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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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but based on their preferences, their personal views or even their political opinions. judge gorsuch is going to serve our people by devoting himself to our be loved constitution. the senate saw this firsthand in hours of judge gorsuch's impressive testimony. >> so, the confirmation process, though, is taking another hit with moderate democrat senator claire mccaskill writing this op ed saying she'll join the fight to filibuster. on the opposite end, senator joe manchin supporting gorsuch, warning lawmakers about that and telling constituents at a town hall yesterday this about the vote. >> he's a conservative person. guess what? the democrats didn't win. so if you think you're going to hold out and they're not going to -- and do it anyway, i'm
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concerned about keeping the 60-vote rule we have to filibuster because maybe they'll give us something totally outrageous the second or third time. >> meanwhile house minority leader nancy pelosi in whether she has any confidence in house committee chair devin nunes and his efforts to continue leading the russia probe. here is what she told my colleague joy read in an interview that will air later. >> i think he no, sir only has lost all credibility. i think he's tarnished the fi he holds, bought discredit to sometng that is a very, very seriousosition in the congress. >> however, the house intel committee chair devin nunes is standing by his decision to share information we learned with president trump. here is what he told our local affiliate in his home district of fresno, california. >> and they're saying he's just too close to give a fair investigation when that investigation might involve the white house.
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do you understand those criticisms? >> i do, but it always goes back to, then who else is going to do it? at the end of the day, someone has to do itment i'm sure that all the republicans in congress voted for president trump. all the democrats voted hillary clinton. that's just how it is. at the end of the day, we're accountable to our voters. like i said, this whole issue that we briefed the president on, that i briefed the president on had nothing to do with russia. >> former trump campaign adviser roger stone is pushing back on claims that he or anybody else in the trump campaign had contacts with russia. here is what he said on "realtime bill maher" last night. >> trump was asked on february 16, can you say whether you are aware that anyone who advised your campaign had contacts with russia, and he said no, nobody that i know of, nobody. so he doesn't know you, doesn't know his son-in-law -- >> no, no. hold on.
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any inference that my communications with lucifer 2.0 constitutes collusion -- >> who said anything about collusion. contacts with russia. he said nobody that i know of. this is just a giant obviously. he knows you, he knows manafort, knows his son-in-law. >> i've had no contact with russia. >> we've got new financial disclosures concerning the trump administration released in the last 12 hours. just how much are ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner worth? i want to go to nbc's kelly o'donnell at the white house. kelly, let's talk about the figure. this is what they say they're worth. what have we learned? >> reporter: this is the kind of paperwork at's a requirement for anyone working in thehite house to submit, a very detailed finaial disclosure, everything from investments to n baing accounts to business interests to a spouse's earnings, all of that. it's pretty standard and is expected of anyone who works in the white house. often in past administrations
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you've had people who work in government for a long time so there aren't in surprises. in the trump world, there are many more people with considerable wealth as he has pulled people in from the business world and then with his daughter and son-in-law from obviously the trump family and the kushner family which has great wealth as well. so this is a requirement and they released these detailed financial disclosures for well over 100 staffers here at the white house, and a number of them have considerable means. what's interesting about looking at ivanka trump and jared kushner is they are so close to the president, it gives you a window into their finances. of course, it's important to note they are both officially federal employees, but they're not taking a paycheck. their assets, of course, are not exactlyhe same as cash in the bank. these are in many cases real estate and investment assets that are valued at a certain amount, but they've had some considerable cash flow as well. here is a sense of what those new documents show.
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>> reporter: this morning, a rare look inside trump family wealth. washington power couple and unpaid federal workers ivanka trump and husband jared kushner disclose their vast real estate and business investments as part of a sweeping white house documents release late friday, making public financial disclosures for many white house officials, despite taking themselves out of management roles of their businesses, the president's daughter and son-in-law remain beneficiaries of holdings that could bth more than $731 million. ivanka trump also has a piece of the family's washington, d.c. hotel. her share valued between $5 million and $25 million, to assets of a different kind, secret intelligence. spotted on white house grounds yesterday, the top democrat on the house intelligence committee
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adam schiff. sources tell nbc news he had a private ten-minute visit with president trump. after schiff viewed the same secret surveillance information first shown only to republican chairman devin nunes who according to reports was tipped off by white house officials. >> there were people that probably knew about this, knew about me being there. the fact of the matter is, that doesn't make them the source of my information. >> reporter: president trump injected himself into the fray by tweeting about his ousted national security adviser. michael flynn should ask for immunity, calling the investigation of flynn's ties to russia a witch hunt. but the president had a very different view last fall. >> if you're not guilty of a crime, what do you need immunity for. >> reporter: back then flynn agreed. >> when you are given immunity, that means you've probably committed a crime. >> reporter: but now flynn's lawyer says he has a story to tell and is interested in pursuing an immunity deal. the question about immunity is
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still a ways off. there's no indication from the committees that they are interested in offering this kind of protection from prosecution for general flynn at this point. there's a lot of investigation still left to do and there's the separate track of what's happening with the department of justice conducting its own investigation. thomas, when we talk about the big money iide the white house, the forms that give us a window into thislso show us that steve bannon who is the senior adviser and chief strategist to the president, he lists assets in a range between $13 and $50 million. the president's national economic council leader, gary kohn, former head of goldman sachs earned about $45 million just in earnings last year. there's considerable wealth in the trump white house, and these documents are intended to shine light on what they have and expose any business eng tanglements that might exist. >> kelly o'donnell at the white
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house, thank you. there are now three significant vapgss that kelly just talked about there into the possibility of russia meddling in the 2016 election and its success in doing that and whether the trump campaign played any type of role. joining me to talk about this, democratic congressman mark that connell. we know the fbi and senate intel committees are looking into this, but the house intel committee is basically stalled because of the chair, devin nun nunes' behavior. you've asked him to recuse himself. why aren't republicans asking the same? >> i think there's a very partisan era in the white house right now. i'm disappointed that the house leadership and mr. nunes have not risen above politics. i was struck by something he said in the clip, he said, well, who else is going to do it? he talked about ultimately we're accountable to our constituents which is u troo, but the day
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that we take the oath of office on january 3rd, each new congress, we take an oath to protect and defend the constitution and to serve the interest of the nation. so i would remind my republican colleagues we put the nation first, to para phrase edmund burke, we owe our constituents more than our vote, we owe our constituents our conscience. i think these are grave high akes mters involving russia and putin in particular, and the american people, two-thirds of them would like to see us to get to the truth. that's why i think who else can do this is an independent commission that is above politics. lyndon johnson came into office with control of both houses of congress after the assassination of john f. kennedy and to put the nation at ease, he appointed
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an independent commission led by chief justice earl warren. this is a time-tested method to get the nation the full facts and a full accounting of the truth. >> because that's something that maybe presidents have used in the past as a paradigm to set the nation back right side up, it might not be something, that might be kryptonite to how president trump wants to operate, as he is the guy that wanted to go to d.c. and shake things up. from the house intel committee and the standpoint of your opinion, do you think it can get its credibility back in any way, shape or form with the investigation? >> i think that the way the leadership has behaved and the way this chairman has behaved, they're clinging to an advantage, and the way the house -- the rules of the housework, it really is -- it can be a dictate or ship of the majority. it's pretty rigged. unless you have a chairman and a
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leader who has a reputation and a track record of independence, i don't really have any faith that the house committee is going to pursue the facts and stay away from politics. >> meanwhile, we have all this swirling over here and elected leaders on the hill are trying to get things done. the health care efforts led by speaker ryan, they failed. now the president going after the freedom caucus that the president might be willing to work with democrats to do any updates to obamacare. are you open to that? >> well, as soon as the republicans and speaker ryan are willing to say and willing to act on the idea that they're going to give up any attempt to repeal the affordable care act, i think democrats are very much open to improving the
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accessibility, to make insurance more affordable. >> you're saying republicans have to go on record and say we will not repeal and try to replace. we will work in good faith on fixes to the current condition of the aca? >> i think that's right. i think that's what most americans want. i think the affordable care act was not perfect. but let's be clear. it is not imploding. it is not going to fail of its own accord. if it fails going forward short of a repeal, it's going to be because of the willful and active sabotaging of the president and his cabinet and especially tom price, secretary of health and human services. there are plenty of ways in which they could subvert the act. if they leave it alone, it will continue to work, not work optimally. together republicans and democrats could make the act work to a greater benefit of the
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people. >> last question. we had the census bureau apologizing saying it inadvertently listed gender idea iity in the draft of the 2020 census. officials later said they don't want to have plans to measure that issue, but also saying that it will cost lgbt americans from being accounted for within the census. how is president trump doing when it comes to lbgtq americans and their rights, what they have earned in terms of status in this country and what it means under this administration? >> well, donald trump raised the hopes of many, especially many lbgtq republicans, that he was going to be different and he was going to protect the rights of lbgtq people. that promise is very hallow. something as simple as the census to literally count lgbt americans, to not have them be invisible. it's very disappointing that he's done this, but it is part of a pattern of his yielding and
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even i would dare say embracing the extreme right wing in his administration. we saw him jettison the guidance for transstudents in the department of education. we've seen him do a partial withdrawal of president obama's executive order preventing discrimination against employees of companies that do contracting with the federal government. essentially, disabling that executive order. so i don't see this president really having a core when it comes to protecting lbgt americans. i don't think they can count on -- we count -- i count myself as an lbgt american, as someone who will defend they're quality or dignity in this country. >> congressman mark takano,
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great to see you. >> thank you. >> we'll detail the dollars as we dig deeper into the great wealth of ivanka trump and jared kushner as this couple now works inside the white house unpaid. but are their financialies raising bigger ethical questis. woman: on the gulf coast, new exxonmobil projects are expected to create over 45,000 jobs. and each job created by the energy industry supports two others in the community. altogether, the industry supports over 9 million jobs nationwide. these are jobs that natural gas is helping make happen, all while reducing america's emissions. energy lives here.
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why don't you sit over here. something for everyone is awesome. find your awesome with the xfinity stream app. more to stream to every screen. new this morning, ethics filings from the white house and assets of about 180 senior officials were disclosed late friday. among them, new assistant to the president, first daughter ivanka trump. she has said her position will be unpaid within the white house, but she and her husband jared cushner are going to remain the beneficiaries of more than $700 million from valued real estate, investment and other businesses combined. i want to bring in kathleen clark, professor at washington
6:19 am
university school of law and leading expert on ethics in government. as we look at one of the assets for ivanka trump, she'll continue to hold a stake in the trum international hotel in washington, d.c. we know it's a stone's throw from the white house. we've seen her sitting in on these international meetings. we do know people abroad would like to stay there and use their stays there as some type of leverage to ingratiate themselves with the trumps. is that a big concern? >> it absolutely is a very significant concern. what the trump family has done is essentially inviting foreign governments, foreign companies and basically all individuals with interests before the federal government to ingratiate themselves with the trumps, the president and ivanka, by channelling money to that family through that hotel and the other business assets of the trump family. so the presidents and ivanka's financial interest in that hotel
6:20 am
and other businesses absolutely is a very significant concern. >> we've got "the times" reporting that's van ka's income from the hotel in d.c. owes between $1 million to $5 million, her ownership stake valued from $5 million to $25 million. her licensing and brand, rolled into the trust valued at more than $50 million. kathleen, do you think she can avoid having conflicts at the white house with this assistant and advisory role she has to her factor now and be able to firewall herself from these types of investments and business models? >> it may be possible for her to recuse herself from government action that could affect her own financial interest or the financial interest of her husband jared cushner. but we need to see what the
6:21 am
white house's plan is for recusing both those individuals, jared cushner and ivanka trump. frankly, the white house coun l counsel's office has been playing fast and loose with government ethicsndards a we saw a couple months ago with regard to kellyanne conway promoting ivanka's brand. what we need the public to have access to is how the white house counsel plans to make sure that's van ka and jared do not violet the federal criminal conflict of interest statutes and other ethics standards that would come into play. >> ivanka said i have heard some of the concerns some have, and i will serve as n unpaid employee in the white house office subject to all the same rules as other federal employees. so by saying she's going to serve unpaid, kathleen, is that supposed to be the teflon barricade that somehow makes her
6:22 am
innocent of any type of compromise or integrity issues moving forward when it comes to realtime decisions out of the white house that will impact her decision or her businesses and brand when she leaves this role? >> the decision for jared and ivanka to both be unpaid employees may well be an effective public relations ploy. the public may be impressed by their willingness to serve the public without pay, but as we can see from the financial disclosure from last evening, these are people of astounding means, frankly a federal salary would be peanuts to them. the fact they're unpaid is irrelevant under federal conflict of interest standards. so it may be relevant in the court of public opinion, but it's irrelevant legally. >> the american people should also know we are paying for them because we pay for their secret
6:23 am
service detail and we pay for all the stuff that's going on in kalorama, the neighborhood where they're living right now in d.c. >> if i could just add, they are in a position, as is president trump, to use the government to enrich themselves, and that' what we need to make sure does not happen. >> yes, we're assuming with a statement like that, bad intent of the positions they have. obviously we want to assume good intent as their willingness to serve as public servants and do so with the best interest of the american people, but are they really complies with all the rules and regulations? we shall see. kathleen clark, professor from washington university school of law, thank you for your time. president trump may have put epa and the workings of that government institution into the crosshairs. why some see the climate change skeptics, this week's executive order and the environment of president trump's opinion didn't go far enough. back in a moment.
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welcome back. i'm thomas roberts at msnbc world headquarters in new york. this is what we're following for you, there has been a confirmed sighting of a 15-year-old girl who disappeared from tennessee more than two weeks ago seen with her 50-year-old teacher. this is surveillance video in an oklahoma city walmart where tad cummins and elizabeth thomas purchased food items. he's charged with sexual contact with a minor and aggravated kidnapping. a cruel april fools' joke from mouther nature, a snowstorm blasting the northeast overnight. city of boston currently under a winter storm warning. some places seen nearly six inches of snow. some could see a foot.
6:31 am
the spring storm is expected november out later tonight. march madness. did you see all this, you con's record 111-game winning stream coming to an end, a 15-foot buzzer beater allowing mississippi state to overtake the huskies in over time, handing them their first defeat since november 2014. what a big deal for mississippi state. congratulations for them. wh a week in the nation's capital. the traigs entering the home stretch of the first 100 days. throughout the first 70 days, the white house subject of numerous federal and congressional investigations involving russia. with me now senior political writer for "usa today" heidi press ball la along with congressional reporter for "the hill" molly hooper. heidi, when you look at the first 70 days of the white house, you said flynn was fired, the chief of staff asking the fbi to knock down reports of russian ties, attorney general
6:32 am
forced to recuse him soefl from the russia investigation, wiretapping. the list goes on and on. how does the white house get back on track with this? >> i don't know that they do get on course. the other thing you didn't mention is now they have to try to simply keep the lights on in congress. that's going to be the initial test. the problem here is that the initial distraction of russia is compounding by the white house's own actions, by this smoke screen they're trying to create with devin nunes, saying he had to go to the white house to brief trum when it turns out trump would have had the information himself, saying the source was an intel source, when, in fact, it was white house sources. the actual actions that the house is taking is compounding
6:33 am
the issue. why ould you ensnare additional actors in this continue seer, like devin nunes and the white house officials if there isn't anything there. what you're seeing is on capitol hill this is directly impacting their ability to get anything done including democrats who are now feeling emboldened to block supreme court nominee neil gorsuch because they say, as this is going on, it's not responsible to allow this president to make a lifetime appointment. >> molly hooper, does that mean it will be the same mindset that's put into everything, as the scanned ld percolates over here, the fact that the first 70 days has been so chaotic, when it comes to tax reform or infrastructure or other issues for the trump team they'd like to see get done may not happen. what would you predict going forward for the next month? >> keep in mind that not only are these scandals going on as smoke screens. you have the whole issue of the gop intraparty fighting.
6:34 am
that's one of the reasons tax reform is going to be difficult to pass, health reform as we see basically failed a week ago due to republican infighting and republicans not being able to get on board with the president. yes, the gorsuch nomination, that's a very big deal. that says a lot about the democrats in the senate whether they want to preserve the ability to filibuster the next supreme court nominee. really the story is there are republicans within the republican party who are not supporting the president and the president is going after them. so on the one hand you have these scandals that involve classified information and investigations and really it's very difficult to tell truth from fiction you have a real story going on with republicans in the party not going along with what the president wants to
6:35 am
do. >> let's get to the big story. it's hard to keep up with them because it's been a wild week. michael flynn saying he wants basically immunity, also reports that two white house staffers provided the house intel chair with backup information that the president and his team were surveilled, grieving agreed dense to his wiretapping tweet about president obama. how does any of this get cleaned up in the next workweek? >> it doesn't, not at all. this investigation, yes are months and months away from finding investigations. on the senate side they're just beginning, don't want to trade away anything. they have so many questions for this individual including why did you lie about your contact with ambassador kislyak.
6:36 am
why would they give that away this early in the game. i think it will continue. i do think the balance is going to shift to the senate now despite the fact that adam schiff is now seeing the classified information on the house side. there are so many questions about faith in devin nunes, that the balance will shift to the senate. the big question is whether any of that partisanship will affect the senate side? if it does, those calls from democrats and even some republicans may join in for a special -- for an independent commission, and that is kind of where we're headed. >> molly for the folks confused about the immunity issue, i want to ask you, for flynn and the immunity issue, is this really a cya moment because of perjury issues moving forward and testifying, or actually the bigger hook of being able to produce information that would lead to someone else.
6:37 am
why is there a drawback from the senate intel committee and others not willing to even play with the immunity card right now. >> think about it. the big fish that flynn would ultimately hand to the intelligence committees and fbi would be president trump. there's not much of a bigger fish than president trump. it's unlikely he would do that. unless he did do something, that's just unclear. i don't know if that involving this big story to tell. the other thing is there is, in fact, an fbi on going investigation into these matters, into whether the trump advisers had attempted to collude with the russians to interfere with the u.s. elections. that really gives the senate and the house intelligence committees pause to give anybody immunity because the fbi has to conduct this investigation. if flynn is one of the people they're looking into, you don't want to necessarily give that away unless, of course, flynn needed immunity and wanted to
6:38 am
out president trump. again, that's unclear and too premature at this time to really make that decision which is what the house and senate intelligence committees have said. >> molly hooper, great to have you with us. heidi priz ball la, great to see you as well. >> thank you. under fire, new epa head scott pruitt is trying to roll back epa protections. ahead this morning, an interview with house minority leader nancy pelosi sitting down with joy coming up.
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my action today is the latest? a series of steps to create american jobs and to grow american wealth. >> so that was president trump earlier this week when he signed an executive order dismantling president obama's environmental legacy. the new order from president trump does several things starting with an epa review of president obama's clean power
6:42 am
plan. it rescinds a moratorium on coal mining on federal lands and identifies regulations that curb energy production. joining me is heather cycle former deputy assistant to president obama and the climate change initiative. what are the ramifications, bigger picture for this executive order? >> well, thank you for the opportunity to joan you. this is about more than just unraveling president obama's agenda. this regulation of the clean power plan was the first ever standard for carbon pollution from existing coal plants. it's something that's going to improve the health of our economy, drive down greenhouse gas and carbon pollution and something the american people are looking for, frankly. this far reaching executive order i think we need to be very clear about what it is. it is the most aggressive attack on public health and the environment that we've seen from
6:43 am
any sitting u.s. president. >> heather, when we think about, that strong language, aggressive attack, president trump campaigned on issues like this and talking about opening up coal mines and getting things back to a different time in this country when it came to how we treated the environment. so didn't americans ask for this to begin with? >> look, i start by saying this is a plan that's certainly out of step. it's out of step with our own economic interests. it's out of step with the rest of the world and directionally where they're heading towards a cleaner, more dependent energy future. it's out of step with what some of our own ceos in this country from ge to google have been saying what we need to do. frankly, looking at the polling over the last few days this plan
6:44 am
is out of step with the american people and certainly the supporters of donald trump. if you were to go to any blue state or red state reducing carbon pollution, finding policies that are going to help grow the economy but also bring carbon pollution down, that's not a democratic or a republican value system. that's something that every american wants. we want clean air, we want clean water and frankly, donald trump is trying to undermine that every step of the way. >> we know the president is saying it's about jobs. as we look at numbers for certain industries, the coal industry creates less than 70,000 jobs, renewal energy creiates more than 650,000 jobs. where do you see, heather, the epa in the next 3 1/2 years under a trump administration? >> certainly what we've seen from day one is incredibly troubling. the president chose the nation's
6:45 am
deniner in chief to run the environmental protection agency. the budget proposal says they'll take 3,000 environmental cops off the beat. what does that mean? it means polluters are benefiting and winning. i think the important thing we have to remember is, one, the people that support these licies are not goi to go down without a fight. there's major opportunity through congressional action to write the budget. there are a number of important environmental groups who have filed lawsuits against these actions from the trump administration. so none of these things are going to happen overnight, and i think ultimately the american people support the notion that we have an agency within the federal government, the environmental protection agency, whose job it is to protect public health and the environment. again, this doesn't boil down to blue states versus red states. this is something that every
6:46 am
american wants. >> rachel zichal, thank you for your time. we'll continue talking about this. the fight is just beginning, thank you. >> thank you. a trump cabinet member is coming under scrutiny over a new big investment on wall street. we'll explain what it is, who it we'll explain what it is, who it is next., professional. uld you trust me as your financial advisor? -i would. -i would indeed. well, let's be clear, here. i'm actually a deejay. ♪ [ laughing ] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp. work with the highest standard. my swthis scarf all thatsara. left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago the long lasting scent of gain flings
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more now from washington, d.c. and former national security adviser michael flynn offering to testify before the doj about the trump campaign and any alleged ties to russia. flynn made the same offer to the senate intel committee which turned him down based on the fact that he would testify granted immunity with one source saying immunity is not, quote, on the table. it's not clear what, if any, crime flynn may have committed. he hasn't been accused of any. i want to bring in kerry lucas and jonathan altar, bailey beast columnist, author of the center
6:50 am
holds, obama and his enemies. if general flynn has nothing to hide concerning russian interference, the probes taking place, why would probes taking place, why is there an immunity. >> there is a concern. he may be thinking back to somebody like scooter libby who worked for vice president dick cheney and caught up in an investigation that was political. mr. libby did nothing wrong, committed no crime but was put in jail because of a process climb and a politicized investigation. he could be thinking of that. we just don't know at this point of that's why it's important for facts to come out and facts need to come out for sure. >> do you think, jonathan, general flynn asking for immunity is something that should be granted and worth it if investigators and those working on this probe feels there's a bigger fish to catch. this is something congressman
6:51 am
spears sa spears said earlier. >> if he has a story to tell and a good story that goes to higher ups, which in his case is donald trump, of course he should be granted immunity. if he just wants immunity without providing anything in exchange it would be premature to granite at this stage. >> we'll see how that unrolls. the story of secretary price, in charge of health and human services, while he was still in congress he purchased $90,000 worth of stock in pharmaceutical company and the very same day he stepped in to try and derail legislation that would knock down share prices. jonathan, is that a big deal or more common on the hill than we know. this is a big deal. already seeing online #insiderprice because a lot of lawyers. there's definitely grounds for investigation into possible insider trading by secretary
6:52 am
price. it is improper on its face. it's wrong to be intervening in regulations that affect companies you bought stock in. that's just not the way we're supposed to operate in this country. >> carrie, do you think this is going to come back to bite the secretary? >> absolutely. this is something that if it's true, if you are making stock purchases based on legislation that you're pursuing, that's absolutely unethical. just as when hillary clinton was making decisions as secretary of state who to hold meetings with based on who had given money to her foundation, that was a pretty egregious violation of ethics and ought to have alarmed more people. i don't think msnbc was very interested in that one. absolutely if secretary price was using his position of power, that's a big problem. >> wait, we weren't interested in what? >> mrs. clinton deciding --
6:53 am
there was evidence she decided which public leaders to hold. >> no -- >> yes, there are. there are e-mails that show. >> she met with mohammed yunis who won a nobel prize. >> wted confirmation until his family had given millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. well we certainly should investigate it as well. >> it's a good thing that hillary clinton is not president because we don't have to worry about any of that. >> you're right. as long as we hold leaders to one standard. >> talking about people we have in office. speaking of money, we have this new number, the white house releasing financial disclosure from the president's team, allies here, including the first daughter ivanka, who now is an unpaid employee in the white house, her husband jared kushner and they show this wreb of busine -- web of business north of $1 0 million bucks here. carrie, do you think it's a problem that they cannot act as if public servants and blind all
6:54 am
this off and distance themselves from their business while having access to the white house. do you think they can handle this? >> i think this is a matter for the ethics committees and advisers in the white house to figure out how they can separate themselves out so there is not a conflict of interest. it sounds like they are trying very hard to figure that out. it is complicated. obviously these are people with tremendous business ties but the american people knew that president trump had a lot of business interests when he was elected. we need to let this process move forward. i appreciate you said earlier there's no reason to assume ivanka and jared are trying to enrich themselves through their position in public service, so we should let this process continue. this isn't a scandal. this is something where some very successful people are now trying to use their expertise to guide public policy. we need the process to go forward. >> ivanka is daughter toot president.
6:55 am
it's not like aome run, they were born on third base. pretending like they really hit a hrun, no. >> if ivan ivanka trump was daughter of a democrat he would be celebrated her. she graduated from wharton business school. it's frustrating how much the double standard you hold people to. >> that's not true. >> no, i'm not saying there's a double standard. i think she's an amazing person. i know her personally. i think she's pretty school and she's done things personally. >> but you said we shouldn't pretend she's accomplished in her own right. it's incredibly insulting and belittling. >> her name would not there if her name wasn't ivanka. >> you can see that about the kennedy. >> robert kennedy before attorney general chief counsel with a major city. it was nepotism of jfk but he
6:56 am
had some qualifications, unlike ivanka. i want to say smg on her behalf. >> you think -- >> excuse me. i want to say something on her behalf. troubling, may be violations of emollient clause where president and family aren't allowed to accept gifts from foreign governments. there's lots of favors coming in from foreign governments. setting that aside, i actually am glad she's close to president trump in proximity for this reason, because she is one of the only people that he listens to. she can on occasion, not always, unfortunately, but on occasion talk make sense into hill and maybe keep us from having a war or other major crisis, tell her father, cool it, dad, and maybe that will save the country. >> like i said, i assume a good intend. carrie, thank you very much. great to have you on. good to see you, carrie. good to see you, jonathan. that's going to do it for me. i'm jonathan roberts. today on "am joy" nancy pelosi, congresswoman maxeen wats join
6:57 am
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want it to be one way. want it to be one way. >> man, stop. stop saying that. >> but it's the other way. >> good morning and welcome to "am joy." marlo stanfield's eternal wisdom in the wire rang true this week when donald trump's best effort to send the media on a scavenger hunt about red herrings wiretaps and leaks. continues to haunt him, this time the ghost of michael flynn. on thursday "the wall street journal" dropped the bombshell that flynn is shopping around an offer to be interviewed by the fbi and the house and senate sbblg committees in exchange for immunity from ec


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