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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 24, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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daka? >> i think he's been consistent about two things. one, that he's had a heart. he wants to make sure he does what's in the interest of children in particular. but secondly, i think the president's priorities since he took office have been very clear, that the focus would be on folks who present a danger to public safety. that's where it's continued to be, and he's someone who understands the issue and the priorities that need to get laid out by this country. so everything he has done has been consistent with what he has said from the get-go. jonathan? >> i understand that he says the criminals would leave first, but last august he said that daka defied federal law and was illegal. does he still think it's illegal? >> i understand, and i still think his comments he made last week, he understands in a lot of cases this involves children and families here. what i'm trying to do is answer the question, that i think the president wants to make sure he addresses the issue of illegal
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immigration and all of its components in terms of visa reform, border security, the wall, all of these things in a system of priorities. right now the priority is to make sure that folks who present a public safety concern to the united states and to our citizens are dealt with first, and that's where he's at. he's also very pleased that through his action and his vision for how he wants to move forward on this sees a huge drop of a legal bordercrossing. that is a big accplishment for this presidency, and it's something that we're obviously very proud of. >> amnesty doesn't play a part. >> i just walked through the question. jonathan? >> how confident are you that there will not be a shutdown? can you guarantee there will not be a government shutdown? >> i can't guarantee -- but i think that the work that director mulvaney and others have made in these negotiations has been very positive. they feel very confident that that won't happen.
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>> so he won't insist that his priorities get funded on the border, a wall, increase security? >> that's not what i said. >> is he willing to shut down the government to do those things? >> look, they're currently negotiating. we feel very confident that they understand the president's priorities and that it will come to an agreement by the end of friday. >> in all 100 days, the contract of the smern vote for if the. he's over 10. only one of those has actually been introduced. >> right, and i think he will continue to work with congress. we're going to continue to work with congress to achieve those. >> why have nine of those even been followed. >> i think when you look at legislation, a first few weeks
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and to extent, there are comments made. the president is extremely busy, and when you think about the amount of progress he's made, it is very significant. we'll continue to present all that throughout the week. again, as i said to major and nitpi nitpick. i don't think there's any question that the president has done a significant amount for the american people on the issues that he has put forward during the campaign. >> you're not surprisimplying t health care is nitpicking, are you? >> no, those pieces are not small. but i'm saying in terms of overall what he has accomplished has been unbelievably significant when you talk about all the other areas, the regulatory relief, the efforts he's made on immigration, on
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trade. all of those issues. and what i'm trying to say, when you look at the amount he's done in the last couple days, you can find an area or two where you say, okay, he didn't do this. but you have to look at that time in the totality of what has been done. >> why is there any discussion about the wall? isn't mexico going to pay for the wall? >> i think he made it clear we needed to get the funding background. lex alexis? >> now we're having a discussion that the country might shut down over the wall. who is going to pay for that? >> one, we feel very confident the government is not going to shut down. two, i think the president has been vy clear inhe past about the fact that -- this is not a ne thing. he talked about this. that in order to get the ball
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rolling, but he would make sure that that promise would be kept. >> that's a talking point that the white house uses. is the wall even necessary? >> absolutely. the wall does several things. >> how can. >> just because you have a couple good months in a year, i think you want to. so if you're coming in from our southern border, he has taken a lot of steps so far that has dedur dedured. eight years from now the next president will have that wall in place to make sure it doesn't continue. alexis? >> this might relate to question
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2 only. but on wednesday when we see the outline that the secretary was just describing, will the president have anything toward his decision about whether it was a good idea? second, the papers will part of being outlined in terms of what you have to do. we have the details he wants to share out. we have a couple days before that happens. i'm going to ask you to wait 24 hour . >> the general remember. >> i think you'll have a better idea of what the president wants for tax reform. yes? >> wait, wait, i'm not done. when we were justly.
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he has main tanld. . when is the timeline for that? is that or because of the headwinds that united states is -- >> i think he's taken a lot of steps not just on the tax side, but the regulatory side as well, that already are paying dividend and i think they're going to bery renewed commitment, person companies to bring back jobs skr. i think he's doing a good job both on the tax front and the regulatory front. john? >> we've seen some things
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successful. since then are you any closer to getting 218 votes in the house to pass before the benchmark? >> yes. first of all, we only need 216. you're making it tough on us now. i do think we've seen progress with members in terms of some of the changes that have been made to make it a stronger bill. but we're getting close, and as i mentioned at the outset, when i think the president feels confident that -- or when the leadership of the house tell him they feel confident they have the votes, that's up for them to decide. >> the election over the weekend in france, any comment on the results that came out of france over the weekend?
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would the president be satisfied with either alternative, macron or le pen? >> obviously it's up to the people of france to decide their next leader, and we respect the decision they make in may. our job is to work with whomever the french people choose. juanita? >> on the budget spending plan, what is the president doing? i understand mack you wiculvane others are doing this. is he calling them over? >> the team has been giving him updates. >> is he talking to members? >> i just mentioned tonight he's having dinner with respect. where he is actively engaging as he was, say, at the end of
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heal care. >> what do you mean when you talk about his priorities? >> i think his priorities have been crystal clear. remember, it's starting in the first week of march, director mulvaney started on the house side for nm. >> then on the second issue, on the 100 days, if someone mention. . you have indicated that all of these activities this week from hundred. i think we got those from you and our colleagues, so in order to answer -- >> you gave something to us?
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>> you know, we're gifrs. i don't think there's anyone in this room that hasn't lodged a request to say, we're fighting a story on the 100 day mark. we're doing this on the 100th day mark. so we want to make sure you answer our questions as currently as porm, so that we are very proud and the president is very proud of what bezuidenhout even. . we'll make sure the people understand how much he's done in all the different areas, but we also would to sta. there is a lot has been accomplished, and i think it's appropriate to comment and to share with the american people all of the things that he has done to fulfill the pledges that
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he made before the american people. >> are you going to hear prior to the rally on saturday. >> i'll. >> the press conference room? maybe not. >> we're working out some skej tin. >> thanks, sean, i want to circle back a the. look, he'd love to do it. if the speaker and the majority leader and the whip come and tell him they've got the votes, then we had isn't to fit it into a finite timetable. as he mentioned on friday, if it happens next week, i got it done and got it done right so we're not going to jam it through just
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for the sake of it. >> so he's concerned about gently rushing it through? he doesn't want it to happen abo about. but there is a chance to pursue targeted tax cuts as opposed to raw tax reform. will we see a proposal for targeted tax cuts? >> as you stated in your question, i'll let the president and the team speak on wednesday with respect to what they're going to outline. >> does the president think it's realistic to do broad tax reform without having. he made a commitment to get it out on. >> just one more. is there a plan for. >> that's another thing that is on the list.
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so i'm gl. let's get these first two things moving. i think you'll see a continued improvement to infrastructure as well. >> is there an urgency to get infrastructure passed? >> either we're doing too much or we're not doing enough. he has made it very clear that that is a priority of his. as you point out, it's something that i think both side of the aland both chambers probably agree on. there is. our interesting in. thank you guys very much. i'll see you tomorrow. have a great monday. that's seaspicer with the ily briefing. the quote of the briefing, yeah, we're givers.
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talking about all the responses he gives to the press. i'm kate jansing in the white house. we have been listening to the presidential briefing. here's a little about what we learned. he called the first 100 days an artificial benchmark, yet also said the totality of what trump has done is unbelievable. of end of the week deadline to see the started don't confident that they'll be very confident to get the wall down. we've got a team of correspondent ds and guests ready to dive into these tom ix and more sfchlt terrific white skplt. whaet start with sort of this
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back and forth about the 100 days? christy, are you there at all with me? >> he game a 100-day sort of plan. and that was in gettysburg during the campaign. he set out this contract. as it was pointed out, he's 0 for 10 and succeeding withhese and only has really put out one plan. it's got to be kept in context, it's an artificial benchmark, but what he's done is is incredibly insignificant. is it what we've seen this week is a push from all these things like health care. you heard tax mnuchin with tax reform, they're putting all this tax on syria. is that tied to.
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>> i'm just going to remove. that's why this scene is pushed to really lay out what nft reform, reversing smof they see obama era policies. namt in terms of having eluded this president. that's one reason i got to many questions about health care. is it realistic they'll actually hear a vote this week? you heard sean spicer really walk a get rush through. they displayed confidence that the government but ts pin to an in addition ld. little.
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a the on that point, chris. when it comes to tax reform, sean didn't want to get into all the details. he said, i don't want to get ahead of the president. my sense is what we'll learn on wednesday will be more of a blueprint. based on my conversations here, there is a lot of speculation where job reform has been peeling and replacing popular. sean spicer, he was using his words very carefully, because one thing this government cannot afford it. >> we just heard sean spicer talk about the confidence. they understand the president's priorities and that mexico will actually pay for the wall in due time. but how clarj is the wall and whether or not payment for it is in this document. how large is that looming on capitol hill as well as the white house? >> this is where the public and
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the private come in. they're actually quite different. for two weeks in my conversations with my white house sources and also other sources in the administration, the line has really been the same privately, which is they're not going to take this to the mat, they're not going to fight and die on this. they're going to claim some sort of a victory on border security funding. and what you continually hear is, that depends on how you define war. so it may not be specifically related to a brick or mortar wall, something, then they can claim a victory, but there's not a hostage negotiation that results in a shutdown. >> so are you saying it depends on what the meaning of the word "wall" is? >> it's a bit like that, actually. that's what you hear sort of over and over again when you talk to people in the administration. i can't emphasize this enough. they do not want a shdown.
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they do not you wawant a shutdo the white house. unless donald trump makes some last-minute change of mind which could happen, i can just tell you as of right now the mood in the administration very much, we need to get past this, we need to move on to health care. we have enough fires going on. let's focus on some of these votes behind them many. with all of this goi with. >> with all of this going on, i am fascinated with what's going on. i was talking to some pretty big power players, and they almost caught themselves, but they thought the heroes could potentially be graham and mccain, people who could potentially, i guess you could say, talk some sense into the president from their perspective, someone who could get america back on track, an america they think has gone far off the tracks. what do you think has happened?
11:21 am
what is going to be the the conversation like inside the white house for that dinner. . . his nationalism is moving away from mainstream american politics. but on foreign policy, it will raise some concerns perhaps not only among those on the left but those in trump's base. if by huddling with senator mccain and senator graham, he's nodding toward those that encouraged him by sending over those missiles. that is a translation that has caused that popular trump base. zrz she talked about an exciting day as members of the security council came. they're talking about north
11:22 am
korea, syria, you've got these sanctions put on. how much of it is about show and how much of it -- if you look at the very complex issues that are facing the world right now? >> i think when you look at ambassador hailey and -- this is mistloor what's gog with senago mcmaster and mccain, he's gone more towards a traditional republican mold. >> with 5 days left until he hits that 100 days, three polls, including our own, give the president historically low ratings. what's the white house seem to be very into polls, sometimes not so much into polls.
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>> i think they would underscore that when it come to his base, he still rz robust. he was tweeting with the polls over the weekend, but trying to turn the conversation back to the topics he wants to be talking abt right now. that border wall, health care, repealing and replacing obamacare, and i think what you're seeing come out of the administration this week, chris, it's really a me say messaging overload. they've gotten so many media inquiries, and i think that's why it's all hands on deck as they stir the pot here. >> thanks to all of you. and next, he's back.
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>> so what's been going on while i've been gone? >> a little bit of humor there. former president obama returned to the spotlight in the city that launched his political career. >> this community gave me a lot more than i was able to give in return. because this community taught me that ordinary people, when working together, can do extraordinary things. >> from the grassroots to the hollywood hills, director rob reiner joins me live nearly 100 days into the trump esidency. can democrats help regain polical power in washington? 93% of you say yes. head to we can't stay here!
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although there are all kinds of issues i care about and all kinds of issues that i intend to
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work on, the single most important thing i can do is to help in any way i can prepare the next generation of leadership to take up the baton and to take their own crack at changing the world. >> former president obama looking toward the future as he steps back onto the public stage today. after a nearly 100-day vacation he talks at a forum of students in chicago. the focus on civic engagement, the former president careful not to criticize his successor. as the democrats work to shock them into action. 67% says the democratic party is out of touch. i sat down with five los angeles power players this weekend, in fact, yesterday, for a frank discussion about the way
11:30 am
forward. >> people have begun to realize that we cannot count on our representatives to do this job, that we have to represent our interests, that we cannot just allow a party or person to do this work for us. >> i think a lot of representatives, they get elected and i think they're listening to their constituents until they get elected. >> the power of organizing and marching in the town halls has been important for a long time. >> what courage does it take to get out on the streets? >> you have to start at the civil level and build the party from the ground up. >> there is strength in numbers. i was on the ground campaigning for john ossoff. >> in that district, in that neighborhood, it's filled with democrats and moderate gop members who just don't feel like they have community support. >> i think what we are starting to deal with now is th hope, the fight.
11:31 am
we need a new obama. that's what we're looking for right now. >> we need a new us. we need a new democracy within which people operate without a grand leader. >> are you hopeful? are you hopeful for the future? >> i am. i am. >> i am. >> you seem not so sure, dina? >> i need to be hope. . i need to be hopeful for my daughter, i need to be hopeful for all of us. i'm hopeful in what i've seen that we can do. >> as long as we still live in a country where our voices are counted and we can make change. so far we're still in that country. >> i'm not hopeful about this presidency, and i am not hopeful about our leadership. >> including democratic leadership? >> democratic, republican across the board. i am hopeful, however, about the power of democracy and democratic spirit and the power of resistance. >> who was it that said, i'm not optimistic but i'm a prisoner of hope? it's hard not to be hopeful. but i also think that we all
11:32 am
have this very heartfelt, in our blood relationship with what we think this country is and what we think democracy is. that makes me hopeful, that people will respond because they love what america was trying to do from its birth. >> all week long, we're going to be taking the pulse of both democrats and republicans across the country. tomorrow we'll have reaction to the president's first 100 days from those who supported him in michigan. but let's talk now to filmmaker, actor and producer and democratic activist rob reiner. good to see you, rob. how are you? >> hi, chris. >> you and i first met in tallahassee, florida after the 2000 election. you came because you just felt compelled to come there. there are people now out in the country who feel compelled to do something. and you've seen them get into the streets by hundreds of thousands, they're sending money, they're supporting democratic candidates, they're going to georgia and going door to door for john ossoff.
11:33 am
are you hopeful? >> well, i think that the one positive thing for progressives with the election of donald trump is that it has energized, you know, our side. people are out there marching, people are out there protesting, going to town hall meetings, and that's very good, but i want to put this in a bigger context here, and i know that your job is you have to cover this president. he is the president, we can't ignore that. but there is a danger here of normalizing things. this is not normal. we've had the greatest attack of this democracy since 1941. and we have to understand that. and when i talked to my very thoughtful republican friends, and i have many of them, they sa the same thing. where are our republican leaders, elected leaders, standing up and saying, we've been attacked here? our democracy is being
11:34 am
compromised. great societies last 250, maybe 300 years. well, we're at that cusp right now. the question is, will our institutions withstand this attack that we've had from a hostile foreign power? so far we're seeing our legislature not standing up. we don't see anybody in the house or senate on the republican side standing up. so we've lost that. the press is under attack. the president calling it fake news. there is another pillar of our democracy under attack. basically we have a few reporters out there digging and we also have the courts. and so the question is, will these institutions remain intact in order for our democracy to survive? i don't know, because these institutions are only made up of people. >> so let me go back to your sort of big picture question,
11:35 am
because it's something that we talked about a lot with -- i'm sure some of your friends were on that panel in los angeles, and then i hear from a lot of democrats. which is that the thing that shocks them often is that when they hear every day something at they think is a certificaable offense one way or another, then you get a poll over the weekend that president trump has lost 2% of his base. many of them that i met out on the campaign trail, for almost two years i was out there, they're thoughtful people, and for them the issues are different. for them ma, many of them, it's just can i put food on the table? can i put a roof over my head? can i put my kids in college? can these kids just steps away from graduating get a job? where do you take the marching and the wanting to get involved
11:36 am
and channel it? because i don't know if what the president said today is the answer. yeah, kids are the future and you also want to look at the future, but what can people do right now? >> what has to be done is a long-term plan. i mean, it's one thing to go out there -- and by the way, the people you're talking about are hurting, they are being passpassed by by this modern economy, and they need jobs, ont opionot opi. you can't just say we'll bring your manufacturing jobs back, we'll brin your construction jobs back. what can happen is they can anticipate in the economy, and we have to show them a way they can do it. it's not just about messaging, it's about providing actual opportunities, it's giving incentives to green energy companies, to tech companies, to come into these areas and give
11:37 am
them tax breaks or subsidize them in some way to provide real jobs for people to actually participate. there is a program in west virginia called "call to codeoa" it's teaching people in coal mining how to be part of the new tech economy. those things have to be done. we have to incentivize the elon musks of the world and the tech companies to go into these areas and provide jobs for people, and not just training programs, but actual jobs that they can have, training as they go. that's what needs to happen so these people can feel a part of this and not be passed by. but make no mistake about it, we've been attacked. and where are the patriots? these people who are also hurting with the economy, they're also patriots. they care about this country. and we have to show them that we're not destroying the country. we're not tearing it apart, or as steve bannon would say,
11:38 am
deconstructing the administrative state. >> you're talking about core values, and that was the phrase the president used in his last press conference in december before we were heading into january and the inauguration. he said, look, i won't stay silent when i feel like our core values are under attack. there are some democrats who think he should be speaking up, he should have spoken up every day. they feel they're under attack by the core values, and i think you heard the folks who were in that panel, rob, who just said, we don't need a new obama, we need a new us. what role, if any, do you see for the president as well as the people in the streets. >> we are organizing. it will happen one way or another. and chris, you can't lose sight of this. there is a report that came out today, and i don't know if you've seen it, but the president has invited all 100
11:39 am
senators to come to the white house on wednesday. and he's going to meet with -- there's going to be mattis and mcmaster and all the heads of the military are going to be there, and it's a briefing on north korea. my fear is that we're going to wind up, before we get to the bottom of what the russians have done with hacking our elections and whether or not the trump campaign was complicit, and i do believe there is evidence there to show that they were complicit. until that happens -- and we're now seeing the house and senate, both investigative committees are now basicly becoming ineffectual. i would hate to see us wind up in a war with north korea which basically takes us away from what we need to focus on which is preserving our democracy. >> you didn't answer my question, though. do you think barack obama needs to be more vocal about this or
11:40 am
somehow take a more public role than he has? his inclination is to follow in the footsteps of previous presidents and to say, i'm not getting involved. >> yes, i do think he needs to take a more active role. i think he needed to take a more active role during the campaign, not just getting out there and stumping for hillary, but when this information about the russian hacking of our election came out, he should have taken a more active role at that point. i know he was probably concerned about looking partisan, but this is not a partisan issue here. this is about the health of our democracy. so yes, i do think he should take a more active role, and, you know, that's not the kind -- that isn't his style. he's the no drama obama guy. he probably won't, but i think anybody should be speaking out, because i hate coming back to it. our democracy is at stake right
11:41 am
now. i'm not talking about republican or democrat, i'm talking about a very insidious insinuation into disrupting the pillars of our democracy. >> director, actor, activist rob reiner. it's always good to see you. come back soon. love talking to you. >> thanks for having me, chris. >> let's get an update on our pulse question of the day from microsoft. we'ven asking can democrats help regain political action i washington? 95% say yes, they can, 5% say no. keep weighing in on how your clothes smell can say at lot about you.
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i'm chris jansing in new york with a look at today's top five headlines. just a short time ago, mr. trump wrapped up a lunch meeting with members of the united nations security council at the white house. topping the agenda, new tension between the u.s. and north korea. all of this coming as north korea makes new threats against the u.s. state media there reporting the government is ready to use military force to sink a u.s. aircraft carrier. the u.s. carl vincent heading toward that region.
11:46 am
general jim mattis made an unannounced visit to kabul. he's there to assess whether the trump administration should send more u.s. troops to the country. he'll visit a six-nation tour intending to bolster relations with our allies. the centrist emanuel cron and marine le pen face off on may 7. he took time out to call an astronaut or two at the international space station. that con grgratulatory call for peg peggy whitson who just passed 100 days in space. >> we're cleaning up our urine,
11:47 am
and that's not as bad as it sounds. >> very good. better you than me. on capitol hill, the clock is ticking to keep the government running past friday. here's what sean spicer said just a short time ago. >> can you guarantee there will not be a government shutdown? >> i can't guarantee -- but i think that the work that director mulvaney and others have made in these negotiations has been very positive. they feel very confident that that won't happen. >> nbc capitol hill correspondent kasie hunt joins us live now. some activity brewing again on the hill with members of congress coming back, but they've got this budget deadline looming, and the president suggesting a top priority is with whether or not congress will help pay for a wall. where are we on all that, kacie? >> reporte an incredibly busy we he on capitol hill, chris. of course, as you point out, the most pressing item on this long, and frankly, very kind of
11:48 am
aggressive list of priorities between the budget continuing to fund the government, health care and tax reform is, of course, making sure that the doors of the government are still open come saturday when that funding will have expired. so this had been on a pretty good track. i mean, look, this is something that very often we've seen br k brinkmanship and partnership on capitol hill over these kinds of spending bills. that was not happening here in leadership on both the house and senate side. all my sources was talking to, republican, democrat, house, senate, everybody said they were basically on the same page working toward a basic ingredient. they were going to write full spending bills for some departments, others would have to continue on at their current levels of funding. then the president and his advisers said something more aggressively about this potential border wall, and that
11:49 am
has thrown a wrench into things and made it a little more unpredictab unpredictable. democrats are not sure they want a headline that says they helped president trump fund a border wall, although it looks like they're looking for that headline to cap off their first 100 days in office, chris. >> thank you, kacie. up next, new threats from north korea amid a highly pressured meeting near 100 days. how is president trump doing on foreign policy? we'll speak to a commander at nato after the break.
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sanctioning 271 employees of scientific studies and research center. the syrian will government agency responsible for developing and producing nonconventional womeapons. >> that was steve mnuchinin announcing new weapons. today president trump welcomed the 14 other members of the u.n. security council to the white house for an unprecedented meeting. the president warned the situation must be addressed. the status quo in north korea is also unseacceptable and they mu be prepared to impose sanctions on the nuclear and ballistic missile programs. this is a real threat to the
11:54 am
world. >> the meeting comes as tensions mount between u.s. and north korea. the regime sunday morning is combat ready to sink a aircraft carrier. and raising the number of americans being held there to three. >> we always good to see you. let me first ask you about this threat against what i assume is the "uss carl vinson." how seriously should we take this? >> i wouldn't get ohly exercised about this. it is be just the carrier. it is surrounded by destroyers that have very significant offensive weapons systems. it is escorted by submarines. it is covered by satellites.
11:55 am
they are highly defend asked i think would withstand anything north korea could throw at them. so when you want to look at this, that is the overall threat. nikki haley was on the "today" show this morning. let me play that for you. >> we are not going to do anything unless he gis us reason to do something. >> what is that reason? do you have that threshold in your mind? >> well, i think, if you see him attack a military base, if you see an intercontinental ballistic missile, then we will do that. >> there is speculation. north korea could carry out another missile test this week. they've detained another american. this time a professor. where do you see this going over the course, a short term over the next week or two? >> i don't see this exploding in our faces, chris. i think that the real danger is probably 18 months, two years from now.
11:56 am
two streams coming together. one is miniaturizing nuclear womens. the other is long range ballistic missiles. in ghost busters, you don't want the streams to cross. they will cross probably in the next 18 to 24 months. that's when we'll be forced to take some level of action. what's happening now, i think we can manage with more or less diplomatic tools without getting into a shooting war. ? the other thing that came out today were these new sanctions being imposed against syria. obviously another reaction to what happened with the chemical cake against his own people. what does that accomplish? >> it is always good when you follow the money and you follow the people who are really behind these programs. in other words, we can launch a bag of tomahawks and take out where aircraft are flying. to really drill into these programs, you need this kind of
11:57 am
sanction applied. and it was done very effectively, frankly, against north korean program and the iranian program. so i think has the good move on the part of treasury and i'm happy to see second mnuchin doing so. >> i want to ask you about this new nbcs "wall street journal" poll. this came out in the last couple hours. it shows americans overwhelmingly want an independent investigation into president trump's ties into russia. we need russia to help in so many things from iran and syria, north korea, you name it. how does this investigation work if you need to have a president who has wiggle room with russia or do you see them as essentially independent entities? >> i've seen them as independent. at this level of potential damage to the u.s. political process in our democratic process, is so significant that
11:58 am
we cannot flinch on a thorough investigation of what happened, who knew what when, what motivations were at play and what the impact was on our system. that's bed rock for the country. on the diplomatic the front, sure. we need find ways to work russia where and if we can on things like syria, like arms control. i think that's pretty fundamental as a nation. it will be reverb celebration into the international season. >> i think a lot of people will agree with you. do you think an investigation will get to the bottom of what happened and as it relates to the election? >> my intuition is that it will. we are quite good at this. it takes time. i think we have the means available to find out what really happened and we will. >> msnbc chief international
11:59 am
diplomacy analyst, always good to see you, admiral. thank you for being here. >> thanks a lot. >> that wraps up things for me. i'll see you back here at 5:00 eastern when i fill in for chuck todd on "mtp daily." >> you're coming back again. good afternoon. here are our top stories. starting with the shutdown showdown to the end of president trump's first 100 days in office. could he be playing hard ball or game changing? could something shut down government? plus, last hour we learned about a big meeting taking place tomorrow at the capital. a team of the biggest republican names in washington, coming together to talk about tax reform. finally, an electrifying new movement. an inside look at what is inspiring a new wave of women running for office. hear to help us out, kasie hunt
12:00 pm
on capitol hill, jeremy peters joins us from san antonio, the reporter for the "washington journal." let's start with you -- let's to go kasie. the senate is back in town. the house gets back tomorrow. the clock is ticking. if you had to go to vegas and pout a bet, what is the most likely one in. >> i would bet the government does not shut down but that congress behaves in its tim cal fashion and goes right to the deadline. nothing motivates the people on capitol hill like that. i think the question is going to be, a couple things. first of all, how belligerent is the white house about the border wall? this is not something either side of the aisle on capitol hill really wants to grapple with. there are a lot of members who remember what the shutdown was like


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