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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  March 29, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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up next, my colleague, steve kornacki. good afternoon, everybody, i'm steve kornacki live in new york. day 69 of the first 100 days. topping our agenda right now, it is the senate's turn. >> this was one of the biggest investigations that the hill has seen in my tenure here. >> controversy enveloping the house's investigation of russia's interference in the u.s. election. the senate now gets ready to have its first public hearing. also on the agenda, nothing problematic. >> there's nothing that i see that is problematic and him conducting an investigation that we asked both the house and senate intelligence committees. >> it has been one week since devin nunes delivered his bombshell surveillance claims. the question today, though, where is his evidence? and rounding out our agenda, health care again? >> i know that we're all going to make a deal on health care. that's such an easy one. i have no doubt that that's going to happen very quickly. i think it will, actually.
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>> president trump suggesting he may not be done with the issue. the white house saying they feel a renewed sense of optimism. is anything different from last week when that bill went down in flames in the house? all that, much more still ahead. we begin, though, with our top story. should the senate take the lead? as the credibility of the house intelligence committee and its investigation remains in question. an investigation from the senate is now coming into focus. senator richard burr, republican from north carolina, chair of the senate intelligence committee, and mark warner, democrat from virginia, top democrat on that committee, both of them stepping to a microphone just a short time ago saying their hearings are ready to get under way. >> obviously, there's a lot of drama out there about the stories that all of you are running down. it's important for us, at least, i think all of us here, to remember to not lose sight about what this investigation's about.
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>> one thing that we're really conscious of is we weren't given a free pass to do a witch hunt. we were asked to do a real investigation. thisas of th biggest investigations thathe hill has seen in my tenure here. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell is with us on capitol hill. kelly, that's quite a comment there from richard burr. he's been there a couple decades saying this is one of the biggest investigations he's seen in his time on capitol hill. so we know the house investigation got under way. there's all sorts of controversy there right now. the status of that unclear at the moment. what is the difference in terms of what the senate says it's going to be investigating? what this committee says, how it's going to be going about this? what do we know about exactly what they're looking at, how they're looking into it? >> reporter: well, steve, there are separate tracks and the two committees can work independently even though they would probably be covering a lot of the same ground. as things typically play out on capitol hill, there's often more sort of deference or importance placed on what the senate is
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doing. simply by the stature of the senate. and part of what we saw from burr and warner today is trying to reinforce some confidence that they have in each other and also described not seeing at this point any interference from the white house into what they're doing. that seems very relevant. given some of the questions about devin nunes. and they also talked about wherever the intelligence information and evidence gathered leads them, they will follow this. so the biggest on the hill, eye were right to point that out, then his counterpart senator warren saying it's one of the biggest things he's been involved in in public life because of the interference of russia in the election and the scope that may go beyond that. really significant from these two lawmakers. they really try to reinforce that they are getting cooperation from the intelligence community but would like a little more in certain places. they're getting the raw intelligence products. t jus the synthesized report done by an analyst or provided to the committee, but having a
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chance to look at the raw data. that's something that is unusual, they described, but also painstaking. it requires some of the seven professional staff from the committee, people who are subject matter experts, not political appointees. they are professionals on the staff going presumably to the intelligence outlets, whether it be the cia or the fbi and looking at some of the materials but not using a computer that is running sort of a group database in the senate. that tells you this is slow work, difficult work. and we are going to get some updates from time to time and that will be significant publicly. >> yeah. >> first hearing tomorrow sort of sets things up and then 20 interviews have been identified. the first five have been scheduled. we'll learn more about who they are in the days to come. steve? >> yeah. very quickly, kelly, slow process, there will be updates. is there any sense what the timetable is in terms of when this might yield some actual answers? >> reporter: well, they are mindful of the fact that there is an election happening in
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france, and there is a realtime effect that they think they're learning things about what russia has had the capacity to do. that they want to get out into the general public not only for the u.s. but globally to put people on high alert so that russia cannot have the same kind of interference in elections elsewhere. but they also suggest this is a long process. it certainly sounds like months because of the work that's required. and multiple public hearings that will eventually happen and as they learn more from going through the data, then they are better able to form questions to put those to some of maybe the bigger figures in this. they didn't talk names. imagine michaelflynn, paul manafort, associates of the president on that particular piece. they need to know what to ask and part of what they have to figure out is what does the evidence suggest? we know what's been talked about publicly. they want to get to what's behind the scenes. what hasn't been snoknown publi
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to make the time they have with these witnesses the most productive. i thingtk this could take a whi. joining me on set, former democratic senator from nebraska, bob carey, former governor of nebraska. in washington, d.c., host of the hugh hewitt show, one and only hugh hewitt. thanks to both of you for joining us. senator/governor kerry, let we start with you. we know the fbi is looking into this issue of russia, interference, if there's connections to the trump campaign. the house intelligence committee has its probes. all sorts of controversy over that right now. now you have the senate stepping in it today, stepping into this today. when you look at the announcement from the senate, do you think this is the one that's sort of official washington is going to get behind? >> no, this is is not what they should be doing. we got to worry about north korea, got to worry about isis, worry about international terrorism. they have to authorize close to
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$l 0 billi $80 billion of public money. >> you're saying too much russia? >> we need an indpechependent commission. congress should not be doing this. these guys need to be spending their time worrying about real threats to the united states of america. as i said, nunes is -- i'm sure he's a fine guy. he's like a guy who can't swim. he's never going to get to a point where they're going to trust the house. the american people aren't going to trust either one of these. even if they did, eve, these committees have more important work to do than runng down this investigation. the depth, the time commitment that's going to be required. these guys are on other committees, doing other things as well. i'll get back to it. we got to worry about north korea, worry about isis. they got bigger problems than trying to figure out what the russians did to interfere where our election. >> bob kerrey saying, look, there are other issues out there, believe it or not, why not have an independent commission step in here?
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maybe in would be a little more credibility between the two aisles and allow members of congress to do other work. what do you say to that? >> i respect senator kerrey quite a lot. we disagree on a number of reasons. i think he will birragree with n this, the press conference between senator burr and senator warner was perhaps the best bipartisan moment in 18 months in the country, maybe, in fact, the only bipartisan moment in the last 18 months in the country. and as the senate of which -- they're on the cusp of a brutal week. the second deployment of the reid rule where the rules of the senate could be changed by a simple majority. so there is one side benefit besides the capacity and the stature of those members of the senate. it is that they will be focused on a -- the country will focus on a bipartisan proceeding into our enemy abroad, russia, that operated through the fsb through wikile wikileaks. we know that. what warner said today about having a thousand trolls uses a bot to flood our zone with fake news, that's deey worrisomworri.
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the attention that only a senate committee can bring back to the wa watergate days, i think is to be welcomed. >> hugh, let me assert my respect for you at the outset of this disagreement. these guys have -- i was on that committee for eight years. i know how difficult the job is. right now it's even more difficult. we've got a very significant threat from north korea, very significant threat from isis, very significant need to make sure our intelligence agencies are well funded, organized right and have the support of the congress. this is heavy work. this is time -- this takes a lot of time to do that work right. and as i said, i think the chances -- even though i agree, it's a wonderful bipartisan moment, but the likelihood the american people are going to trust the results of this is almost zero. even if they did trust it, there's a better way of doing it. >> you mentioned the international issues that are also sort of out there. there's also in washington, the issue right now, hugh mentioned this a second ago, the supreme court nomination that's going to be pending in the united states. new polling we can show you, politico morning consult, on
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neil gorsuch, president trump's nominee to the supreme court. 44% of americans say they support confirmation. 23% say they don't believe he should be confirmed at this point. hugh, the issue here that this seems to be coming down to in the senate, though, is one of procedure. you mentioned this a second ago. will the democrats mount a filibuster? will they try to force republicans to come up with 60 votes to pass this? not is a simple majority of 50. if they do so, republicans then saying, suggesting they would go with the so-called nuclear option and just end the filibuster. any reason to think republicans would flinch at all when it came to doing that? >> i don't think so, steve. i go back to the great british prime minister, benjamin desraili who said a majority is better than the best repparteer. to ruin the filibuster and ability to stop all federal judges except the supreme court. i think the reid rule will be deployed instantly. i think the democrats have enough to deny judge gorsuch,
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easily, at least as well qualified as any other federal judges in the country, his up or down vote. they're going to do that for political reasons having to do with the base of the democratic party but he will be on the court i think by easter. >> you- >> look, i would -- >> is this smart democrats? here- >> you can't have a conversation about this without saying the democrats remember that for almost an entire year, a highly qualified man, gorsuch, himself, said is highly qualified, didn't get an up or down vote. merrick garland. there was at least as many americans who said he should get an up or down vote as well. >> so democrats are angry about that, but here's the strategic question. >> it's more than just an about it. it's legitimate to say you didn't give us a vote, why? >> but what -- >> i think merrick garland is completely -- was completely qualified and gorsuch is. especially replacing scalia. i'd probably vote for him. they're entitled to say, my god, we listened to you saying -- not going to meet with him, not going to schedule a hearing, not going to give you a vote even
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though it was almost a year before the election. >> here's the dilemma going forward for democrats. if you do the filibuster here, and the republicans then respond with this nuclear option, get rid of the filibuster, what happens if a year from now, two years from now, instead of a republican president replacing scalia, it's a democratic sk vacancy and have the potential for a major shift in this court from a liberal justice to a trump-appointed conservative. would democrats do well to preserve the filibuster for that moment rather than using it here? >> once again, i agree with hugh, limiting the filibuster earlier by senator reid was a mistake, either go all the way or don't start down this road. i think the president's spite to entitled to a considerable amount of respect. again, i think democrats are well within their rights to say, my god, you guys held up a perfectly qualified person saying we'll wait for the next election. at what point can the democrats say the same thing? after the midterm? after -- two years out, 18 months out, 12 months out? can they say to president trump,
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you know, you guys didn't want a nominee, let's wait until the next election before we do it. this process has been badly compromised. there's no question it's way too partisan. way too ideological in my view. gorsuch i think would be a terrific associate justice on the bench, but you can't ignore what we previously went through with merrick garland. >> so the merrick garland issue overshadowed, was linked to -- tied up in the presidential campaign. we're talking about russia and its influence in the presidential campaign. also speaking of the presidential campaign, hillary clinton, the defeated democratic nominee, back in the news last night, san francisco. she was at an event. she talked about what had happened in the white house briefing room yesterday between sean spicer and a reporter, april ryan. take a listen to what the former democratic nominee said. >> april ryan, a respected journalist with unrivaled integrity, was doing her job just this afternoon in the white house pressroom, when she was
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patronized and cut off trying to ask a question. one of your own california congresswomen, maxine waters, was taunted with a racist joke about her hair. now, too many women, especially women of color, have had a lifetime of practice taking precisely these kinds of indignities in stride. but why should we have to? >> well, i played that, i'm going to have to get bob and hugh's reaction a little bit later. right now, we're going to go over to the white house. president trump, this was just moments ago. he's attending a women's empowerment panel. this in the eastroom. we're just getting the tape. let's take a listen. >> as you know, melania is a very highly accomplished woman and really an inspiration to so many and she is doing some great job. in fact, i shouldn't say this, but her poll numbers went through the roof last week. what was that all about?
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through the roof. she has to give us the secret, mike, right? anyway, i appreciate it very much. my cabinet is full of really incredible women leaders. administrator linda mcmahon who's been a friend of mine for a long time. long time. done an incredible job in business, by the way. administrator verma. secretary betsy devos and of course my good friend from south carolina, a very tough competitor, i want to tell you, nikki haley, ambassador. she's doing fantastically well. and we're also joined, of course, by florida attorney general, highly respected, pam bondy. so i want to thank you, pam. thank you. elaine chao, our secretary of
1:16 pm
transportation who's a real expert. you know, she was secretary of labor, but she said, i really wanted to be secretary of transportation. that's her real expertise and she's doing incredibly. she would have been here but she's celebrating the 50th anniversary of the department of transportation right now as we speak. and we're going to work on infrastructure and going to put up one of the big and great infrastructure bills of all-time. we're going to get our infrastructure fixed in our country. and we're going to rebuild our country and that's what we need. lots of jobs also. i want to thank ford. u saw their big announcement yesterday. so many others are annncing tremendous numbers of jobs. they're not leaving our country anymore, folks. they're staying and they're builds right here. so we really have these incredibly strong and dedicated leaders and they're with me and they're with us and i'm very happy about it.
1:17 pm
i want to thank you as being representative very much of our whole group. thank you. and i'm so proud that the white house and our administration is filled with so many women of such incredible talent. this week as we conclude women's history month, we mohonor a gre woman of american history. since the very beginning, women have driven, and i mean each generation of americans, toward a more free and more prosperous future. among these patriots are women like the legendary abigail adams. right? who during the founding urged her husband to remember the rights of women. very much a pioneer in that way. we've been blessed with courageous heroes like harriet
1:18 pm
tubman who escaped slavery. and went on to deliver hundreds of others to freedom, first in the underground railroad and then as a spy for the union army. she was very, very courageous. believe me. and we've had leaders like susan b. anthony. have you heard of susan b. anthony? i'm shocked that you've heard. who dreamed of a much more equal and fair future, an america where women, themselves, as she said, helped to make laws and elect the lawmakers. and that's what's happening more and more. tough competition out there. i want to tell you. from the untamed frontiers of the western plains to the skyscrapers of manhattan, american women in every generation have shown
1:19 pm
extraordinary grit, courage and devotion. our present generation stands on the shoulders of these titans, and that's what they were, and are. titans. only by enlisting the full potential of women in our society will we be truly able to, you have not heard this expression before, make america great again. good expression. thank you, everybody. thank you. it's been a lot of fun. we didn't get that one from madison avenue, right?
1:20 pm
my administration will work every day to ensure that our economy is a place where women can work, succeed, and thrive like never before. that includes fighting to make sure that all mothers and all families have access to affordable childcare. we want every daughter in america to grow up in a country where she can believe in herself, believe in her future and follow her heart and realize her dreams. we want a country that celebrates family, that celebrates community and that creates a safe and loving home for every child, every child. that's what we want. early this year, i met with a
1:21 pm
remark remarkable group of leaders, they were women entrepreneurs from all across the country. they started their businesses from absolutely nothing and today have grown them into successful enterprises that employ hundreds and in certain cases even thousands of people. just think of what our country could achieve if we unleashed the power of women entrepreneurs nationwide. think of that. so as a man, i stand before you as president, but if i weren't president, i wouldn't be happy to hear that statement. that would be a very scary statement to me because there's no way we can compete with you. so i would not be happy. just wouldn't be happy. one of the businessowners i met, lisa phillips, used to be
1:22 pm
homeless. she's now the owner of an event planning company and she trains homeless youth in baltimore for good paying jobs. lisa had a message for all of us. as she put it, this is a country of chances. if you're willing to work hard, you'll get the chance. and she means it and she's become very successful. she's terrific. lisa's right, but we have to fight to ensure that more people have the chance to succeed. to do that, we must believe in each other and we must dare to dream of a better, brighter, more prosperous future for all of our citizens. we have no choice. that's what we have to do. to be honest, whether you're a woman or whether you're a man, you have that same dream. you want to be able to dream. you just have a big advantage over us. you know why? right there.
1:23 pm
a lot of truth. a lot of truth to that, mike, right? that's what i want for each and every one, and each and every one of our daughters and our granddaughters and i know together we will get there. i want every young person in the audience today and watching from home, and they're all over the place, those cameras are all over, to know that the future truly belongs to you. we are americans and we will not stop until we have achieved our dreams. i want to thank you very much for being here. it's my great honor, i will tell you, to be here. in fact, melania said, this is something i just have to be at. she feels so strongly about it. she feels so strongly about it. so, thank you, god bless you, and god bless america. thank you very much. thank you.
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>> all right. again, that the scene just a few minutes ago from the east room of the white house. donald trump at an event there, calling it a women's empowerment events. remarks from the president, again, we just received that tape. that played out just a few minutes ago. while we were playing that tape of the president, our two guests from earlier this hour had to go. they had other obligations, understandably. i want to give a big thank you to former nebraska senator bob kerrey and hugh hewitt, good buddy, both of them stopping by and joining us this hour. appreciate their time as always. we're going to squeeze in a quick break. on the other side the president appears to extend a olive branch to democrats in the wake of the health care defeat. are democrats even willing to listen? i'm going to ask one of the top democrats in congress, steny hoyer, democratic whip, he's going to join me live coming up. plus later this hour, you're going to want to stay tuned for this one. larry king, the one and only joins me here on set. he has interviewed now-president
1:25 pm
trump so many times over the last few decades. when he was last here, he weighed in on donald trump's surprising rise to the top of the republican primary field. >> i think he's riding a crest. it's almost like he's caught a wave. right? and the wave is expanding and it's off hawaii and it's still going toward maui. it's going to make a right turn and he can't get off the wave. >> that was a year ago. we weren't sure whether donald trump would win the republican nomination. now he's president. what does larry king have to say now? he's going to join me. stay tuned. a lot still ahead. family's hectic home: its raised 1 dare devil, 2 dynamic diy duos, and an entrepreneur named sharon. its witnesd 31 crashes, food fhts, and the flood of '09. it's your paradise perfected with behr premium plus low odor paint. the best you can buy starting under $25.
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i know that we're all going to make a deal on health care. that's such an easy one. so i have no doubt that that's going to happen very quickly. i think it will actually. i think it's going to happen because we've all been promises, democrat, republican, we've all been promising that to the american people, so i think a lot of good things are going to that there. >> that's president trump speaking for a bipartisan group of senators at the white house last night and seeming to suggest that health care may be back on his agenda. this, of course, after the house failed to even bring to the floor that republican obamacare replacement plan. press secretary sean spicer saying today the president may have been strghaving a little bf fun in that moment but still believes there's a willingness to get something done. of course, given that that bill couldn't even get a house floor any new legislation would probably have to have some support from democrats. of course, they unanimously opposed the republican plan. joining us now to talk about this and more, the minority whip of the u.s. house, steny hoyer,
1:30 pm
democrat from maryland. do thank you for joining us. let first ask you what you make of what the president was saying about health care, back to saying, hey, it's easy, we can get it done. is stl any scenario where democrats would be interested in sitting down and talking about it? >> look, he said it was easy during the campaign. he said he was going to do in the first days of his administration. he still has not submitted a bill to accomplish what he has told the american people he wants and that is everybody has insurance at a lower cost and better quality. i've said if he has a bill like that, send it down and we'll be very receptive but it's not easy, it is complicated. he was right to at that point in time and clearly his party is a deeply divided party on this issue. but one of the things i want to make sure he doesn't do, and i hope he doesn't do, is undermine the affordable care act's operation on behalf of the american people right now.
1:31 pm
we need to continue the can cost-sharing subsidies. we need to continue the personal responsibility to have insurance and we ought to expand medicaid in the states that don't have it. the states that have it have 7% lower costs on increases in premiums. so i hope the president takes those steps first and then we're certainly willing to talk about how we make the affordable care act work better or to accomplish what the president says he wants to do. health insurance for everybody. >> let me ask you this, though, do changes have to be made? the president basically said last week when this bill was sort of abandoned in the house, he said, look, we're basically going to let this thing die. we're going to let obamacare die then the democrats have to deal with this. lindsay graham calls this the collapse and replace strategy. do you think that if republicans just leave obamacare as it is, for several years, for the le t length of trump's term, maybe if he got a second term, would obamacare survive if nothing was done?
1:32 pm
do changes need to be made? >> obama -- excuse me, president trump doesn't mean nothing's going to be done. in my opinion. what i'm hopeful he does not do or dr. price might do as they intimated they might do is to take steps to undermine america's health care and make obamacare not work because of their actions. the cbo has said it's stable, it's working, it's accomplishin. is it perfect? no. the fact of the matter is it's working. if the trump administration does not take actions aofficiffirmat to undermine america's health care that they have through the affordable care act, it will be okay. can we make some improvements in it? we certainly can. would we be willing to work with president trump on that? yes, we can. we ought to make the affordable care act better, not undermine it. that's what i'm fearful the administration might do so that their assertions that it's failing would, in fact, be made
1:33 pm
to happen by their actions. >> let me ask you a bigger picture question here. sort of a strategic question for democrats in congress over the next 18 months. you said, look, you would be willing to talk with president trump on trying to approve the affordable care act. realistically, when you talk to democratic members, when you see these polls that show donald trump's approval rating with democrats, favorable rating, 3%, something like that, wheou see those marches, when you s tens of thousands of people out there saying "not my president," things like this, this is your base, your voters. realistically, is there any room for democrats on capitol hill to sit down with this administration and try to compromise? >> look, i think americans want the congress to do things that help them. help them get jobs, help them keep their health care, help their families succeed. if the president is willing to come forward with efforts that we think do that, then certainly we're going to talk.
1:34 pm
but what he's done so far has been very negative for the country, very negative in terms of his working with his own party. they had a tremendous failure last week. they said they had a bill to replace. it was a bad bill. it would have made health care in america worse. it would have made health care more expensive. 24 million people would have lost their insurance. so my base is angry. i'm angry, frankly. i'm very disappointed with this president. but my responsibility to the people i represent and to the country is if we can do things that are positive for the country, positive for our people, make our country more secu secure, more healthy, better educated, certainly we have a responsibility and an intention to cooperate in achieving those objectives. very frankly, all we'veee over the last five, six years is negative activity on behalf of too many of the republicans and that won't -- that will be met obviously with opposition.
1:35 pm
we're coming into a period of time now where we need to fund government. we have ten days left to go. and the republicans still haven't come up with a plan to do that. so that -- they're going to need our help on doing president that we're frprepared if they have a responsible alternative. >> steny hoyer, democrat from maryland, minority whip in the house. thanks for the time. appreciate it. >> you bet, thank you. quick break here. on the other side, more on the new investigation now being launched by leaders of the senate intelligence committee about russia and the 2016 election. senators seeking to distance themselves from some of the turmoil on the house side in their investigation. there's also growing scrutiny surrounding the intelligence committee chairman in the house, devin nunes. more questions he is now facing. we're going to talk to a former staffer for the house intelligence committee, next. my day starts well before
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time now for a check of the headlines at the half hour. the leaders of the senate intelligence committee speaking
1:39 pm
out today about their panel's investigation into allegations of russian interference in the 2016 econ. d potential ties between the trp campan and russia. republican senator richard burr, democratic senator mark warner, both saying their panel is reviewing thousands of pages of documents and it hopes to int interview at least 20 witnesses. that list, by way, includes trump's son-in-law, jared kushner and former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. committee scheduled to hold a hearing on the issue tomorrow. at least 30 democratic senators say they will support a filibuster of neil gorsuch's nomination to serve on the united states supreme court. that's when that issue reaches the senate floor next week. if republicans do not get the 60 votes needed to overcome the filibuster, they could be forced to use the so-called nuclear option, change senate rules so that gorsuch could be confirmed by a simple majority vote. news out of new jersey today, two former allies of new jersey governor chris christie are now going to jail for their
1:40 pm
roles in the so-called bridge-gate scandal. bill baroni and bridget kelly convicted of orchestrating the lane closures on the george washington bridge as a political revenge scheme against a mayor who had refused to support christie's re-election bid. christie, himself, has denied any wrongdoing. how about this one? bob dylan will finally receive that nobel prize for literature this weekend. dylan did not attend the traditional ceremony back in december in sweden, said he had some other commitments at the time. the legendary singer/songwrite scheduled to perform in stockholm this weekend. turning back now to our top political story. leadership from the senate intelligence committee today stressing bipartisan cooperation in its investigation into russia's meddling in the u.s. election. this as controversy continues to build around devon nun devin nu
1:41 pm
>> if we don't come to some joint conclusion with the manipulation that took place in the election and with the spirit of the american people saying what's going on here, i think we would not fulfill our duty. >> let's bring in michael allen, former republican staff director for the house intelligence committee, he also served on the national security council under jb jb jgeorge w. bush. thanks for taking a few minutes. you know the house committee really well. have the senate intelligence committee moving in today, bipartisan leaders with this press conference. on the house side, it looks stalled. obviously there's the controversy around nunes. he says he's going to get things going again by around easter. a few weeks from now. let me ask you, though, knowing that committee so well, knowing the politics of this, is it feasible for nunes to restart things in a few weeks and still pull off an investigation by that committee that is considered credible by both sides of the aisle? >> well, look, it's going to be really hard but i think he could put things back on track.
1:42 pm
it's not too late. i think what wl happen here is that a lot of members in the house, especially those on the intelligence committee, probably looked over at the senate today and thought to themselves, wow, we need to get into this game, we need to get into the act, we need to sort of improve our image and play a role in what could be a historic investigation. the senators over today on the senate intelligence committee, their message was really everyone stay calm, we've got this. and so i think that message is probably resonating among a lot of members who are worried about russian interference and i think the house may respond accordingly. >> i wonder what you make of what former senator bob kerrey said on our show earlier today, he said, look, whether it's this house committee or the senate committee, this is not the proper venue for an investigation this complicated and this time consuming. he said there needs to be an independent commission and these committees really should be
1:43 pm
working on more pressing matters of national security concerns. does he have a poibnt there? >> he's speaking as a former 9/11 commissioner where that was the mode of operation chosen in the 2000s which was to go with inge independent commission. i'm not sure yet especially after the wonderful performance today from senators that we're to the stage yet where we need an independent commission. it may be that the senate does a very responsible job, much like the joint inquiry did looking into 9/11 then it's still necessary later down the road for a deeper look. i think as far as things go for now with as little as we do know, although there are a lot of questions, i think it's appropriate for the senate to take it on. their message basically today was we've got the track record, we got the horsepower and we've got the staff to begin to take a serious look at this and ought to give them a chance. >> mark warner, top democrat in committee said something interesting today, seemed to
1:44 pm
suggest that part of their investigation to have a thorough investigation would require donald trump's tax returns. obviously something democrats, the media were demanding during the campaign. he did not cough them up then, has not since coughed them up. we only have one return from one year that's come to light. one 1040 form. do you think there's something to what he's says there or is that a little bit of political postu posturing? >> you know, i thought that was the only moment where you saw a little bit of politics creep in. i think the president feels like this issue was litigated during the campaign. i did see a little bit of unity, though, on getting the necessary documentation out of the intelligence community. they essentially had an implicit warning there which is if we aren't getting the documents we need out of the intelligence agencies, the u.s. government, you're going to hear from us. that's a threat to say, they're going to go public and put tremendous pressure on the president and executive branch, if they don't get the
1:45 pm
intelligence they node eed to d serious investigation. >> michael allen, was republican house director for the intelligence committee. thank you. >> thank you. meanwhile, after taking an office in the white house, excuse me, ivanka trump now has a new role. more on that next. befi was active.gia, i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain.
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whether it's connecting one of or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. campuses. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. all right. some breaking news out of the white house we want to let you know about. nbc news now confirming that president trump's daughter, ivanka, is officially a federal employee. ivanka trump will take on the role of special assistant to the president. she had previously until now been an informal adviser. her husband, jared kushner, senior adviser to the president. the white house says ivanka trump will serve as an unpaid employee and follow the same rules as other government employees. she already has an office in the west wing of the white house. up next, you are going to want to stay tuned for this. the one, the only larry king.
1:49 pm
he returns to the show. we had him here before. it was about a year ago. last time he was here, his friend, donald trump, was in midst of a republican presidential primaries. we weren't sure if he'd be the nominee. now he is the president. larry king last year said he was as surprised as anyone by the rise of trump. >> he says, i think i'm going do it. and i went back to the people i was sitting with, i said, he said he's going to run. they're, nah, he's not going to run, he's going to say he's going to run. i think he got caught up in the swell. it was almost, okay, i'm in the ring, i'll see how it goes. and now, and now i think he wants to stop. >> he didn't even expect this at the beginning. that it was going to take off like that. >> no, how could he have expected it? >> all right. he's now president trump. larry king is here. what does he make of the first few months of the new president? let's see after this. i know, we need to talk about this. it's time. it is a big decision for us...
1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
donald trump is not only one of my oldest dearest friends, he is also an american success story. when he graduated college, he put his shoulder to the wheel, nose to the grind stone, borrowed $6 million from his father and started his career. >> that was larry king in 2011 poking fun at the man who is now president of the united states. that was the comedy central roast donald trump six years ago. if there's anyone who knows trump well, it is larry king. the two have known each other for decades. and the one and only larry king hosting larry king now.
1:54 pm
before we begin, you are here celebrating a very special milestone. 60 years in broadcasting. congratulations of. >> retracing all my steps, where i grew up, the high school where i went to, lafayette. you're from brooklyn original. >> miami, may 1, 1957. 60 years ago, on a small little station in miami beach. i'llng down to miami. relive all those steps. >> were you spinning records? were you a deejay? >> swinging down the lane, i was scared to death but i managed to get through it. i never thought i would be on worldwide television. who ever knew of satellites? crazy. so i pinch myself every day. i consider it a reward. this is a blessing. we don't own these cameras, you know. other people own them. so it is a gift that we have them. and i always appreciate it.
1:55 pm
i think there's a great career. nothing like broadcasting. >> you couldn't anticipate and no one could what television would become. i think also you couldn't anticipate donald trump, a guy you have known, you have had on your show. he is president of the united states. is that one of those things, you still find yourself saying, is this real? >> i've interviewed seven presidents. this is the president i've known the bes because i've known him for so many years. i've been to the super bowl with him. i've been, when he was married to his second wife. i went and watched her perform with him. i went with him to watch her on broadway. i shared many dinners with him. when aid little procedure in new york hospital, he took my wife out to dinner. always been close. we spoke a lot when he was running. >> do you speak to him now? i haven't heard from him since he was elected. but i'm amazed. and i think he learned a lesson, steve. i think the defeat on the health bill has taught him, one, that
1:56 pm
he is now a politician. he is not -- he can't get out of that. he is a politician. he is not in the business for profit anymore. this is a country, it's a government. he has to work together. the former tea party, those oups that now call themselves the freedom, they won't work with him because they don't believe in him. any national health care program. >> do you have a sense, a lot of people, he was out there saying, he was saying a lot of provocative things in the campaign. some people say, look. he is just going to do a bidding of the tea party as president. others say, no, he has very dift idea. others say he has no ideology. is there a core politically do donald trump? i've known him all these years, i don't know. for a long time i thought he was liberal. he donated to hillary clinton. he was for a single payer health system.
1:57 pm
he didn't like george w. bush. he opposed the iraq war. he may have said he fared it but ever since i knew him, he was against it. so he was a modest republican or a centrist democrat. i think he sees it. he learned a lesson here, i think. >> during the transition at trump tower, they had the camera from c-span that was trained on the lobby and all these dignitaries and people going up the elevator. at one point you paid a visit to trump tower. what did that mean during the transition? >> the truth? i was going from my hotel to get my hair done. to get a little hair cut. and it was a shortcut to cut through trump tower. so i stop there'd. i thought if he was in, i would say hello but he wasn't in. so they interview me. and they said where are you going? i said i'm going on get a hair cut. now you can't even walk down the street. >> it is completely closed.
1:58 pm
>> the world is different in new york. >> it always is. let me ask you. your show right now, you're affiliated. this has gotten a lot of attention. tv is where you work right now, they have this contractual relationship with rt. >> i'll tell you what it is. >> people bring that up and mention it. what do you say to it? >> it is a licensing agreement. i don't work for rt. they're great people. i get along with them but i don't work for them. i work for aura. aura sells the licensing to rt. rt pays to carry the show. and i will tell you this. we do politicking their twice a week i would say that nine out of ten times, putin is criticized. sometimes harshly. just yesterday, and they never edit it. so they have never, they may be a government controlled rt but i
1:59 pm
would never subject it. if they edited me, i would not be on. >> what do you make of the whole question of trump and russia? there are investigations now, all sorts of theories. is the campaign coordinating with the russians? do you look at it and say there might be smoke? >> i'm puzzled. sure. there might be fire and there should be an independent investigation. i agreed what your previous guests were saying. this can't be left to the house and the senate alone. it has to be an independent investigation. something is wrong. and i don't know why donald has never criticized putin. while many senators do. >>er people have noticed that. >> i'm puzzled by that. so yes. in fact, the president should want it. don't you think he would want to clean the air in. >> that's what a lot of people are asking. >> as for rt, they've never interfered with my show ever. >> larry king, congratulations. 60 years in broadcasting. thank you for stopping by. >> i'll be back next year for
2:00 pm
the skunlt. let's make it an annual tradition. you are on. that will do it for this hour in new york. a reminder, just over an hour from now. lindsey graham will be on with greta van susteren. if it's wednesday, it's all about that base. tonight, under obstruction. >> democrats have begun. democrats built a constructive plan to block the president's agenda? or could it come crashing down? plus, the senate intel panel pushes forward on russia. >> vladimir putin's goal is a weaker united states. >> but don't dare conflate it with the house investigation. >> let me set the ground rules real quick. we will not take questions on the house intelligence committee. >> and election blind spot. the surprising reason ideas some


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