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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  March 29, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it's an american issue and it's certainly going to be a campaign issue in 'y18. >> heather bresch, thank you for putting yourself out there again. we appreciate it and brian sullivan thank you as well. >> brian, thank you. come back. >> all right. that does it for us this morning. chris jansing picks up the coverage right now. >> thank you so much, joe and mika. i'm chris jansing in for stephanie ruhle live from washington, d.c. this morning digging in. the republican leading the russia investigation refuses to recuse himself and won't reveal his secret source to anyone. >> even the other members of the committee? >> no. >> a republican congressman says he needs to step aside. obamacare round two. the president hosting a bipartisan group of senators and promising repeal and replace ain't over yet. >> i know that we're all going to make a deal on health care, that's such an easy one. >> and out of the woods. hillary clinton back on the stage with her most political speech yet.
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>> these are bad policies that will hurt people. >> we begin today with the house investigation into trump campaign ties to russia. now stalled indefinitely. hearings and meetings cancelled while intelligence chairman devin nunes is defying calls to step aside. but in the senate, something to keep an eye on today because they are forging ahead. the chair and vice chair, republican and democrat of the intelligence committee set to brief the press. i've got a great team with me to break it all down. i want to start with kasie hunt. so, kasie, let's start with all of this on the house side first. how do they get this investigation back on track? >> well, chris, it's still not 100% how they are going to do that. there's still a lot of rancor, partisan anger between a chairman and vice chairman -- ranking member, excuse me, who had previously gotten along pretty well. have known each other for a long time. but what happened with this new
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information that devin nunes brought to the table has really sparked a breakdown on the house side. devin nunes still trying to explain himself. take a look at what he had to say last night. >> there's a lot of questions that the fbi director has to answer. that was our members, the republican side who really wanted to make sure that those questions were answered before we get to the rest of our witnesses. >> so what nunes is trying to explain is why the entire schedule for the house intelligence committee got blown up this week. i think we can show you what they had planned. they had planned a meeting on monday, an open hearing on tuesday. that was postponed. they had then planned to replace that open hearing, a closed door briefing with jim comey, the fbi director, and admiral rogers, who running the nsa. that has been postponed. and then a thursday committee meeting that they usually have as they're on their way out of town also as of right now not happening. you can contrast that with
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what's going on on the senate side. i think going into this, everybody expected the senate intelligence committee investigation into russia to be more productive than the house side investigation simply because the senate frankly has stronger bipartisan traditions in this regard than the house has, at least in recent years. but i think what's happening there today underscores that difference. we're expecting to hear a joint press conference from chairman richard burr and mark warner, the vice chairman on the democratic side. the two of them so far seem to have a good working relationship. they haven't spent as much time out in front of the cameras as devin nunes has talking about this. of course they are holding their first open hearing this week. they are not bringing in any kind of star witnesses, the way the house intelligence committee has. instead they're going to start laying out the case for how russia used fake news and propaganda in the election as they try to illuminate that. but it could be an intense day again up here on this topic, chris. >> shocking. an intense day on the chill.
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thank you so much for that. i want to bring in my panel, matt schlap, a trump supporter, jason johnson, politics editor at as well as a journalism professor at morgan state university. good to see you both. matt, we've gotten to a point where this entire russia investigation at least on the house side is on hold indefinitely. we don't know when the next thing is going to happen over some surveillance information that the chairman himself says doesn't even involve russia. is this any way to run a railroad? >> yeah, i think he's actually being careful to make sure that the conversations he needs to have offline and the conversations they need to have not in a plic venue occur before the public hearings. >> when you say that, here's what i think. i think last week we heard from the podium from sean spicer when they were asking about the president, this is not a dictatorship. it sounds like you think that the chairman should be able to operate totally solo, find out what he needs to find out and then decide what he shares with the other members of the
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committee. >> no. when you have the gavel, there's certain responsibility that comes with that gavel. the american people gave the republicans the majority in both the house and the senate and that's why republicans have these gaveling. i think these two members on the house side have a good relationship. i think this is going to work throughout the investigation. chris, these are very, very serious charges. not just the fact of what russia tried to do, and i'm very worried about what russia tried to do. as a trump supporter, i want to have answers. i think vladimir putin has tried to really meddle in things that cause me great concern. by the same token, i think that i want to hear eventually what devin nunes has to say about the information that he's learned about the surveillance done on the trump team. these are very serious questions. i just want to have the answers in both areas. >> you don't think he owes an answer to the question you just asked not to me, not to you, but to the other people on the intelligence committee? nothing is going to change between now and then about what he went before the public there and the public on capitol hill and made a statement.
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>> let meure you, chris, everyone is going to hear the information about what happened with russia in our elections, russia was hacking and what happened on surveillance of the trump team. all the information is going to come out. don't hyperventilate if a week or a day goes by where they try to do it in a careful way. i think you're complimenting the senate for being more methodical about it. we should be methodical about this. but all the answers are coming out. if they're good for the president, or bad for the president, they're all going to spill out. >> methodical is one way to look at it. cooperative is another way to look at it. they both have nice things to say about each other. jason, is this -- let's given devin nunes the benefit of the doubt. is this him being methodical, being careful, not wanting to get ahead of what we all know is a very politically charged issue. >> no. he's being a lackey for the president. we may not have a right to have all this information yet as the average citizen but the rest of the committee does. it's their job to investigate
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russia. it's not their job to pursue conspiracy theories for the president of the united states. his job is to investigate russia. and to the degree that he wants to dance around and perform and say i have to find this out and find that out, that's not his job. and this notion that president obama was somehow surveilling president trump and trying to rig the election, because that's really the core of where that conspiracy theory came from, it's nonsense. the fbi and paul ryan and several other prominent republicans and anyone with common sense knows that's not right. he's stalling and he's distracting. >> let me if i can, let me say what we think we do know. the president used this word "wiretap" which all the people you reference said there's no evidence of that. but the question of surveillance is very real. and the fact is we already know that mike flynn was surveilled and he was unmasked, which is illegal. now, mike flynn has his own issues and own legal questions which are fair to bring up as well, but the unmasking of citizens that get caught up in surveillance is not right. and for one administration to be
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able to look at transcripts from conversations from the incoming adnistration, if that happened, chris, i don't know if that happened, but it's been reported in serious media outlets that that happened. the american people need to know exactly what was done here. there's a lot of open questions. that's why i'm glad the investigation is going on. furthermore, what devin nunes did, you're going to get the answers to the information he -- who he talked to eventually in this process. >> he said he's not going to do that. >> he said he's not going to do that now, but the information is part of the investigation. >> obviously -- >> by the way, it has nothing to do with russia. that conversation in the white house had nothing to do with the russia investigation. it's about other surveil sglans the president said he was being wiretapped. at the edged of the day it is a ridiculous conspiracy theory. >> take it back to devin nunes, the concern a lot of people have, and this includes now a republican, is that there's a conflict of interest here. here's a guy who helped run the transition, here's a guy who showed up at the white house, talked to the president before he talked to his fellow
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committee members, republican and democrat, and he's supposed to be independent and charged with this investigation. i want to read you a quote from the new yorker. i want to read you a quote from the new yorker. ryan lizza says it's clear that the white house and nunes coordinated a strategy of focusing on surveillance collection. the white house clearly indicated to me, meaning ryan, that it knew nunes would highlight this issue. it's back door surveillance. it's not just incidental, it's systematic, the white house official said. watch nunes today. sure enough at last monday's hearing nunes asked in his opening statement were the communications of officials or associates of any campaign subject to any kind of improper surveillance. the next day he's on the white house grounds to see intelligence reports. that doesn't say to you there's an issue there? >> i don't think there's any conflict with being a republican. the american people put republicans in charge of congress. the republicans are going to run all the committees, chris. many of them, almost every single one of them supported donald trump. if you follow your reasoning
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logically, they would have to recuse themselves from anything. that's absurd. the question is this. recovering about all the theatri theatrics, let's get to the issues. i agree with you, in this period of time where we don't have the information and they don't have hearings that you can speculate. but eventually this all becomes public. if the obama administration acted properly, then we all owe him an apology. if, if there was inappropriate action, i think we all ought to take it seriously because this incidental idea that you can pick up the conversations of your political enemies, if a conservative was doing it you would be outraged. >> that's not the issue. >> it is the issue. >> look. these guys have to wear matching ties and underwear before we say there's coordination? i'm an american citizen, i'm not a partisan. when loretta lynch met with bill clinton on the tarmac, i thought that was a problem too. if we have inappropriate communication between people who are supposed to be investigating an issue and the person being investigated, that is a violation of their responsibility. >> meantime --
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>> republicans and democrats talking to the white house -- >> to get information, that's not his job. >> we're going to put that on hold. >> it's not sneaking, it's all publicly available. >> it has not been made public. >> it will bow. after the gop's bruising defeat on health care and the president pledging to move on, he now says health care is not dead. here's what he told a group of senators last night. >> i have no doubt that that's going to happen very quickly. i think it will actually. i think it's going to happen because we've all been promising, democrat, republican, we've all been promising that to the american people. >> let's go live to the white house. nbc's kristen welker has been standing by patiently for us. so is an obamacare repeal back on the table, kristen? >> reporter: i think it's hard to say that it's back on the table, chris. i think what is happening is that you're seeing some top advisers here as well as lawmakers on the hill start to revisit the issue.
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but the question is how realistic is this and how far along in the process are they? we understand that chief strategist steve banbannon, according to recent reports, may have reached out to some lawmakers on the capitol hill to talk about the way forward. this is certainly something that house speaker paul ryan has signalled, that he has continued to keep the discussions going about how to move forward with health care. nancy pelosi, interestingly, has also signalled to her fellow democrats, look, the fact that the republicans' initial plan to repeal and replace obamacare failed is a victory. however, let's talk about ways to improve health care. what's significant about that, chris, is there's broad agreement across the board that there is room for impvement when it comes to healt care b there continues to be deep divisions about how specifically to move forward. and president trump after the health care bill failed last week signalled a willingness to work with democrats.
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yesterday we pressed press secretary sean spicer about whether or not there had been any outreach to democrats. no word yet if that has actually happened, but there is a sense that republicans, that this white house needs to go about this in a different way after they were effectively defied by the freedom caucus, the conservative branch of the party, on the health care bill, that they need to reach out to moderates and democrats. at this point, though, the white house signaling that there's no real plan. so it's not clear, chris, that this is something that can happen this year. >> kristen welker, thank you very much. i want to bring our panel back in. you know, politico pointed out today that the president and senator schumer had not spoken one-on-one since he took office. >> wow. >> so i want to play what happened last night when the president met with a group of senators. let's listen. >> so i think we're going to have some very good relationships, right, chuck? i see chuck. hello, chuck. >> that was, i guess, a little bit of democratic outreach.
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i've only got 30 seconds for you both, but can health care move forward? understanding that both sides think there are things that need to be fixed. >> there are plenty of things that need to be fixed. it's not going to move forward. democrats have no incentive to work with this president a he has no integrity for dealing with this issue. i don't think it's going to happen anyime soon. >> it has to happen. i think they're going to keep trying and i think it's a political necessity for republicans. >> is it a smart move after the failure on friday? >> they have to get it done this year. they definitely have to get it done this congress. we cannot go back to voters and say we failed to pass an obamacare replacement. it's unacceptable. >> if you come back, can you be a little more passionate? >> thank you, gentlemen, i really appreciate it. coming up, an nbc news special report exclusive. new details about paul manafort's extensive business dealings on a small island nation that has u.s. authorities asking questions. and the final democrat on the house intelligence committee calls for nunes to recuse
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there's always room to move up. of course, it depends on you, how hard you work. ♪ so now every single democrat on the house intelligence committee has come out and said that republican chairman devin nunes should recuse himself from the russia investigation or flat out resign his post. alabama democratic congresswoman
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terry sewell was the last to make her call with that decision last night. congresswoman, good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> you've said you didn't make this decision lightly, so what was it that finally pushed you over the edge? >> you know, chris, i've served with chairman nunes for the last four years on the intel committee and we also served together on the ways and means committee. i consider myself to be his friend and i consider our working relationship to be productive. but you have to admit that last week's behavior of my chairman and then this week's cancellation of both the public hearing and the classified hearing is just too much. the american people deserve to have an independent, bipartisan investigation of russia's interference in our elections. that is the purpose. all of the rest is distractions. so i really believe that it's time for my chairman to recuse himself from this investigation. >> i want to read to you what one of your colleagues, eric swalwell said.
6:20 am
he said in my three years here, i've never seen us have a full week without a hearing. we've made no progress since last monday's open hearing, and that is intentional. do you agree? do you think that the chairman is intentionally just stalling this investigation? >> listen, i think that there's no other conclusion but to come that he is stalling it. mr. swalwell is absolutely right, my colleague, eric swa swalwell that this is the first time in my being on this committee where we haven't had one hearing at all. >> you say you know him, you've worked with him before. to what end? i mean it's going to have to happen, right? he doesn't think this is goi to go away, so what's his strategy here? >> i have no idea what his strategy is, but i can tell you that he has compromised our investigation on the house side. and for that, i believe he should recuse himself. >> chairman nunes apparently said that he does expect at some point the nsa to hand over a list of those unmasked names to your committee. is that your understanding?
6:21 am
when might that happen? >> listen, i think that the discussions about the unmasking is really smokes and mirrors when you think about it, because what we should be looking at is the russian investigation. if we haven't have a continuation of our hearing until the cia and the nsa directors, fbi, come back to us, that's what needs to happen. i really think that the investigation has been stalled by his actions and it's unacceptable. i think the american people deserve to have an independent commission working on this in conjunction with the house and the senate committees. we obviously should not abscound our oversight requirements and responsibilities, but i really do believe the confidence, the integrity of our investigation has been compromised by our chairman. >> i don't know if this is the strategy or what way to put it, but he has said he's not going to go forward until fbi director
6:22 am
comey answers questions, but obviously comey appears not to want to appear before the committee unless the invitation is bipartisan. so for those of you who are concerned about the integrity of this committee and he says he's not going to step down, how do you break this impasse? >> i think that we -- we who are trying to move this investigation forward must provide that consent in a bipartisan way to require or request that the fbi director come before our committee. ieally do believe, chris, that all of this efforts have been to really take away from and distract from the major reason why we're investigating this. i think all americans, whether you're a democrat or republican, should be appalled at the fact that russia has interfered in our elections and we have not gotten to the bottom of that yet. what became apparent in the public hearing is that they will do this again. so i do believe that the american public deserves to know how did this happen, will it
6:23 am
happen again, what's the scope of this and how can we prevent it from occurring. >> when you talk about the american public, let me ask you finally, quickly, whether or not it was your constituents responding to all of this controversy that was part of your decision to move ahead to finally make your announcement? what are you hearing from people back home? >> so back home in alabama, my constituents agree with me that at the very least this chairman should recuse himself. i think that all of us are anxiously awaiting moving forward with this investigation. it's important to the american people, it's important to my constituency and i do believe that we will continue forward. i just hope that our chairman will get his act together and help us move forward together as republicans and democrats. >> congresswoman sewell, thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. and coming up, an nbc news investigation into financial transactions of paul manafort flagged as suspicious by a banker in a city known to laundering money for russian
6:24 am
oligarchs. we've got an exclusive report and that is next. plus why you'll be seeing a lot more creepy ads directly targeted at you. we're live in washington, d.c. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back. it's time for your morning primer. everything you need to know to start your day. we're going to start with that severe weather affecting 19 million peoplecross the country. three storm chasers were killed following a funnel cloud while high winds and hail shattered car windows and damaged homes. british prime minister theresa may formally started the brexit process signing a handwritten letter notifying the eu of the uk's intention to leave. talks to officially leave could last up to two years. the dnc's chairman, tom perez, has requested resignation letters from all current staffers. major changes are expected to be announced in a couple of weeks. as a sign of solidarity with president trump, white house staff say they will not attend the correspondents dinner this year. that dinner to take place on april 29th. new york's women's hockey
6:29 am
team reached an historic four-year deal with u.s. hockey. the deal significantly increases players' income and also gives money for girls developmental teams. now to an nbc news exclusive involving former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. manafort has drawn scrutiny for his ties to russia and he has volunteered to testify before the house intelligence committee. well, now we have exclusive new details about manafort's extensive business dealings in a small island nation that has u.s. authorities asking questions. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engle has been looking into this. richard, what did you find out? >> well, good morning. specifically our reporting focuses on a series of offshore bank accounts and companies linked to manafort that are now being looked into. he's a central figure in the investigations into donald trump's inner circle, and possible ties to russia. >> it was manafort. >> paul manafort.
6:30 am
>> paul manafort. >> long before he was president trump's campaign chairman, paul manafort was paid millions by a russian billionaire with close ties to vladimir putin. according to one report, secretly promising to greatly benefit the putin government by influencing politics and media coverage. now nbc news has learned that u.s. treasury officials are following the money trail manafort left behind. it led them and us to a small island in the mediterranean. to find out more, we came here to cyprus to the city of that has a reputation for its beaches and as a hub for money laundering. the city has attracted so many russians, in fact, it's been been dubbed limasolgrad. this is where some of the money manafort got went. banking sources with direct knowledge of the transactions tell nbc news at least 15 accounts were opened here for more than ten companies, all linked to manafort. the sources say that inspect one case a million dollars landed in
6:31 am
one of these accounts and left it on the same day. >> movements of large amounts of money very quickly in and out of an account is very similar to what money launderers do. >> and there was a lot of mon involved, including $18.9 million to buy a ukrainian media company for oleg daraposka who was one of two to three oligarchs putin turns to on a regular basis. documents show some of that money went to a manafort-linked company in cyprus. he took out an ad in national newspapers denying the associated press report that he hired manafort to help the putin government, calling it fake news. but eventually even in cyprus manafort's accounts raised suspicions. in 2012 the internal auditing system at laiki bank flagged
6:32 am
some of the accounts for possible money laundering according to the banking sources who also said that when the bank asked for more information, manafort chose to close the accounts without answering the questions. a spokesman for paul manafort sent us a statement saying all manafort's companies were legitimate entities and established for lawful ends, adding mr. manafort has no specific personal recollection of the shutdown of his cyprus accounts which took place during a banking crisis on the island. he has repeatedly denied working for the russian government. >> richard engle, thank you for that. coming up, even house republicans have begun to call for chairman nunes to recuse himself from the russia investigation. devin nunes spoke to cameras just moments ago and we'll have a live report coming up. we're live in washington, d.c. with e*trade's powerful trading tools, right at your fingertips, you have access to in-depth analysis, level 2 data,
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i can be more active. i'start at the new carfax.comar. show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new okay. we are back and i'm just looking at i iphone because we just got information from the capitol hill. devin nunes caught up with -- we caught up with him and here's what he said. he's pushing back against democratic claims that he is cancelling everything. he is saying that besides the hearing -- they say that besides the hearings he cancelled this week, he stopped all the regular committee hearings, that basically nothing is going on in the house intelligence committee. well, he blamed democrats for
6:37 am
not signing off on guests that he would like to invite to testify and he says the minority, meaning the democrats, have not submitted a list of witnesses that they would like to bring forward. so he's saying you can't pin all this on me. this is about you as well. let me bring back matt schlapp, jason johnson. could there be, i don't want to say culpability but a little blame to go around on either side? >> no, no, he's the boss. >> come on. >> he's the boss. he's the one who sets the tone. he's the one who establishes things and he's the one who screwed it up by refusing to talk to his own coittee. if he would just get with his own committee and say hey, look, this is where i got the information, we're sworn to secrecy, he would be able to move forward. he is trying to deflect and the fact that he has been a lackey to this administration. >> here's a change i didn't mention. he was asked by nbc news about why meetings are on the schedule and if they're going to resume next week because everyone is saying how long is this on hold
6:38 am
for. he said that's false. even though there's nobody on either side who can say that there actually is any kind of meeting or hearing scheduled this week, he said he has spoken to committee members, generically, on a daily basis. >> yeah, i think that's right. i think this is a little ironic. here you have republicans on defense on this whole question of russia, there's no question. now you have a chairman that's actually elongating the process, which is not good for republicans, because he wants to make sure he does it in the right way. we're all hyperventilating over what might be on the schedule. the fact is, is this -- >> it's not about the schedule, it's about getting to the bottom of it. >> the american people are watching. if anybody thinks that devin nunes is somehow going to be able to hide the ball and these facts, he doesn't want to, he's not going to. all of this is going to be made public and the american people will make a judgment as to whether or not they think the trump campaign acted appropriately and they're going to make a judgment when it comes out on their studies on their investigation of manafort and all the rest. it's all going to be there f the publico view.
6:39 am
>> let me ask you this seriously. when you look at a presidential approval rating that's below 40%, historic lows, do you think that that's reflecting what's going on in devin nunes' committee among other things? >> i worked for president george w. bush. at the ending of that administration, i wasn't there in the second term, but presidents go through rough patches. there's no question this president is going through a rough patch. >> this is not a rough patch. this is supposed to be the honeymoon period. this is supposed to be oh, it's cute you still leave your socks on the floor period of a presidency. he is already at 36%. this is the american people saying we're disappointed, we're disgusted. this is a president who got into office saying i'm going to bring back jobs -- >> i'm going to put you on hold for a second. i'm going to put you on hold because i have a congressman on this topic. just a little earlier this morning i did get a chance to speak to congressman dan donovan. he's a republican who represents staten island and brooklyn. take a listen. >> should devin nunes recuse himself? >> you know, i think that's a personal issue which the chairman and the speaker.
6:40 am
the speaker has said there's no reason for the chairman to step down. i was a prosecutor, chris, for 20 years. there was times when i had to step down and recuse myself because of a conflict of interest. those are personal decisions. >> so do you think it's a conflict of interest that someone who worked on the transition, who went to the white house to get information that he won't share with other members of his committee, does that represent to u id of itself a conflict of interest? >> i don't know. certainly the speaker and the chairman know more than i do, but i do know because i'm on homeland security a lot of this confidential information we can't read or talk about in public. we go down into scifs to do that. my understanding is that chairman nunes went to a scif in the white house to review some documents that were confidential, that had some top secret type of credentials to them. i leave that to the speaker and the chairman to decide. i'm not in a position to do that. >> i understand about the confidentiality, but not sharing it with other members of the
6:41 am
committee? >> again, chris, i'm not on that committee. i don't know what their rules are on that committee. i don't know what the purpose of the chairman not sharing that information with his colleagues are. i'm just not in a position to say. >> president trump meantime last night said he's not done with health care. in fact he thought a deal could get done pretty quickly, although he seemed to be joking a little bit about that. you were part of this moderate group that was going to vote no and so i wonder if the leadership has reached out to you? to your knowledge have negotiations restarted? do you think it's a good idea to revisited? >> we have to address health care. our health care system is broken. if nothing is done, the affordable care act is going to collapse on itself. president obama was very smart in putting all the things that were going to cause it collapse in the years that he was no longer going to be in office, so we have to do something. my difficulty with the proposed bill that we were scheduled to vote on last week was it didn't give the relief to the people who deserve it. >> to your knowledge nobody in the leadership has reached out,
6:42 am
there is not a specific plan going forward to revisit this in the near future? >> well, i mean the cancellation of the vote just happened last friday, and we didn't come back until monday. and so i think there's time to regroup. we've had conferences, we've taun talked about this. everybody agrees our health care system is broken and needs to be repaired. everybody believes that the affordable care act is no longer affordable for people. so something has to be done. i credit the president for having an ambitious schedule. he wants to do tax reform, he wants to do immigration reform, he wants to do infrastructure. he sees a four-year time period where he wants to do a lot of things that he promised the american people he would do to get our country back on the road again. >> you got a lot of heat in this health care thing because you didn't hold any town halls ahead of the vote. there have been some, i say tongue in cheek, missing posters calling you a lost congressman around your district. i wonder if you plan to hold any of these town halls any time
6:43 am
soon? >> well, chris, i held an event -- actually i was a guest at the brooklyn chamber of commerce, 150 of their members came to exchange ideas about tax reform and health care. and that event was taken over by protesters who had professionally made signs. about 40 of them had to be removed by the police department. and it just disenfranchised the people who came to exchange ideas. i've been in public office 25 years. i've had protesters, i've had people disagree with me, take out full-page ads against me. that's part of being in public life. what it wasn't fair to, it wasn't fair to the people who came there for the purpose of exchanging ideas, talking about health care and talking about tax reform. >> congressman donovan, good to see you. thanks so much for your time. >> thank you, chris. and coming up, a heated exchange in the white house briefing room that has a lot of people shaking their heads this morning. did press secretary sean spicer cross a line? he's speaking out about it this morning and we're live in washington, d.c. but seriously, i know we need it.
6:44 am
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kevin, meet yourkeviner. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. a heated exchange in the white house pressroom is getting attention this morning from the public and from hillary clinton.
6:48 am
that exchange was between the press secretary, sean spicer, and veteran journalist april ryan. a white house correspondent and bureau chief for american urban radio networks. take a look. >> you've got russia, you've got wiretapping, you've got -- >> no, we don't have that. >> on capitol hill -- >> i get it, but you keep -- i've said it from the day that i got here until whatever that there is no connection. you've got russia. i appreciate your agenda here, but the reality is -- oh, no, no, hold on. at some point report the facts. i'm sorry that that disgusts you. you're shaking your head. i appreciate it -- >> i'm trying to -- >> but understand this. at some point the facts are what they are. >> after that back and forth, hillary clinton had this to say last night. she was at the professional businesswomen of california conference. >> april ryan, a respected journalist with unrivalled integrity, was doing her job
6:49 am
just this afternoon in the white house pressroom when she was patronized and cut off trying to ask a question. too many women, especially women of color, have had a lifetime of practice taking precisely these kinds of indignities in stride. >> i want to bring macmatt schlapp and jason johnson. let's give sean spicer his say. he was on the hugh hewitt show this morning. here's his response to the criticism. >> that's what we do, we go back and forth. and i don't treat one person diffent thanhe next. to suggest that somehow because herenr or race that she'd be treated differently i think is, frankly, demeaning to her. >> jason, does he have a point about that? >> no, i don't believe him. i think it was offensive, i think it was inappropriate, i think it was racist and i think it was sexist. we also have to remember which was the same sean spicer caught on camera when she was being annoyed a a woman at a local mall and said you're lucky that
6:50 am
you still get to know in this country so it's not like this is completely bizarre to think this is the case. we also have to remember that the rhetoric and behavior of this administration has demonstrated a lack of respect and a lack of consideration for color. i'm not surprised and this seems par for the course for how they've operated. >> i think it's sad. this is not going to help our country. i don't think sean spicer is lying. there's a lot of highlights. >> a lot going on. >> i have deep respect for april. he allows her to ask multiple questions at everybody briefing. i thought that was too feisty and i don't think the feistiness is helpful. but what you're seeing is a press secretary that's dealing with a lot of news every day all at once and there's a lot to deal with and i think that was a moment where he pushed back and got feisty with a reporter who he has a good rapport with.
6:51 am
this is not racism. >> you don't get to tell other people what rism is >> yes. >> you don't experience it. >>okay. let's bring it down little bit. >> i'm talking about. you just raised your voice at someone who is disagreeing with you. >> you raised your voice. >> you have interrupted me throughout this exchange and you raise your voice at me because you're uncomfortable. >> don't quiet me. >> you're uncomfortable being spoken to by someone who doesn't agree with you. >> gentlemen! gentlemen! gentlemen! gentlemen! >> thank you. >> finish your thought and then i'd like for you to respond. >> this goes on sean spicer. it goes to president trump and steve bannon who runs an alt-right website. the moment someone of african-american that makes somebody uncomfortable -- >> i'd like to talk.
6:52 am
i would like to get some time as well. >> he's incapable of respecting the space and time i established. >> i don't care what color you are. i have respect for you. >> our differences part of the discussion. >> can you please allow me to speak? >> can you count how many times you've interrupted me and then you yelled at me. please continue. >> do i get some time. >> yes you do now after having interrupted me consistently. >> that's really great respect. >> yes sit from you. >> as the country has to deal with these really meddlesome issues, i don't think it help to immediately jump to the racism, . let's go to the issues at hand. i thought april's question was very very respectful and i think it's legitimate and i think she deserves an answer for that question. i think the feistiness sometimes, the feistiness that we just demonstrated to the american people doesn't help. with you have your viewpoint, i
6:53 am
have my viewpoint. but the fact is -- >> you're not denying feistiness of your own? >> i'm a feisty person. i assume that's one of the reasons you invite me here. but by the same token if we get to calling each other the names, we don't get to the resolution and the consensus. i think our country is in a bad place because people like me are constantly shouted down for being racist, hate this person, hate that person. we might haveitic differences and it might not be about race at all. >> i'm going to have to pause because we actually have breaking news. shots being fired near the u.s. capitol. we've been hearing a lot of police sirens. i want to go love to our capitol hill correspondent. what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: we're trying to get a sense of what exactly has occurred here at the capitol. we did hear reports of shots fired. i spoke briefly to a police officer inside the capitol building who is on the radio
6:54 am
system that lets those police officers know what was going on. whatever may have happened is now concluded. that seems to be the case from what we're now witnessing as we stand outside of what is going on. they're currently letting us move a little closer to the scene where all of the lights and sirens have been flashing. so that obviously is typically an indication that at least it's safe to approach the area. so that should tell you a little bit about what's going on. just to give you a sense of where this is occurring, this is the corner of washington avenue and independence avenue southwest. it's right in front of one of the corners of the rayburn house office building. one of the main office billings for members of the house. it's out front of the capitol. for those who may have seen the nauk rale address, it's that kind of the capitol. this is an area where members of
6:55 am
the congress and tourists, school groups kind of walking around the streets, very busy place. but as i said right now, we've seen several of the police vehicles drive away from the scene instead of toward it and we'ring wi we're being allowed to move closer. >> casey whose schedule is always full following members of congress doing double duty today. we're going to continue to follow this as we get more information coming in throughout the day here on msnbc. we'll take a quick break and be back with more after this. he's . (vo) was meant to be. and love always keeps you safe. we're fine. (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust. now and for a long time to come. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on. e subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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that wraps this up hour on msnbc. hallie jackson in now thanks you so much. thanks for joining us on wednesday morning from washington. coming to you live back outside this morning. and we're following that breaking news over at the nation's capitol. reports of shots fired. we're going to check back in with casey hunt in a second. we're also looking at new developments on the hill on those congressional investigations into russia. nbc news learned that snarpts are in talks with a former british spy to find out more with lawmakers on the intelligence committee set to speak publicly in a few hours from now. on the house side, the embattled republican chair digging in, devin nunes talking with reports in the last 30 minutes. we're also watching a zombie health care plan, maybe back from the dead. maybe. president trump is promising a deal quickly.
7:00 am
but steve bannon honchoing a new round of talks. but has anything really changed in the last five days? really? the democratic national committee getting a mega makeover. the new chairman wg out the entire staff starting from scratch. a former dnc chair is here to talk about how the dems get their party in order. casey, i want to start with you. we just reported in the last few minutes, reports of shots fired. i know you're on the scene and i know the information is coming in quickly. can you tell us anything nub abo new about what's happening over there? >> reporter: this reporting from our own pete williams, a law enforcement official tells him that capitol police fired at a driver of a vehicle that hit a police car at about 9:30 this morning. this of course near the u.s. botanical gardens. the official tells pete williams


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