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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  April 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> that's right. >> it's a more highly educated district, the demographics are changing there. this district should be breaking democrats -- >> if they don't win this district, they need most districts that are like it elsewhere. >> okay, thank you very much. and that does it for us this morning. >> what a show, what a show. >> what a show it was. >> if sam says it was a good show, it must have been really good. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. good morning to you. we got breaking news overnight. a near miss. the democrats almost snatch a republican house seat. now it heads for a runoff. does the democratic surge signal a shift? >> there is no doubt that this is already a victory for the ages. >> the candidate joins us live. strong words, the vice president rallying sailors stationed near north korea. >> under president trump, the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready.
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>> now this, was the white house being misleading when it said a carrier group was headed to the region when it was actually going the other direction? plus o'reilly on the outs. a critical meeting this week to decide the fox news anchor's fate as multiple reports say he could be heading for the exit. we're going to begin this morning with that wake-up call for both republicans and democrats. the local race with huge implications and it could not have been closer. the democrat in georgia's 6th congressional district race, jon ossoff, did not win the 50% needed to take the traditionally red state, but he came extremely close. now that battle only gets hotter with a runoff scheduled for june and president trump weighing in, going in on a new tweet, really a tirade against the democrat. we've got a great team of correspondents and guests here to break it all down. i want to take you first to nbc's ron allen. he's in atlanta. ron, jon ossoff did not get enough votes for an outright win
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but democrats across the nation, they're telling a story that this is a huge victory or a symbolic one, i guess, for them, but he didn't win. >> reporter: well, i think it's more than symbolic, it's a sign, they hope, of things to come because this is a very red district and you have a candidate who came out of nowhere. a lot of national support, a lot of national money, jon ossoff, and he got very, very close. through the night it seemed that he might actually pass the 50% mark, but as more returns came in, his tally fell below that. here is the final numbers, look at the board there. 48.1% for ossoff, and karen handel at 19.8% and double the next contender in this huge field of 18 candidates. so ossoff is feeling good, the democrats are feeling good, but the republicans are feeling good as well. they feel that once it's a one-on-one race that handel will prevail. before we get to that, here's
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jon ossoff last night essentially declaring victory. >> we have defied the odds, we have shattered expectations. so bring it on. >> reporter: now, the republican, handel, is a very well-known politician in this state. she's run for statewide office a couple of times and lost, however, in primaries. she's also been a county commissioner here so she has a lot of name recognition and a lot of support. she's very conservative so she expects all those things to put her over the top. again, once she's not running against 11 other republicans. but the democrats are feeling very good about this because they see a district that's changing. there are a lot of white, well educated professional people here, it's a fairly upscale district north of atlanta that's growing and changing. it's more diverse now than it was. tom price won here by a huge margin but he was a very popular incumbent so the democrats would
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argue that skews that. so the democrats see potential here. if they can win in a place like this, win the house, they have to win places like this. so again, a big night for the democrats but the republicans still feel pretty confident about their chances 60 days from now in the runoff. >> i want my panel to break it down. this morning joe walsh, a former republican congressman from the state of illinois and host of the nationally syndicated radio show "the joe walsh program," and jason johnson, a politics editor and professor at morgan state. joe, i want to start with you. this was close for jon ossoff but he lost. but if you compare it to this district in november, the democrat only got 38%. ossoff got 48%. in kansas last week, we saw a 25-point swing. is this a wake-up call for republicans? >> if i were one of my former
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republican colleagues in congress right now, i'd be scared to death. honestly, the left is pissed off, angry and fired up. we forget the big picture here. these are red districts. kansas was a solid red district. this is a solid red district. we're not talking about swing districts. this would be like conservative tea party joe walsh running in the city of chicago and coming close. that's like earthquake stuff. this is a total wake-up call to republicans. >> is coming close enough, though? look at this number. we sit here, 99 days in, offended, angry, blown away by all the things president trump didn't do. and while it is solidly red, you once lived there. it's not deep red in terms of who lives there. >> it's not deep red and hillary clinton only lost by one or two points. here's the thing, stephanie. this is a hodgepodge district. you've got silk road where it's a bunch of vietnamese restaurants, the upper suburbs. this is a very diverse district. it's the kind of place
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republicans don't want to have to compete in. here's the thing, national democrats are overstating it. but i talked to my friends and colleagues in georgia, and they said he overperformed. they were happy he got past 46%. they feel if they can improve voter registration, he's got a chance of pulling this off. >> if you say this should be a wake-up call for republicans, president trump said in a tweet with all the outside money that came in, with all the attention, we were still victorious. but it's president trump who came out with six, seven, eight tweets elevating this. it was more about trump than anything else. if this is a wake-up call to republicans, what does waking up mean? >> that means ignore trump and his tweets. >> one more time. >> ignore trump and his tweets, stephanie. my republican colleagues have got to get something done. obamacare, tax reform, cut taxes, they have got to do something. they have to ignore trump's tweets. i get jason's point about atlanta. but kansas last week that wasn't a hodgepodge district. that's as deep dark red as you
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can get and the democrats were competitive there. look, i got elected, i'm sitting here because of the tea party movement. the same damn thing is going on on the left right now and the republicans are in denial with it. >> i mean you in the past have said you don't agree with everything he says or does but you've been a trump supporter. now that we're already 100 days in, have you changed your tune? >> no, because it's about the policies. >> what policies? signing executive orders like ritchie rich, what does that do? >> reversing some of obama's executive orders, doing something about the border. look, it's not about trump. if these republicans make it about trump, they're going to get burned. look at what joni ernst said and what james langford said. they're distancing themselves from the person but not the policies. >> you can't run against the sitting president of the united states. republicans can play this all they want but you cannot -- the thing is donald trump looms so large over everything that you don't have an opportunity to say, oh, i'm a republican who's
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going to be independent of trump because even in georgia 6 you still got some republicans there who are like, hey, i like everything donald trump is doing. tom price went to be part of his administration. this is about the fact that the republicans haven't gotten anything done in congress, they haven't been able to impress people they're doing the kind of change and draining the swamp they said they were going to. a 30-year-old kid who's a documentary filmmaker is actually -- >> who doesn't live in the district. >> is likely to pull this off because republicans, democrats and independents are saying we at least want something getting done and they know this is a symbolic race and that's why people are turning out. >> he's a "star wars" enthusiast and people around the world support that. coming up in less than 30 minutes, i'm going to speak live to democratic candidate jon ossoff one on one and that republican that won the most votes, karen handel, this is important. she didn't mention president trump in her speech last night. this is one more example of how trump's own party is starting to really show criticism at the president to the point you just
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made. you just mentioned joni ernst. last night when we saw her speak in her town hall, she was really distancing herself. she almost sounded like a more polite democrat. i want to bring in nbc's chris jansing at the white house. chris, whether it's joni ernst or other republicans at their town hall, is this simply, you know, speaking to their constituents trying to keep the peace? are they really going to turn on president trump in terms of how they vote? they haven't asked for his taxes yet. >> reporter: well, listen to what they say because a growing number of them are distancing themselves. a growing number are calling for him to release his taxes. three members of the house freedom caucus. these are conservative members. mark sanford, ted yoho, justin amash all saying he should row lease his taxes. walter jones, matt goetz, david young. adam kinzinger said it's the right thing to do and the other two town halls are getting
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attention because they're republican senators. by the way, many if not all of the people i'm mentioning, they're in places where donald trump won by double digits. senator james langford said something that i think cut to the chase for a lot of people. he promised he would do it, talking about his taxes. he should keep his promise. and there was a lot of talk at his smaller town halls about the heightened rhetoric. he said, look, donald trump is not somebody we should set out as an example of how to use social media. and then it was joni ernst. joni ernst who said, yes, he ought to release his taxes. and then she said this. >> now, i think that we have a president that has a number of flaws. with the trips to florida, i do wish that he would spend more time in washington, d.c. i do think we need to bring manufacturing back to the united states. maybe he puts his money where his mouth is and brings some of those jobs here. >> reporter: the problem for him and, stephanie, for the
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president as you brought up is he's approaching his first 100 days with no major legislative accomplishments, not health care, not taxes, not infrastructure. democrats are saying the border wall could cost three times what they say it's going to cost. an it's not a stretch to suggest that he may go into the august recess for congress without any legislative accomplishments. stephanie. >> i've got to get my pam nel t weigh in. joe, you started this narrative. that's tough talk from joni ernst but what does it actually mean? i think of john mccain, who's been very, very critical of the president. many republicans were throughout the campaign, but they continue to get behind the president when it comes time to vote on things. well, not health care, necessarily. >> stephanie, the stuffetoughes of my business, conservative talk radio, you want to be a trump supporter and trump cheerleader but it's not about trump the man. these politicians, my former colleagues, it's about the
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policies. they want tax reform enacted, they want to do something about health care and trump hasn't delivered anything. and he's all over the map with it. >> but what policies? >> that's what i'm saying. >> two minutes ago china was a currency manipulator and now they're not. so what policies does this administration represent? >> bingo. so if you tie yourself to trump the man as a republican, you're going to get burned. and that's why you're seeing joni ernst and james langford and politicians beginning to separate themselves from trump the man and focus on the policies. it's not going to be easy, stephanie. i'm telling you. >> trump just likes you to keep calling him the man. >> the fact of the matter is the man is the policy. that's what he sold us on. >> no. >> he said throughout this campaign, look, i am the guy. i'm not a politician. i'm going to drain the swamp. trust me, i know business. so he can't say, oh, take policy trump and not take personal trump. both are problematic and this
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jumps back to the georgia 6 district. bruce lavell came in next to last. people coming out saying i'm a part of trump and part of the campaign that put him in office, they are losing across the country. >> and joe, is policy not the problem in terms of policy and details? we've never gotten any from president trump. he loves to talk about deregulating. we have yet to hear what those deregulations are going to be. >> here's the problem. there is no policy trump. honestly. >> that's what i said. >> don't pay attention to trump, pay attention to the policy. i'm sorry to tell you there is no policy. >> that's why this is a trap, this is a dangerous trap for republicans because there's no there there. he was elected to be a sledgehammer. voters did not support him based on policies, they really didn't. and that's the problem. that's the trap right now. >> i'm not sure how anyone is going to get out of said trap. you two aren't going anywhere.
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i've got you for the rest of the hour. chris jansing, ron allen, thank you so much. we're going to take a break. next, where in the world is the "uss carl vinson," the white house said the carrier group was headed off the coast of north korea as a show of force but it turns out it was going in the opposite direction. were they being misleading? the vice president speaks out overnight. but before we go, former president george h.w. bush is in the hospital recovering from a mild case of pneumonia. he's been treated and is expected to remain in the hospital for further observation while he regains his strength. we are hoping he has a speedy recovery, sending him our best. can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through,
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the united states of america will always seek peace, but under president trump the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready. >> that, of course, was vice president mike pence ramping up the war of words between the u.s. and north korea while speaking to soldiers on the "uss ronald reagan." during that speech pence warned north korea the united states' response to any use of weapons will be overwhelmingly and effective. all of this as the administration is being accused of misleading when it said a carrier group was headed to north korea preparing to face down any threat from that country when in reality it was heading in the opposite direction.
6:19 am
i want to bring in kelly cobiella who's in south korea. kelly, nuts and bolts, what exactly happened here? >> reporter: right, stephanie. let's flashback to last week. president trump trying to amp up the pressure on north korea saying that he was sending an armada into this region, sending the "uss carl vinson" as a show of force to the north koreans. the white house press secretary backed that up, saying that -- using words like steaming ahead. the defense secretary also backing up that message, when in fact this uss carrier group, the "uss carl vinson" was 3500 miles away. it was actually in the waters off indonesia preparing for this long planned military exercise with australia. now, this is what president trump said last week and followed up by what vice president pence said today about all this.
6:20 am
>> i don't want to talk about it. we are sending an armada, very powerful. >> were these misleading comments deliberate? >> oh, i think not. >> reporter: so how do reconcile the two then? well, no official explanation from the white house or the pentagon, but according to a lot of reporting in "the new york times" and "the washington post" and other places, this boils down to a simple miscommunication. apparently the pentagon never said that the carrier group was cancelling this exercise with the australians, only cancelling a port of call in perth, australia, and this impression that the carrier group was steaming ahead to the korean peninsula just in time for this very high profile and sensitive holiday for north korea was left to stand, so the question,
6:21 am
stephanie, now is if it was simply a miscommunication, why didn't someone clear it up? stephanie. >> thanks, kelly. i want my panel to weigh in here. former congressman joe walsh and jason johnson. joe, i want to start with you. if we're taking mike pence at his word that this was not intended to mislead anyone, should we be equally as concerned that communications around military operations have mistakes like this? this is serious business. >> yes, it's serious business and north korea is serious business. and i don't know what happened with that armada, but here's what i do like. this is good trump stuff. in the last two and a half weeks when it comes to north korea, syria, china and russia, he's sending a message to the world, i'm not obama. i'm going to be unpredictable, i'm going to use force if i have to use it and this is a good thing. i think it's all about sending a message. >> but what exactly is that message? in terms of foreign policy, it's exciting, you know, for many to hear that president trump talks tough. but when exactly does he talk
6:22 am
tough? when you think about russia, for example, on a tuesday, the lines were being drawn closer and closer to president trump's campaign and campaign's ties to russia. by friday he was at war with russia. look at what's happening with turkey. president trump having positive statements about an autocrat, someone he has possible business ties with. so where exactly is the tough talking? unpredictability might be exciting, but what about skittishness, what about unpreparedness. >> the message is, again, i'm going to be the opposite of obama. if obama was all talk, trump is going to be like little talk and a lot of action. i think that's the message he's trying to convey. >> that's not a message. when you're giving three messages, it's not a message, it's a lack of fortunate. the idea that he would say we're sending an armada. is he not reading his security reports, is he not paying attention to the basics? you bring up a really good point. we're all over the point when it comes to foreign policy. we have this worldwide wrestling
6:23 am
thing with syria. then he's talking about erdogan and how he's a great idea and now we're going back and forth. north korea is dangerous. we can't have a president -- we do, we have to deal with a president who is consistently irresponsible with the statements that he uses. while you and i can sit here and discuss whether it's armada or a carrier group, that's not now the north koreans are hearing it or chinese are hearing it. this president really needs to get more serious about what he says. >> there is in incompetence, i'm not going to deny that. but if you're north korea, if you're china, if you're searia, if you're isis, you're thinking this president might drop the mother of all bombs on me at any moment. i know that wigs out the foreign policy establishment. no, it's not. it's healthy, it's a change, it's different. >> that's american citizens who don't want to get bombed or nuked because you have an irresponsible president of the united states. >> jason, in terms of playing po poker, you don't want to show everybody your hand. >> if you keep talking or
6:24 am
tweeting, you're showing them everything you have. >> he's dropping bombs, he's doing things. >> that's great if you're a rap e, not didn't if you're the president of the united states. you can drop a bomb on syria or isis in afghanistan, that is the danger. the message is inconsistent. can you hear me now? no one knows what he's doing. >> what joe is saying, listen, it's good, across the world people are afraid of president trump. jason, you're saying here's a problem. here in the united states, people are afraid of mr. trump. >> exactly, people are afraid and our allies are concerned. you don't know what's going to come out of this president. i know inconsistent is cute if you're playing poker or basketball or not -- >> the foreign policy establishment is nervous. big deal. >> i'm a regular american citizen who doesn't want to get nuked because the president doesn't know what he's doing. >> what we're not going to weigh in on is whether or not we believe the president is cute. okay, a near miss in georgia. president trump pats himself on the back yet again for forcing a
6:25 am
runoff. the democrat who almost won the republican seat and still could, jon ossoff, will join us next to respond. before we go, last night on "all in," tom perez and senator bernie sanders spoke side by side with chris hayes and senator sanders made his allegiances pretty clear. >> you're on this road trip now with the head of the dnc, you're talking about reforming, reviving, transforming the democratic party. do you consider yourself a democrat? >> no, i'm an independent. >> that was clearly awkward. what i wish i could have heard was the conversation they had when they took their microphones off but sadly i couldn't. we're going to take a break, we'll be right back. think again.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. it is time for your morning primer, everything you need to know to get your day started. former nfl star aaron hernandez was found dead inside his prison cell this morning. prison officials say he hanged himself using a bed sheet. hernandez was spending a life sentence in prison for a 2013 murder. in fresno, california, three men were shot and killed within a span of one minute in what police are calling a hate crime.
6:30 am
police say the gunman yelled out "god is great" in arabic as he was arrested and posted on social media that he did not like white people. the hunt for facebook murderer suspect steve stephens ended yesterday in pennsylvania when he shot himself in the head as police were closing in on him. a group of brave mcdonald's workers had tipped off police and tried to delay stephens by telling him his fries were taking longer. i hope those employees get the reward. nbc news has learned two u.s. fighter jets intercepted a pair of russian bombers near the alaskan coast monday night. the russian planes did not appear armed and officials called the intercept safe and professional. just one day after the 121st boston marathon, an extraordinary day in that city, adidas, one of the sponsors, is apologizing after it sent an e-mail to racers that read, quote, congratulations, you survived the boston marathon.
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i'm going to give that one a #fail. we're going to move forward. president trump is wasting no time crowing about the special election in georgia where the democrat fell short in the fierce battle over the red state seat vacated by secretary tom price. democrat jon ossoff came this close, winning the 50% needed to claim outright victory in a race billed as one of the first key referendums on the trump administration. ossoff faces a june 20th runoff against republican karen handel. joining me now in his first interview since his first place finish is the man himself. i'm guessing he's pretty tired. democratic candidate for congress, jon ossoff. first, congratulations on your first place finish, but why do you think you fell just short of what you needed? >> good morning, stephanie. thank you for having me. well, if you had told anyone a couple of months ago that a democratic candidate would be able to build a coalition this
6:32 am
broad with this much grassroots support, come in first place by these kind of margins in a district that hasn't been competitive for decades, they would have been shocked. it's because of the grassroots intensity that we were able to pull it off. i'm thrilled by the result, ready to move forward and win in june. >> president trump would call it not necessarily grassroots, he would say it's gold plated. he tweeted this last night. quote, dems failed in kansas and are now failing in georgia. great job karen handel. it's now hollywood versus georgia on june 20th. that, of course, is in addition to the six tweets president trump sent out in the three days leading up to yesterday's election. so while president trump says it's hollywood versus georgia, is it the white house versus hollywood with georgia in the middle? where do you stand in all this? >> well, i think folks in washington tend to overstate their influence in local races like this. this comes down to grassroots intensity. the thousands of volunteers and
6:33 am
organizers, so much of it led by women who have been pounding the pavement and knocking on doors for months here in georgia. and it's that kind of grassroots momentum that will carry us to victory on june 20th. >> it was a woman, karen handel, who's well known in your district, your opponent, she's going to be the person that you face in that runoff in june. she spoke just a short time ago. i want to share that. >> 95% of jon ossoff's funds came from outside of the state of georgia. he is not an individual from this district. i am absolutely confident that as we go to the voters and show the vast contrast between this young, inexperienced individual compared to the track record and the public service and the results that i've given to the 6th district, i will prevail. >> what's your reaction? >> well, i grew up in this district. i grew up in this community. and i'm proud to say that more georgians have made contributions to my campaign than any other candidate in the race's campaign.
6:34 am
i'm looking forward to what will be a spirited debate, i'm looking forward to continuing to work with the team of thousands of folks who are giving so much to push us forward, to try to get some fresh leadership into washington. i think we're going to win on june 20th. i say bring it on. >> what are you going to do different? if you couldn't pull off a win last night with all of that money, what are you going to do in the next two months? >> well, a special election is a very compressed cycle, as you know. there's not a lot of time. we were able to build a very large grassroots organization from the bottom up with thousands of volunteers in just a few months. we're going to keep growing that grassroots energy and grassroots intensity. neighbors talking to neighbors. folks getting things done and standing up here in the community. that is ultimately what will see us through to victory on june 20th. >> in terms of intensity, so much has been made about this race being a national referendum on the trump administration. how much pressure does that put on you to win in june? >> well, and with all due respect, stephanie, the national
6:35 am
press is always interested in national implications and washington is interested in what things mean for washington. but if you come down here to georgia, and i hope you will, you'll feel the intensity on the ground here is about local issues, it's about concern for our local community. it's an inspiring thing to be a part of. and i think the role of washington in this election will be much less than the role of people who are determined to make a difference here in georgia. >> well, congratulations on a big night and good luck. you've got a lot of work to do in the next couple months. >> thank you. thank you for having me. next, the parent company of fox news reportedly holding a board meeting tomorrow where they could decide the fate of bill o'reilly. could the long-time giant of cable be on his way out? tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed...
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yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. bill o'reilly, his vacation may become permanent. numerous reports in the last 24 hours cite sources saying fox news may sever ties with its star primetime host and that decision could come soon. o'reilly has been dealing with a growing sexual harassment scandal since "the new york times" report found the network and/or o'reilly paid out $13 million in settlements to women. he paid settlements to spare his family. joining me is michael schmidt who co-wrote the bombshell report on all of the settlements paid and my panel, joe walsh and jason johnson. michael, you have been on this story from the beginning. tomorrow bill o'reilly's fate is
6:40 am
going to be discussed and it is a regularly scheduled board meeting. what are you learning about his future? >> well, when our story came out two and a half weeks ago, the murdochs were standing by mr. o'reilly. that support appears to have eroded. the question is how much. and how much is rupert murdoch willing to continue to fight for mr. o'reilly and keep him there. the problem is, is that it's really begun to impact the bottom line. 50 advertisers have left his show. that's an incredibly important hour to the network. and there's some thought they can keep him there because he has such high ratings that he brings in other viewers for other shows, but at the same time can you run a network at 8:00 at night that has less than ten ads. >> is this about generations within the murdochs? rupert murdoch's sons, the next generation, they have to think about the future of this company and this network and fox has massive viewership, but
6:41 am
viewership that needs to change and be more forward-thinking. is this about moving with the generation? >> well, the question for the mar do murdochs is where does the bottom line stop and the questions about the culture begin. if you're james murdoch, you really think that you need to clean up the culture there. after roger ailes was fired last summer, they said that they were cleaning house. this was a new environment that they were creating and women would never really be disrespected in the workplace there. but since that's happened, they have cut two deals on behalf of mr. o'reilly and learned about a third that he had cut back in 2011. so the question inside fox that a lot of people that we've spoke to have said is, well, has the culture really changed? what's different now than before ailes left. if ailes left, why doesn't mr. o'reilly have to leave. those are questions that the mar do -- murdochs would have to answer to their employees and their employees have expressed
6:42 am
angst to us about. >> just last night another former worker of mr. o'reilly came forward. >> she says that bill o'reilly would come by her desk on a regular basis and make offensive comments and sounds to her. she said he would grunt like an animal, he would call her hot chocolate. she's african-american. >> now, bill o'reilly's lawyer put out a statement saying, quote, it is outrageous that an allegation from an anonymous person about something that purportedly happened almost a decade ago is being treated as a fact. now, what is your take on all of this? you know, to the point that bill o'reilly only settled because he wanted to protect his family. what are you protecting your family from if you didn't do anything? >> exactly, you don't need a defense if you're not guilty. this is not surprising. when that quote came out from an african-american woman last night, i called a friend of mine who used to work at fox who told similar stories. i said is this you? she said no. this has been the environment
6:43 am
there for a long time. i think there are multiple ways this can be solved. one, you probably need to let him go. second, we talked about the aging sort of viewership and everything else like fox. i'm pretty sure the blaze would do a trade right now, move bill o'reilly over to the blaze. they need to move forward. fox needs to find a different way to communicate with conservatives. this old dog way of looking at the world, this cold war attitude people like bill o'reilly have, that's not the future of television and shouldn't be the future of fox. >> joe, it doesn't think that bill o'reilly thinks this is co-workers going after him. he thinks this is conspiracy attack from the left. what's your take here? >> stephanie, i'm all about public figures fighting back when they're unfairly charged. you're talking too many women. it's just too much. he has to go. and fox does have to change. it is a vibrant conservative voice, but it needs to reach a bigger, broader, younger audience. this should force fox, i think,
6:44 am
to change what they're doing. >> or an audience that gets advertisers because at the end of the day that's what matters. we are going to take a break. michael, thank you. next, ivanka trump's business gets a crucial trademark approval, 3 in fact, in china the day she had dinner with the president of china. are the conflicts between the trump businesses and the trump white house too big to overlook? later today, super bowl champion new england patriots will visit the white house to celebrate their victory. the team includes long-time trump friend, not necessarily supporter but friend, tom brady and coach bill belichick and we know bob kraft is a friend of mr. trump.
6:45 am
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now for my favorite topic, money, power and politics. new ethics questions are circulating around ivanka trump after an a.p. report that the chinese government approved three of her new brand trademarks giving it exclusive rights to sell her goods in the country. the problem, those approvals came the same exact day as ivanka met with chinese president xi jinping at mar-a-lago and sat next to him for dinner. ivanka has shifted her brand's assets to a family-run trust but
6:49 am
she still holds ownership. ivanka trump's attorney is now speaking out saying, quote, since she resigned her position, ivanka has had no involvement with trademark applications submitted by the business and continued, quote, ivanka will recuse herself from particular matters where she has a conflict of interest. kate kelly covers wall street for "the new york times" and author of "black edge" inside information dirty money and the quest to bring down the most wanted man on wall street. sheila, i want to start with you. hi, ladies. while it might be legal for ivanka trump's lawyer to say she's not having those particular conversations, listen, even if she was still running her brand, she might not be the person to fill out an application for a trademark. she's the majority owner of her name sake business. >> so clearly they have made a decision that they're not going to set an example in this area. the whole trump family. so they are kind of complying
6:50 am
with the bare minimum requirements that they are required to follow and jamie has explained this to me, everything ivanka is doing is technically legal. i think people have been a little startled to learn just tt exactly you can get away with when you are in the white house. no one has tested the policy this way. yes, she can technically maintain ownership of the company, even though she's placed these family members in charge of the trust that are making the business decisions and she only needs to recuse herself on an individual case-by-case basis if a particular policy matter might affect her business. she does not need to step away from all china trade policy, for example. i think it's been a little shocking to people that that's allowed. >> could this in a broader sense be why president trump remains below 40% in approval? could it be that americans are saying, don't make a fool of me here. whether it's ivanka in this case
6:51 am
or don you see them on a regular basis talking foreign policy. you go to dubai, trump world's coming. >> the general public that we're seeing in the approval ratings or lack there of is more concerned with the hot headedness and the twitter trigger finger and some of the more global scale gaffes like the situation with the tankers that were headed to the korean peninsula until they actually weren't and that was mistelegraphed, if you will. i think the business conflicts are an issue that could bubble to the surface over time. like the russia investigation, this is a simmering and concerning debate to many people. as "the times" points out in an editorial today, there is not a lot of ability to check this right now. the office of government ethics, but they need presidential incentive in order to take next steps after they uncover things and then it's down to congressional committees to take action from there, which seems unlikely. so, for now, i think it goes on. >> in terms of bubbling up.
6:52 am
the clause has not yet been tested. you look at turkey this week, two years ago president trump went on record, he had a conversation with steve bannon saying, well, turkey, if i had a conversation about turkey, i'd be conflicted. just listen for a moment. >> what do you do with turkey? is turkey a reliable partner? are they a reliable partner? >> i also have a little conflict of interest because i have a major, major building in istanbul. >> so, if the president said then when he wasn't yet president, i have a conflict. at that time ivanka herself sent out a tweet saying it was great to mead erdogan and we're all shocked and amazed that the president would say anything positive, but just look at the history. he has real business there. not one, but two trump towers. >> i think that i agree with kate that the average white collar voter who's waiting for their manufacturing job to come back probably is not fixated on this. but it is undermining trump's
6:53 am
position in congress. and you can see that through his lack of progress. >> gradually. >> gradually, yes. it's going to get worse and worse. as with everything trump does. look at hot he does, not with what he says. what he does does not suggest -- >> when he spoke last night and signed the executive action specifically about buy american, hire american. he said we're going to do everything in our power to get the made in the usa label on as many things as possible. guess what, three months ago we went to trump tower to the gift shop and we checked to see where trump products were made and then this morning we went back. we have a beanie. where is it made? china. we have a bib. where is it made? peru. we have a shirt made just on the other side of the big beautiful wall, mexico. >> so, two thoughts on this. number one, this is a perfect segue, right? the average worker as you point out, sheila, is probably concerned about the off shoring of jobs and you see this executive order and it made me think, gee, i read that steve bannon was out of favor but
6:54 am
economic nationalism lives again this week. you can see the sort of maneuver back towards some of that thinking and some of the steps towards the policymaking. number two, the reason why i worry that some of these protectionist policies won't work long term is exactly what you're saying. the cheaper manufacturing options are overseas. maybe you put in a temporary fix that changes some manufacturing processes or where some jobs are. i mean, capitalism will win out over time. >> amazon, zara, extraordinarily successful companies because they saw cheap products quickly. if and when will you see the supporters who have said, i just want my taxes lowered. i just want my job back. will there be a moment when they turn, if those jobs don't return. because, again, the president likes to talk about all these jobs he's brought back. if you look at the numbers, we haven't seen them and he, himself, and his daughter, ivanka, continue to manufacturer products overseas. how does he say to manufactur
6:55 am
manufacturers, you better make this here when he doesn't. >> you see his credibility eroding on a day by day basis. what does he have to show for it? thoug not that much. he backtracked on policies and chine saw the most recent one and i think the fact that he is exhibiting such a double standard in his personal dealings is really the explanation, even if voters aren't going to make thconnecti. he is a still hiring temporary foreign workers at all of his golf properties. >> does it apply to hire more foreign workers at his vineyard to pick grapes. it continues to happen. >> you can see how the family has taken advantage of a lot of these options over the years. >> right after the inauguration they had on their website, melania's qvc jewelry line that took off. >> do what i say, not what i do seems to be his policy. >> which would not work with a toddler. >> no, no, won't work with a
6:56 am
toddler or with your spouse. thank you so, so much. i love a show that looks and sounds like this. all right, coming up president trump orders top to bottom review of the iran nuclear deal. we'll go live to iran for reaction. oking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now. buttrust angie's list to help., [ barks ] visit today.
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7:00 am
>> good morning. we start with all the saber rattli rattling diplomatically overseas. plenty of tough talk to go around. in asia, the vice president says the sword stands ready against north korea with now new republican support to use that sword, if need be. we are live with the international fallout. and gearing up for a fight. the folks in georgia fresh off that near miss now turning into a proxy war for democrats and republicans. >> this should be a wake-up call for the republican party in the south. also this morning, a face and a name to go with a tougher tone on immigration. "usa today" reporting a 23-year-old is now the first dreamer deported. the reporter behind that scoop is joining us live later in the show. lots to cover and we have it all covered. chris jansing at the white house and on set stewart holiday former ambassador to the u.n. and two seasoned white house reporters julie of the associated press and david


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