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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  March 29, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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d that does it. katie is here next on msnbc. >> good amfternoon, everyone. another busy day in the nation's capitol where calls are growing for devin nunes to recuse himself. but he's attacking the democrats on his committee who are unanimously calling for him to step aside.
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>> white house press secretary sean spicer just finished briefing reporters and said the administration continues to support the embattled chairman. >> he is the chairman. he's conducting an investigation. it's up to the house of representatives and the speaker and the members of the house republican conference. but there's nothing i see that there's problematic in him conducting an investigation. >> let's get right to our intrepid team of correspondents. kristen welker is at the white hou house. although sean spicer said they were going to be standing by
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devin nunes, he did admit there was a perception problem when he was talking to april ryan. >> reporter: that's right, and they're acknowledging that, no doubt about at, katie. bottom line is, there are mounting calls for him to recuse himself from this investigation. the white house not willing to go that far yet. but indicating that, yes, clearly this is creating some difficulty. particularly as they want to be focused on things like tax reform. what is notable, though, is there are lingering questions here at the white house, particularly who briefed nunes, and who signed him in? this is a question that we've been asking for several days now. sean spicer saying he's going to give us an answer. that hasn't happened yet. you heard himget pressed on that earlier today. so far no indication of who signed him in. of course, that could be significant, because if it was a white house staffer, then the
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thinking is clearly the white house would have to know that he was here for a late-night visit. >> you've spent so much time down there for the past administration, as well. how easy is it under normal circumstances to figure out who signed somebody in? >> reporter: there are visitor logs that aren't released on a daily basis. eventually that would be something the press would be able to get its hands on, as well. important to point out, katie, the rules dictate that what you are an elected member of congress or a reporter or just a visitor, you need to be signed into the white house. so there should be some log of who signed him in. and that's going to be one of the critical questions that we continue to run down as we track this story. >> kelly, on democrats, most democrats, all of them are calling for devin nunes to recuse himself or somealling for him to resign. there's now one republican saying he doe need t recuse himself. is the pressure getting tougher
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for nunes right now? is there any indication that there is wiggle room with paul ryan in wanting him to step aside? >> reporter: at this point, there isn't an indication the speaker would back away from his chairman. we've got a little bit of a trough as far as headlines at the moment, so devin nunes is sort of back in the spotlight with this criticism. and also with the absence of answers from the white house on some facts that are findable, and providable by the white house. and they have not yet done so. so this is an opportunity for democrats who have concerns that they believe the chairman has not handled himself properly, and the political upside to draw attention to the russia questions and any potential interference or a lack of complete transparency in the chairman's conduct. he defends his actions and says
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that aside from the apology that he gave to the committee members for not fully briefing them on some of the information he took to the white house, he intends to stay. so it is a huge position. it is one of real -- the favor of the speaker is involved. and so if nunes continues to lose support, that's something to watch very carefully. i don't think we're there just yet. >> he is not going to be giving any other committee members information that he received, the information that he received from this source or tell him who the source is. yesterday on the "today" show, lindsey graham says you can't be a leader without telling your committee what you know and who you know it from. >> it is a problem, especially in a committy where there's a shared sense of cooperation and confidence. and the discretion involved with handling these high-level security matters and intelligence matters. so it is a problem for devin nunes. the question will be, is there
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another sort of development to come that would shed greater light, that would either help him or make it worse. the chairman has a lot of power, in this one in particular. so if he can keep a lid on the pressure, he may be able to stay. but he has certainly damaged his credibility with democrats and members of the committee and for a committee that is at such an apex of the topics of the day, it is certainly unfortunate for him and really questionable about how he's handling this. he may have a chance to regroup and to invite people into his confidence. but we have not seen a sign of that yet. and that could be troubling for him. >> reporter: the senate intel committee is also making news today. they're going to be holding a press conference in a little over an hour. there's also reporting out there that michael -- i'm sorry, christopher steel, the british spy who kol piled thcompiled th
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dossier could be called into question. >> reporter: they remain the bipartisan, sort of without any controversy group going forward. they have -- the senate typically is a strong voice on intelligence matters, and so they are trying to present what they have now. now, as -- with respect to the british spy, this gets very complicated. he has expressed some concerns about his safety and his willingness to submit to any testimony. it is unclear how they will resolve that, if they will attempt to bring him to theite theite -- to the united states or have a closed hearing. but the fact that he's in the conversation is significant, because that dossier was a big part of the political memo, dirty tricks type thing that got a lot of this russia inquiry
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kicked up. and so his role in this, and whether he will be accessible to the committee is having very important to watch. he may have information that could shed new light. but he also has his own history as a covert agent that he wants to protect. and a sense of -- perhaps some personal concerns about his own safety. >> complicated is an understatement in this circumstance. kelly, kristen, thank you both. joining me now are michael steele, former rnc chairman, hew hewitt, most of the hue hewitt show. and joe walsh, former republican congressman from illinois. michael, let's start with you. good to see your face. haven't seen you in a while. >> yes. >> i want to talk about devin nunes. all the democrats are calling for him to step aside. there's now one republican calling for him to do so. is his position tenable right now? >> not with republicans. if leadership has made it very
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clear they're going to stand by their man and not heed the calls that he should step aside. some members like mccain and a few others on the senate side have concerns and reservations. i happen to share those. he's done a lot to undermine the credibility of the committee. there is an accepted process, if you will, to do that. and i think that the behavior has caused more questions instead of answering the questions that people currently have. so right now the gop will stand by their man. the question becomes, as this unfolds, how lock thng they geto that. >> what does it mean he refuses to identify his source, even refusing to do so on the republicans. does that cast a shadow? >> no, it doesn't. michael got this right, the only people chairman nunes has to
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satisfy is the republican leadership, particularly the speaker and kevin mccarthy. who is a very good friend of devin nunes. they're old friends and the cia director, mike pompeo, is close friends with devin nunes. so operating under the rule that which gets rewarded gets repeated. if the republicans give up one of their chairmans to a partisan attack, they'll just get another target on another back. so trey gowdy was right. there is no like between the house leadership and chairman nunes right now. >> is this a partisan attack on devin nunes? >> gosh, no. it's a bipartisan attack. katie, this is a joke. the house intel committee has ceased to function. why? because of its chairman. this isn't complicated. if a chair nan man of a committ won't tell the members oh of that committee what he knows, he's got to go. i think eventually you're going to see this pressure continue to
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grow. the intel committee, katie, is not doing its job. it's not functioning right now. and that's all because of devin nunes. >> we have the -- what's going on with the house intel committee. there's what could be going on in the senate intel committee we'll find out more about. but michael steele, there's also this now renewed effort to potentially look at health care again, this after last week when everyone, including the president, said they were just going to let, in the president's word, obamacare explode. can they go back to health care and can they do it at the same time as doing tax reform and potentially infrastructure? >> that remains to be seen. my take on all of this at this stage, my top lip says we went to go back and get health care done, and the bottom lip says repeal and replace. and the two right now do not align themselves. so the house leadership in particular, the white house as
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well, need to just step back from the health care cliff at the moment, get their act together. understand exactly what bill they want to produce. write that bill. have it displayed publicly to get their membership on board with that bill. and then let's have the national conversation about what the replacement of health care looks like. we get the repeal. let's figure out what the replacement is before opening up this pandora's box. in addition to spending $1 trillion in infrastructure, which is good if everybody agrees how to do the offsets. because you have a lot of deficit hawks in the house. i don't see signing up to spending $1 trillion without commensurate savings somewhere. >> should the president move more to the center or try to align with the freedom caucus, what is going to be a more successful posture? >> his only path is to work with
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the democrats. look, on this one, the republicans are divided. you have 40 members of the house, 40 republicans, who want to repeal obamacare. the rest of the lrepublicans in the house don't. so president trump has to make up for those 40 votes, the freedom caucus. his only path is to look to the democrats, which means obamacare will be here in some fashion. >> can he actually work with the democrats when he tweets about investigations that the intel communitshould be into hillary inton and russia. can he get them on his side after everything he's said and done, all the blame he's placed, all the angry rhetoric and the nasty words he's put right at the foot of the democrats, michael? >> yeah. he can try. look, i think that is the pathway that's left to him at this point. look, you've got a lot of democrats who are going to be on the block next year,
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particularly in the senate. democrats want to gain some ground in some of these red states at the congressional level. so there may be a pathway. the problem is their base. their base does not want to snow anybody showing any kind of help or support for the administration. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi have to figure out how they can work that and survive the noise from their base when they reach out a hand to donald trump on infrastructure or some form of health care reform. >> hew, yesterday sean spicer had a testy exchange with april ryan. this morning you had him on your radio show. he's had a contentious relationship with many members oh of the press. he said he didn't regret that exchange at all, did he? >> no, he didn't. i've been on the receiving end of that from sean spicer. i do think, however, i'm a radio
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guy and joe will attest to this, crosstalk is the enemy of conversation. so you've got to let each other talk. i watched the white house briefing today, and there's a lot of people stepping on a lot of lines and that does not produce a good briefing. i just wish people could go back to letting otherolks finish the question and answer before jumping in, et cetera. >> sean spicer coming out with a different tone today. a much more conciliatory tone, trying to keep a lid on things. thank you very much. appreciate your time today, fellows. following the money trail, richard engel looks into former trump campaign manager paul manafo manafort's business dealings with russia. and, she's back. >> there is no place i would rather been than here with you, other than the white house. [ applause ]
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chairman paul manafort has agreed to testify before the house intelligence committee hearings on russian interference in the 2016 election. nbc news has excsive details on manafort's extensiveusiness dealings in the small nation of cyprus, which has u.s. authorities asking questions. richard engel joins us. richard, what did you find? >> reporter: katie, there's been a lot of discussion about paul manafort recently. but not a lot of concrete information. we've been looking specifically into the financial aspect of this story, specifically a series of offshore bank accounts and companies linked to manafort that are now being looked into. he's a focus of multiple investigations into president trump's inner circle, and their possible ties to russia. paul manafort. and long before he was president trump's campaign chairman,
10:21 am
manafort was paid millions by a russian oligarch close to vladamir putin. according to one report, manafort promising to greatly benefit the putin government by influencing media coverage and politics. msnbc has learned that officials are now following the money trail, an investigation that's led them, and us, to a small island in the mediterranean. to find out more, we came here to cyprus, which has a reputation for beaches and as a hub for money laundering. this is where some of the money manafort got from the russian tycoon went. banking sources with direct knowledge say at least 15 accounts were opened in cyprus for more than ten companies, all linked to manafort. the sources say that in one case, $1 million landed in one of these accounts and left on the same day. >> movements of large amounts of no
10:22 am
money quickly in and out of an account is similar to what money laundrers do. >> reporter: and there was a lot of money involved, including $1.9 million to buy a ukrainian media company from this man, who state department officials described as two to three oligarchs putin turns to on a regular basis. >> he played a critical role in the trump campaign, was involved in potentially involved in receiving payments from russian oligarch. this raises a lot of questions. >> reporter: manafort has repeatedly said he never worked for the russian government. and on you tuesday deripaska called it "fake news." but in cyprus, which claims to have tightened financial controls over the last few years, manafort's accounts raised suspicions. in 2012, the internal auditing
10:23 am
system at laiki bank flagged some of the manafort linked accounts for possible money laundering. according to banking sources, who also say when the bank asked for more information, manafort chose to close the accounts. in a statement to nbc news, a spokesman said all of manafort's companies were legitimate entities and established for lawful ends, adding mr. manafort has no specific personal re aal recollection of his closing of the cyprus accounts. the attorney general told us his office has handed over information to u.s. investigators about the manafort linked businesses on the island. >> richard engel, thank you very much. first lady milissa rehbere making a rare appearance.
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and jared kushner set to testify on russia. is the investigation closing in too close to home for president trump? plus, fighting words. hillary clinton swinging at republicans. was this a warmup for a political comeback? remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? we're like a basketball team here at ally. if a basketball team had over 7... i'm in. 7,000 players. our plays are a little unorthodox. but to beat the big boys, you need smarter ways to save people money. we know what you want from a financial company and we'll stop at... nothing to make sure you get it. one, two... and we mean nothing. ♪ ♪
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a rare appearance in washington for first lady melania trump. she honored women at the state department today, presenting 12 women with the 2017 secretary of state's international women of courage award. the award recognizes women who demonstrate leadership in advocating for peace, justice, human rights, gender equality, and women's empowerment. she said it's time to put an end to the era of brutality. >> together, we must declare that the era of allowing brutality against women and children iover. while affirming a time for empowering women around the world is now. for wherever women are diminished, the entire world is diminished with them. >> keeping it in the family,
10:29 am
jared kushner has the presidency and a new white house title. and soon he'll be interviewed by the senate investigating ties between president trump's possible ties between associates and russian operatives. so what are the implications? >> reporter: so, katie, i think you can see this one of two ways. you can see this the way skeptics are looking at it saying here's this high level current administration official going before this committee at a date yet to be announced and talking about what was going on during the transition. obviously something of huge interest here in washington. then you have the other side of it where the white house is saying look, he's going out there and saying i'm offering myself to this committee to talk about what i know because i was in charge labecause of being wi foreign nationals. it looks good for him because it looks like he's being transparent. so you definitely got two ways you can spin this from a pr perspective as far as the way
10:30 am
the testimony looks. >> so he met with the russian ambassador. we're learning that he met with the head of a russian bank, that russian bank was under u.s. and is under u.s. sanctions. the perception here is not necessarily good. is there anything beyond that, though? is there any evidence of wrongdoing? >> reporter: it's not that the perception is not necessarily good. that would depend who you speak to. you have to consider there's no date that's been set for this. so definitely a lot of interest around what he has to say. there's clear questions that you need answers to based on those meetings that you were talking about, katie. each t even the senate committee is saying it has all the documents necessary to make sure it's a productive meeting. so it's too early to say there's definite wrongdoing, but there's a lot of questions spurred when you are meeting with banks under american sanctions at the time. a lot of questions surrounding what he was doing during the
10:31 am
transition team, as well as the rest of the trump transition officials at the time. >> still questions unanswered. ali, thank you very much. a rare political appearance by hillary clinton last night. she spoke at a diversity conference in san francisco, where she took aim at the gop health care plan and cheered its downfall. she also admitted there was somewhere else she would rather be. >> i am thrilled to be out of the woods. [ laughter ] and in the company of so many inspiring women. and there is no place i would rather been than here with you, other than the white house. [ laughter ] >> a moment of honestly from hillary clinton. "the washingn post" covered the clinton campgn. ann, what is she doing here? is she gearing up for a political comeback?
10:32 am
>> well, there wasn't any mention of the new york city mayor's race or any other potential race that people have talked about hillary clinton for at this speech yesterday in san francisco. i don't think she is trying to go run for office again. but she definitely is trying to get back in the political conversation. and we've seen her get increasingly active and increasingly -- take an increasingly pointed tone in her comments on twitter. and just in the haste welast wes been out on the speech circuit and will be here in washington at georgetown university on friday. so clearly getting back in the conversation, and not at all afraid to take shots at the trump administration over health care and women's empowerment issues, even though she didn't mention the president by name last night. >> how effective is she right now at drumming up support on the left?
10:33 am
>> i think she's pretty effective. i mean, she's -- of course, she's sort of the one that got away for democrats. and there was a lot of that tone in the audience last night. and she was playing to it. this was a lot of feeling, i think, among many of the attendees of what might have been, a sense to it. and that's definitely what she's likely to also encounter in a very friendly audience at georgetown. but beyond that, you know, she's got an ability to rally democrats and raise money on their what have. we haven't seen her do that yet, but i suspect she will shortly. and she also has to contend with a strong sentiment on the far left of the party that she didn't run a good campaign or good enough, and that she let the campaign get away from her and let donald trump beat her when she had the tools at her disposal to win, in their view.
10:34 am
>> hillary clinton is now coming out. is there a disconnect here? hillary clinton kind of being i guess you can call ate throwback. tom perez trying to right the ship. does the democratic party run into a potentially problematic territory with its identity of having hillary clinton come back and be so prominent once again? >> i don't think she's going to try to ucerp the role of a new standard bearer at all. tom perez was a very big clinton supporter. his politics would have made him more naturally fit in the bernie camp, and he was a hillary person from the get-go. so there's no disconnect or problem between them or between the dnc that he's building. i think if it's up to him, he'll
10:35 am
ask her to be helpful here and there. but also be very mindful that the dnc is looking at trying to raise up a new generation of democrats who are 20 and 3 years younger than she, and those are t people on whose behalf she should work. >> ann guerin of "the washington post," thank you very much. >> thank you. >> let's see what you're saying about today's microsoft pulse question. do you think she could launch a political comeback? so far, 74% say yes. there is still time to weigh in. cast your vote and let us know what you think. in fighting amongst house intelligence committee members is reeving a fever pitch. will the senate's committee hearing overshadow the lower chamber's investigation? why are democrats introducing a piece of legislation named after
10:36 am
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from engineering and manufacturing... to stealth bombers... to next-generation fighters... ♪ to landing an unmanned vehicle on a carrier for the first time in history. just wait till you see what's next. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman questions are still swirling today around the chairman of the house intelligence committee and his unannounced visit to the white house. white house press secretary sean spicer said a short while ago that the white house still does back the chairman. >> he is conducting a review that we have supported on both sides of the chamber and they
10:40 am
should do this. but i think to start to prejudge where this thing is going, we have been supportive of it, as you know, and let that process bear itself out. >> let's bring in illinois democrat congressman mike quigley, member of the intelligence committee. so congressman, chairman devin nunes is facing a lot of feet from the democrats, and a couple of republican senators in terms of questioning why he went to the white house and why he won't reveal his sources. but so far it sounds like nunes is not take thing quite as seriously. he's brushing it off. listen to him last night. >> so you're not going to tell the committee who your sources are? >> we never talk about sources. i wouldn't expect you to do that either. you guys are so infatuated with sources. >> and you're waiting to hear back from comey before you schedule yates? >> yes. we have the witnesses that we
10:41 am
want. but we don't know who the democrats want to bring in. >> we never talk about sources and methods. i understand not talking about that in a public setting. i understand not telling a reporter who your source or method is, but usually you share that with the committee. am i wrong? >> well, the first thing that you do when something like this happens as a chairman is share it with the ranking member. then you take it to the full committee. at this point in time, to my knowledge, this information has not been shared with anybody else on the committee, including the republicans. >> let's also talk about the timing of this. deputy a.g. sally yates was supposed to testify in an open hearing. now the chairman says it was also the plan he was going to get fbi director james comey back. is that how you understood the timing? >> we were going to have the public hearing with miss yates, mr. brennan and mr. clapper,
10:42 am
then have mr. comey and admiral rogers come back. look, at this time,his week has been an extraordinary mess. inexcusable. but we have to move forward. this is too important to delay any more. my respectful request is, schedule that public hearing. schedule mr. comey and admiral rogers as soon as possible. we could get back on track on a bipartisan basis. again, the information, the american public has a right to know, follow the facts wherever they are. >> do you believe that this investigation can continue in a bipartisan way and one that will yield results that the american people can trust if chairman nunes does not recuse himself? >> i made myself clear, with the greatest respect, i told him he should step aside and move the investigation forward with someone else. only he can make that choice.
10:43 am
either him or the speaker of the house. i don't expect that to happen. to answer your question, the investigation, it's not a question of can it forward? it absolutely must go forward. the information is too important. what we've gleaned already is critical. without the first public hearing, the public wouldn't know there is an investigation on the fbi side. they wouldn't know there is no evidence that trump tower was wiretapped and they wouldn't know what mr. comey said, that the russians attempted to influence this election in way to help donald trump and hurt hillary clinton. so already in its infancy, the investigate00 hion has shown it importance. swh >> who is stalling this investigation right now? >> my point of view, it begins and ends at the white house. i believe the chairman is following their orders. >> you think the chairman the followinthe orders of the whe house? >> that is my belief. it's wha makes the most sense to me.
10:44 am
they clearly don't want her to testify. they didn't like the first public hearing. it didn't go well for him. there was nothing in their minds that would make this one better. and i think that's why we've seen the actions of the last week. >> what do you think chairman nunes was doing at the white house the other day? >> i have no idea. again, i don't want to assume i know. all i ask is that he chair that information in the manner he should have done before he went to the white house. by the way, he they have should have gone to the white house to share this with the administration. let's not forget, they are the subject of this investigation that's going on. you simply cannot serve two masters. >> congressman quigley saying he believes devin nunes is acting on the orders of the white house. we appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you. president trump is telling lawmakers he expects a quick deal on health care, despite the demise of the gop plan last week.
10:45 am
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10:49 am
natural causes, and releasing no other details at this time. in iraq, military officials tell nbc news that 275 soldiers deployed to support u.s. troops are aiding iraqi security forces in the campaign to retake mosul. last night, president trump said things are going well. >> we just had a long call from general mattis and john i know is very happy to hear that, but he knows better than anybody, we're doing very well in iraq. our soldiers and fighting like never before. and the results are very, very good. so i just wanted to let everyone know. joining me now, nbcews pentagon correspondent hans nichols, who is with us here in new york. hans, the president says they're doing well. they're fighting like they never were before. is that truesome ? >> that is largely a function of they're getting into more dense areas and they have more targets.
10:50 am
that's why we're seeing more civilian casualties. i think there have been a couple of important stories taking place. number we did hear from general votell saying we have a potential 460 iraqi deaths and this is since the battle for mosul began. we have some civilian casualties. we potentially did have the u.s. responsible for over 100 casualties. this is in mosul, a building was flattened. i think what's more interesting to me, though, after they said there was a fair chance the u.s. would be involved, you heard them consistently say you're not going to have any change in the rules as the u.s. continues what they're doing. >> so they're going to accept civilian casualties as just a product of war in this area? >> general townsend, the top general in iraq right now, told
10:51 am
us at the pentagon the more responsibilities for these civilian casualties is on isis. the u.s. is not going to change their behavior. you hear back and forth have the rules of engagement changed? officials say officially the rules have not changed. but they do say culturally there's been a shift. the ground commanders have more authority, people calling in airstrikes have more authority, and the fight is naturally accelerating, because a, in syria, you're closing in on raqqah, and you're getting into more dense neighborhoods that require close support. >> you're here for general mattis here. tell me about the growing alliance for the secretary of state. >> he goes to tillerson's office on the seventh floor. they go to a secure room. right now in new york, mattis is meeting with henry kissinger, getting advice potentially from a former secretary of state. the line between mattis and tillerson, it's interesting. tillerson is from oil, right?
10:52 am
he's from texas. a lot of his understanding from washington is coming from mattis who knows washington pretty well, right? you climb up through the ranks as a flag officer in the united states marine corps, you know your way around capitol hill. mattis is helping tillerson with these politics. we have not heard mattis talk about the dramatic cuts. you heard him say he has few diplomats, he has to buy more bullets. you hear tillerson a little bit. mattis heads to london and he meets with the administrative defense up there, i'm curious what he'll tell our allies about the cuts in the diplomatic corps. >> and we'll go to you to find out exactly what that is. hans nichols, nice to see you, my friend. the republican bill to repeal and replace obamacare may still be alive since the defeat in the house. the president said he had no doubt health care reform could
10:53 am
happen questivery quickly. joining us now to talk about that is leonard lance of new jersey. congressman, first on the energy and commerce commission -- committee, excuse me -- said yes to this bill but you ended up opposing it. what would need to change going forward in order for you to get to a yes? does it need to be an entirely newbill? >> i think we should go to phase 3, working with democratic colleagues on a bill that can pass both houses of congress, and that would include purchase of policies across state lines. what i voted for in the commerce committee was making sure nobody was denied coverage based on a preexisting condition, letting young people stay on their parents' policies and no lifetime caps. i did not vote for the tax cuts. that came out of the ways and means committee. and i want to move forward to help protect the exchanges because they are in some difficulty, and i hope our democratic colleagues will join us in that effort. >> how do you get democrats to join you? last week you were critical of
10:54 am
them, saying they didn't come to the table, but could you really expect them to come to the table for a plahat going to repeal a bill and a law that democrats support? >> no, i think we should move forward in a bipartisan capacity. for example, helping with the exchanges because the exchanges are in significant difficulty, and in many parts of the country, one-third of the counties, there is only one private insurer. that's largely in rural america. and i think democrats recognize that, and i think we should move immediately to what has been called phase 3 to work together bic bicamerally and bipartisan. >> so ditch the colleagues? >> i would like to work across the aisle with the democrats as well. turning to the russia investigation, let's talk about
10:55 am
a house intel committee chairman devin nunes. are you confident he can still perform his job in a bipartisan way after everything that has happened the last week and a half? going to the white house, cancelling this open meeting and now having all democrats calling for him to recuse himself, including one republican and even a couple republican senators questioning his ability to lead? >> i hope that he can continue, and i really think that mr. comey is really at the center of this, and he, of course, has ruffled the feathers of both republicans and democrats, and i think the director of the fbi has indicated he will say it like it is. and certainly i think the bipartisan cooperation that exists in the senate is kpeme exemplary, and i think russia is a bad actor, and americans should be aware of that, and let
10:56 am
the truth go wherever it goes. >> congressman leonard lance from the very great state of new jersey. i appreciate your time, sir. >> thanks very much, kate. the senate committee are expected to give an update on the russian interference into the presidential election. we'll bring that back to you live just as soon as it begins. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka seltzer heartburn relief chews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmmmm...amazing.
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you thought you might be done with me but you get one
11:00 am
more hour. it's 2:00 p.m. on the east coast, and on this hour of "nbc live," refusing to be recused. devin nunes says he's not stepping down even though being pressured to do so. secretary sean spicer stood by nunes saying his position is up to speaker paul ryan. >> he's conducting an investigation. he is the elected or appointed, i can't remember how they do it over there, but appointed and confirmed or however they put that by his colleagues in the house and the speaker. he is the chairman. nothing that i see is problematic in him conducting an investigation. >> i'd like to speak to paul ryan about this, but both dems and republicans are talking about what are improprieties in handling this. >>


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