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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  April 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> you get 170 republicans and you get 40 or 50 democrats. >> democrats have absolutely -- feel no political pressure right now. to work with republicans. >> a good politician figures out how to put pressure on them. >> we continue the conversation tomorrow. that does it for us this morning. chris jansing picks up the coverage right now. >> good morning. i'm chris jansing in for stephanie ruhle. breaking overnight, on notice, vice president mike pence makes a surprise visit to the dmz. >> the era of strategic patience is over. >> fight for transparency, protests across the country pushing the president to release his taxes. >> i think there's something in there that he wants to hide. >> now the president responding as the administration announces all white house visitors will be kept secret. plus, manhunt, police across multiple states in an all-out search for this man after he killed a random stranger, then posted a video to facebook.
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and vowed to kill more. >> somebody i'm about to kill. i'm going to kill this guy right here. >> police will be holding a press conference any minute now. we begin with that blistering attack on north korea from the vice president, standing just yards away in south korea on a surprise visit to the dmz. while tensions continue to rise the vice president unleashing on kim jong-un's regime one day after the north's unsuccessful missile launch and finishing a one-two punch that began when the national security adviser said that president trump hasn't ruled out any option. our correspondents and guests covering all angles start in south korea, with nbc's janis mackey frayer who is live in seoul. janis, stark warning from the vice president. tell us about what he had to say? >> well, vice president mike pence on his second day in south korea, effectively putting the north korean regime on notice, saying that all options are on
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the table and that it could face the same sort of treatment as syria and afghanistan if it continues to push ahead with its weapons program. he was making these comments after visiting the dmz, an unannounced visit, but in that time he could look directly into north korea and the north korean soldiers were staring back at him. here's more of what he had to say. >> the united states commitment to south korea is iron clad. and immutable. all options are on the table. we will meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective response. >> reporter: now, this is coming at a particularly sensitive time in the region. there's escalating tension, there's worry over north korea's growing arsenal as we saw on display in that massive military parade on saturday and, of course, the continuation of provocations, that missile test on sunday that failed certainly
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was an embarrassment for the regime of kim jong-un but it's not good news for the u.s. and the rest of the region because it shows that north korea continues methodically to push towards operational capability of weapons that they've been threatening, including an intercontinental ballistic missile that could potentially reach the united states. now, the suggestion by the vice president that north korea could face the same sort of treatment that we've seen in other parts of the world, is also triggering a lot of concern here, that there is a preemptive military strike as one of the options. the difference, of course, strategically between north korea, syria and afghanistan, is that north korea would launch a devastating counter attack. the city of seoul, 11 million people, just 30 miles from the border, so that is the concern here tonight. that the vice president is trying to allay among south korean officials. >> janis, thank you very much for that. robert, an msnbc analyst and vp
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of communications for the bipartisan center, joining us nbc military analyst and retired four-star general barry mccaffrey a former national security council member. a little more of what the vice president had to say today. let's listen. >> every step of the way, north korea answered our overtureses with willful deception, broken promises, and nuclear and missile tests. the era of strategic patience is over. >> that's really the headline here, general, the era of strategic patience is over. does that warning to you intensify, do you think, speculation that the white house is, indeed, considering military action against the north? >> yeah, i think that's what they're encouraging, moving the carrier strike group in. the problem, of course, is not that vice president is there making comments or the state was there, the secretary of defense was there, this is all good to engage, the problem is it's hard to bluff with military force.
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and the north koreans really have two tools, conventional tools, to strike back. one is the artillery that can bombard the city of seoul and the other is 70 odd submarines. i just find it impossible to imagine that the south koreans will sign up for a preemptive strike on north korean nukes. certainly not with the minimal combat power we have in the region right now. this will likely be an all-out war, we would win it, 180 days, but it would be devastating to the korean peninsula and the region. >> well, the fact that mr. kim did not conduct a nuclear test over the weekend, general, does that in any way to you indicate that china's influence and that president xi's hand is at work here? >> yeah. no doubt. so i think the diplomatic engagement has been pretty adept on the part of the administration, but i'd also say, again, that, you know, to understand the north koreans you
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have to understand this is a criminal oligarchy, so this young, overweight, untried, fearful of his generals, kim jong-un, wants to survive intact with his elites still getting, you know, good brandy and tv sets. so there's some room to believe that negotiations, if we give him a way out, to save face, might well reduce the threat of the situation. but chris, again, they're not giving up their nuclear weapons, period. that's not going to happen. the question is, can we get them more in line with the international community and less of an immediate threat to build icbms that can strike the u.s.? that's where they're headed right now. >> and part of that, robert, obviously, is tied into it all as we were saying is the dependence on china and during the campaign, president trump face famously and repeatedly went after china and called them
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masters of currency manipulation, now he's tweeting this, why would i call china a currency manipulator when they're working with us on the north korea problem. we will see what happens. does that sound like a coherent policy to you? >> it sounds like a policy where they're learning on the job. obviously, president xi was at mar-a-lago a couple days ago, i assume -- i wasn't there -- but i assume he sat down with president trump and they had a one-on-one personal conversation. the president said after that meeting that he and president xi had good chemistry so what i think is the president is stepping back from his heated rhetoric from the campaign and learning on the job and thinking to himself, you know what, perhaps maybe china can be a key ally here. >> learning on the job, tweeting something like that now? >> i would not have advised him to do that. i would have just not said anything at all. having said that we know that's what this president does. whatever he is thinking he telegraphs that through twitter. that's the reality of diplomacy in this trump administration. but here's the unfortunate truth. vice president pence said what he had to say because quite
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frankly, what else could he have said? the reality is that kim jong-un is a brutal dictator and we have to have all military options on the table to defend our allies from the south. that's just a nonnegotiable. >> i want to go live to the white house where kristen welker is stand big. dramatic images we saw of the vice president near that demarcation zone today, looking across the border, marked by razor wire, and there is, as robert was saying a lot of tough talk here, but is the preference for this white house not to take the lead, but have china take the lead. ? >> that's exactly the preference, chris. you've hit the nail on the head. i've been talking to senior administration officials here who say look, they think that their best chance at getting north korea to scale back on and stop these nuclear provocations is to get china to turn up the heat. that is why president trump hosted president xi jinping two weeks ago at his estate in mar-a-lago, that is why the two have had subsequent phone conversations, chris, and in the wake of that, we have a seen
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china actually take action. they have threatened to withhold oil shipments, for example, to north korea, really taking some of the strongest steps yet when it comes to putting pressure on north korea. the other part of this, though, chris, is that we are starting to see the trump doctrine i think emerge around the edges. i know a lot of people are doing -- look he's learning on the job and coming up with this day to day, and that might be possible, but what we are seeing is that what this administration is coming up with, is that they want to show strength in other areas. for example, ordering those air strikes in syria, dropping the mother of all bombs, really trying to not only deal with terrorism and assad, but to send a message like an aggressor, like north korea, that the administration will take action if they are pushed to that point. but again, chris, and i stress this, they see that as a last option here in north korea because of the nuclear program and because kim jong-un is so
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unpredictable and because the united states knows so little about him, chris. they want to avoid that. but they're really trying to turn up the heat on china, chris. >> all right. thank you, kristen. my panel back with me along with karen finney former dnc communications director. general, i want to go back to you, you brought up the problem for the administration, same as it was for obama, the fear of devastation in seoul, the risk to american troops based in and around the south korean capital should there be any sort of military action, so we talk about the options, but in reality, how much are they limited? >> well, i agree. there's just no good solution to the preemptive use of conventional military force. so, you know, if you back up the question, there's nothing the administration is doing now that's wrong except if they put themselves in a position where they can't back down. the kind of thing president obama faced where he drew a red line in syria over chemicals and didn't follow through, hopefully they will be cautious about
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that. in the long run north korea will be a nuclear power, it's a huge threat to the region, the japanese, the australians, the u.s., south koreans, we've got to build more effective ballistic missile defenses. we have a lot of technology that does work, sad, pac 3, agis missile cruisers off shore, we have a strategic ballistic missile defense here in the united states that does work, but we've got to make it stronger, more effective, to persuade the north koreans if you use these systems, we'll knock them down and we'll fire back at you with nuclear devices. we're talking about deterrence. >> i mentioned earlier, this was kind of a one-two punch. we had, obviously, the vice president before that h.r. mccaster and he talked about all of this over the weekend. let me play a little bit of sound from him. all right. let me tell you what he said, i think there's great opportunity for all of us, all of us who are really under the threat of this
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unpredictable regime to take action short of armed conflict so we can avoid the worst. karen, compared to how the obama administration dealt with north korea, is maybe a more aggressive approach called for here? >> look, i think if you are willing to also engage in a vigorous diplomacy in terms of building the relationships that we need in case to what you were just saying, let's say we take a more aggressive action, and say there is a reaction, it's not just going to be the united states affected by that and we have to make sure whether we're talking about south korea, the australians, every other -- all these other countries in the region, china in particular, that there is a plan, a strategy, ready to go to absorb that kind of activity from the north koreans and i don't think we're there yet. i think this is not an administration that understand yet the nuances of diplomacy, the nuances of the relationships. i mean it's very striking that after ten minutes with the chinese prime minister he said wow, this is really hard.
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yes, mr. president, this is really hard. >> we will take a break and you will stay with us. thank you to all my correspondents and guests. but meantime this big story everybody is talking about out of cleveland, where police are updating the manhunt under way as they scramble to find a man suspected of killing a 74-year-d grandfather and then posting video of the crime to facebook. this is msnbc. hole lot of money by switching to geico. huh. we should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico insures way more than cars. boats, motorcycles... even rvs! geico insures rvs? what's an rv? uh, the thing we've been stuck on for five years! wait, i'm not a real moose?? we've been over this, jeff... we're stickers! i'm not a real moose? give him some space. deep breaths, jeff. what's a sticker?!? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more.
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police in cleveland have just wrapped up a press conference where they asked for the public's help to find a suspect who killed an elderly man on sunday and posted it to facebook. they warned the public moments ago the suspect is armed and dangerous. >> right now, i don't know his location. we're asking the public to remain vigilant, we're asking you to go about your day, but to be careful. >> well, police say the suspect, steve stee fence, randomly chose his victim, 74-year-old robert godwin sr. and the shooter explained his motives in a facebook live video later. >> drive me crazy, lost everything, i lost everything i had, man. i snapped. i snapped. dog, i just snapped. i killed 13, so i'm working on 14 as we speak. >> nbc's ron allen is live in cleveland and ron, the manhunt is expanding, the fbi is now involved. what else have we learned from that press conference and what's the latest on the search? >> well, first, chris, you're right, it's a national manhunt.
6:18 am
they have no idea or the police say where he is, and he could be very far from here or near here. they have no idea. interestingly they pointed out at some point during this process which is now more than 24 hours old, they did have some contact with him by cell phone. not saying a lot about what the conversation was about other than to try to convince him to turn himself in. we've heard they asked a specific question about the reports that there was a detection of his phone, his cell phone, in erie, pennsylvania, about 90 minutes drive or so from here, and the police didn't answer that directly. so that's still out there, but again, unclear with whether they have had that kind of contact with him more recently. but you're right, they're asking for the public's help and friends and family of stephens to come forward as well and warning them to not do so is a crime. the bottom line they say they
6:19 am
have no idea where he is, the search has expanded, they're going to put up billboards on major roadways leading away interest here. one of the police officers said they're trying to make his world very, very small, but at this point they say they really have no idea where he is. and here in cleveland, i can tell you, that people are being cautious and very concerned. they don't know exactly all the details of this. we've heard reports his place of business, counseling center for young troubled juveniles has been closed today because they don't know if this is some sort of work place violence situation. also, just to make the point clear, that at this point police say they have not found any other victims anywhere in cleveland. they've searched the city high and low to use their words and they have not found any bodies anywhere that would be connected to this individual. so, again, the manhunt continues. police poured resources into this because the suspect could be anywhere and he seems like a very dangerous, he's armed and police don't know exactly what his motive is.
6:20 am
the murder of mr. godwin that he killed, 74-year-old, apparently just a random individual on the street, seems to be no connection between the victory and shooter. again just a very desperate situation here. a lot of questions not answered as the manhunt continues. again all across the nation for this individual. chris? >> i think very puzzling at least from a profile point of view, but i understand what you said, but he claims, essentially, he's a serial killer. they don't have any hard evidence to suggest that, but are they ruling it out? >> i don't think they're ruling anything out like that at this point, but again, they searched, they made an extensive search of cleveland, i would imagine near his home and neighborhoods, they've talked to friends and family and have not found any bodies that have anything to do with this individual. there was a double murder here last night that was unrelated to mr. stephens.
6:21 am
i don't think they've ruled anything out. the police are trying to keep things very close to the vest, so they don'teveal too much of what the doing because again, this individual could be listening to radio, monitoring social media, watching tv, what have you and again, he could be anywhere and have some people helping him. and that was one point that police really tried to drive home, that, in fact, if you are a friend or relative or associate of this individual, that not turning him in, is also committing a crime. so that seems to be what they're hoping for, they get a break, someone comes forward and tells them something. they talked to the girlfriend. she is in a safe location, they describe. she is cooperating. at this point all we can tell you is that the manhunt continues and a lot of concern about this individual because he's armed and very, very dangerous and apparently desperate at this point. >> ron, thank you so much for that update. obviously wherever you are in that area anybody who thinks they know anything, call police. don't try to do anything on your own. up next, who's coming to dinner
6:22 am
or lunch or anything for that matter at the white house? could be a lot more difficult to find out with a clamp down on the visitor logs by the trump administration. more on that ahead here on msnbc. so tell us your big idea for getting the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now.
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well, i think there's a lot more that the chinese government politically and economically should be doing. we'll hopefully see a lot more of a unified response when it comes to north korea. >> that was white house press secretary sean spicer calling on the chinese to do their part responding to north korean missile tests on the same morning, of course, as vice president mike pence delivered his strongest words yet against north korea in that surprise visit to the demilitarized zone. the vice president promised to, quote, redouble our efforts against the country. white house national security adviser h.r. mcmaster became the first high-level u.s. official to visit with afghanistan and meet with leaders days after dropping the mother of all bombs in that country. to talk about all this i'm joined by congressman tom coal republican from oklahoma. always good to see you. good morning. >> great to be with you, chris. >> thanks for being with us this day after easter. i want to get your reaction to what the vice president had to say. i wonder if you're worried the
6:27 am
ratcheting up of rhetoric by him and the vice president on twitter could be inching us towards a devastating and avoidable war? >> well, frankly, i'm more worried about the leadership in north korea. i think they're the people that have been provocative, reckless and unpredictable and in a situation like that i think putting a strong front, making it clear that the united states won't be intimidated, is the right thing to do and that's probably quietly being reinforced by the chinese which i give president trump and vice president pence a great deal of credit for. >> the problem with that and we were talking about this earlier when you look at a lot of the military options you have to worry about the impact on sul, about american military on the ground. it limits what we can do. what do you think our strategy should be right now? do you agree with what you've seen from the trump administration? >> well, i do. look, i think general mccaffrey
6:28 am
has had it right. this is no the a war we want to fight. this is not the a confrontation that would be in the interest of south korea, our friend. but, i think the other side needs to be absolutely certain that if we're drawn into a conflict, we will act decisively. and i think there are probably voices inside north korea other than the supreme leader telling him don't get into this fight. i go back to the chinese and i'm glad that president trump reached out to them recently in the meeting with the president, because i suspect they're probably being a voice of moderation here and that's helpful. >> i know you talked about this after the president took action following the gassing of his own people by assad in syria. but now, when there is this talk about potentially doing something in north korea, and you guys are off for the next week but coming back to washington next week, do you need to look at another aumf? does the president need to come to congress and talk about this before it reaching a critical
6:29 am
situation? >> in terms of syria, absolutely so. look, i felt this way for several years. i thought president obama made a mistake in not getting new authorization. certainly if we were to go into any sort of sustained action in syria you would need that. in the case of north korea we would be carry out our treaty obligations. i don't think anybody wants a conflict in the korean peninsula and i think the great powers in the region, ourselves and the chinese, certainly don't want that. so if something were to start, i think it would be needlessly provoked by north korea. >> let's talk domestic politics if we can, the election to replace tom price in georgia's sixth has said to be a referendum on president trump and the polls now show that the democrat john ossoff is a frontrunner but if he doesn't get above 50nd i thi that's a long shot there, obviously ere's going to be a runoff, you're the former chairman of the nrcc. how do you see this playing out? >> well, i think democrats have a lot of advantage. look, they're united, they're
6:30 am
energized, have unlimited resources to fight the special election and frankly they've got the kind of district that would be the most likely to flip. having said that, i think they've got a candidate that's positioned too far to the left. he's not from the district. he really is an outsider there. and by nationalizing the election, so early, they certainly have given both local and national republicans a lot of time to prepare and go after him. so my guess is, we hold him below 50. we've got then until june and i think over time, we end up winning the seat. but no question -- >> you think you can win this? >> very contentious. not win it on tuesday night. >> right. >> i think we hold him under 50 and win it i think in june is when the -- june 20th if i remember correctly would be the final election. absolutely critical we hold him below 50. we need a high turnout amongst republicans, regardless of who they vote for, as long as they're voting for the republican candidates, we need that kind of turnout. the democrats certainly will
6:31 am
have a very high turnout. >> over the weekend, we got a couple developments having to do with transparency. you have those protests around the country, president trump still refuses to release his tax return, the other aspect, the white house's announcement they will not make visitor logs public. this is a president who promised transparency. is he breaking that promise? >> well, i wouldn't say he's breaking a promise but i would disagree on the white house visitors logs. that information is going to get out there anyway. >> yeah, but not until five years after he leaves. do you think that the american people -- >> i agree with you, chris. >> who has the influence there? these are both questions about influence really. who's he meeting with, that's a question of who's got the time, the question of the taxes, who's on his tax return, these are questions of influence, who's influencing our president, you don't think that that's a critical question? >> no, actually, as i said, i agree with you in terms of the white house logs. if it were my decision i would make them available. i don't think anything sinister
6:32 am
is happening there. it's less a question of influee. his advisors have the most inflnce. question of access who is going in and out and that's a fair question. the president is within his rights but personally i would advice him to release him. on the tax returns a different point of view. if we want do that we need to change the law. he's perfectly within his rights and released a full financial statement as required by law. people want to do something there then pass a law. shouldn't be retroactive. you can do that going forward. i don't think you're required because it's not a requirement of law to make your personal taxes available to your opponents so they can savage you with them. >> congressman, it's always good to see you, sir. thank you so much. >> chris, thank you. >> see you in washington next week. >> absolutely. and time now for your morning primer. everything you need to know to start your day. moments ago in cleveland, authorities giving an update on the manhunt for steve stephens the suspect who fatally shot an elderly man in a gruesome facebook video.
6:33 am
police say they don't know where stephens is and they're asking for the public's help. they say he's armed and extremely dangerous. and in a race against time in arkansas, executions are on hold right now, after a court ordered temporarily blocking them. the state was scheduled to execute eight inmates in ten days because the lethal drug used in those executions is set to expire. by 51-49 margin voters in turkey decided to give sweeping new powers to the country's new president by eliminating the parliamentary system. and united airlines has changed company policy no longer allowing crew members to take the seats of paying customers already on board. united says this is an initial step in a review of policies after a passenger was violently dragged off his flight. and a big weekend for the latest installment of "the fast and furious" franchise it drove in an estimated, get this, $532 million worldwide. that is the biggest debut weekend for any film ever.
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at red lobster's lobsterfestime. any of these 9 lobster dishes could be yours. so don't resist delicious new lobster mix and match or lobsterfest surf and turf because you won't have this chance for long. don't kill the messenger but don't forget your taxes are due tomorrow. with that in mind, protests were held in over 150 cities on saturday calling on president trump to release his tax
6:38 am
returns. demonstrations were held in places like chicago, sacramento, atlanta, washington, new york, west palm beach, florida, to name just a few, and berkley, california, 21 people were arrested, 11 more injured after fights broke out between the tax demonstrators and people at a pro-trump rally. sunday the president tweeted, quote, i did what was an an almost impossible thing to do for a republican easily won the electoral college. tax returns are being brought up again followed by someone should find out who paid for the small rallies yesterday. i want to bring back my panel. you have to laughhen he says -- >> it's tax day the election is over. >> by the wa i won the electoral college. >> i think this is yet another example of the president is very thin skinned when it comes to this. i think he's on the defense. let's put it that way. he realizes a lot of people feel strongly about the release of his taxes for the record, every single president since i
6:39 am
understand since richard nixon has done this, even richard nixon was under audit so he could do it if he wanted. the president could do 2016. >> we heard from congressman cole and he said, you know, look -- >> it's not against the law. >> not against the law. >> here's what it is. he made the promise, right. he promised before he ran for president, he made the promise during the election, that if he won, he said he would release his taxes if he ran for president and then he kind of continued to make that promise. so the point is not yes, the taxes are -- there is a substantive point about the taxes in terms of what they might show us about who is influencing -- who has influenced this president where the money has been going those sorts of things, but also an element of, and this is a pattern that we've seen repeat with this president, he's not a man of his word. i mean we know now -- we are living in a post-truth environment with this president and for him to have made a promise and say, i won, i don't have to keep it, there's something about that that
6:40 am
doesn't sit right with people. >> i did mention a promise he made he was going to be very transparent. this white house log thing, i think i'm just speaking anecdotically after having gone to ohio for the weekend to see my family i didn't think white resonate very much, because i didn't think people knew about white house logs, but i was asked about it by a number of people why would they do this, robert? >> i don't know. the only thing i can think of is that the reality is that every president before barack obama has kept the white house logs quiet. every president before president obama has said because in the interest of national security and fairness and complete transparency, president obama also redacted some of the names as well all throughout his eight years in the white house. >> he did. >> so just to be completely fair about tt. however, as the congressman said a few moments ago it's going to get out through a request or a couple years later. karen has a good point and that point is that the president did say -- the president did say he would be the most transparent, he's not. >> that's something we've seen time and time again with this
6:41 am
president. he will say something and then do something a little bit different. so again, it goes -- we have seen a few times. it goes to this point of are you credible, doing what you say you're going to do. i think part of why this issue resonates with people is, okay, he said he was going to do the muslim ban, he's doing that sort of, caught in the courts, but what about jobs? where it starts to really matter to people, quite frankly, is i think it's less about the transparency is important, but it also begins to erode the credibility of the president and the presidency if -- >> the overall message. >> if continuously i said i was going to do this but i'm not doing this. not going to have all the goldman sachs people and i have goldman sachs people. >> he is keeping his word on policy things. the wall, for example, the travel ban. >> not quite. >> the reality is, i think most congressional republicans on the house and senate side are saying this president is very unorthodox, no question about it, but when it comes from a
6:42 am
policy standpoint he is keeping his word. >> he hasn't created the jobs he said he was creating, hasn't brought those coal jobs yet he was bringing back. when we get to -- >> not 100 days in either. >> okay. but when we -- i think the point becomes, you know, for people when they -- when you're talking about affects their lives directly they're waiting for those really important things. >> sure. >> and they have every right to and we'll see november 2018 when the next slate of republicans and democrats will be on the ballot. look -- >> you know it's interesting to me is that -- there are even conservatives and republicans who almost issue after issue after issue cannot defend the president and i was surprised to see the conservative watchdog group judicial watch, saying this about the records. this new secrecy policy undermines the rule of law and suggests this white house doesn't want to be accountable to the american people. >> chris -- >> that's judicial watch. >> i have always said this. conservatives mean what they say. if they put a gun to your head
6:43 am
they're going to -- not to be overly graphic they will throw the baby out with the bath water. they said that about repeal and replace. they said that about immigration under george w. bush in 2006. they mean what they say and they're not hypocritical when it comes to that. >> a white house that has a larger cloud over it and a larger problem of questions about influence peddling, this very precarious the way that i have jared kushner and ivanka trump, they have, you know, more -- first they weren't going to have a formal role in the white house now they do. >> that's a god thing. >> sort of un -- a good thing. >> sort of unclear the connection between what they're doing and the family business. thing after thing where at some point it all rolls up and this is what hurts in the long run. all rolls up into a narrative about this president and his lack of transparency. and i think that's what would hurt them. >> speaking of roles, can we take a look at the easter egg roll, as we love this every
6:44 am
year. oh. >> come on that's adorable. >> and we don't want to make, you know, too much of the easter egg roll. >> the crowds here? >> we are actually talking -- you know we are talking about the crowds here's why. 37,000 people came last year. they said they'd given out 21,000 tickets. they only have 18,000 eggs. i'm not sure if all the people who shows up what happens to the kids that start crying. that's neither here nor there. what the white house said was the focus is on the quality of the experience. not numbers. but does this say something about their organizational skills? >> i don't think so. come on. it's the easter egg roll. as i understand it the national parks service administers this. >> it comes out of the first lady's office. >> it was my responsibility for four years when i worked at the white house. >> i applied for my nephew, 4-year-old nephew. >> you couldn't get it? >> i got a confirmation e-mail from the park service saying they're administering.
6:45 am
fyi. >> it does come out of the first lady's office. this is like when you're the mayor and you have to get the first snow, you have to get it up off the ground. the easter egg roll in this town is so important to so many people, it is such a historic event, means so much to kids. >> dating back to 1876. >> you got to get this one right. this is not one you can mess up. now, you know, so i hope that maybe next year they'll get -- they realize you have to get started early because the park service starts pretty early preparing for this. >> let's put lipstick on the bunny here. they're there, they're having a good time, and let's focus on the positive. >> i will say, that a couple times, i will say a couple times the last couple weeks i was up in the upper press office and the phones were ringing and people trying to explain why you can't have tickets. it's not a fun situation to be in. robert, karen, thank you. coming up, georgia on their mind. democrats are hoping that anti-trump momentum will lead them to a congressional win in that state. we will talk about what it could mean with atlanta mayor cas it
6:46 am
is sim reid. he's next on msnbc. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. marlena was a teacher who loved makeup and started creating youtube tutorials for her friends and they spread like wild fire and she quit her job started makeup geek, created a product line and today does more than 20 million in sales each year. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. >> brought to you by american express open, visit for ideas to help you grow your business. american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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♪ fcan i get some help. express cards and services watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. we're just hours away now from one of the most highly anticipated special elections in recent memory, and now,
6:50 am
president trump is weighing in, tweeting just moments ago, quote, the super liberal democrat in the georgia congressional race tomorrow wants to protect criminals, allow illegal immigration and raise taxes. voters in georgia's sixth koegs nal district are preparing to cast thar vote for secretary tom price's house seat and. democrats placing their bets on can date jon ossoff to flip the seat. joining me now, the democratic leader of atlanta. always great to see you. >> nice to see you. >> got to let you respond to the president's tweet. he says jon ossoff wants to protect criminals, allow illegal immigration and raise taxes. what say you? >> sounds like fear to me. the bottom line is, the most recent tracker that i reviewed had jon ossoff about 46%.
6:51 am
this is a situation where the republicans are using every tactic in their playbook to try to keep them from 50%. and so we're in a position where this is about passion right now. all about ground game. if we execute on the ground game, we think this will deliver two points of performance near the 50% mark. and once you get there it is really about passion. >> do you think there's a chance he could get 50, mayor? >> -- as opposed to listening to tweets. huh? >> do you think there's a chance he could get 20%? there a there are 20 people running in this. >> he's performing at 46% right now. prieth now the entire game for our republican friends is to do everything that they can to stop him. what we've got to do as democrats right now is to focus on passion and intensity and closing strong and go ahead and close this out. >> i'm curious we've seen the numbers. >> it cease clear that jon
6:52 am
ossoff is going to get the most votes on tuesday night but we have a genuine opportunity to close it out. >> he's a young guy, taken a lot of criticism. he doesn't live in the district. moved in was his girlfriend, going to school. had him on last week, talked to him. the question really is with all of this money that has come in for him, more of half of it from outside of the district, in fact outside of the state, how much of that is name recognition, getting the tv ads on, getting the soesh media up. how much of an organization do you have on the ground in a special election to captaitaliz on momentum. >> all of that and he hits at 45% or 46% in a district that a typical republican would win by 20 points. we have to play the short game and the long game here. but in all of these special elections, chris, a republican typically would have won them by
6:53 am
10 or 20 points. the barrage that jon ossoff has with stood and he still sits at 45%, 46% as i talk with you right now. the last time i checked, there was nothing wrong with being young as long as you have a passion for service. and at the end of the day the people who live in the sixth are going to make the call, not you or i. and the people who live in the sixth are choosing jon ossoff. and you know that he is -- he is with standing an assault that is withering. and despite all of that and everything that everybody is saying about him and his age and the wonderful young woman that he has as his girlfriend who is a student at emory university, despite all of that, it is thin our reach to close this out. that'shy we can't back up, we can't be discouraged by these typical republican tactics of just gross hostility towards candidates. i think right now we have to
6:54 am
focus on the ground game, which as you talked about we are. i think the sixth wants to send a message to president trump that he really has gone too far. any other republican would be up, up 10, 20 points and that's not the case. we intend to take the fight to the ix is entake the formula and spread it across the united states into congressional races that are far more competitive. >> as you know, democrats tried to flip mike pompeo's seat in kansas in the special election an they did move 20 points from where president trump was but still lost by 7. but i wonder are democrats putting too much into this race as well. are you, as democrats, yofr selling the imp statilications you that confident? >> i think it's about winning. i think it's about fighting every single fight that has to be fought. i think it would be a mistake as
6:55 am
demean democrats in this environment not to fight every single fight. that's how you're going to win the seats that we need in order to take over congress. if we're fight in districts that we would typically lose by 10 points or 20 points and turning them into 7 point, 5 point, 2 point races wi, we're doing exa what we have to do instead of sitting back taking loss after loss. you have to fight every single fight. that's what the american people are expecting. an jon ossoff's campaign is much better positioned that the campaign in the kansas fourth. >> mayor ka seem reid, always good to see you. thank you so much. right at the white house everyone is assembling for the annual easter egg roll, the first for this administration. this week's saturday night live
6:56 am
has a different take on the easter holiday. >> it would be great if the nitpickers could see the big picture and didn't focus on every slur and lie that i say. that would be nice. e presenter o "go back a slide." well played. you just tossed a mind grenade into into your colleagues' dulled senses. look at them, "what did i miss?" he one-upped me once again. step two: choose la quinta. and your la quinta reward points can be redeemed for everyday purchases on the go so you can win at business. learn more at today.
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and that wraps up this hour. i'm chris jansing. coming. right now more news with hallie jackson. >> good monday morning from the nation's capital where we're following the fallout from the
7:00 am
vice president's verbal warning shot to north korea. explaining the era of strategic patience is over. we're talking about what we know about that missile launch that failed in north korea that morning. what those missile consist do and what role if any the u.s. had in that epic embarrassment for kim jong-un. >> the massive manhunt for this man right here in ohio-cleveland police said he killed an elderly man on and posted it on faceboo. we have our panel ready to go. i'm joined this hour by a professor at korean studies, clint watts and onset with me, white house correspondent for usa today, paul singer. the game is all here to quick off this


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