care legislation. this is the first domino. if this does fall. if it does get done in some way, shape or form, it could clear the path or indicate congressional leaders, all the lawmakers in congress that president trump has the influence and the coat tails to be able to carry further legislation down the line. it comes down to whether or not this one piece can get done. that's why the markets are near record high. the issue is whether or not this can be viewed as influence by the president to get legislation done and whether or not he can
6:34 am
carry it to tax reform, regulatory reform, infrastructure spending. that is key as well. >> to point out, the priorities it market has, deregulation, infrastructure spend, tax reform, that would be a positive for corporate america. the americans who supported president trump, the forgotten americans who missed out on the economic improvement, those are two different priorities. >> they are very different and the reconciliation between the two is going to be a very fine line, a very tough battle that the president and his administration are going to have to walk. he is a business person and campaigned on this idea he's had success in finance, success in business. whether it carries over to government is key. a lot of folks in america that aren't part of the upper wall street class he didn't appeal to are going to view this as a referendum on whether he can carry the promises he made to them in this administration. >> this is certainly a fine
6:35 am
line. if the market has positive improvement, does it leave out forgotten america? extraordinary. thanks, dom. we are going to take a break. president trump is granting a different kind of interview with "time" magazine on whether he can be trusted. that's right, the president of the united states, can you trust him? the man who conducted the interrue joins me next. look where we are, the only place to be today, live in washington, d.c., overlooking the jefferson memorial to the white house. it is a very busy day. let's party! [kids cheering] [kids screaming] call the clown! parents aren't perfect but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again. before fibromyalgia, i was a doer. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain.
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and everything's good again. get ready for this one. president trump's interesting relationship with the truth is this week's cover story for "time" magazine. what timing. trump stood by many controversial claims from wiretaps to 3 million illegal voters to the recollection of last night in sweden. during that interview, he said, i can't be doing so badly because i'm president, you're not. i'm joined by the man who conducted that interview and who is not the president. times washington bureau chief michael and ruth marcus and jeff weaver. wow. seems, based on reading this, president trump's goal is to prove, there's lots of things i said. if you give it time, they turn out to be correct. brexit, winning the election. is that what the president's
6:40 am
goal is here? >> he feels he is not getting enough credit for the controversial thing that is have been disputed when he said them that have later come to be true. he feels he should get credit for that and therefore look at statements like barack obama wiretapped me at trump tower, which is false and give him credit. maybe in the investigation something will come out. the thing with 3 million undocumented immigrants voting illegally in the campaign. there's no evidence that happened. i was right about brexit and my own campaign and anthony weiner's e-mails were a problem for hillary clinton. give me time on this as well. >> jeff, this might be sensitive as well. he said the primary was rigged for hillary clinton. >> there were problems in the primary. the fact is, donald trump has a strange relationship with the truth. he can't seem to tell it. it started with his massive crowds, remember, on the mall with the side by sides showing there was a very, very small crowd for the president. then the women's march had more
6:41 am
people. the pro-life march had more. you could have a dog show on the mall and get more than the inauguration. >> michael, did you bring the issues up? he says tieing ted cruz's father to the assassination on jfk in the inquirer -- the same paper that said anthony scalia was murdered by a hooker, marco rubio has a love child and hillary clinton has a secret lesbian relationship. >> as president, do you have to handle them differently? in the campaign, a tweet with a race i racist meme. i asked him at the time, in 2015, don't you have to correct the record? you printed this thing. he said it was a retweet, not a tweet.
6:42 am
there's a big difference. i asked him, in this interview, do you think as president the standard is different? he basically doubled down. he said that, quoting a pundit of fox news said something fox news didn't back up. it was okay. a highly respected person. he stood by, quoting the national inquirer. there's no evidence what they reported was true. i think all evidence suggests he's going to continue to do this. as he said in the interview, he thinks it is working for him. >> was there any point in the interview where he said i'm sorry or i was wrong or any sense of humility? humility, which is a key characteristic of great leadership, to say, i can't be doing that bad, i'm president, you are not. it seems like the only thing missing is nannynannypoopoo. he pulled back.
6:43 am
i didn't say president obama was wiretapping trump tower, i used quotes, which changes the meaning. when i asked about the 3 million undocumented people voting. he said it could be registration. there were points where he backed away from the literal meaning of the assertions but not backing down other than that. >> ruth, what if there's something to be said for the argument president trump has made. america wanted something different, he talks turkey and not talking in circles. go back to the campaign and think about how deliberate and careful hillary clinton may have been with every color choice, word choice, gesture. a lot of americans were sick of it. >> people wanted somebody to come to washington and shake things up. >> they are shaken. >> that's certainly happening. i think michael's excellent interview reaffirms one thing that we already knew, president trump is not going to change. he is not going to behave
6:44 am
differently than candidate trump. it actually adds to our understanding of trump because we have talked in the past about the post truth presidency. i think this interview illustrates a new thing, which is a pretruth presidency. he says it. it's not true at the time, then it comes to be, as with sweden and therefore, he was smart. it's just absolutely remarkable. he is not, by the way, the first president to have arrogance. i think one of the president bush's, i think the first one, liked to say, if you are so smart how come you are president and i'm not. there is a line of presidential humorous there. >> i would like to add, one of the things we sort of discussed in the interview and i wrote about in the piece is a lot of these things he says that are not true, not verified when he says them are effective in delivering the message. if you look back, during the
6:45 am
campaign, he rose to prom nance by claiming president obama was not born in the united states, at least raising the issue. he launched the campaign saying mexico was sending rapists across the border. he said after the paris attacks muslim celebrated. there's no factual basis for it. in each case, the controversy took over the media. took over the news cycle. the fact we are having this conversation is evidence he gets the message out. there's that incentive for him to keep doing it. >> my parents talk about immigrants pouring in and the keystone pipeline. what a piece. congratulations. i know we have to go. now that you have sat down with him, describe president trump in one word? >> unique. >> unique. there you go. thank you. what a piece. coming up, for the last seven years, all we have heard from republicans is we need to repeal and replace obamacare. they are on the verge of doing just that.
6:46 am
do they have the votes? it is down to the wire. we are in the best place in the world to monitor it. live from beautiful washington, d.c., overlooking the white house, the capitol and all the decision makers. inherited a family recipe for tea. she bottles her great grandfather's caribbean drink, trying to build it into a national branld. she needs help. we answered her call. she's getting a "your business" makeover. "your business" sunday at 7:30 on msnbc. let's party! [kids cheering] [kids screaming] call the clown! parents aren't perfect but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again.
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big, big day on capitol hill today. on the seventh year before we get there, i want to look back on what republicans have been saying for the last seven years. >> after all the votes have been tallied, health insurance reform becomes law in america. >> repeal and replace obamacare! >> every republican will vote for the repeal and replace. >> complete repeal of obamacare. >> we have to repeal obamacare. >> it truly ought to be repealed or delayed. >> we will repeal every word of
6:51 am
obamacare. >> real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing horrible obamacare. i am joined by one of those republicans calling for a repeal, former congressman joe walsh from illinois. congressman, the white house says today is the house's chance to repeal and replace obamacare. you disagree. how do you think it's going to play out? >> hey, stephanie. they're wrong. this bill will not repeal obamacare. six years ago in congress, the very first vote i made was to repeal obamacare. two years ago the republicans put a bill on obama's dess ik t repeal obamacare. i think this will pass, it's a bad deal for republicans and, stephanie, they are going to try to tell us this is repealing obamacare but it's not. and the truth here is the headline, steph, is the republican party really does not want to repeal obamacare.
6:52 am
that's why we've got this mess of a bill. >> what does it mean for president trump? he wants the world to see he can get something done, but if it goes through today, what exactly is he getting done? >> a mess. and, by the way, stephanie, something that will make things worse. the difference is trump and the republicans will now own it. look, i'm a supporter of trump's but this is the stupid game that d.c. plays. we've got to pass something, oh, my lord, we've got to pass something. and it gets to the point where we don't even think about whether the something is good or bad, we just got to pass it. that's what republicans are doing right now and it's got nothing to do with the policy. >> well, the commander in chief is the one in charge. are you starting to lose confidence in him?
6:53 am
look at the last week. we don't see a reasonable replacement or you don't feel like republicans want to actually repeal obamacare, we're looking at the president doubling, tripling down on the wire tap claims. are you as enthusiastic of a supporter of president trump? >> i am but i'm not afraid to kick him in the back side when he veered off track. the mistake he made was he turned it over to the republican party instead of following his gut. i don't think donald trump really knows what's in this bill. he just wants a victory. well, this victory, if they pass it, is going to bite republicans in the butt in 2018. >> then one would argue that health care of the american people is a very important issue for americans. so to your point that you said, well, the president doesn't actually know what's in the
6:54 am
bill, he just wants a victory, why would you support a man with that kind of character? >> stephanie, it's problematic. this is why i'm with you right now calling him out and i know donald trump watches your show. tru president trump, this is a bad bill. that's all i can do as a supporter is do what's right. i think this train has already left the station. steph, they so desperately want a victory, it doesn't matter what is in the bill. this is a huge mistake that the republicans are going to regret. >> a victory for who, i guess, is the question. before we go, have i i have to about the doubling down on the wiretap claims and this russia
6:55 am
matter. >> at this point, steph, i don't trust anybody in washington, not the republican, not the democrats. trump will never apologize for that tweet. he was wrong to make that tweet. we need a special independent commission to look into all of this. >> then what is it that makes you still support the president? because you haven't said a positive this evening about him or washington yet. >> you know what, i want my borders secure, i want muslims terrorists stayed out of america and i want my taxes cut. i'm still with him on my bucket of issues, but i'm not one of these blind, stupid, cheerleader trump supporters that will acknowledge he can do no wrong. i'm trying to help him do what's right. >> i get that. people don't really like blind, stooped che stupid cheerleaders, i guess. >> up next, a huge vote on health care.
6:56 am
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what a day. that wraps us up for the hour. hallie has breaking news. >> we'll go live to devin nunes. let's listen. >> this goes back to the letter we sent a couple weeks ago that
7:00 am
we'll hopefully get saanswers tomorrow that will give us a lot of information. >> reporter: did you show -- >> we don't have it. it just a matter of time. hopefully we get some or part of what i've seen. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> as you know, we have to keep our sources and methods here very, very quiet. i've told the american public that we want them to bring us information if they have it. over the course of the investigation, we've had many sources who have come to this committee. and as you can imagine, some many don't want you or anyone to know who they are. you guys in the press understand this. you have your own sources. >> reporter: but there's suspicion this was engineered by the trump administration to muddy the waters and give that some political cover. >> i came out here and


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