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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  March 27, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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discuss where they can go now. after the faye you're of health care. on that issue of tax reform, can they reach out to democrats? can they do it with just republicans? time for mtp daily with chuck. it starts right now. if it's monday, the health care revolt moves into the rear view. >> if this was a movie, you would turn it off. you wouldn't believe it is believable. >> connecting the dots, nunes' secret meeting on white house grounds. >> i think there's a difference between a leak and someone reviewing the situation. >> how far will democrats go in their quest for a special prosecutor? we'll talk on a democratic house member, ahead of a committee meeting happening this hour. and the thwart of the deal clfl white house power players could be repeeled and, repealed and
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replaced after the health care debacle? it starts right now. good monday evening. i'm peter alexander in washington in for chuck todd. welcome to "mtp daily. "the president's right flank didn't hold on health care. will it hold on russia? significant questions about president trump's support on capitol hill. his foes on the right and the left a left. an escalating credibility crisis embroiling the top ally on the house intelligence committee. den nunes. a spokesperson said that he met with a source at the white house the day before he went public with information, that the white
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house said vindicad his claims. the chairman has still not fully shared the information about the committee. he postponed an open hearing scheduled for tomorrow replacing with it a closed hearing are that itself was postponed. this has raised serious questions that his independence and his ability to lead to house committee's investigation into an array of allegations facing this white house and president trump's operation. even some democrats want a special prosecutor to take over. here's chuck schumer. >> if speaker reason wants the house to have a credible investigation, he needs to replace chairman nunes. chairman nunes seems to be more of a partisan for the president than an impartial actor. his actions look line those of someone interested in protecting the president and his party. >> the white house and gop leadership continue to reject
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those cause. the white house dodged questions that he what exactly happened between chairman nunes and his source on white house grounds. but press secretary sean spicer again rejected calls for an independent investigation. the house speaker stood by chairman nunes saying speaker ryan has full confidence that chairman nunes is condug a thorough, fai and credible investigation. and on top of that, they will interview jared kushner. he isn't just a top adviser. he is also the president's son-in-law. we begin with the latest from the white house. an nbc news and national security reporter. kris jansing, my colleague, is at the white house lawn right now. help us break this down. i guess simple question, why was the house intelligence chairman
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at the white house, meeting with a source at the white house and yet they can't reveal the basis of that information or why he had to go back to the white house to share this information after the fact should. >> first, we can talk about what devin nunes is saying. he was saying he had to go to the white house because it was a secured facility where co-view this intelligence. the question is why didn't everything to the comment where he has his own facility? where every day he is looking at highly classified intelligence. it raises the question whether his source was in the white house. if that's the case, this thing starts to look like a ruse. >> without getting into the weeds, they said information could only be brought up on servers that existed at the white house facility. >> that's right. of course, that doesn't explain why they couldn't just print out the documents and curry them over in a locked bag which happens every day. he said his source was not a white house official. it raises the question of why go
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through thought? why have two news conferences? and then do it without telling your democratic members on the hill. their sure at this point that this was a put-up job. this was a way to get this information after the public, seeking to vinld indicate the president. >> and he said he was somewhat vindicated when it came back to him the next day. so the white house today was asked about an independent investigation. what is the white house strategy? how willing are they to sort of just dig in and keep pushing back? >> they seem to be pretty willing. there was a lot of diversion today. the basic line is, you should go to devin nunes to hear about what he had to do. then sean spicer followed up by saying, he thinks he's been pretty forthcoming. you know how the white house works. basically, it is not that hard to find out who has been here and who signed them in. who they came to see. what their business was. there is a lot of security here.
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the people who have, let's indicate, unfettered access. our people who are on the permanent staff here at the white house. but even someone like him would sign in. there would be a record of it. it should be easy to find out exactly what happened. and part of problem for this white house is, you know, this question about leaks. they keep talking about, they want annvestigation into leaks. and halle jackson said why is this leak okay but others are not and sean spicer said there is a difference between a leak with a member of congress and someone who is cleared to have that information and someone who isn't. the big picture for this white house is, a, the pressure that's coming from the democrats, and public polls. 66% of americans in a recent poll think there should be some sort of independent commission to look into russia. and all of this is keeping it in the news. >> in simplistic terms, this
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gives the air of a lack of independence for this investigation that he was coming on to white house grounds, the cheryl of the investigation, to gather information. to say nothing of the fact that he was formerly an executive board member of our now president donald trump. >> in his defense, he is raising a legitimate issue on whether the names. that's his job as the oversight. it has gotten democrats throwing up their hands and saying we don't have an independent investigation. >> speaking of the press, let alone the president. appreciate it very much. thank you. i'm joined now by mike quigley of illinois who is a member of the house intelligence committee. thank you for being here. >> glad to be here. thank you. >> you'll be meeting with fellow democrats on the house intelligence committee. whal will you be reviewing
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there? >> at this point in time, it is more of a strategy session. given that tomorrow's public meeting was canceled late last week twoefl decide how to move forward. it includes just continuing the investigation, reviewing documents and making sure the proper people are interviewed. >> so discontinuing the investigation. is that one of the options? a lot of preeople are calling f an independent investigation. >> i believe we should have both. there are benefits to having an independent investigation. after 9/11, there were several forms. they all have different abilities. our committee has certain expertise. we'll meet in top secret. we are able therefore to review documents that are not custom airily available. >> reporter: it would take time
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even get started. we have the opportunity to move forward very quickly as we need to. >> so to be clear, when do you get to see the documents chairman nunes had which he's been referring to lately? >> we still don't know i'm hearing second hand, tharnld that style this week we'll be able to review the documents somewhere in the washington, d.c. area. >> how badly do you want a special prosecutor here? as i ask that, are you willing to threaten to walk away from this investigation, in effect, i was a asking, if you don't get one in. >> ihinkt would be mistake to walk away from the investigation. it i absolutely critical to have an independent prosecutor. especially given that mr. nunes' late night excursions. mr. sessions failing to review and reveal that he has now met three types. >> to be clear. you're ruling that out. >> i think we absolutely need an independent prosecutor. but this committee has to
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continue to do its work. >> i'm sorry. i keep interrupting. would you be willing to shut down the government? >> i'm never for shutting down the government. i'm for using public pressure to get government to do the right thing including having an independent prosecutor and having our committee continue. >> so they have criticized nunes for not sharing his evidence. i know you said on it "hardball" last week that there was probable cause that president trump's campaign coordinated with russia. what is your evidence for making that claim? >> yeah. it's simply the evidence that we've reviewed and been briefed on so far. i use it as an analogy. i'm not ready to go to the grand jury. the point is there is enough evidence to say that there was coordination. there was probable cause to
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believe there was coordination. it was an analogy to give your viewers an idea of how far this should go. >> to criticize, as parsa here. you endorsed hillary clinton during the election. why should you or any democratic member on the committee be viewed as a partisan in this? >> i would like to think that either party would be upset what the took place. there seems to be better bipartisan coordination on the senate side. both parties signed up to this. if the russians attempted to influence this election and received cooperation, the american public has a right to know. >> in the trump era, people would be focused on the role the
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democratic party should play. is your party the party of no? as i ask that, what other party do you have right now as a party to compete with this president? where republicans control both houses of congress? >> that's a fair question. i look back at the experience of the last six years, speaker b en her to come to centrist. they had to do things to make it impossible to govern, the white house and republican leadership will simply have to come to the democrats. >> if the president came to democrats, would you be willing to work with him? a lot of people don't see what the value is. >> i think most democrats will tell you and have publicly announce thad they would work the administrion if we were to get a large infrastructure package. it is all a question of whether
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they'll actually come to the middle. at this point, it is difficult because they're playing so far out to the far right extreme. >> all right. we appreciate your being with us. you treatment north side of chicago. i'm a cubs fan so we leave with go cubs. thank you. joining me now, the cheryl of the american conservative union. appreciate your being here. thank you. >> with the president's agenda in turmoil, are they bucking hill on his selection of the prosecutor? >> you always worry about this. this was a very early legislative loss for a president that enjoys a big majority in the house and a slim majority in the senate. so that's a concern. does the president continue to be on offense as he has been with the selection of gorsuch, who looks likely to be put on
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the supreme court and all these executive actions? a lot of change going to in washington. >> so specifically on this russia issue, republicans not with republicans on this. even before the fbi publicly disclosed the investigation into donald trump's team. two-thirds of americans wanted a special prosecutor to put to it rest, including 43% of republicans. what do you make of that? >> i don't think people know what these terms are. what is a special prosecutor? an independent counsel? >> it sounds like they want something other than what exts. >> they want answers. i want answers too. i'm a republican, i'll a conservative. i think it is fair for people to ask. was there inappropriate contact? i think in the end we'll find out there wasn't but let's not whitewash it. let's get answers. the other thing, what was the surveillance done by the president administration? was it all done in a standard way or not? i'm troubled by the fact so many
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of our conversations can be swept up in what they call routine sweeps. i don't think there's something that americans love. the idea that it affects our politics. that one administration can potentially spy on an incoming administration. a lot of questions here. >> you said you want answers to the questions. do you have confidence in devin nunes? >> i totally do. i don't really understand this latest rt conflict. error that he went to the white house to get confidential information. as someone who worked in the white house for four years, i had congressmen in and out of my office in the white house. that's not an unusual thing. >> you say it is not unusual. isn't i unusual that he would come to the white house to gather information from someone he says is not a white house staffer but it would be someone
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from the national security council. then he would come back the next to tell the president about ? doesn't that at least create the appearance of some sort of interference? even the president himself said he wants an investigation. >> this is why these questions have to be thoroughly investigate asked really made public. i don't want to compromise our national security. i think these are very legitimate questions that people are asking. for the people who are under the gun here, they need it for their own reputations. we all need it. i don't think it is good for the president if we're hung up in this question about what happened in the election. it is better for him, too, if we can get answers to these very important questions. >> so let me talk to you. the president said he needs to work with democrats. that he is open to working democrats on the agenda. i want your take. why would democrats bail him out right now given the problems he's in in the course of oh one hunt days? >> they're not going to bail us out.
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republicans need to understand something clearly. if we the don't work together as a team, we won't have very many legislative successes. if we don't have develop legislative successes, it is hard to go back to the american people and say it was a good idea to put us in charge of the white house and congress. if the president is saying the right thing, he should always be open to the idea of working democrats. but they are not going on bail our party out. if we're going to repeal obamacare parks a big tax bill, we have to work better together as a team. that srts with letting all of us, iluding conservatives, help craft these major pieces of legislation. >> always good to see you. we appreciate your time and your thoughts. >> the question remajors. can president trump push the reset button? we'll speak to our round table next. and family ties. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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president trump's son-in-law and jared kushner is set to take on all new responsibility. it will focus using technology ask data to help streamline and overhaul the federal government. in an interview with the "washington post," kushner said the government should be run like a great american company. our hope is that we can achieve successes and efficiencies for our customers who are the citizens. you'll remember his career was focused in the basis of real estate development as well as publishing. since the president took office, he has also been part of administration seeking solutions the middle east issues. all of this come with news that the senate intelligence committee will question kushner as they work into possible connections between russian operaties and associates of the trump campaign. the trump spokesperson telling
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me that kushner volunteered to speak to the committee. as they described it, he doesn't have anything to hide. we'll talk more about that in 60 seconds. staff meeting. noon? eating. 3:45? uh, compliance training. 6:30? sam's baseball practice. 8:30? tai chi. yeah, so sounds relaxing. alright, 9:53? i usually make their lunches then, and i have a little vegan so wow, you are busy. wouldn't it be great if you had investments that worked as hard as you do? yeah. introducing essential portfolios. the automated investing solution that lets you focus on your life. bring you more ways to helps reduce calories from sugar. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions.
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less sugar. welcome back. the cloufd russia hangs over washington and it could make it tough for the trump nigs gompbl after the failu of the first legislativattempt, the trump team wants to move to tax cuts and infrastructure. today daily press briefing, sean spicer says the administration is open to making some changes. >> he branded chuck schumer a clown. worked entirely with republicans on this bill. this requires a serious change of course for the president. >> to some degree, sure. i think the president talked about that. we learned a lot through this process. we're looking at ways we can improve, not only how we handled health care but other things. >> the question remains while
2:23 pm
russian investigations loom, does the president have the political capital to do what he promised during campaign? joining me now, a senior adviser to and moved on the obama 2012 re-election campaign. mike allen, and michael steele, former speaker for john boehner. i know you have a little news to break. >> republicans today are saying to the other house members, we can't look like a clown car. the hard liners who helped shut down health care, someone described them to me as 30 people in control of our government are very tempted to bite again. possibleovernment stdow on day 100, the century mark of the trump presidency. the hard line republicans are tempted to use that as more
2:24 pm
leverage. >> this is scary. because for the past several years, almost every government funding bill has passed with democrat votes. this group of republicans has refused to vote for these bills. already senator schumer and democrats are writing a list of ransom demands. no funding for the wall of the funding for planned parenthood. funding for obamacare. so they just torpedoed obamacare, may be responsible for overseeing these outcomes they don't want or shutting down the government of will. >> what is striking is the latest number from gallup has the approval rating at roughly 36% myself question to you, the president says he wants to work some moderate democrats. reince priebus, we heard say that this weekend. what is the motivation for democrats to throw him a life vest? >> i don't know what the motivation would be. if you had asked me a week ago,
2:25 pm
that the house who voted to repeal obamacare 60 plus times, would have the vote under trump to repeal again, i would have said yes. but you saw the resistant really is indeed strong. people came out and had a very loud voice. what will be happening is i think what we're seeing with the trump, the trump a russia continued investigation, hopefully, will continue to fuel that, all of that. so it is kind of complexing that they would even have that conversation. >> what he told you earlier comports with what we're hearing from the republicans and the comment. that this is a hail mary, a pipe dream. when you look weak in politics, you are weak. and the republicans, if they had their own caucus together, might
2:26 pm
be able to get some democrats to come on but they won't get them on save the day. >> let's remember, there are still some moderate senate democrats. in the house, for more than a decade, nancy pelosi has held all of her members and kept all of them from working in a substantive way with republicans. >> i want to talk about the agenda items going forward. and the weakness of cheryl devin nunes. what do you make as a person who formerly worked for paul ryan, it is up for him to decide. what do you make of the situation with regardless of circumstances, the appearance of interference seems to be great that he went to the white house to gather this information? >> i think this is another transition of being a party of opposition to a party of governing. i think there's no question that chaian nunes is doing his level best to secure the security of the united states
2:27 pm
and he is learning on the job as he does that. >> it sounds like democrats aren't going to give him any breathing room. let me ask you this question. we heard from congressman quigley. he told me last week, there is probable cause in this russian collusion case, as he described it. we heard from adam schiff saying there's evidence. why is it okay for the democrats to say that in an open forum but it is not okay for devin nunes? >> we want to know, what is he potentially hiding here? look, you have jeff sessions who, as we all know, lied about his connections with russia. so we need a special prosecutor there, absolutely. and now like you were saying. senator mccain even said, nunes' behavior last week was troubling. >> even the democrats have gone far saying there is more than circumstantial evidence. can't tell you what it is but it's out there. >> this is why we need a special
2:28 pm
prosecutor and an independent commission as well. so we can get to the bottom of this. that's the answer. we have to know. and i think the commission, it puts it out in public. there's subpoena power. you can't hide anything. >> how are you doing with this infighting? >> real quick with chairman nunes yurks mother was right. if you don't have anything to hide, don't hide it. the way they've handled this invites questions. it has been handled so clumsily that someone said to me, it is fast they're trying to push the investigation out of the committee and get it independent. it just makes it so hard to have it so hard. >> a lot of people are saying, it is fast this is intentional to get a separate independent body involved. >> i think there's no question that national security should be beyond politics. and there should be more and more partisanship in national security. and we may need to look at that.
2:29 pm
>> and is this right? i was told traditionally, especially in the house. the intel was the least partisan committee. >> that's right. >> to a certain extent, even more so. >> we're in agreement. >> they seem to be in a better placeful. >> even though richard burr, like devin nunes, among those called by the white house to put to rest the conversations about russian collusion. two mikes, i know you'll be here. stay with us. still ahead, the resistance california governor jerry brown talking about how his state is prepared to fight the trump agenda. stay tuned. what if technology gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample.
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jeff sessions delivering a warning to sanctuary cities. hear what california governor jerry own has to say about the trump administration's threats. first, kate rogers with your cnbc market wrap. >> stocks closing mostly lower. the dow on the longest losing streak many years, falling 45 points with goldman sachs with the most losses. the collapse of the health care bill is leading to economic uncertainties, according to fed member charles evans who add that inflation is on target. $300 million could be pumped into the economy if more people
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i strongly urge our nation states and cities and counties to consider carefully the harm they are doing to their citizens by refusing to enforce our immigration laws and to rethink these policies. >> we're back now. that was attorney general jeff sessions today at the white house urging an end to so-called sanctuary jurisdictions. chuck todd recently sat down with california governor jerry brown. in an unaired section of his "meet the press" exclusive, one of the many things they looked at is how the state which has many sanctuary cities might battle back against threats like these. california gave hillary clinton one of the largest margins of victories voting for her by a
2:38 pm
30-poirn 30-point margin. >> so start by asking the governor, who is more out of touch, california with america or america with california. >> it is not a matter of out of touch. california is very prosperous. we're growing faster economically. we're in states like pennsylvania and michigan, there are a lot of people suffering a lot. a lot of democrats weren't where they wanted to be in terms of economic security. in california that's not the case. nie even in orange county, the prosperity is so strong that they voted for hillary clinton. >> first, we're governing the state. it was in deep trouble a few years ago. it was called ungovernab now we have a state surplus. we have harmony in sacrameo to the extent we never do in position, and people have jobs. 2.1 million jobs have been created in the last six or seven
2:39 pm
years. so i think it is that sense of economic security that makes a difference. if we have the same insecurity as akron, ohio, hillary would not have gotten the votes she got in california. >> you're going to continue to have different priorities than the federal government. where do you fight and where do you work? >> with, we fight on health care. we fight on immigration. but we work on infrastructure. and president trump is really going to spend a trillion dollars in some form. we have a program. we have a rental system from if san jose to san francisco that releaves the congestion in silicon valley and the republicans in california want to kill the. this is a real trump in donald trump. does he believe in a shovel ready construction project that will create american jobs by american products and is ready to go within a couple months or not? because republicans are only
2:40 pm
against it for purely crass political reasons. >> he's going to say, i won't support you on this. >> i'm willing to work the president and i think collaboration, diplomacy. afterall, we work russia and china. wiin ourwn country. i want to work with him where there's something good. but i won't just turn over our police department to become agents of the federal government as they deport women and children and people who are contributing to the economic well being of our state which they are. >> it used to be a movement in california among democrats to your left who want to fight, fight, fight. is there a point where it becomes harder to actually govern this state if everything is a lawsuit with the federal government? >> well, if serving a lawsuit, we're in trouble here. i do curb the exuberance on either side. i've been successful because i try to do things on the basis of
2:41 pm
xhonl sense. what's practical? and the politics of today are very polarized. people like to escalate. publics do it and democrats also do it. so i'm there somewhat as the senior states willman now and i'm going to keep oefrg an even keel. >> for instance, you would sue on the law. they want to start the wall. he was indicating, there are plenty of ways that you could slow down essentially the start up of the wall simply by making it harder for the federal government to even stick a shovel on california grounds. >> well, i their same thing in texas. a lot of private property. people don't like it. the wall to me is ominous. it reminds me of the berlin wall. when i see the 30-foot wall rrgs they trying to keep me in or keep them out? a lot of odor here of a strong man, a world where you want the
2:42 pm
ultimate leader here to be doing all this stuff. and having a wall lock the people in is one of those characteristics. i think americans ought to be very careful when we make radical changes like a 30-foot wall keeping some in and some out. >> i understand that. but you have essentially, you could take the government to court. you could pull out every stop to stop the wall from being under construction? >> i don't like that wall, number one. to an extent that violates law, i would enforce that. we won't sit around and play patsy, lock us in, do wver you want. export 2 million people. we're not going to bring stupid lawsuits or me running to the courthouse every day. we'll be careful, strategic. and we'll do the right human, and i would say christian thing, from my point of view. you don't treat human beings like that. trump is supposed to be mr.
2:43 pm
religious fellow, and i thought to treat the least of these as we would treat the lord. so i hope he would reconnect with some of his conservative evangelicals and they'll tell him that these are human beings, children of god. they should be treated that way. >> let me move to party politics. who is the leader? >> i think there are many leaders. who should be the leader? >> whoever can seize the rings of leadership. right now there's a total vacuum. >> there is. why isn't it you? you're a very popular four-term governor at this point. why isn't it you? >> i've run for every office and there's no more left. i'm willing to play whatever role i can. if that requires a leadership skillful. >> so give advice to tom perez. >> first, i wouldn't wish that
2:44 pm
on anybody. i was the democratic party chair in california. it is a miserable job. so tom, too bad. you have to raise money, you have to keep the activists engaged and happy and attack other side. >> it is unlikely donald trump will ever ask arnold schwarzenegger's advice. psych a guy he no experience going in and he evolved as governor over his six years. >> and he went from very popular to below 30%. and i have one piece of advice for donald trump. don't fight everybody. pick your battles of the. >> do you think that's what arnold learned? >> he put four or five measures on the ballot and he lost all of them and that was the beginning of the end. in politics, you have to have battles but you have to choose your battles. and you have to make morae allis
2:45 pm
than enemies. politics is about addition. not subtraction. >> there's always more i want to talk to you about but never enough time. >> you can see all of chuck's interview at meet the and picking the winners and losers of the health care battle. so much lobster, so little time. at red lobster's lobsterfest any of these 9 lobster dishes could be yours. so don't resist delicious new lobster mix and match or lobsterfest surf and turf
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because you won't have this chance for long. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, orn allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. today for the first time the trump administration strongly
2:47 pm
condemned actions by vladimir putin's government. on sunday, more than 1,000 people were locked in detention centers. while the u.s. state department deannounced it, the white house stayed relatively quiet until today. an estimated 60,000 people marched in a dozen cities after allegations that russia's prime minister received big ticket gifts from russian oligarchs. they published the report detailing the mansions, the yachts, all of it amassed by the official. but he was arrested. urged protesters to continue marching still. prime minister medvedev denies the claims. despite the embezzlement conviction. he says he was not given a fair trial of after sunday's rallies, he was jailed, his off was raid
2:48 pm
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shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. let's talk about some of the fun this weekend, right? this is donald trump's tweet on saturday morning. we know how well they can go. he tweeted the following. watch judge jeanine on fox news at 9:00 p.m. it w the she said. >> paul ryan needs to step down as speaker of the house. the reason, he failed to deliver the votes on his healthcare bill. >> aides say it was a coincidence, not a conspiracy. my panel, my lid teammate, what due make of this now? >> at least she was subtle about this, right? this is the one thing we talked
2:51 pm
about this entire hour less than meets the eye. it seems clear the president alone in the white house twe tweeting fox&friends and box she's going to talk about wiret wiretapping. actually, it's jonathan swan got the back story and judge jeanine was very annoyed because she had nothing about wiretapping and put this out there and had nothing new. >> what's the challenge with this president's tweets? >> the speaker retains a strong relationship with his members, even stronger probably due to the events of last week. they know he had his back and maintains a strong relationship with the white house. >> why didn't they clean up faster? they shouldn't knead jonathan swan to explain what they're up to. >> i agree it should have gone faster and agree that someone should take over the white house communication. >> we know paul ryan was there visiting with the vice president and the president and dr. price a short time ago, the health
2:52 pm
secretary. how strong is that relationship now? >> i think it's an incredibly strong relationship because everyone knows if we want to make things better for the american people the house and senate and white house have t move in tandem. >> the alternative is chaos. >> given t challenge, we're witnessing a lot of this chaos right now, reince priebus obviously as affiliation with the speaker, paul ryan and steve bannon on the other side. where does everything settle at the end of this? >> we will continue to see. most white houses have, as we all know, diverging two different parts of people infig infighting. >> this has ten. >> this has 10, 20, who knows? the way it seems if you look at the executive orders of the past and who has been the authors of them, it seems like steve bannon has a strong voice in this white house as he talks about
2:53 pm
deconstruction of state and you see that playing out in the different agency es. that's to me who has the stronger voice. you have jared kushner in there who seems to play also president as well because he's been given multiple high level responsibilities. >> you've got the gary cohn koh the world and jared kushner and the democrats in the group who seem to be clashing. >> sure. this is very much the way the president ran his businesses. he likes to have competing power centers to give him different advice so in the end, he's the decider and you have t family members invested with a lot of power. they do have different orbit. steve bannon unquestionably is the architect. we call jared kushner the supreme court. he is the last word. we ask people if you want to sell an idea to the president. >> even if he ae's in aspen dur
2:54 pm
healthcare week? >> he's back. >> it must be in the west wing when they return, it must be like mom and dad are back. >> it's less who's up and down in the administration and more they find a way to pick this lock with congress and actually get these things done. >> and jared kushner will testify being interviewed by the intelligence committee coming up. no date scheduled just yet. regardless of it being nothing not under investigation by the 23 fbi. this is a lot of spoke according to mark warner. >> it's a way forward. >> the drip drip drip of russia seems to be dogging these guys. >> i feel jared kushner and ivanka trump are enablers as savers. in his business that's what the family tends to be is enable donald trump. >> we appreciate you being here. nice to see you. >> like "saturday night live"? >> complicit. after the break, the quiet
2:55 pm
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2:59 pm
broader horizons in the middle east. days ago, egypt's former president, mubarak, quietly w k walked free. he ruled for three decades with censorship and corruption and abuse. the death toll reached nearly 900. mubarak was forced out of office and later arrested and charged with conspireing ing ting to t protesters during that uprising. ultimately it was dropped. treatment perceived as too lenient and others said it cast doubt into egypt's transition into democracy. the changes haven't been without hurdles. he was convicted for stealing public funds and spent much of his sentence in a military hospital due to his health. the 88-year-old toppled leader once sentenced to life in prison returns home to a neighborhood ir ironically shared by his former home, the presidential palace. that's all for us tonight. we will be back tomorrow with more "mtp ta daily" the record with greta starts right now.
3:00 pm
>> peter, thank you. tonight is a real life cloak and dagger mystery. unbelievable. top lawmaker with aess to secrets contactedy source and summoned to aecure location not to just anywhere but somewhere on the white house grounds. the sizzling question tonight, what did chairman nunes find out, who did he meet with and wise it like pulling teeth to get information about it? >> i'm not going to get into who he met with or why he met with them. >> the white house deflecting questions and the mystery surrounding how house intelligence chairman devin nunes got confidential information on alleged surveillance and the chairman confirming he was on white house grounds one day before dropping this bombshell claim. >> on numerous occasions the intelligence community collected information about u.s. citizens involved in the trump transition. >> today, he was pressed what he was doing on the white house grounds, telling bloomberg news he spoke to an


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