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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  April 20, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the country and around the world for doing just that. so the big issues that we still face here and around the world can become better under our watch. and our watch doesn't end when you leave office. as he has often said the most important office of all is the office of citizen. >> wow. great to catch up with her. >> great to see her again. >> loot more ahead for for valerie. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks so much, picchmika. much to cover a new front, iran responds after the trump administration suddenly ratchets up their rhetoric. >> iran's provocative action threaten the united states, the regionnd at world. >> as politicians in south korea blast the u.s. over what one calls the lie that the "uss carl vinson" was heading towards north korea, when it was actually headed the other way.
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>> here comes the judge again, judge curiel, whom then candidate trump railed against. >> but i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater. he's a hater. >> that hater is now overseeing another high-profile case involving the president. and the x factor, bill o'reilly, defiant blaming unfounded claims for forcing him out of fox, one of the women who came forward joins us live to respond. we're going to begin this morning with a trump administration putting iran on notice. secretary of state rex tillerson making rare public comments announcing a comprehensive review of the 2015 obama era nuclear deal and mince nothing words with things -- mincing no words with this warning. iran is still a global threat. the best team in the business here for you today. along with our incredible team of correspondents and guests i want to go first to the white house where nbc's chris jansing is standing by. i want to listen first to what
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rex tillerson said about the iran nuclear deal. >> this deal represents the same failed approach of the past that brought us to the current imminent threat we face from north korea. the trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on iran. the evidence is clear, iran's provocative actions threaten the united states, the region and the world. >> well, it's rare to hear from rex tillerson but what's the white house saying today? >> if iran is left unchecked it's going to mean that they're going to follow the path of north korea. the concern, obviously, about the nuclear capabilities and it's something, as you know, that should come as no surprise to anybody who listened to donald trump on the campaign trail. he was harshly critical of the deal, said it was the worst deal he had ever seen. in fact, he promised to rip it up. what rex tillerson was saying yesterday, doesn't rip up the deal, but what it does do is it starts a review, a review of u.s. policy towards iran and it
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starts a review of this nuclear deal. what's interesting about it is the timing. just the day before on tuesday as required under this nuclear deal every 90 days there is a check and that check on iran showed that it was in compliance, something that secretary tillerson acknowledged, but then this morning, a tweet by the foreign minister of iran, who said, worn out u.s. accusations can't mask its admission of iran's compliance with jcpoa. that is the joint comprehensive plan of action or the iran nuclear deal. obligating u.s. to change course and fulfill its own commitments. now one of the things that rex tillerson talked about at length was iran as a state sponsor of terror. the problem with trying to link it to this deal is that they're not linked. if there's any thought about reimposing sanctions that were lifted because iran was in compliance, that basically gave them a lot of breathing room.
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the sanctions against them had been crushing on their economy. but it is not tied to terrorism. it's only tied to their compliance to this deal. so should one option be to try to reimpose those sanctions. well, it doesn't work that way. the u.s. would be out of compliance itself with the deal that they agreed to. stephanie? >> all right. i have to get my panel to weigh in. excited to introduce howard dean, msnbc contributor former democratic governor from the state of vermont and former dnc chair and my old friend, a rare sight on msnbc, matt dowd, a political analyst and former chief strategist for the bush/cheney 2004 campaign and author of a book you've got to get a "a new way embracing the paradox as we lead and serve." welcome. i want to share more sound from rex tillerson because we rarely hear from him. take a look. >> an unchecked iran has the potential to travel the same path as north korea and take the world along with it. the united states is keen to
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avoid a second piece of evidence, the strategic patience is a failed approach. >> i'm going to go to matthew first. it's rare to have them gem in the house. what's your take? >> first always good to hear a silent film star talking as secretary of state. i'm still -- i'm very confusds actually about what fundamentally is the administration's policy on so many different issues, including iran. obviously we pointed out they say on one hand they're in compliance, everything is fine, on the other hand we're going to look at this deal, bad deal, horrible deal. i think this has put the administration, iran and many other issues where the american public wants consistency and sense of authenticity and they don't know what our policies are which is troubling. >> consistency sounds good, but these are complicated issues. your take on iran? >> this is fascinating. i actually think they're playing to trump's base. i think they know that they have to continue to certify that they haven't violated -- >> there's a limit to how many
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crises you can have at the same time. the thing that's bad about it tillerson is a serious person. he -- because he's doing essentially a political act here for trump, i think he's eroding his credibility as secretary of state. i think it's too bad. they've totally mismanaged this. the truth is iran isn't really a problem, it is a state sponsor of terrorism, it is a completely different country and different situation than north korea is. there is almost no similarities at all, other than they both are threatening to get nuclear weapons. this is -- trump knows because she's been told by mcmaster he has to continue this agreement. now he's going backtrack to his base to pretend he's being tough. >> in terms of improving in poll numbers and playing to your base, we're talking about foreign policy. trump has now engaged with syria, afghanistan, north korea, and then iran. is this all about popularity, suddenly this big surgens into foreign policy? >> he doesn't know what he's doing. >> i also think that presidents
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can't help themselves. donald trump basically ran on the idea like all those foreign policy things they can go behind us, i'm going to put america first and we need to bring back jobs and change the economy. that's what his fundamental message was. >> this isn't his dough dojo why is he doing this? >> because presidents when they take the oval office one of the few levers of power they have unchecked by is making military decisions. i think donald trump has figured out after the health care fiasco he can make decisions in foreign policy and nobody can tell him not to. that's part of what's going on. >> syria wants some bipartisan support. he wants to stay on this road? >> i actually think part of the thing -- i think matt is right. 90% of most president's time is spent on foreign policy. those are the emergencies and the things that have to be dealt with right away. trump has no clue. tillerson whose reputation is a smart business guy doesn't know anything about foreign policy. it's a real problem. i think the only guy in the administration at any level of
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visibility is mcmaster and thank god not mike flynn. can you imagine? i cannot. i want to talk about the overseas reaction to this as the trump administration is doubling down on the comments they made about a different foreign adversary, just mentioned it, north korea. white house press secretary sean spicer defending the claim he made more than one week ago that the "uss carl vinson," this one blows my mind, the aircraft carrier, that was ordered toward the korean peninsula amid threats from north korea, when it was actually going the other way. this one blows my mind. >> the statement that was put out was that "carl vinson" group was headed to the korean peninsula and is headed to the korean peninsula. it will arrive there -- >> it's headed there now. it wasn't headed there last week. >> but that's not -- but that's not what we ever said. we said it was heading there. and it was heading there. >> okay. i want to take you live to seoul where nbc's kelly cobeyeah, you and i have gone through the nuts and bolts of this carrier and
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the takeaway is it's nuts. south koreans are angry about this. you like that? pretty good. thank you. >> yeah. this is more than just a matter of semantics for the south koreans. you have to remember, i'm sure everybody does, the context in which all of this was happening. there was a real ramping up of annite zooits and nervousness in the region when the announcement came down that this carrier group was headed in this direction, made it sounded like it was imminent that story line was allowed to play out and now you're seeing a reaction to the news that, in fact, it wasn't heading this way at all. not imminently anyway. and you're seeing it in a lot of the headlines in local papers. one headline was "trump's lie" the sense that people feel somewhat cheated, misled by this information. another paper actually comparing this to north korean propaganda, asking the question, whether the u.s. policy now is a policy of
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bluffing when it comes to north korea. and all of this is coming in the midst of presidential elections. just 2 1/2 weeks away. there was a presidential debate last night. it didn't come up during the debate. but the conservative candidate in the election has commented on it. take a look at this quote from him. he said, if that was a lie, then during trump's term south korea will not trust whatever trump says. now keep in mind, this is the candidate from the ruling party, the party that is closest to the u.s. position of really pushing hard against north korea. so that gives you a sense of what people are feeling here. this really is developing into a credibility question for the trump administration here, stephanie. >> i have to get my panel to weigh in. i realized tortured explanations are sean spicer's signature. but how big of a deal is this one? >> well, i give them somewhat of a pass on this because i actually think -- i don't think they were lying.
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i think they were -- it got miscommunicated somewhere between the sea, the pentagon, and the administration. there was some level of miscommunication. they were going to end up near korea after they did their exercises near australia but i thinks the problem is they're unwilling to say we made a mistake. >> okay. but then if they were lying -- >> unwilling to say they made a mistake. >> fe if they were lying that might play to donald trump's argument he is a master bluffer and this what is he does. if they made a mistake we are talking about military actions near north korea. do you -- i mean should we feel okay with mistakes being made over there? >> this is the problem here. this is -- these guys have no idea what they're doing. they are incompetent. matt and i frankly i shouldn't reveal, matt worked for george bush, i'm a big democrat, tried to unseat george bush. we both agreed whoever screwed this up would be fired by now if any sensible reasonable president of either party were in power.
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spicer doesn't know what's happening. he makes it up as he goes along. he's getting cautious because he could get undercut. this is a big deal. the reason it's a big deal is, south korea is in the movement. if there's a war between the united states and south korea we will not see many casualties. the south koreans will be decimated. this is a huge deal and we have just let down one of our most critical allies in asia. it is an enormous mistake and if somebody doesn't get fired over this trump is incompetent. >> i think the fundamental problem we've seen the entire presidency there is a total unwillingness to admit when they've messed up. when you watch sean spicer you can see it. it's a strained thing to say we were always wrong, we were always right, always right. >> sometimes i want to hug him up there i feel so bad. >> you can't because he's not given the leash on this, if he would say listen the way we communicated it and done is what was wrong and here's what we're going to do. it's the strained way to say we are always right. >> is there any support for the
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argument that president trump's unpredictability is a positive in terms of foreign policy? >> not for south korea. unpredictability in foreign policy is not the same as unprediblgtsibility when negotiating the purchase of a building in new york city with somebody else's money. this is a bad thing to do. these guys are incompetent because they don't know what they're doing. they only think short term. there's no long-term consensus where we're supposed to be. he is a foreign policy disaster. >> all right then. we know how howard feels. we will take a break. thank you to nbc's chris jansing and kelly kobe yahya. next bill o'reilly out the fox news. one of the women who came forward joins me next. also ahead -- >> this judge is of mexican heritage. i'm building a wall, okay, i am building a wall. i will do very well with the hispanics -- >> so no mexican judge could be involved with a case with you? >> how does this happen? the judge president trump slammed during the campaign now overseeing the first major test
6:14 am
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it is the end of an era here at the fox news channel. as we mentioned earlier bill o'reilly is leaving this chair and this network after more than 20 years. >> there you have it the top rated host on cable news, bill o'reilly, is out after a series of sexual harassment assertions and claims that even more women might soon come forward. now there is new reporting that allegations against fox news may be bigger than previously known. wendy walsh was the first of o'reilly's accusers to come forward publicly, a psychologist who made regular appearances on his show and her call helped prompt the company's investigation. with me msnbc contributor gabe sherman and authored the book about roger ailes called "the loudest voice in the room." wendy, i want to start with you. what was your reaction when you heard the news? >> well, you know, i always said i never had a dog in this race
6:19 am
in the sense i wasn't being personally vindictive to mr. o'reilly or fox news. i really just wanted to speak for the five women who had been silenced through confidentiality agreements and could not talk about what happened to them and also speak for my daughters and your daughters and future work places so that we can really change cooperate culture in america. so i'm really happy, actually, that fox made the decision to put women's rights above the bottom line because this man brought in a lot of revenue to the network. >> but does it actually? does this mean they are putting women's rights before the bottom line? gabe, for a minute let's put ourselves in james and lock lan murdoch's shoes. fox news is only one jewel in the 21st century fox crown. they've got this sky deal, the paid tv distributor in europe, about to get approved. they're facing the regulators in may. >> yeah. >> they cannot afford to have a sexual harassment ethics hiccup
6:20 am
block this deal. they have this deal on the table in 2011. they had to pull it because of the phone hacking scandal. if this deal goes through this will value the whole thing at $23 billion. are they really putting women and culture ahead of the bottom line? when you look at it in the full scale between advertising dollars and the sky deal it looks like a bottom line deal to me? >> i agree. what's notable they resigned bill o'reilly in march, full knowing that there were allegations about him, so this is a case where they wanted to protect him. rupert murdoch tried to shore up bill o'reilly. there was too much public outcry and they cannot afford to have the sky deal as you pointed out which the regulators will rule on in may fall apart. this would be a stunning blow, the second time that the murdoch family has seen a deal fall apart because of the culture of their company. >> i want to read you a bit of bill o'reilly's statement when the news came out. it read in part, quote, it is
6:21 am
tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. now, i got to get your reaction in my perspective, if claims were unfounded why would i pay out $13 million? >> well that's the first piece, and i want to assure everybody after i called in my complaint to the 20th century fox sexual harassment hotline, i was immediately within two days contacted by four attorneys. i was grilled along with my attorney for more than two hours. i provided them with a lot of e-mail evidence that corroborated my story with four other colleague and friends who i told at the time. they did an investigation. i wouldn't call any of this unfounded. >> then, if you were to talk to bill o'reilly right now, what do you think about the fact that he continues to say they're unfounded? >> you know, i really believe that if you tell a bad person they're bad it usually just makes them worse. i was hoping since he was meeting with pope francis
6:22 am
yesterday, that he would get to a place of contrition and apologize to some of the women. certainly that's a good pr moves for him. if not, i wish him well and however well defended he is emotionally to get through this it's what it takes. >> gabe, if it's a bad person f that's what the bill o'reilly situation is, is identifying this person and removing them from the environment going to solve the problem? i mean, it appears in your new reporting it's only going to get bigger, there's more women? >> the short answer no. bill o'reilly operated within a system that roger ailes created which allowed women to be subjected to serial sexual harassment. many of the lieutenants roger ailes promoted at the network are still there, including the copresident, bill shine, the general counsel diane brandy, who many describe as enablers. women at fox news have been contacting me saying how has the culture changed if the management that roger ailes promoted over 20 years is still
6:23 am
basically running the network? >> i watched you on "morning joe" earlier and you were saying last year at the rnc, women from fox came to you, crying, about the oppressive work environment. did you ask them why they stayed? >> yes. and it's a tragic, horrible situation where women want to have careers. no woman or man should ever be put into a situation where they have to choose between having a career and being subjected to harassment in the work place. unfortunately, roger ailes forced women into those choices and it's not fair to say oh, they should just leave because people have to make a living. and so i saw that and to me it broke my heart to see they wanted to work in tv, but they had to endure this terrible culture at fox news. >> do you believe -- >> and may i add -- >> wendy? >> we got babies to feed. come on. work places are male ordered environments where we're all expected to have a wife at home. come on, we women in the media and in other organizations, we just want to work, we want to take care of as women do we're the sandwich generation, take care of our kids, take care of
6:24 am
our parents, we got to work to pay for that. >> we deserve to work in a safe environment and i hope -- do you think -- i know we have to go, before we leave, this is lock lan and james murdoch always had different sensibility. james murdoch did the deal with nat-geo, i can't imagine they have the same sensibility of fox news but what they didn't have is money on their side. between advertisers and sky, is this the leverage they needed to actually move this company forward which what is they always wanted to do? >> i think so. someone very close to james told me he is very aware of his legacy and he wants the family media empire to be known as something more than this pirate operation that his father built. >> extraordinary story. wendy, i want to say before we leave, thank you, so, so much for speaking out. it's extraordinary. we need more women like you. >> thank you to everybody for giving me such support. i was so terrified, afraid that
6:25 am
i would be attacked by him and his large microphone, attacked by his attorneys, which i had to -- you know i had to deal with a little bit of that, but thank you everybody for your support. all i did was tell the truth for all our daughters. >> now thanks to you, so many more women are not going to be. thank you, gabe, wendy, appreciate it. what a story one not going away. next the judge president trump slammed over his mexican heritage he is now hearing the first challenge to the enhanced immigration enforcement will this become a major setback for the administration? i need to know how many judges there are? like what are the odds? kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. it is time for your morning primer, everybody you need to know to get your day started. we begin with the u.s. talking tough on iran. secretary of state rex tillerson slammed the iran nuclear deal wednesday saying iran was still a major threat to the world. this morning the iranian foreign minister responded calling these, quote, worn out accusations. the secret service is closing the sidewalk along the south fence of the white house as part of an evolving strategy to mitigate potential threats. and three people were killed
6:30 am
as anti-government protests turned violent in venezuela. hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in a massive demonstration against the country's president president critics accuse him of eroding democracy and plunging the economy into chaos. conservative pundit ann coulter will find a way to speak at the university of california berkeley after the school's administrators canceled her appearance citing safety concerned over planned protests on campus. check out this incredible video of california, a car, somehow became lodged under a truck on the highway, the stuck driver be driver beeps his horn and frantically waves his arms trying to get the driver's attention. other drivers got the truck to stop. this was unbelievable. speaking of unbelievable, pay attention to this. federal judge gonzalo curiel is in donald trump's cross hairs again. he has been assigned to handle the lawsuit of a young man who
6:31 am
was deported, the first so-called dreamer to be kicked out of the country. you may remember judge curiel oversaw the trump university lawsuit and was attacked by then candidate trump who accused him of being bias because of his mexican heritage. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater. he's a hater. his name is gonzalo curiel. >> we're building a wall. he's a mexican. >> he's not from mexico is. he's from indiana. >> he's mexican heritage? >> his name is gonzalo, born in indiana. kristen welker joins me now. how on earth of all the judges out there, does judge curiel get the first case, a dreamer, who not that long ago president trump said to our own craig melvin i'm going to treat the dreamers very well? >> this was just a coincidence, stef, according to the southern california district court. look and just to remind everyone
6:32 am
again, the first time president donald trump clashed with judge gonzalo curiel was over the trump university lawsuit when he was a candidate, when curiel oversaw the lawsuit against trump university, mr. trump called judge curiel a hater, arguing he was biased because of his, quote, mexican heritage and as you heard in the clip judge curiel was born in indiana. curiel approved a $25 million settlement between trump university and students who claimed they overpaid for seminar, mr. trump never admitting wrongdoing. what's happening? well judge curiel is going to preside over an immigration case involving a so-called dreamer who was recently deported. 23-year-old juan manuel montes back in february was arrested and deported from a southern california city for no reason, said he was walking near the border. the department of homeland security says montes' violated his status by leaving the country without the government's approval. so the question, again, how did judge curiel wind up overseeing
6:33 am
the case? according to california's southern district court this was totally random. they effectively just pick. so this is one of these political coincidences, stef, that has a lot of people scratching their heads, looking closely. the question is will we see president trump actually take aim at judge curiel now that he is president? so far no reaction from the white house. >> i have to get a reaction from my panel. msnbc contributor howard dean and political analyst matthew dowd, author of "a new way embracing the paradox between lead and serve," is there such a thing as a political coincidence? >> in our minds not, of course. i wouldn't put matt and i in the conpiror to conspiracy business, but even we have some concerns. there is actually a lottery that this is how courts get cases like this, so it's probably true. but it just seems a little too good to be true. >> do you think president trump could take action here or can he? when you've seen him almost the most fired up over the last few weeks, it's these moments when
6:34 am
he gets frustrated when he's faced with the fact that there are three separate forms of government and he gets these ideas that these judges they work for me, congress, they work for me. curiel doesn't work for the president. can president trump do anything? >> you know, i'm catholic but you have to love karma, right. this is such a karma moment you can't make it up. you couldn't write this play. i think donald trump is, obviously, learning as he watched the approach of legislature he couldn't force anything through the legislature he wanted in the congress. he's watched federal courts deal with his immigration orders which he can't force things through the federal courts. i for all of the criticisms that we've seen over the past 18 months and this presidency, our system actually, though chunky and often inefficient, works. and the way the system works is just what happened now. which is a judge who he blasted, who he criticized and all that, now in a random way it seems, as i say, a karm maic way will oversee a case instrumental to part of donald trump's presidency.
6:35 am
>> here's the bigger problem, though, isis going too -- ice going too far. the ice people this is what this like to do. >> ice, not isis. >> the immigration people. they are really busting into people's houses unnecessarily. are they within their legal rights? technically yes. the arrest and deportation of this particular person is something the president said he doesn't think is a good thing to do. and so they've got a problem at homeland security with ice. they've let people go without any sense of limits and i fault both the president's rhetoric for that and general kelly who has been a disappointment. >> letting it rip. we'll take a break. next a possible deal between conservative and moderate republicans over health care. could they repeal obamacare as early as next week? we know they would like to before that 100 day mark. before we go, i have to give you a quick market check. opening bell rang a few minutes ago and you can see the market
6:36 am
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welcome back. new this morning, see it's exciting here i can't get howard dean to stop talking. we need a commercial cam. new this morning a potential break through agreement among republicans, a deal to repeal and replace obamacare. it is back. aka trump care. takes two. nbc news has a copy of the agreement and capitol hill correspondent is in the house, kasie, welcome. kasie hunt, tell us the details. >> well, look, i would not go so far to say this is an agreement to repeal and replace obamacare. i would call it a proposal. the policy details we were talking about before congress left on their easter recess. this does have the name of a moderate member of the house on the top of it, so, you know, that may be a sign that they're moving in the right direction here. but it doesn't have necessarily buy-in from the freedom caucus members and if they go farther they will lose moderate votes.
6:41 am
they can't call it a deal until they know they have 216 votes to pass the house. the one thing i want to draw your attention to, it talks about what are called esocial health benefits but community rating. so that is health care speak for people with preexisting conditions, because -- >> president trump assured they were going to be covered. >> and so what this deal says states are allowed to not cover people with preexisting conditions. that's a difficult headline for moderate members the house. >> and for president trump. >> and i think look, they really want a deal on health care. the white house wants to show they're making progress on health care but at this point we don't see this being something that's going on the floor of the house next week. >> matthew, they want a deal on health care in name. but what the white house has promised, who president trump's base supporters are and who the freedom caucus is and what they represent, how are you ever going to marry the two? >> i think what donald trump would like to happen, which is that repass obamacare and call
6:42 am
trump care and say i did it. he doesn't want to make fundamental changes. there's a huge political equation after what complete failure in doing this to begin with a month ago, is they're going to watch these elections coming up, specifically georgia, and i don't think they're going to do anything to their detriment before that election happens because a lot of what's going to happen in post-elections if a democrat wins the republicans know they're in trouble. if the republican wins that race they can venture on a risky strategy. i don't think they will do anything before that election. >> don't you think president trump wants to have something legit done by his 100 days. >> he probably did. >> i thought he had the best 100 days of any president ever. >> they're bigley and hugely and largely and whatever. >> may have had the worst 100 days since william henry harrison who died in the first 100 days. so, here's the problem. if ryan were a strong speaker he would never make his caucus vote on this because if it eliminating preexisting conditions, which it does, he's
6:43 am
going to make people vote to do that and then the senate is not going to pass the bill. you do not hang your caucus out to dry if you're a speaker of either party when you know it can't pass the senate. os specially on difficult, objectionable stuff like this. every ad in 2018 about people who voted away with preexisting condition which has a 95% approval rating among the american people. >> the other thing that's fascinating to me, donald trump has done what barack obama was never able to do, which is make obamacare popular. obamacare now is rated by more than 50% of the public. >> changing health care is an extraordinarily risky proposition. look, nancy pelosi is not speaker of the house, you could argue largely because of the affordable care act and the reality is, for speaker ryan, sure he would never make his caucus vote on it, but he's putting his own speakership potentially on the line. i do think -- >> he chose to do that. he was out there for all of this time saying what a disaster
6:44 am
obamacare was and it had to be repealed and replaced he could have pulled out a new addition out of his drawer four weeks ago and saying i've been working on this puppy five years. >> the issue is that the changes that were demanded by the freedom caucus to the bill ryan wrote made it untenable for the moderate members to vote for it. this is technically a compromise because the freedom caucus wanted to make -- do away with the essential health benefits and community rating for the country. this says okay, states can opt out of it. so that's an attempt to split the difference. it's problematic because you're letting states opt out of the preexisting condition issue. if we are going to talk about control of the house in 2018 and i think that is going to be the metric for is there -- how big is this democratic wave, i actually do think that there's a point where the house could come into real play, that's where ryan's speakership is on the line. >> president trump said it best, no one knew how complicated health care was. we're going to take a break. great to have you in new york. >> great to see you. >> money, power and politics,
6:45 am
exxon requests a waiver around the russian sanctions. could the fact that their former ceo is now secretary of state tip the scales in their favor? before we go, "time" magazine has released the full list of most influential people. in addition to the expected names of putin and trump, new additions include one of my faves, musician chance the rapper, chicago philanthropist, actor and activist riz ahmed and the man who broke the 108-year curse the general manager of the world series champion team chicago cubs theo epstein. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. mar rene na was a teacher who loved makeup and started creating youtube tutorials for her friends and they spread like wildfire. she quit her job, started a makeup line and today does more
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welcome back. time to talk money power and politics. exxonmobil the company's secretary of state rex tillerson worked at for over 40 years and ran apparently wants to ramp up its business in russia. just one problem, those pesky u.s. sanctions. "the wall street journal" reports exxonmobil has just applied to the treasury department for a waver from those sanctions that would allow the company to resume a oil adventure begun in 2012 when
6:50 am
tillerson was ceo. joining me james stewart along with my panel howard dean and matthew dowd. james, john mccain already came out and said this is crazy, john mccain says a things and then gets in line and votes as the republicans do. rex tillerson wasn't just at exxonmobil. he's the person who crafted the partnership between rosneft, which is largely owned by the kremlin, and exxonmobil, so how does he dissociate himself? >> whether he actually can or not, i don't think matters. the optics on this are so unbelievably bad. i mean, it's astounding exxonmobil would ask for the waiver at this point. i believe they did make the application earlier, when obama was still president, but given the situation with russia now, with the obvious appearance of a conflict with tillerson, they can't grant this waiver and they shouldn't grant this waiver. if exxon wants to do business, then maybe they could lift the
6:51 am
sanctions, which trump has actually talked about and have it apply to everyone but to single out exxonmobil with tillerson the secretary of state and let them do this deal, that should not happen. >> but this is why the sanctions are in put in place. hurt russia where it counts. their pocketbook. the sanctions are in place to prevent business from getting done. >> to me the day after election day, i said i thought donald trump after he became president that the problem wasn't going to be policies that got him in trouble or inability to get policies through t would be what was going on with russia and the connections that existed or did not exist there, and two, the conflicts of interest and who was benefiting from what. this issue is wrapped together both of those things. russia and who is benefiting from what. i think it's terribly problematic and completely a huge problem but it seems a problem that they could not avoid unless exxon just decided we're going to abandon the project. >> exxon could have said this is bad for our business, optically looks terrible, not going to
6:52 am
pass anyway. >> nobody does that in corporate america. look at cvs, they said trump was maybe not so good for the country but great for cvs. no corporation will do that. but here's the big problem the big problem is, people forget why we have sanctions on russia. russia broke a 70-year post-world war ii convention that we don't use military force on invading somebody else's border, when they invaded ukraine and georgia. so that's the reason. to reinforce the notion we don't go to war to resolve our difficulties. it's not a small reason the sanctions are there and people forget, this isn't just about russians meaning we don't like them so we'll put sanctions on them. this is because they have occupying armies in two countries. >> as you know the obama and clinton and bush administration these waivers happen all the time. the major policies and they do the waivers. >> exxon argued it doesn't hurt russia because the italians will go and do it anyway. that's an argument against
6:53 am
sanctions in general. the other approach to that, get the italians don't do it. if we're going to have sanctions, don't give the waivers. you either lift the sanctions, which i think is a bad idea for the reasons that you said or enforce them and if you're going to make an exception don't make an exception for the company that was run by the secretary of state. that to me should be a no brainer, but we've seen other no brainers go down. >> before we go, what do you make of president trump and his america first mantra signing this order to explore steel imports and the barriers around them, a guy who by the way is a developer has been importing steel for quite some time. >> this is window dressing. i really don't think it's going to amount to anything. every ceo i know is breathing a big sigh of are he leaf because a, he didn't put tariffs on steel which would be a bad thing for consumers and the global economy. he also was very vague about these immigrant visas that the high-tech companies want so much. >> h1-bs. >> so he's paid some lip service
6:54 am
to his base but he's not doing that much about it. government contractors, they're already free if they want to pick american steel. i don't think this is really going to change anything but actually i think that's probably good because i think trade barriers in general are bad for everybody. >> all right. thank you so much. we're going to take a break. before we go, you know what today is. 4/20 also known as the unofficial pot smoker's roll day and good news for all of you tokers out there, support for the legalization of weed is at an all-time high. matt dowd, don't raise an eyebrow, we're breaking news here. 61% of all americans, this is a cbs poll, now think marijuana should be legal, that's five points higher than at this time last year. little something to celebrate for world weed day enthusiasts. do you play? ♪ ♪
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remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. welcome back. one last word with howard dean and matthew dowd. matt, you got a new book out "a new way." tell us about it. >> the whole point of this, we're in this incredibly disruptive moment in america and in the globe as we look at it, where it only comes around once every 70 or 80 years and i think it's time we have leaders step up in this moment which we don't have many of to figure out how to lead us politically and economically around the globe. we have an opportunity but it also can be destructive. >> there's been a third party, libertarians have been trying to kick it for years and can't
6:59 am
break through. >> it's not fundamentally about a third party. it's fundamentally finding a different way. the mistake for independents is finding a national figure and run on some national figure. if we'll have some new party it will emerge locally and emerge in des moines, detroit, austin, texas, and that will give rise to t not a presidential candidate. >> does that mean you're running for office in austin, texas? >> no, i'm here on your show just talking to but. >> sure he is. all right, gentleman, that wraps it up for the hour. thank you, i'll see you tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. or any time on twitter. right now more news with hallie jackson. >> steve eruhle thank you very much. this thursday for the white house, a full scale foreign policy blitz. iran could become the next north korea and north korea warning it may launch a "super mighty pre-ememptive strike." we have reports from global hot spots. remember the judge targeted by the president on the campaign
7:00 am
trail? he's now overseeing the case of this man, a deported dreamer who is suing the federal government, we're diving into that. plus developing this morning, rumblings of a health care compromise, but is it really or is this one also dead on arrival? new details on what's in and what's out, with the best team in the business. they are here in the u.s., and around the world, kristen welker at the white house, kelly kobe bayia in seoul and hans nichols in cairo. first to ali arouzi there on the ground. good morning to you, fill us in. >> reporter: good morning, hallie. there's been little public comment from tehran in the latest developments. the only person who has weighed in so far is foreign minister zarif who led the nuclear negotiations. he tweeted earlier war and u.s. sanctions can't mask its admission of iran's compliance with jcpoa. obliging the u.s. to change course and fulfill its own commitments.


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