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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  March 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we have a very good chance. >> the vote is now set for 4:00 p.m. today. the vote count still too close to call. >> do you think it's going to pass tomorrow? >> i have no idea. >> we have all the late, breaking details as the republicans day of reckoning on health care is finally upon us. >> for seven and a half years, we have been promising the american people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it's collapsing and failing families. tomorrow, we are proceeding. >> now you have to deliver, paul ryan. we are going to begin today. all eyes on the house where it is a make or break day. it is just getting started after taking care of legislative business. the first procedural votes are expected in an hour, leading up to the final, decisive vote this afternoon. the best team in the business to set the stage for all of it. i want to go to capitol hill correspondent, kelly o'donnell. kelly, i realize so many things are moving.
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at this point, how is the vote count looking? >> reporter: speaking of moving, paul ryan just passed by the camera location a couple minutes ago saying i'm good, but didn't respond to where the numbers are. it's over 30 votes we have as no in the nbc tally. our team asking members, personally. last night, in the wee hours, talking to members coming out of the meeting, the republican conference meeting, i did not encounter any no's turning to yes. today will be a test. we have a tweet from president trump this morning poking the freedom caucus, the most conservative group on the issue of abortion, which, historically could be a motivating topic for conservatives saying the irony, the freedom caucus, pro-life, against planned parenthood, allo allows pp to continue. again, pp planned parenthood. the president is putting
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pressure on the most conservative wing that has been willing to blunt any pressure from leadership. it's a huge test today for the white house, for leaders here. i have had some republican members say they just don't see how it's going to pass. others saying that the deadline itself, this pressure put on by the president, vote today or we stop talking about health care. maybe that is enough. perhaps, even within the window of the vote itself, we might see last minute conversions. right now, it's too close to call. steph? >> planned parenthood that does more than abortions. i want to bring in nbc's kristen welker, live at the white house. kristen, it sounds like what president trump is saying, now or never, we know he is the art of the deal guy. why is it now or never? shouldn't this simply be the first inning? >> reporter: look, he's effectively issuing an ultimatum saying he's prepared to walk away from the table.
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the strategy is to turn up the heat on republicans, to publicly force them to weigh in on this health care plan. the thinking here is, look, the president saying i'm done negotiating. you can vote for this or obamacare stays and you can take the blame. he thinks that's dpoung to pressure some of those no votes to flip to yes. we have to see. his top advisers were working overnight to try to get this done. he dispatched senior administration officials to capitol hill meeting with the entire house republican conference late into the evening last night, delivering this message, trying to get them on board with this. as kelly pointed out, as of last night, they didn't have the votes, even after a day of negotiating. the president met with conservatives in his party, moderates and offered concessions to both, to conservatives, health care companies can opt out of offering essential health benefits like maternity leave and mental health services.
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that wasn't good enough for conservatives. they want to see more regulations scaled back. the move infuriated some moderates who walked away from the table saying hey, we are not going to support this. to pass fie the moderates, the president offering counter concessions, offering $15 billion for maternity and mental health care. you heard kelly read a tweet, i'm going to read another one from late last night. after seven horrible years of obamacare, bad health care, this is finally your chance for a great plan. the question remains, what will the president do if this fails? according to senior administration officials, he's going to point the finger at republicans and say you guys failed to live up to your promise to voters, to repeal and replace obamacare and move on to other key priorities, like tax reform and re-negotiating trade
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deals. steph? >> i have to bring the panel in to break this down. bob urlich, you worked on obamacare under the last administration. governor, i want to start with you. we know president trump loves to negotiate, he loves the art of the deal. is he looking at this -- >> it's his space. >> it's his space, but is he looking in the right way? if he wins, do the american people lose? >> he said first inning before we began. i said first quarter. it's the first quarter. everybody is breathless in this town. as a former whip, i love this stuff. it's a great day. this is also the art of the deal and the first big test of the trump presidency. this is a big deal. it's a starting block. of course, it is the first inning, the first half. it's not even halftime. this bill will go to the senate
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and conference. there are many, many places, spaces along the line for this bill to be amended. >> what is your take? paul ryan walking in a few minutes ago. over the last week, we have seen the white house on some level distance themselves from the bill. let's call it ryan care. the president has been saying you better side with me. he doesn't talk detail. paul ryan talks detail. he has his name on the line here. >> paul ryan does z. i don't think we can walk away from the fact paul ryan is responsible for this. at the end of the day, you have a president at 37% approval demanding an up or down vote on something with 17% approval. the challenge here is that, you know, when we did this the first time, when we actually passed the affordable care act, that took nine months to just leave the house. they are jamming this through in three weeks. i think moderates and conservatives are wondering why they need to take three weeks to deal with a bill that will have
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an effect on 1/6 of the economy, that will raise costs $3500 per person. people lose coverage. it's a bad deal. >> 38%, 43%, 65 days in the administration. nobody cares about these numbers. the bottom line is -- let me tell you, over 1,000 democrats lost their seats regarding this bill. >> i don't think so. >> the bottom line is, again, we are early in the process. this is a political test. he is in his space. he is trading, he's negotiating. this is the art of the deal. i predict the bill will pass the house today. >> is it put in moderate republicans in the worst position? if moderate republicans look inside this bill and say this isn't going to serve my state, but i cannot afford the campaign ad against me that says this guy, he was supposed to repeal and replace obamacare and he didn't.
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>> there are going to be ads regardless on the other side of this town. if it's not obamacare, it's tax reform or something else. you can't think like that. that's all politics. today is the day to stand-up and move something. it's not perfect. >> then what you are saying is, it's all politics, not policy. >> this bill has most of the provisions that have been in various republican bills in the past. this isn't new. refundable tax credits aren't new. the mandate issue isn't new. they are familiar. it's why obamacare failed. >> what are you talking about, they are doing deals for 1/6 of the economy. getting rid of maternity care? do you think everyone is going to pass a bill like that? that's not what is happening here. it is not that we have a big, public discussion of ending health benefits and americans no more pre-existing conditions. none of these things have been discuss zed. >> we have had that debate on
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every issue within this bill the last six years. read the republican alternatives we voted on over 60 times in the past. >> we are seeing on the screen some of this debate begin. governor, i turn to the most recent cbo score. i don't understand how less people are covered, but we are going to save money. slow the roll. why does t have to be the president wins or loses today. he loves to look at the market and seeing if they have confidence in me. how about slowing the pace. >> these issues are not first impression. we have seen it and debated this. obamacare is failing. >> it is not failing. >> if hillary clinton would have won, we would have had a different debate. we would be talking about how to fix obamacare rather than repeal and replace. it is failing. so many counties in this country have one carrier left. 20 of the 24 co-ops are now belly up. medical device tax is the worst
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idea i have heard in my life. >> in fairness -- >> we have heard worst ideas. >> it's one of the worst. >> they have dealt with this fact that you people -- the affordable care act is not failing, it is stable. it will keep people insured. the reality is they are talking points you are using. the reality, they are going to lose 24 million people are going to lose health care. 14 million people are going to lose health care next year with this bill. >> given how important this is, i want to bring kristen welker in, given what a hot button issue this is, why so many americans voted on it. the president said last night, case closed, you are with me or you are not. tomorrow, i'm talking keystone pipeline. what are they doing, exactly, today. >> reporter: steph, i think this is part of turning up the pressure on republicans. i also think that he very much
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wanlts to do things like tax reform, re-negotiating trade deals. i was on the campaign trail with him or he was out holding a campaign style event earlier this week in kentucky where he was focused on things like tax reform. you could tell he was eager to get to work on that. there's an element of regret here that he took this on first. that he didn't take on one of those things that perhaps he could have gotten more bipartisan support for like tax reform and re-negotiating the deals. like infrastructure. he is going to be announcing he is moving forward with construction of the keystone xl pipeline. that is something that's been in the works for several weeks. it could serve as a diversion nar tactic if this vote doesn't go down the way he wants it to. look, i'm focused on job creation and thing that is are going to help the voters that helped get me into the white house in the first place. health care is not president
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trump's sweet spot. he wants to talk tax reform, infrastructure. that's what he likes. does he just want to get this off his plate? >> if he wasn't doing this now, you all, the press would be -- why running away from one of the major issues of the campaign, health care. >> it's not the only issue. jobs before -- >> it's been a major issue in this country because it's failing. when we come back, hopefully we can talk about the difference between the failing networks and medicaid. if he wouldn't have done this, the pressure in this town would be building up among the base to do something with obamacare. >> it's not me or other people saying that he shouldn't have taken this up. it's the trump white house leaking out to reporters, the president basically regrets taking this up first. >> i have to side with the governor on this one. that is true. >> their adviser after adviser saying it was ryan pushing this.
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this morning, people are leaking it was ryan that pushed this. a lot of people know they may lose this vote and they want to blame ryan. it doesn't help get a vote, usually. s >> watch your own show, others, this network or fox, whatever, we need to get moving with obamacare, this is a major issue in the campaign. why don't the republicans have their act together? let's get this done. you can't have it both ways. obviously, he chose this route and we are going to live with it. i absolutely agree with the report with regard to up or down today, this counts. it's a negotiating tactic. it puts the pressure on, i get it. i think it's going to work. >> i think the rowalty is members of congress don't want to vote on this. it's a very unpopular bill. >> they don't have a choice. >> no, they don't. they are going to walk away. there's 30 members -- >> before we take a break, you
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think it's going to pass? you think? >> i don't know. i'll say what mulvaney said last night and this morning, i don't know. it tells you what little ko confidence they have. >> don't you want to say yes and then it's the senate's problem? >> this is why you get paid, why you run. taking tough votes is part of your job. i have no empathy for someone that runs away from a tough fight. >> if you vote for this bill, you are voting to drop tens of thousands of people from coverage in your district, raise costs and raise costs for people who aren't even in the affordable care act. destroy benefits for people not in the affordable care act. it is risky. the bill is getting worse. that's why people are anxious about this. >> one size fits all failed america. we know best. it's absolutely contrary to that centralization decision making. it's a step in the right
6:15 am
direction. >> the idea we have maternity care -- i don't need maternity care, by the way. >> it's not for you. i don't need prostate cancer, but i pay for it. it's insurance. it's insurance. >> we all pay into it. the argument that -- the crazy idea. the freedom to go into the marketplace and buy what you need. >> we are going to take a break. i leave you with this. if i'm 30 years old and all i want to buy is the base, base, base. what happens when i get cancer? >> what do you mean? >> if i'm 30 years old and buy the base, what if something catastrophic happens to me. >> no, you die. that's the problem. >> wow. >> we are not going to -- >> there's a problem here. >> we are not going to continue this this moment. we are going to take a break. i am bringing you back after the break. next, much more on today's huge vote on health care.
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big decisions. the house is beginning their debate. the question is, will republicans give in to president trump's ultimatum? democrats pulling all the stops to block the nomination of neil gorsuch. it's such a big week, you almost forget about that. we'll have more from the heart of washington, d.c. stay with us. you are watching msnbc. higher! higher! parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again. kevin, meet yourkeviner. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom?
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this nominee cannot earn 60
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votes, each of president obama's nominees and george bush's last two nominees. the answer isn't to change the rules, it's to change the nominee. >> with that, democrats appear ready to do anything they can to keep neil gorsuch off the supreme court bench. chuck schumer suggesting the democrats will try to filibuster the confirmation vote complicating the hopes of confirming him before the easter recess and before the court concludes the current term. i want to bring back robert erhlich. i want to start with you. over the weekend, mike bloomberg put out a piece saying democrats don't make the mistake republicans did. try to find a middle ground here, don't block him. >> he was asked a series of questions where he outlined the
6:21 am
judicial philosophy to the right of justice scalia. that's raised concerns. this is a lifetime appointment. every nominee put forward by president obama had to declare a 60 threshold vote. the democrats are saying you have to do that, too. they should have reached out to the democrats and reached out. >> you know he's not going to and you could get much worse. >> actually, i think when you look at the votes, judge gorsuch will vote just like any other far right justice. that's really the challenge. he did not assure democrats, senators on that committee, he was going to be somebody that looks at the cases and decides them fair strikes. he has a history here. he authored hobby lobby. he did not alleviate concerns. that's on him. >> governor, you watched hearings. judge gorsuch worked hard to
6:22 am
convey he will be an independent voice. the president, when he speaks says wait until my guy is in that seat, we'll be okay. how do you think gorsuch will do? >> he's an originalist, he's going to be confirmed. he's a smart guy. he's a class guy. obama folks have come out and supported him. this is really not a close one. >> do you think -- let's say he gets confirmed. the president, time and again, almost appears to be saying, you know, everybody works for me. time to get in line. how do you think gorsuch will do, vis-a-vis, president trump? >> this is an important issue. he said he will be independent. it's not hard to say you will be independent. president trump has said many times that he does not support an independent judiciary and he has not crossed him saying he was wrong. >> it doesn't matter if president trump says that. you have three equal parts here.
6:23 am
>> someone picked him. this is the guy who picked him. that's the question. >> kagan, liberal, everybody knew they were activist judges, republicans allowed them to go forward and they have been reliable. >> 60 votes. >> you are going to lose democrats with regard to procedure. they are not going to sustain the 60. you have democrats vote procedurely then break the filibuster and vote against the nominee. >> i don't know, sure looks good at counting votes in his caucus. >> we are going to take a break. can you believe this? it's like neil gorsuch isn't the first thing we are talking about. we haven't even mentioned russia and we never mention north korea. that's how much news is out there. next, you are looking live at the house floor where the debate over the health care bill officially started. we are going to break down what is in that bill and if it can pass. you know where we are, the only place to be, live from
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welcome back, i am stephanie ruhle live in washington, d.c. it is time for the morning primer. we begin with an ultimatum issued by president trump himself, telling house republicans negotiations on their health care bill are over and the house must vote today. the preliminary votes will start in 30 minutes with the big vote after 4:00 p.m. by nbc news count, gop leaders are still at least eight votes short. british police say they made two significant arrests overnight in the attack that left five dead, bringing the total to nine in custody. they identified the suspect at 52-year-old khalid masood, a convert. the trump administration is calling on all u.s. embassies to enforce stricter security checks. the protocol will make it harder
6:29 am
for visitors in the middle east and africa to enter the united states. president trump will announce the approval of the keystone xl pipeline 40 minutes from now. the president said the pipeline will be built. according to transcanada, about half of it will. it was another bracket busting night in ncaa tournament with number 11, xavier. you have to watch. i mean, it was extraordinary when they won, defeating number two seed, arizona, 73-71. fair to say every bracket out there busted last night. something that's not bust, not yet, wall street keeping a close eye on capitol hill. the market set to open in a minute. will investors react to the uncertainty around the health care bill? joining me is ali velshi and jared, an msnbc contributor. gentlemen, when you look at wall street, we need to make it
6:30 am
clear, it's not that they care about the health care bill. from wall street's perspective, is it, can this president get this done and out of the way to move on to deregulation, to taxes, to infrastructure. >> which they do care about. deregulation taxes and infrastructure are where the companies can actually make money. some will make money off health care, it's not as big of a concern to them. is he a deal maker? this isn't about having the houses and white house controlled by the president. tax reform is really, really hard. you have to be a deal maker. >> there is a connection between health care reform and tax cuts that has been underappreciated. the health care reform bill they are trying to pass actually paves the way for deeper tax cuts. that is by cutting taxes almost $900 billion over ten years in the health care plan, they lower the revenue target for tax reform. that means they can go much
6:31 am
deeper. paul ryan said, once we do health care reform, we are going to take ten points off the corporate tax rate. that gets wall street's attention. >> as we are moving closer to president trump getting the votes, you are seeing the market up, slightly, this morning. here is the issue. if we see this go through, if tax reform makes its way, is this going to make the rich, who did not vote for president trump richer and make the poor, who voted for change and president trump poorer? >> unquestionably so. the tax cuts in the health care act and in the tax reform that is coming after that, are highly, highly regressive. so, one of the things we looked at on budget is the 400 richest taxpayers whose income is about 300 million or so on average. these are the richest of the rich from just the health care plan alone. they get tax cuts in the millions. >> we are not talking the 1%. we are talking the .01%. >> it's important to know it's
6:32 am
not like repealing obamacare, everybody is getting a tax cut. it is highly specific. obamacare did tax the wealthy in order to pay for the poor, that's the part they are getting rid of. >> this is robinhood on steroids. they are raising their tax rate. >> is one of the issues around obamacare, what constitutes as wealthy? you can speak to small business owners, i'm not talking a deli, lawyers and architects by running this small business, i cannot afford obamacare for my employees. president trump is looking to serve the super wealthy. it was president obama, those trying to pull themselves up, saying man, i'm getting taxed so hard. >> this stuff, the benefits from the repeal of obamacare on taxes kick in if you are starting at
6:33 am
$250,000, $260,000. if you run your income through your business, you will get a bit of a break because you don't have to employ those people if you have more than 50 employees. if you have more than 50, your income is greater than $250,000. jared's point is right. a lot of people are saying why not do this one first? what is the hurry? it takes a lot off the target. the target is steep. they are talking a corporate tax rate of 20% or less. there's not a lot of math that indicates they can get there. >> in other words, at the end of the day, they are going to have a hard time not adding to the deficit and the debt. that is what it is. you have to kind of sniff out the money. look, on the small business point, you raise a fair point, but let's not forget what ali referenced there. if you are an employer under obamacare with less than 50 full-time employees, the mandate doesn't hurt you in the first place. >> help me with the cbo score --
6:34 am
>> the new one. >> the newest. we have a cbo score, which i don't understand. just as many people will lose insurance, yet, we are not going to save anymore money. >> what did i just tell you? >> help me. >> the reason why the new score is less deficit reducing than the old score is three reasons. one, it accelerates the tax cuts. tax cuts that were going to start now are retro active around january 1st. it allows you to deduct more expenses, more revenue into the treasury and adds more to medicaid spending. that is why it is less deficit reducing by $150 billion. >> important to consider, if this gets voted on today, the cbo score is not about the deals made yesterday afternoon and last night. we still don't know, which i think is fundamentally an issue. a lot of the campaign is around obamacare is done in the deep of the night.
6:35 am
this, no one will have been able to see it. all the crazy negotiation you saw last night is without a bill. >> we have to go. it may have got through in the dark of the night, it took a full year. there was a lot of work that went into it. before we go, quick, you think he gets it votes? >> if there's a vote, he gets them. >> if i was that smart, i wouldn't be here, i would be on my yacht. >> there you go. >> i really wouldn't mind being on a yacht. it's cold. >> thank you so, so much. house republicans debating the issue on the house floor right now. most of them wish they were yachting as well. we are going to take you there, next. we have live from washington, d.c. we'll have more in a few. boost it's about moving forward not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now.
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. we have ever seen. i yield back. >> gentleman from texas. >> the gentleman is correct -- >> this is happening right now. listening live as the debate over the health care bill has begun. in a few minutes, the house will begin the first procedural votes. i want to bring in kelly o'donnell. you are down there. you are talking to leaders as they are walking in and out of the room. what are you hearing? >> reporter: a number of snapshots of the moment, steph, when talking to members as they are moving through the halls here. some believe it is trending toward yes, meaning this bill could pass as the day unfolds.
6:40 am
others saying they don't see how the math adds up. that's not helpful in telling us where it is going to go. it is instrucktive to show how people that are close to the process aren't quite sure. that is unusual when a bill is going to the floor. there's a clearer sense of how it will turn out. this is the deadline imposed by the president and accepted fwi speaker. they would say today or never. that's what's happening here. so, the rule vote is a first step, a procedural vote. one potential theory is members of the freedom caucus, the most conservative group attempt to block this, there would be no later vote. that could be a strategic, tactical move. most typically, the rule that allows the bill to get to the floor does pass then there's the straight up or down, are you for it or against it? this initial vote is worth
6:41 am
watching. will anyone try to change the course of the day, opposing the bill? that is part of what we are hearing. it is a matter of the hours that will unfold. the guesstimate is the final vote would happen in the 4:00 to 5:00 range. that gives it time for minds to change and pressure applied and democrats have a say in this, too. they are not going to support this. they have steps to use to try to slow things down on the floor, having more speeches, raising more questions, using the rules of the house to slow things down. sometimes that has the effect of sort of cratering momentum. a lot of what we'll see today is sort of the playbooks of each party, the importance of what's happening and one of the conversations i had sort of spinning by here, was with the chairman of the intelligence committee, devin nunes, a story of the week, he expects to have, sooner rather than later, an update on what's happening with the surveillance claims he took to the white house. we are watching more than one
6:42 am
subject as it unfolds on capitol hill. >> a busy week. as far as gamesmanship goes, if i'm a republican, do i not have the fear that president trump is already saying i'm moving on to the next thing. is there an argument to be made, pass this through, then at least it's still in play? something is going to happen. the argument from the president saying you are going to vote with me today or live with obamacare forever. >> is that a question? what you just said, actually is the point being made and right now, as former whip, believe me. they will keep the vote open. this is high drama. i think it's going to pass. with regard to process, both parties have a rule, you do not vote against the chair of your own party. if this rule goes down, that would be the end of the vote, quite frankly, you have armageddon. i believe the rule is going to pass. even if you disagree with the bill, you are expected to vote with your party, when you vote against your party on a procedural role, you give power
6:43 am
of the chair to the minority party. >> the issue here is the bill itself is toxic to the country and to these moderate members. >> it won't look like this in the end. >> they will have taken a vote. they will be held accountable for a vote that says 64,000 people lose health care in a district in new york, 34,000 in another district. let me say, the chances of it passes the senate are far lower than passing the house. it will be like cap and trade. they have taken a vote. nothing will happen. that's possible. >> americans, are they going to get into these? if you said to an american out there, do you know who the speaker of the house is? there could be that campaign ad that says i voted to keep obamacare in place. they don't want that. >> they don't want that, but also don't want pictures of people from their district losing coverage next year because of what they did. the reality for those folks is they are facing a cross
6:44 am
pressure, not between the speaker and the president, they are facing a cross pressure from people in their district. 2,000 to 1 against this. 49% say they will vote, they are more likely to vote against a member for supporting this legislation. that's the problem. the country hates this bill. >> the conversation you two just had goes back to our original conversation, it's why the polls today mean nothing. >> no. >> you can color it anyway you want. the vote that really counts, as you just said, steph, is going to be the final vote on this bill. >> which there are already a number of senators on both the left and the right saying this bill is dead. i'm not saying it, rand paul is saying it, ted cruz is saying it. >> is congress as afraid of trump today as two, three weeks ago? he's lost a lot of credibility. >> he's strong in the caucus. this is the first big vote out of the box for a new president thachlt counts.
6:45 am
>> we are going to take a break. you know where we are right now. we are live in washington, d.c. you are looking right now as the house debates on this health care bill. big, big day. plus, as you just heard, congressman nunes expected to have an update on his surveillance claims. a congresswoman who sits on the committee joins me next. we are live from beautiful, but very cold, there are bits of snow coming down on my head right now. ill might need to get paid overtime for this one. we'll be back in a few. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. she inherited a secret family recipe for hibiscus tea. she bottles the great caribbean drink and building it into a national branld. she needs help. we answered her call. she's getting a "your business" makeover. "your business" on sunday at 7:30 on msnbc. there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber.
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this will increase premiums and increase out of pocket costs that americans will have to put out in order to protect themselves from disease. provide less coverage. 24 million americans -- >> that, of course, is the debate happening right at this moment on the house floor after seven long years, today is the day for republicans in the house to pass the replacement to obamacare as the white house says there is no plan b. the pressure is on. i want to take you now to a democrat to weigh in on this big day. i'm joined by congresswoman jackie spear of california who is against the bill.
6:50 am
congresswoman, they are saying if the bill doesn't pass, they are going to move on to other policy issues beyond health care. obamacare could be what we dp that's the >> if that's the case, is that something we can work with or improve? >> there's no question we can improve the obamacare. medicare was not perfect before first being signed into law. h it had many variations. we have to have cost containment, making sure physicians can't own ancillary medical services where they jack up the usage. and there's lots of areas we could be working on to bring down the costs and there's nothing, frankly, in this legislation that's going to address costs, except for
6:51 am
cutting the guts, and i mean that, cutting the guts out of health care. this is no longer a health care bill. this is a tax increase bill and a tax cut bill. tax increase for all those in the middle incomes and tax cut for those in the wealthiest brackets. >> you're on the house intelligence committee. congressman nunes did offer an apology for how who handled that information related to the trump campaign but what is your take on where we stand? nunes is going to have more information today. some are staying he needs to step down but jim himes didn't seem to think devin should step down. he is the person who has been working with. >> i would say this. i believe we have a tainted committee right now. there's no question about that. we're having people call for the committee to stand down in its investigation. i want to see the document that chairman nunes felt come pepello
6:52 am
hold a press conference on, not talk to the ranking member on the committee and run over to the white house. it was classified information. the fact that he held a press conference on it makes me wonder. but i'm going to hold my powder dry until i've had an opportunity to look at the document. there are sirks where if there's a foreign national that's being surveilled, if he's having a conversation with a u.s. person, that there could be incidental collection but that is a masked u.s. person or they could be talking about a u.s. person, two foreign nationals talking about a foreign person. i want to see the document before venturing before say being what we should be doing next.
6:53 am
adam shift chiff is leading us believe it's more than circumstantial evidence, there are ties between the administration and russia. >> both the ranking member as access to -- it's only afforded to the gang of eight, the speaker, the democratic leader and the ranking and chair on the house side and similarly on the senate side. if say this is not just circumstantial evidence, i believe devin nunes knows the same information and i think this could be an effort to make everything look murkier. the reason that i'm suspicious is that the president on tucker carlson, another show, said last week there is going to be information coming to the committee and this is going to clirify it for the american people. well, i think this whole thing, excuse the pun, is trumped up. >> well, you know, you say adam
6:54 am
schiff is a prosecutor but he's also a democrat so this is highly politicized. how do you take it out of politics and really get to the bottom of it? >> well, this committee has been bipartisan in its approach to all issues previously. whether or not we can continue to do that is open to discuss. it was ironic last week when we were having the hearing in open, the republicans were just focused on leaks. what's the first thing that chairman nunes does? he takes leaked information and then uses it. so, you're right, it could be becoming too partisan for the committee to do its work. i feel very strongly that this is a very important issue for us as members of congress and for the american people. the infiltration of our country by the russians on so many levels is truly draconian. >> that is a fair to rhine
6:55 am
priebus who likes to talk to anonymous sources. thanks so much for joining me this morning. we're going to take a quick break. for you out there watching, that debut now i want you to look at us for a moment. it is freezing out here and snow is beginning to fall. why are we here? it is the most important day to be in washington. we are live just outside the white house. you're watching msnbc. parents aren't perfect but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again.
6:56 am
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what a day in washington. so much to cover. i'm going to hand it over to hallie jackson. i was going to make my hash tag one great mother. it's going to my mother. i know you're watching every day. >> fitting we're getting rained on on this friday morning from washington. it is a stormy piece of legislation, stormy day ahead, d day, deal making, drama, all of it down to the wire. the white house telling lawmakers it's now or never on health care. >> do you have the votes? >> doesn't knn't know. that's up to the house to count
7:00 am
their own votes up. >> are looking at the first of many procedural votes. right now by our count, the numbers do not add up. so will they get to it tonight? and if so, what does at that mean. i want to start with kristen welker. stalk us through where the president is at it kristen. by our reporting, he's done negotiating, this thing's over, right? >> that's right. he's essentially issuing an ultimatum to republicans, hallie, saying it's time to vote, pass the bill or obamacare stays. he's hoping it will force the heat a


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