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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  March 30, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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remember to follow the show on-line and facebook, follow andrea on twitter @mitchellreporters i'm at @peter alexander. craig melvin is up. >> not too tough at all, thank you. and a good thursday to you. craig melvin here from msnbc headquarters in new york city. another busy day on capitol hill, though. party's over. president trump threatening his own party with a mid term fight if they don't fall in line. what happens now? russian probe the senate intelligence committee holding its first -- holding its first hearing on those allegations that russia tampered with the presidential election and daughter in chief, ivanka trump now an official federal employee. she won't get a paycheck, but is it still a serious conflict of interest? we'll get to that in a bit. first two big stories happening right now, there is of course that senate intel intelligence
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committee on russian interference in the 2016 campaign. they are on their lunch break right now. at the same time, president trump has publicly threatened a faction inside his own party and promised to fight them. what's happening? what it all means. we're all over it with our team of correspondent the and analysts. kelly o'donnell at the white house, kasie hunt on capitol hill, robert costa national political reporter at "the washington post" and msnbc chief correspondent ari melber. kelly, start with you, president trump threatening to go to war with conservatives tell us about the threat and how we got here? >> craig, the president has never been shy about using the power of his megaphone, whether that is twitter or his appearances in public, and he chose to use his twitter feed to take on the freedom caucus, that most conservative group who was part of the problem in getting the health care repeal passed, not the entire cause, but certainly the white house is putting more blame on that
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conservative group as opposed to the moderates who also bailed on their support. the president tweeting today, the freedom caucus will hurt the entire republican agenda if they don't get on the team and fast. we must fight them and dems in 2018. there's a lot packed in there. 2018, a reference to the midterms. wanting to hold the republican majorities presumably is behind that. taking on dems, that's interesting since the president has also been talking about working with democrats, especially when he had members of the senate over to the white house earlier in the week, and talking about the idea of building some consensus around health care including democrats. so some mixed messages from the president. but to name and to call out the freedom caucus in some ways it's sort of a welcome to the club, mr. president. john boehner has tried that, speaker ryan has tried that, and it has been difficult. they are a group of house conservatives who especially when they didn't have all of the power of holding the white
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house, the senate and house of representatives, could be the most sort of the agitating group, hold conservative principles and being unyielding. will this draw out any support from them? that's hard to imagine given sort of the personalities in that caucus within a conference and so for the president, he is certainly going to try to at least shine a light on their opposition and maybe that will reflect on to some of the constituents in those freedom caucus districts. >> kelly o., correct me if i'm wrong didn't president trump meet with some of these conservative groups. >> oh, yes. >> last night, the night before? >> and he has met with them a number of times and many of them will say, somewhat positive things about him at the same time some of the initial reports we've seen after this tweet, was a little bit of sort of giving back the same sort of schoolyard elbow back to the president. these members of the house believe very strongly that they have it right as far as
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conservative ideas go. they have been more immune, not all of them, but some of the most ar dent ones are not about compromising. they believe there's been too much of that over time. we've seen some members of that caucus, freedom caucus, maybe say, perhaps, they don't want to be as associated with it anymore. some of the conservative members of the house. we've seen a little bit of disease as well after the health care repeal didn't go anywhere. >> what's the man who runs the house saying about all of this, paul ryan? >> another sort of difficult set of questions for paul ryan today at his regular news conference. he was asked about this unruly group of house conservatives and what the president has had to say with it. in an interview with cbs the speakerer saying if they keep going down this path they will have to work with democrats to get something past which is what the president has been alluding
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to. take a look at how powaul ryan answered today. >> what i'm encouraging members to do is keep talking with each other until we get the consensus to pass this bill. it's understandable the president is frustrated we haven't gotten to where we need to go. he is expressing his frustration. you know he does that in various forms, including twitter. and i understand his frustration. >> and, of course, the speaker has been pushing the president to try to make a deal with just republicans in the house, but as he also acknowledged today, about 90% of their members where they need to be and in support of the potential health care bill they were trying to push forward but they're missing the 10%, that freedom caucus that has frustrated all of the conservative efforts to do it. there was a thinking having a republican president would change that dynamic but so far it hasn't. >> robert costa, always good to have you, sir. thanks for being with me. what are you hearing about all of this?
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are conservatives going to get on board or is this just going to push them even farther away? >> well they don't really have the incentive to get on board if you're a hardliner in a place like north carolina, as like mark meadows the chairman of the freedom caucus winning by big numbers in your district. you're not scared of the president or the white house. they said we're willing to send air force one anywhere. going after trump or not agreeing with his agenda maybe, in their words, the smell of the gasoline, the jet fuel n air force one, will be clarifying and wake you up and back trump. there's real agitation on pennsylvania avenue about the republican colleagues in the congress. >> so the president's not just talking about some sort of passive attack if you will. we're talking about a president of the united states actually swooping in to some of these districts, perhaps, in 2018, and actively campaigning against these people?
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>> the white house in background conversations with me today, is certainly threatening that. i have not seen a coherent plan or some kind of action blueprint about how they're going to go after different people but they're talking about it. >> kasie, another senate intelligence committee hearing, what did we learn this morning? >> craig, this is the sort of back half of what we started to see this morning where they have experts testifying as the senate investigation rolls under way. before we talk about that, we have some new information in from this house side, the congressman adam schiff who met with devin nunez as they try to unwind this kind of partisan feud that the two of them have engaged in and that has really cast questions about the credibility of their investigation. take a look at what schiff had to say earlier today. >> i'm determined that this investigation go forward, whatever obstacle we may encounter. it's just too important otherwise.
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and i think the step we have to take right now is to figures out okay, are we in agreement on next steps, what hearings are we going to have, what witnesses are we going to call, we also did discuss the fact that we need to obtain documents before we have the witnesses come in so that we can be well prepared and have, you know, a full outline of the questions we need to ask each witness. so that was really the heart of our discussion. >> have you talked -- >> but, of course, we do know that the credibility has been questioned and i think it's possible that they're not going to recover from that. it was enough that, of course, senators burr and warner have gone to some lengths to show in public that they are trying to basically maintain the credibility and to show demonstrate they are doing this in a bipartisan way in an effort in some ways, kind of to diminish the calls for an independent prosecutor or a special commission or something along those lines that would, of course, take some of this work out of their hands. so if you want to take a look in
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contrast, here are senator burr and senator warner. >> they look like they enjoy each other's company yesterday. >> we're all part of a sophisticated and capable adversary and we must engage in a whole of government approach to combat russian active measures. the vice chairman and i realize if we politicize this effort our efforts will likely fail. >> this is not innuendo or false allegations. this is not fake news. this is actually what happened to us. >> reporter: and the one witness we did see that i think actually was relatively newsy is somebody who said look, the president, the commander in chief himself, seems to absorb what are called active measures from the russians during the course of the campaign, saying things from stages at campaign rallies that were actually information that the russians had generated and then, of course, also saying to senator marco rubio, we think you actually were affected by what the russians were doing as
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well in some of the conversations throughout the course of his senate race. so some interesting new information there as well. >> all right. kasie, thank you. let's talk ivanka trump for a moment. she is now a non-paid federal employee working for her father there in the white house. the white house says this is their attempt to answer some of the ethics questions that have been raised. is it ethical now and is it smart? >> it's not smart. it addresses the ethics questions but not the conflicts. you think about bob marlee, in the song "roots" when he said can't separate us from our father, you know blood, is thicker than water. and that's the issue here. blood is thick, a good father isn't going to want to em bare ras, humiliate or hurt his daughter. the reason the congress passed the statute banning these kind of promotions in almost all federal jobs not because they thought people would be bad fathers, they thought they would be good fathers and want what's
10:11 am
best for their daughter and a conflict between being a federal superior, in this case the president, and having an employee who is your family member. that how applies across the board. if they were trying to make ivanka trump the commerce secretary it would be illegal. they found a loophole that gets them on the right side of the law but not conflict, craig. >> what's this in about in terms of having ivanka trump inside the white house? if it is a situation where donald trump values his daughter's opinion on matters, why not just pick up the phone a few times a day and ask that opinion? why is it imperative that you have an office in the west wing, that you have a security clearance? what's this really about? >> as i've spoken to the president numerous times looking back at his business career think about it. he's always run a family organization. he's 70 years old. he knows how to run a family organization. wit a global company, but it was not some kind of major corporation in the traditional
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corporate sense. he's now returning to a format of governing that was just like the format he enjoyed when he ran a business. this is his comfort having his family and loyalists around him. whether or not that's appropriate or whether that's the best way to govern that's for our people to decide. this is certainly the way the president is comfortable operating. >> is it also, perhaps, a bit about maybe positioning his daughter for some sort of run for office down the road? >> she has not spoken of those political ambitions in a direct way. but by engaging in the white house and being a government employee, if she's unpaid, she's wading into those waters in some respects, but the president looking back years and in recent weeks, he always talks about ivanka as the future of trump. whether that's political, business, social, he sees his daughter ivanka and jared kushner as the future of the brands in whatever context that is. >> robert costa, we will have to
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leave it there. thank you. ari, thanks. kelly o. and kasie thanks as well. to our pulse question of the day, the white house says ivanka trump's new role is not nepotism because she won't get paid. do you agree? the pulse is live. you can cast your vote at we'll check your results later in the broadcast. questions about ivanka trump's new role at the white house, almost sure to come up at the daily white house press briefing. sean spicer's daily back and forth with reporters, about 15, 17 minutes away if they are on schedule. vladimir putin continues to adamantly deny that russia meddled in the presidential election and today knocked it down again, quoting a former american president. we'll go live to moscow. ss be ry when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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today russian president vladimir putin once again pushed back against claims that he meddled in the u.s. presidential election. putin accused the u.s. of using moscow to play politics and he dismissed allegations of meddling as, quote, endless and groundless happening at an arctic frum in russia today where we find keir simmons. what else did mr. putin have to say, keir? >> well, in one sense he was kind of threatening seeming to suggest that really it was anti-russian sentiment in america that was causing the
10:18 am
issue and describing those kind of people as warmongers and the other sense, craig, he seemed to be trying to reach out, saying that he would be interested in meeting with president trump, perhaps even before the g-20 which is expected later this year. but the crucial question as ever, of course, was whether -- how he views these allegations that russia intervened in the u.s. elections. take a look at how he responded to that, responding to a host -- host event from our sister network cnbc. take a listen. >> so mr. president, i just want to be very clear about this, you and the russian government did -- never tried to influence the outcome of the u.s. presidential election and there will be no evidence found? >> translator: ronald reagan once debating about taxes and addressings the americans said,
10:19 am
said watch my lips, no. watch my lips, no. >> reporter: the irony, of course, is that it wasn't president reagan, it was president george h.w. who said watch my lips, no new tax, and we know how that ended up. it was an unfortunate analogy for the russian president to make. but while he was trying to say was, deny, deny, deny, it does seem as if president putin determined not to take any responsibility for russia's actions in this case and to just say that this is all about politics and about blaming moscow. >> those denials, of course, coming despite more than a dozen intelligence agencies in this country saying otherwise. keir simmons for us there, keir, thank you. i want to bring in the former fbi double agent, also the author of "how to catch a russian spy." matt miller justice department
10:20 am
spokesman under attorney general eric holder and michael mcfall, former u.s. ambassador russia, and also an msnbc contributor when we have an ambassador with him we like to start with him or her, mr. ambassador. >> i like that, craig. >> i think it's a good rule. you heard mr. putin there with another firm no when asked if russia meddled in the election. we know it's not believable, but in terms of what else he could say, i guess he's sort of in a box. he has to continue to deny this? >> yes, of course, he does. and remember, he's speaking to that russian audience. he's not speaking to you and i. he doesn't care about the facts of the sb intelligence committee and he got a big applause line as you just heard. so remember, he's going to continue to deny this. he's denied many other things that russia has done, by the way. this is consistent behavior from the russian president. >> matt, as you know, the senate intelligence committee convened
10:21 am
to look into russia's role in the election. this is from clint watts from the foreign institute policy on national security part of his testimony. >> it's definitely a part of the cold war system that we knew 20, 30 years ago. americans should be concerned because right now, a foreign country, whether they realize it or not, is pitting them against their neighbor, other political parties, ramping up divisions based on things that aren't true. >> i want to start with where he started there, are we in for another cold war, matt? >> well, not if the president continues to buddy up to russia. one of the things that i think that the senate is looking at is, is how russia interfered in our election and i think the striking thing is that while president obama, obviously, retaliated and enforced some new sanctions on russia, the trump administration deny, deny, denied finally admitted before
10:22 am
the president took office that russia did intervene, so there can only be a cold war if our interests are adverse to each other. while they are, it's not sure the president agrees with that conclusion. >> the intel committee chair said this morning, quote, we are all targets of a sophisticated adversary. what do we know about precisely how capable, how sophisticated the russian spying apparatus is, how much damage can it cause? >> well, you know, as someone who lived through it, look, just to kind of piggyback quickly on what matt said, i think that for the russians the cold war never ended for them. that's what we're seeing. the soviet union may have collapse butsds they're up to their old tricks. an intelligence apparatus quite sophisticated and good and two separate silos. one is sort of the fake news hacking as we saw, but the less is the other part is the less public one, their simple ability using human beings to recruit assets and i think that the
10:23 am
second part of this russian attack was actually targeting u.s. persons with a goal of essentially recruiting them turning them into russian, you know, directed assets. i think that's a very, very dangerous trap that they've pushed very aggressive on. >> to radicalize people? is that what you're saying? >> no. not to radicalize. this whole idea of collusion when it comes to russian intelligence is the wrong term. russia doesn't seek to collude with their assets. if they recruit u.s. as a spy or asset their job is to control you, through manipulation. so what we saw with contact, i think, was actually a russian operation with the intent of essentially trying to recruit u.s. persons. >> by blackmailing them? >> no. i don't think necessarily through blackmailing. you've heard the term manipulation, the cia uses, essentially look, for me, for example, it took the russians two years to get to the point where they were saying, we want you to collect on these specific weapons systems. it's a very slow dance, but i think at the end of the day,
10:24 am
what the russians buy is not information, they are actually out to recruit people. i think contact with flynn, contact with manafort, potentially contact with stone, shows a very directed campaign to essentially bring in those people to be directed assets of the russian government. >> mr. ambassador, intel committee member republican susan collins of maine, emphasized that the real threat here continues to be vladimir putin himself. this is part of what she said. >> the russian protests over the weekend, yielded appalling pictures of people being carted away and who knows under the putin regime whether we'll ever see those individuals again. he is an authoritarian thug. i can't imagine anyone speaking well of him. >> it has been reported that mr. putin initially wanted to meet with president trump early on in his administration. the white house declined that
10:25 am
meeting. now it doesn't appear to be clear whether they will actually meet ahead of the g-20 summit in july. what can we expect moving forward between mr. putin and mr. trump in terms of a working relationship? >> well, it's really too early to tell because we don't know what the trump administration policy is towards russia. they haven't defined it. they haven't had the interagency policy review. lots of very senior people in his government disagree about what to do about vladimir putin. some speak like the president, the president wants to just get along and fight isis, others speaks like senator collins, that sees him as a threat. remember, when you quoted him earlier and he said this is because of anti-russian sentiment in america, it's not anti-russian sentiment it's anti-putin sentiment because he intervened in our election. that needs to be pushed back. for my point of view.
10:26 am
but the question for the trump administration is they don't yet have a policy. they've been too distracted with other matters. >> to be clear, ambassador, this idea that putin interfered in our election, is that a view that is shared by many russians or the minority view there? >> most russians don't accept it. most russians think about it as american propaganda designed to stop trump from embracing and engaging with putin. at least that's what the russian media reports and remember, the media is heavily, almost fully controlled by the russian state. >> what about rtv? >> rtv too. rt you mean? >> yes, yes. >> rt, yeah. >> matt -- >> also controlled by the russian state. >> the intel committee coming back this afternoon. appeared to start today in a spirit of cooperation. meanwhile, chaos continues to
10:27 am
rule the day in the lower chamber when it comes to this investigation. do we expect that the senate is going to be able to maintain that spirit of cooperation? >> it seems like they are for now. i think it's nice to see some adults actually taking over here. if you go back a few weeks, remember that chairman burr and chairman nunez both kind of touched a hot stove at the same time. they both had this incident where at the white house's behest they were getting on the phones with reporters to squash stories in a way a lot of people saw as inappropriate. chairman burr touched the hot stove and decided he didn't like being burned and has changed the way he's conducted the investigation. chairman nunez touched the hot stove and for some reason decided to stick his head in the oven. and you've seen chaos result in the house. it's nice to see the senate partly because of what happened to senator burr, and partly watching the disarray in the house, conduct a different investigation and they're committed to getting to the
10:28 am
bottom of what they can. >> always good to have you, sir, thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> death to repeal. the north carolina legislature voting on that repeal of the controversial bathroom bill. it has passed the upper chamber, passed the state senate a short time ago. while many gay advocates aren't happy about it. just a few moments away from white house press secretary sean spicer holding that daily briefing. ♪
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a north carolina controversial bathroom bill may be on it ways out. late this morning the senate passed a repeal of hb2 which blocks transgender people from using public bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. not everyone is happy about this repeal bill. msnbc's mariana a tencio is in raleigh. what are people saying there? >> craig, we do not know what's next. i mean this replacement bill to replace hb2, it's being debated in the very heated way in the house floor behind me. congressmen have been debating almost two hours now, and i was
10:33 am
just in there. it was almost like hearing a ping-pong, for, against, but definitely in the end, more house members speaking against repealing hb2 and replacing it with this house bill 142. you have opposition in there coming from both ends of the spectrum. lawmakers who basically do not want to repeal hb2, and then lawmakers who are more progressive and want to repeal it but don't agree with the replacement bill. it is essentially because this replacement bill will allow transgender people to use the rest room with -- that coincides with the gender identity they identify with but it will leave the final say of multistall rest rooms in the hands of the state, for one, and secondly, it would also prohibit cities from issuing their own nondiscriminatory ordinances until 2020. they will probably go into their separate caucuses to keep
10:34 am
discussing this. the debate has been heated. some of the things that some of the lawmakers were opposing or were saying in there. one said, we're pushing a rush bill that nobody knows the ramifications of. several house members, craig, said, the bill is on the floor today because the ncaa says it is, making reference to the fact that the push to repeal hb2 is coinciding to the fact that the ncaa is deciding where they will hold the next events during the next five years, and then finally another house member said, you know, it's time to move past this. i don't think we're going to get this chance again. definitely a sense of urgency, but no doubt, a sense that this replacement bill is a compromise bill of sorts so we don't know at this point where this will end up. craig? >> mariana for us this afternoon in north carolina, thank you. we have some breaking news right now. and for that we turn to peter alexander who is standing by for us in the white house briefing
10:35 am
room. ahead of this daily briefing. and this is something that mr. spicer is most certainly going to be asked about, peter, this report that's surfaced in "the new york times" it was two white house officials that actually helped give devin nunez the intelligence reports. what more do we know? >> yeah, craig, you're right. this scoop first coming from "the new york times" moments ago, what sean spicer will certainly be pressed on through the course of this news conference coming up right now. it's important because when chairman devin nunez came to the white house a week ago and met privately with these individuals in one of the secure compartmentalized locations here on the white house grounds, he then came back the next day to brief the president. all of this has raised questions about his impartiality, about his independence from the white house right now. sean spicer at this very podium just a matter of days ago said it didn't pass the smell test to think nunez would come here to the white house to get that information and then come back to brief the president if the president had already known about it.
10:36 am
he's pushed back on this fiercely over the course of several days. he also hasn't provided any information about who the source is of that information or even who signed chairman nunez in at the time. the reporting according to the "new york times" identifies these two individuals as a man by the name of isra cohen wasnick who works as a senior director for intelligence at the national security council and a second individual by the man named of michael ellis who works for the national security council now but worked for the house intelligence committee. that's where things stand right now. those are the questions that we'll be pressing sean spicer on to see if they have any amendment to the previous comments they've had and, of course, the conversation will then be redirected to chairman nunez as he suggests it's the democrats who have been stalling this investigation, but it's his own independence and impartiality that's been called into question here. >> we're talking about this "new york times" report. revealing it was the white house, white house officials rather, that helped give the house intel chair devin nunez
10:37 am
the surveillance reports. we have not been able to independently confirm this report. nbc news has not been able to confirm it. this coming from the white house, breaking five minutes ago. in the times article a white house spokesperson did decline to comment. this press briefing set to start any moment now, this will undoubtedly be the big story today in that briefing room. we will go back it to the briefing room when that starts. first, though, some choice words coming from former president george w. bush on his reaction to president trump's inaugural address. that speech that many called dark and ominous for parts like this. >> rusted out factories, scattered like tomb stones across the landscape of our nation. this american carnage stops
10:38 am
right here, and stops right now. >> well, so "new york" magazine is citing three anonymous sources who were there and say that former president george w. bush gave a brief assessment. he was leaving the days you, essentially asked, hey, mr. president, what did you think of that? his response was, quote, that was some weird you can fill in the blank there. a spokesman for the former president has declined to comment. let's see what you're saying about today's pulse question. we were asking the white house says ivanka trump's new role is not nepotism because she won't get paid. do you agree. that was the question so far. it's a bit lopsided op this thursday afternoon. 98% of you say no, there's still time to weigh in. it's we love to hear what you think. will president trump abandon conservatives in his party to work with democrats. illinois democratic congressman, he'll weigh in and we are again
10:39 am
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10:43 am
congressman, always go ahead to have you. >> thanks. >> start with this breaking news, this "new york times" report that it was two white house officials that actually gave congressman devin nunez, of course, as you know, the chair of the house intell committee, these two white house officials that actually provided the intel that revealed that president trump and perhaps his associates, were incidentally swept up by this surveillance by u.s. spy agencies. what do you make of that? >> well, here, first i was on the intelligence committee for six years, so i can tell you, that we can walk right downstairs and we have a secure room there where the information could have been given. but then we would have known it was information from the intelligence community. i don't know about you but here's what i was led to believe, someone had given this information to the chairman of the intelligence committee and then he felt compelled the next day to take it to the white house. but if he got it at the white house why did he feel compelled
10:44 am
to take it. bottom line, democracy and free clean transparent elections, fair elections, are synonymous with america. this is a tarnish that i believe calls, it just screams and yells out, why don't we hire a well-established, respected republican prosecutor, with a well-established, democratic prosecutor, have them convene a special commission and get to the bottom of this. look, if the -- if it was alleged that the president of the united states had stolen from a bank, there would be an investigation outside the congress of the united states. i think what has been demonstrated thus far is that this is an investigation that cannot be left in the politicians in the house or in the senate as much goodwill as there would be because i believe the people of the united states are demanding an investigation and that it be thorough and one that they can be respectful of the outcome of.
10:45 am
>> we are, again, as we have this conversation, waiting on the daily white house briefing. if it starts my apologies in advance. >> we'll be back tomorrow. >> that's right. i do want to talk to you about this immigration fight. >> sure. >> because you're apparently taking it right to speaker paul ryan's backyard, you are going to be attending as i understand it, a rally this weekend, speaking at this immigration rally. why now? >> we should have actually started yesterday. never before, has there been such fear and such -- we've advocated the values that make america. there was the muslim. first it wasn't a muslim ban but we know several federal judges have said it's a muslim ban, mr. president. that's anti-american. this sweeps in our community. i met, melvin, a 12 and 13-year-old beautiful -- two beautiful little girls, they're sisters they came and met with
10:46 am
me today. they lost their dad. the dad was dropping them off at school. the dad was not a criminal. he was a good father and those american citizen children no longer have their dad. this is happening all over america. you've got five to 6 million american citizen children who have one or both parents undocumented. they're working, right, contributing. why don't we give them a way to get right with the law instead of using our resources to terrorize those children and to terrorize communities across this nation. there's a better way to get this done than to use the anti-immigrant edge that this administration has been just putting on the immigrant community. so here's what i think. think about it, i once stood, april 2013, paul ryan and i, stood together, in chicago, at the civic club for comprehensive immigration reform. where is that speaker today? >> that speaker -- >> beholden to donald trump and
10:47 am
his anti-immigrant. they have changed so much and we have to protect the community. >> that speaker you referenced you may have seen or heard earlier today, he was asked in an interview about moving forward on health care and he said that he was worried that president trump, if freedom caucus members didn't come around, the president would start working with democrats. is there something on which you can see yourself working with the president? >> sure. let me j descridescribe how i ck with the president of the united states. if we took obamacare, i don't mibds calling it obamacare, took the aca, and let everybody -- to
10:48 am
include people who have been excluded and left planned parenthood alone i can work with president donald trump on expanding health care for the american people. the affordable care act, needs an improvement and needs to be modified. so that we can include more people and grant more people health care. if he wants to do that, i'm ready to sit down. the hundreds of billions in save whags do they want to do with them. they want to give to the rich. i have another solution. look, why don't we legalize 11 million people, allow them to come out of the shadow, register with the federal government, learn english, learn about
10:49 am
becoming an american citizen, get their fingerprints taken and give them a work permit. guess what that creates, hundreds of billions in new revenue to the american government and then we can do something positive at the same time. >> congressman gutierrez of illinois, thank you for your time sir. >> breaking news right now as well. more breaking news on this afternoon, this on the effort to repeal the controversial bathroom law in north carolina. an update since that live report just a few minutes ago. we also continue to keep our eye on the white house briefing room. sean spicer, the press secretary, running just a bit late. we'll bring that to you live when it starts. take 5, guys. tired of your bladder always cutting into your day? you may have overactive bladder, or oab. that's it! we really need to get with the program and see the doctor.
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breaking news now on the effort to repeal north carolina's controversial bathroom bill. msnbc's mariana atencio is in raleigh, north carolina. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the house basically voting to repeal hb2 and replace the bathroom bill, house bill 142. they basically took a concurrence vote, which means they can only vote once, and the reappalachianment biplacement b other one i told you about before passed 70-8. it went to governor bill cooper for his signature. this is a victory for the governor.
10:54 am
he was one of the key figures in brokering an agreement with the republican leadership here, and they made that announcement last night in support of this replacement, and of course his replacement to hb2 is what helped him get elected in the first place. but craig, many lgbt activists here, they're not happy with the result. they say this is an appeal in name only. we spoke to someone from the acou who also said they're hand-delivering a note to the governor's mansion right now asking for the governor to veto this replacement bill. i want us to talk to chris grove. he is from equality north carolina. chris, why do you oppose this replacement bill and why is this not a victory for lgbt activists? >> it's not a victory because we really didn't do anything to appeal the house bill 142. it continues to say, to vibrant cities and towns across the state of north carolina that they can't protect their most
10:55 am
vulnerable lgbt citizens with vital non-discrimination protection for four years. that's a very long time, especially for transgender people who are at immediate risk for harm. and it continues to keep north carolina the only place in the country that is obsessed with transgender people using the restroom. this isn't a victory for anyone, but especially for the lgbt community. >> i want to stress that this bill would still leave the bathrooms up to the state. it would be up to them. they would have the last word. chris, i wanted to ask you. i was talking to craig before and there seemed to be a lot of opposition on the house floor for this vote. what do you think changed their minds? >> the governor had asked them to do so because of the economic harm done to the state. it would do the governor well to remember that economic harm is coming to north carolina because of the underlying discrimination. this is about the fact the lgbt community stood up and said, we
10:56 am
can't do this. we can't bring business to a place that discriminates and that puts our people at direct risk for harm and violence, and so by keeping a bill that discriminates against lgbt people, by doubling down on that discrimination and passing hb 2.0, it doesn't open north carolina back up for business. but i think what did it was a strong push from the governor even though a lot of people didn't want to do this. >> as you heard, this replacement bill a compromise of sorts. that was even the wording used by the senate leader phil berger here, saying a compromise is difficult for both sides, but that is the sense we're getting here today in north carolina. >> mariana atencio for us in raleigh, north carolina. hb 2. from that story to the other big story of the day. this report going to likely be the heading in the house in the briefing room. sean spicer taking the podium
10:57 am
now. >> before i get to the events of today, there are a few items i want to update you on, things that have happened since our last briefing yesterday. the president spoke with prime minister alibadi of iraq to thank them for their agreement on march 20. yesterday he also notified congress that a national emergency declared executive order 13694 regarding malicious cyber attacks will continue past april 21st, 2017. as you know, this notification is required by statute in order to extend the national emergency that the past administration declared. the president believes this significant cyber-enabled activities continue to pose unusual and extraordinary threat to our national security and economic prosperity. therefore, he has determined that it was necessary to continue this national emergency. last night a federal judge in hawaii put an indefinite hold on the president's executive order that was issued on national security. the department of justice is
10:58 am
reviewing the ruling and is considering the best way to defend the president's lawful and necessary order. this ruling is just the latest step that will allow the administration to appeal. just a week ago, the u.s. district court and the eastern district of virginia upheld the president's order on the merits. the white house firmly believes that this order is lawful and necessary and will ultimately allow it to move forward. this morning we announced that the president will host president xi of china in mar-a-lago on april 6th and 7th. the president looks forward to meeting with president xi and exchanging views on each other's priorities and to charter forward as bilateral nations. they will discuss trade and national security. now on to the business of today. the president had a meeting with secretary mnuchin. the secretary, along with the council and the president's team of experts has been meeting with and hearing with stake holders
10:59 am
on all sides of the tax reform debate. tax reform has been a piece of the economic agenda in his campaign. the team is waiting for the best option for a plan that will provide middle class tax relief to make american businesses more competiti competitive. enacting the first tax reform since 1980 is going to be a serious undertaking and we are at the first stages of this process, beginning to engage with members of congress, policy groups, business leaders, industry, constituents from around the country and other sta stakeholders. tax reform has been part of the political discussion for years, and accordingly many have lots of ideas for it. we continue to hear from them. he will listen to people who support and oppose the various policy options as they all sit on the table because the president is devoted to delivering results that the american people and american businesses will be able to see and feel in their paychecks. on the hill this morning, the president was glad that the nomination of his secretary of
11:00 am
agriculture sonny purdue. although he's disappointed to see that democratic senators who first expressed their support for albert acosta, they seem to have stuck to a party line vote. the president looks forward to having him officially on the team and in the cabinet as soon as possible. also this morning the department of commerce and first responder network authority, firstnet, announced that at&t will build the first broadband network to first responders. this step was part of the 911 ability to communicate seamlessly across the jurisdiction. it's also a part of the public ability of private and public partnerships to drive innovation and solve some of our busiest problems while growing jobs and growing the economy. the president also had a l


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